Heroes Save Kids- As Should be Usual! Negligent Nanny in Aids Memorial Park

In May, I was sitting in the AIDS MEMORIAL PARK with my friend, we saw 3 cute kids, 2 boys and 1 girl who all looked to be the same age,I believe they were 5, but could have been 4-7. They all had light brown hair/dark blond, possibly triplets? They were running around wild and trying to play with a woman's Pomeranian Dog. They were cute kids, energetic and wild. they were playing tag together before they saw the dog. I think the nanny called one of these kids GEORGE but I am not sure,

When they were playing with the woman's dog, a creepy older man tried to talk to her and the kids. The woman ignored the man but eventually became overwhelmed with him bothering her and the kids trying to pick up the dog. So she left. Once she was gone, the older man, in his 50's with a beard began talking to the children. I couldn't hear what they were saying but he began offering them food and trying to lure them somewhere else with him,

Obviously, I began watching closely because that is horrifyingly dangerous. I did not see anyone around who might be the parent, so I just watched the kids.

Thank goodness a very muscular man was sitting beside the creepy guy and heard everything. The man told off the CREEPY guy and told the kids to go back to whoever was watching them. They went back to an overweight AA nanny who was in her 30/s 40/s. She had been texting the entire time, not watching at all her charges who were in danger of kidnap!

The muscular guy and other bystanders made the CREEPY guy leave, all the while he was screaming profanities and saying  "I DI NOT ASK THEM FOR SEX" and telling the muscular guy who happened to be Hispanic to go back to where he came from.

Here is the Kicker - after all this occurred - the "Nanny" let the kids run around again and went back to her phone. A bystander teen who was babysitting kids a little older than the triplets ended up watching them and having them play with their kids so they did not get into any more trouble.l

If this is your nanny please be careful - your kids can be kidnapped!!

This Really P's Me Off - Bad As It Gets For A Kid And Nanny

I am a nanny for a child with semi well off parents who are both manipulative and controlling of each other and their child. Since I have started working for them they have gone from one extreme to another. They are now divorcing and going thru a custody battle with each other. I am caught in the middle with both trying to get me on their side, when I stay neutral
they trash talk me to each other.

Funny that while they fight over the kid I have more time than both of them, They often come home late, sometimes "forgetting" to pick the child up.Happy hour and parties with friends take precedent. They use the pictures I take of our fun activities to brag about the child on Facebook, but actually spending time with the child is too much work. Both "Parents" have taken vacations without their child with their new love interests. I take care of the child while they are on their cruises and relaxing on the beach.

No extra pay for me when it's warranted. Their latest trick is to delay paying me when they are mad at each other,both claiming it's the other's turn. One of them eventually caves and pays me. They would crap their pants if they knew that during one of their stints I had no money to feed the child and I had to go to a food bank! At least the child ate. This child deserves PARENTS - not just me, I wish one of them gave a crap!


Scary Nanny

It's box populi, this nanny left this little girl unattended this day in June and was confronted by other nannies about not doing her job. The little girl was acting out trying ti hit the other babies and children. The bad nanny kept getting into a big mouth loaded rant. I would like to contact the girl's parents because this nanny is bragging about putting Tylenol into the girl's food to make her sleep. The nanny sits and eats while the little girl runs around hitting the other nannies and children. I also have a video of this

View From A Grandmother

OK, so nannies are overworked and exploited? Welcome to the world of employment. I am a grandmother and am appalled at the way some nannies treat their charges! I have seen these children walking around playgrounds completely on their own, I have seen nannies screaming at the babies! If your child has a nanny the responsibility is on you to be sure they are well taken care of. My apologies to the many wonderful nannies who do an excellent job, you are not included in my comments.

{Comment from Leigh,owner: The nannies, mothers, and readers here are amazing in their love for kids and professionalism }

NEW YORK CITY? - Get a rope !! Bad nanny in NYC

I witnessed an alarming incident at a park in Lower Manhattan in the morning in which I believe a woman was maltreating the small child she was looking after, it's not clear to me if she was the mother or a nanny but I believe it was a nanny. I phoned CPS but because I could not give her name address,plate number etc, they could not investigate the incident, they told me to try to get more info and see if it happens again. Does this blog be specific to NYC? I have taken pictures if that will help