Two Dads, one house...


I have a bit of a issue that I'm not sure how to handle, or even if I should say anything at all. To give some background: I've found the family I work for online, and from the ad itself it was clear to me that there's something unusual about the family since they used a word 'spouse' instead wife or husband. Anyhow, before the interview with the family, I was given the website that the parents kept a blog on and I learnt that it's a two-dad household. I don't mind or care particularly so I went for the interview. I think that the dads were a little concerned at the interview that I didn't bring up the fact they are gay parents because they brought it up towards the end as in 'so, you are aware we are gay dads, just so you are ok with that' kind of the way to which I was kind of 'good for you'. For me it's the same if I nannied for a family that's black or Asian (I'm white), blended (step parents) or was a single dad/mum family-different doesn't mean wrong. I've worked for them for couple of months now and I'm very happy, and the kids are simply wonderful!

But I have an issue with the cleaner/housekeeper...When I started they had a Polish woman who would ask me all sorts of questions about the family and kids, like how did the parents get the kids, did they adopt, who's the bio dad, bio mum, etc. I found it a little awkward (especially since she worked for the family since before the kids were born, and anyway, it's kind of a personal family business, isn't it?), but shared what I knew from the blog (which is very basic stuff that the parents made public themselves). There was some awkward musings on her part on which child looks like which dad, but that was kind of all of it. But then the family let that cleaner go and got a cleaning service instead. The woman from there, on the other hand not only had the same awkward questions but also made some comments that I (!) feel kind of offended/concerned by. Just today she commented on the little girl 'poor thing doesn't have a mother' and 'it's wrong for the kids to be in that lifestyle'. I kind of shrugged off the mother comment because the kids and I were going to the bathroom to brush teeth (they are still very young and wouldn't understand anyhow), but the other comment annoyed me enough that I snapped (I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while kids were playing in the living room/playroom) at her that they are loved and most of all kids need to be loved by their parents. I also said something kind of like, there's plenty of single parent homes where there's no dad or mum, and kids are fine ao the fact there no mother in the picture doesn't mean anything. There's plenty of unloved, uncared for kids and even kids living in abusive household - those are the 'poor things', not my charges! The cleaning lady didn't say anything to it so I'm hoping that's the end of these comments, but it really bothers me. The kids are getting older and they will start noticing such things. I don't want to cause this woman to lose her job, and she does clean really well, so there's that. Also I keep the kids away from her so we don't disturb her - we go to the gym, etc, so there's no interaction between them other than 'hi'. I'm also a little uncomfortable bringing it to the parent's attention - I'm sure they deal with this stuff enough as it is. And then, there are the kids - she's nothing but smiles (she doesn't speak much English and speaks a broken Polish/Russian to me) to them, but the fact itself that she comes to their house with that attitude makes me uncomfortable. So, I'm not sure what to do. I would really appreciate advice from other nannies as well as parent, perhaps someone has been in that situation? If any gay parents read this - would you want to know about it?



Yet another WTF...

Job Type
Full time
Job Starts
Mon, Feb 29, 2016
Pay Rate
Waterford, MI

Transportation Required

Would need you to start Feb 29th, 7:30am-6 p.m. (could be earlier if my fiance is off early, your pay the same) rate is $60 a day flat rate, which is $300 week in CASH. My home preferred (can discuss yours if local, vehicle big enough to transport children, and overview of home) need to be ready to handle 3 very high energy boys. Oldest is in Pre-K M-Th until 1 p.m. (I drop him off in AM, his grandmother will drop him off in afternoon). Must be okay with dogs, light housekeeping (just pick up after kids and messes made that day). Oldest 2 are potty trained. Must enjoy playing outside and minimal TV/game usage. Have a reliable vehicle? Any schedule conflicts such as school? Must have clean background and driving record. Is pay good for you? Please tell me more about yourself and goals. I look forward to hearing back from you, Thanks!
Who you'll care for:
3 children
2 Children aged 7 months - 3 years, 1 Child aged 4 - 6 years
We're looking for:
Has attended college
Comfortable with pets

How is the heck does this add up to @10 an hour (as noted)

Children not listening.

