Jodi's Gym in NY, NY

Received Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Gym class that ends at 11:00 on Wednesday. Child (girl) is dirty blonde with short hair and navy Maclaren stroller, about two years old. Nanny is dark olive skin with short hair. Nanny grabbed the child and threw her in stroller with angry force. If I see this again I will report this to management.


Pemberwick Park in Greenwich, CT

Received Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Your new nanny started on Monday and is taking care of a little girl who is ten months old. The nanny is trying her hardest to take care of that little girl. She is driving your car. She was trying to meet one of your friends but wasn't even at the right park. She had no idea where she was. She told me she started yesterday and she arrived on Sunday from Florida. This whole area is new to her. On her first day, she was alone at the house all day with the baby. Today you gave her the keys and a grocery list and made a playdate for her with a friend of yours at what I think is the park off of exit 3. After driving on unknown streets and with your child in the backseat, she ended up at Pemberwick Park. She didn't even have a cellphone! She was like a fish out of water trying to adapt to a new baby and a new town. She is a live in nanny. Couldn't you have taken one day off of work? If not for the nanny- but for your baby? What is wrong with you? She seems like a really great find & I can think of a handful of people who would be grateful to have such a nanny!

Westchester County, NY

Received Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Dear Nanny in the (new) silver Chevy Blazer (Westchester County),
Please slow down! We have many children under 6 in the neighborhood as well as a deaf child. You have been asked two times by two mothers to control your speed as you drive down the street. The next step is to publish a picture of you (in your employer's car) and post it to this website.
Thank you,
(Yet) Another Mother


Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago IL

Received Monday, November 27, 2006
This morning around 10:30 am, we were leaving the gorilla house and enjoying the day at the zoo when I saw a little girl (who was probably around 2, no older than 2.5) wearing a pink fleece type sweater with 3D flowers dangling from the bottom, pink pants, light brown/dark blonde hair with a ponytail on top of her head and pink Velcro geox shoes, running around from the zebras heading towards one of the exits to the parking lot with no adult in sight. She was sobbing and it was clear that she had been crying for an extended period of time, her eyes were all read and her nose was runny all over her face. She crying mommy, mommy so I assumed she had slipped away from mom and asked if she wanted help. She latched onto my hand and we started walking back towards the animals. I saw lots of women with strollers but they all had children in them.
Then I saw a woman, brown curly hair, brown pants, a black shirt and a gold bandanna type headband. She saw us with the little girl and began calling Sophie, Sophie come on Sophie what are you doing? She was with another nanny and had an accent, polish perhaps? The other nanny's child was named Owen, he had blonde hair and a navy blue sweatshirt with yellow stripes. She did not seem at all concerned that Sophie had wandered off and it broke my heart to see such a small child running lost at the zoo. There are plenty of spots to escape and run off....
If your nanny was at the zoo today with your daughter named Sophie, pushing a dark grey/silver/black Zooper jogger with a black diaper bag, perhaps you want to talk to your nanny or drop in unannounced to see what is going on. It was a scary moment for me, I can't imagine how the little girl felt!

Seattle Aquarium in Seattle, WA

Received Monday, November 27, 2006
6-8 year old boy with your sitter at the Seattle Aquarium. Saturday, November 25, 2006.

I am writing this because what I observed was a nanny who quite obviously didn't even like the child she was caring for. It was a sad sight. If you sent your young son to the aquarium on Saturday wearing a quilted brown & blue jacket and gave him a $20 souvenir limit, time to talk to the nanny. Or your child!

Ridge Road Park in Hartsdale, NY

Received Monday, November 27, 2006
2 things. Your housekeeping/nanny 45-60, short, hispanic goes to this park with and without your child, boy 3, curly dark hair, dark eyes,. Your nanny is always screaming at and after your little boy. Your nanny sometimes bring your dog with the child and sometimes walks the child without the child. The dog is either full or part Australian shepherd and the nanny/housekeeper doesn't pick up after the dog- even though the park provides bags and makes it easy. She also chews chewing gum and tosses the foil wrappers in the grass. The housekeeper/nanny speaks 12 words of English and is very gruff with the dog AND the child.

