craigs list wtf Saturday, November 29, 2008.
Childcare Needed (Armitage/Pulaski)
some one that will watch my kids CHEAP. i dont care if you sit on the phone or computer all day, as long as they are safe. but i need cheap, you must feed my kids, ....let me know your rate for 50 hours a week
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Looking for PT nanny 3 days a week $250 - $300 a week (Tarrytown)
We're hoping to find our very own wonderful nanny to help us supervise, nurture, teach, and love our children while we're away at work. It is our hope that the nanny we choose becomes like another member of the family. While we'll always respect professional boundaries, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. We are looking for a part-time nanny (3 days a week 7am-7pm) to take care of our wonderful and fun two boys (4 years old and 1.5 years old) who would be like a second mother to them. Our older son goes to Nursery School every day 9-12pm (Mondays 9-2pm) Needs to be loving, energetic and willing to do some house work (light cleaning, laundry). Needs to own car and be able to drive to activities 2x a week + drop off/pick up from school. We are a wonderful friendly easy going family and you will love working for us! References required. Salary negotiable depending on experience. $250-300 a week. Please, email us should you be willing and able to work for us. Thank you! Can't wait to hear from you!
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Korean speaking babysitter wanted FRI, SAT, SUN (Upper East Side)
Hello, ******KOREAN speaking BABY SITTER wanted for FRI,SAT,SUN We need a KOREAN SPEAKING BABY SITTER ( & a little bit of english speaking) to baby sit 2 yo boy. For fri,sat,sun(7:am to 7:30pm) to start asap. YOU MUST BE KOREAN and speak korean fluently( ideally between35-55yo) Prior experience & reference required. Helpful to have a valid passport to travel out of state twice a year. YOU PAY YOUR EXPENSE please EMAIL YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER/NAME/AGE/EXPERIENCE & we will call you ASAP. Thank you. RATES $8 PER HR
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Looking for live in Nanny (Downtown)
2 children (2months and 6 years) Light housekeeping (laundry) Assist in preparing meals for children, Sleeping with baby until baby is older. Pay: Until baby is 4 months- $3600 per month. Thereafter, $3200. Schedule: Monday through Saturday 10AM.
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Nanny needed (Union Square)
I'm a stay at home mom with four kids 7, 5, 3, 1 month old children seeking a nanny. Nanny must · have experience · be present · childcare · provide references · be able to breast feed · diapers · be legally eligible to work in the U.S. · be willing to take our dog to poop Location: small loft Salary: depending on experience Start: Wednesday Hours: 5 hours a day, 6 days a week LIVE OUT
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I can watch your child (Bayside/Queens)
i am a 14 year old male turning 15 in january. i am a freshman attending cardozo high school and i am in need of some cash. i can work for any reasonable price. if you think you need my help, email me at seodongyoon@**** with address, days/hours you need me, and $/hour you can pay me. also, i am willing to meet with you before i start the job. also, a computer at your home is preferred so i can get some schoolwork done.
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Babysitter needed tonight! (Eastside)
Is anyone available to provide child care on short notice tonight? I need someone with experience and references to provide child care in my home from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM this Saturday night. Please call Heidi at 425-495-**** if you are interested in this opportunity!
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Childcare needed Mondays only! (Oly/Tum/Lcy/Tacoma)
I am in desperate need of childcare beginning Monday November 24th (this Monday!) My current childcare provider failed to give me two weeks notice and is relocating to Texas and can no longer care for my son. About my son: he is sweet and 20 months old. I work in Tacoma on Mondays and need to be at work by 6:30am. Therefore, depending on where you live will determine when I would need you to start watching him. If you live in Lacey, Tumwater or Olympia, I'd need to drop him off in the morning no later than 5:45am. If you live in Tacoma, I could drop him off right at 6am. I get off work at 3:30pm. I would pick him up right after getting off work. I only need childcare on Mondays, and you must be reliable as my job depends on me having childcare every Monday. I will not need childcare on Monday holidays (such as Memorial Day and Labor Day). I will pay you $30 a day until he turns 2 in March and then we could discuss dropping the rate since he is no longer an infant (I'd still pay at least $25 a day then). You must be over 18, have no criminal record, and be a loving person to care for our son. Please email right away since I need daycare this Monday coming up...I'd like to meet with you before Monday with my son to see if you would be a good fit for him.
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Friday November 28, 2008.

The Orange County State Attorney's Office released almost 700+ pages of Discovery Documents in the case of 22-year-old Casey Anthony, who has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and other charges in the June disappearance of her daughter Caylee.

Disturbing Internet searches, family tension, text messages, a controversial E-mail and allegations that Cindy Anthony withheld Evidence from the FBI and could face Obstruction of Justice charges - View All Of The Reports

Heated Exchanges Between Cindy And Her Brother Rick Plesea - Rick And Cindy's E-mails

New Video Released Of The FBI Questioning Casey's Parents - George And Cindy's Interview Tapes
FBI interrogations expose George and Cindy Anthony and their stories are drastically different, especially when it came to Casey's abandoned car.

Nancy Grace - Inside The First 24 Hours


Kidnetics in Montvale, NJ

Received Wednesday, November 26, 2008
nanny sighting logo Dark haired Au Pair with slight accent (Russian) was with two young blonde girls (3 and 5). She sat at a large table eating Tortilla chips out of a Ziploc and working on her cell phone with some printed out (from web?) sheets of paper. (At 11:00 a.m. yesterday Tues 11/25). She showed no attention to the girls. When the girls came by for chips she yelled at them to stop because the chips were going on the floor as the three year old bit them. The girls wanted to eat but she said no. Rather than sit them at one of the four empty picnic type benches so they could eat properly she wouldn't let them eat. (She ate them instead and sent them away).

Then a bit later the three year old had an accident (pee). The nanny had never taken her to the bathroom for a break because she never even looked at the kids. She used harsh tones with this child again and roughly plopped her in a chair and this time yelled at her again "You peed your pants. You can't play now. Stay here." Then she left (to her car or the lobby -- I'm not sure) and got a bag. They packed up to leave. (I was leaving then anyhow).

My four year old said on the way home, "that was a mean lady."

I have four kids of my own and give plenty of freedom to them all. I even do let the older ones mind the little ones. But I had a very bad feeling about this gal. The kids really seemed to irritate her. She worries me. The little girls were so sweet (I've been in MANY pre-school environments). These girls were being so age appropriate and behaving so well! I could only imagine how she would treat a child being "difficult."

These two girls would be much happier at a day care with multiple caregivers per room (checks and balances system).

Was Part-Time Temporary Back-up Nanny No Longer Needed?

Received Wednesday, November 26, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I have a question, I could use any advice you could spare.
Okay, a few months ago I accepted a job as a very part-time nanny for a toddler. For the record, I live in CA and only worked 2 days per week, 4 hours a day. The drive is about 25 minutes one way and I only made $10/hour, which netted me $80/week. Yes, I was a low-paying job anyway. Anyhow, initially when she hired me, she had a neighbor watching the child 4 days a week, but told me she wanted me to watch the child two days a week, since she got home an hour later twice a week and wanted the child to stay on a nap schedule.

