Photobucket Saturday, January 31, 2009
.... What?!

1) Full-time nanny needed $1000/week (Upper West Side)
Lovely family living on the Upper Westside seeks caring and patient nanny for their 13 month old daughter. Position is live-in, providing 24/5 coverage. Coverage begins 8am on Monday until 8am on Saturday. Two working parents [mom will begin work as a doctor and will have to work on-call and dad works long hours and travels extensively] Little girl has reflux and food allergies issues and nanny will be asked to stay in baby's room until issues are resolved. Baby has two night time feeds. Once baby is able to sleep through the night, nanny will have own private bedroom with private bath. Very understanding and respectful family and would like someone to stay with them longterm. Please be legal as family travels internationally. Please also have 5 years of experience working with families. Would prefer a nanny who has experience with reflux. If you would like to be considered for this position please email your resume and send us a cover letter telling us a little bit about yourself.
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Nanny's Weekend Ruined by Petty Email

Received Saturday, January 31, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I need some advice. I have been working with this family for almost two years now. I have never had an issue with them other than the fact that the wife is a little bit sneaky in her dealings and just lies for no reason but to make conversation. Now my problem is this.. I have always flat ironed the little girl's hair without any problems. Now last week I flat ironed her hair and a part of her hair got scorched, but it was no big scorch and so I just oiled it as usual and kept on going. Now today is my day off and I decided to check my email. What do I see? An email from the mother asking if I had burned out the little girl's hair because she saw a brown spot on a portion of her hair. She further went on to say that a "substantial" part of the girl's hair was shorter than the rest. Now, being the person that I am I immediately picked up my cell phone and called the mother. I told her that yes I had scorched the little girl's hair and had put some oil on it but that part about a substantial part of the girl's hair being shorter I was not going to admit to as it was a little scorch so much so that I didn't think much of it. I instantly told the mother that I would be coming over immediately to see it. She started chuckling and saying there was no hurry it could wait until Monday. I apologized once again but asked to see it immediately but she refused saying that it was not big deal. I later hung up but then I got to thinking. In all this time I have been working with this woman she has never had a problem and somehow I feel offended that she would sit down and actually email me about something so trivial. I scorched a part of the little girl's hair not her skin. Is it me or what? I simply can't let it go it is bothering me especially since I feel deep down that she is not being truthful about the part of the child's hair being "substantially shorter. I feel like she wanted to assert her power over me or that she couldn't find anything really other than to just email me over what I think is ridiculous. I am so hurt over it I cannot sleep. For her to sit and email me on a Friday over that stuff. Not to email me and say anything like she found the girls beaten and battered or I wasn't doing my job but to email me about what was less than an inch of discolored hair. What do you guys think?


Friday, January 30, 2009

Childcare Scams Rake in Thousands - Part 1
On paper Angela Hale is a child-care provider. She reported taking care of the same five kids seven days a week while their mom supposedly worked at a lawn-care service, even in the winter months. The government paid Hale more than $30,000 last year for her child-care business.

It appears the government got duped. Hale didn't care for the kids at times she said she did, nor did the mom legitimately work, the Journal Sentinel found. The newspaper spent four months investigating the $340 million taxpayer-financed child-care system known as Wisconsin Shares and uncovered a trail of phony companies, fake reports and shoddy oversight. (cont.)

Childcare Loopholes Lead to Easy Money - Part 2
The two-story house on 17th St. looks typical of the working-class homes on Racine's west side. Three bedrooms, one bath. Assessed by the city at $122,000. Yet inside, a young woman has tapped into a home-based money-making operation that netted her and her three sisters more than half a million in taxpayer dollars since 2006. And they did it with the blessing of the state.

All four had been in-home child-care providers. Collectively they have 17 children. For years, the government has paid them to stay home and care for each other's children. Nothing illegal about it under the rules of Wisconsin Shares, the decade-old child-care assistance program designed alongside Wisconsin's welfare-to-work program. (cont.)
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Just what is the best way to ask for a raise?

Received Thursday, January 29, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I need some advice. I have been working with this family for two years. I take care of an eight year-old and a three year-old. I take my four year-old with me in the days. I work three 15 hour days and get paid $340 weekly cash. I drive the kids to activites, cook, clean, do the dishes, do laundry and ironing for the kids, assist with homework, buy groceries and anything else child related. I am in Rockville Maryland. I was wondering if I am being underpaid because the hours are long and the work is mounting or so it seems. I have not gotten a raise in two years. The problem is that these people are decent in the way they treat me and my child. They don't bother me one bit. I am thankful for them but I can barely provide the basics for myself. Should I be getting more? How much for this area? How do I ask for a raise without creating a hostile or uncomfortable working environment?

This post bring up a question that has oft been submitted to the blog. What is the best way to ask for a raise? Employers, we'd like to hear from you on this one.

How Much Notice is Appropriate?

Received Thursday, January 29, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have been working (as an aupair/nanny) for 18 months with a very difficult family. When I signed I signed the contract in July to stay another year, things weren't fantastic, but I loved the little girl, and figured I could handle another year. However, after a few incidents this past week, I just do not think I can last until July, when my contract ends. I am miserable, unappreciated, and underpaid. So, having said that, I have decided that it is best if I leave and find a new job. So, I am wondering, how much notice is appropriate?

Some of the incidents are- for instance I caught them in my room "looking" for their daughters ice skating pass. I let it go then, but the more that I thought about it, the more it bothered me. I wrote them a very nice note explaining that I didn't feel comfortable with them in my room, etc., and could they please call me if they needed to know where something was! Well, the next thing I know, they brought out my contract, after highlighting everything they thought I was doing wrong, and basically threw it at me!

These things I was doing wrong were things like: taking food from the kitchen without asking permission (I am a live-in nanny, and 24! And we are talking like, a can of tuna or spaghetti sauce. Nothing expensive!), feeding their child ice cream (as a treat after dinner), and things like that. The point is though, is that I am not in violation of my contract. They, I think, were just angry that I challenged them about "their house" (as they put it, and clearly stated that they had a right to enter my room whether I was home or not). But it is to the point where my working environment is very tense, and I would just like to leave. I am just unsure how much notice to give as there is not a specific amount of time listed in my contract!

Employers, if your nanny were going to leave, how much notice would you hope for? How much notice would be essential? And how many of you upon finding out your nanny was no longer happy working for you- would simply want her gone?

Nanny's Summer Dilemma

Received Thursday, January 29, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I've been a full-time nanny to a 3-year-old boy for the past 18 months. The mother is pregnant and due at the end of May. She will be taking the entire summer off when the baby comes but still wants me to work over the summer. The problem is that she wants me to work part-time hours all summer, on an as-needed basis. No schedule, no guarantee of a minimum number of hours per week.

I really don't want to take a big pay cut for the entire summer, but if I do, I want to have some predictability in hours so that I can work a second part-time job to supplement the pay.

I have no complaints about this family at all; the boy is a pleasure, the parents are great, and I'm very grateful to have a job. I'd like to hear some opinions of others on what they would do in this situation. Would you just bite the bullet and take the temporary pay cut and just work as needed, even though it will hurt financially and you won't be able to make solid plans each week because you're basically working on call? Or would you insist on having a set schedule so that you can fill-in your hours somewhere else? Or are there other options I'm not considering?

I understand how difficult it is to add a newborn into a family and I want to be loyal and supportive, but the reality is that a three-month pay cut will not be easy especially if I won't even have the flexibility of planning my schedule each week.

Thoughts, anyone?

San Francisco, CA

Thursday, January 29, 2009
nanny sighting logo Hi,
I just saw something Tuesday, January 27 between 3-4:30pm on the walking path at Presidio by the beach that I wanted to report:

An older man (grandpa type) with two small children, each under 4 years old in pea-green colored double stroller. This was definitely a grandpa situation. I was on the walking path and noticed them because the man was speaking so harshly to the stroller, while the smaller of the two children was kind of wandering on his/her own. (Hard to tell because it was cold out and they had their hoods up. The jackets were plain, solid colored and matching, but different color for each kid.) It was hard to tell if it was a boy and a girl or two boys based on their coats. I mean to me I would have said boys, but the clothing was sort of neutral, and they were so little and bundled up that it was hard to tell.