I have worked with this family about 2 years. I've known them for about 5. I love these girls so much. I'm with them so much that I treat them as if they were my own. When I first started everything was great! I got to take them places and take them for special treats after school and now the mom never let's us leave the house unless it's for an after school activity. The oldest does not listen at all which makes the youngest do the same. I don't know what to do. When I take something away from one of the girls the mom gives it back when she comes home. It doesn't matter what they did they get it back. This family is like my second family but I feel taken advantage of and not respected. I want to leave but I'm very attached to the girls I don't know how to go without hurting them.

Question from a reader...

do live in nannies have social lives?

Why no comfort?

This was sent in by a dad that received the following from his nanny...

Date: 02/23/2016
Time: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Where: Gymnastics and Recreation Center (GRC) 21 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60302

Please help us inform this poor little guy’s parents!

Today I saw something very disturbing. We were at the gym and I noticed a little boy crying. He was about 1 year old. Next to him, I assuming, was his Nanny. The boy was crying for over 1 hr! She didn't care! She didn't hold him, she didn't ask him what is wrong? It was heartbreaking to watch.
I felt terrible! I saw other people paying attention to the situation. I asked if anyone new that girl. I saw other Nannies speaking about her and taking pictures of her and the little boy. She then immediately got up and left. Please report the incident to other parents through social media and showing the picture.

I think the boy’s parents should be more aware of what going on with their baby. Unfortunately I don't know the boy’s name. I did not hear her talking to him at all! I spoke to the lady who works there and she said she didn't have their names. Maybe because they were afraid to give away someone's private information. I have no idea.
I wish there was something we could do about it.


Washington DC Sighting

I am a former nanny turned school teacher. I was a nanny in DC for 5 years and I understand how hard it can be but I feel really uncomfortable about what I just witnessed on Connecticut avenue and Garfield St in Woodley park DC today at about4:45 today. I saw a nanny right outside the building for Stanford In Washington in DC. There was a baby, maybe 9-10 months, screaming in a stroller and a nanny standing by and ignoring her, talking on the phone. I fully admit to being nosy but I was in this woman's position before as a nanny and felt that she was being neglectful. I stopped and stared and after a minute of her talking on the phone and the baby continuing to scream, I offered her help, hoping to gently make her aware of the fact that she was being derelict in her duties, and in a public place, no less. She rolled her eyes and continued on the phone, the baby kept fussing, and I decided to take a stealth picture because I was really bothered by her actions. I nannied for 5 years, I understand how exhausting it is, even if it's just one little baby. I understand how starved an adult can get for adult conversation when they spend all day with a nonverbal creature. I understand that it's not feasible to be bright and engaged with the baby every single second of every day. I admit to taking a phone call on the job. But when the baby is visibly upset, it's time to get back to work. She didn't. And then she saw me take the picture. She raced after me down Connecticut avenue, and started screaming at me, telling me to my my f-Ing business and to go call Obama (?). I said something to the effect of, "you're ignoring the crying baby, I was a nanny too, just do your job." She continued to shout at me and call me racist, said f you to me several times, and walked away yelling, "yes massa." The baby was screaming the whole time.

I don't want to get into a racial conversation. I am white and the baby was white and the caretaker was not. But she was ignoring her duties and being neglectful in public so who knows how neglectful she is in private. And when she got called out on her neglect, she acted completely inappropriately and unprofessionally and I'm horrified that she's alone with a baby. Please post this.

The nanny was medium skinned and under 5'6" and the baby was white with blue eyes and light brown hair.



Nineras! Provedores de cuidado infantil! Atencion
Se siente usted que esta hacienco maltratado como ninera o como provedor de cuidado o como criada?
Conoce a algien que este en una situacion como esta que le preocupe?
Podemos ayudarle con informacion de sus derechos y de las autoridades que tienen que contectar y mas
Imprima en el icono de correo electronico de ISYN y escribanos ahorita!

Katy Texas Nanny Enslaved, Pt 2

A nanny has been enslaved in Katy Texas for years and her plight has been addressed.ALL is alleged, of course. Federal agents first learned of A. E.'s plight last September when a person concerned for the woman's welfare called the NATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING RESOURCE CENTER hot line, according to court documents. But- the woman's woes began 4 years ago and about 6000 miles away from Houston.

