Perfect Kid's Menu!!

I will SO become a famous chef and forget you MB!

I am friends with my MBs brother's nanny who told me that my MB made it sound like she had baked a casserole I had baked. I wondered but did not think much of it. So MB was having a party, and MB had me make a bdaycake that was very complicated with many ingredients . My MB regaled her MIL about " her" baking my cake and generously offering lot's to take with.  She did this right when I was working in front of her. She has does this more times, I have had her relatives so often telling me how wondeful HER (my) cooking is.  I am devastated - but how do I address it?


Warning - Sad Video of a Mom - NOT A NANNY!

This was posted on Talk Show Host Michael Berry's facebook page. 

This little girl needs a good nanny!

Watch Out For This Guy!

He may not be a nanny, but the person he is attacking is a young person and does not deserve a message like this, the language has been redacted as the words are ATROCIOUS!!


Nanny Needs Advice - It's Over With ROVER!!!

Hi, I have an issue I need advice, my MB is always late. She walks in the door as I am walking the dog bc that means I am done with everything for the day. It could be 6pm 8pm or 10pm it doesn't matter. My ISSUE is she always says she is going to home at a certain time such as - 7:30, but if I have not walked the dog she does not come home. There are cameras outside and inside. I think she sits around the corner waiting for the dog to be walked so she does not have to "do anything" when she gets home. Which makes no sense bc I always take care of EVERYTHING so she does not have to. I have tesdted this theory and it's ridiculously obviously this is what she does. My ISSUE is she lies about when she will be home every single day. I have a life too and a family to see and there is never a set time I can go home. I think 7:30-8:30 is reasonable but 10:30 pm on a school night is not ok and she knows that.

She does not have any regard for my time or life. I'm sure I have not explained this well but I am just venting the point. I hav worked with this family for years and many weeks it is wonderful! But when MB does this it's terrible for my family. I feel like a doormat . Ugh, if anyone has any advice that would be great. I want to know why she does this and should I talk to her or not. Although I think she would deny it. She is not unaware either, she knows full well I have a family that is waiting and needs me. Thnx guys!!

Alternatives - Not A Bad Thing!! But - Need Advice Please

Hi everyone. I need some advice please, I've been working for this family for the last 2 years. They have 1 NK, I've always been reliable and if they need me for long nights i would do it. We have a great working relationship, no issues and respect for each other. I love my NK and he loves me too. MB is currently pregnant with her second child and this week she told me that she and DB will be on maternity leave together for the summer. She then tells me I would be off the entire months of July and August and that I can look for another job if I wanted to and they would be happy to give me a good reference. She also said they would be thrilled if I came back in Sept to work with them and the new baby and my charge.

Mt issue is that because of bills like rent etc I cannot stop working. I might try to get a summer job and then go back to them in the fall. i would be making more money and hours because of the baby. I am confused and not sure what to do, I would appreciate any suggestions