Main street park in Glen Ellyn, IL

Received Friday, July 31, 2009
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Today, ( 7/31) from around 11:30 to 12 I was at the park with my charge. We were sitting in the sandbox playing with the toys we brought when a little boy about 4 years old came over and took my little ones rake away from him. I asked him not to take things away from him and told him we would be happy to share but he needed to ask nice. He ignored me and started using the rake to fling sand. I asked him not to fling sand because it could get in someone's eye and he said "well there is no one over there" which there wasn't but that doesn't make it okay. He then started playing with some of the other toys we brought. One in particular he was stepping on. For a while he was acting okay and playing nicely. He was asking about certain things so I was talking to him since his caregiver wasn't around. I had been making sand castles with the bucket we brought and he asked me to make one for him so I did. Right after, my charge (who is only 13 months by the way) reached out and touched it and it broke. The boy completely lost it and started yelling at my charge. I asked him to please not yell at him, he is just a baby and didn't do it to break it. He told "I can yell because I am a boy and that is what boys do." I explained that that did not make it okay and that I don't want people to yell at him. For a while he left and I decided to watch where he went so I could figure out who was there with him. I saw him outside of the playground area playing in the water fountain with some other boys. Finally I got to see his caregiver. She yelled something at him and when he did not get out of the fountain she yanked him away by the arm and swatted him on the bottom. A little while later he was back in the sand box and throwing sand. Finally his caregiver came over and told him to play nice because there was a baby around. She asked me if he was being nice and I said not really. I should have let her know exactly what he was doing but I am too shy for that. She then started yelling at him saying things like "I bet you were being mean to the baby. You were probably throwing dirt again" instead of talking to him about it or being there to catch him in the act. I'm not sure if this was his nanny or mom or some other type of caregiver, but whoever she was, she needs to do something about his nasty behavior. If it was the nanny, then the parents need to rethink not only the way they discipline him but also the way their nanny disciplines him. If she is the nanny, she should not be swatting him on the bottom and no one should be pulling him by the arm like that. The boy was wearing a navy and white Nike shirt that said "Just Do It" and navy and white basketball shorts. He was wearing black shoes and white socks with multi colored stripes. The caregiver was wearing a black shirt with DKNY in gold on it and cropped pants with stripes. The stripes were different shades of gold or tan and white. She had short light hair with highlights and sunglasses. They may have been transition lenses. Also, as I was leaving the park I walked by the water fountain and it looked like the boys had plugged it up with dirt or wood chips.


Turtle park - Washington, D.C.

Received Thursday, July 30, 2009
nanny sighting logo Moms, Nannies, whoever reads this, I don't know where else to post what I saw today so am doing so here. Turtle park, Thurs. July 30th, 5:30pm Approx.........Nanny was completely ignoring child (five year old girl approx? Long tousled blond hair and in her swimsuit) and on phone for over 30 mins (the whole while that I was at the park with my two children). It wasn't just talking on the phone, which all adults sometimes have to do when they are out with the kids. She was IGNORING the child's request for help, yelling at the child, returning to her phone to YELL at whomever was on the line. Child kept coming back to the bench in the park asking her to play, help her and she yelled at her and ignored her...child then returned to play with no supervision.

As we departed, she pushed the child out the gate, left the gate open and was yelling "YOU DON"T WANT TO DO ANYTHING BUT ALL YOU DO IS ASK ME FOR THINGS! I'm hungry, I want to play, I want this I want that!" -- I am bringing this up because she seems to be the exception to the rule--I see nothing but loving, caring, attentive nannies and parents when we are out, even if kiddos are having a bad or tired day! This was absolutely abusive, abhorent and unacceptable behaviour towards a child.

The woman was wearing a hat like a friend of mine wears that is more of an "island" or Jamaican style but she was YELLING spanish into her phone. Our nanny is such a lovely person and I know she will be so upset when I tell her what we saw tonight--I told my husband the moment we got home and said I just have to do something, this poor little girl! Please if this little girl sounds like someone's child you know, please relay this story. Again, all caregivers and parents have moments when we must discipline or get firm with our tone with these wonderful kiddos--This wasn't a simple discipline or tantrum situation. the little girl was SOBBING as this woman screamed at her and didn't even try to contradict. This was a display of someone that should NOT have a child in their care and anyone else who saw it would agree with me. I wish I had more information.....thank you.

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In The News...

Tuesday, July 30, 2009
Boy, 11, Accused of Sexually Assulting Girl, 6 - Texas
An 11-year-old boy stands accused of sexual assault. The victim was a six-year-old girl. The boy has been arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child. He now sits in a juvenile detention facility. Investigators said the boy sexually assaulted the girl while they were watching TV. Police said it happened under a blanket, but it's unclear to detectives if she was lured there.
Social Services Investigation Report

Boy, 7, Takes Car to Avoid Going to Church - Utah
Police in Utah say a 7-year-old boy led officers on a car chase in an effort to avoid going to church. Anderson said two deputies caught up with the boy and tried unsuccessfully to stop the Dodge Intrepid in an area about 45 miles north of Salt Lake City. The car reached 40 mph before the child stopped in a driveway and ran into a home.
Amazing Dashboard Cam of Police Chase

Detailed Update: Starved Children Were in "Living Nightmare" - Texas
The hotel bathroom was a de facto prison cell — a cramped, foul space where three young children were starved, beaten and sexually assaulted for at least nine months. The 10-year-old, his face and limbs covered in bruises, told a social worker that the experience was "my living nightmare." The 11-year-old said she repeatedly was sexually assaulted. The 5-year-old was so thin that bones were visible in his limbs. The mother's boyfriend, Alfred Santiago, 37, faces charges of aggravated sexual assault and continuous sexual abuse. He remained jailed Wednesday, unable to make his $125,000 bail.


The Mrs.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Last year, I had been working as a nanny in London for a few years and decided that I wanted to move to NYC (I have dual citizenship). I registered with some agencies and straight away I saw a job that appealed to me. The client liked the look of my resume, and before I knew it I was booked to go have a week trial in their summer house in the Hamptons. The night before I was due to leave, I received a phone call from the housekeeper letting me know that he would be picking me up from the airport and telling me that I was not allowed to wear anything that showed my shoulders or legs, as per the rules of the lady of the house. Ok, I thought, maybe it’s a Hamptons thing? Maybe she wants me to fit in with everyone? I didn’t have time to research it so I just shoved all my long sleeved tops and trousers into my case and hoped for the best.

When I arrived at JFK, I met the housekeeper and he seemed nice enough. He gave me a few pointers about how to behave in front of the “Mrs”, as she was called. We reached the house in very good time so the housekeeper took me to the supermarket ; apparently the Mrs didn’t like people arriving early and he didn’t want to annoy her. He must have bought $500 worth of bottled water for her and said that he did so every few days. I later learnt that they employed someone just to keep the pantry in order (and believe me, everything was always in its place anyway, with row after row of healthy foods in bulk and a whole shelf just for water).



Modern Love 101:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
What is the Perfect Nanny? (or why every woman needs a wife)
Every mom – working or not – needs a wife. Courtenay, our faithful nanny, has been mine for a year now. At first I told no one that I thought of her that way, least of all my husband (you know how men can get those funny fantasies). There was something comforting behind the initial embarrassment and dependence on another woman, helping me run my household. What relief to know that someone else understood that pillows on the couch needed to be fluffed (must require two X-chromosomes); that we should by milk before we run out at midnight (when someone drinks that last bit, not realizing I was saving it for the baby), and bringing dirty dishes from the table to the counter doesn't mean the kitchen is actually cleaned.
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Is the Dad Being "Creepy" or is it just "Magic"?