One day I asked her if she had a back-up plan in case I was ill or had a flat tire, etc. She said she would have the neighbor baby-sit, but the neighbor was moving in a month. Then a month later, she told me the neighbor was not moving after all. red flags here. Fast forward 2 months into the job and I started feeling something iffy for some reason. The child now goes to preschool the two days I do not watch her and I still had my two days as well. Also it should be noted that sometimes the child does not nap on her regular schedule and the mother just shrugs it off as no big deal at all. Well, last week the mother informed me her child's preschool would be closed this whole week for Thanksgiving and I offered to watch her child for the four days it was closed since I need the extra money now. (I am a single mother). My employer said that she would ask the neighbor to watch her for the two days her child usually went to pre-school and if she could not, she would ask me. Well, I felt like she almost preferred to have the neighbor lady watch her child and was slightly offended. She even told me that if I was busy, then she could have the neighbor watch her child for the whole week. For the record, I never indicated I would be busy this week. So I don't know why she would offer to have the other lady help her out instead of me.

Coincidentally, I was registering for classes for next semester this weekend (I am also a student), and emailed her to see what days/times she would need me next semester. She emailed me back saying that she did not have her classes assigned yet (she is a college professor), but that her classes would probably be in the morning when her child would be in pre-school. She said she would use me if she needed back-up.

Okay here's my problem. She never told me this would be a temp job. She only asked me to commit AT LEAST until December when the semester ended. When was she going to let me know? After much thinking, I think this is what happened. I think she initially hired me because she thought the neighbor lady who was already watching her child was moving in a month. That way, she could use me until her daughter went to pre-school and for the two days she didn't. Then when she found out the neighbor wasn't moving, she felt bad letting me go and kept me on even though she probably didn't really want to.

Okay, after I figured this one out, I emailed her to say that I could not work anymore. I wanted to give her an easy way out by not having to fire me and I expected a nice email back saying that everything would be okay and she had her neighbor to help out still. I thought I was doing her a favor by firing myself and relieving her of the duty. But weird....she never replied or called me and she usually is good with her responses. I get the impression she is angry at me for quitting so abruptly.

Now I am wondering...did I overreact? Maybe she did want me and I was wrong? Or could she just be embarrassed because I finally figured it all out? Please any advice. Thank you.
P.S. I know in hindsight, I should have been more open and just approach it directly....but now what??!

Eden Prairie Center Playplace - Eden Prairie, MN

Received Wednesday, November 26, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Date of incident: 11-19-08.
Location: Eden Prairie Center Playplace, Eden Prairie, MN.
I was at the mall the other day with my charge. He is a three year old boy and the two of us go there quite often while his five year old brother is in preschool for the first half of the day. Anyway, normally the kids there are decent and the parents are usually keeping an eye on them. This day there was another child who was either three or four (around there). Him and my charge made quick friends, in fact this child was very outgoing and friendly. He was quite aggressive with him though and my charge loves to copy and go along with anything the other kids are doing.

So this kid bit my charge and of course, my charge thought that was okay and bit back. Its not okay and I had him set in time out. Meanwhile, this little boy was telling me that he was thirsty and hungry and wanted some of my charge's snack. I told him no and that he needed to find his mom or dad to get a snack. (I wasn't sure of allergies and such). He seemed so disappointed and waited silently for my charge to be done with time out.

Afterward the two of them played very roughly and both were pushing and shoving. I had to tell the both of them to play nicely, keep hands to themselves and watch out for little children. I soon found out who the little child was with and it happened to be a lady who had spent the entire time curled up, reading a book, and I never noticed her peering out to this kid to see if he's okay. When she did, she saw me telling no to him another time about the drink and she snapped at him telling him that he has to "get over here right now and leave them alone". He really wasn't pestering me, I just felt bad that he was sitting next to strange adults (to him, I'm really not that strange, lol) to get something to eat and drink. I know that my charge was not behaving real well either that day but this post is not about the kid's behavior, its about the nanny, as I found out she was, not doing anything to correct it and she had allowed her charge to sit with strangers. Not only that, but she barked at the kid when she did talk to him.

Description of said nanny: African American, early-mid 20's, hair short (back in pony), kind of bigger build, 5'6ish - 5'7ish.
Description of said child: African American, 3 or 4 years old, name is Brendan or Brandon or something around that, petite, shaved head, big brown eyes.


Downtown Rye, NY - Near Rye Free Reading Room

Received Tuesday, November 25, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I saw a disgusting example of a nanny today in downtown Rye. The nanny had a reprehensibly foul mouth and was jerking the toddler she was caring for around very harshly. The child was alongside a dark colored stroller with forest green colored fabric and did not want to get in it. The nanny was not dealing with the child but gabbing on her cellphone. So while she screamed, 'you mother fucker, you mother fucker, you scumbag mother fucker, you blah blah blah" at the same time she grabbed the child by one arm (a child who weighed about 30 lbs and 3 feet tall), she grabs him by one arm and slams him in the stroller. It was in one motion and very sloppy. I was startled, but across the street. The nanny was walking towards the train station from the grass nearest the Rye Free Reading room (heading into town).

If you know this nanny, black or AA, medium height, slightly heavy, bug beehive of black and orangish braids, and a long styled denim coat - she needs to be thrown around like she threw your child around and she needs to have her mouth washed out with a bar of soap. The child was about 2 years old, solid in build, brown hair, light skin, wearing a red and creme colored knit hat and a dark blue jacket.

Caring Nanny Has Crossed Boundaries In Private Dispute

Received Tuesday, November 25, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Dear Nannies and Parents - I really need some help. I work for a wonderful family, going on 3 years now. We have a wonderful relationship. I am an extension to them as they are to me. In fact, I can't imagine being anywhere else right now and I wish every nanny was as lucky as I am. I just have one issue. The mom and dad are divorcing. Long story short - is that they decided to move dad's mom in as she is getting older, but its not working out. Her being there has managed to tear them apart. Mom vents and cries to me all the time and I feel really bad that this has happened. Maybe I feel a little too bad - meaning that because I am so close to them, this is affecting me in a big way. I am very hurt that this is happening to them. I feel bad for them and feel bad for the kids.

Sometimes when I sit and think, I get myself scared wondering if I'm getting too involved in their issues. I am a live out nanny, but even live out nannies need boundaries. I think I've climbed over to their side of the wall and don't know how to get myself back on my own side. I know the info I gave is vauge, but personal stories and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Again, I love this family like they are my own, and they are the same way with the way they treat me. That's why this is so hard.

Uptown 1 train in Manhattan - 96th St.

Received Tuesday, November 25, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Location: uptown 1 train in Manhattan at 5:30 this evening, little girl and nanny got off at 96th St.
Child: little girl, white, about 4 or 5, pink parka, green tights, backpack with cars on it, shoulder-length dark hair with a pink barrette, sneakers with pink shoelaces.
Nanny: Indian subcontinent maybe, looked to be in her 20s, camouflage pants, black parka, glasses, single braid in her hair.

The nanny and child got on a crowded train and the nanny did not look at, touch or speak to the tiny kid. At first I wasn't sure they were together and looked around to see who the kid's caregiver might be. The little girl found an empty seat and sat about 15' from where the nanny stood eating Ritz crackers and in her own world totally. We sat directly across from the child. The nanny never looked at her during a 15-20 minute trip, never spoke to her, didn't seem to feel obliged to be near the girl. She seemed completely uninvolved with the kid. The little girl fell deeply asleep, and when we pulled into 96th St the nanny walked over to get her. The child had trouble waking up, the nanny didn't pick her up (even though she was very small), but instead dragged her off the train crying sleepily. This nanny displayed no warmth or care whatsoever for this little girl. This sweet-looking little girl deserves better.


Question About Tibetan Nannies....

Received Monday, November 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
We just fired a nanny that I found to be borderline abusive to my children. One of my neighbors saw her in a park chatting up her cellphone and ignoring my children while they ran around unsupervised (they are 3 and 5). When she did pay attention to them, she was very abrasive with them. Whenever I was around of course, she would treat them properly. If anyone knows how to get around these nannies that seem to know how to give a good interview, and then turn out to be nothing more than an extra mouth to feed, I'd like to know.