On my way back, they were in the same area, but this time the man was carrying the larger kid and this is the reaosn I wanted to write, the littler kid was all the way behind them on his/her own and could barely even get up on the boardwalk step s/he was so little and he was paying zero attention. It was heartbreaking and I hope that whoever thinks grandpa is a great influence on these kids or even keeping them safe really ought to think again. Grandpa had some sort of cap on.

Anyone living in San Francisco will know the path I'm talking about- it's the kind of path you would go on with a stroller but people don't really hang out on it the way this guy was.

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So Basically Mom, I'm Better Than You...

Received Thursday, January 29, 2009
Photobucket To the nannies on this board, do you ever feel like you are doing more than the parents in raising the kids? I work up a plan weekly for the parents. It contains activities we will do, places we will visit, who we will see and stuff. I have a weekly curriculum, we work on 1 number, 1 letter and 1 color a week. Say we will do a magazine collage of everything that starts with the letter B. The kids love it, with the choosing, cutting, gluing and decorating the paper.

I do all this stuff, cook and serve 2 meals..sometimes 3! I clean as much as I can. Then mom comes home, puts on Ice Age DVD, pours a glass of wine, and gets on the phone! The kids haven't seen her for 10 hours or so and she just herds them into a group in front of the TV! Like I said I cook and clean, the place is spotless when I leave at 6 PM. When I return at 7 AM the sink is full, the counters have crumbs all over them, the kids are in various stages of undress, and the damn TV is on, again!! Where's Mom? Upstairs doing her hair and makeup! I think some Mom's ought to work as nannies for a bit to learn to interact with their kids!
Are things similar with you?

Chick-Fil-A in Reston, VA

Received Thursday, Janury 28, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was in the Chick Fil A in Reston, Va. There was a young lady there with 2 blonde haired girls. They were in the play room and she was on a phone outside the room with her back to them. I kept staring at her She was Hispanic looking with a brown jacket and a gold bag over sized There was no interaction with the children until a group of other kids came then she went in sat on the floor still on the phone.

We left I am a nanny who never talks on the phone when in public you are paid to watch the children not ignore them. I would have fired her on the spot!

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Beware of Nanny "B.D." in San Francisco

Received Wednesday, January 28, 2009
danger 2 Please beware of a Nanny who after being at my house 8 times, passed out completely when I left for 45 minutes. When I came back home my child was naked, the window was open and she was out cold, and I could not awaken her for some time. She staggered out of my house and down the hill and I never heard from her again.

I just found out she has done it before — she drank their alcohol, and also passed out at their house. Both of the children she watched were under 2 years old.

She is an American Caucasian student, younger than 30, with curly brown hair and a little bit overweight. She looks sweet and innocent and has a college degree, was an au pair in Europe, and she is someone you would think would be great with your children because she has a lengthy nanny resume. She has impeccable references, is fluent in several languages and has worked at several of The City’s private schools. She is training to be a teacher and is volunteering at public schools in The City. Her initials are B.D.

It is only a matter of time before she hurts someone or herself.

They Fired Me and Now Want Me Back!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN So they fired me and now want me to babysit for them!

I was a nanny for a sweet little 9 month old baby girl for just over a month. We agreed this would be our trial period. I gave my 30 day notice (as agreed) at the end of the trial and had hoped to leave on good terms and planned to work each day as scheduled and give my best to the baby each day I was with her.

I gave notice because I was starting to feel stressed and unhappy. The dad worked at home and since it was a small space we got in each others way often, the baby would get upset when she saw Daddy and he couldn't play with her for more then a few minutes and also he would micro manage. By this I mean once I put her pants on and he insisted they were pj bottoms so I had to change them, ok no big deal there. Another time he insisted I change her hoodie when it didn't match well enough with the rest of her outfit. One time he gave her cookies right when I was making her lunch and then she refused to eat what I gave her and one time he let her drink some pop!

After awhile I learned we were not on the same page, the dad and I, but the mom and I seemed to be for the most part. One night I babysat and told him that the baby had cried and I left her in her room alone to see if she'd calm down after 5 minutes (she did) and he was really upset. I asked the mom about it right after and she was fine with it and said not to worry and if I did it again not to mention it to him. I wasn't comfortable with that though.

The day after I gave notice in person to both parents, the dad called me and fired me on the spot! He had gone over the agreement and asked me to get mine out so I did. He said that according to clause 4 I had not a responsible nanny because I had missed 3 days of work and did not have a good reason for it. That was the first time I'd heard him say the reasons I gave were not acceptable and I think he should have told me that, but that was fine, I felt relieved not to go back to work for them again.

That was in August. Since then the mom called me once the week after I was fired and asked me to babysit, I thought maybe she was asking without the dad knowing since he was out of town (I knew because we had talked earlier about his out of town buisniess trip) and I said no I couldn't babysit for her. Then the mom called me again about a week ago and asked me to babysit at the last minute and I was busy so I said no. Then the dad called me 2 days ago and asked me to babysit tomorrow night. I said I'd have to check my schedule.

The truth is I really don't want to babysit for them again. If they think I'm irresponsible then I don't think I should be their nanny or babysitter. The dad called earlier and I let it go to voice mail, I'll check the message later. What should I say to them? Should I just not answer when they call or should I be honest with them and tell them I just don't feel comfortable babysitting for them because of the way I was fired and that he said I wasn't responsible?

Overheard at the Drugstore....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I observed this incident and I am not sure how to proceed. I am a mother with my own nanny in the small town of Rye, NY. Last evening I was at the drugstore when I noticed some employees gathering and whispering. Their intended target was the nanny of one of my children's friends; the mother of whom I know only casually. The employees were recollecting the nanny's previous visits to the store, empty wrappers she left behind, merchandise she had stolen, and they spread out to observe her in the store. They stated, 'this time we're calling the police'. They weren't very quiet about it and I think the nanny was spooked. She bought a magazine and a pack of chewing gum and left, (under the watchful eye of several employees). The made several references to the bag she was carrying as being the 'infamous' bag. I noted the bag was like a large messenger bag in a soft green leather material. The bag was very large and looked to be empty as she left the store. One of the employees said, "oh she's good, that's for sure, but without the kids, I think her and her big bag are too obvious". This nanny is not married. She is a live-in nanny. I have met her and she seems very normal, pleasant, usually on the ball with the children she works with. In my position, how many of you would contact the mother of this nanny? My husband is of the school of the thought that this is clearly a case of MYOB.


Do not get snowed by Kelly from Vermont...

Received Tuesday, January 27, 2009
danger 2
Physical description of caregiver: nose ring, dark hair, light skin, light eyes, 5'6ish, approx 160lbs, first name, "Kelly"
Physical description of involved child/children: n/a
Address or venue of observed incident: ongoing
Date and time of incident: January 2009
Detailed description of what you witnessed: We have JUST fired our Nanny. We caught her STEALING from us. My husband has LEGALLY prescribed pain killers. She emptied the entire bottle(leaving just the bottle? odd, I know.) I confronted her and she (finally) admitted it.
Be very careful! This is clearly placing your child in danger!!!

She is from Vermont, (lived in CT in her early years). Her parents still live there. She worked for 2 years for a family in DC/Virginia area. She likes dance/gymnastics, etc... She went to college in DC. Her former employers names were Jen and Steve. She is articulate and well spoken. She will snow you. Feel free to email me. Jane will forward all inquiries to my email address.


I Don't Know Why, But I Just Want Her Gone!

Received Monday, January 26, 2009
Perspective & Opinion Advice needed from parents with a long history of hiring or maintaining nannies.