American Airlines Passenger, Dallas/Ft Worth Airport

Received Monday, November 27, 2006

Saturday, 2 PM MST-restroom near terminal 24. A very young au pair took a little girl,who was under 2 to use the restroom. They went in to the stall together. I don't know what has happening in there. It seemed like the au pair was changing her diaper, while the child was standing. The floor was filthy, and two times the little girl fell on the floor. She was whining and fussy and tired, but the au pair's mood was far worse and less tolerant. The little girl's plastic drinking cup fell to the floor twice. The aggravated nanny shouted at her for allowing it to drop. The little girl scooted under the door to get the plastic cup. She scooted across the brown and wet floor. At this point, I was exiting a stall and making my way to the sink. The little girl had now scooted across the floor, to sit against a wall by the counter. It was a full minute until the au pair came out of the restroom. During that time, she did not call out to the child. The airport was thronged that day. There was much traffic in the restroom and someone could have easily walked off with the child! This au pair was clearly too young and too easily overwhelmed, to be appointed to the care of such a young child. I saw the au pair fifteen minutes later, standing with a father and a boy who was likely 6 or 7. The little girl was blonde headed and wearing a one piece striped dress,with green in it and white tights. Her hair was a close cut bob style with very blunt bangs and green eyes. The au pair was very young,likely under 20, attractive, thin, blonde with medium length hair and blue eyes, 5'5"-5'7" and I was not able to place her accent. She was likely working for a single father, who seemed to be waiting for a flight going into Newark, NJ.


Boyle Playground in Philadelphia

Received Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Alert if your nanny pushes Black and grey stroller with a red rim around the hood and takes care of your little boy- 2- who was wearing a dark blue jacket yesterday with dark blue tennis shoes with velcro, please take it upon yourself to observe your nanny when she doesn't expect it and make your own decision.
The nanny got very angry with the child for kicking off his shoes. After the nanny shoved the shoes back on his feet, he fussed a bit and tried to kick them off again. She grabbed both feet with two hands and squeezed and shook them so that the whole stroller shook back and forth. The nanny would be described as over 40, high waisted denim jeans and a cream shirt with a paisley design.


A question for other mothers....

I have a wonderful nanny who has lived with and worked for us since my son was born five years ago. During that time, other nannies in the neighborhood have come and gone. Fortunately, most of these nannies were in the category of great to excellent. There is a working mother who lives in the neighborhood who is away a good lot of the time and I feel the need to call attention to some issues of her nanny's driving. I am torn between the MYOB sentiment (which I do not particularly agree with) and my concern that if something potentially happens to those children while the nanny is driving, I would not be able to live with myself. The nanny does not drive my child, so this does not involve my son on any level. The behaviors I have observed include running a stop sign, speeding, talking on her mobile phone frequently (which is illegal here), driving with only her parking lights on (at night). (??) The nanny has been with the family for about three months and I don't have any knowledge about how she is in any other area except her driving. Have any other mothers ever had this situation arise and if so, what is the best way to broach it? Understand of principle concern is that this mother relies very heavily on her nanny so there is a good chance that she will not choose to do anything about it and I will have succeeded only in making two enemies in the neighborhood. TIA for your input.