I refuse to put my children through that again, and my question is I read somewhere that Tibetan nannies were great with kids and are very docile and gentle because of their cultural upbringing. I would like to know from other parents that employ one, if this is true or not. do you handle your Jamaicans and Peruvians?

Received Monday, November 24, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
From Seattle with a first time question. My question is for employers. I want to know how you deal with your live-in nannies of different backgrounds. I cannot imagine how. I have a nanny from Oregon (hardly a leap) and she is the yin to my yang. An outstanding nanny, but she often grates on my nerves for her non stop quest to save the planet. Oh, stop, I know it's noble. But, how would you like your nanny to let her yellow mellow in the bathroom off the kitchen? Or to make you feel guilty for not using reusable shopping bags. Honest to God, I feel I have to hide many a purchase from her. Everything we do is eco-unfriendly and you would think she is made of seed and straw for her sworn allegiance to all things natural and reusable. If I am having this much trouble with a beatnik poet from Coos Bay, how do you handle your Jamaicans and Peruvians?

Exhausted Nanny Wants More Paid Time Off

Received Monday, November 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Is there a way to ask for more days off? I need to hear from moms especially on this one. I have been working for a family about 47.5 hours a week for the past two years and four months. They have three kids but I only have the youngest of them most of the time, and the other two just after school. (I used to watch the middle one three days a week before she started Kindergarten).

I love my job and the people are very polite and pleasant, and the kids are well-behaved and very sweet. Pay is okay? I think. (620 per week - includes gas). But I have been feeling kind of burnt out lately. I have one night class, my husband and I run a business, and I am moving as well so I am extra exhausted. I feel like I need to work less hours or get more paid days off. Right now I get Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. If I take a sick day or have a doctor's appt. I still get paid, but I need to make up the time by babysitting in the evening or on the weekend. So, here's what I want. I really want the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the days between Christmas and New Year's off and paid for. I also want sick days that I don't have to make up by babysitting at night or on the weekend. I also want any days that they choose to go away on vacation to be covered without me having to make up that time or come in and organize the house.

I do feel that a nanny who can't afford to go anywhere on vacation should at least get to relax and refresh while the family is away. The problem is, since I started the job the family has already given me more days off benefits than when I started. It used to be that I didn't get paid when they went on vacation. (Now I get paid but I have to do light-medium work around the house while they are gone). So, I think that asking for more is going to be a major stretch for them. I also feel like a major dum dum for even agreeing to the current situation and acting like it was okay. Now I am in a real mess because it would seem like I was really asking for a lot and I don't want to p them off. So I ask you moms, what would be the best way for your nanny to ask for more holidays off if you felt like you were already being fair? I also already committed to them until March 15! I don't know if I will last that long!


Why Is Nanny Secretly Taking Photos?

Received Sunday, November 23, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Should I be concerned that my nanny is covertly taking photos of my child? We hired our nanny six months ago to watch our infant, and she had excellent references and a clear child abuse/criminal background check. She's been a pleasure to us and our baby loves her. The other day, my husband came home early and walked into the family room where Nanny was taking a photo of our baby. Nanny seemed like she was taken off guard and pushed the camera away so as to hide it. My husband didn't say anything to her at the time, and now I'm left wondering how to broach the subject. I feel weird about this, because on the one hand, we didn't catch her doing anything that is clearly inappropriate or hurtful, but on the other hand, why is she secretly taking photos of my baby? Should I be concerned about this? What do you think is the best way to sensitively and effectively bring this up to Nanny?

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Sunday, November 23, 2008.
Angels On The Moon - Thriving Ivory
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What Is Your Weekend Worth?

Received Sunday, November 23, 2008. - Rant
I work for a nice family with three kids in Manhattan. I started about 6 months ago and I work 50 hours a week for $18/hour.

The family has a wedding in Maryland in two weeks and they've asked me to go with them on the trip. Just like the mom in the Thanksgiving post, my boss asked me "what I thought was fair money wise" for the weekend. I didn't answer right away, I said I'd think about it and get back to her the next day. I talked to my mom and one of my friends about how I should calculate a weekend rate. I ended up with this equation: 4 hours for Friday evening (starting at 6:00, when my normal work day ends), 2 x 10 hours for Saturday & Sunday (at my rate of $18/hour) and then 2 x $50 for Friday & Saturday nights. That equals $532, so I rounded down to $500 because that seemed like a figure that would make me feel good about losing my whole weekend.
So, the next day I went to my boss and told her that figure and how I came to it. She didn't really say much at first but later that evening she came to me and said she'd discussed the weekend with her husband and he thought that $500 was extravagant. Apparently they were thinking something more around the $250-$300 range. I reiterated how I came to my figure and I told her that I didn't want to give up my weekend for such a small amount. She said they didn't want to start some kind of precedent with paying that much.

At this point I kind of got annoyed. Why did she ask me what I thought was fair when she already had an idea of what they wanted to pay? Why does she think my time is worth less on the weekend than during the week?

Basically, I've stuck to my guns on this issue and I think that they're just going to give in, but this whole thing has left me with such a bad taste in my mouth. Was I unreasonable? I feel a little guilty for being so inflexible, but I feel they brought this on themselves by not naming their price when they asked me to commit to the weekend.


Barnes & Noble - Warren Street - Tribeca, NY

Received Saturday, November 22, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Barnes & Noble on Warren Street in Tribeca on Friday, Nov. 21st. Pale little boy with very blonde hair named Aiden in a light blue sweatshirt crying piteously while his Nanny who was young, plump, hispanic or african american with very curly hair big hair, slightly streaked. The Nanny told Aiden repeatedly that she was very angry with him and to stop crying. There was no kindness or affection in her voice or face and the child was close to hysterical.

At one point when she pointed at him, he seemed to think she was going to embrace him and eargerly moved forward but she shunned him and repeated that she was mad. He continued to cry and whimpered for his mother. The sitter's friend, another sitter, seemed uncomfortable about her friend's behavior but unwilling to intercede.

I would say at the very least this is a very bad fit between sitter and child. The child seems sensitive and the sitter has zero patience for this sort of child, doesn't seem to like the child.

Saturday, November 22, 2008.

World - Five For Fighting
If you have a Sighting, Question, just want to Rant or if you have a Contribution for our "Worst Nanny Stories" which will be published November 30th, please CLICK HERE. This is your chance to share your nanny horror stories, stories of a former nanny, a nanny you observed in the park or the nanny you replaced. This is also the chance for nannies to share their horror stories of former or current Employers.

Thanksgiving Pickle....

