UES/Dunkin Donuts across from 92nd Y, NYC

Tuesday, October 31, 2006. Around 3:30pm
At the Dunkin Donuts across from the 92nd Y. Nanny was African American. Probably late 30's. She had short, curled hair.No accent. Two Caucasian girls. The one in question was about 8-10 years old. Brown hair. She had a blue rolling backpack with the initials NSF.This is not a bad nanny sighting. Rather there is obviously something seriously wrong with the dynamic between the mom, the girl and the nanny. The girl was sitting in the middle of DD screaming and crying her head off, wailing "I want a donut, I want a donut" over and over. The nanny was waiting outside of the DD with the other girl. Then the crying girl dialed her mother on the cell phone and started sobbing "Mommy, I want a donut," and "SHE's mean to me." She tried to tell the mom that the nanny had left her all alone in the DD. If the mom is reading this, what your daughter told you is not true. The nanny was none to pleased with her behavior, but she was watching her through the window the whole time. BTW, I don't think it's normal for a child this age to still be having tantrums about donuts.I left the store and she was still trying to convince the mother how awful the nanny was for not buying her a donut.About ten minutes later, I spotted them again in front of the Y. The girl was carrying a Dunkin Donuts bag. This girl seemed pretty out of control. The mom and nanny need to get on the same page. If she's behaving like this at 10, what will she be like as a teenager?

October 31, 2006

There are no nanny sightings to post this morning. Below are some "nannies in the news" stories sent in by I Saw Your Nanny readers.

Nanny accused of affair with Sara Evan's husband seeks record deal.......

Michael Jackson is planning to marry his children's nanny....

First 'monster' nanny ruined a young life, now a marriage....

If you have a nanny sighting to submit, please email us.


Serendipity (restaurant) in NYC

Received Monday, October 30, 2006
In line on Saturday 10/28 for a table at Serendipity when your nanny/au pair came along with your 10(?) and 6(?) year old. They were quite behind us in line and also waiting for a table when your nanny/ au pair asked your ten year old to hold the spot in line while she ran over to Dylans with "Sophie". I imagine most of the patrons assumed your 10(?) year old was with us and worry not as I kept my eye on him. Your nanny/au pair returned fifteen minutes later with candy for all. Exceedingly bad judgment on her part!

Turtle Park, Washington DC

Monday, October 30, 2006
I had an amazing nanny sighting this morning while stopping off in Turtle Park this morning. Your nanny was playing in the sand with a little boy who was between 2-4. They were at the park early, bundled up and laughing hysterically over the shapes they were making and the jokes they were sharing. Repeat, yes this nanny was in the sand with the child and not lining one of the side benches and the child could not have been happier!
Nanny:brown medium length hair, glasses, grey fleece, blue jeans.
Boy: blondish hair, fair skin, navy blue jacket, brown cords.


Burger King on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia

Received Saturday, October 28, 2006
Nanny rushing two boys; maybe 3 & 5 down steps outside of Burger King on Frankford Ave on Friday late afternoon. Very rushed and jerky. The smallest of the children tripped and fell. And her response was "God, Oh God" and some assorted grimaces and grunts. The three year old looked scared. The nanny stood with a very chafed look on her face and waited for him to scurry to his feet. Very definitely a nanny. The boys were both wearing the same color and style of jackets (Columbia blue, black and grey jackets). This might have been an isolated incident or maybe "gruff" is one of the qualities you seek in your nanny.

Leland Taylor Park in Colusa, Ca

Received Friday, October 27, 2006
I do not consider this abusive or neglectful- just disturbing from the perspective of a germaphobe.

I observed two nannies having lunch with their children today near the picnic areas.
The nanny I had my eye on was middle aged, hispanic, medium weight, short, curly brown hair wearing grey sweatshirt. She had a little boy facing her in a stroller with white frame and green striped fabric. The little boy was over one and under two. Lunch had clearly been packed from home as they were eating out of paper sacks and off of tin foil. The nanny I was watching would take a bite of a hotdog (bun and all) chew it up and then take it out of her mouth and put it in the child's mouth. As a germaphobe, this troubled me.


Ancient Playground (5th Ave & 84th Street in NYC)

Received Friday, October 27, 2006
One nanny bundled up in cream colored jacket that was almost knee length. She had a little girl named "Anna" with her in a light jacket. The girl complained multiple times she was cold. The nanny told her to go play and run around and she would warm up. The little girl had to go to the bathroom at one point and the nanny had been speaking to another nanny who was enroute to the bathroom. The nanny directed the little girl to go with the other nanny. The little girl was clearly uncomfortable but did so anyway. The little girl's nanny was not watching any other children. Parents, make sure if you pay someone to watch your children that they are not handing off responsibility to other people. And take a look at your nanny when she comes inside from being with your child. My nanny overdesses my child to ensure his warmth. A nanny who appears all to comfortable in her padded and lined jacket while her charge shivers- well it doesn't sit well with me.


181st Street in Washington Heights, NY

Received Thursday, October 26, 2006
Nanny of fraternal twin African-American or mixed-race boys, about 4
years old, let one of the boys urinate on the sidewalk right in front of
a local business. Not in the street--right on the sidewalk, right in
front of the store's door. Little boy was completely exposed for
several minutes. I happened to see it but didn't feel comfortable
saying anything to the nanny. Group of babysitters witnessed it and
were disgusted.

Starbucks in Wayland Square -East Side Providence, Rhode Island

Received Thursday, October 26, 2006
Three cute little blond girls with nanny (white with dark brown hair, North Face Fleece, 110 lbs?) she left three little girls at a table alone while she ordered - very busy time- and then she went in the bathroom for 5 minutes and left the little ones alone- the oldest of the three went out of the front door to look for nanny!!!!!

Ashbury Heights in San Francisco, CA

Received Thursday, October 26, 2006
I know there is a lot of gossip that goes on amongst the nannies and I often choose to ignore what I hear. But the other day I heard something extremely alarming. I was told that your nanny, Amanda, had a seizure while she was walking your young child in their stroller along the panhandle. Someone grabbed the stroller to prevent it from heading into the street. 911 was called and Amanda mentioned something about "not saying anything to the family because she doesn't want to lose her job." I was told she may have epilepsy. She is 25 and Caucasian and works at a house on Piedmont at Masonic. I hope this isn't all true but if she works for you, please investigate.

Panhandle Park in Ashbury, San Francisco

Received Thursday, October 26, 2006
Recently I have been hearing about some of the behaviors by a few nannies that I, as a parent, would want to know about. One babysitter, her name is Paulina, leads you to believe she is only watching your child, when in reality she takes on two to three jobs at once. She is getting paid by each family as if she is focused on their child exclusively. If you wanted your child in a group of three to four kids, you could be paying a cheaper rate at a daycare. She is not honest about this. I have also heard that she and some of her friends drive the kids around with no car seat. These children are young, under the age of 5. Another group of nannies sit in the panhandle park almost every day from 11am-2pm. One nanny is from Nicaragua. She takes care of a four year old Caucasian boy and a baby around 9 months. The four year old is now in school. All of the other nannies talk about this group of nannies and how awful they are to the children. Apparently the woman from Nicaragua screams at the children and often swears at them in Spanish. One of the children has fallen twice off a bench while she was not paying attention. When the child went to her for comfort, she SCREAMED at him in Spanish,"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU LITTLE SH*T"; One day the mother came to the playground and while she was standing there, the nanny said to her friends, "See, I can say whatever I want because she can't speak any Spanish!" This woman also gave the baby a chicken bone to suck on after she was finished eating the chicken, gross. Recently a woman who has grandkids at the park confronted this nanny. She hasn't been at the park recently. We are hoping she returns. We know of an undercover policeman that wants to observe what is happening. As I said, several other nannies talk about this and are concerned because their treatment of the children is so awful, but are afraid to say anything to these women who seem very tough and swear often.

Union Square Park in Manhattan

Received Thursday, October 26, 2006
I was at the Park yesterday (Weds) around 4 p.m. with my daughter. There was a Hispanic nanny wearing a brown, quilted coat with black trim, short reddish hair and in charge of a little girl who was maybe 5 years old. The nanny was sitting on the bench watching the little girl who was climbing on the red domed, metal apparatus. I was with my 2 year old so I had to be right behind her as she attempted to climb. The little girl's leg slipped and her head whacked the metal bar with such a thud. I heard it. I asked her if she was okay and she got down and went running to the nanny. As she was approaching the nanny rubbing her head, the nanny pointed her finger at her directing her to return to play. The child didn't get within five feet of the nanny before returning to play. I took my daughter off the equipment and approached the nanny. I said "you're little girl hit her head pretty hard". I had to repeat myself five times. In the end, her response in broken English was to the effect of "she's fine". Now I go over to the girl who is plopped in the sand, repeatedly scooping up a hand of sand and letting it trickle from her hand and I ask her if she is okay. She says she is. I really wanted to touch her head to see if there was a bump there, but obviously that would have been weird. I told her that it looked like it really hurt and that I was sorry that it happened. I also told her to make sure she told her mother that she hit her head so her mom could have a look at it. I'm hoping she did. The little girl was wearing a baby blue jacket, jeans and blue suede looking boots.