I recently replaced our nanny from Sweden with an American nanny. Our nanny from Sweden was a friend of the family. She came to stay and live with us for a year, was like family to us and did a good job. She wasn't super. I know super because I've had super before. If you've ever had super, you know not many compare.

The problem is the replacement. The replacement nanny has all the good references and experience. She is however, making my life miserable. She makes snide comments to other nannies and mothers that have gotten back to me. She makes comments that sound complimentary but are in actuality digs. I work about 60 hours a week. The nanny is also very sneaky. I cannot say for certain, but I just get the feeling that she snoops around. I have had petty change come up missing. Sure, I could be wrong, but all of this goes hand and hand with the feeling that I cannot trust this person.

When she moved in, she told me she hated the color yellow. Yellow was the color of the nanny's room. She seemed so great, I felt we were about to get another Super Nanny, so I allowed her to pick out some linens and towels from a home catalogue and I had our painter paint her room seafoam green. The paint has literally just dried.

I don't think I am a crazy person, but this nanny makes me so uneasy. Part of the reason is she does have experience and has worked for many people, including celebrities. She will make random comments, careful not using names, but clearly she says these things to remind me that she knows people.

Now that I know I want to get rid of her and have nothing to go on other than a negative, scratch that, an overwhelmingly negative feeling; what is the best way to extricate her from our home and our family. The children are very fond of her but are not attached. She has only been here two months.

I want her to go quietly. Can I have her sign a confidentiality agreement after the fact? My husband thinks they can only be signed pre employment.

She is a live-in and has no family around here. What is the minimum amount of severance we can give her? And what is the amount you would suggest for someone who has been with us 8 weeks and makes $800 per week.

Any advice you can give me would be very helpful. I don't trust this person. I don't know why, but I just want her gone.



Photobucket Saturday, January 24, 2009
.... What?!

1) Wet Nurse (Linden)
Hi, I am a professional,single mom who is having a baby in April. I want to breast feed him, but I have to work. If you have a young infant and breast feed,I will pay you to feed my infant as well. I plan to do some feeding and pumping also. I understand that I will either need to bottle feed part of the time or find a very special mom to help me. If you are an imigrant or need housing, I may be able to help you with that as well. Pay to be determined My phone number is 908-487-**** and my name is Kimberly
Original URL:
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man goes on Rampage at Belgium Daycare
A man went on a rampage at a Belgium day care center Friday, stabbing two young children and a female worker to death and sending 10 other children to the hospital, officials said. Sobbing parents rushed to the scene and to hospitals, as officials reported some of the wounded children were in serious condition.

"People are totally in shock," said Leene Du Bois, a spokeswoman for the regional government of Flanders. "Nobody would have imagined anyone could do so much harm. There is much grief." She said the perpetrator had no connection to the day care center.
- Special Thanks to Deni for Submitting this Article.


Chester Heights Park in Eastchester, NY

Received Friday, January 23, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Physical description of caregiver: The caregiver was a manny. He was thin, looked kind of like Ed Begley junior, almost see through with super white skin. He looked kind of effeminate. Was wearing tan trousers, a light blue blue V neck sweater and a brown jacket open over it. The jacket was made out of nabuk (sp). The manny was about 22-24 years of age, and just under six feet tall.

Physical description of involved child/children: Two children, 3&5 are approximate ages. Both boys had blonde to brown hair. The young boy had a short, fresher hair cut and the older boy had a longer, intentional look. Both boys had super straight hair. The younger boy was wearing a camouflage puffer jacket and jeans and the older boy was wearing a silver and blue ski jacket with either dark blue pants or maybe jeans. Both boys had on brown shoes that looked suede and had black soles.

Address or venue of observed incident: Chester Heights Park in Eastchester, NY.

Date and time of incident: Approximately 2 PM today.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I witnessed the male supervising the children pretty closely. I thought the way he touched the older boy seemed off. Guiding him, he who was more secure with his hand on the small of his back. Having him jump into his arms. I noticed this because the younger child got the proper amount of supervision, hands on (almost none, which he did not need). I looked and neither boy seemed to be or have special needs. The older boy never seemed unsteady. It was a little bit cold. At one point the manny put the older kid kind of inside his coat and hugged him tight for about two minutes. The boy was actually inside the coat. I couldn't say anything because there wasn't anything to say. I also noticed that the older child, who seemed awfully polite, also seemed almost consistently uncomfortable. He on more than one occassion tried to grab his brother and run off and play away from the manny. It was cold, so we didn't stay long. As I turned to look back at them on my way off, they too were readying to leave. I have never seen the children or manny before.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: There was no stroller. I did not see a bag or backpack of any kind.


Beware Of Nanny Hannah from Sweden

Received Thursday, January 22, 2009
danger 2 We had an au pair from Cultural Care Au Pairs and she took nude photos of our 6 yr old daughter, then she put them on a Swedish web site called rezdagboken. Local police here in Connecticut could not get an arrest warrant because only one photo was considered pornographic, when you need three photos for it to be illegal.

CC Au Pairs has they're offices in Massachusetts where they are protected by local laws calling au pairs independent contractors. What a shame, this slob was named Hannah H**** from Sweden, stay far away from this agency they SUCK!

Appleseed's NYC

Thursday, January 22, 2009
If you are the individual who submitted this post through Meebo, please conact Jane as soon as possible. We have been contacted by the parent of this child who is in frantic need of additional details.

Received Wednesday, January 21, 2009
nanny sighting logo Every time I am here I see a neglectful, indifferent nanny. She is black with very long braids or dreads. She has very messed up teeth that stick out and criss cross and are yellow. Today she is wearing an elbow length, purple and white striped sweater with a zip-up grey vest. She sits with her friends every day, ignoring your daughter, who has light brown hair in a small ponytail and today wore pink pants and a black hoodie. She wanders around, completely ignored. Nanny also has large scar or oddly shaped mole on her right cheek.

Edinborough Park in Edina, MN

Received Thursday, January 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Physical description of caregiver: Early 20's is my guess. She has long brown hair, which she had down. She was wearing a gray fleece hoodie and jeans. She must be planning a wedding as she was engrossed with a wedding book by The Knot.

Physical description of involved child/children: I heard her yell out Vivienne Amelia when it was time to go to the open gym area. Vivienne is about 2-2.5 years old, short blonde hair (very slight wave). She was wearing a pink dress with a dark pink flower border along the end. She had on tights and pink shoes. Your son is about 13-15 mos. old. She called him Jack. He was wearing a dark green with gray stripes Ralph Lauren polo, jeans, and has strawberry blonde hair.

Address or venue of observed incident: Edinborough Park, Edina, MN (indoor park)

Date and time of incident: Around 10:30am on January 21, 2009

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I am about 99.9% positive that this is the same girl I witness neglect the little girl over a year ago! It was definitely the same little girl, and looking back at the picture I took of the nanny (I searched for my first letter I e-mailed in my sent file), it does look like her, but it's hard to tell as she was texting on her cell at the time in one and had her back to the play area in the other.

I first noticed the little girl when she came out of Adventure's Peak play area. She looked very familiar to me, and then I realized why. I watched Vivienne as she approached her nanny sitting about 3-4 feet from me, down one bench level. The nanny was busy reading a wedding book by The Knot. Vivienne complained that her tummy was hurting. The nanny replied something along the lines of, "Oh. Your stomach hurts?" Vivienne nodded and the nanny took out a large ziploc bag of Goldfish crackers, not putting away her book. As she handed them to her, she said, "Don't give them to Jack. He lost his snack privledge today because he threw one on the floor earlier." I thought this was odd, but figured Jack must be an older brother. Well, Vivienne ate one, and then the nanny took a small handful, and took the bag away, saying, "It feels better now." When she said no, she handed it back, let her take one, and then this little boy, who couldn't have been more than 15 mos. old (I really think he was more like 12-13 mos. old, fairly small, but a good walker), walked up and tried to get them. She said, "No, Jack." At this point my mouth hit the floor. I don't really understand how an infant could lose a snack privledge? Anyways, she put the bag away, and told them to go play. She returned to her book.