Swings in Central Park, NYC

Received Monday, November 20, 2006
In central park on Saturday; I saw you nanny with your daughter "Molly" or "Holly" (?). She had blonde hair, medium skin, light eyes, pants that were striped in about 6 colors and a shirt with little handbags on it. She was between 12-24 months. The nanny was white, light skin, dark hair, short, thin legs, heavy upper body, between 40-50 and wore what looked like prescription sunglasses. When the nanny lifted the little girl out of the swing and placed her on the ground, the little girl fell into the metal pole that supports the swings. The little girl grabbed her head and started crying. I was 30 feet away and heard the noise made by her head hitting the pole. The nanny "shushed" the child. Repeated telling her "shhhh, shhhh. shhhh, you are fine". I am not writing this necessarily to report abusive behaviors but to warn parents to encourage honest communication between themselves and the nanny. Several years ago my sister employed a nanny who was too afraid to tell her that her then 3 year old had fallen on the concrete and struck her head. The nanny went home at her scheduled time and later that evening my sister and brother-in-law were awoken by their daughter having seizures. The child ended up spending several days in the hospital. The child's fall on the concrete was not the result of the nanny at all. In fact, the nanny was watching the child when it happened, but she apparently didn't feel my sister would have believed that story. So do stress to anyone taking care of your children to report any head injuries that occur while they are watching your children. I think I saw something similar on this or another page previously and just wanted to stress the importance on reporting head injuries to children.


A Good Nanny always does herself out of a Job.......

Friday, November 17, 2006
Mary Poppins on Broadway
Mary Poppins officially debuted last night at the New Amsterdam Theater in NYC. Ashley Brown, who previously starred as Belle in Beauty and the Beast shines in the title role as Mary Poppins. For the NY Times review, click here. For the Theatermania review, click here. For tickets and additional information; including a sneak preview, click here.

Click here to read Caitlin Flanagan's article on Becoming Mary Poppins. (New Yorker 12/2005).

Searching for Mary Poppins by Susan Davis and Gina Hyams is a new book in which twenty-five bestselling and award-winning female writers explore the emotional minefield of mother-nanny relationships. For anyone who has been there, and on either side; it is easy to appreciate the scope of emotions (love, guilt, betrayal, gratitude, insecurity and loss) that can define these often intimate relationships.

D'Agostino Supermarket on York Avenue & 80th., NYC

Received Friday, November 17, 2006
I was in line behind your Jamaican nanny yesterday as she paid for your groceries. She paid with cash and used your D'ag member savings card. She was wearing a striped shirt with rust and green colors,was medium height and thin, wore brown pants and brown boots and had short, blunt cut black hair. Your little girl was at her side. Auburn, curly hair. Black shirt, pink skirt, pink tights-3-4 yrs. The little girl was fiddling with the candy on display nearest the register. The nanny grabbed her hands harshly and threw them off of the product each time she did it. My instinct was that was too harsh. The interesting part of this occurred when the cashier informed the nanny that she had earned enough points for a free turkey and asked if she wanted to get it now. The nanny paused with a weird look on her face. Then she said she would like to get it but wouldn't be able to carry it at present with what she already had, so she asked if they could hold the turkey for her and she would come back for it after 6 PM. I'm guessing that nanny is snatching that turkey up and take it on the cross town bus home to the Bronx. Can't say I approve of the dishonesty involved, but if I could afford a nanny, be certain that I would offer up my accumulated free turkey to the nanny so she wouldn't feel the need to pilfer it on the down low! But of course, I would also want a nanny who seemed to be nicer to my child than this nanny was to yours. So it's a toss up. Or a win-win or a lose-lose. Just check your DAG receipts!


Removed at Author's Request

Received Wednesday, November 15, 2006

*** 11/16 6:24 PM EST
The person who sent this submission in has requested that the entry be deleted citing feelings of vulnerability and fearing possible retribution.

If you have a story to tell, please contact us!

McDonalds in Savage, MN

Received Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Went to McDonalds in Savage, Mn yesterday. Met a lady there. Seemed nice enough. Shouder length, blonde hair. Not noticeably pregnant. She told me 13 weeks. Glasses. In her late 20's to early 30's .Found out she's a nanny. Had 2 1/2 year old boy (not hers, and 2 year old girl (Hers) Her daughter was being worse than the other child. When they were both doing the same naughty thing, the other child got yelled at. Not her daughter She kept threatening to leave the playland if the boy didn't stop whatever he was doing. He was doing fine. It seemed he was just tired and wanted to be held. She kept telling him to play and stop hanging on her. She said they had been to Chuck E. Cheese's that morning. Said she was on 2nd marriage. Hate to see how mean she is in private.


Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida

Received Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Nanny named Sandy caring for a boy named Tommy either as a nanny or sitter. She took him to the Burger King in Jacksonville. He seemed very young-not so steady on his feet but wobbled to play area. The nanny/sitter placed an order and then sat down at a table. She went and got the child, he sat with her. He ate for less than two minutes. He asked to go back and play. She said yes. She sat there at the table with her back to him on a very wide, silver phone doing some typing. This was around lunch time and pretty busy. There were many people in and out around that time. The nanny did not think to even look and check on the child. The children in the area were bigger and kind of loud. When she went to throw the tray of food away, she walked out the front door and made a phone call standing off to the side of the front door. She was out for two minutes. Back to the restaurant. She came in and retrieved the child and seemed to actually be pretty sweet to him. This is perhaps a carelessness she does not understand. That child should be more closely supervised. Talk to your sitter.

Supermarket in Watertown, MA

Received Tuesday, November 14, 2006
I was walking back to my car from the gym (which is in the same plaza as a supermarket) in Watertown, MA when I saw a woman packing the back of her Subaru with groceries. Next to her in his stroller was a little boy, no older than a year old, crying. If you live in the Northeast, you know how the weather is, and today it is pouring cats and dogs. I don't know whether or not this was a nanny or just a busy, over-worked mom, but couldn't you have put your kid in the carseat instead of leaving him out in the rain (with only a hooded sweatshirt for protection) while you put the groceries in?


M2/M5 downtown bus in NYC

Received Monday, November 13, 2006
Friday, November 10, about 5:15 p.m., heading downtown on an M2 or M5 going down Fifth Avenue in NYC: I was on my way home from work when I saw two babysitters, with three kids total. One babysitter was a young blonde, wearing an infant in a Baby Bjorn. The other babysitter -- the one I was really impressed by -- was a young woman, around mid-20s, fair skin, long dark brown hair, heavily lined eyes. She was in charge of two blonde girls: Caroline, around 3, bob with bangs, dressed in pink; and Amelia, around 4 or 5, french braid(s) with bangs, red toggle coat. The babysitter was so natural and warm and loving with the two girls, and girls were obviously very comfortable with her. The babysitter pointed out things of interest, got them better seats so that they could see out the window, made sure they were safe, comfortable and not too bored. At one point she took a cell phone call from the mother (Gwyneth?), explaining where they were at the moment and apologizing for not being able to babysit later that evening. The babysitter's manner was so wonderful that I was actually considering approaching her and telling her how great I thought she was with the girls. She seemed almost like a member of the family. If this is your babysitter, please rest assured that your daughters are under very capable, loving care. May we all be so fortunate!


Hudson Valley Region of Westchester County, NY

Received Saturday, November 11, 2006
Would it concern you to know that your nanny uses amphetamine diet pills? Did you notice that she has lost a ton of weight since September?
If your normally queen figured nanny cares for your two boys; ages 2 & 5 and has lost a lot of weight and recently joined the gym-you might want to zero in on her dieting "aids". Since her workday is 12 hours long and she lives with you, my best estimate is that her amphetamine usage is affecting her ability to do her job. If this does not reach you, it has been suggested I should drop an anonymous note in the mail to you.

Heckscher Playground in NYC

Received Saturday, November 11, 2006
A beautiful day in the park was marred by the emotional abuse of a very uneducated, ignorant nanny. The nanny was supervising two children and let it be known that she was not in the least bit happy about her job. The children did not appear to be siblings but rather friends.
Child #1 5 yrs old. slim build. denim jeans. hiking boots. long sleeve light blue t-shirt. Male. Brown hair. Busy. Freckles across the nose. Possibly multi racial child.
Child #2 5 yrs +.. Medium build. Black jeans. White Nike tennis shoes with black swoosh. Red t-shirt layered over white long sleeve shirt. Dark hair. Past haircut time. Fair skin. Light eyes. Caucasian.
Nanny- yelled with a Caribbean accent, very shrill, angry face. wore a kerchief over her head, a blue knit sweater, Blue fake Crocs with a yellow strap, a floral print shirt and blue slacks. Her handbag that she had was a blue suede looking Hobo bag.
The nanny called child #2 whom I think was her responsibility- a spoiled brat, "ungrateful", "spoilt", "bratty" and "rotten to the core". The nanny said these things to the child in response to requests for beverages. In response to request that the nanny get the ball when it went to where a group of late teens was hanging. When the child accidentally stepped on the handle of her handbag.