Received Monday, July 27, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a question I am hesitant about posing. The post about the Mom and the bras made me curious what people would say about my situation. First, some background. I have been with the family 14 months. I make an above average salary and I am 6 months pg with my first child and the family is going to pay me for 10 weeks of maternity leave. The children are sweet and everyone has always gotten along great. My pregnancy has brought out a bad side in the Dad. This is especially bad because the parents adopted their children because the mom was not able to carry a baby. First he showered me with attention and compliments. It made me a little uneasy. Not bad. Then he started telling me he never realized how beautiful I was which turned in to "Maybe I just think pregnant women are sexy". Then he has encouraged me to have pregnancy pictures of myself taken, nude for my husband but the way he went on about how I was denying my husband a due pleasure if I didn't do this was kind of creepy. I half saw it as sexual, then maybe realized he was just alluding to the magic of it. He has asked me specifically if I knew my breasts were going to grow so large and asked me what size I was now and what size I was then. I told him, "X, that makes me uncomfortable" and walked away. When I allude that I am uncomfortable, he says things like, "this is a beautiful stage of life, this is as God has designed".

I am afraid to say anything to the Mom because I fear if he is focusing on the magic part it will just hurt her feelings. I can definitely say he seems to put me on a pedestal right now. (I am happily married and he has met my husband and even golfed with him twice). So am I just being a sensitive pregnant person? Maybe I am more modest than other people? Outside of him, I don't like people touching my stomach - outside of my husband. So is it me? Can you give me practical advice? Because they are giving me ten weeks maternity leave, this is not a boat I care to rock. Grin and bear it?

Jane Nanny

Monday, July 27, 2009
My first nanny job in New York was over a decade ago. I interviewed over the phone with the mother who was a producer in NY. They flew me out, sight unseen and I arrived at a Studio office in Brooklyn with a peculiar assortment of suitcases and my nanniest outfit. Meryl Streep was in the studio that day, I didn’t see her but overheard people talking about how shiny her hair was. I was a nervous wreck sitting in that office watching all of the people go by, listening to the chaotic sounds from the NY street outside. After a few hours, the mother came down to collect me and we drove home from her city office to their home in Westchester.

The mother was a size 4, blue eyed, blonde knock out and a successful producer married to an even more successful producer. Their children were beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted. Their house was an enormous old school mansion with acreage, a guest house and a massive pool. The property sat atop a steep hill. One of my jobs was to bring the recyclables down that hill on Friday mornings and when it was icy- it was downright dangerous.

The first two months were tremendous. I had a beautiful set up on the third floor of their house overlooking the Hudson River. They had purchased me a brand new car, nothing outrageous; I believe it was a 94 or 95 Cutlass Supreme. The children were in school during the day, so per our initial interview, I had my days free to explore the NY area. The family had a cleaning staff come in three times per week. I would get the children ready for school, drive them to school, load and empty the dishwasher, pick the children up from school, drive them to and from activities, run errands, prepare dinner and do family laundry.

At some point around the third month, the mother decided she resented my free time and an argument ensued over the condition of the boy’s closet. The closet was overlooked by the cleaning crew. I hadn’t noticed and she ended up calling me a bitch. I was remarkably unfazed but did tell her I would not be staying beyond my three month commitment. She screamed at me for misleading her and yelled over the fact that they had just purchased a brand new car for me.

In the end I was replaced with not one person, but with three; a full time housekeeper, a cook and a driver. About a month after I left, the mother got an opportunity to go work in Italy for two weeks and she contacted me at my new job to ask if I would return to work for her. I rejected their offer and never heard from them again. There were no hard feelings on my end, it was a good run and a great start to my NY nanny career.
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Raises and Perks

Received Saturday, July 25, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN
A) I have a few questions. I'm coming up on my year anniversary. I work as a live-in nanny in the Inter mountain area. I have never received a bonus or raise. My job started out as the perfect job, and I feel as though it has slowly gone down hill. I love the child I I take care as if they were my own. So, here are my questions. Did you receive a Winter bonus? How about a birthday gift or bonus? What about a year end bonus or raise? My employers didn't even say a word to me on my birthday. They knew it was my Bay. They didn't do anything for me for Christmas. Yet, I spoil them & their child with my time and my money. They say jump and I say how high. I hate to leave my position due to the economy. I feel extremely under appreciated and over worked.

B) Hi, I am a nanny with 9 years experience. I have a BA in business administration and am fluent in Italian and English. I am CPR certified, lifeguard certified and have previous experience as a camp counselor for 6 years. I am leaving my position with great references and want to interview for some of the top tier positions. I want to know going in what kind of perks can I demand? What kind of vacation time and bonuses should I ask for? I am pretty firm on my salary, since I was well paid my entire time as a nanny. I am looking for positions in the Beverly Hills or Tri state NY area. What are the minimum holidays a nanny with such a thorough background should be asking for?

More Unbelievable News...

Sunday, July 26, 2009
8-year-old Girl Gang Raped by Four Boys - Phoenix
Officers responding to a report of hysterical screams found an 8-year-old girl partially clothed and four boys, barely in their teens, running from an empty shed. Investigators said the boys lured the girl to an empty shed on July 16 under the pretense of offering her gum. The boys then held the girl down while they took turns raping her, police said. (continued)

Drunk Man Puts 12-year-old Behind Wheel - Indiana
A Muncie man is facing preliminary charges of neglect after he put a 12-year-old girl behind the wheel of his van in an attempt to avoid a drunken driving arrest, police said. James Storie, 32, was pulled over Tuesday night by Delaware County sheriff's Deputy Bill Curtis. But by the time Curtis approached the vehicle, he found Storie's girlfriend's daughter in the driver's seat. (continued)

Mom Desperate to Find Daughter - Washington
The family of Lindsey Baum, an 11 year old girl missing since June 26th, is desperate for leads into her disappearance.

Riverside Park Playground in NYC

Received Sunday, July 26, 2009
nanny sighting logo It was this Thursday around 12:30pm, at Riverside Park playground and 77 Street.

African-American tall lady with short dark straighten hair was just sitting at the bench all the time, small baby started screaming in the stroller and she just face baby out and it was screaming for ages, she did not comfort him/her or said a word, just was ignoring baby for 20 min, other caregiver was giving her looks, then after awhile she took off and took other boy with her (she supposed to take care of other boy, who was all that time on his own on the scooter) about 3 year old. when I was going home I snapped a pic passing by on riverside and 75th, she just moved there and again was sitting still ignoring both kids completely. Horrible treatment. Mother should fire her asap!!!



Saturday, July 25, 2009
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Feature Ad:
1) Young energetic attractive babysitter wanted (around $75/hr?) - (Florida)
I am a single dad in search of an energetic young woman 18+ who will babysit my son on a regular basis.
I am looking for an attractive young lady who has enough energy to work late and still enough to enjoy a night cap with me when I get home. Someone serious about their job when they're looking after him but lets her hair down when she's off duty. I know this is a unique situation so if you are interested let me know the situation you are comfortable with and we can work out the rate. I work a ton of hours, many from home, so I would hope there would be chemistry, both with my boy, and with me.
If you are interested, please e-mail me with pictures of yourself (sorry, but this is important) and what type of work situation/pay you think would work best.
If you have specific questions, please let me know.
Original URL:
(*Ad includes photo of Dad and Son)
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A(nother) Freaky Mom

Received Saturday, July 25, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have kind of a strange problem that is in two parts actually. I am a high school graduate going away to school in the fall and this summer I have been doing a lot of babysitting. One of the reg. gigs I have is with two super kids. I got the job from the Church where I sometimes helped in the nursery. That is how I came to meet the parents. We live in a fairly affluent small town. I have probably babysat ten times this summer. The problem is the Mom is creeping me out. The father is either at work or she is going to meet him for dinner or he comes home to get her, so he is not a factor. What is a factor is that she has me come over early so I am there when she is getting ready. This is her husband of more than 10 years. She goes out of her way to call me in to her room when she is dressing or to come out half dressed and give me instructions that I don't need. She has my put necklaces on her, zip up dresses and wait while she tries on a new top. Today she tried on three new bras for me. The boys are playing videogames nearby, but it is totally creepy. There is no reason she needs to do this and no reason that she would put so much effort in to going out to local places in town with her husband. I have decided that I don't want to be in this position anymore and am going to tell her tomorrow night that I have a regular gig for the rest of the summer. She is going to ask me for names of friends of mine. I do have friends of mine who do babysit, but I want to warn them about her behavior which seems super sexual to me. I am 17 and most of my friends are my age or younger. This information is true and really happening, could I get in to any trouble from warning people about it? This woman is VERY intimidating. She has also complimented my legs on more than one occasion.