She wasn't interactive with your children for the hour that we were in the Adventure's Peak play area. Vivienne was playing away in the park, which was fine, but Jack was left wandering around by himself. He was carrying around an empty sippy cup, trying to drink from it. He was climbing up and down the stairs, playing with the trash can, opening outlet covers.

She then moved them into the gym area, and again, let Jack just wander, while she kept her nose in her book. Vivienne would have been fine to wander, but Jack should have had a close eye on him. Edinborough Park gets extremely busy, with many preschoolers; there are balls, push chairs, and ride ons. The kids are constantly running into one another or getting hit by stray balls. He was knocked over a few times, not that his nanny noticed.

Just like my last report of this nanny, I realize that this isn't necessarily abuse, but I do question the nanny's motive behind the 'no snack' rule for such a young child who wouldn't even be able to realize what he did wrong to be punished. I question her lack of interest in watching your children. I think that they deserve much better.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: She had a light blue and yellow beach bag type of bag. Open on top. It had the letter 'K' on it. Your daughter had a pink and green Avent sippy. Your son had a red Nuby straw sipper.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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New Nanny Caught in Lie About Lineage

Received Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Perspective & Opinion 2 weeks ago I hired a nanny. Things seem okay. In the beginning, you do realize that in the first two weeks you are getting to know each other and learning to trust. Well, unfortunately during the course of the interview, the nanny presented herself as Irish and Italian. This came about when I asked her about her last name. Today (Day 11 of her employment), I find out that she is half Columbian and intentionally lied to me. Besides the trust issue, how do I deal with this? I have no idea how to go forward.


Ortega Park in Santa Barbara, CA

Received Tuesday, January 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had been at the park yesterday morning and saw two things that were troubling. The first one was a nanny, probably Polish with brownish hair, about 45 years old. She was dressed kind of frumpy and had two little children with her. One was a very pale boy with short dark hair, big eyes, wearing a grey sweater with a white collared shirt under it. The other was a chubby girl of about 6-7. She was wearing a yellow and pink color block sweater.

The nanny was sitting the children on a white wall with designs and trying to take their pictures. She was barking orders at them in a really mean voice and with a thick accent. She kept pushing them this direction or that and was very rough with them. She tried to get the girl's headband in her hair a few times. She was trying to get all of the hair to tuck behind her ear. Well I guess the girl moved or something because the nanny slapped her in the face, threee times. They weren't hard slaps, but she slapped her three quick slaps. I was shocked and not even sure I had seen what I had seen. The nanny was facing somewhat away from me. She didn't do anything after that, she got the pictures she wanted. She was taking the pictures with a silver digital camera that was very square and shiny. The nanny was wearing a croc style shoe with wool inside of it, blue knit pants and a brown cardigan.

The other thing I noticed wasn't really a bad nanny sighting. It just disappointed me on several levels. There was an African American nanny wearing an Andy Warhol styled Baraq Obama printed t-shirt (light pink). She had a little blonde girl about 2 years old in a Graco blue plaid stroller. She was talking to a hispanic nanny taking care of a baby that was under 1. The African American nanny was talking about MLK and Obama and started cursing. "Mother Fuckers need to know. We're gonna represent. Fucking changes is coming". I feel racist for even recounting this conversation. Do know that it went on for at least five minutes in the presence of her charge and several other children.


"I was fired tonight...."

Received Sunday, January 18, 2009
Perspective & Opinion I need some advice: I was fired tonight because I didn't get permission from the parents to take the baby out. I've taken him out before, and I just wasn't thinking to call. I didn't realize my cell had died and when they tried to find me via calling, they panicked. I messed up totally...and I take full responsibility for this. I'm going to miss the baby so much and I wish I could undo the damage I did,...but I can't. I've been with him since he was a week old. The mom doesn't work, but they are a high profile family and are very busy, so she needed a full time nanny. I was on call, as needed and traveled at their beckon call as agreed upon at the interview. I never asked for a raise and didn't take vacation time because it was hard to schedule something with my family because of their need for me. I wish there was something I could do or say to this family to soften the panic I induced when they couldn't reach me, but I feel there's nothing I can say or do. It's like a marriage almost...when the trust is gone, there's nothing left. I sent them an email asking if they would still allow me to visit the baby from time to time...and I haven't heard back yet. Hopefully, they will allow it. I was with them for over a year and got really attached.
I guess I'm just looking for some feedback...trying to feel better about screwing up so badly.

Update Monday 1/19:
Hey everyone...thanks for all the thoughts and insight. The lady called a little while ago and they have decided to give me another chance. For that I'm so very thankful. I promised to never put them in that situation of panic again and to always let them know where we are and what we're doing. I need to keep my thoughts straight from here on out and pay attention to what I'm doing and where I'm going. Thanks again for all the feedback.

Pro Choice Nanny + Anti Abortion Employer =

Received Sunday, January 18, 2009
Perspective & Opinion I'm a nanny in Philadelphia. I've worked for a family with two wonderful children for the past 6 months. The parents were fair and treated me very well up until this past week.

Here's the thing: I am staunchly pro-choice. My boss is not. I do not want to start a debate here. I am glad that we live in a country where we have the right to express our opinions. While I reserve the right to express mine, I know that my workplace is not the right place to do it and would never bring it up with the kids.

On Friday my boss invited me to join her at an anti-abortion protest on the 22nd, which is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. The kids were in the room. I declined, and when she pressed me for a reason I told her that I would be more comfortable talking about it elsewhere. Her response was that the children would be at the protest and they knew all about "baby killing." I explained that I did not agree with her on this issue and that I would not attend the protest. She immediately became upset, calling me a number of unsavory things. In front of her children. They did not seem surprised. I do not plan on returning to work for this woman, but I am incredulous that I have been treated this way by a woman who seemed so pleasant and respectful.

Here is my question, and I think it applies to many different issues, not just this one:

Is it appropriate to bring up these sort of things in an interview? I am not sure what my response would have been if, when we first met, the mom had said "We have very strong views about abortion and are looking for someone who shares them." No doubt I would have been slightly taken aback, but I would have appreciated the candor and it would have been better than having her scream at me in front of the kids. It also puts me in a weird situation when future employers ask me about this job.

ISYN in 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009
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Photobucket Saturday, January 17, 2009
.... What?!

Enlightened Woman Seeks To Care For Autistic Little Ones (Nationwide)
Highly evolved Light-Being seeks to lovingly nurture an Autistic baby, toddler or small child ... here's why: Speaking as a spiritually conscious Human Being apprized of our higher Truths, and the new Earth energies, I know who these very awesome Young Ones are, and I desire to be apart of the magic and wonderful of their lives, gain-ing vital information for the masses along the way. Austic parents, be sure to ask where these quotes below come from. There's vital information available for you. "These Special Beings (Austistic Children) have one foot in one dimension and and one foot in another dimension ... much like me now!! Autistic children are easy for higher vibrating individuals like myself to interact with because they are at more similar levels and we can (see) each other." "Autistic children are here to bridge the gap by holding a line of connection between dimensions. This is why the incidence of autism has skyrocketed in recent years." A little about me: Amongst other good things, I'm a mature, highly conscious Metaphysical Practitioner, resident of GA for (22)-months, overqualified for the tradi-tional employment market. Requiring an income while I labor upon my body and my audio books, caring for these children or "able-bodied Elders" would be ideal for a decent earnings. To experience my Light and discern for yourself whether I might be an exceptionally good match, please visit my websites: ****[678-569-**** ]**** - Anytime Serious parents, etc., please visit at least the first site and if your resonate with the vibe, please call my dedicated voicemail, hear my voice and if it still feels good, leave a clear message or email me. I am available immediately, have no ties to this city, am willing to relocate, for "the work of Spirit" is far more important than physical location. Namaste'
Original URL:
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Whole Foods on Columbus Circle - NYC

Received Friday, January 16, 2009
nanny sighting logo Bitty Schram looking nanny spotted in Whole Foods NYC. She was wearing a pink parka style jacket, pink and red paisley leggings, black skirt, black boots and she had a little boy who was wearing a blue and white jacket. She was irritated with the child and picked him up off the ground using the hood of his coat. The hood was not on his head. This was just like being choked. I am not even sure what the kid did. I looked at her and she looked at me and I gave her a look that let her know I was on to her. She put the child down and grabbed his hand firmly and yanked him away. I feel bad for that kid. Something was off about that nanny. This was the whole foods on Columbus circle. The boy was about 5 yrs old, a little chunky, millitary haircut, fair skin.