Playground at 96th and Second Avenue in NYC

Received Friday, November 10, 2006
At 2 pm on November 9th 2006, at the playground at 96th and Second Avenue I saw a 2 yo boy with dark hair and dark eyes (full head of hair) and a runny nose. Caucasian with medium skin. He was wearing a green long sleeved t-shirt ( with thin light grey horizontal stripes in a pique fabric) with navy trousers and brown shoes. He was roaming around by himself and my friend and I just assumed he was with another woman who also had a child. When we moved to the swing area he came and was hit by one of the swinging swings because nobody was looking out for him. I wondererd who he was with and realized (once she came over because he started crying after he was hit) that his nanny was sitting on a bench with her back to the swing area completely engrossed in some paperwork and an electronic device - maybe a palm of sorts. She came over to the crying boy and put him on a swing. We moved to the jungle gym area after a while and aftera little he was there too and his nanny had once again sat down to tend to her business. WE kept looking over at her and she NEVER once looked up in the 15 minutes we were there. When we were going home, I tried to ask him his name and he did not answer but was very interested in the Elmo lunchbox I had hanging from the stroller. The nanny was still minding her own business . I COULD HAVE PICKED HYIM UP AND WALKED AWAY WITH HIM and she never would have noticed. She only looked up when he followed us on our way out and went closer to her. This poor little child was obviously starved for attention and seemed sad too. Nanny description: About 5.6 south america ( I think) woman, middle aged or a little older, glasses, navy and cream striped sweater, long navy skirt to mid calf and flats. She had a navy BELL jogger with her black leather jacket draped over it. That's all the detail I have. I hope someone who knows them is reading this.


180th Ave and Greenway in Surprise, AZ

Received Thursday, November 9, 2006
A lady named Roxanne was at the park with 5 children. She drove to the park in her white SUV and only the two infants were in carseats. She had 3 toddlers with her as well – none were in carseats. She admitted to me that she had driving around looking for a more toddler friendly park. I’ve seen her at a park closer to her home and she usually walks. She has a small infant that always has a bottle propped in the stroller. The toddler’s names are Gavin, Ian, and Ian. (I think). I would be furious if I found out my home daycare provider was driving my kids around without carseats, even if it’s only a few blocks.

Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne, NJ

Thursday, November 9, 2006
Nanny: 5'6"-5'9", 140-160 lbs, 50-55? hispanic, red cardigan, cream colored pants.
Child: 2-3 years old, dark close cropped hair. Nike blue & white jacket.
The nanny was focused on the sleeping baby in the stroller rather than the little boy who was playing on the equipment himself. On the blue slide, I felt responsible for him because he seemed just to unsteady to be handling it alone. It was hard to distinguish that the nanny was responsible for him at all as he seemed to be on his own. I understand that taking care of two children is hard, but this is a large park with open water as well as many dogs which captured the child's interest. I hate to sound like a mean person, but your nanny might just be too old to chase after your little boy in the park.