Central Park Zoo in NY, NY

Received Saturday, July 25, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw your tweaked out nanny at Central Park Zoo on Friday with your two children. You have a boy, with a short cropped, brown hair do, wearing a pullover, v-neck navy nylon type shirt with a white emblem on it. You have a daughter with long, frizzy hair, wearing pink pants, brown shoes that reminded me of 80's hush puppies and a pink & white faux Letterman's jacket. Your daughter has brown hair and brown eyes and is about 7. Your son is about 4. They were at CPZ at about 4:10 PM when I encountered them. Your nanny has a very thin face, lots of jaw action and is skinny and gaunt. She is white with a short hairstyle and I think she has a pierced tongue. I know this because she was eating a giant red bag of circus peanuts as she walked behind the kids. She was throwing the shells at the 4 year old's head and when the girl saw this, the nanny and her shared a laugh. The boy was carrying an umbrella in it's rolled up position but when it started to sprinkle, the nanny had the girl take the umbrella from him. The boy told the girl and the nanny, in the most pathetic voice, "it's mine, she has her own". The nanny said, "Tough luck Chuck". The nanny and the girl then walked underneath the umbrella which when opened was a brown dog. When the boy tried to get close to them to get under the umbrella, even thought it wasn't raining and they often were under cover, he was elbowed or shoved away. The nanny told him that he was a boy and needed to "toughen up". I was managing three children of my own or believe me, I would have inserted myself in to this situation. The girl's name MAY have been Gracie.


Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA

Received Wednesday, July 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo Your atrociously behaved daughter Lulu, in the Kindergarten Corner, Weds. 7/22 between 3:45-4:15 pm. was terrorizing her poor little brother (Peter?) for about half an hour that I saw, and your patient but overly mild nanny could not effectively make her stop. Every single time the little boy was playing on his own with something, your daughter would drop what she was doing, come running out of the blue, from across the Kindergartener's area, 30 feet away, and pry it out of his hands or wrestle it away from him and he would cry. He was about 2, not verbal yet, and she was likely 4 to 5, plenty old enough to know better. Twice, she was laying down inside the pyramid mirror thing in the Kindergarten area, and he came over wanting to join her inside it. Once, she shoved his face away and shoved his whole body away, then jumped up, grabbed him by his head and bit his head so that he cried. The second time it happened, she literally kicked him out, flailing her feet around in the air as she lay on the ground, kicking at his head until he gave up trying to come in. At least twice, the boy was playing in the enclosed areas with the huge padded "blocks" (squishy letters as big as a small child) and she yanked them away and dived on top of them so she and they landed right on top of him, squashing him until he cried. This is an injury waiting to happen.

Many times (too many IMO), your nanny came over and intervened, telling the girl they were leaving because she was behaving badly, but they never did. Each time the nanny approached, the girl would not stop what she was doing right away, but duck away from the nanny and run away, smirking and taunting, confident in the knowledge that nothing would happen and she could beat up on her brother with no consequences. At one point, the nanny seemed pretty serious about leaving and the girl was swinging at the nanny and hitting, or trying to hit her, yet they STILL did not leave due to her bad behavior.

Maybe the nanny is new in the job and hasn't yet figured out how to handle the girl, or maybe the nanny is just inexperienced in general, or needs more leeway from the parents in enforcing discipline, but at the second instance of this girl's bullying her poor brother, I would have made her sit quietly next to me for a 5 minute time out, at least, and if it had happened again, I would have left. I very nearly intervened at one point, when the brother was moving a small child's chair somewhere on his own, by the puppet theater, and she ran up and yanked it away from him, shoving him aside, when there were many other chairs she could play with if she wanted, and he cried and looked pleadingly at me for help as his nanny was out of his sight and his much bigger sister did everything she could to make him miserable. The nanny, when she was not timidly admonishing the girl, was busy texting on her cell phone. If this is your daughter, she needs to have some major limits set and enforced. She was absolutely dreadful, and I can only surmise that either you and your spouse are separating and she is undergoing major issues in her life, or that you have so far failed to provide much in the way of effective parenting, she was so awful.

She was Caucasian with medium brown longish hair, 4-5 years old, and her brother was also Caucasian with light brown hair, about 22 months -2 1/2 years. The nanny was young, probably under 25, and Asian.

In The News...

Thursday, July 23, 2009
3 Children Found Starved in Hotel Bathroom - Dallas
Three children were kept in a hotel bathroom for about a year and were "horribly emaciated" when police found them earlier this month, authorities said. One claimed to have been repeatedly sexually assaulted. The children's mother, 30-year-old Abneris Santiago, is charged with injury to a child. Her 37-year-old live-in boyfriend, Alfred Santiago, is charged with aggravated sexual assault and continuous sexual abuse. (continued)
Special thanks to Easttxmomof3 for Submitting this Article.

Babysitter Sex Scandal - Video
A 28-year-old woman faces charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old boy that she was hired to watch in August 2007. Summer Nelson was charged Monday with four counts of lewd conduct with a child. (continued)

Missing 11-year-old Girl - Video
Lindsey Baum disappeared while walking home from a friend's house one evening between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, June 26. (continued)



Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Trio Lets Rats Chew Baby's Toes - Ohio
Three people have been accused of letting rats bite a 6-week-old girl and chew off her toes at their cluttered Ohio mobile home. Pike County prosecutor Rob Junk says the baby's toes on one foot were gone when sheriff's deputies went to the home Sunday after receiving an anonymous tip. A married couple and the 18-year-old boyfriend of the baby's mother are charged with felony child endangering. They were in court for an initial hearing Tuesday. They're jailed pending a plea hearing in two weeks. The baby is in fair condition at a Columbus hospital. (continued)

Dog Drags Newborn from Family Home - Kentucky
A father was frantically calling 911 to report his newborn missing when he spotted the baby, bleeding from the mouth and clutched in the mouth of a family dog who had carried him from his crib to the heavily wooded backyard. Four-day-old Alexander James Smith was rushed to the emergency room at University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington, where he was listed in critical condition Tuesday with two collapsed lungs, a skull fracture, broken ribs and various cuts and bruises. His father, Michael Smith, said doctors were optimistic the boy would survive. (continued)

Wendt Playlot on Roscoe in Chicago, IL

Received Wednesday, July 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo Let me first say that this nanny did not endanger the little boy in her care in any respect as far as I know. But if this was my child, I would still like to know about it. I am just trying to report what I see without any judgment.

The nanny is Polish, in her 20ies, and has chin-length long brown hair. The boy is her care is about 2 – 3 years old. They come about once or twice (maybe three times) a week to the Wendt Playlot on Roscoe in East Lakeview. I have already seen them last summer there. They were at the playground Tuesday 7/21 (came around 4 pm and stayed for maybe 30 minutes) and she was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans shorts, the little boy was wearing a bright orange t-shirt and also jeans shorts. The stroller is red.

As I mentioned it before, she did not endanger the child, but that was about it. Every time I see her she has no interest in the child at all. She does not talk or play with him. If he comes because he would like to go on the swing, she tells him to go and play something else. She always meets up with one or two other young Polish nannies and they sit and chat. If she is not talking to them, she is on the phone. The little boy is completely left to himself and does not appear to be enjoying it. I am not saying that she should be constantly paying attention to the boy all the time, but I do think that she should have some interest in him when she’s watching him. There are many great nannies who visit this playground regularly and who do a fantastic job. It’s sad to see when it’s not the case.


