DB From Hell Part THREE - He Is Back At It, Never Seen One This Looney On This Blog!

UPDATE -  from the nanny whose DB will not let her take a break and gave her a list of 14 house cleaning activities to do which are not related to the children. This not good news, he came up with MORE house cleaning requirements





Seriously, the nanny has expressed how this situation really is making her sick physically and emotionally but jobs are hard to find in her area. At ISYN we are sending good thoughts that this nanny's dream job will happen ASAP - she is committed to getting out of this toxic DBs world

UPDATE - Feb 1 --After YET ANOTHER To-Do  list, the nanny calmly said " I'm sorry but that is not in my contract"  the dad let her go immediately for " not bonding with the 3 year old". But the nanny was smart and had 8 weeks of severance coming and the dad paid it. She feeld like a boulder is off her back, all the knots are out of her tummy and she can breathe.


War of the Words! Nanny Owns Cheap Mom in Text War. A Nanny is a Luxury - Who Knew?

{ The nanny has given the mother a reasonable rate, the mother is arguing because she just cannot afford it ;(  }  This is from a text

NANNY : Pay for a live in nanny should not be less than live out. The hourly rate I am requiring is $545 per week. I have been a nanny in Ohio as well and have never been paid under $500 a  week here for part time. I apologize if my rates are not acceptable to you, not everybody can afford a nanny. Having a nanny isn't a right it's a luxury which is why most people do not have one. There is nothing wrong with that. That's why there are home day cares,day care centers and such. I apologize if you were underpaid when you were a nanny but I have never accepted less than what I am asking now and have been a full time nanny now for over half a decade with multiple families who have never had a problem with my price.

All the nannies I have talked to in this area have said my price is on the low side of average and all the families I have worked for have been financially stable enough to meet my requirements. I wish you the best in your search and hope you can find a wonderful nanny to work within your budget. have a great day.

THE MOTHER : Can I be honest with you

NANNY: I am not interested in speaking further speaking, we have different needs and that's ok, Good luck on your search

THE MOTHER : You are the rudest nanny I have ever spoken to.

NANNY: I apologize you feel that way, I am not trying to be rude. You asked my rate, I told you. You were not satisfied. I verified with a group of nannies that my rate is reasonable even though my lengthy previous experience told me so. You disagree and think I am charging too much. That's ok. You have the right to your opinion and I respect that.

THE MOTHER  And for the future. Telling me a nanny is a luxury is extremely insulting.

NANNY : I apologize you feel that way, my family could not afford a nanny and they made good money. It's ok not to be able to afford a nanny

THE MOTHER:  You are insulting and rude. i hope every one sees your true colors before hiring you

NANNY:  Asking someone into your home, give your children one on one attention, be responsible for the physical and emotional needs of your children, put your child 1st, clean after them and devote your time to your children only is not a service most people have0


Nanny Wonders How To Negotiate

There is this family that I have babysat for a few times, but the mother mentioned keeping her kids, twin 16 month olds and 1 4 year old at least twice a week every week for the summer as a nanny type job. When we work out the details what kind of questions should I ask?


DB From Hell Part Deaux - Things For Nanny To Do Instead Of A Break ( We Are Not Making This Up)

The mean DB left this list for the nanny - what a guy!

ASK Anna Minter And Friends ! Nanny For 20 years, Owner " GRACIOUS ME ACADEMY " - HOW DO I WAKE MY NK UP??? IT'S SO HARD!!!!

Question For ANNA MINTER : My NK is dead to the world when I try to wake him up in the morning to get to school. MB works and while she could have time to do this she sticks me with it as it is such a problem. NK is so groggy and in outer space, are there any suggestions on how to make this better?

ANNA MINTER SAYS -- There are many tools and actions which can make the wake up part of the morning go smoothly.

For example - get everything done the night before so you can concentrate on waking the child - back packs ready, lunch ready in the fridge, etc. Make sure all activities possible can be made into a routine with a rhythm.

Use ALL nanny tools for positive enforcement when NK wakes up helpfully - charts and stars, rewards, lavish praise etc.

From MICHAEL BERRY, Talk Show Host and Father - He says when his son Michael T would have trouble waking up he would gently carry him out of the bed, take him to the shower, make sure the water was nice, turn it on to gently cascade on Michael T sitting on the shower floor, and the dad would talk to him, encourage him to wake up and he could see his son slowly come out of dreamland and then become an articulate energetic whirlwind.