While the couple was was visiting their native Nigeria for an extended stay, A.E. agreed to care for their children and handle household duties for the equivalent of about $100 per month,according to an affidavit by Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Christopher Maines.

She later was offered a chance to accompany the family back to the U.S. on the condition that she agreed to a five year contract at the same monthly wage, which was to be automatically deposited in her Nigerian bank account, according to the document.

The contract stipulated that the couple would also help A.E. to get long needed medical attention to repair her left arm which had been mangled in a motor cycle accident. Once she arrived in The States in 2013,after being slipped into the country with a tourist visa under a guise she was a relative, matters took a turn for the worse, Maine contends.

The wife confiscated A.E.'s passport and told her that under U.S. law she did not have to be paid for her 1st 4 months of employment. She also was told to bag up all of her personal belongings, including her clothing, which were thrown in the trash. She was then given other clothing and allegedly told she would have to sleep in the room with the couple's children, but that she would have to stay on the floor because she was "too smelly" to lay on the kids beds.

Sandra Nsobundu allegedly unleashed violence noted in the agent's affidavit, such as dragging her by the hair down a hallway for putting the wrong socks on two of the children,this incident included threats from Nsobundu to shoot and kill A.E. for not taking care of the babies, according to documents,allegedly.

A.E., who was often referred to as simply "The Idiot" was also allegedly once knocked to the ground in the driveway over a crying child and was told to quickly get up so neighbors would not see. no money was ever sent to her account, and she was never given help with her arm.

There are reasons why this victim could not fight back and reasons why we all need to be vigilant - covered in pt 3, and we will keep you posted as to the justice of the situation.

If you know of anyone, even yourself in a rough nanny situation - call us - we can get yoou the right advocate.

and of course if you have a similar story it can help others learn

From The Houston Chronicle, an Award Winning Paper by permission

Awesome Authors Dane Schiller and Emily Foxhall


Inappropriate Flirting

Charlotte Lyton with THE DAILY TELEGRAPH is interested in stories about inappropriate flirting in your family boss situations. Please let her know any stories which will help her leads and questions and if you are willing to speak with her let us know


Angels In The Outfield!

We have gotten several stories in the last week where nannies and childcare providers think a small miracle kept their charges from great danger - here are two of them.Any one else have something seemingly supernatural help out on the job?

From SLF

I was nannying 3 kids in the West University area of Houston and one of my charges was a tom boy. I will call her Sherry, 8 years, not her real name. I loved this kid but she would make me crazy doing dangerous things like trying to climb to the top of the big oak tree in her back yard, which is dangerous. Her mom and I would make deals with her - like you can climb this high and no further and she would promise. But her brother,3 and sister, 4 were also handfuls and once when I was chasing after them, Sherry saw it as a golden opportunity to climb really high in that $%^& tree!When I saw I started running to her, calling out for her mom - and then my worst fear happened - she SLIPPED off of a very high branch and was falling, my heart dying, and then- she kind of...flipped..a certain way where her right leg caught in a "V" of the tree's branches. She was flailing and I was under her and her mom and dad ran for a ladder etc - happy ending! We were all so relieved, we could not even think of a punishment, but she did much better about staying low in the tree after that.

From SC

I was nannying 2 kids on a beautiful pecan farm in Georgia, the house was about 100 years old. The windows were the original windows of the house, made with very heavy wood frames with the original warped glass. The windows had very basic "locks" that held the windows up. My charge, a beautiful little blonde toddler walked up to one of these windows that was open for fresh air as there was no air conditioning in this old house. So my little charge leaned her head outside the window with her head leaning on the screen and then very suddenly the huge heavy window started sliding down to her neck like a guillotine ! I could not get to her in time, I am not religious but I yelled out a prayer in my head, pretty simple like " Oh God NO!!" The window stopped right at her neck, she could not move her head it was wedged in so tight in the space, but she was not harmed.

Shoemaker with shoe-less children

From : M. M.

I read the postings about mothers who are nannies and it hit home.