Barnes & Noble at the Towson Circle in Towson, MD

Received Tuesday, July 21, 2009
nanny sighting logo
When: July, 20th Somewhere between the time of 11 and 12 in the afternoon
Where: Barnes & Noble, Children's section
Who: Two nannies-mid to late 20's both had dark hair and dark eyes, average build, spoke with a foreign accent (English is not their first language- I heard them speaking about how it was hard to flip flop back and forth from their language (may have been spanish-but I'm assuming they both spoke different languages because they would be speaking in their formal language).
3 childlren-
Girl about 6 or 7 blone hair, very distinctive blue eyes, medium length hair with a pony tail and tanned skin-her name was Olivia
younger girl named Gabby (about 4 yrs)- very curly blonde hair, wore a red skirt with a blue top and flowered pattern (red and pink pattern) with pink Dora sandals
Boy about 8 or 9-dark brown hair and blue eyes- had braclets that looked like hospital bands on each wrist (one yellow and one orange) grey T-shirt and and black flip flops- didn't get his name but he had a fab vocabulary!

What I saw:
When I came into the children's section with my charge I noticed the two nannies sitting on the floor chatting away while the children had free range of the store. The kids did stay inside the children's section but it's very big and the nannies were not paying any attention to them. My charge and I went to the train table and two of the children (Gabby and the boy) came over to play with us. The kids were not at all misbehaving but it's a shame the nannies were on opposite sides of the room inbetween bookshelves, sitting on the floor, they had no idea what the kids were doing. Finally, Olivia came over and all four kids (my charge and the 3 children) played with the trains. The nannies finally came over to the train table after 15 minutes and told the children they were leaving in five minutes. The nannies cotinued to chat back and forth while standing at the train table and roaming around. Olivia was obvious that she had to go to the bathroom-crossing her legs back and forth and grabbing herself-the nanny had no idea-because she wasn't paying attention! they were busy looking around at the books and chatting away. After five minutes passed, they left. It's such a shame because these children were very well behaved.

Stop and Shop in Nanuet, NY

Received Tuesday, July 21, 2009
nanny sighting logo This is what I observed, Monday at approximately 330 PM. A black female, between the ages of 30-38, height & weight proportionate, wearing a short sleeved, ribbed pink sweater and blue jeans. She had with her a white girl, between the ages of ten months-18 months. Said child had curly blond hair, may have had blue eyes, was wearing a mint green and white sun dress and white sandals. I passed this nanny a few times while I was shopping. She was loading up her cart with what looked like family groceries. At one point, I noticed she was snacking on a cupcake and a chocolate milk. No biggy, I've let my children start in on something to keep them quiet while I shopped. (shame, shame, I know). The little girl was sitting in the front of the cart next to a hobo style handbag, black leather. When I came around the corner at one point, I had clearly caught her stuffing something in her handbag. I looked at her, she knew I had seen her. I turned and went back the other way to notify a manager. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see her pass me by. She is carrying the child and the bloated handbag. I look around for a manager or employee and no one is readily available. I go outside, she is a good distance from me, so I yell, "hey" and start to jog towards her. This is when I trip and fall on the pavement. I caught myself with my hands, but it was very embarrassing. I saw the nanny drive away in a silver SUV. Looked new, I only say the top 1/2 of it, so I can't say for sure what the model was.
*One more thing. The time it took for her to jump in the car and take off was less than 2 seconds. I don't know where she put the child but it was impossible that she buckled the child up. She was lightening fast, and intent only on fleeing. That baby was just a tool to her. :(



Saturday, July 18, 2009
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Feature Ad:
1) Nanny Needed - (Boston)
I need a reliable nanny to work 6a-6p M-F. I have 3 year old boy/girl twins, both are autistic. The girl is considered to be on the "autism spectrum." She can communicate and will play independently. She is deathly afraid of all animals, even a squirrel will upset her, so don't be surprised if she begins crying at the park for which seems like for no reason. She is easily consoled and I am hoping this animal thing will pass. Her brother is quite a handful. He can communicate, but he'll make no sense most of the time. He rarely stays at playing for long, he will flit from one thing to the next all day. He does not take no for an answer and will let himself out the doors to go to McDonalds. He will climb atop the fridge for whatever strikes his fancy. He will pull his sister by the hair away from something that he suddenly wants. He does not see people as he sees himself. We are toys to him, we have no feelings, we do not get sad or mad. He will say things to hurt your feelings. He will nap for 30 minutes then be up the rest of the day. His sister does nap 2 1/2 hours daily. I need someone who is high energy, patient, and caring. The boy cannot help himself and you have to remember that at all times. One thing he does love is eating, but we don't jam him full of food to make him obey. He is my son. I love him. Don't even begin preaching to me about programs, and homes or that he is spoiled. He is what he is....what was I supposed to do? Abort him?
The job pays $250 weekly, cash. Please be punctual. Be CPR certified. Persons with special needs education will be given preference.
Original URL:
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Saturday, July 18, 2009
A Better Plan Needed for 4-Year-Old Panhandler - San Francisco
Little Gavin Mills, the 4-year-old panhandler who evoked so much sympathy and concern from San Franciscans, has been taken from his parents by Child Protective Services.

It is an incredibly difficult decision to take a child away from his mother and father, but in this case it is the right choice.

"Gavin deserves a chance in life," said Mary Long, who began a crusade to improve Gavin's and his mother Toni's life after seeing them at the Embarcadero BART Station. "He wasn't getting one being used as a panhandler tool by his chronically homeless mom."

City officials say the family was repeatedly offered beds, services and child care. But their offers, they say, were rebuffed, and people like Long kept seeing Gavin panhandling.

He is being evaluated for a foster home. This is an intervention. There will be a hearing later this month to determine if Gavin can stay with his mother and father. They need to show that they have a better plan for him than panhandling on Market Street. (continued)
Special thanks to cali mom for Contributing this Article

In The News...

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Daycare Driver Sentenced to 15 mo. in Death of Boy Left in Van - Milwaukee
The death of 4-month-old Jalen Knox-Perkins was a mistake. No one disputes that. It was a horrible mistake. "A human error took my grandson away," Sheryl Knox said Thursday. She was speaking at the sentencing hearing for the man responsible for that mistake: Precious "Fitz" Marney, a 44-year-old father of three.

This is the mistake Marney made:

Around 8:30 a.m. April 9, Marney picked Jalen up from home, placed him in a day care van and drove him to the Bumble Bee Learning Center, 3942 N. 76th St. That was Marney's job. It paid $10 an hour. He drove people's children to the day care. Marney grabbed his cell phone, a clipboard and his keys and got out the van, absent-mindedly leaving Jalen behind. When Marney returned to the van five hours later, Jalen was dead. (continued)
Special thanks to MissDee for Contributing this Article.

Children, Parents, Teachers Protest Alleged Spanking Daycare - Bakersfield
Children, parents and teachers protested Friday in front of a northwest Bakersfield church and school over allegations a teacher there has been using corporal punishment. The protest stems from allegations that a teacher spanked a 2-year-old boy without his parents' permission.

Brenna Moore, the mother of the 2-year-old, said, “My son told me he was spanked by
his teacher and I took my concerns to the school and to date, nothing has been done." (continued) Special thanks to NC for Contributing this Article.

Mom Testifies Dad Doped Babies in Neglect Case - Norfolk
Each day when Corey Bryant and his wife, Heaven Smith, left for work, they left their 10-month-old twin daughters home alone, strapped into infant seats.

Sometimes the couple left the babies home alone so they could go out to eat or to the movies. Bryant gave the girls cold medicine so they would sleep. That's according to testimony from Smith during Bryant's trial on charges of murder and child neglect.

One of their daughters, Miracle, died of starvation and neglect on April 8, 2008, the day Bryant returned from a three-week Navy cruise. The other girl, Heaven, also suffered from starvation and neglect and remained in the hospital months after the discovery. She survived. Smith has already pleaded guilty to murder and neglect charges and is scheduled to be sentenced next week. (continued)

9-Month-Old Had Blood-Alcohol Level Four Times the Legal Limit - Carrollton
Carrollton police found a baby sitter accused of feeding a 9-month-old boy wine, causing his blood-alcohol level to exceed four times the legal limit for an adult.

Carrollton police Sgt. Tony Johnson says authorities have found 40-year-old Tammy Demice Truitt of Carrollton. She was being sought on charges of first-degree cruelty to children and reckless conduct.

Police say Truitt was called to watch the baby and four other children ages 3 to 9 earlier this week when their mother had to leave town to care for a sick relative who has since died.