FoodStuffs on Park Avenue in Glencoe, Illinois

Received Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Just wanted to mention a fabulous nanny that I saw today. She was with a little girl about 20 months old, the nanny was in blue jeans, a balck puffy vest and a white ski cap with brown hair. The little girl had light brown hair and was wearing pink ugg boots and a white puffy vest. The nanny was so patient and sweet with this little girl. The girl wanted to walk and the nanny put her down and they walked slowly along Park ave towards Foodstuffs and then when they entered the store the nanny made sure to pick up the little girl and continued to talk to her the entire time that they were in the store (about 5 minutes) and then when they were leaving the store she put the little girl down so she could walk. She gave the little girl lots of love, made sure she was safe when they crossed the street again and it was just such a nice change in the nanny scene that I usually witness in the area


GREAT 1st DAY Nanny at Everett Target store, Washington State

Received Wednesday, October 25, 2006
This morning, (10/24 at 9:30 a.m.) while I was waiting in the checkout line at the Target store on Everett Mall Way, I noticed a very young woman (maybe 17-19 years old) in front of me-she had blonde or light brown hair and was very slim, wearing jeans. In the cart she was pushing sat a sweet, pudgy-faced little girl who looked to be about 10-13 months old, and had a dark complexion and curly black hair.The nanny was buying a plastic bib, and nothing else.
The child was happy, and smiling, but had a HORRIBLE cough - she sounded awful!
I commented to the nanny on how cute the little girl was, and she mentioned it was her first day watching the child. I also offered the suggestion that sitting in a nice warm bath with the child might help clear up that cough! (Can't help it-my husband keeps telling me not to offer unsolicited advice-guess it's something I need to work on!) The nanny smiled and said they might try it.
The child looked quite comfortable with her new caretaker, who wasn't being overly playful with her charge, but was obviously doing her best on that busy morning in the crowded store. This nanny was smiling, happy, and looked glad to be with your daughter.
If this is your child & your new nanny, congrats! You've found a keeper!

Sam Goody -on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, California

Received Wednesday October 25, 2006
Au Pair: 5'8, 130, 19-21, brown hair, green eyes, mini skirt and short sleeved zipper hoody.
Child: boy, approximately 12, blonde, blue eyes, big build for a child
Observed: Tuesday afternoon and the au pair had clearly taken the boy to Sam Goody to buy some music.
I observed her negotiating with him to let her get a CD too. He was in charge of the credit card. The boy was not easily convinced. The au pair was offering homework help and brownies. If this sounds weird to read, it was weirder still to see. While this was not sinister and more goes to the integrity of the au pair, I find it quite unsettling to witness people in power broker deals with children. Is it just me?

Katzenberg's Deli in Greenwich, CT

Received Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, 10/24 around lunchtime
I saw your nanny crying hysterically. Being consoled by an older woman.
How can you treat a human being the way you have treated her?

Riverside County Park in Lyndhurst, NJ

Received Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One very nasty nanny yesterday afternoon in the park and was quite clueless as to how to interact with a child. The child who was about 8 with a thick matt of hair and a very light yellow polo shirt and blue jeans. While he was playing, she was sitting and reading which was fine because he is older. But her break did nothing to ready her for dealing with him.
When the nanny told him to go, she called out his name and snapped her hand quickly like 3 times. Seemingly okay with being summoned like a dog, he ran/skipped to where she was and asked for 10 more minutes. The nanny said "oh no". In such an unpleasant way. Then the child said, "Your mean" to which she said "Your ugly, whatcha gonna do to change that". I looked for signs that the nanny was kidding and did not see. With that the kid ran off to go play. She hollered for him three times and he ignored her until the boy he was playing with told him he should run back to the nanny. The little boy he was playing with seemed frozen and didn't want to play with this child, not in sight of this nanny who was anything but warm and pleasant. This child is old enough to tell his parents how the nanny treats him-which in my obersvation was not at all nice. I just hope the parents listen!


Wilton, CT - parking lot behind CVS drugstore

Tuesday October 24th, 2006
Time: Around 11:45am

Little blonde girl, maybe 3 years old or there abouts with her hair up in one or two ponytails, with an older nanny (maybe in her 50s or 60s) - nanny was short and stocky; she looked Filipina or Hispanic and had short curly black hair.
I was starting to back my car out of my parking space, and the little girl and her nanny must have just gotten out of their car. The nanny was distracted with something and the little girl was just standing in the parking lot.

The second Isaw the girl, I stopped my car, because I know kids can dash out behind a car that's backing up (I have a 2-year-old myself) .... and basically I was waiting for the nanny to take the girl's hand so I could safely back up. The nanny definitely took her time but finally took the little girl's hand and walked awaywith her.

So this wasn't a cut-and-dried case of "OMG abusive nanny," but if I were this girl's mother I would want to know that the nanny is not really paying attention in parking lots, and God knows the way some people drive in parking lots(speeding, backing up without looking, driving giant SUVs with poor visibility right around them) - I thought this girl was at an age where she should be better supervised in a parking lot. She was behaving well and staying close to the car, but the nanny really needed to be more attentive.

Daffy's on Madison & 53rd in NYC

Monday, October 23, 2006
Daffy's again? I had never noticed this problem until today when I ran to Daffy's on my lunch hour. I understand a nanny running her errands during the day, some of them work very long hours; so please take this in the spirit is intended. The nanny wore leggings with fringed boots, had a very phony red color of hair with a french looking hat on. She was very definitely the nanny as I heard her complain to her friend about the child no less than 5 times. This nanny was anglo, she had very trendy nail polish on in a dark berry color. She was carrying a trendy hand bag. She had her text messaging device out the whole time. She was in charge of the care of not one but 2 children. A boy and girl close in age. The boy was so obviously used to being just dragged around and denied interaction. The girl was younger, probably a year and a half. The nanny made such comments as "these kids are such a headache" and "It's Monday, is it Friday yet, please tell me I don't have 5 more days of this crap". Never mind this was all said in plain earshot of the children. They stuck near her which was odd because she didn't seem to take any extraordinary measures to make sure this happened. The boy three times said he was tired. Twice he said his legs hurt from walking and twice he asked if he could take a nap. The nanny and her similarly dressed friend winced in the general direction of the child but didn't respond. They were too busy talking about the weekend and tonight and a new guy that she had hoped to seal the deal with tonight. The stroller the girls sat in was loaded up with other bags. This isn't errand running. This is dragging the children out for way too long to suit your own needs. The nanny was in no hurry. Why would she have been since she ignored every plea the boy made? She didn't give a rat's a$$ about those kids and I was so seriously angry that it was all I could do to refrain myself from slapping her across her ridiculously made up face. It is the misfortune of a child to be born to a narcissist, but why would any parent hire on to take care of her children?

Garvey Park in Monterey Park, CA

Received Monday, October 23, 2006
Hispanic or Latina nanny driving a gold Ford Escape arrived and the child she had with her was about three and charged the winding slide right away. The nanny plopped down on a bench. Her body was terse. As she was ready to leap in action if need be. Or so I thought. In the time I was there, 2-3 other mothers and or nannies approached her and they had suspicious interactions. I am new to this whole area having just moved from Seattle. I wasn't sure what I was witnessing but I really felt like it was some sort of drug dealing going on. There was a white nanny, an African American Nanny. I can't be sure. I know it wasn't Tupperware. There was a lot of hush-hush talk and reaching in to pockets. Like I said, I am new to this area. I am a Latina myself and I don't intend to offend anyone but the tone of the park at this particular time (Monday 10/23 around 1230) was very near sinister.


Jeepers (indoor play park) in Baltimore, Maryland.

Received Monday, October 23, 2006
Jeepers in Baltimore, Maryland. On Saturday. Feel somewhat sorry for the nanny who looked exhausted. She probably works a 7 day week. She was taking care of "Evan". Jeepers is an indoor park with migrained inducing intensity. They try to reasonably ensure the safety but Evan was all over and his nanny was right behind him. She was there when my wife and I got there with our kids. We take turns. The nanny begged and pleaded with Evan to come and sit down and have something to eat. He said no. The nanny told Evan she was thirst and wanted to go get a drink. Evan said "go get one". The nanny did not leave him. She looked like she was close to tears and she fulfilled Evan's every wish. More money for Evan. "Hold my shoes", "Give me my shoes". As we were about to leave, the nanny was trying to get Evan to wrap it up to go home at which point he said "I demand that you call my mother, she will say that I can stay longer". The nanny didn't call too. Hell, even I knew why that mother would let Evan stay longer. I appreciated you nanny's patience. Do you? A saint would have lost patience with him but this slender African American, tall, with a very short pony tail, wearing levis and carrying a brown suede bag never left his side or even looked at him cross eyed.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Received Monday, October 23, 2006
If you are a female doctor and have interviewed nanny candidates this weekend at your home in Brooklyn, know that one of your final candidates is counting on you NOT doing a background check. She thinks she has it in the bag and says of the interview "oh I was good. I was really good".

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Monday, October 23, 2006
Sitting on Bench (city side) and later walking away. Opposite Side. Opposite direction. Blonde girl who was 2-ish in pink quilted jacket with feather like headdress around hood. Nanny was European. Very slim. Dark hair. No makeup. Wore a black vest over a grey shirt. The stroller was dark blue with bright yellow wheels. This was about 10:20 a.m. today (10/23). The nanny was sitting on the bench reading a paperback book with a blue-ish cover and had that writing that looked from the distance to be a suspense type novel. The child was parked so she could see out but she kept wanting to talk and ask questions about the water. And what she saw. Which building Daddy worked in. The nanny never looked up from the book and said "quiet now, shhhhh. shhhhhhh". When she did get up to leave with the child it was in a huff and she said to no one in particular (or to the child) "to get some peace and quiet I have to freeze my ass off. And even then". This was said with a European accent and punctuated with an annoyed sigh.


Kohl's, Port Chester, NY

Saturday, October 21, 2006
I saw a nanny shopping this morning at Kohls with a little girl. The little girl was white with curly reddish/brown hair and wore a white long sleeved red t-shirt with a red heart on it and words written inside the heart in script. This is not so much a bad nanny story so much as it as an amusing story. I was in the kid's section alone and leisurely looking through the girls clothing rack. The nanny was pointing out things and helping her pick something that would feel soft and was pretty. She was very in to the little girl, the word doting comes to mind. Anyway, a little boy was loose from his mother and kept going up to the little girl (who was holding the nanny's hand). The little boy would scream "argghhh" and "I am a monster and you're getting it". This little boy was a menace and his mother was not even in sight. He was about 6 or 7 and the little girl was about 4. The nanny, a middle aged African American with a strong build kept steering the girl away from the little boy as she was helping the little girl pick out pajamas. But the boy persisted. Finally the nanny told the boy, "you go on now". I exchanged exhausted looks with the nanny across the the clothing racks. The little boy disappeared for a bit and then was back. This time, he snuck up and stuck his arm out from between some clothing and tugged on the little girls hair. The little girl said "ohhh" and the nanny whipped around and grabbed his hand and bent down to him and said, "if you ever touch this little girl again, I will snap your hands off and boil them". A but harsh, but I was laughing my ass off. Who ever employs that nanny need not worry about her daughter being well taken care of. Maybe she deserves a Saturday off or a Kohl's gift certificate for herself?