Received Saturday, November 22, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
I find myself in a very difficult position. We hired a very sweet nanny about nine weeks ago. She moved in with us and lives in. She quickly immersed herself in the nanny circle and made acquaintances and scheduled play dates. Because she was social so quickly, I thought to ask her if any of her nanny friends knew anyone who would want to work on Thanksgiving dinner, assisting with prep, serving dinner and most importantly cleaning up. The nanny thought about it and returned to me saying that she would do it because she didn't have plans. I asked her if she was certain, she said she was. I asked her what she thought was fair money wise. Mistake number one. The second mistake was perhaps not explaining my needs thoroughly enough. I have a four year old daughter who quickly caught wind of the fact that "D" would be here on Thanksgiving and has been talking non stop about where "D" will sit. In listening to these conversations, it seems that "D" does in fact think she will be sitting and eating with our family. Now, before you jump down my throat, realize that I was not intending to hire "D". "D" volunteered. I have in-laws coming down from Boston and my sister coming up from Georgia and it simply will not work to have the person we hire sitting down and 'enjoying' dinner. I need someone who will serve throughout the meal. How do I resolve this without hurting anyone's feelings? What would be a significant enough hourly rate to off place any hurt feelings I could possibly cause? I just want to reiterate, the nanny is new, very sweet and my daughter loves her. I would really appreciate some words of advice on how to word this so I do not hurt the nanny's feelings. Thank you.


craigs list wtf Saturday, November 22, 2008.
This is so disturbing... we received several Ads by our Readers of people looking for immediate childcare:
Babysitter needed for tonight (Reno)
Hey there im Nathan and i try to find a babysitter for one night I have 3 kids and more or likely they will be asleep by the time you get here. As of right now i dont have the money to pay up front but will pay you in the week to come. Its just for this one night I stay off of Plumas and Mccarean at the Lakeside Village apartments if you are intrested please contact me by my email georgiaboy6902002@*****. Thank you.
Original URL:

In need of Childcare tomorrow between 9am and 11:30am (Norfolk 23505)
I have a doctors appt in the morning and need care for my son. He is 19 months old and he is a very happy child. My appt is near NOB so I was hoping to find someone in that area. It would be nice if I could meet with someone today. If your interested please email me at mzshird@***** or give me a call at 443465****. My name is Tessa.
Original URL:

I need care in my Va. Beach home in an hour (Diamond Springs)
I am looking for care because there is somewhere that I need to go at 8. The time would be for 3-5 hours. Please respond with RATES and a number. Thank you
Original URL:

I need a sitter tonite (23602 near Kiln Creek Patrick Henry Mall)
I am searching for a sitter that can either come to my home or I can drop my two children ages 9 and 4 years. They will have already eaten and will just need someone to sit and play with them until I get back home around 11pm. I would need someone between the hours of 6pm and 11pm. Please contact me at coachchristinacarney@**** Serious inquiries only. Christina
Original URL:

Need emergency care (Oak Forest)
Hello I know that this is short notice but I have school today from 830-1130 and my babysitter canceled on me this morning. I have a 2 yr old daughter who has special needs (physical) I need someone that is patient loving caring and who loves children. I normally would not do this especially because I would hardly know you so I need you to be caring. I need someone who will watch her in their home. If it works out I might consider you for the future because I am in need for a mon wed and fri mornings starting mon if this interest you please email me ASAP!
Original URL:

Need a sitter for tomorrow (Lake Worth)
Hi, I am needing someone to watch my 2yr old son (will be 3 in Jan) tomorrow from 10am-3pm preferably in my home. Please let me know what your rates and experience are. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Alycia 682-227-****
Original URL:

Occasional childcare needed (Portsmouth)
I need occasional childcare for my three children ages 6,8, and 10 while I go out a few hours at a time to have some "me" time or do Christmas shopping. I run a home daycare during the day so it is hard for me to get out and get my shopping done. Preferably on Saturday and/or Sundays in the afternoon/early evening. I would prefer to find a teen that lives close to me in the Westhaven area of Portsmouth. You must be at least 15 years old and responsible. The care will never be for more than 3 hours at a time and I can provide transportation to and from your home. I will pay $6.00 per hour. Keep in mind, my children are old enough to be pretty much self sufficient. They will more than likely stay in their rooms most of the time. If it works out, I would like to be able to find someone to keep my children when my husband gets back from cruise so we can go out a few weekends a month.
Original URL:

I need childcare (Belton)
hi my name is heather and i am willing to pay $2 a hr per kid! i live in belton and would like to find someone that will be willing work with me on watching my kids i will not need you for a hole day only for like 2-3 hrs here and there i would like to go Christmas shopping and i do not take the boys with me.and maybe when i just need some mommy time. i have loving little boys ages 13 months and 6 weeks. please call me or e-mail me if interested thank you.
Original URL:
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YMCA - Salem, MA

Received Saturday, November 22, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Awful Nanny in Salem, MA. Thursday morning, November 20 I observed a nanny caring for 2 children at the Salem, MA ymca - it was mid morning on Thursday, November 20. Nanny had long black hair (fake color) wore a lot of make up and really tight jeans. The 2 children she was "caring" for may as well have been there by themselves. I'm guessing they were 5 and 7 (approx). They kept trying to get this nanny's attention, but she was too busy texting on her cell phone. She seemed unorganized, and not concerned with the children's well-being. Not once did I see her interact with them, although they kept approaching her - I felt bad, but had my hands full w/ my own kids! I feel really bad for parents who hire someone who may seem like a decent provider in the interview, but then act completely different when there are no parents around.


Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT

Received Friday, November 21, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I just witnessed a really horrible nanny dragging a little girl down Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. The nanny was overweight, dressed in polyester slacks, a tight black shirt with leopard sleeves and the little girl was wearing a pink fur/faux fur jacket and had her hands in a muffler. The nanny was dragging her by her arm/coat and the little girl was clearly saying, "ow" and "you are hurting my arm".


How's Life In Maine?

Received Thursday, November 20, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny living and working in New York City. I have 6 years of full time experience (with 8 years part-time prior to that). I have a list of references going back a full 14 years and all of them glowing. I currently work as a Mon.-Fri. live-in nanny for a Manhattan family where I make $88K/year plus benefits.

In the next year I will be making a move to Portland, ME and I'm wondering what I will find in the nanny market there. Obviously I will not make the same amount of money as I am currently because of cost of living differences and the fact that there isn't the same concentration of wealth in Maine as compared to New York.

Are you a nanny in Maine or a nanny employer? What kinds of salaries am I likely to find?

Broke Nanny Buys A Lot Of Designer Labels

Received Thursday, November 20, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am wrestling with an issue that is none of my business. As I share this with you, I realize it is none of my business but each and every time it comes up, it bothers me. My nanny has two boys, age 4 & 8. I see them on the average once a week. Over the past 10 months of employment, I have given her enough clothing to clothe both boys 10 times over. The clothes I am providing come from department stores such as Nordstroms and Bloomingdales. Every time I see the boys, they are dressed like little rap stars in FUBU and SOUTH POLE and Baby Phat.

This part, I have no problem with, except that my nanny is continuously bitching and moaning about her finances and having enough money or borrowing money from next week's paycheck. Her nails are always done and she dresses in designer labels too.
I think I am the only employer who's nanny carries a Yves St Laurent bag.

Just once, I want to call her out on the fact that her boys never wear the high quality, like new clothing I have given her. Just once, I want to suggest she put $25 in her savings or God forbid, a savings account for her children.

My nanny showed up today wearing prada boots. Prada boots! We do well now but there was a time when my husband was in med school that we struggled and scrimped and SAVED for this day.

Look, the truth is she is a good nanny. What I need to hear is an explanation so I can understand and get passed this.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008.

Woman Indicted For Allegedly Exploiting Nanny
A Walnut Creek real-estate agent will appear in federal court today on charges that she lured a Peruvian nanny to the East Bay with promises of a better life but instead kept her as an indentured servant for nearly two years. Mabelle de la Rosa Dann, 45, also known as Mabelle Crabbe, was indicted by a federal grand jury in June. She has pleaded not guilty to a charge of harboring an illegal alien for the purpose of private financial gain.
Dann and others brought Zoraida Pena-Canal, 30, of Peru into the United States on a three-month visitor's visa in July 2006, authorities said. Pena-Canal had worked for Dann's sister and Dann as a housekeeper and nanny in Peru several years earlier, investigators said. (cont'd)
- Special Thanks to Cali mom for Submitting this Article.

Mature, Caring And Responsible, But....