Doctors said the baby's blood-alcohol content of .33 was considered a life-threatening condition. Johnson said the baby was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is doing fine.
Special thanks to Van for Contributing the Last Two Articles.

Questions About Pool Safety

Received Saturday, July 18, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I was wondering if anyone has any advice about pool safety. The family I work for is having a pool put in and it will be finished by next week. I'm sure I will be sitting down with the parents to talk about it sometime soon. I've taken the kids to the community pool and the beach and I have water safety training, but i've never actually nannied with a family that has their own pool. I guess i'm just wondering how many friends over is too many, if I have to go to the bathroom is it everybody out of the pool area completely or can they just sit around it, things like that. I take care of four girls ages 2 1/2, 6, 8 1/2, 10 1/2. Any advice would be appreciated!


Misbehaving 6-Year-Old Wants Nanny Fired!

Received Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I need some advice. I have been a nanny for this family for 7 months now. I watch three kids full time and am a live out nanny. It is a tough job at times, but very rewarding as well. The parents and I get along well and have not had any major issues since I have been here. I am concerned, however, about one thing. Their 6 year old does not like to listen, clean up, or do anything that she does not want to do. She whines, complains, cries, you name it--she tries it. She is not violent in any way, but can be really mean to her siblings and to me as well. She likes to say mean things on purpose to get a reaction and does it at least once a week. If she does not get a reaction, she continues to do it until she does. I have talked to her parents about it and the dad just says, "Oh, that's just what she does. I know that happens, but that's her for you." The mom is usually better saying, "I've noticed that, I'm not sure why, but yes, she does do that." I know that they tell her that it's not nice to say those things and such, but it doesn't seem to work. I have tried time-outs, sending her to her room, taking away toys/privileges, and nothing seems to work. Yesterday, I put her in time-out because she wouldn't listen, was not picking up when asked multiple times, and was doing things to make things worse for her sister when she was trying to clean up.

I came into work this morning and the oldest girl tells me that last night the 6 year old told her mom that she wants her to tell me that I am not allowed to put her into time-out and that she wants her to fire me! She has told me repeatedly that she does not like me and wants a new nanny and has said that to her parents as well. This usually happens after she is to clean up and she does not want to or if she gets a time-out. I asked the oldest what her mom said and she said that her mom asked her and the youngest child what they think and they both said that they like me and want me to stay! The mom responded with, "Well, 2 against 1." It concerns me because I don't know how to get these things to stop and I am not sure if this continues, will it affect what the parents think of me? I do a great job and have never had any complaints, but I know how it can be if one of the kids is saying they don't like the nanny, it can make the parents second guess. I've talked it over with the parents before, but they don't try to stop the behavior and she likes the attention. What should I do and think about this?

Babysitting Protocol

Received Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I need some knowledgeable advice. I've been asked to babysit at a wedding reception and I'm unsure of the protocol in these situations. It will be held in the Chicago area. They are offering $10/hour which seems kind of low to me, but again, I have never done this before. I would be working 5-6 hours. What types of things do I need to be aware of? Should we write up a "contract" stating my duties and the amount I'll be receiving? How much is an appropriate fee for this type of work? Thanks for your help!



Received Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a general question...actually 2.

1) For those of you who live in, what does "room and board" mean?

2) Has anyone called their employers on breech of contract (for whatever reason) and continued working in a happy environment?

Nanny P

A Spoon-Fed, Bottle-Drinking 6-Year-Old?

Received Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - Rant
All right, I'm a huge fan of this blog and never felt like I had anything to write here because my work has always been very pleasant, but I've had enough this summer. With the recession and all, finding a job this summer was a bit difficult but I ended up getting 2 offers. One offered $150/wk MORE than the first, but it was more hours and with an infant that did not talk. The second was less money but with a 6 year old, bilingual girl. I chose the second job after weighing the pros and cons because I figured I could interact more with a bilingual child (I know both languages she speaks) and the mother and I got along great. I was told that I would be working 15-30 hours a week depending on the child's schedule and when the parents would get out of work. My job including preparing meals, driving the child to and from camp and play dates and doing math with the child. I was also told that I would be able to take the child out and go to the park, or the beach, or the zoo, etc. The first week of work was alright, it took a bit to get used to the traffic patterns and a schedule with the girl, but we managed. I soon started to realize that all the wonderful plans the mom told me I could make with her daughter like going to zoo...were not going to happen, because by the time I picked her up from camp, she was absolutely exhausted and grumpy and there were just not enough hours in my work day.

Getting the girl to do her math work was like pulling teeth...but I was not surprised. Then things started to get irritating. The mother insisted on giving her daughter a bottle whenever she asked for one. This meant me filling a bottle...yes, a baby bottle, with nesquik and milk, then heating it up in the microwave...and making sure it was the perfect temperature, or else I would have to cool down and reheat the bottle as the daughter saw fit. Then the girl chose not to eat/finish her meals. I told her mother (I talked to her for at least 30-40 min every night, letting her know how the day went, during my free time at night) because I was concerned for the girls health but the mother just brushed me off and said "It's ok, she eats at camp." It wasn't long before the camp called alerting the mother that her daughter was not eating their either. She called me (again during my off hours) and told me how I needed to implement more foods into her daughter's diet, and then condescendingly told me "you're a smart girl, you know she can't run on macaroni and cheese all day." To which I was shocked, because I had written a detailed list of different foods I could make her daughter for breakfast and dinner....but were impossible to make because there was never the correct food in the fridge. The mother told me that sometimes I would "just have to cuddle and watch a movie with her as you feed her," and of course, that meant spoon-feeding her 6yo daughter. At first I was taken aback, because a. I do not like watching tv with my charges, and b. I know 2.5yo that can feed themselves. But, seeing as how the girl was not eating, I figured her fainting was way worse than me having to spoon feed her while watching the Backyardigans. Then, when she finally did start eating, she would demand that the different foods in the meal be seperated into different plates. I was somewhat understanding because I too do not like when certain foods touch other foods so I did what she asked...but then she asked me to use a different utensil for each plate.

The mother did not have a set schedule and would come home whenever she could. Her daughter would also wait up for her every night and therefore had no set bedtime. If the mother came home at 9:00, then the daughter would stay up till 9 and they would play together for an hour or two. That meant that there where nights in which the girl wouldn't get to bed till at least 11pm. I was supposed to be in every morning at 6:30, and sometimes the girl would be wide awake, sometimes she would be sleeping (to which the mother told me to let her sleep), and sometimes she would just be getting up and grouchy and demanding her bottle. This made it difficult for me because I never knew what to expect and it constantly changed our routine because I would have to push everything back. Also, the girl would go to a different camp every two weeks, so after we had gotten the hang of one routine...we'd have to change to another one completely and adjust. Also, it did not help that some days the mother would be like "today, she is going to have a play date so you do not to come this afternoon," or "today you need to pick her up at this time instead of this time," or my favorite, "I'm taking the day off tomorrow to spend more time with ***** so I'll see you x-day instead." While I love having time to myself and being able to sleep-in, I'm a college student and I have bills and loans like most people, so this annoyed me.