Palo Alto, California

Received Saturday October 21, 2006
This is to the family who has the heavyset middle aged caucasian women with the dark curly hair and the hippie outfits as their nanny pick up their kids at a small private school in Palo Alto, California. She is very inconsiderate of the drive through lane at pickup time. She insists on not pulling all the way forward. She parks in the shade and reads before pickup and lets cars back up into the busy street. Tell her she needs to have more consideration. I know that the admin that patrol the parking lot have asked her on more than one occasion to move. She does not seem to care that other people have to cause a huge traffic jam on the road.
But is she good to the children? -Jane Doe

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Received Saturday, October 21, 2006
Have you seen my nanny? She is a retired teacher and social worker who helps me part time so I can still work enough to provide my family with insurance benefits. She is kind , loving, patient, imaginative, and sooooooo wonderful to my daughter. I do not ask her to do laundry, cleaning, errands, or cooking. I always have enough food prepared so all she has to do is heat it up for my daughter. I always encourage her to eat what ever she wants from our home yet whe always takes time to pack her own lunch with treats she thinks my daughter will enjoy. I do not have a lot of money so I am sure what I pay her is not what the high powered NY and CA nannies earn but I try to give as much as I can. She rewards my daughter with the best care in the world. She packs a play bag with her every time from her home with new and exciting toys that stimulate my daughter. You know how other people's toys are always more exciting. They go to the park, the museums, swimming, the zoo, and the library. Any one who sees her tells me how great she is with my daughter and I thank God for her every day. I always leave my car for her to travel with my daughter if they want to take an outing. I make available to her our country home so her and her partner can get away and enjoy. All employers are not evil and misuse their helpers and not all nannies are lazy and in turn abusive and uncaring. My daughter has an excellant role model when I am gone (about 6 days a month) and if she grows up to be half the person my nanny is I will be blessed. I hope she sitcks with us and that as my situation improves I can pass it on to her. THANK YOU Barbara a million times over. Your saved us!!!!


Larchmont, New York

Received Friday, October 20, 2006
Sharon. White Nanny. From Texas.
Drives Subaru red Forrester.
Has had 4 nanny jobs in the last year.
Now taking care of a baby between 4 months-8 months.
Drives car WITH baby from her boss's house in Larchmont to White Plains where she buys "northern lights" (allegedly good pot) from a dealer named Rudy. Never met her. My nanny knows her. She picked up my nanny one Saturday in Sept to go out. My nanny ended up calling me on a Sunday at three in the morning to ask if we could leave money for her to take a cab home since the driver was incapacitated and she was afraid to ride with her. I have requested that my nanny not have her at our home.
**PS Am told, she only smoked AFTER work.

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Recieved Friday, October 20, 2006
Corner of Sacramento and Laguna at the bus stop.
Nanny: Asian, 30-40 yrs. old.
Children: 1 caucasian boy ~3-4 yrs. old.... caucasian infant 9 mos. -
1yr old.

My wife and I were walking toward the bus stop when we noticed that the
3-4 year old boy was carrying the infant horizontally across his
outstretched arms and really struggling with the weight of the infant.
The 3-4 year old was shifting the infant around, and having real trouble
such that we though the infant would be dropped on the cement sidewalk
(head landing first). The nanny saw what was happening, but turned
around to wait for the bus.

I have a 6-year old and have seen plenty of falls.... this one would
have been really bad. I was really afraid for that infant. I was
astounded the nanny saw what was going on and didn't see the potential
danger there.

Armonk, NY

Received Friday, October 20, 2006
My brother used to date this nanny who was a live-in and worked in Armonk. The family that she worked for treated her really nice. She made/makes a great salary and really has it made. I won't say her name but she is white, American and attractive and not quite 25 and likes to spend the weekends in the city. My brother with says that he used to sneak in their house, climbing through a laundry room window. He tells some pretty sordid stories involving the misuse of the house. But this is what cracks me up. He was helping his best friend fix up this house his mother had bought up in Peekskill. On two different occasions when the nanny's Armonk employers were away, my brother and this guy drive over to the Armonk house and rip out some of their shrubs, flowers, vegetation, tree seedlings, etc. I can't imagine the size of the property these people had but he claims he totally landscaped his mother's house. And these people didn't notice? Thank goodness for them the nanny at least seemed like she was in to the kids. Wake up parents!

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Goals of NANC
-To raise the overall quality of nanny care.
-To raise the public's awareness of the nanny as a childcare professional.
-To provide real world guidelines regarding hiring practices, working conditions, and compensation for nannies.
-To maintain an inclusive, responsive professional organization that represents the needs of all segments of the nanny profession.
-To develop and maintain a comprehensive 3 tier nanny credential system built on research-based, generally accepted standards of care and essential core knowledge areas.
-To promote the credentialed nanny as the standard for in-home childcare providers.

Join now, if you're not already a member! Help make quality care the norm, give parents an easy way to recognize and select a qualified nanny as their child's caregiver. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN IN ORDER TO GIVE YOUR INPUT! We invite all visitors and posters to this site, as advocates for quality childcare, to connect with us and give their thoughts on our proposed system.

On October 7th, the National Association for Nanny Care introduced the template for our 3 tier nanny credential system at Nannypalooza. It was welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm. We'll continue introducing the credential system to the nanny community and public through a series of conference calls. Click here for a complete schedule. This is the time to become familiar with the credential system, ask questions, tell us what you like and what you don't.Your input is very important to us so please take the time to join us on a call. This is your opportunity to have a real impact on the final credential system. Call NANC at 202 318-9156 or email us.


Outside Ridgeland Common in Oak Park, Illinois

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Leaving indoor playground located at Ridgeland Common, Oak Park, Illinois.
AA nanny in silver slicker type jacket and blue jeans with little girl who had yellow jacket on and yellow boots. The little girl's hair was long and very staticky so maybe she was inside tumbling around? The little girl was white and looked Irish. Freckles. Between 3-5. There was a man passing by with (large, black) a dog who said something like "Hey". The nanny was attractive and dressed in neat and trendy clothing. She stopped and chatted for like two minutes. During which time the child cowered in fear of the dog. The nanny and the guy spoke about the dog and he told her the dog would not hurt her and that she could pet him. The little girl did not want to pet the dog and the nanny MADE the little girl pet the dog. Don't know if that is how nanny types score points with guys trying to pick up or what, but don't make a little girl pet a dog! I mean the nanny took her hand and made her pet the dog. She was TREMBLING. WTF? Even the guy looked uncomfortable with the nanny's conduct at that point.

Tuesday Morning in Walnut Creek, Ca

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Your nanny (Hispanic, med height, huge smile, long eyelashes, about 40) was with your child (boy, white, curly hair, blue eyes, wearing a Cubs t-shirt and possibly 4) were buying a Blender. The four year old had so many questions while in the store. About irons. Toasters. Garden Equipment. It was clear the nanny had a time constraint but she tried to answer every question. She joked with the child. He was laughing hysterically at one point. If you have a nanny that can make an errand that much fun for a four year old, hang on to her. Watching her with your son made me smile!

I saw your nanny ..... leaving...for good

Received Thursday, October 20, 2006
I am your nanny. While it is technically impossible to see myself. I do. I seem myself starting earlier and earlier and working later and later. I see that this does not register on your face. You know- that my time is valuable. I see myself every afternoon helping your six year old son with his homework because God forbid, there be some left over when you walk in the door. He is afraid of your screaming intolerance, you know? Everyday, I see you leave lists for me. The tasks grow more and more menial. I signed a contract. It didn't involve setting the table or starting dinner or making dinner and it certainly didn't involve staying until after dinner so that I could wash your dishes. Isn't it enough that you leave your crusty hodge podge of la perla and target undergarments heaped on the washer knowing that I will wash them without even being asked? For ten months, I have done everything that you have asked of me and more. I work late without notice and without pay. I take phone messages, supervise other workers who show up. I washed your car last week. Here at the house. With a hose. Just like you asked. I take your son to school. I keep your daughter with me always. I take your daughter to the park every day. I seek out adventurous places to take her. Places that might capture her imagination and stimulate her mind. You did realize that on your birthday I got you a bottle of your favorite perfume? Granted, it was only $70 dollars but would a thank you have been so hard to muster up? When for my birthday, I received a $25 dollar gift certificate to Sam Goody, I hand wrote you a thank you note. Every day for ten months I have walked in to your house and given 120 percent only to have you look down your nose at me and think of humiliating tasks to assign to me. Tomorrow is Friday. And the next time someone see YOUR nanny, (me) she will be working for a family that will be paying her $200 more a week, with zero housekeeping responsibilities and only one child. I hate to leave without notice or anything, but your just so cruel and unpredictable. Ciao.


San Ramon, California

Received Thursday, October 20, 2006
I work as a nanny in San Ramon, California. I have observed a nanny who lives *quite* nearby on a regular base, encouraging the two boys that she nannies for to fight. I have seen them *around* their house. This play goes beyond the normal fighting as the nanny acts like a WWF coach and encourages them on. Because of the set up of *the homes* in this area, this does not happen in plain sight. Rather this is the kind of thing that is revealed when you hear a noise and check further in to it. My boss whom I have worked for for three years and am quite close has also noticed this behavior. She and I have even talked about it but neither of us wants to be slapped with an MYOB. Reading this blog, I am shocked that even anonymously, people are screamed at for submitting what they feel is a concern to the child's well being. But here it goes, the nanny you have had since the end of the summer is encouraging your children to fight on a near daily basis. This goes beyond usual fun and games. Listening to her comments and whooping and hollaring, I feel she gets some sort of sadistic delight from these fights-which she stages. Your boys are in second and fourth grades. I hope this is enough information for you the parent to look closer at the new nanny.