Nanny SUSAN S.  - I don't put up with this stuff - I set the timer for their alarm really early, earlier than we have to, and if they are taking too long I give countdown warnings - 10 minutes to breakfast! 5 minutes to shower before I throw you in!

Nanny TALEIA  says - 30 minutes or so before they have to get up start playing music, there are play lists where the music can start gentle and gain tempo from there.

{From the Editor -- ATTN. NANNIES -  If YOU wish to participate and give advice to a needed nanny question, like Anna Minter, let us know .}


RANT: Loser DB - You REALLY do not want to be running over me, I will send you LIMPING BACK!

Ok, DB, your days messing with me are going to be numbered one way or another. Specifically, when I work hard to get all my duties done and usually more, and have 15 minutes downtime while beautiful NK is napping and it P's { actual word redacted, ED.} you off to see me checking my messages or making a call to family, or even reading a book or paper. So you - unemployed loser that you are while MB brings home the bacon say " We pay you too much to just sit there doing nothing" so since all my duties are caught up you come up with things not in my contract like taking out the trash, doing all your dishes, not NK's, putting away your dry cleaning and more.

When I gently remind you that the previous day I stayed 20 minutes extra past my contracted time, worked extra diligently to get all done, and it should all come out in the wash, you LOSER look at me condescendingly and say " Oh really"

Yeah really unemployed delusional lose bully.

I absolutely do extra things beyond my contract such as teaching NK another language, espanol, even though not being paid extra, I frequently use my own gas to run trips, and do extra dishes of my own decision and more. But going the extra mile is MY choice to decide not yours to demand. I refuse to do a worse job and dawdle based on a fear of you taking advantage - that is a page out of YOUR LOSER book.

I have not decided how I am going to handle this yet, I see you treat MB the same way and she takes it. If I decide to quit the main person hhurt will be NK as he and I have a good time together but I will not sacrifice my self esteem and stress health for anyone!

So beware loser DB, You can continue to bully me but it will not end well for your family- that is IF you care about them. UGH!


Bad Babysitter- Check Fraud - No Excuse For This

In the south Tx area a childcare provider and cleaning lady named Elva D Olviedo has abrogated the trust of her family by stealing checks from her employer. The amount is considerable, she did this over a multiple year period being very clever. She would take checks from the middle of her employers  checkbook and using her employers signature , write checks here and there for the exact amount of her pay amount - very premeditated . Also - the employer admits to not paying strict attention the the bank account so it was clever to not notice an unusual amount of a check. So- beware.

info sent from M. D. from

Update on Text War! From Buzzfeed-Kristen gets paid!

Kristen is the name of the child care provider who the mother refused to pay. She and her brother received so much positive  feedback it gave them the courage to talk to the father, let him know they were planning small claims court and the man paid. I think we can bet that guy is a patient dad and probably has to deal with fallout from his wife !


Text War - An A---ole Mom and Vortex's Hardworking Nanny Sister

From - Bored Panda and VortexThing on FB--

Being a mother is a tough job but it's no excuse to scam your child care provider. I am sure no parents reading now would do this, but any who do, even worse than stealing from your nanny wouls be letting your children see and learn this behavior


Vortex's Sister:  It was great watching J and S today. Do you mind if I swing by tomorrow at 2pm and pick up the money?

The A---ole Mother:  I wasn't aware payment was involved. You got free ice cream and a fun day, I am sorry for the misinterpretation.

VS: Uhm..we discussed payment of $16 an hour beforehand. Over text.

AM: I'm sorry could you show me those texts?

________________________________Texts Before The Job_________________

AM:  Great, see you then, $16 an hour sounds fair

VS: Perfect! I am looking forward to working with them, I'm excited !

AM: J seems to have a knack for you, go easy on him!

VS: haha I will! Thank you for the opportunity!

AM: Of course, call or text with any questions

_______________________________End texts before the job______________

AM: I delete my messages often.

VS: I'm sorry but as much as I love seeing your kids I am doing this for payment. Exclusively

AM: Well, you are acting kind of stuck up. Can we compromise at $20

VS:No, I watched your kids for 8 hours, our agreement was $16 per hour, the total is $128

AM I am not paying you $128 for a single day! They're easy kids!

VS : It's not a discussion of that. You promised and I have textbooks to pay for. Please i will accept $100

AM: Absolutely not. I wish i didn't have such a stuck up { really bad uncalled for C-word} watching my kids. I am going to block you now, do not contact me again.