Should Nanny Allow Homeless Friends to Squat in Employer's Empty Home?

Received Friday, January 16, 2009
Perspective & Opinion Here is my dilemma. I work for someone with lots of money and no money worries. Life is good for me and for who I work for. The problem is a lot of people I know have been having rough times lately. Family members have been asking to borrow from me and stuff like that. I try to help out as much as I can because I believe that if you can that you should and that it all comes back on you.

I have a friend that is being thrown out of his place. He has a girlfriend, too. They need to save money to get a new place. Meanwhile, my boss has a home that is not occupied and still has water and electric on. It is in the process of being sold. It is a big house and here is what my friend wants from me. To be able to stay in the house at night. Just to sleep there in sleeping bags and blankets on the floor in a small room with the heat on and to shower. They would hide all of their stuff in the attic in the morning and be out of the house by 7 in the morning. They also promised they wouldn't go to the house until after 10. They are also aware that no extra lights can show up or there is a chance someone might see something. I really trust my friend.

The truth is he is my exbf and saved my life once, literally. That is a different story. But if I let my bf and his girlfriend have access to the house, am I committing a crime? I would never steal but please understand that people I know are on very tough financial times and not because of their own doing. This is an unoccupied house that has been on the market for a year.
Even as I type this, I think I am going to help them out. It is just too sad not to. And just think, how many abandoned, empty houses there are everywhere. And this one has heat and water.


Loemann's in NYC Upper West Side

Received Thursday, January 15, 2009
nanny sighting logo Loemann's in NYC on upper west side - (72nd and Broadway) 3:30 on Jan 15th - 2 African American nannies - each had 1 child in a stroller - 1 boy around 2 and a girl around 18 months. The girl was very upset (and her hands seemed very cold - it was a very cold day today) crying very, very loudly for at least 15 minutes = her nanny was there doing nothing as the other one went to shop. After several minutes I confronted the nanny and said 'shouldn't you do something'? she said - like what? I said - 'like comfort her or something'? She said - I work with her every day and she needs a nap - I said well don't you think you should not be shopping and take her home for a nap? She told me to mind my f-ing business. The little girl had brown hair and big brown eyes - very cute. Don't remember too much else other than she had a pink snowsuit and large sippy cup with a character on it. The nanny was around 5'3'' and around 30 yrs old. other nanny was taller.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babysitter Missing After Boy Suffers Fractures - Norwood, MA
A 34-year-old babysitter is wanted for questioning in connection with the case of a baby who suffered injuries while in the woman's care. Norwood police are searching for Sueli Soares, who was caring for a 4-month-old baby boy when the boy suffered a number of injuries, including a fractured vertebrae and skull. Police say the boy's injuries are consistent with what would have happened if someone shook him.

Police say on Dec. 30, Soares was watching the baby named Nicholas. According to the police report, at some point Soares called 911 to report that the baby had refused to take formula and was choking. He was taken to an area hospital where doctors treated him for fractures.

Norwood Police, who have issued a warrant for her arrest, have been unable to find Soares. Initially police thought Soares, who is from Brazil, fled the country but she could be driving a light blue 2005 Chevy Trailblazer with Massachusetts license plate number 57Z-P94. Video

Update Tuesday, January 20, 2009:
Sitter Who May Have Harmed Infant Surrenders
A baby sitter who may have harmed an infant in her care surrendered to police on Tuesday, NewsCenter 5's Bianca de la Garza reported. Investigators said the incident happened on New Year's Eve at an apartment building in Norwood, where 4-month-old Nicolas Marcelino came during the day while his parents worked. His baby sitter is Sueli Soares, a 34-year-old married mother of two.

Soares will be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Dedham District Court.


DSW Shoe Warehouse in Studio City, CA

Received Wednesday, January 14, 2009
PLEASE help find out who this nanny is:
nanny sighting logo
On Monday January 12th at the DSW Shoe warehouse on Laurel Cyn and Ventura, Studio City at about 11:30 am a hispanic nanny was with two little boys. One seemed to be about 3ish and the other an infant, 4-5 months old... both had beautiful blue eyes. They were in a stroller (black or gray) facing each other. The 3 year old boy had a (black or navy) baseball hat on, jeans and very full little pouty lips and the infant; light blue footie pajamas. The nanny neglected the children for about 20 minutes as the infant screamed... the kind of scream that creates such concern in a mother that the hair on your arms stand on end. The Jens List member approached her and suggested she pick the baby up- she was VERY confrontational and said she couldn't pick the baby up cause her hands were full of shoes. She then left the stroller unattended to go pay for her shoes (as the infant continued to scream/ hyperventilate) for at least 5 minutes- so much time that a stranger (another older woman) unbuckled the child and held him... the nanny did nothing to stop a stranger from cradling this baby. Another verbal confrontation occured between the nanny and the Jens List member before the nanny took off down the stairs under the escalator and VIOLENTLY YANKED the baby from the stroller. The Jens List member made a police report . The nanny got into a SILVER X- TERRA SUV License plate number 5PYH097. The Jens List member took a picture of this nanny with her camera phone- although it is a side view. This Jens list member would LOVE to talk to the parents of these poor little boys. If anyone has any info/ questions PLEASE contact her ASAP.

MLK Pay?

Received Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Perspective & Opinion I am in a situation I have never had to deal with before and would like your opinions on that one.

I have been with my family for over 3 years. I really like working for them and am getting paid well. Here is my "problem": I am getting federal holidays off and paid every year. The father has to go out of town this weekend and won't be back until Monday night (Marthin Luther King Holiday). I would be off this Monday, but was asked by the mother if I could come and watch the children as she would like to catch up on some work. I told her I would come, as I did not have any plans for that day yet.

My question is: Do I charge her overtime for that day or do I just take my normal salary. I am getting paid $14 an hour, so working "extra" on that day would come to about $140, because I work a 10 hour day.Please let me know what you would do. We have never discussed this, as it has never happened before. I do not want to be unreasonable, but this would be my paid day off ! Any thought would be greatly appreciated!

In Response to the “Dear Smug Nanny” Post

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Perspective & Opinion
The recent post referring to nannies as “glorified baby-sitters” really got me thinking. I’m a nanny, and have been with the same family since August 2006. When I started, the kids were 3 months, 21 months, 7 ½ years, and 9 years; they are now 2 ½, 4, 10, and 11 ½. I’m closer to the younger two kids (mainly because I’m with them much more during the day and they were younger when I started), but have a good relationship with the older two as well. I work a minimum of three full days a week, I’m paid a reasonable wage – definitely not outlandish, but enough that it is worth my time – that includes one week of paid vacation at Christmastime, and have a great relationship with the family.