All of this was building up for me but I figured, I'm only here till August, and money is money. Plus, when my charge wasn't being overly picky about food, we got along pretty well. Please note that I love children and have had wonderful experiences as a nanny before. I've also worked at a day care center and ended up having long lasting relationship with those children and still babysit for them today. I would always tell the mother what was going on and how the day went. However one day, in which the girl was sleeping in because her mother had gotten home late, the mother starts criticizing me that her daughter had not done enough math homework the past couple of days and that she should be doing at least 3-5 pages a day because we had "so much time in the mornings." On a good day, her daughter would be up by 7, which meant, 20-30min to eat, we're now at 7:30am. It took her daughter about 20 min to do one page of math but at least 10 min to convince her to do it, so now we're at 8am. Usually the daughter wants to play before math for at least 15min, so now we're at 8:15am. It took her about 15min to get ready for the day and out the door, so now we're at 8:30am. But to get to her camp we needed to leave by 8:15, 8:20 at the latest. So now we're about -15 min, yet we had "so much time." I tried to explain to her that it was very difficult to get her daughter to do math and there were good days and bad days. She then continued to criticize me by saying that the reason she doesn't do her math is because I don't have a set routine with her and that I let her watch too much tv. How am I supposed to have a routine with her daughter, if she (the mother) doesn't even give me a routine to stick to?? She told her daughter sternly that she had to do math everyday with me or else. To which her daughter replied in a whiny voice "but i don't want tooooooo." And instead of explaining to her daughter why should do her math, or trying to reason it out, she started laughing. I was dumbfounded. How was her daughter supposed to take doing her math seriously if all her mother did was laugh. Her mother would never do any math with her. The mother said it was because she spent so much time working that by the time she came, all her daughter wanted to do was play, so of course I looked like the bad guy "forcing" the girl to do math. I ignored her response, and tried to talk with he girl but by this point the girl was screaming and crying because her mom was leaving to go to work. After she left, I told the girl it was time to do math and she screamed at me and slammed the bedroom door. Once again I was dumbfounded. I would never yell back at child let alone hit her, but I felt as if I was at such a lost, because I had tried everything with this child. I believe children are very smart and understand what you say to them, especially an already bright 6 year old. I decided to remove all her toys from the living room, to distract her from doing math. Once I got her back in the room I sat her down and explained that what she did was wrong and how we needed to stick to our morning routine. I drew out a big chart, writing out our routine, letting the girl choose when we would do what, and what color to write it in. I wanted to let her know that together we could negotiate and it wasn't just me calling all the shots. After our talk and later in the afternoon, our day went great. She did her math, she ate all her food, we went to the library, she ate all her dinner and I gave her a bath. Her mom called me later that night and I explained to her what had happened in the morning but that her daughter and I had a nice long talk and we worked things through. The mother's response "oh...I don't think I would have moved all the toys, I think that was a bit dramatic..She likes the toys." I couldn't believe it. What did she want me to do then? Let her child get away with throwing a tantrum and letting her think it's ok?? (btw, I put all the toys back after she finished her math...just like I told her I would). I again tried to explain, that we talked about it, made up our routine and that the afternoon went smoothly. She told me that she would be taking the next day off and that I should come back the day after that. I was not surprised. However, I was surprised when I got a TEXT MESSAGE the next night at 10:30pm saying that she was uncomfortable with the way things had been going and that she didn't think her daughter should be afraid of doing her homework. I called her back and left her a voice message telling her that I'm sorry that that's the way she felt and that their must have been some miscommunication between the two of us, but that we should meet up before the weekend to talk about this.

I didn't really want to go back to work for her, but she left me in a horrible position. I had only worked 13 hours the week before, and because this happened in the middle of the week, I only worked 12 hours this week instead of the 15-30 hours/wk we had agreed upon. I also have to go back to school mid-August because I'm a resident advisor, therefore, finding a job for basically 1 month would be impossible. I am now out of a job and out of money because I did not let a child get away with having a tantrum. Sorry for the length, but I just needed to get that out. Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Old Navy in Manhattan, NY

Received Tuesday, July 13, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was at Old Navy on 6th Avenue & 18th Street in Manhattan on Thursday, July 9th at around 11:30am. There was a little girl of around 2 with light brown hair and a ponytail in a black and light green Aria stroller. Her nanny was black with short hair, an olive green velour sweatsuit and a black beret. The little girl began to cry in the checkout line, because her blanket (white with brown and pink stars) had fallen to the ground (I think she had been asleep) and the nanny, who was paying for her purchases, completely ignored the girl’s wailing for what felt like several minutes (probably 1-2) until a store employee went over and picked up the blanket for the little girl and the nanny realized that people were staring at her. At this point, she went over to the child and comforted her in an overly solicitous and fake way.


Verona Park & the Essex County area (NJ)

Received Sunday, July 12, 2009
nanny sighting logo If you are the parents of 4 year old twins, Gabe and Zoe, and live in the Essex County area, please consider the following information. I frequently see your children at Verona Park with their nanny, who is frequently no where to be found, as your kids scramble all over the playground equiptment. She is a middle aged, West Indian woman with a sour expression who is usually dressed in large t-shirts and baggy capri pants with her long, graying hair in a ponytail. There are two playgrounds at VP, separated by a large grassy area and swing set, and your nanny can often be found at the "older" playground, sitting with her nanny friends, as your kids play completely unsupervised on the younger area. My charges and I are frequently at the park and Gabe and Zoe always greet us with hugs and frequently ask me to "watch this!" or play with them. Your nanny and I have never spoken but she is comfortable with me (a total stranger) interacting with her kids. If she is in the general vicinity of your children, she is rude and short with them. She never has snacks or drinks with her, even in the heat, and gets upset with the kids if they interrupt her while she's on her cell phone or talking to another nanny. This week, Zoe asked your nanny for her bagel (the nanny was eating a bagel at the time) and the nanny responded, "I will tell you when it is time for lunch." VP is very busy this time of year and Gabe and Zoe have made lots of new friends, who keep an eye on them while your nanny is busy doing other things. My primary concern is your children's safety - the park is frequently crowded and Gabe or Zoe could slip out of the gated playground area, which is located to a very large (and unfenced) pond. Besides the safety issue, your kiddos are truly delightful and engaging (Gabe loves to tell me about the sharks on his shirt and Zoe, although less gregarious, loves to talk to my charge about Minnie Mouse) and deserve a nanny who feeds off their energy, instead of ignoring them. If you are this nanny's employer, please consider dropping by your home during the work day or asking a friend to observe your nanny at the park. I think you will be very unpleasantly surprised by what you see.



Saturday, July 11, 2009
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Feature Ad:
1) LIVE OUT Nanny needed for loving family in Boston (Boston)
Hello, We are a lovely and loving family situated in Boston. Our children are the most important things in our lives, and we see to it that they get the best care available. We need care beginning August 3, 2009 for our 4 children: 5-year old daughter (she has obsessive compulsive disorder, so you must be comfortable keeping both yourself and our home immaculately clean), 3 year old son, and 4-month old twin sons. Below are the details of the position:
Schedule: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; 8:00 am - 11:00 pm on Saturday; occasional Sunday from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, to join us for dinner.
Holidays and time off: You will be allowed to take 3 personal/sick days per year, without pay. Anything beyond that will result in termination of employment. You will have Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and the evening of Thanksgiving off, with pay if we see fit.
Duties include: Childcare, driving older children to activities, arranging playdates, taking our daughter to her psychologist's appointments, vacuuming, general housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation (we have recipes written out in detailed fashion for you), errand-running, grocery shopping at several different local locations, and other odd-jobs around the home as we see fit.
Candidates must: be legal to work in the United States of America, be experienced (at least 8-10 years professional experience), non-smoker, have your own reliable car with proof of immaculate driving record and recent inspection, be on time, be flexible with scheduling, be available at 1 hour's notice in case of an emergency, have a cell phone so that we can call and check in with the children throughout the day, have a clean background, provide proof of infant and child CPR/First Aid training, and have had a negative TB titer, a negative chest x-ray, a negative Varicella titer, etc. within three months of starting the position. We will give strong preference to candidates with a degree in a childcare-related field.
Salary is $200 - $250 per week, commensurate with experience. This is non-negotiable. There may be a $10/week stipend for gas, if my husband and I think it is appropriate for the amount of driving you did that week; we will check mileage on your vehicle.
All applicants interested in this opportunity may send their resumes with at least 5 professional references to the Craigslist email address above. Provide your telephone number and hours when you can be reached. We will contact you if your response interests us. We anticipate that the response to this opportunity will be overwhelming, so I suggest that you reply early. Good luck. Regards, Kimberly and Thomas
Original URL:
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Lyon Village Park in Arlington, VA

Received Saturday, July 11, 2009
nanny sighting logo Physical description of caregiver: Hispanic woman with fair skin, slender, around 5'7-5'8 ish. Dark brown hair in loose waves to the middle of her back. She had on a fancy dress to the knees. The dress was cream colored with small pink flowers, medium sized pink boxy type purse.
Physical description of involved child/children: One caucasian boy, I think his shirt was red. He had some kind of dinosaur on his shirt. Jean shorts.
Address or venue of observed incident: Lyon Village Park (1800 North Highland Street
Arlington, VA)
Date and time of incident: 7.10.09 at 12:15 P.M.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: The nanny was sitting with another hispanic nanny talking. The little boy looked to be about 18 months old. He kept trying to get out of his stroller but she wouldnt take him out. At one point the nannies took out pictures and were conversing about them. For about two minutes she did take the baby out of the stroller, she was holding him in a way that he was parallel to the ground and he kept trying to grab the cheerios that were on the street. ( park is partially paved so children can write in chalk, ride scooters on the paved road). She eventually set him down so that his knees were on the ground and she watched as he ate cheerios off of it.