Received Wednesday, November 19, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I'm a SAHM that has never had the opportunity to need childcare. Luckily so because I have no family nearby, or even close friends. I don't get out much except for child-related play and regular household errands, but I would love to go out once or twice with my Husband over the Holidays.

Here is my dilemma: Over the summer I met some of my neighbors and they seemed really nice. I've gotten to know the daughter of one family in particular pretty well because she just adores my son. She is super smart, goes to an upper echelon school, and when I talk to her I feel as if I'm speaking with one of my peers. She told me that if I ever needed her to take care of my son, she would love to do it, and when I see her engage my son I have no doubt that she is caring and responsible. So what's the problem? Well, she's 12-years-old. Never in my wildest dreams would I consider someone that young, but she seems so mature. She's more level-headed than most Adults I've met. But I'm really stuck on her age. Please tell me what you would do?

Coyote Point Park - San Mateo, CA

Received Wednesday, November 19, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I witnessed a nanny on child encounter this afternoon at fifteen thirty five (3:35pm). The location; the largest of the playgrounds at the Coyote Point Park in San Mateo. The nanny, an African American female dressed in a grey ATL hoodie, blue jeans and black sneakers between 5 foot 5 and five foot 7 and between 27 and 31 years of age. Her weight was proportionate to her height and she had no distinguishing marks or characteristics other than many fine, small moles that grew around her nose, resembling freckles.

The child was an auburn haired, Caucasian female of approximately 3 - 3 1/2 years of age, dressed in a forest green, corduroy pinafore over a flowed shirt and she had a mixed floral jacket tied around her waist.

The nanny was snacking on Frito potato chips that she had peeking out the top of a taupe, non-descript canvas tote bag. When the nanny left the area of the bench, the girl approached the bench and bag and reached in and grabbed what must have been a handful of fritos. The nanny smacked the girl's hand once or twice and her forearm twice (as the girl was pulling her arm away).

No explanation was provided as to why the child was not allowed to have the snacks, in fact no words were exchanged at all. The child sulked away and hid by a tree where she cried before rebounding and joining a pair of girls on the climbing apparatus.

Side note: No one would ever, ever lay a hand on MY child and so as a parent, I would not accept any explanation for this behavior.

Penn Station - NY

Received Wednesday, November 19, 2008.
nanny sighting logo At Penn Station around 5:40 PM, I watched a nanny browse magazines at a side shop while her charges, two girls; one about 2 and the other about 4, chased each other around in ever widening circles. The nanny had her back to the children the whole time. She, a Hispanic in a tan rain coat, with curly, feathered hair, no make up, tanned face, average weight and height, I approached. I asked her, "are those two with you" as I pointed across the walkway and down a bit. She nodded, "yes". I said, "I don't think they should be running around here like that. You need to keep your eye on them, anything can happen". She did not become angry or hostile. She looked frightened. I think she thought I was with INS or something. She shoved the magazine she was looking at down and ran after the girls, grabbed both of her hands and kept walking. The girls were wearing matching ski jackets that were pink, dark pink and white and both girls had blonde hair.

47th St. Playground - NY

Received Wednesday, November 19, 2008.
nanny sighting logo At the 47th Street Playground, I saw a lone black woman in a puffy, metallic jacket sitting on a picnic table with her head in her lap. Twenty feet away, a dark haired, white boy of about two years old stared at a vagrant in awe as he urinated on the side of a brick wall. The child was about 8 feet away from the derelict while this was going on.

Have You Checked Your Insurance Lately?

Received Wednesday, November 19, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
This post is to exchange information with other professional Nannies who drive their charges in their personal vehicles. I have been a full time Nanny since 1998, and with every family I have worked for, I have driven the children to school, events and play dates in my own car. My current family is incredibly generous and insists on paying for half my gas expenses and all of my tolls. When I purchased my first car and obtained insurance I was very candid with the Geico agent that I would using my car to commute back and forth to work AND drive the children around during my work day. With that information they gave me the standard family based household insurance plan.

In the almost 11 years since I have bought a new car three times and therefore re-did my Geico policy three times, always providing the exact same information. So imagine my surprise when I called Geico to give a change of address two weeks ago and during the routine route of questions (What is your occupation, etc.) I was told that I had the WRONG insurance policy! On a follow-up call today I found out that if you are a Nanny and drive your charge in your own vehicle - even once - you must have a commercial policy. I had to immediately change my policy and incurred some unexpected expenses such as a large down payment - even though I have been with Geico for almost 11 years - and a monthly payment that is now double my old one.

I am not worried about the expenses. As I said earlier my employers are angels and will make sure that any work related expense will be reimbursed, but the entire situation was stressful to say the least. I would advise all of the Nannies, Mannies, Governesses, and sitters out there to call and double check their auto insurance policies! Today's call from Geico was not a good surprise!


Discovery Of Nazi Propaganda Leaves Nanny Shaken And Confused

Received Tuesday, November 18, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I have a question about some Nazi memorabilia I found in my employer's home. My employers have a huge attic with clothing racks and chests and old toys up in it. I was snooping around and found a whole corner of the room that has swastikas on it. Weird things like toy trucks, planes and dolls. Then there are some weird posters. I don't want to describe the content because even though it is old, it is ugly and hurtful. Why would a family collect this sort of thing? Does it mean that they have these sort of beliefs somewhere in them? The children don't go up in the attic, it's not like they play with the toys, but one or both of the parents have a big collection going on. Ever since I came across it, I am kind of shaken and confused.


Father's Emotional Abuse Of His Children Has Nanny Fuming

Received Monday, November 17, 2008. - Rant
Could someone bring reason to this derelict's head? I work for two parents. Mom works a lot and Dad is home more. If this sounds good, it's not. Dad is a scumbag. He's dirty, thieving and conniving and that's just part of his job. As a father, he is aloof, cold and forgetful. He always wants to make a point by barging in and punishing one of the children. The children are both under 4. The children both have comfort items that they cling to. The father always threatens to and takes away these comfort items (one is a blanket and one is a stuffed bunny). I have attempted to suggest that this is not a good idea, but he is an ignorant shitbag and pays my nanny advice no heed. He finds it perfectly acceptable to have no interaction with his children but to catch part of a conversation or cry and jump in and say, "That's it, you lost flopsy". And then he will take the object away and the child, who really hasn't done much bad at all - because they are both good kids - is devastated.

The worst part is Mom is working out of town this week and Dad is in charge at night. I am on 24/7 so I am on too. Last night, he took the two year old's blanket away from her just because she was crying for her mother. Because she missed her mother. And I was so pissed and angry, I swear I wanted to grab the meat cleaver and hack him to bits and dump his body by the airport. The child cried and cried and cried until she fell asleep at about 12. He thought that was fine and well. All because she didn't obey him when he told her to "stop crying, mommy will be home Thursday". When Mom is in the picture she cancels out all of Dad's stupid ideas. She's a good Mom who gives her children lots of love and attention- but she does work a lot. I only wish the father would work more or get hit by a 7 train. Then the children could be treated the way they deserve to be treated!

Monday, November 17, 2008.

Kid Dumping
An 11-year-old Florida boy was abandoned at a Nebraska hospital Wednesday, the 31st child abandoned since Nebraska’s “safe haven” law took effect in July. It was intended to protect unwanted newborns from being left in dumpsters, like safe haven laws in 49 other states, but unlike the others, Nebraska’s law doesn’t set any age limit.

The Legislature opens a special session Friday to fix the law. Most legislators have already agreed to add an age limit of 3 days.

What are your thoughts on closing the "loophole" to this Law? Will older children face certain abuse or neglect by these Parents now that they can't leave them anymore?
Link to previous Discussion: "Is Nebraska becoming new dumping ground for unwanted children?" on 10/14.