I have just had to disband my in-home daycare center. I ran it so that I could spend more time with my 3 boys and of course because we needed the money, but to make money I had to have many more children than I imagined.It was a ton of work. The intent was to make sure I could stay home with my children and still generate income. It turns out that I was so tired at the end of the day I was spending less quality time with my own children. I made sure my little students were happy and content at the end of the day when mom and dad came calling. I felt like the shoemaker whose children went without shoes because he was too tired to make his own kids shoes after working all day. The weekends were spent cleaning house to get ready for the coming week and every evening I was exhausted being with other kids. Has anyone experienced a similar thing?


"Nanny/Housekeeper" SLAVE in Katy,Texas

Jacalyn S. Burke, in her book " The Nanny Time Bomb" writes eloquently about wrong actions against a group of helpless women ( usually) who are trapped into very bad situations involving domestic services / childcare / nannying and more. Words cannot describe the abuse - "slavery" might be a better word.

In Katy Texas - a very prosperous, upward mobile area of Houston, the Feds say a "nanny / housekeeper" has been put through a "nightmare. "


The sprawling home in Katy's Cinco Ranch area would seem like a dream to an impoverished, illiterate woman from Nigeria, but federal agents contend it was a house of nightmares, where a nanny/servant was abused,degraded and locked away from the world.

The woman, identified in court documents as A.E. for her protection, was allegedly forced to sleep on the floor, allowed to eat only leftovers and prohibited from washing her hair. She also could not sit down or watch TV during her 20-hour days of cleaning house and nanny/baby sitting. The 37 year old was subjected to other humiliations such as only being able to use milk strained from the leftovers in the children's cereal bowls.

The woman, who is not married and does not have children, was allegedly not paid for her work and cut off from contact with her relatives back in Africa. She is now hidden and protected as a victim of human trafficking, while her abusers were marched into federal court in downtown Houston Tuesday in shackles. They have been temporarily released on bail.

CHUDY NSOBUNDU, 56, and his wife, SANDRA NSOBUNDU, 50, both naturalized U.S. citizens who have 5 children- are accused of roles in a conspiracy to enslave the woman.They allegedly broke labor and immigration laws and committed other crimes, according to court documents. He works in the health care industry as an administrator and director of nursing for a health care co. according to LinkedIn. Her employment is not clear.


The charges against them speak to the often hidden world of abusing domestic help behind closed doors in a sprawling international city such as Houston, where there are so many people from so many places, and a culture of not meddling in the lives of others. Cases such as this one are harder to detect than sex trafficking / prostitution because the "nanny/housekeeper" victim has very little contact with the outside world and their plight can go undetected. Authorities contend A.E. worked each day from 5:30 am until 1am and was responsible for cleaning the house, preparing meals and taking care of the couple's 5 children who range in age from 3 to 21 years old.

A.E. was saved by a Hero, the story will continue.

READERS!!!!! Do you know or suspect any "Nanny/Victim" being mistreated who cannot help themselves? Contact Us - we know who to call!

By permission -

Links coming to

The Houston Chronicle ( an award winning paper)

Authors / Writers Dane Schiller and Emily Foxhall



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….And I thought it was only ADHD, What a surprise I was in for.

Could you imagine being a 4K Teacher of 25 4 & 5 year olds?

Besides being a Nanny this is the most rewarding and challenging job I’ve ever had. And I love every minute of it.

I love to see the children blossom & grow each day. It is truly amazing how much they can learn at such a young age.

I love all the hugs they give and the smile on their faces when they figure out something new.

The most challenging part of my job is a 5 year old boy in my classroom “ Tucker” ( not his real name ).

Tucker has been kicked out of 2 daycare centers before the age of 4. That is the sad part because he has never been in a place long enough for anyone to diagnose or evaluate him. Tucker was always labeled the naughty kid who cannot control himself.

This also means that he has no consistency in his life, 2 daycares before the age of 4, new 4k school, Mom & Dad are divorced so he is back and forth between houses.

At this point I am working with the Mom, the Principal and the Guidance Counselor to get him an IEP ( Individualized Educational Plan )

If anyone knows anything about the Public School Districts this takes forever, WHY? I don’t know, now I understand why some kids fall through the cracks and do not get the help they need early enough.

It is now 5.6 months into the school year and We now do not believe that Mom actually took him to Behavioral Health, because I know from experience that even to get in for an appointment there, the Teachers, Counselor & Principal need to fill out a lengthy form about the child( NO Exceptions), and no one has received one to fill out. Also Mom said that the Behavioral Health referred him to Rawhide Boys Ranch, I also know that he is way too young for that.