Jack in the Box on Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Received Thursday, October 19, 2006
Saw this just yesterday at the Jack in the Box on Mission Street. One nanny who I would guess was Puerto Rican based on her accent. She wore a yellow t-shirt, olive green pants and black tennis shoes. She had a little boy with her who was in the neighborhood of three and they were sitting at the table next to us. The nanny had an angry look on her face the whole time. She had an argument on her cell phone with someone when she sat down with the child. Then she got up to order and left the child at the table. Then she sits down. He got a hamburger with catsup and said "but there's catsup" on it. She huffed and grabbed the burger and using her dirty finger just swiped the catsup off the bun. The catsup glob that remained on her finger, she flung AT the child. And not in a funny way. The boy said "hey". I give him credit because he tried to sound happy with it. She said back "hey yourself". They sat eating in silence EXCEPT when her cell phone rang. And guess what, it was you. How do I know this? She didn't swear or shout in the phone. She spoke in a kind and gentle voice. And that 30 second conversation was the only time I heard that voice. The boy asked her "what can we do later" and she made some lame remark like "I don't know what you can do later, but I aint doin nothing". If she was trying to be funny, it was not funny. When the child had to go to use the restroom, she told him to "go one now" but didn't even glance in his direction. When my daughter turned around to say hi to the little boy, the nanny screeched at the boy (who had said nothing), "you leave that girl alone now and eat your food". Is this harshness necessary? I am guessing this is what a 400 dollars a week gets you in the nanny world. No thank you!
If she can turn it on to talk so nicely to you, why not for your child? Because she doesn't think she is being watched, right? Wrong.

Central Park picnic

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Nanny and child on Blue Striped Beach Towel or Blanket at around 11/12 today. The nanny was laying on her elbow enjoying the day with the child. The garbage can was about 200 feet away. The nanny and child were eating lunch and all seemed well until clean up time came about. The little girl who was in my best estimate 3 or 4 was charged with throwing out the garbage. The first time the nanny pointed to the garbage can. The child made three trips. During the last two trips by the child, the nanny was facing the opposite direction (watching a shirtless man, BTW). Anything could have happened to that child. The nanny was plain lazy. Even after they sat for a while longer,I could see that. When they were ready to go the nanny sat up and pointed at things scattered on the blanket and the child scurried to get them and bring them to her so she could pack them away. Don't we lead by example anymore? One last note, I had my eye on the girl the whole time because it was a crowded environment and I felt obligated to watch out for the child since the nanny was not. The nanny was wearing blue jeans and white Keds. She had a knee length sweater on and the child had dark hair, medium complexion, huge brown eyes and was wearing a pink corduroy skirt and white sweatshirt that zipped up and had decorations on it.

Dwyer Park, Winnetka IL

Wednesday October 18, 2006
I have not been able to shake the image of the eyebrows being plucked while the kids are playing on the other side of the park all day...hopefully nothing happened to any of their charges!


Boston Post Road in Pelham, NY

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Short, African American Nanny leaving Dunkin Donuts this afternoon around 3-4 with a boy approximately age 8, 4 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes, jersey style shirt and dockers style pants. The nanny left the Dunkin Donuts shop on Boston Road while engaged on a cell phone call. She walked to sidewalk. Crossed across the street on Boston Post Road, only looking back to see that child was following her. While crossing the street, against the light and out of a crosswalk, the child was a good fifteen feet behind her. When the nanny safely arrived on opposite side of the street, still on cell phone, she did turn to look at child who was still in the middle of the roadway. She snapped about four times in the air and the child hurried to the curb. Once on the sidewalk, the nanny continued on her cell phone conversation with the child trailing behind her. If you don't know the area, this is a very busy street and as an adult, I always use the crosswalk. Know that if I was crossing with a child, I would have his or her hand.

Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
White woman with thin, short brown hair pulled back in pony tail with white "scrunchie". denim short skirt and flip flops pushing a little girl in a stroller. I saw her leaving the Crate and Barrel Store. The little girl was pulling on the seat cushion behind her and on the "cover" top thing. The nanny-who could have been a mother- but I think was a nanny-twice slapped her hand in such a way that I heard it and I was walking in the opposite direction. It seemed out of the ordinary. The child was fussing with the material but not making any noise or causing any sort of problem, and IMO slapping a child's hand is uncalled for. The little girl was likely under two. Brown hair, white knit sweater type dress and grey tights or leggings.

Stop and Shop Supermarket on Tremont Treet, RC, Boston

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Nanny grocering with 2 little girls. Both blonde. Both under 4. One may have been as young as 10 months. Observed her loading groceries and children in to the car. I was sitting in parking lot a distance away. Nanny was heavyset with reddish brown curly hair, white or possibly part latina. She was wearing standard taupe uggs. Jeans. Driving a new looking Pathfinder in Black. After the nanny loads the kids up, she goes back to the bags of groceries and is looking for something. I can not see from a distance what it is. Nanny then puts whatever it is in the front seat and climbs in the car. The nanny gets in the front seat and drives to a spot furthest from the entrance of the store. I can now observe her and she is eating something. Does not appear to be interacting with the children. Finally, the woman comes out who I am giving a ride too. I help her in the car, put her bags in my car. About 20 minutes has passed now since the nanny has been sitting in the parking lot eating. So I take measure to cruise by the side of her car. What is she doing? Sitting in the car with a half gallon of ice cream on her lap. Is this a case of employer's being stingy with the nanny? WTF? Why are the kids forced to be strapped in their car seats while this happens? It's nice out today, shouldn't they have been out playing???? Food issues?


Starbucks in Closter, New Jersey

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Okay, I was walking into Starbucks today on Closter Dock road and ran into a friend so I stopped to chat. I was holding an umbrella as was my friend. Three minutes into our conversation, some fat, frenzied nanny comes busting out of the door like a raging bull. She was dragging the sweetest little girl behind her by her wrists. With her other hand, she was carrying a hot coffee. The nanny was biracial, I think. She was wearing a slick looking black jacket and dark blue jeans. The little girl was wearing the cutest little yellow raincoat with white ducks on the bottom of it and striped pant/leggings. The nanny didn't even think to grab the door as the little girl was behind her so my friend reached instinctively for the door. The nanny looked up at her and kind of grunted. Because my friend was leaning in to open the door, rain went from her umbrella off on to the nanny's calf. (Her jeans). This caused the nanny to start ranting, "what the f-uk, what the f-ck". She made some reference to her shoes that cost almost two hundred dollars. The little girl was just looking from me to the nanny to my friend and back again. This nanny was cold and mean and just generally has no business taking care of children. I wanted to smack her across the face. But since she seemed prone to going off, I didn't wish to further enrage this bull of a woman.

Rite Aid, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Saw a nanny this afternoon at 3:30 with two young girls (clearly sisters). The older one (maybe 7?) had on a colorful polka-dotted Jansport backpack; the younger one I believe is Sadie or Zadie. She made a couple of unremarkable comments, like "I'm looking at the stuff" at the store on 7th Ave. and 5th Street and the nanny was really harsh with her the rest of the time they were in the store "Yes, I know you are looking. EXPLAIN TO ME HOW I COULD NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. HUH? Tell me how I could possibly not know what 'looking' means." After a pause, Sadie said something like "I just said I was looking" and the nanny went off on her again. She really berated her for the rest of the time in the store and when it was time to go, the older girl urgently said to her sister, "Come on Sadie! Come on!" looking nervous; maybe she thought they were in trouble?

We all lose our patience sometimes but I saw no love or affection or kindness in this nanny's dealings with your children. She was excessively sarcastic and cold to two kids who were doing nothing wrong. Take note.


Ashford Park Ardsley, NY

Monday, October 16, 2006
Between 3:30-4:00 PM
Tall, thin, plain white nanny pulled up in silver Honda CRV and went through the hassle of getting two little girls who were likely sisters out of the car. Took them to playground equipment for I kid you not, less than 5 minutes. Then said, something like "wow, time flies when we are having fun. Did you enjoy your day at the park". Then the nanny took the little girls and walked back to the parking area. And loaded them back in the car. Tell me this isn't suspicious???

Santa Monica Public Library; Fairview Branch, Santa Monica, CA

Monday, October 16, 2006
Getting on the #8 bus line. Spanish speaking nanny who was growing impatient with the child she was caring for. The nanny grabbed the child under the arms and was holding the child stiffly. The child who was about 2 was struggling to get out of her tight grip. I thought the nanny pinched the child but cannot be sure. She did something and the child started crying. The nanny had a stroller with her. It was collapsed when she was waiting to get back on the bus. The stroller could identify the nanny as it had strolee written in script on it in some parts but the print of the fabric was very strange, like a sofa from 1980. Nanny didn't look so nice. Parents, I would advise you to double back on her and see how she treats your kid when she doesn't think she is being watched. She was quite conscious I was watching her. Glaring at her.

South Beach Park, Staten Island, NY

Received Sunday, October 15, 2006
Alternately laughing my a*s off and recalling in horror over the exploits of an otherwise friendly, normal appearing Jamaican or Caribbean, middle aged nanny seen in the park on Saturday at approximately 2:00 PM. The nanny was was talking to Lily who was about 4. There was a cat that strolled by twice. Each time "Lily" noticed that cat. The nanny and Lily were taking a break and having juice and snacks that the nanny unpacked from a large striped backpack. I had just seen the nanny with the child on the playrground equipment and at that time the nanny was not just watching the child, she was trailing the child cautiously every step of the way. As they sat for their snack, they were near my boyfriend and I (watching his daughter play on the dolphins). Lily starts to talk about her cat at home. The nanny expresses dislike for the cat. Lily asks the nanny 'why you cant like our kitty'. Innocent enough? The nanny responds with a tirade about how cats are bad for children and to children and goes on to tell of cats who climb in the cribs of sleeping infants and suffocate them. Not just a casual remark, a length tirade that ended with the nanny suggesting that Lily's mom should make the smart decision and get ride of the cat before she has the baby. My boyfriend actually butted in the conversation to kind of tell the nanny to ease up but this just caused the nanny to take it up a notch. My boyfriend said something like "oh that's really unlikely" to which the nanny said something like "you don't know the horrors I have seen". My boyfriend for the record is anti cat but just felt bad for this little girl who was going to no doubt have nightmares about their family pet snuffing out the life of her yet to be born baby brother or sister. What gets in to these nannies? The nanny was so good with her as she was playing, you would think she would use that same caution before planting such nightmares in the child's head!