Children's Safety Questionable At The Hands Of 2 Clueless Moms

Received Sunday, November 16, 2008. - Rant
This is not nanny-related, just a rant, but I was absolutely shocked at the cluelessness of 2 moms I have observed over the last few days, but I didn't feel in either case that it would have been remotely appropriate for me to say anything.

Yesterday afternoon at a playground, there was a mom of a baby about 7 months old. Not crawling yet, and teething from what the mom was saying. At one point, the baby had a plastic ziplock bag full of wet-wipes and was chewing on it. CHEWING ON A PLASTIC BAG. The mother seemed aware and completely unconcerned about it, and allowed the baby to chew and suck on the plastic bag for about 2 minutes as she packed things into the stroller, then calmly took away the bag and ignored the baby as she/he (not sure) screamed angrily at having the "toy" taken away. She also had a child of about 3, so perhaps had reached a level of complacency, figuring her older child had survived long enough, so no need to worry too much about safety.

Second observation was a dad with a girl of 16 months (he mentioned this) and another baby's mom. The dad's baby girl had brought a ball to the playground that all the other kids liked. So the dad was encouraging her to share it and take turns, allowing other kids to have it for a bit and then encouraging them to return it to his daughter, which was largely successful, and the little girl was practicing giving it away for a short time, then getting it back. No problem, right? Until the mom of another baby about the same age, who was about to return the ball at the prompting of the dad, ran up and ordered her child to return the ball. The dad said it was OK, that he was teaching his daughter to share, at which point the mom responded "oh, they're too young to understand that. I've read that they can't understand about sharing until they're 5 years old." So I guess this woman feels that since a baby also "doesn't understand" that an oncoming car can kill them, the concept should never be presented until they are 5 years old. I am just shaking my head at this, predicting that this child will be a future monster that all the preschool teachers dread to see, and will have a hard time making friends, and we have the mom to thank.

Employer Upset That Nanny Is Intruding Upon Her Circle Of Friends

Received Sunday, November 16, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am so angry, I can hardly calm down. It all started innocently enough. My husband took the oldest out for a day of fun and I put the youngest down for a nap. Then I made a cup of tea and signed online to catch up on my email. My nanny emails me from time to time, reminding me of something she forgot to tell me on Friday or something upcoming. Occasionally, she will do the bulk forwards of jokes. I happened to read one of the jokes today and noticed familiar emails in the CC:. I cannot figure out how or why, but my nanny is emailing three mothers in my circle, three prominent mothers. She has never made mention of this. I don't know if my feelings are rational. I feel betrayed, left out and angry. Doesn't she have her own friends to email?

Former Nanny Of A Friend Isn't Going Quietly

Received Sunday, November 16, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
A longtime nanny of a family I am on familiar terms with has recently been calling our nanny up to complain about the way she was terminated. The accusations and assertions being made by the nanny border on crazy and are most definitely slanderous. The nanny is someone I have exchanged simple pleasantries with over many, many years but I am not in the least close with her. Still, the nanny is pressuring our nanny to help her find another job in this area. My nanny was friendly with this nanny but not over friendly. Neither my nanny, nor I wish to continue conversing with this very angry nanny, nor do we wish to help her find a new job.

My nanny, who is a live in feels hard pressed to say no outright, she's such a gentle soul. She tells me that she feels badly for the nanny who is often very upset during these calls. My concern is that this could escalate as the dismissed nanny has threatened lawsuits and even asked if my nanny would be a witness for her. She wants to find people who will go on record saying what a wonderful nanny she was. I don't see the purpose of that, or quite frankly any of this. Should I alert the former employer of the nanny that her former nanny is on a tare? Should I do nothing?

Sunday, November 16, 2008.

FDA Safety Alert Recalls:
Johnson and Johnson--Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Company Announces Urgent Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Two Production Codes of Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free Drops (Simethicone-Antigas) Non-Staining Due To Possible Metal Fragments.
Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free Non-Staining Drops (1 oz.)
Product Code # 71683791111-1 Lot # SMF007 Exp Date: 09/10
Product Code # 71683791111-1 Lot # SMF008 Exp Date: 09/10

Nestlé USA Voluntarily Recalls Two Production Codes of Nestlé Nesquik Strawberry Powder (21.8 ounce) that may contain small fragments of aluminum. Printed on the bottom of each plastic container is a production code of "82255880" or "82265880" with a best by date of "August 2010." No other Nestlé Nesquik products or production codes of Nestlé Nesquik Strawberry Powder are affected by this recall.



craigs list wtf Saturday, November 15, 2008.
SAHM looking for a playmate for my girls (Madison)
Hi! I am a stay at home mom and I am looking for a child to play with my girls. I am very flexible on hours needed. I am here all the time either way! My rate is $45 a day with unlimited hours. Please contact me asap with any questions or to set up an interview.
**Child must wipe there own ass** Thank you and god bless!
Original URL:

Babysitter needed.. This Sat.. the 15th.. Also for other days (S. Everett)
Hello. I have 3 children.. I need a baby sitter this sat an the next sat. to go Christmas shopping with my husband for the children... I need one from 7.30 til the latest 10 pm (we may decide to go for dinner as well) U have to be older then 18 years old. And I would need refrenses.. The ages are 10 months(girl)almost 2(girl) 4 year old (boy) If u are 18 til 20 years old ur parents or close family member would have to be contacted.. These are my children and I need to know that they will be safe... I will need to see ID and would have to have ur car license plate number. I am looking for a new long term sitter as the one we now have is not working out.. We need sitter 2 a month no set days. And it will be late nights as my hubby works ALOT.. The baby and boy is in bed and sleeping at 7 .. While the 2 year old most times falls asleep on the couch,, I will keep her awake so she does not wake up to a new face. She flips out big time when that happens :) If this sounds like something u would like let me know... Thank you for ur time..
Original URL:

I need a Nanny for Tomorrow! (Loganville)
I am looking for a Nanny for tomorrow. My daughter is not feeling well and I don't want to send her to school. If interested please e-mail me. Thanks.
Original URL:

I need weekend childcare for my 3 children (Lithonia)
Looking for home weekend care or 24 hour day care. I have a live in weekend job I work 40 hours every weekend only. Hours needed Friday 10pm - Sunday 10pm. This is all day Saturday and Sunday. I start work early Saturday morning which is why I wanted to drop off on Friday but if you are open I can aways drop off Saturday morning at about 5:00am. Sometimes I will only need care for 2 children. Ages are 3(girl), 4(girl) and 5(boy). You can also come to my home to watch the children. I can only pay $75 - $90 per weekend for all 3 kids. If needed I can supply food for my kids. Please let me know about yourself, where you are located and also, do you have children? Thank you. Serious replies only.
Original URL:

Weekend childcare (Baraboo)
Mother of 1 toddler is able to watch your child(ren) Saturday or Sunday, overnight available in my home.
I have Red Cross certifications for First Aid and CPR adult/child/infant, along with SIDS prevention training.
Ages newborn and up welcome, although the majority of toys I have are for toddlers and younger.
Meals provided. Awake time is $3/hour and sleeping time is $1/hour.
Thank you for viewing my ad.
Original URL:

HELP!! Coming to Nashville for Wedding - need SITTER (Nashville Hilton) babysitter cancelled at the last minute and we are arriving in Nashville Friday afternoon, 11/14. I desperately need someone for the rehersal dinner Friday night and the wedding Saturday night. We are a good family, pay well and have wonderfully behaved children. Please contact me ASAP at 317-757-**** or via email. Thanks so much.
Original URL:
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What Should Nanny Charge For Overnight Care?