The School Guidance Counselor believes he has: ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. You add all these together and you have one explosive kid…There are some days when I am afraid to turn my back to him.

Tucker brought his “Dream Journal” ( A note book where he writes and draws all his dreams and thoughts)to school a few times He went through journal with me and told me about all the pictures, Unbelievable the things he has night mares about. All his pictures have very sharp teeth, most of the pictures, the people, monsters or animals have BLOOD for tears, and HIS own head cut off!! Ok so where does this all come from? Certainly not from a healthy 5 year old in a safe environment. So as we were talking and discussing the journal pictures he tells me he plays SONIC.EXE ( No not the kids cartoon Sonic ) and he also watched the Zombie Apocalypse!( Google both for more info)

I might be an over protective Mother, but I would not ever let my 14 year old daughter watch or play either of these anytime soon!

I recorded Tucker as he was telling me about his dream journal. I called CPS ( Child Protective Service ) Not sure what lies ahead with that!

I guess this is proof what scary movies and adult games can do to a kids mind and emotions. What ever happen to Barney and Sesame Street?!

We have watched for signs that he is starting to get wound up, agitated, but he is just like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any second without warning. We have made reward charts, sticker charts, positive reinforcement behavior, going on walks to cool down, going to the cool down room going to the physical therapy room. We let him use a T-stool for him to sit on ( It is supposed to keep his mind & body thinking about balancing) but it just a game for him and falls off on purpose. We charted by the half hour his behavior, gave him a child size rocking chair to sit on to no avail. We’ve tried having him sit away from the rest of the class, because he cannot handle being too close to anyone.

When we go out for recess he has good and not so good moments also, it usually ends up with him throwing ice chunks at someone’s face and violent outbursts. He has cut a girl’s beautiful long curly blond hair, punches, hits, kicks, spits, cough in someone’s face, spit in a teacher’s face. We’ve let him be the line leader , we’ve let him be the caboose. Yesterday we were singing “ There Were 3 in a Bed Roll over Roll Over….and Tucker starts singing” Three Men in a bed & a needle on your head, Now your dead.””” Over and over, he would not stop. We finally took him out for a walk.

The lunch room is way too stimulating for him, he is just out of control, can’t sit still, can’t leave other kids food alone, but we have no other choice to bring him to lunch with all the kids, I try to sit next to him, but the rest of the class needs help too, they are only in 4K. We do not have extra hands available at lunch or other times. I am afraid to take a day off, afraid that he will cut someone’s hair again or worse. I will be going on vacation for a week, leaving in 2 days, I know I will be a nervous wreck, I’m sure the sub will not make it the whole week, last time I had a sub she did not come back from her lunch break!

Tucker has been kicked off the bus, way too stimulating for him, he’d run around the bus, stand up, yell scream, hit, punch kick, pull kids hair, take stuff away like hats & gloves and throw them. The bus driver put him in a harness, but only took him 30 seconds to get out.

We tried to get him on the special needs bus, but I was told he needs an IEP otherwise it is a liability. The IEP specialists are so back logged that the wait is 6~8 months out. Well that brings us to late summer…So then it all starts over @ square one!

At centers and free choice he gets 10 minutes he then chooses from a chart that he made up where he goes next. The other students get 20 minutes. At times this helps, but only for a little while.

In the morning our class meets in the gym then when everyone arrives we all walk to the classroom together. When he rode the bus he would just be out of control and violent, but he defiantly calmer now that he is brought to school. When we walk to the room if I give him something to carry it will keep his hands busy and that seems to help, I also bring a deck of cards or a card game to the gym, it is nice because the whole class joins in. We will all take 2 running laps around the gym before we walk down, to the classroom also all the kids enjoy that, including Tucker.

Some days I’m at my wits end and cry on the way home…glad I have a 40 minute drive too cool off.

I am open for questions or suggestions…I could use some ideas that anyone has.

Also we have used some sensory techniques with soothing grooming tools, if he wants to be touched it helps, otherwise it can throw him into a tirade.

I know this all sounds so negative. But, he does have his positive qualities too, he is extremely smart and he can be kind and loving but only in 2 second spurts. Tucker is an excellent drawer and he is very verbal, unbelievable the amount of knowledge he has.