Oviedo Marketplace in Orlando, Florida

Received Tuesday, November 7, 2006
I was shopping yesterday 10-25 around 6'o clock at the Oviedo Marketplace in Orlando, Florida. For a continued 5 minutes I could hear a child whimpering and sounded very upset. Being a nanny myself I was curious and continued to look for this child. As I went down an aisle there was a little boy probably around 4 maybe 5 in a shopping cart with brown hair kinda choppy cut not really styled, brown pants and i believe a yellow shirt. There appeared to be no one around this boy so I waited by until finally what appeared to be a nanny returned. I looked at her and she grabbed the cart and continued walking. She at no time tried to console the boy or even tell him to stop crying, nothing no interaction at all! I believe this was a nanny because the girl appeared to be maybe 19 and the child seemed to old to be hers. The nanny was short i'd say around 5'2, slightly plump and had a "punk" style. In conclusion if you live in Oviedo and your nanny took your child shopping at target, please be careful because with her behavior he might not make it home next time.

Election Day

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Madison & 61st. Street in NYC

Received Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Your nanny just made it outside to the street and pushed carriage off to the side. Furiously dashing through her belongings. For what? Cigarettes. She lit one quickly. Hand shaking. Sucked down a deep drag. Blew out a long stream of smoke. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. While holding cigarette in right hand reached to adjust pacifier with her left hand. Bottom of the barrel for me - a smoking nanny. What happens when the nanny can't get her frenzied fix? Who pays? The darling tow headed child in the navy plaid pram?


Gill Park in the Lakeview section of Chicago

Received Monday, November 6, 2006
Overheard an interesting conversation today between two nannies today. A headset obviously cast the erroneous impression that I was unable to hear their conversation which largely centered around mocking their respective employers. The white nanny may have been named April and she wore a red jacket with black jeans and black boots. The African American Nanny wore a suede jacket with brown pants and brown boots. The white nanny was talking about an air purifier which she claims is the second nanny camera she found in the house. The African American nanny was complaining that her employer checked her vehicle's odometer every evening. More was said. Much had to do with your inability to grasp your children's needs. These nannies made me think, what kind of employer is so careful with his vehicle that he checks the odometer everyday? If the employer doesn't trust the nanny with the vehicle, what is she doing with your child/children? The white nanny who claims she had found the second nanny camera raises the same concern. What are nanny cameras good for? You use a nanny camera if you don't trust the nanny, correct? So there are two question, first-why are you leaving your child with someone you don't trust? And second, when you have a trustworthy nanny, what do you think that does to her relationship with you when she finds the nanny camera? What are you people thinking?
A parent who would never leave her child with a nanny she didn't trust


Wendy's on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego

Received Sunday, November 5, 2006
I was having a late lunch on Friday at Wendy's solo. I sat down with my order and buried my face in my book. There was a very beefy, Hispanic nanny sitting to the left of my with a little girl {brown straight bob with bangs, green eyes, some freckles, navy shirt with flowers across the chest and blue jeans} who was about four. The nanny was acting kind of bizarre. She took a Wendy's frosty drink and using a spoon was "dropping" spat of frosty on the back of the girl's hand. The little girl kept saying "stop it" but in a sheepish way. The nanny was sitting across from her wearing very basic white Reeboks and brown polyester pants (with a seam down the front). The nanny had no food in front of her and could not stop herself from messing with the child's food. I don't know if the child was in trouble for something earlier and this was the nanny passive aggressively taking it out on the child or what. I saw her pluck a french fry right from the girl's hand and then use her fist to pound it flat on the table. This made a very large noise. I was glaring at the woman with a "what is your problem" look on my face but she never looked in my direction. I also saw her take the girl's straw from her drink and use it to poke holes in the girl's burger while the girl had set it down. I would have to assume that if a parent watched this freakish display of behavior on a nanny camera, they surely would be wondering, "WTF"!

E 84th and First Ave in Manhattan

Received Sunday, November 5, 2006
I tooam a Caregiver/nanny and I wish to mention an exceptional nanny I came into contact with on E 84th and First Ave in Manhattan, New York. Her name is Wendy and she wore locs and her charge was an adorable blond called Stephen. I observed her over several weeks at Gymboree. She is exceptional. I wish to thank her today cause she inspired and mentored me. Today I am a better Caregiver working now in Toronto because of her.