Saxon Woods Playground, Harrison/Mamaroneck, NY

Received Sunday, October 15, 2006
An autistic pre-teen boy possibly named Chase and a blond European au pair. I saw this happen about three months ago and I tried to contact the family through various avenues. A boy around 9-14 years old was in this playground off by himself. He was shoving huge handfuls of wood chips which had been sitting in stagnant water in a fountain into his mouth. I told him to stop, that he would get sick. He made a sound and walked a bit away. I asked where his parents were and he ignored me. He then started spinning then sat down and ate more dry wood chips from the ground. I looked and asked for his care-giver; no one knew who was responsible for him. I asked everyone except a blond girl sunning at the opposite end of the park, wearing a white tube top or tank top with those clear plastic bra straps showing. She was petite and tan. I found a park ranger who took the boy's arm and walked him around the park until the girl of about 19 came forward and spoke to him harshly. A bit later I had to take my little kids to the bathroom and when we came out I passed her. I spoke to her and she was so rude when I asked her what had happened and said she had looked away for a second and he was always getting into trouble. I asked her for the boy's parents number, she refused. I asked her name, the au pair agency, but she refused. I told her I would call 911 and she insisted that they wouldn't do anything to her. I was explaining that abuse and neglect was a crime, and I demanded to know her name and the boy's name. She said the boy's name was Chase. She told me her name and I have forgotten it - but it would come back. Then someone screamed - my own 4 year old had fallen off a slide and was very upset and I went running towards her and that was it (irony not lost on me). I tried to reach the family through the autism agencies and my momentum got slowed by various obstacles. I'll never get the image out of my mind.


Baby sitter goes beyond the call of duty.....

Received Saturday, October 14, 2006
Thank you to Lacy for sending us this article from the Oregonian.
Baby sitter kills bear that breaks into yard
(from The Oregonian)
Friday, October 13, 2006
PORTHILL, Idaho -- A northern Idaho baby sitter shot and killed a 422-pound black bear that broke into a backyard where three toddlers were playing......(read more)

Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara Street entrance, Santa Barbara, CA

Received Friday, October 13, 2006
Oberved Tuesday October 10, 2006 at 3:07pm.
Upon entering Alice Keck Park, I saw a group of children (approximate ages 4-5 years old, maybe 10-12 children in all??) gathered around two or three adult caregivers, perhaps a nearby daycare outing, or a nearby preschool? The children were clustered around the caregivers, just outside the Santa Barbara Street entrance to the park, and then they made their way into the park and onto the lawn just inside the entrance of the park. Within 2 or 3 minutes, however, I saw 2 children, a boy and a girl, separate from the group and make their way down a path toward the turtle pond at the center of the park. They entered the shady area, where they were no longer able to be seen by the adult caregivers (I assume) because of the trees--this happened to be where I was at the time--when one of the children fell down and began crying loudly. No one came to see if he was injured. Just as I was making my way over to check on him (as he had been crying for some time, and no one had come yet), he got up and ran off with his little-girl friend, and disappeared around another corner, apparently ok. When I happened to come out of the path near the turtle pond, I noticed with shock that one of the children (the girl) had climbed over the chicken-wire fence INTO the turtle pond, and was helping her little friend to climb over it too! The fence was leaning dangerously, and there were large rocks around, and plenty of algae that they could slip on, not to mention the water that they might fall into. Granted, it wasn't very deep, but they were young children, and completely unsupervised. Heck, even the *koi* in that pond are big enough to swallow those kids whole. I was really very concerned for these children, and it did not seem to me that the adults in charge of these children had even noticed that they were missing yet.

I do not know what the adult caregivers looked like. The children were both approximately 4 years old, at my best guess. As I mentioned before, one was a boy, olive complection, with straight dark hair wearing shorts and a t-shirt or maybe a little polo-type shirt. His outfit may have been mostly blue and red, but I'm not 100% sure about that. The second kid was a little girl (light complection, possibly blonde hair) was wearing a bicycle helmet and either a little halter top or a bathing suit, and lycra shorts. Her outfit may have been predominantly pink. I'm sorry I don't have exact details about the children or the caregivers. I was a caregiver myself that day, and my attention was occupied by my charge. But, if you are a parent with a child who has a daycare that takes an outing on Tuesdays at 3 at Alice Keck Park (I see a similar group on Thursdays at 3 in the same location), you may want to ask some questions about staff supervision on those outings. And if you have a child who came home that day either wet, or with scrapes or scratches that were not explained well, then I'd DEFINITELY be asking some questions.


Nanny Shares devastating local story........

Friday, October 13, 2006
The place this occured is less than a mile from where I nanny- I am just in utter shock! and SO MAD!!! I just gave an hour long interview as a follow up to this story- which is due to appear in this weekends paper. -AF

Daffy's, 57th Street in NYC

Friday, October 13, 2006
At Daffy's, 57 Street b/w Park and Lexington. Cute cute little boy, about 2, brown hair, super-strapped in to his stroller, crying "Barbara, Barbara". Nanny (I assume Barbara) totally ignoring him, talking to her friend, trying stuff on. I should have stayed around & tried to get more details but I was on lunch hour and rushing out. But other details: stroller had a sort of seat belt but also belt that goes through crotch (not sure if that's common on strollers). Of the nanny and friend -- they looked AA or Caribbean. Boy was, come to think of it, more b/w ages of 2 or 3.

Straus Park, Broadway and 106 Street, NYC

Received Friday, October 13, 2006
(Weds 10/11) 4 Caribbean, Hispanic nannies sitting on benches, deep in boisterous conversation with 4 strollers (2 double) arrayed in a circle in front of them. They totally ignored the children who were all straining to get out of the strollers, whining and complaining. I walked my dogs through the park again 20 min. later, and the scene was the same, but the whining was now crying. Do you have any idea what your nannies are doing when they take your kids out?

Brookline, Massachusetts

Received Friday, October 13, 2006
Your nanny gossips about you ALL the time. It would be one thing if it was to other nannies, but it is to other parents. Every pick-up drop-off, playdate, swim practice, etc - we hear about your family. We know how much you drink on vacation, we know about your first marraige, and we know about your recent surgery (and feel bad and want to help you - but technically we are not supposed to know). She is not neglecting your children that we can see, but she is ruining your reputation (sometimes in front of the kids). You need to either find a new nanny before you move to the new school so that your reputation is not scarred there - or have a SERIOUS talking to her about family confidentiality. She is making the two of you sound incompetent to your peers, but I suspect she has more of a god-complex. I don't want to embarrass you by putting the names and ages of your children on here - but if you see this I think you'll know. I wish I had the guts to tell you this to your face. Get well soon!

Ancient Park Playground-84th street & 5th Ave- NYC

10/16/06 Update from anonymous source...the parents were notified of this posting on this site and the nanny was promptly fired.

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Your two boys, aged about 5 and 2. The older one was named William and goes to St. Thomas Moore school. Small school and should be easy to identify. He was in his uniform. The nanny was heavy set, black, with her hair pulled into a pony tail with tight reddish ringlets hanging down. I go there quite often with my son and his friends even though I am not a fan of that playground. William was playing in the sandy part of the park and the younger boy was just walking around on the concrete. The nanny was sitting near me on the bench and caught my attention when she started yelling at the younger boy to get back over to her and to sit down. He looked at her and she said again to get back to her and sit down. He didn't immediately come over to her so she went over to him, grabbed him by the wrist, pulled him to the bench and told him that play time was over. She said over and over "you had your time to play" and plopped him on the bench. Why? He wasn't doing anything wrong, he was really just walking around a very small area. She plopped him on a bench and he sat and was eating from a bag of carrots. When he moved, I mean MOVED, on the bench she said "I told you you had your time to play! Sit still!" She was trying to read from a book of some sort (maybe a cookbook from the school?). He sat obeying her. He tried to hand her the bag of carrots after he was done but she just ignored him. Finally, she took the carrots and threw them down next to her without looking at him or saying anything. He moved his position and again she said "I told you to sit!! You had your time to play!!". Then she threatened that if he moved again she would strap him in the stroller. She had a nasty puss on her face the whole time, like he was completely disgusted. He moved again, not trying to get down from the bench, but just moved and she said that was it and he was going into the stroller. She then said that it was time to go home and called William. He could not possibly hear her being behind a concrete wall. She called again, very angrily. Then she got up and went to the wall and called him again loudly. He finally heard her and came and she let him have it. She kept repeating that because he didn't come when she first called that she was furious with him and was going to tell his mother what he was doing. She kept saying that he was ignoring her cries and didn't come when called so they were leaving. She held up her cell phone and showed it to him and said to look at her dialing his mother's phone number. She said "look, I'm calling Mary" and then hung up. She then went on a rant about how bad he was and how angry she was to have to call him so many times. I am telling you she said at least 10 times "I am soooo angry". She told him that they would stay home from now on because he didn't come when she first called and no tv when they got home. Finally the younger on in the carriage said "why you angry?" and she said "William didn't come when I called him". At this point, a mother had come to sit in between us and turned to me and said "are you hearing this??!" She hadn't even heard the whole exchange! She said that she wished that she had the mother's name and could report this nanny. In fact, when her son came by moments later she gave him a big hug knowing that these kids don't get one during the day. I didn't even mention this site but knew I would post here. For God's sake, if you are the mother of William and his little brother make some changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell these are nice children. William held onto the stroller when they left and the younger one just sat, both very well behaved. Please take this woman out of their life...they deserve better. She doesn't want to be around children, believe me.