There have been a lot of parent complaints at the beginning of the year, but that has smoothed out, as Tucker seems to be getting a little bit better for longer stretches of time.

This only hits the tip of the ice berg….there is so much more!

Thanx for reading!


Winter Tree Craft from Rebecca

Even though it is cold, wet and white out, it doesn't mean you can't make beautiful art to represent the outdoors! Today me and the girls made Winter Trees!


toddlers and preschool


Set up- about 5 minutes or less

Activity- 5-10 minutes depending on child


blue paper

black marker

white paint

White or silver glitter (optional)


-I had big square paper because it is thicker than my construction paper and seems to hold up better with paint, so I cut it in half and then cut a wavy pattern around it.

- I then drew out a tree in black marker (only the trunk and branches)

-I put a small amount of white paint on a separate piece of paper and their tree in front of the girls

- I showed them how to use your fingers to put paint "snow" on the tree (Lilly mostly used her whole hand but Rose used mostly just her fingers)

- I then had them continue to put paint on their tree until they said they were done

- I wanted to put glitter on the paint before it dried but I realized I didn't bring it with me this morning :(

- let them dry!

Things I would do differently:

- I wouldn't have given them as much paint as I did. It truly only needs a small amount.

-I would have made the tree a little shorter so that there was more room at the top of the tree

-perhaps used q-tips instead of fingers for the paint (I'm unsure of this one though because I still love their trees :)

- remember the glitter!

~My favorite part of this art project was that they both said how pretty their trees were after I said they were beautiful. The trees didn't turn out exactly how I pictured but what do you expect from 2 year olds? I think they are awesome trees, and I'm really proud of them :)~

Outside Penguin Craft sent in by Jaxx

*Trace & cut out 2 white eyes add wiggly eyes
*Cut out a black oval for body
*Cut out a smaller black oval for the breast
*cut a 2" wide piece of fleece for the scarf
*Lay scarf flat on any color paper
*Glue body of penguin, besure to put neck area over scarf
* Tie scarf
*cut out black flippers
*Cut out a beak from orange paper
*Cut out 2 circles for the earmuffs and a thicker pipe cleaner for earmuff
*Buy or make glitter glue snowflakes
*Glue the penguin to any color paper
* Trace all of the items, depending on you charges age they can cut it all
out with or with out help.
Have fun....Super fun, cute & easy


Valentines Day Craft

Here's a valentines craft I did with a few of my kids. You could change it up in different ways, and decorate how ever you like. I just printed out a little handprint poem, glued it to the paper then painted their hands and had them press it on the paper then added a few other embellishments. Both moms we gave these to loved them, one said she was going to hang it on the wall.


Transitioning and needs advice.

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on here. I'm about to go through a transition phase from my two year part/full time nanny position into a full time live-in nanny/housekeeper position. Are there any other women on here who have done or are currently holding a similar position? I'm 22 and have never held a live-in position. I'm very excited to start, but I am also nervous because of my lack of really knowing what to do or expect, seeing as I'll be living with my employers during the week. What are some tips for live-in nannies? How can I be the best live-in possible? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


Do you have a favorite craft or favorite thing to do with your charge(s) For VALENTINES DAY?

If so, please send us an email or comment here and we will share.

 We can all use a little help from our friends.  Remember, it takes a village...
We have a FREE gift (s) going out monday to the Nannies <3 Kids Club, not only Valentine surprises but cute Mardi Gras beads and more - just email in an address to send them and if it's for boys or girls - we don't want to send pink stuff to boys (BJ - your gift accidentally did not go out yet, so you will get a double surprise)

Craft Time

Super cute and east penguin craft

Use any color 11x14 paper
You can trace & your charges can cut out with or without your help depending on age.
White paper trace & cut eyes add wiggly eyes trace & cut breast of belly
Orange paper trace & cut beak
Black paper trace & cut body
Any color fleece trace & cut circles for ear muffs & scarf
When cutting scarf it works better to cut where it will go around neck a bit thicker maybe about 1.5 inches and as you get closer to where you will tie it maybe 1/2 to 1/4 inch.
Lay scarf on paper make it so the length will even, then glue middle of scarf down
Glue white breast on black body
Glue on eyes & wiggly eyes
Glue body on colored sheet of paper
Tie scarf
Add beak
Add thicker pipe cleaner ( you may need to hot glue this )
Add muffs
Draw, cut, stamp or buy snowflakes for back ground


It's Featured Comment time!