As I’ve been thinking about the whole nanny vs. baby-sitter issue, here is what I’ve come up with:

• Nannies are usually older than baby-sitters and have more childcare experience. I know this is an obvious one, but one worth mentioning. I’m 26 years old, married, and a college graduate. I’ve watched kids since I was in middle school and have been First Aid/CPR certified multiple times. We often have been an educator in some capacity, whether it was with a church, an after-school program, or as a private tutor.
• Nannies love the kids they watch. I’ve been attached to other kids, but there is something about the fact that I have been with them for over two years for a minimum of three days a week (and often more). I love these kids so much that it scares me that I will one day love my own children even more. I’m very lucky that the parents that I work for are very family-oriented (the kids will always choose their mom over me, which is just how it should be!), but there is nothing better than seeing them light up and run to hug me when I pick them up from school or having them tell me they love me while we’re snuggling. I just had my first two weeks off in a row, and I missed them terribly after the first week. I couldn’t wait to go back to work!
• Nannies will take care of your kids when they’re sick, while a baby-sitter won’t want to get your kids’ germs. I’ve wiped snotty noses, rubbed backs when they were about to vomit, administered breathing treatments, taken care of bloody noses, and sat on the edge of the bathtub reading books to toddlers with diarrhea. I get a cold nearly every time they do (so does my husband!). I’ve snuggled sick kids while I have a pounding headache because they need comforted until their medicine kicks in. A nanny does what needs to be done, even when it’s not convenient.
• Nannies will do light housekeeping because it’s the right thing to do. My bosses made it very clear to me that the kids are the first priority but that they would appreciate it if I would help them with laundry and dishes when they’re both napping. I do it not only because they ask me to but also because it makes their lives easier and they’ll be able to spend more time with their kids when they get home rather than folding clothes. They have been good to me and I want to do the same for them.
• Nannies are part of the family (or should be, at least). I know about things that are going on in their lives, and they know about mine. They’ve spent time with my husband and ask me about him on a regular basis. I’m invited to family birthday parties (as a guest) and family brunches. They understand if I have out-of-town guests and let me bring them to work with me. When I told my boss that I felt weird going into their bathroom to look for something for the kids, he told me that they were already trusting me with their most prized possessions and that meant that no part of their house was off-limits. When one of the grandmothers had a stroke, I didn’t hesitate to agree to work extra hours so they could be at the hospital as much as possible. I knew the kids needed some stability, and I’m the next best thing to their parents.

I know there are lots of baby-sitters who consider themselves nannies but don’t want any of the responsibility that comes along with it, and I know there are nannies who try to squeeze anything they can out of their employers (and vice versa). I understand that I am in a good situation and I don’t take that for granted, but please don’t view every nanny as a spoiled, overpaid employee with a false sense of entitlement. Some of us have truly fallen in love with the kids that we watch and we only want the best for them, and some of us have made the families we work for a priority in our lives. There is a level of investment that comes with being a nanny that I think is lacking with a baby-sitter, and I think once you really take a look at someone you will be able to tell the difference.


3rd and McDougal in NYC, outside Ben's Pizzeria

Received Tuesday, January 13, 2008
nanny sighting logo I witnessed some questionable nanny behavior today, (Monday at approximately 4:15 PM). The nanny involved was a petite Asian woman of about 50 with a shrill voice and stern looking face. The child involved was a white boy of about 5 with short hair and very pointy features. He was wearing a navy blue puffer jacket, blue jeans and black tennis shoes with yellow accents. The nanny whilst walking ahead of the child was walking with her arms folded in her elbows. She stopped and without saying a word, turned to the child, stopped the child in mid walk and plucked the gloves (navy blue) off of the child's hands. The child started to protest and she told him to "use his pockets". She then set about shoving her hands in her gloves and continues her stride, ahead of the child. She struck me as a horrible woman lacking warmth and compassion. If this is your nanny, I feel sorry for your little boy.

Mom Wonders if She is Being Overly Sensitive...

Received Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Perspective & Opinion I'm not sure if this is worth posting, but I thought I'd toss it out to other moms to see what they think. I employ a fabulous nanny. We communicate a great deal by email. She had off the last two weeks of the year and was due back on Monday January 5th. On Sunday the 4th I got a long email from her about lots of little things like playdates, homework, etc.

Then at the end of the email there was this: "Please can you make sure that xxxxx gets to sleep at the proper time on Sunday night so that we don't have trouble getting back into routine on Monday." It really rubbed me the wrong way. Am I just being overly sensitive?

Need Exceptional Gift Idea for Exceptional Nanny...

Received Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Perspective & Opinion Hi everyone. My husband and I have been lucky enough to employ an exceptional babysitter. She has been with us since our baby was 4 months old- she is 3 years old now. Our babysitter comes 2 days a week and is seriously a part of our family. It is obvious how much our daughter loves her, she screams as soon as she sees the babysitter walk in the door and is glued to her all day long. She insists on giving the babysitter at least 10 hugs before she goes out the door at night. Our babysitter is amazing to our daughter, she makes up games to play, paints her nails, brings her treats etc. She even asks us to go out so she can spend time with our daughter or offers to take her to the park for an hour on the weekend just so she can "hang out with her" and won't accept pay for these park visits. We know how lucky we are and will be so sad to see her go at the end of May. I dislike having to leave my daughter to work but knowing that she's with someone who loves her is such a great, reassuring feeling! She will be finishing graduate school and will move on to her career. My husband and I want to do something really special for her, we want to show her our gratitude for taking such excellent care of our daughter and we want to show her how proud we are of her for completing grad school. Financially things are a little tough for us (aren't they for everyone?) but this is something my husband and I really want to do. I thought we could start planning now for a gift for her that way we can finance it. She wants a Blackberry which is a couple hundred dollars so we were thinking of buying her that OR she has a love for designer purses so we were thinking of maybe buying her a purse. We are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on her because this young woman has been such a fantastic addition to our family and we truly love her. Does anyone have any other gift ideas? Or what is your opinion on the purse or blackberry? Which one is better?


Children's Museum in Madison, WI

Received Monday, January 12, 2009
Good Nanny Sighting in NYC
If your nanny was at the Children's Museum on Saturday, January 10th at 11a wearing a Marilyn Monroe tee, black jeans with reddish brown hair and blonde highlights cut in a cute bob accompanied by your preschool age son dressed in a gray thermal long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, I hope you appreciate her. Your nanny engaged your son with play and learning, allowing him to choose where he wanted to play. They laughed a lot and enjoyed their time together. Museum parking is a block away, and I left after your nanny, to see her walking to the parking garage. Your son was chasing your nanny, and they were mimicking each other with sounds and laughing.

"Wait, who are you?"

Received Monday, January 12, 2009- Rants & Warnings
Let me start by saying the following is going to sound incredibly absurd to the point one may believe it to be made up. It's not. When I told this story to my current employer she said "Wow, I've never really thought of it from your side, we (employers) are always so worried about our own safety we don't realize the risks you guys take with just an interview."

I'm not that naive, I'm young, I'm not new to this and I understand that people are not always who they say they are. That being said, here is my story.

About two weeks before Christmas I got the boot from my former employer, my first nanny job I found through nannies4hire. Not an ideal job, but not terrible. No severance pay, nada. So I was stuck in a bind. I had no money coming in apart from my part-time job which currently was case-less (I am an IEI therapist, so pay is case based.) Nannies4hire doesn't offer much for areas in Maryland that I am willing to cover. So I expanded my searches to Craigslist, GreatAupair, Care and some unknown, sub-par, lousy services. I generally trust websites where employers have to pay (only in this field, for obvious reasons.) So I was ecstatic to get a call from someone on GreatAupair. I did research and saw few negative reviews, so I figured it was a safe bet. Right?

Well, my phone call was from a single father with two kids, looking for a live in. Of course this situation in itself, at least to me and in my area, is out of the ordinary. There are very few single fathers with full custody of their children, especially so young (ages 1 and 3.) So, automatically, I am wary of the simple fact that the person seeking my services is male, without a partner of any sort. Again, for my area, this is uncommon. I'm sure there are others who can understand where I come from with this. On the phone, he was a bit, pushy, shall we say? But I accredited that to his situation. He said his nanny of a year or two had gotten home sick and engaged over the break so he needed someone within the next two weeks. Desperation, okay. So he wanted to have an interview that night. He was the first to suggest that it be somewhere public, as he understand that a male in his situation is often awkward and sketchy. We talked about a few details over the telephone, he went out of his way to explain to me that he was looking for someone to perform the duties of a wife--but not in the bedroom (which he reiterated more than enough.) He wanted a companion and a mother for his children. I understand that.