Crotona Park Playground, Bronx, NY

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Early afternoon
Nanny in black velvet style pants, white tennis shoes and quilted grey jacket. Standing and talking to another nanny for awhile. Talking on her phone for awhile. Three times the little girl she was taking care of (brown hair, brown eyes, medium complexion, brown jumper with a cream shirt) came over and said she was cold. The nanny told her at one point that she wasn't cold. "you're not cold, go on now". The little girl didn't have a jacket on. Yet the nanny did. Memo to nanny if you want to hang at the park to gab with your friends, and you think to put a jacket on yourself, put one on the child in your care!

Madison Street Pizza Hut, Seattle WA

Received Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Your nanny took your daughter Olivia to lunch today at Pizza Hut. Nanny was overheard telling Olivia that she needed to tell her mother that she needed new jeans and long sleeve shirts because it was getting cold. Nanny said more than three times some variation of and you remind her that all the old shirts and jeans I want. Nanny was also asking Olivia about a pair of boots that she had. The nanny wanted to know if the boots still fit her. Olivia said they did fit her. The nanny then told Olivia that boots shouldn't be anything but loose and she should get new ones. This nanny wants very much for Olivia to go shopping I am gathering this weekend with you, Mom. And she wants to make sure that she gets all of the old clothes and that they don't go to anyone else. I have to say I was kind of aggravated to hear this nanny haggling with this little girl who could not have been more than 7 or second grade. The way that the nanny went on and on, I think the little girl has to be stressed about it. I don't like that sort of behavior in anyone. And do not dare comment and ask me what is wrong with the nanny wanting the child's clothing. This isn't a deal to be brokered with a child over lunch. In the time our meals overlapped, I never did hear any child related or fun topics come up. That sort of nanny would last eight seconds in my house.

Bench in Stuyvesant Square, NYC

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
This morning before the rain, well before lunch I was walking on Second between 15th and 17th and needed to sit down to take down some information from a call I was on. As I was winding up the call, I observed an overweight nanny plopped on a bench about three benches down. She was taking a break. She had her child's Graco stroller in front of her and was enaged with the child. I looked closer and observed on the nanny's lap a box of ho ho's. The nanny was eating one and the kid was eating one. The kid was like-well hard to say but under two. Looked like if she was out of the stroller she wouldn't walk easily. As I walked past the nanny, she was ripping open yet another plastic wrapper. Had she no shame? And with a 16 oz coca cola to wash it down, then yet. I did not see what the child was drinking. I may be neurotic but it pains me to see children eating like that. There is nothing NATURAL inside a ho ho! As hard as it is for a person like myself to see past a sugared blob of carcinogens-the nanny had -and this was apparent- such a way with that girl. That little girl adored her and that nanny had one of those big smiling faces. The kind where even when she stops smiling, her eyes still smile. The kind where I can't imagine she ever has a harsh word to say about anyone.


Gunnel Oval Playground, Kearney, NJ

Received Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Date: 10/10/06
Involved: Nanny, older, maybe 50 with frizzyish, orange hair, long red "jacket/top", blue jeans and hi top tennis shoes. Boys, 1 wearing Mets Jersey, brown curly hair & blue eyes, Second boy wearing a green rugby styled shirt with "dockers" style pants and straighter hair that was slightly reddish. The boys may or may not have been brothers. As they were getting ready to leave the park, the older one (maybe 10) whacked the back of the younger one's head (I could hear the audible thump). The younger boy was maybe 7 or 8. This wasn't funny at all but the nanny started laughing hysterically. The littler boy didn't hit back. He made eye contact with me like a sad puppy. I could tell this was the caregiver because of the interaction.

Goleta Pier near the UCSB, CA

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
I'm not sure if this is the place to post or not, but I really wanted to give props to the male caregiver of some mentally challenged charges. We watched them on October 10th at about 2:30 pm at the Goleta Pier near the UCSB campus. Physically, they were not children by any means, but their mental capacity could not have been more than 3 - 6 years equivalent. This man was amazing with them. His three charges were walking at different speeds along the pier and he ferried back and forth between them, constantly reassuring the ones he wasn't physically with that they were doing great. He held their hands, offered tons of encouragement to the one girl who seemed a little nervous, he stopped and shared in their excitement at watching the fishermen and generally let them lead the way. One thing that really stood out was how he handled a situation where one of the boys had something in his hand and wouldn't show him what it was. He kept repeating "It's okay, I just need to know what it is. I need to be sure it won't hurt you." I believe he called the boy Jody. "Jody, please let me see what you have. I won't take it from you, I just need to know what it is." Over and over he demonstrated far more patience than I could have in the same situation. Jody was obviously very distraught at possibly losing this treasure, but the caregiver was loving and compassionate the entire time. Caregiver was a man in mid to late 20's. He wore jeans, a drab olive green T-shirt with a design on the front I couldn't make out. He had a buzz haircut and very short beard and mustache combo going on on his face. Looked like it had been grown out only several days. He wore round, small framed sunglasses. One of the boys (Jody) had dark brown/light black hair and wore white pants and a light blue jacket. The other man, I think he called him Larry, was wearing jeans and a rust colored button down shirt that had light colored roundish pattern on it and a baseball style hat. The girl wore jeans, two tank style shirts layered over each other with a blue hoody sweatshirt over them. She had brown hair with bangs and wore a pony tail. If this sounds like your caregiver or you are a business that employs this man to take care mentally challenged people, do whatever you have to to keep him - even my children commented on how nice he was.

Lurene; Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
My former nannies name is **Lurene, I answered an ad on Urban Baby. She called me right away and said she could interview in an hour. She knew all the right answers to my questions and came off personably. I liked her right away. I did a background check which came up with no criminal record. As it turns out, charges have been pressed against her by her boyfriends former wife for harrassement. She took 4 checks from our business account and wrote them out to her boyfriend, Anthony, for a total of 8,000 dollars. She went into our apartment when she knew we were gone and took credit cards. She paid her phone bill with my debit card. We got all our money back because she took it from a business account. Others might not be so lucky.She is not a nanny, but a con artist. I want to warn people not to hire her. At this point, we are waiting to hear back from the Brooklyn DA. Employers, please take heed. Please get your nanny through an agency or have more than 2 references that are willing to tell you more than you want to know. We don't wish this on anyone.
** last name available

(edited 10/15...with additional details provided by the original poster....) Yes, there was indeed a fight on UB about this when I tried to warn other moms. I believe I went about it the wrong way. I was fairly upset at the time... but still, to say most sided with the nanny would be inaccurate. I was hoping I Saw Your Nanny would be a safer route,
as Lurene is still out there.

I thought I had mentioned in my first email that I identifed Lurene at the police station on Thursday, Aug. 3. She admitted to stealing the checks, credit cards, and to using my debit card to pay her phone bill. Case #X (provided to I saw your nanny). We worked with Detective X (provided to I saw your Nanny).

Here is the story in a nutshell:

Lurene worked for us for one month. During that time: She used my debit card to pay her cell phone bill over the phone. She called from our apartment. Her phone number was on the record on my statement. A total of 4 checks: $3000, $2500, $2000 and $1500 were written out to her boyfriend from our business account. We caught the $1500 check on the day we confronted her and that was cashed, but returned. She came back to our apartment while we were out with family and took one of our business credit cards. She went through our computer, found our pin numbers and then withdrew $500 in cash at an atm near our apartment. She also used it at a food store by her house. Additionally, she told the investigating officer, we paid her $3000/week.

The case was brought before the grand jury and that is what we are waiting to hear back about. I have a description for anyone interested. I know people get burned by nannies all the time, but in this case, we robbed in our own home, while this woman was taking care of our children. It's hard to explain in writing all the details that make this case as bizzare as it is. She is an excellent liar. It's not IF, but WHEN she will do this to another family.

With that said, my husband and I are good people who treat others with respect and dignity. We do not like attention and are not the kind of people who would maliciously slander a nanny if things went bad.

My only interest is to warn others because I see people asking how to look for nannies and they are as lost as we were when we started the process. You want to trust people. Also, Im not to give nannies a bad name. We have a wonderful woman now who is part of our family. There are many many good ones out there. Lurene is not one of them.


Mandated Reporters

We continue to receive correspondence from persons identifying themselves as nannies demanding to know where the web site is to report "parents abusing their children" and "neglectful parents". Nannies are mandated reporters. The mandated reporter status requires a nanny to report to any appropriate authority, such as the police or Child Protective Services, any instance of child abuse, neglect, or endangerment on the part of the parents, her employers. In the event that a confidentiality agreement exists, said agreement is overridden by the "mandated reporter" status of the nanny. Specific statutes vary from state to state.
California, Illinois, Massachusettes and New York)
For help recognizing the signs and symptoms of child abuse,please click here.
For a State by State list of hotline telephone numbers to report abuse, please click here.
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State Street Nordsrom, Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Misfortune to witness an insufferable nanny type this afternoon leaving Nordstrom on State Street in Chicago. They were walking out on Calhoun as I was going heading in. Nanny had girl, maybe 7,8 or 9 with her and the girl grabbed on to the nanny's bag and broke it. The nanny flipped out. She whipped around and screamed jesus christ what did you do. jesus. do you know how long i had to work for this bag. and more on that note. The sad thing is the little girl as so happy as she reached for her. She had such a big smile on her face. Why would someone wig on a kid like that? The nanny made her cry. The girl said I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. I glared at the nanny and she apologized to the kid. Memo to the nanny, less coffee, more compassion. Memo to the parent, if your kid breaks something of the nannies make sure she knows you will pay for it- that why you kid won't be needlessly berated on the streets of Chicago.