Nannyoftheyear said...

Wow, this is a tough one. If the parent agreed to pay you that much then it is completely wrong for them to not do what was agreed to. Was that payment agreed to ever in writing or even in s text or anything that can be seen and proved that was the rate agreed to? I do honestly think that's a crazy amount to charge for babysitting when the children are asleep the entire time. I know charging at night when a child is sleeping is always a big debate over what's enough.... But $17.00 an hour is more than I make being a nanny with two children during the day, although I do love in smaller city than New York city. Question to parents....would you pay a good amount more to have an extremely qualified nanny there with your children while they are sleeping or is experience a little less necessary than s decent rate when you know it will be unlikely your child will wake up? What's the average rate most pay a babysitter (because if it's a few hours a month at night then I don't consider that a nanny job)? I am pretty shocked that you actually find families to pay you that much for evening care, op do you have other families you do date night care for with their children asleep the whole time that actually pay you that rate?

Nanny Mom Problem Part Deaux

From Leigh: Wow - I thought we would be getting email from nannies who are mothers, which we are - fine humans- but this topic is hitting a nerve with mothers who hire the NM's ( is that a new term we made up? ?)

From Mom Gina ( no last name please) ( Highland Park Dallas)

I had a disturbing incident with a nanny who was a mother. We set up an interview in which I would meet her daughter - 3 years, about 1 year older than my son, I thought he could learn from her and having a playmate would help him adjust as I went back to work. With planning, 2 kids can be sometimes better than a lone child imo.

I learned about this nanny from a friend of a friend and so she comes to my house not with one child but 3!  An older girl, 7, the 3 year old and an 11 year old  girl in a wheel chair, unable to talk, barely able to move. My house is not equipped with the proper ramp so it took my next door neighbor's husband and their gardener to pick her up the  porch/stairs to get her into the house.

The two hour interview became about making sure all her kids were ok, with snacks, drinks, which ever of my son's toys were not too beneath them. I had to guard my boy while things were being thrown and spilled. I tried - I asked questions, I tried to get her to interact with my boy but - her kids needed her themselves, and her special needs daughter broke my heart, a really sweet unfortunate child. I tried to ask - now - who will be watching your kids while you are with B.? And the answer was very long winding - sometimes her mom could watch them, sometimes her aunt etc - but nothing ever certain 100%.

I could not hire her under these circumstances. We had to wait till my husband got home to safely get the wheelchair-bound child out of the house and back into the vehicle. I emptied my fridge of anything I thought they could use and gave her money for gas.

I had a conversation with my friend asking if she KNEW the circumstances and she said yes, but the mother needs help so badly she thought I could help. Well, I need to take care of MY son and family - so flame away! But I did feel very bad for that mother, or nanny etc.

Nannies / Moms Bad Experience

I have had 2 experiences with Nannies who were mothers and brought their kids to my house while working. I thought of all the nice possibilities - my daughter who was 4, 2 years ago, would have a built in playmate and my acquaintance was able to give a bit of a discount as we are not rich . Her 5 year old son dominated my daughter, breaking her toys, even reaching over for her food when he had his own. He was angry, when his mom was doing her nanny job with my daughter he would sometimes have really disturbing tantrums. She needed the money and just acted like there was no problem at all. My boyfriend and I ( not married)  did not feel comfortable leaving her at herself, we were able to get both our mothers to help a little but finally we had to say no more - it was very hard on the acquaintance, we somehow pooled together some money for severance.

Fast forward- a year later we enlisted a different nanny/birthday specialist to bring the cake/supplies/games/decorations and much more and she regaled us how hew 3 year old daughter would dress as "tinker belle" and "help". Tinkerbelle tore up our garden - methodically killed all the flowers and vegetables. I am assuming because of anger seeing her mother make much of our daughter as the b-day girl.

I am sure there are many situations where a nanny/mom gets it right and I do feel badly for those in hardship but we had these 2 experiences