I was so annoyed with this woman. Not one time was the toddler allowed to play on the equipment. She never got up and put him in the stroller or anything. Half of the time the little boy kept trying to get her attention, it just made me sad.


Hudson Heights NYC

Received Friday, July 10, 2009
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny Hudson Heights NYC. Young (early 30’s) AA Nanny, smartly dressed in a green polo and jeans, with short hair and a big smile. In charge of darling baby boy about 4 mo, dark eyes wearing a t-shirt that says “I Might Barf”. Your Nanny is always out and about with your baby around the neighborhood and is very attentive with your child. I saw him laughing hysterically watching the older kids play in the sprinklers at the playground; he was having a ball. And then I saw her again at the church playgroup on Tuesday morning introducing your son to the other nannies/parents and children. She snaps pictures on her phone when he’s being particularly cute and sends them to you via text message. I also heard that she writes down a summary of the days activities for you to read when you come home from your long day of missing your son. She doesn’t watch TV (even though you told her it’s ok) and instead does housework while he’s sleeping (which you didn’t ask her to do). I’m sure that when the families finances improve they will want to give you a raise, and you deserve it.

Ok you got me. I’m talking about our own Nanny. Thank you so much G - you rock!!

$50 to make you hollar

Received Friday, July 10, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I was hoping to receive some advice about my current situation:

I've been blessed to stay with an amazing family this summer as a live-in nanny. The hours are great and the family is lovely, but I've had some issues lately. The mother hasn't necessarily been paying me on time, and this last week, the payment was $50 short. I know fifty dollars is fifty dollars, and I'm not sure if it was a mistake, but I'm uncertain of how to approach her without the conversation being really uncomfortable. It's just a rough spot to be in since I'm living in the house with them and I don't want things to be awkward. On top of that, when I first decided to work for the family, they agreed to pay me back for the flights here and then home. I've been living with them for a few months now, and also need advice on how to ask her for money to cover the flights. Should I ask for half now and then half when I leave? I need advice!


Tavern Playground in NYC

Received Thursday, July 9, 2009
nanny sighting logo Hi. This nanny was seen July 8th at around 4pm. She was at the Tavern Playground in NYC (near 68 and CPW). She was asleep for at least an hour and her charge was all alone and just playing by himself. He befriended my young daughter and I. I spoke with him and he said his name was Ford and the he was turning 4 in October. He was very smart and verbal. When she finally woke at 5 she began to read a book. It was really very sad.
sleeping nanny in nyc

Nanny Debates Leaving Early for Great Job Offer

Received Thursday, July 9, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have been actively looking for jobs saying that I can start in September. I haven't had much luck except I met a family in the past week who is very interested in my services and who are paying excellent money with excellent benefits! The problem is they want me to start the 2nd week of August. While I want to stick with the family until September, I feel I kind of have to do what's best for my future. The job market is tough right now and this is a great offer. I feel so torn. If I quit on them early, in August, they will be stuck without childcare until September and also, what if they end up not liking the daycare?? Another issue is I'm taking vacation the 1st week of August--I'm afraid if I give notice they wont pay me for my vacation (even though it's in a contract). I am so torn. Any advice??? Thanks in advance.


Nanny's Responsibilities, Babysitter's Hours, Mother's Helper Wage

Received Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I need some insight into this situation from other childcare providers. The mother wants help for her twin babies and two-year-old, as well as housework. The hours she wants are two or three times a week, four- to ten-hour shifts. We have a work-hour schedule, but she will frequently call the day before and change the hours of the next day's work. She wants to pay $7/hour instead of $8 because she is home (she feels her presence makes the job easier), but wants someone who will do work without asking questions about what to do when, effectively making herself unavailable, and the childcare provider feel like she is not doing the job if she asks questions.
However, she does not provide schedules for the twin babies, or any kind of material so the sitter/helper/nanny can refer to it and know what things the babies may need at a given time, or approximately what to do when. And she doesn't realize it's ok to sometimes let babies cry. The position seems to be a nanny's responsibilities, at a young teenage babysitter's hours, at a mother's helper wage, and requires near-telepathy to do it without feeling like the nanny isn't doing her job.
My question is, is this normal or an ok situation to work? Is $7/hour any kind of reasonable compensation for twin babies and a 2 y/o plus housework with very little direction for any of them?

St. Davids, PA.

Received Tuesday, July 7, 2009
nanny sighting logo St. Davids, PA. July 6, 2009. Approximately 11:30 am. Granted, I have seen much worse on this site, but I still feel I must report what I saw yesterday. The child was a caucasian male - around two or two and a half. He had light brown, short hair. The nanny was African-American and around 35-40. She was about 5'6 and a tad overweight. She had short-medium hair (dreads) with faint red highlights. I was shopping when I heard a sudden, very loud cry - like when a child is hurt. It startled me, so I looked to my left and saw the little boy sitting in the cart. He was wailing, the poor thing - and the nanny didn't even look his direction. He continued to cry for a little, with his little head down and then it changed to more of a whimper. She pushed him up another aisle as I followed and she never looked at him or said a word. I watched this for about five minutes and periodically saw them throughout the store - the nanny never looking at him or speaking to him. Personally, I thought it was heartbreaking. I can't help but think that any parent would want to know this. Maybe the nanny was having a bad day - I don't know - but she seemed so aloof with him. And maybe it was a tantrum (which I don't think it was), but still a gentle word would've been appropriate.

Olive Garden in Chelsea, NYC

Received Tuesday, July 7, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was at the Olive Garden in Chelsea, NYC yesterday and at the table next to me were 2 nannies, one of an adorable blond hair boy about 11 months old, wearing a blue checked jumper with red sandals, and the other, caring for a blond baby girl also around 11 months wearing a white tee shirt with a purple butterfly on it. The nannies were gabbing away while the babies tried to get their attention, with alcoholic beverages… only after they finished their meal, drinks and dessert did they pay attention to these two adorable children.

I interacted with them more from my table than the nannies did. This is exactly the reason I don’t leave my 16 month old daughter in the care of a baby sitter.