The New Playground in Chappaqua, NY

Monday, October 9, 2006 3:30 PM
Playing with my two children at the new playground in Chappaqua, was rather disturbed to watch as a young European nanny/au pair/caregiver spoke continuously on her cellphone while her charge (little girl wearing pink shorts and shirt - around 4 with curly blonde hair) pulled at her leg and asked for help on some of the climbing equipment. {BTW this playground is not ideal for younger children unless they are well supervised or very athletic - equipment is mostly climbing high off ground with no platforms} The caregiver repeatedly told the child to stop bothering her and that they could go home and watch cartoons as soon as she was done on the phone. All this child wanted was to be able to play on the equipment at the park that the nanny had driven to (a more appropriate one is across the road) Child's name Elli/Ella, caregiver had long mousy brown hair and was wearing a grey shirt and jeans. While this child is being neglected, two lucky boys about 4 and 8 with a nanny/au pair/caregiver were having a great time exploring the equipment. She was wearing a black shirt with jeans and named Carol or Carolyn or Caroline. Older boy was David. All three made up rules to a game and then proceeded to play with the caregiver helping out the younger child on the equipment. Seemed to intuitively know when either needed help or reassurance but was not crowding them and was letting them both push their limits with a bit of encouragement. When it was time to go heard the younger one say "that was fun" and the older one answer "yip" - simple words but heartwarming. Both boys grabbed their caregiver's hands on the way back to the car and I could hear them laughing even when they were out of sight. No guessing which person I'd rather have caring for my children - in fact she even picked up and dusted off my daughter when she slipped off the mon­key bars (and I had MY back turned)


Lyndhurst, Ohio

Monday, October 9, 2006
Lyndhurst Park. Seen last on Monday afternoon. Nanny takes care of boy named "Henry". The nanny has an accent, possibly Swedish or German. Blonde. Dresses in very tight clothing. Seems to use your child the same way single men use their dogs. To pick up. Not jealous. Just wonder how appropriate this is. I have also run in to her at Restoration Hardware in Legacy Village. She was obviously running an errand for you with Henry. Her name I do not know. But I can't believe she is a nanny. She obviously has a nice figure but wears her jeans so tight and her shirts so low. Even while at Restoration Hardware, I saw her engaged in two conversations with two different men. Does it make you at all uneasy to have a nanny that is so eagerly seeking the attention of men? I would be considered about my child being introduced to so many strangers. Your son, he must feel like a prop, no?

Cinema Deluxe Movie Theatre, White Plains, New York

Monday, October 9, 2006
In the movie theatre washing my hands, a little girl of about three came in. She came in the restroom alone. She used the restroom and came out. She asked me what movie I was seeing. I asked her and she said "Open Season". I said "With your mom" and she said "no, my nanny". The little girl was now on her way out (no handwashing). I followed her and she went to the left and then double backed and went to the right. Then she reversed again and went to the left. I said, "so many theatres, you want me to walk you back". As it happens the show was playing on the Imax and a regular show. I walked her to the regular showing. I told her before we went in, I would wait at the back of the theatre to make sure she found her nanny. They were sitting down in front and she found the nanny. I expected to AT least see a nanny tied down with other children. She may have had other children with her but they would have been very short. If it were me, I would never let my little girl go to the restroom by herself. That is plain NUTS. The little girl was wearing pink jeans/pants and a pink and grey v neck, hooded sweater. She had blonde/brown hair. The movie would have been the 12:30 showing.

Park Street Playground, Haworth, NJ

Monday, October 9, 2006
Angry AA nanny this morning trying to deal with tot in throws of temper tantrum.Would not get in stroller. Nanny picked tot up and plopped tot in stroller. Very harshly. Tot was kicking and out of control but perhaps sensed Nanny was on the edge. Nanny pushing child toward direction of Owatonna. Nanny was intentionally swerving with the stroller. Handling stroller very rough. Realize temper tantrums are tough to deal with but I would never get so rough with my child and the roughness with which she banged around the stroller seemed irrational. Boy was wearing blue t-shirt.
Nanny was short, neither then nor fat. Had hair style that looked like uncombed curls.


Carlsbad, California

Received Sunday, October 8, 2006
This happened on Sunday, September 17. We were staying at a five star hotel in Carlsbad, California with our children, both of whom are great swimmers. My husband and I were reading by the side of the pool. The pool was fairly empty. There was an older man at one end of the pool sitting on the steps. A nanny was in the shallow end with a boy and a girl, both of whom looked to be about four. They both wore "water wings". The nanny was in the pool with them and they were playing games and laughing and having a good time. At a certain point the nanny realized it was time to go and got the children out. She gave them towels. They then had to walk back to their chairs to gather their clothing and other things. As they were walking back to their area, the little boy must have crowded the girl because she fell in the pool. I looked up. My husband looked up. The pool was not that large. A second passed. Two seconds passed. My husband must have processed the scene faster than I did because he ran and jumped in the pool. This all took place in under 12 seconds. As resort pools often are, this pool was blocked from the other areas of the property by landscaping. As the nanny was frantically drying off the little girl, the little boy said to her, 'how come you didn't jump in Tracy'. The nanny's answer, 'I can't swim in the deep end'. We checked out the next morning and I although I had hoped to chance upon the parents, I did not actively look for them. I had seen the parents at breakfast that same Sunday. They had breakfast with the nanny and both of their kids and seemed like such a lovely family. All I can think of is this nanny got a job where swimming was required. She goes in the pool with the children and plays with them very nicely. But she couldn't jump in the deep end to save the little girl! Granted, it was at a public hotel and even if we were not there, she could have shouted for someone- but please parents- do not allow your children to be in or around a pool unless they are with someone who can truly swim. I need not point out that someone who can't swim in the deep end is in fact, a non swimmer.

Funtime America, Cliftwood, NJ

Received Saturday, October 8, 2006
I had a very annoying encounter with your nanny yesterday at Funtime. Your son, Jack was in the care of your nanny. Your nanny appeared to be keeping a reasonably focused eye on him, but did not budge or raise an eyebrow when he had his SECOND skirmish with my son who is only three. I walked up to the netted and was friendly to both of them and asked if everything was okay. I did not even correct "Jack" but instead suggested to both of them that hitting was not allowed. I tried to coerce my son to go in another direction away from "Jack". But soon, Jack was on our heels. "Jack" was poking at my son as he was on the red jeep, "Jack" was bumping in to him when he tried a run at Big Bertha. This is as I stood right next to my son, as I felt I had no choice but to stay right on his heels. This did not stop "Jack" from asking for my son's tickets. I attempted to make eye contact with you nanny many times. She stared at me as if I were not even there. Finally, I went up to her and asked, "are you with Jack?" I was smiling, just hoping she could have a word with him but instead THE NANNY answered, "Oh I knew this has been coming. You been on him since you got here". What? It isn't my job to be "on him".
Parents of Jack, do you allow him to behave this way when in public with you? And by this I mean demanding tickets, pushing, kicking, hitting, stalking other children?
Is this a "Jack" problem or a "nanny problem" ?

Sugar in the raw, Manhattan, NY

Received Sunday, October 8, 2006
I am a twenty nine year old professional male living and working on the LES (lower East side of Manhattan-ed). For the past seven months; I have been dating a charming woman who earns a substantial salary as a nanny. The relationship is saturated with the jealous spoiling of an insecure hen who utilizes her vast leisure time by ferreting opportunities to inflict herself upon my workday. This means; I find myself having lunch or coffee with her and the child she cares for, at least twice per week. And while this woman possesses many attributes that make her inviting to myself and the male population in general; I'd prefer to spend my lunch and break time with my coworkers. And no; I cannot tell her this directly, because she will pout and weep (and wonder why). This is the second nanny position she has had since we began dating. The child she cares for now is not even ten months and if she were not utilizing a measure I imagine inexpedient, she would not be able to sit for these protracted periods of time. A child of that age should squirm, cry, cackle, fuss or otherwise make such ventures somewhat difficult; yes? Would it surprise you to know that she is never without a mad handful of "sugar in the raw" packets? And she has nary a qualm about lacing the child's infant formula with said. I wait for the mother of that child to chance upon such discovery. I wait.


Wonderland Hill Avenue Boulder, CO

Saturday, October 7, 2006
Might I have seen you at Wonderland Lake Park Friday? You take care of two boys? One is under a year and is usually asleep in his stroller. One is about 3 or 4? I saw you playing around with him and it made me smile. You were pretending to punch each other swinging at the air and he was giggling. Then he hit you (with his tiny 3 year old fist) and you grabbed both of his hands with your one big hand and with a really ornery look on your face you threw his hands down. He was shocked and caught off guard. Grow up. Don't roughhouse with a three year old if you are going to act like a pissy bitch if he accidentally taps you. I saw the shame and hurt in his eyes. You didn't care. Or notice. I hope you were just having a bad day. I hope you apologized later. Dana

Gymboree Store in the Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold, NJ

October 7, 2006
Gray knit pants with bows at bottom, ruffled cream colored shirt, curly hair, Caucasian girl about five years old in the store with her nanny on Friday afternoon between 2-4. Little girl asked repeatedly to go to the bathroom and the nanny kept telling her to "Keep busy". Didn't understand what that meant since she was holding on to the nanny's hand. Unsure who the nanny was shopping for as there was no connected dialogue with the child. Although she held on to the girls hand (points) the entire time, she didn't talk to her at all except to alternately tell her to "Keep busy" and to "Keep her mouth quiet". Noticing the girl shifting her weight from one foot to the next, I said to the nanny (who was quite menacing with a linebacker build), "They may have a restroom she can use here in the store" to which the nanny said to me "Never your mind". Unsure of what she meant (??) I said, "I'm sure they would let her use it" and again she dismissed me with a "never your mind" this time punctuating her statement with a wave of her hand. Children do have to use the restroom at inopportune times, but to watch that girl continue shopping for another ten minutes (during which the nanny bought nothing) was quite simply painful. The nanny's name was Lavonne or Yvonne and she carried a bright blue leather bag with a gold chain link purse strap. Also, the little girl was wearing some sort of black loafer type shoe that had some decoration across the top, maybe like a black silk flower type thing, they weren't very common.