Received Friday, November 14, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I need some info from fellow nannies or parents who hire nannies for overnight work.

Friends of the people I work for have asked me to spend the night with their kids for two nights (thurs, fri and they get home sometime sat ) while they're out of town. I haven't done this in a long time and was just wondering what the going rate is for that, since they didn't suggest one, and I don't know.

One of the kids is a teenager who doesn't drive yet. I anticipate going over to their house around 7:30pm and then taking them to school thurs and fri, and then spending all day Saturday with them. How much would you charge to do this?

Thanks so much.

ISYN Gives A Negative Impression?

Received Friday, November 14, 2008. - Rant?
Where are the sites for reports of good nannies?? I'm a nanny, a college educated, excellent nanny. I am even asked by other parents to help them find someone "just like me". This website is wonderful and helpful but it gives a negative, one sided impression. You should really have a forum for good stories as well. Encourage people to speak up about good nanny sitings. I'm sure parents want to know when things are going exceptionally well, too.

Should Entitled Nanny About To Be Fired Get Severance?

Received Friday, November 14, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Planning to fire nanny today -- please help with last-minute advice!!!

We hired a nanny for our toddler son in September. I work part-time and also drop off and pick up our older daughter from school, so nanny's duties pertain mainly to our son.

For the first 3 weeks, she was very good. After that, we started noticing little things such as not following our requested nap schedule (DS was falling asleep in my lap in the afternoon), she got noticeably defiant after I signed DS up for a music class and was even late to the first class (it's a 5-minute walk from our place), she volunteered to wash the kid's laundry (not part of our original agreement) but then started sneaking her own laundry into our house in her oversized tote bag, etc etc. I had to ask her twice to make sure DS naps in the afternoon after lunch. She finally started doing it, but I think was annoyed because she preferred to be out all day instead of in the house.

The gist is we feel she's cunning and is just trying to get whatever she can from us. We pay her a very competitive salary, provide her with a subway pass, have an open kitchen policy, generous paid holidays and vacation etc. and she still wants more. She feels entitled to do her laundry, even though we have asked her not to run the dishwasher or the washer without full loads because it's wasteful. She continues to run these miniscule loads of laundry with just her things because she can only sneak in so much in her bag... The issue is not that she's washing, but that after only a few weeks on the job, took it upon herself that she could just do her laundry in our home without asking. She also pushes us to go out on dates so she can earn extra income. She asks me several times per week if we're going out on Friday and it's a bit much. She also doesn't want to leave and come back if we do go out, but I get home just after 3pm, so why would I pay her for the three hours I'm home? She also refuses our requests to go out on Saturday evenings because she knows it's more money if she just stays on Fridays...

Anyway, there are several more little, petty things that have occurred over the past several weeks, so we have decided that we just can't trust this nanny and are planning to fire her today. We are going to pay her for the week, but I am struggling with guilt because she has 2 kids of her own and is a single mother. I know for a fact that I have to fire her, but my question is should I give her any severance? My gut is saying "no way" since I now have to pay an agency to find another sitter in short-order, plus it is her own fault for behaving in such a manner. Looking for others' perspective here.


Cochran's Crossing Playground - Cypress, TX

Received Friday, November 14, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I have a nanny sighting. This took place in Cypress, TX at the Cochran's Crossing playground/park/community center. I am a nanny for a 2 1/2yr old and a 1 1/2yr old. This morning at approximately 10am, a nanny arrived at the park with her triplet charges in a triple runabout stroller. The stroller had what looked like homemade cushions in each seat. I am guessing the boys were 3yrs old. They all 3 had different haircuts, but each style was a longish cut. One boy had curly hair, one very straight hair, and the other wavy hair. I didn't catch any of their names. They all had on green sweatshirts with the same design (I can't remember the design).

The nanny had a medium dark complexion. I am guessing she was mexican. The nanny arrived and let all 3 boys out of the stroller. She then proceeded to sit at a picnic table and stare into space as the boys entertained themselves. I didn't see anything wrong at this point. The boys were old enough to manuever the playground equipment on their own without help, and given they were triplets they played with each other. What I had a problem with, was her lack of supervision once her nanny friends arrived at the park as well. 2 nannies arrived very shortly after she had. Each nanny had a double stroller. One nanny's charges were under a year old and stayed in the stroller. The other nanny's were about 2 and under 1. The 2yr old was allowed out to play. Then all of these nannies sat at the previously mentioned picnic table chatting and not even looking over at the playground but once every few minutes. Given my charge's ages, I was following them everywhere they went and helping them, so my eyes weren't on the other kids or nannies constantly.

A Dad arrived at the park with his approximately 4yr old daughter. He was following her around engaging her. His daughter was playing on the same play structure as one of the triplet boys. This triplet tripped climbing the structure. I didn't see the fall, so I don't know what it is he hurt. The Dad of the girl said aloud as to attract the attention of who the boy belonged to "Uh-Oh, are you okay buddy?". He looked around at everyone trying to find his caregiver. I pointed over at his nanny and said "The one in the blue shirt." He had to yell to her for her to hear, that's how far away she was. He told her the little boy fell. She just stared at him for what seemed like at least 20 seconds. Then I guess it clicked in her head or something, and she got up and walked over to the play structure. She tried to get the boy to get up and come to her from the ground, but he wouldn't get up (btw he wasn't crying anymore). So she huffed and grumbled as she had to climb the structure to get him. She again tried to coax him into getting up on his own, but he wouldn't. So she jerked him up and got off of the structure. She walked over to the picnic table, plopped him into the runabout stroller, and then sat back down and continued chatting with the other nannies. The boy sat there for a while not saying or doing anthing. Then one of his brothers came and handed him a toy spaceship, and the boy got down. The nanny didn't notice.

At this point I was getting my charges and their things together to go home for lunch. It was 10:40am. The Dad and his daughter left while I was putting my charges in the car. When I pulled away, all 3 nannies and the 3 babies were still sitting at the picnic table, and the triplets and 2yr old boy were all on their own on the playground. I have been a nanny for 5 1/2 years, and have never even seen someone who I thought was a nanny. Maybe I just never worked in the right areas or went to the right parks. I just started this nanny position yesterday so this was my first time at this park. I've read ISYN for about a year now, and thought it was "funny" that my very first nanny sighting would have to be what ISYN has deemed a "park bench nanny".


Thursday, November 13, 2008.

Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
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1500 Block Of Baltic Ave. - Oceanfront - VA

Received November 12, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I was walking with my son behind a Nanny and 2 young girls, approximately 7 and 9 years of age. The older of the two girls, with dark blonde hair slightly past her shoulders, had a hardcover eyeglass case and was snapping it open and shut, making a loud clapping noise. The Nanny said "Quit it!" and smacked her on the back of the head. I was about 5-6 feet behind them, and I heard the swat. The little girl said "Ouch!" and grabbed the back of her head.

The Nanny was about 5'10, slightly overweight, with dark hair up in a banana clip. She was wearing faded blue jeans and a multi-colored grey sweater with horizontal stripes.

I see Nannies with their charges almost every day, and it's usually a very pleasant scene. This was the first one I ever felt needed to be reported. I was shocked by her behavior, and I hope the little girl's Parents see this.


Appleseeds Indoor Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, November 11, 2008
nanny sighting logo When/Where: Appleseeds Indoor Playground November 11 between 12 and 3 PM.

(Well, I will start posting again... that is if I don't get flames and trolls getting all weird over my posts... I am a SAHM and we go all over the city to do things, so I see a lot...)