Flint Park in Larchmont, New York

Received Sunday, November 5, 2006
Saturday was a beautiful day in New York and marred by the threatening words of one African American nanny who was angry that the child kept calling to her to come and watch her. The child was only about three but each time the child excitedly asked for the nanny to come watch her the nanny made a big display of rolling her eyes and dragging herself across the playground. Out of place was this comment, "maybe if your parents spanked you, you wouldn't need so much attention".

The nanny wore a blue Adidas nylon jacket with white stripes and the child had reddish curly hair, brown eyes, a white sweater and cream colored pants.
PS I know some nannies work six days a week, but this is one reason not to assign your child care provider a six day a week schedule. Perhaps this nanny is overtired?


In praise of the au pair.......

Received Friday, November 3, 2006
Please take the time out of your high-powered, “mover’n’shaker” lifestyle to recognize the maturity and caring nature of the new au pair that recently entered your families lives. She came to this country scared and was totally overwhelmed by the American way of life, and you never took one single moment out of your schedule to welcome or comfort her. I did and I still do. Instead of withdrawing, crying her eyes out, or having an utter breakdown, she has literally grownup overnight and is now successfully shuffling your children (who are not easy to deal with mind you) to and fro, keeping them safe, fed and entertained. Yet you barely acknowledge she exists…let alone the stellar job she is doing! Your callousness to a guest from another country (yeah, I said GUEST, I don’t care if she lives in your house and you’re paying her) is so embarrassing to me as an American, a mother, and a human being in general. I wish you could know how precious she is…but you won’t. Your loss.

Central Park South & Sixth Ave, NYC

Received Friday, November 3, 2006
Thought you would be interested to know that in the area I live in, two nannies have been poached by one ill intentioned stay at home mother. The mother/employer has an English accent and is not an American. For a parent to observe a stellar nanny and do all they are able to persuade that nanny to come and work for them is certainly fair. However, only after having heard of the second poaching was I alerted to the fact that the first nanny- lulled in by the promise of an enormous paycheck and an idyllic job description- lasted only two weeks before she quit. The second nanny also poached from a neighborhood family lasted only three days before calling and requesting her old job back. Once this mother/employer has the nanny ensnared in her home, she is out the door and inaccessible. Nanny #2 tells me that there was no off time or down time, nor was she able to reach the mother when a question came about regarding the children's prescription medication. Being that nanny #2 left with her bags late in the middle of the night, I am guessing this employer will soon be on the prowl again. Central Park South Employers, gird your nannies!

Clemyjontri Park in McLean, Virginia

Received Friday, November 3, 2006

I was helping my daughter onto the carousel shortly after 4 pm on
Wednesday, November 1, when I saw a nanny behave in a way that was
shameful. There was a group of 5 girls with two parents trying to
get all 5 girls (about age 5) onto the horses. One little girl was
waiting next to the horse she had chosen for one of the mommies to
help (her own mother was there with two younger children in a
stroller). There was also a nanny there with two other little
girls. The nanny was Filipino and wore dark clothes. She was short,
appeared to be in her 50s, and wore wire-rimmed glasses. Her hair
was short, cut into a bit of a shag, and was brown with lighter brown
highlights. The two girls in her charge looked as if they were 3 and
perhaps 18 months. The older had shoulder length, dark brown hair
with bangs.

The nanny and her two charges approached near the end, when horses
were getting scarce. She clearly saw the little 5 year old waiting
patiently next to a horse, but the nanny went ahead and put the 18
month old on that one, then put her sister on the one next to it.
The little girl burst into tears - there were no other horses
available on the whole ride. Both of the moms spoke to your nanny -
one of them said, "you realize you just took this horse from this
little girl?" The nanny said, "Oh, but she couldn't decide between
the two." No one in earshot thought that was an appropriate - or
valid - response. The mom replied, "So you then took BOTH? That's
not nice." The other mom said something, too, but I couldn't hear
it. The little girl was crying hysterically, and the first mom
picked her up. One of the other little girls from the group
voluntarily dismounted and left with her friend. They were the first
people on the next ride.