The Philadelphia Nanny with the shocking Myspace Profile

Friday, October 6, 2006
Last month we hired a new nanny as we do every September. She had two years of experience and had an associates degree in Sociology. I have two school aged daughters and they were crazy about the nanny. She was fun, fashionable, hip, knew all the right music, etc. The nanny mentioned putting some pictures of the night before on her "myspace page" to a friend on the phone. My daughter overheard this and asked me what myspace was. So I got curious and went online. Using only her email address, I searched myspace and found her myspace profile complete with pictures that blew my mind. The pictures were pornographic as I see it. My husband of course seemed to like her more as we clicked through her photographs. Licking this girl's upper thigh, Completely nude with only her hands shielding her breasts, thong to thong with another female, etc. That is until I clicked on some of her friend's profiles in her "top 8" and found still more wild pictures featuring her, her friend and three guys in OUR home. That knocked the smile right off my husband's face. We had but one overnight event to attend in this first four weeks of employments and she had already managed to use our home to host some sort of seedy party. She was our live in nanny. I could no longer trust her, so we terminated her (and are looking for a new one). This time I plan to (in addition to using an agency and background checks) google the hell out of her as well as check myspace as a prescreening measure. I would have been devastated had a one of my friends or one of the class mothers told me, "I saw your nanny naked on the Internet".

Angry Nanny, Hopewell, VA

Friday, October 6, 2006
I have reason to associate with your/a nanny in Hopewell, VA. She takes care of two little boys. One is in school all day and one is home. I think it is worth mentioning that the nanny makes no bones about hating your school aged child. I think he is in second grade. She hates him. She is always angry when she talks about him or her job or the kids. She has never suggested that she mistreated him but she makes it very clear she cannot stand him. She isn't one of those who is loving either. She likes the younger child and has some nice things to say about him. But not that many. Why is she working as a nanny? I can't believe that it is a case that your children are really that oppressive. The nanny has about eight years experience on her resume which was very professionally done and makes her sound like Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins wasn't so hateful though.

The Nanny/Author

Check out Nanny to the Rescue!
Straight Talk & Super Tips for Parenting in the Early Years
by Michelle LaRowe (professional nanny)

What a chasm there seems to exist between the good and the bad!
Get Smart!

Nanny of the Week- Charity

Friday, October 6, 2006
Charity (read more)

Mandee's Store in Danbury

Received Friday, October 6, 2006
Shopping at Mandees today in Danbury. My little girl age 4 made eye contact with another little girl. Very cute. Said hi. I am looking through the sale rack and look down and the other little girl is in the middle of the rack talking to my daughter. I look around to see if someone is looking for this little girl. Nope. We move to the next rack and the next rack. Now a nanny emerges wearing a tan shirt and suede looking light coat, dark jeans. Very pretty. 25. AA. She made some nice comment, like "oh there you are" And then she took her with her to look at clothes. I keep looking but don't really see anything. By now this little girl is trailing us around the store. When I decide to leave, I walk the little girl who was probably not more than 3 back to her nanny. The little girl was on the chubby side. Very cute. Out of the corner of my eye, I kept my eye on the nanny to see if it even registered with her where the child was. She seemed to assume everything was fine. Granted it was, but is this an assumption a nanny should be making? Isn't she being paid to do the opposite? WATCH the child in her care?

Extended Bathroom Break at Van Saun Park, NJ

Received Friday, October 6, 2006
Today (Thurs)I saw the most bizarre thing at Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJ.
A nanny had a little girl at the playground with her. The little girl was playing fine. The nanny was sitting there watching her. She was connecting to her. Not ignoring her. Then the nanny asked another mom if she could watch her kid. I am a nanny too and was at the park at the same time. The nanny said she had to go use the restroom. The nanny was gone for like 15 minutes. During which time the mother (who had her own two kids was struggling to keep them together) wanted to go. She finally looked at me. We had exchanged eye contact before. She said, "can you keep an eye on her until she gets back, I can't wait any longer". So, of course I say yes. The nanny comes back in about 5 minutes later. She didn't even realize that the mom wasn't there anymore. Her eyes did not register anything at all. Thank goodness the kid was oblivious. I have no idea why the nanny had to take over 20 minutes to use the bathroom. Since the little girl looked to be about 2 or 3, I would have said to the little girl, "let's go to the bathroom". Parents, talk to your sitters and nannies about leaving them in a stranger's care. Sitters who do this are instilling a bad message in the child. That is that someone who "looks nice" should be trusted. And that is not the real world. It isn't only monsters that are out to get us. That should not have felt "okay" for the child to be handed off twice like that at the park. The little girl's name was Brooke. She had blue eyes, straight brown hair and bangs across her forehead. The nanny seemed nice and normal until she showed such bad judgement. She was a white woman, about 25, with glasses and a short, possibly permed hairdo.

Soccer Field across from the Glenrest cemetary in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Received Thursday, October 5, 2006
Possible sitter. One boy playing soccer. Getting out of car; a Silver Nissan Pathfinder. The boy about 6 said, "are you leaving, you can't leave". The sitter/person said "shhhh shhh, I will be right back. Shhhh. I'll bring you a treat". 4:45 on Thursday. If you know the car, you know the kid.


Buccaneer Beach Park, Oceanside, CA

Thursday, October 5, 2005
Observed this Wednesday around 5PM. Two nannies of unknonwn ethnicity. Both white but could have been European. They were young and giggly. One had a small child that she had in a strap on carrier. The other had a little boy who was maybe 4 years old. He was wearing denim shorts and a black t-shirt with a metal sort of theme to it. The nannies were kind of reclining and talking as he played in front of them. The boy was throwing rocks and shells into the ocean. They were not around any other people. The blonder nanny kept telling him to stop throwing things. But then the two would laugh and throw rocks and things at him. He would turn around all perplexed and say, "are you throwing rocks at me". And the nanny would say "no, why are you budding in our conversation". And this would repeat. They weren't throwing things hard at him but they clearly had no respect for the kid. So if you have a blonde nanny who hands out with another blonde nanny and your nanny was wearing a very green t-shirt yesterday with cargo capris, maybe you want to observe her when she doesn't know she is being observed. This is what I saw. I didn't like it. Do what you want with it.

Eight signs of a good nanny

How to know if you have snagged Mary Poppins. (Read more).

Closter, New Jersey

Just wanted to say something nice about a Nanny, at least I just found out today that she was the Nanny. You are a dark skinned and heavy-set, from the islands, Jamaica I think. You always wear a smile and the little girl that I see you with is always smiling and you are always talking to her and engaging her. It is so obvious that she adores you, sometimes I see you with a little boy as well. I hope the parents are aware of how lucky they are, you really are amazing! I see you around town a lot, at karate, gymnastics, the park, school and you are always happy and upbeat. The little girl's name is Gracie and her brother I think is Michael. If anyone reads this and knows the parents, please tell them they have a gem, if I knew the parents I would be telling them myself. With all the horror stories you hear about nannies, it absolutely warms my heart every time I see this Nanny, I think her name is Charlene.. Carlene.

Hazelwood Park, Baltimore, MD

Thursday, October 6, 2006
"We came here to swing, now swing". sitter
"It's all wet" girl age 3ish
"You have five minutes to swing or you are going home" sitter
"But I will get wet" girl age 3
"girl, I didn't come all the way over here to hear more whining" sitter
"can we wipe it off" girl age 3
"You go on, wipe it off" sitter
"With what" girl age 3
"Oh hell." sitter as she grabs swing and shakes it off spraying child and herself with water. Then she uses her shirt to pat out the rest of it. The child just stands there and the sitter says, "go one now, you know you better swing now".
The little girl looks like she wanted to burst in to tears.
This was this morning around 930. The little girl wore red pants and a light pink jacket with a very identifiable hot pink liner inside the jacket. You should know the child by the jacket without me having to identify the sitter. If I did, I would not have kind words to use. Re examine who you are leaving your little girl with!

Gilbert, Arizona

I live in Gilbert, Arizona off of Higley Rd. and Williamsfield Rd. I often take walks after breakfast with my son and our dog. Everyday I would walk by a younger girl, I would say around 20 or 21 years old, long brown hair, very slim, and very tall who is always with two children, a boy and girl who look to be relatively close in age, approx.ages 1 and 2...the boy being the younger of the two. The boy has blonde hair and the little girl was very small with shoulder length brown hair. She was always playing with them outside very sweetly. She played hide and go seek around the front porch and had tickle wars with them. The two children always seemed extremely happy with her. There was often another little girl with her as well approx age of 3 who also had shoulder length brown hair but was somewhat taller then the other girl. I believe she was her daughter because she often called her "mommy". I always looked forward to walking by the children everyday because it seems to make me feel really happy knowing that these children are so content and happy and well taken care of. (I have had some previous experiences with bad nannies). One day I was out looking for my dog who had got lose and she was outside with the children again. I asked her about my missing dog and she was very polite to talk with me but never ignored the children at all. They would frequently walk up to her to be held or play and she would always acknowledge them with a big smile and hug. I hope this family knows how great of a nanny she is and how lucky they are to have found her. If she ever needs employment, I would gladly give her a job with my own son :)

Brooklyn, NY

Received Thursday, October 5, 2006
I live in Brooklyn NY, Midwood section. I am a bit worried about my son and the sitter who I believe leaves him on the swing in the park all day/ no interaction. Where would I post my information so that anyone who might be in the neighborhood could alert me to any problems.

Henry's babysitter.......................

Many thanks to Greg in Boston who sent in the link to this story.
So! Henry’s babysitter hit him yesterday.
She. Hit. Henry. My son. Hit him! With her hand! (read more)

Webb Park in Hartsdale, New York

Received Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Westchester nanny alert. .3 yo blonde girl in short pink skirt, white top with pink sleeves. AA nanny with red streaks in hair hanging with other nanny and totally ignored the child, who was begging other nannys and moms to play with her, swing her, pick her up. My girlfriend says this is every day at the park. The abuse (beside neglect) was clear when the little girl started walking to the side of the play ground pulling her panties down. I called to the nanny, who ignored me. 5 of us were then calling to her and I was crossing to her when she finally looked up from her phone, went to the girl, took her to the grass (and the park has a porta potty) had her pee in the grass that others walk on, then did not even wipe her or her hands before she sent her off to be neglected again. Every parent's nightmare of neglect.