Florida Nanny tries to protect kids - is a good human compared to the mom and dad ;(

The mom was home on psychotropic drugs {the view of the writer,ISYN} drinking and yelling at kids and me- just a very unstable mother. The dad would complain to me about his wife and I would feel uncomfortable. So when I did try to call cps she has since tried to sue me - they are rich and ruined my rep on with lies and false crazy accusations which forced me to give up my livelihood and passion to help kids, What is wrong with some parents today? It's saddening and appalling, I could not rate the family and wish I could have seen reviews from other nannies that quit before me.  Who protects the nannies from harm, retaliation , public slander,or lawsuits from these mentally ill parents?  Not sitters websites, Praying for this situation for me !


Ageism in the NANNY world - it sucks!

I'm overwhelmed working in a childcare center so I have been applying for nanny positions. Working with children does not overwhelm me it's the low turnover my center has and the fact that I have no time to work on my classroom. I have to come in early, stay late and work off the clock. I have written before that this a little college town. The director knows, tries her best but staff is lacking and with high turnover.
I keep running into ageism. I am middle aged and I keep running into parents who are not happy with their young 20 year old nannies who do not follow instructions and don't care about safety. But parents want the young nannies, yet I being older and more experienced know so much more AND have overcome a learning disability.  I live in a college town and run into the 20 y nannies all the time in ads etc. How can I change how the parents view me? To be 20

17 Reasons Why NANNY is a BETTER PARENT!!!!!

I am worried about my charges while I am at work and especially while I am away. My charges are 17 months ( twins) and as you can imagine it's hard to have them contained in one spot for long. They have a huge house that has some safety locks on the cabinets. Mainly on bottom floor in the kitchen area bedroom and playroom, but only very few.  My main issue is the 17 steps stairways, there are no gates on these stairs. MB has told me A and M have made it all the way up the stairs without her knowledge . MB does not want to put up the gates and "drill holes in the walls" to put the gates in. I love the twins and am worried about getting a phone call that one of them is hurt. The parents seem to be very sarcastic every time the issue is brought up. How can I protect Aand M?