So given all the circumstances, I decided the Starbucks in a place that I knew very well. Conveniently located directly across from my boyfriend's house (who is a 6 ft 4, easily angered Irish man ;).) Normally I meet families in home, this was the only exception. So I was still hesitant even after making the plans, but my mother talked me into it and convinced me I was just uncomfortable because he was a man.

Well, on the way there I got at least 2 phone calls from him asking where I was, knowing I was in rush hour traffic. Understandable, again, he has 2 children that are waiting for him. Third phone call is what gave me that gut feeling. He told me that he would be sitting on the hill, in his silver Camry with his lights off. I was baffled, why not just go in and say "I'm wearing _____" So I say okay. I have no intentions of going anywhere near his car or even letting him see mine as I am becoming more and more wary of the situation as I get closer. Now, I know I will probably get flamed for being stupid, but I had a hard time distinguishing that gut feeling from actual fear or stereotyping. I figure in a public place there can only be so much harm. So I arrive and park my car on the other side of the building, call him and tell him I am inside.

We meet, he seems nice. I'm an outgoing person, generally pretty abrasive. As was he, but above and beyond what an employer should be. He told me he wanted a live in, which we discussed earlier and I'd informed him I was not interested in that, I lived close enough that a commute was not a problem, as he'd earlier confused my area with one much further away.

He told me his life story, in entirely too much detail. About how he'd had a child with another woman that he didn't know about 13 years ago and how weird it was that he has a son that he never sees. Then he asked me about my life, about my boyfriend which he'd asked about on the phone earlier. I understand the questioning about a boyfriend. I am not a parent but if I am entrusting my child's care to someone for extended amounts of time, especially, I want that person to have good people in their lives. But he seemed more interested in my relationship than my actual qualifications as a nanny. He also told me that if the opportunity arose to move on with my boyfriend (as in get engaged or married) that he did not want to "stand in the way of love." Sweet. Then he asked if he (we'll call him W for now) would pose a problem to my relationship. He asked how close I thought my boyfriend and I were to being engaged, which completely shocked me, as he knew that I was only 20 and honestly, the idea of marriage this young is pretty foreign to me. This led into the discussion of how he met his children's mother, now ex wife.

W tells me they met in Miami while he was on business and she was a fresh 18, he was about 32 or 33. He found out she was stripper, they got married anyway. She is 22 now, a "druggie" and "crack head" and just up and left him and their children. This is what kind of set off something in my head. He kept complimenting me and telling me that if things don't work out between me and my boyfriend that he'd love to date me, he commented on how tiny I am and how he likes tiny girls.

There are a ton of other things that made me want to just up and run out of the Starbuck's after that, but I'm sure that it doesn't need to be said as you can see why I think this person is such a creeper. So not long after this I decided it was time for this interview to end, get out of there as quickly as possible. So I go to leave, he walks beside me and tells me he is going to walk me to my car, this is where I was stupid. I was a little panicked, I didn't know what to do, luckily I was in an open area. I walked over to the car, he pulls out his phone as I'm trying to leave and tells me to look at pictures of his children. I do. And rather than a handshake or wave good bye, he goes for a hug. Not beyond weird, but just not something I am comfortable with, or anyone in my position would have been.

He gives me his business card, I leave.

Lucky for me and hopefully someone else reading this, Maryland has a wonderful online court system (the actual judicial system is another story) in which you have complete and total access to all Maryland court records. With someones first and last name, you can find out if they've ever been in the court system. So for you employers and employees or anyone in Maryland, make use of this.

I had such a bad feeling leaving this, I did my research. On his business card, it had his first, middle and last name. I plugged this into the website, and got over 30 hits on HIS name. I verified this was indeed the same person I'd spoken to by making sure the birth date and area was correct (he'd told me when I'd mentioned mine, since they were pretty close.)

I looked through as many as possible, nearly every single one were serious criminal charges. He had been indicted for kidnapping, charged and convicted of Rape 1st degree, 2ND degree, false imprisonment, multiple counts of domestic violence, peace orders, restraining orders, battery & assault, violating exparte/peace order, possession and distribution of both Marijuana and cocaine, burglary, theft and multiple counts of alcohol/drug abuse (which he'd told me in the interview that he was now a recovering alcoholic, albeit he left out the part where it is a forced clean period.) assault 1st degree, reckless endangerment, deadly weapon with intent to harm/injure.

Another record showed that he'd recently been let out of department of corrections and was in the Penitentiary that was in Jessup.

So, the reason I am posting this is to ask if anyone else has interviewed with this man, and knows who he really is. His business card that he'd given me said that his first name was Warren, however when I looked at who hotlisted me on GreatAupair, his first name was Alan. You'd think maybe it was a middle name he goes by, but after searching through the records, I found that this was never a known name.

So please ladies (and gentleman?) be careful. Employers, think about how you worry about your own safety and reverse the roles; someone who doesn't know you is coming to your house, in a crazy crazy world where anyone can pretend to be somewhere else.



Photobucket Saturday, January 10, 2009.
.... What?!

Fight on CL because a Mother wanted last minute Childcare:
I need a babysitter for tonight (Wheeling)
hi,I`m a mother to a 4 year old. I really need someone, last minute, to come to my Wheeling home,to babysit my daughter. She goes to sleep around 10:30,I would need help from 11pm till about 2am. My husband works at the bar and I would like to celebrate new years with him I`ll pay $40 thank you very much, my phone is (213) 281-****
Original URL:

Pretty disappointing .... (Everywhere) - OP
Hi all ,parents ,nannies, babysitters!!! This letter goes to everyone ,don`t get me wrong, it is my opinion. Lately, people here have shown very different, at some level ,immature way of thinking when it comes to children and child care providers. It`s so disappointing that whenever I post I almost expect someone to correct me or to put my thoughts in a doubt. On the new years day ,I posted an add ,asking if someone could babysit my child ,while I go, celebrate with my husband and friends. My husband happened to work that day/night and I didn`t want to celebrate by myself. So I posted an add for a last minute babysitter. Gosh ,I`m sorry ,but last minute babysitters exist ,I`m one of them. Well sure enough, I got some weirdoes calling me, e-mailing me, harassing me for no apparent reason!!! supposedly I`m crazy for posting such a thing!!!! Ok ,people ,first of all ,this is a website for posting adds about childcare ,I have all the rights in the world to ask for a help, regardless of the situation/occasion. If no one could help me out just, either don`t reply with your crazy thoughts, or at least negotiate the pay, if you get upset about the $10hr rate! What is wrong with you people? have you tried putting yourself in my on any other`s position before harassing and calling names???? Immaturity is something that`s very difficult to fight when so many of you are selfish and self standard!!!! I am a mother, a childcare provider ,and I happened to ask for a help on new years. Am I guilty because of that???? This website has changed in so many ways. I used be able to communicate with so many moms and providers in here.. But now ,it`s a mess, everybody is angry and weird!!! WHAT HAPPENED? And this Shauna case ,is it going to close anytime soon? whenever I come here ,searching for a job, I see, at least 1 post about her MySpace page!!! I ,once, tried to understand this situation, I posted my opinion. Shortly after ,I got blamed and accused of being her!!!! Oh my dear God, will I ever do that again???? This is so stressful and not fair. Get over it already, concentrate on positive a little bit more!!! I`m offended, upset and confused!!! since when I can`t post an add about childcare???Since when I have a fear of others being angry? Have some respect for each other. This is not the end of the world for me ,of course. But I know for a fact ,that while someone searching for a good, reliable nanny here ,on Craig’s list, or posting about their qualifications as a nanny, people like you-angry and weird, cut their chances of succeeding. Thank you very much.
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TO: Pretty disappointing .... (NW Suburbs)
The fact that you would post a blind ad for some stranger to watch your kid on short notice says it all. That is you KID! I don't know about you but I wouldn't leave my child with someone I didn't know, met on the internet, didn't do a background check on, and didn't have several real life references for. Yes, you deserve every bit of backlash you probably received. Shame on you for putting your childs LIFE at stake because you wanted to go out. Do you have any idea how many weirdo's are on this site ALONE??? Consider yourself lucky you stayed home, safe with your kids instead of leaving them with god only knows who and coming home to your kids and belongings GONE..or worse. Oh, and for the love of god please learn how to use a comma.
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RE: Pretty disappointing .... (Everywhere :)) - OP
Ok, lady, or whoever was writing with such hate!!!! 1. I found a girl who was able to babysit for me that night. Just like I`ve found many others before ,kind and reliable. 2.This is not an English class, and if I happened to be from a different country, doesn`t mean I don`t speak English very well!!!! 3.I have all the rights to express my feelings regarding this website ,because people like you, nasty and angry ,make us, normal people not to even bother, coming here ,looking for help!!!!! You are not the judge, nor the master of the sky. You have no rights ,coming here, writing the BS of yours. I suggest to just ignore. But of course, your ego wouldn`t let you do so, would it??? I don`t know you and don`t even want to know, but I sure do know that you`ve had your bad experience in the past ,with childcare. I`m sorry for that, but it doesn`t mean you have to be involved in my dilemma!!! oh, and if you don`t like the fact that I didn`t use the comma properly, here you go: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :) bite me!!!! hope you`re happy and warm!!!!
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Special Thanks to the following Readers for these AWESOME Ads: northjerseynanny, CraigsListCrusader, MissDee, live.moxie, mbargielski, cdhere25, SFClaire and Fourteenhourdays. All of you did an excellent job! Keep sending in the craziest Ads you can find! Remember: CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday... please send next weeks Ads HERE.