1. Good Nanny Sighting- Sweet Nanny (Dark skinned, not sure of ethnicity, could be African American or not, I didn't notice if she had an accent, wearing a black and white sweater) was super attentive to "Sammy" (I think that was his name, he is twoish, had had a haircut earlier in the day and wore an off white long sleeved polo shirt) Nanny and a perhaps a nanny friend were just great with the kids (I am not sure who belonged to who besides "Sammy", there was another younger boy who had a "halting" walk and I think he was part of the kids.). The nanny was super encouraging, warm and hands on.

2. Not So Great Nanny Sighting- Twoish boy (brown bob ish hair, black skeleton T shirt) was having serious behavior issues. (and of course, this may not be any fault of the nanny!). He was interfering with the other kids cleaning up by dumping their baskets, and non responsive to adults who asked him to stop.... His nanny was medium skinned (perhaps Philipina?) and was wearing a striped sweater (off white and tan and pink?). She was sitting about 15 feet away, not really interacting and mostly coming up when things were really out of control and someone shot her a look, NOT proactive by any means and this kiddo could have used someone to really get in there...She was "not firm" with her directions to him because he just ignored her. (and she sort of seemed to give up). Whie she may be a nice nanny for some kid, I would say that she doesn't seem to have the energy or drive to nanny this particular child.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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NY Public Library on 6th (Park Slope, NY)

Received Monday, November 10, 2008
nanny sighting logo I would like to report a lame duck nanny. This nanny was outrageously uninvolved with your child. How uninvolved was she? Well, when your child was crying, another nanny and I sought to locate his parent or caregiver and she did not respond. She was found later heavily engaged in both her ipod tunes and a stack of magazines. Your son was left free to wander around the library unsupervised. Upon finding him tearing pages out of books, a nanny accosted him and caused him to cry. She then tried to console him. It could have been much worse. Strangers dealing with your child's discipline because your nanny is sitting on her keister with ear buds in her ears? Is she making the standard $15 an hour that so many of those lazy babysitters charge? It doesn't matter, whatever she makes, it is way too much. I should also note that when the sitter and child were reunited, the boy was still teary eyed and attempted to fold himself into the nanny but she put her hand up and patted his chest, but to keep him away from any sort of hug or affection. It was a subtle yet very distinguishing episode of body language. Read this, YOUR CHILD's NEEDS ARE NOT BEING MET BY YOUR NANNY. Was it your nanny? She appeared to be Peruvian in descent, long hair, very flat face, high cheekbones, medium height and weight wearing a zip up white Abercrombie sweatshirt in white and blue faded jeans with knock off UGG style boots. The child, her charge was a boy of 3.5 with a bowl style haircut, blonde hair, brown cords, blue shirt with a football design on it and tan hiking boots with red plaid accents at the ankle.


Received Monday, November 10, 2008 - Rant
To all you uppity, yuppity, slippery home owners who require your nanny to deshoe upon entrance to the manse, take notice; the next time I slip in socks on your hardwood floors or steps, I am going to dial 9-1-1 and let the ambulance take my shell shocked, broken arse to the nearest ER and demand a thorough battery of complex tests. My how lovely your carpets and how prim your rugs; but is or is not safety an issue?
Your bruised and broken nanny
PS The third time was no charm.
Viva Skechers.


Sunday, November 9, 2008.

Extreme Ways - Moby
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JJ Byrne park, around 3:00 - Park Slope, NY

Received Saturday, November 8, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I wasn't sure at first if I should post something, but we figured this was something we would want to know.

Yesterday (Friday), JJ Byrne Park, around 3:00, I was with my son when a young boy named Henry (he introduced himself), around 3 years old, blonde/reddish hair, blue eyes, started hanging around us (me especially.) Very sweet, seemed like he wanted or needed a little attention and interaction. I went to sit on a bench a few feet away from the jungle gym (or whatever they are called) and noticed that he had followed me and sat right next to me, almost up against me. Although I would have had no problem engaging with him, I was a little uncomfortable, for obvious reasons. After a few seconds, his nanny, who was sitting on the next bench, called for him after seeing us together. She was mid twenties to late thirties, small to medium build, dark skinned with a brown hat (the kind that Fidel Castro wears, not sure what the style is called.) She had a gray umbrella stroller on which there was a purple bag. I had noticed her a bit earlier, when Henry had first started hanging near me and my son. She hadn't been paying much attention until she saw him on the bench with me.

I was a little concerned that she didn't see him come over to me, but my real concern was that after he left, and shortly came back, It was a good five or ten minutes until I saw her even look for him. I was looking over towards her the whole time hoping she would make eye contact and notice that I was a father playing with my son as well, maybe to put her at ease, but she never looked around. She just sat there staring straight ahead. If she had noticed her charge following a stranger around, even one there with his own son, shouldn't she have been a little concerned? If I saw that my son was prone to following someone around whom I didn't know, adult or child, my eyes would have never left him. But she didn't even seem to know that he came right back to me.

It eventually got to the point where I figured we should leave. It was getting to that point anyway, but I was feeling more and more uncomfortable as I realized this sweet boy would have probably left with us without hesitation, just for the interaction. He saw that we were having fun, and really wanted to join in.

This is just a little heads up for Henry's parents. Things can happen so quickly, and I find that my heart skips a beat if I've been distracted for even 5 seconds while with my son. And Henry seemed so friendly, or attention starved, or both, that I fear what could happen if the wrong person came along.

Flame away.


craigs list wtf Saturday, November 8, 2008.
Expensive, but the BEST! (Manhattan)
Hi Parents, I have been a nanny for more than 7 years; After a short break in my country I've become impatient to start working again! I am looking for a family who sees their nanny as more than just 'the help', but more like a part of the family. I would like to work for parents who are involved with and interested in their children's lives, and who share my views on taking care of children. I am a very easy going and honest person, and I am very comfortable with discussing whatever issues or concerns either of us may have. Of course, I love children! I have a lot of energy and a great imagination, and I love putting both to use! I enjoy being outside, playing any kinds of sports, looking for bugs (maybe not spiders!), going to the beach or the park,museums. I love riding bikes, taking walks, and going swimming. On the other hand, I also enjoy doing things that may be better suited for inside! I love to read and sincerely feel there's no point in reading to children if you don't do 'the voices'! I enjoy puzzles, coloring, Legos, cooking, games, you name it. I love doing any kind of arts and crafts, but I have to admit, while I'm very creative, I can guarantee you that we'll all have a great time! As you can see, I'm a very hands on, down on the floor nanny. I don't want to just keep an eye on the children, I want to play with them, teach them and have a great time! I feel children need consistency between their care givers and their parents, which is why I like to work with people who share my views. My philosophy with children involves lots of affection, attention, and communication. I wouldn't say I am at all strict, but I am firm. I have worked with children of all ages, from just home from the hospital to early grade school. I am an Spanish/English/portugues speaker and a nonsmoker. I am available Monday/Friday from 2pm in advance. My rates depend on hours, number of children, what you require, and are negotiable. $35/40 p/hour My former employers are more than happy to speak with anyone who is seriously interested in working with me. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!
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Babysitter required for Tonite! (Newcastle)
We have concert tickets for tonight and a cancelled babysitter-can you help?!?! After a sitter from 7pm to 10-11pm, in nice home with cable tv with sleeping kids. Please email with your phone number if you are interested. Thanks!
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Need Babysitter Saturday Night from 7:30pm-1:00am (Santa Monica)
Hi, my regular sitter is out of town and I need a sitter to watch my 16 month old little girl, while I go to a friend's birthday party! She goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8 so I basically just need somebody to sit on the couch!
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Need a Babysitter tomorrow from 6 to 9 pm (West Seattle)
Need baby sitter tomorrow Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm. Reasonable rate. Thanks, S.
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