Saturday, July 4, 2009
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1) Babysitter with picture(s)!! (Binghamton)
Hi! my name is Brittney!! im a 12 year old girl. im very experienced with kids from the ages 1 && up. I will clean the mess's the children or child make. i shouldnt make any mess's if i do then somethings wrong with me! im very funny, like t play games with kids, and go outside and do alot of things with kids. my prices are very fair. thy are:
AFTER mindnite 50 Cents extra every hour. I love to cook too. I have references. I will work Hollidays as well. But it cost extra! and if theres more than 3 children it will also be a dollar extra every hour for each child - ONLY if theres more than 3 kids. On New Years Eve my rates double. on Christmas i only work in the Evening from 3PM or later. Black Friday my prices also double - ONLY because this will all happen early in the morning. I will have to meet with you bfore we start to work together. my mom will attend the meeting, maybe! i sometimes will have a helper with me. I will tell you first if i do. I'll call you back and tell you. Shes my cousin. Her name is Kimmy! I know CPR and first aid, and my saftey records are clean. You can get at me by emailiing me at my email (of course, lol) at pinkcandie0@**** - you will need to provide some imformation when you email me! you will have to provide - your phone number(s), kids names && ages, your name as long as every one else's name in your household, my hours i should approxminetly be working - a time ill start and approximate time i should be done, and if you want to know anything else tell me and you can call me to at 607-644-****, but only call m after 2PM. I will be camping at State Park from the 27 of June till the 6 of July, and i can Babysit on July 4! If you need me to i might be able to. soo you got my phone number, rates, email, backround, and just about everything else! and i almost forgott, when you email/call me your regualr/usual rate depends on the type or and how many kids yuou have! (saying that in a nice friendly way) Thank You very much for reading this. Please call me after 2PM only and you need to call/email me 5-3 days before you need me to babysit that way we can make are arrangements. and i will come about a half hour early, if its ok, so you can give me a tour of your home, go through the ground rules, bed times, and emergency numbers, and anyy other things you need to tell me, and if the kids im babysitting have any allergies or things their allergive to please tell me when you call/email me and if you have any pets they cant bite and have to be nice playfull pets. thank you! Brittney! and if your wondering who tose pictures are of their both me..the one with me wearing purple and white shirt....was before i got ready for my 6th grade dance and the other one is me holding 2 massogers in my hand at the store in the mall!!! a couple days after the dance!! LOL!!! soo call/email me!!! Thans and bye Brittney the 12 year old experienced fairly priced animal lover plying with kids outide inside and everywhere else cleaning cooking girl!! im multitaskedd 20 times...LOL see im funny. HAHA!! bye (for real this tiem) BRITTNEY!!!
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Great Nanny at Hauke Park in Mill Valley, California

Received Friday, July 3, 2009
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny I was at Hauke Park this morning with my grandbaby and saw a wonderful Hispanic nanny with a little boy in a stroller. He was about 15-24 months old and wearing little blue jeans. Nanny was about 35-45, short and stout with a Latin accent. She was wearing a bright blue T-shirt. She was engaged with the child the entire time, playing, laughing and finally having a "healthy" lunch with perfect finger food for him. It was a joy to watch and I hope the parents realize they have a great care-giver. -Toni Brayer, MD

Peacock Gap Park in San Rafael,CA

Received Friday, July 3, 2009
nanny sighting logo
When: Thursday July 2nd around 9am till 11:30am
Where: Peacock Gap Park, San Rafael,CA
Caregiver: long dark curly hair, 5'4ish, 130lbs, Spanish speaking
Children: Oliver maybe 3 years old and infant, gender unknown
Car: black Toyota Highlander

I first noticed this caregiver and the children in the parking lot of the park. I noticed them because I was amazed at how well the older child was behaving sitting in the car while the caregiver spoke on the phone. Child was in car seat in the sun with window down, very patient. They arrived at the park about 10-15 minutes after us. As soon as they arrived the caregiver ran to the bathroom and left the children in the care of another nanny (who was wonderful with the kids!). The nanny seemed irritated with Oliver from the start. Took him out of the swing for no apparent reason. He was crying wanting to know why he could not swing. She only spoke Spanish to him so I don't know what the reason was. She would not let him swing again. For 2 hours she used short curt commands to him, all in Spanish, and would not allow him to do what other children were doing. She just seemed so annoyed and irritated with him and he seemed very sad. As for the other child, she/he was covered in the car seat stroller and left unattended for most of the time. Infant was not taken out of the seat the entire time. Infant was given a bottle during the 2 hours but was left crying while nanny was no where to be found (she may have been in the restroom with Oliver but I'm not sure).
I would be happy to answer more questions if necessary.


Hot & Bothered....

Received Thursday, July 2, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN For the past 2 years we've had a wonderful nanny. She had to leave us earlier this year due to complications of Lyme Disease. My wife and I made it through the rest of the school year by re-arranging our hours and relying on family to help us out.

Last month she hired a new younger nanny who came to us highly recommended. The kids love her and my wife thinks she's great. Over the past few weeks we've had some really hot weather, she and the kids are out by the pool constantly. I have been working from home, my company has days like this in the summer to reduce the smog. I am finding myself sexually attracted to the nanny. She can really fill out a bathing suit, if you know what I mean. She is doing nothing to lead me on, or at least she is not aware of it. She bends over right in front of me in her suit, or the little t-shirts and shorts she wears. She is only 25 and I know, but I just can't help it. She is a live in and I have fantasies of going into her room and hiding while she dresses.

I want to ask my wife to replace her, but she loves her and so do the kids. My wife is going to want to know why I want her gone? I can't tell her the truth, but I feel wrong about making up something, after all she came to us highly recommended and I don't want to ruin her reputation. As soon as this insane weather calms down I can go back to work, maybe being away will help. HELP ME!
We need your nanny sightings. Please send them in to Use your cameras!

Being on Call...

Received Thursday, July 2, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hi! I have a question to ask.... I am interviewing for a full time nanny position for the first time; I've only done part time before. The family needs someone in the morning to get the little girl off to preschool, and then pick her up and spend the rest of the day with her. For those four hours while she is at school, I am to be "on call" and will be getting paid half pay. Is that typical? Or since I'm on call would I ask to be paid the full amount? Or should I just thank my lucky stars that they are even offering half? Thanks.

In The News...

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Mom too Stoned to Drive, Asks 12 yo Daughter to Take The Wheel - Montana
Angela Parenteau, a 32-year-old Montana mother was arrested Wednesday after asking her 12-year-old daughter to drive three younger siblings to day care because she was "on medication".

According to Great Falls police, officers were notified after Parenteau's three young children arrived at an area day care - driven there by Parenteau's 12-year-old daughter.

Investigators say, Parenteau told them she asked her daughter to take the children (aged 1 to 4) because she was sick and on medication.

The trip reportedly entailed a five mile drive from Sun Prairie into Great Falls, where the daycare was located. The incident was discovered when employees saw Parenteau's car pull up with the pre-teen as the driver.

Parenteau was cited with four counts of endangering the welfare of children and one count of allowing an unauthorized minor to operate a motor vehicle.

Kids Found in Shed Behind Daycare Center - VIDEO - Texas
A Texas couple are in jail after a state inspector found several children locked in tool shed behind an unlicensed daycare center.

State officials say the children were surrounded by lawn equipment, gasoline and insecticide when they were found Wednesday. They were uninjured.

Austin County District Attorney Travis Koehn says 55-year-old Marietta Patek is charged with six counts of child endangerment, while her 47-year-old husband, Freddie Patek, faces an evidence tampering charge.

Child Protective Services spokeswoman Gwen Carter says 14 children up to preteen were kept at the house, including the ones found in the shed. She says the Pateks could legally care for only three children at a time.
Special Thanks to 'ma nanny' for providing the Video.

Police Find Drugs and Cash at Brooklyn Daycare Center - New York
Investigators seized more than 10 pounds of marijuana and about $100,000 in cash on Saturday from the basement of a Brooklyn day care center that was the scene of a police shooting and an attempted robbery a day earlier, officials said.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said the money and drugs appeared to have been what the robbers were after when they burst into Special Moments Daycare in East Flatbush on Friday afternoon — while a dozen or so children were napping.

Three men were arrested at the scene, including a suspect who was shot by the police.

“It now appears the day care center was a drug haven, or where drugs in significant quantities were kept, primarily marijuana,” Mr. Kelly said.

The discovery led the police to arrest Donna Rogers, 37, who they said was the operator of the day care center, and her husband, Sherwin Rogers, 36. Both were charged with possession of marijuana.

Toddler Left Behind at Restaurant by Daycare Workers -Mississippi
In the middle of a busy lunch hour at the McDonald's on Pearson Road in Pearl, police said a toddler was left by daycare workers. Pearl Police Captain Ronnie Conerly said his department was notified by restaurant management at 1:44 p.m.

Police said a group from the daycare center at the United Methodist Church of Hazlehurst was on a field trip in the area and stopped for lunch. Conerly said 18 children were in the group.

They headed back to Hazlehurst leaving a two-year-old girl at the restaurant. Investigators said the toddler was in the inside play area when she began walking around asking for her mother.

A nearby family notified management and stayed with the child. The little girl was not hurt. According to police, her mother was notified and gave the daycare center director consent to release the child into their custody.