Received Friday, January 9, 2009
5'10 25 years old aprox 140lbs white female, bleach blond short hair, very tan. Children involved approximately 5-7 year old males,brown hair, fair skin. Nanny comes outside of house through a four car garage, hides in the corner and appears to be smoking a glass pipe, 15 minutes later nanny is seen driving with kid in car. This has been going on for over a year. The address of the incident is on Saddle Ridge Lane in Long Grove, Illinois and the pictures are off her Myspace page. I have debated about how to get involved in this situation. I tracked down her myspace page, (nanny is subject of much neighborhood chatter but parents seem oblivious) but shortly thereafter the page was set to private.

An Employer Rants Against Overpaid Nannies

Friday, January 9, 2009
Photobucket Dear Smug Nanny,
Just like the housing bubble has driven our current economic mess, so has the nanny bubble. What is the nanny bubble? A bunch of glorified babysitters not only being overpaid but demanding benefits not relevant or deserving. I cannot wait for said nanny bubble to pop.

In the end, we will have nannies who work the jobs they are told to work for an appropriate, not inflated amount of money.

In addition, look for these changes.
-The median nanny hourly salary will be $2.00 an hour OVER minimum wage. Not $12 an hour, Not $15 dollars an hour.

-All nannies will work on the books and be responsible wholly for their portion of IRS taxes and medicare. That's right.

-Nannies will be given two weeks paid vacation. Both weeks vacation will be at the discretion of the employer. The first week vacation is not to be taken prior to the seventh month or work and the second week of vacation shall come within the 12 th month of service. All nannies will be given five paid holidays. Sick days will accrue at the rate of one paid sick day for every six months worked.

-Nannies will be required to dress in nanny uniforms so they are easily recognizable when in public. This national nanny uniform will involve a yellow polo style top and black pants. The nanny will also be required to wear black athletic shoes. No high heels, wedges or fancy boots will be permitted. A "bee look" will easily differentiate nannies or paid caregivers from mothers, mils, aunts, etc.

-Upon hire, all nannies will be photographed. One copy of said nanny photograph will remain with employer and the second will be mailed off to the national nanny database which among other things will contain a listing of "Nannies working" categorized geographically.

-This same national database will keep track of negligent nannies, deceitful nannies, nannies who steal and nannies who misrepresent their qualifications. Said national database will be freely accessible to all potential nanny employers and contain photographs of the nannies.

-Excepting live-in nannies, all nannies will be required to arrive at work with their food provisions for the day. This shall include all edibles and sufficient beverage supply so that the employer's food supply is not infringed upon by the nanny's needs.

-All nannies will be provided a telephone by employers. Said telephone will allow outgoing phone calls to five pre programmed phone numbers as well as 911. The telephone is to remain with nanny at all times as it also contains a GPS system that will track the nannies movements and send reports to the parents via computer.

-Nannies will began assuming the following responsibilities in addition to the tasks of nanny- meal preparation, dishes, cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and lunch, vacuuming the home, making beds, family laundry, mopping the kitchen floor. This limited cleaning tasks will assure that the home remains sanitary and safe for the children during the parent's absence.

-No nanny shall be permitted to have guests to the home, except with written permission by the parents.

-No nanny shall at anytime meet up with, ride with or otherwise congregate with any person or persons unknown to the parents of the child.

-At the parents discretion, the nanny will be subjected to drug tests. Should the nanny refuse to take said drug test, she shall be immediately terminated.

-The nanny shall bring her possessions into the home and out of the home in a clear, see through vinyl bag. In the absence of such bag, the nanny shall use clear Ziploc bags to transport her belongings to and from the home. This will alleviate any temptation to steal.

-The nanny will have a designated "break time" during the day. Even though she may be with a child during said time, this shall be her one and only allotted time to make or return any personal phone calls. If the nanny maintains her own cell phone, it should at all times remain on vibrate. The nanny is not permitted to answer the phone at any other time other than this 1/2 hour break.

-The nanny will be required to document the days activities in a notebook for the parents. Said documentation will include details of what the children ate during the day, the activities the nanny and children did, any outings, injuries, complaints, sickness, etc.

-The nanny will be advised in advance that if she is fired for any justifiable reason such as theft, insubordination or mistreatment of a child, she should NOT expect any severance pay.

-The nanny will be required to have CPR and First Aid certification and maintain current said certification at HER expense.

additionally, for Live-In Nannies-
-The live-in nanny shall be required to weekly room checks to assure home owner that the condition of the room remains sanitary and undamaged.

-No alcohol, drugs, pornography shall be allowed in the home at any time.
All medications, even OTC brought in to the home should be cleared with employer.

-No overnight guests shall be permitted.


Betrayed Nanny wants Her Recommendation

Received Thursday, January 8, 2009
Perspective & Opinion How disappointing…It just happened to me like the other “Duped nanny.” I was working at my dream new job for 1 month and half and they told they couldn't afford me anymore. The problem was that the mom’s business was doing badly and she just needed me 3 days to begin with. Mom said if she needed someone it would be 1 day only. This is the shocking part, her previous nanny of 3 yrs called back (after delivering for the 2nd time), that ex-nanny could work for them every now and then. What upset me is that the mom said "we would love to have her back." She promised she would write out a letter of recommendation, but until today, she hasn't called and I didn't call her again. When I called she said that her office wasn’t set up yet at home, so she didn’t have a printer, but if anyone was interested in hiring me, that I just have them call her. I have nothing against the nanny because she has earned the love of the family for 3yrs, just like my mother is a nanny working for a family for 4 yrs. I can't help it but to feel betrayed... because we had a contract stating that either party could not leave each other without 3 weeks notice. She gave me no notice because she called on a weekend and the following week she wouldn't need me anymore. She only offered 1 week severance and that was all. I still don't find a job. After I had worked my butt off for them doing things I refused to do before, but I did them because I felt they were a great family. Any advice Please... How can I get that letter of recommendation?