If this is your nanny, what kind of person is she? What qualities
and values is she demonstrating to your daughters? What kind of
person takes things from a little girl? Maybe you want your
daughters to grow up to think that their wants are paramount, that
they do not have to wait their turns. If so, I feel even sorrier for
them than I did for that little girl.

Stamford, Connecticut

Receieved Friday, Movember 3, 2006
I am hesitant to reveal to many specifics regarding this American live-in nanny who takes care of two children Monday-Friday for a family where both parents work out of the home. I have reason to see her at drop off and at the youngest daughter's morning ballet class. Many times, including this morning I have heard the nanny going on ad nasueum about the partying she did the previous evening. The nanny is young and attractive but looks beaten up most times I see her. I wonder why the parents are not at all concerned by her haggard appearance? She seems to have no energy left over for the children she cares for. She drags herself from place to place, consistently complaining about how tired and hung over she is. I understand that she is young and what she does on her off time is her business, but it is very apparent that her hard partying lifestyle is affecting the care she is providing your children. Since she is a live-in, you clearly must have some idea what time she is getting in. (She claims this morning that she was at the bar at 4 when it closed and was home in Stamford by 4:30). She was making plans by cellphone for plans this evening, so evidently this is her lifestyle. Parents; there is nothing hip and cool about a nanny with a perpetual hangover.


Carl Schurtz Park (84th and East End Avenue) NYC

Received Thursday, November 2, 2006

My son and I were at the playground at Carl Schurtz park for 45 minutes today. (Weds. 11/1) At about noon, I noticed a nanny asleep on a bench. The child she was supposedly watching was in a navy maclaren stroller that had a yellow and light blue Vera Bradley (or Vera Bradley-like) diaper bag. The nanny was African American, middle aged, thin, straight hair in a bun, some smaller gold jewelry, glasses, wearing jeans and a navy windbreaker with white stripes on the sleeves.

Anyway, for 30 minutes, I kept my eye on this nanny. She looked homeless- her feet were out of her shoes, she was slumped over, and somewhat far from the stroller (just a few feet, but still....). I couldn't see the child in the stroller, but think it was a boy and am pretty sure/hopeful that he was asleep this whole time. Regardless, a nanny sleeping at the park is not appropriate in my book.

***I am the woman who posted this sighting. To follow up- I saw the nanny and child again at Carl Schurz at 11:15 am on Thursday November 2nd. The child is a boy, looks to be about 3. He has thick straight blonde hair. Today, November 2nd, he was wearing olive corderoy (sp.) pants and a red jacket. Today, the nanny was wearing white sneakers, gold hoop earrings, a gold wedding band and a grey and black striped hat. She has a Carribean accent and looks to be in her late 40s.


SpeedZone on Castleton in LA

Received Wednesday, November 1, 2006
I was at the Speedzone early Tuesday evenning/late afternoon with my son. A very small boy of about three or four was wandering around for some time before his cargiver came and found him. When the caregiver found him, she scolded him and brought him back to where she was observing his older brother. Ten minutes later, the little boy (blue striped shirt and blue jeans) was at my side and the caregiver was nowhere to be found. The child was hovering at my leg when the caregiver returned five minutes later. She was hispanic, mid forties, medium build, medium height, with redish, brown hair and a discernable accent. I can certainly appreciate trying to watch multiple children in such a busy arena, however that child was too lone to be let out of the caregiver's sight.

Kinder Kicks Karate at the Greenpoint YMCA

Received Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Nanny with 4/5 year old boy with dark, wavy hair and medium complexion inquiring about Kinderkicks karate registration. While waiting with another nanny, she discussed the fact that you will be away from Friday through Tuesday and she was advising her nanny/friend to tell "them" not to park anywhere near the house because of "nosy neighbors". She was speaking in code and hushed tones out of earshot of the child.
If she is trying to plan around nosy neighbors and your son, I guess that your AA nanny, 5'5", 140, medium length straight hair nanny doesn't have permission to entertain while you are out of town?