Hiring My First Nanny

Hello. I am hiring my first full time nanny and I want for it to be mutually beneficial. I am not working with an agency. I wanted to know what you, this audience thought of what I am willing to pay and what I expect:
Hours: 7AM-6PM M-TH, Friday, 8AM-8PM, without exception.
Holidays:I will provide a calendar of days off that are offered, but we are looking at only five paid holidays per year.
Live in or live out: Nanny can live in or out, or stay over when convenient due to weather. We have a beautiful guestroom in our finished, expansive basement that could be hers and hers alone. It has a full bathroom with shower that is private.
Prepare breakfast and lunches for 3 year old and 7 year old. The 7 year old takes her lunch. Lunches need to be made with care and attention and reflect healthy choices and creativity. We do not used processed foods, but cook with whole ingredients only. For example, cookies are okay, so long as they are made at home with certain flours and ingredients.
Get both children ready for the day. I leave for work any time between 7-8. I need the nanny to focus on the children during that time so I can get myself ready and out the door. The children's outfits will have been set out and pressed the night before. The nanny will help the children dress, groom themselves and clean up after themselves. The nanny will also help the children to make their beds.
Walk my 7 year old child to school. Return with the three year old and do some sort of craft activity or in appropriate weather conditions, I encourage my child to be outside at the park, etc. Lunch should be between 12-1 every day and my three year old will take a nap, not longer than one hour. I am looking for a nanny to pack a lot of learning activities into the day. My 3 year old will start a half day morning program in the Fall.
Friday-I have adjusted the day for a late start on this day. After picking up the oldest, take public transportation to a public location selected by my ex husband. There, he will usually have an early dinner, ice cream and/or do an activity with the children. You would bring the children home by 8PM on Friday and would be off at that time.
Errands: Dry cleaning, grocery shopping, bakery, deli, etc. as needed.
Expectations: When my three year old is in school in the Fall, I would hope to be able to ask you to complete additional errands, such as gift shopping for classmates, Holiday decorating, teacher's gifts, etc.  I do not expect you to work every minute that you are on the clock but hope that you would want to be a part of running an efficient household.
Housekeeping: The nanny will help the children make their beds daily. The nanny will clean up after cooking prep and after each meal. The nanny will not leave dishes in the sink or dishwasher. You are not expected to clean, but you are expected to keep the house clean. We have a housekeeper that works 20-25 hours per week. If a child smears jelly on a window, than I would expect the window be cleaned. I would not expect you to clean windows. I would not expect you to dust, but I would expect that there would be many activities that would require you to vacuum or sweep up after. I would also expect that you help to keep the children's rooms and play areas organized.
Room and Board: Given the hours you are working, you may choose to eat all of your meals at our home and within reason procure the foods you like while shopping or during errands. While we have a room available and offer it to you either as a FT or PT live in, it is important that I know your intentions. For example, if you live in but go away with a friend for the weekend, I would expect you would advise me, not to keep tabs on you but for the security of the household.
Absolutes: No smoking or drinking during work hours. No questionable music or media. Use appropriate language and manners at all times. No visitors in the home without prior consent. My children will not go into any homes or locations or ride in the vehicles of any person not known to me. I expect that you would have a cell phone and would use it appropriately. It is very important to me to hire someone who likes doing things with a 3 year old as my 3 year old loves to go to the zoo, library, playground, to paint, have play dates, etc.
Salary: $600 for the first 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, salary will go up not less than $50, dependent on performance. Future salary increases will occur every six months, but may be nominal.  I do not pay for sick days, but I will pay 1/2 week's pay every 6 months for not missing any days. In addition, I will pay one week's pay for a full year of being on time and not requiring to leave early. The paid holidays will be Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.  You will be paid  for one week's vacation in August. After one year of employment, you will be entitled to two weeks per year, so long as the time is scheduled one month in advance.
Required: American nanny, 4 years of college, 3 years plus of professional childcare or teaching experience, non smoker, physically and emotionally fit.

Thoughts? Anything I need to clarify?
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We Can't Believe You're Even Considering This...

 Hello fellow nannies, parents, au pairs, and readers! There has come an opportunity, my way and I am seeking advice!
      I am in my mid thirties and I have a college education from an excellent university. Pre-college, during college and after college, I have worked as a nanny. (Years of experience) For a short while, I worked in the field of study I majored in. I missed being a nanny. I absolutely love children. I'm returning back to what I truly love to do. I believe I am "worthy" as a nanny, based on what I have to offer, but not in a pompous way.
      I have come across an opportunity and need advice! Never in my experiences have I had such an opportunity with so many hours, a lot of responsibilities and this would be a live in position, which is not typical for me. I have not been a live in before.
      Okay, here is the scoop. The family lives in Baltimore Maryland. To be cared for are two newborn twins (boys), a 3 year old girl in the late afternoons and early evenings (she attends school 5 days a week), my days to work are SIX days per week, 11 hours per day. So that is 66 hours per week as a live in nanny and... housekeeper. All washing and laundry (clothing and bedding) is expected to be completed by me as well as full housekeeping (wash floors, vacuum, clean bathrooms, kitchen, empty trash) on a weekly basis. Sounds like a lot of work to me! The house is not enormous so I think I could possibly and hopefully get the twins on a sleep schedule and do cleaning/laundry then?        Or do you think this is too much and I'll wear myself out. I don't want to accept the job if I don't think I can handle it. I'm at a crossroads here! I need advice. I would have my own bedroom and bathroom on a separate level, food is provided and the weekly compensation is $300 cash, under the table. I have my own health insurance and I have my own transportation. I am American, have an excellent reputation in the area, offered to cook but the family has religious restrictions on their diet. (I'm okay with this) I'm wondering if I asked for more money and how much (?) if that would be fair. I don't want to break the bank as this is a kind family with values (hard to find in this area). Please help! Much appreciated in advance!


Financial Questions During Agency Interview

I live in MA and was recently asked by a California nanny agency, whether or not I had a trust fund. Is this illegal? It made me incredibly uncomfortable! Background: After college I did a lot of traveling, volunteer work and "fun" jobs to explore the world and gain experiences. They wanted to know how I funded all that. I guess saving and being frugal didn't occur to them?
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Sprinkles Cupcakes on Lexington in NYC

When: 2/24/2015 approx 12:15 PM
Where: Sprinkles Cupcakes on Lexington in NYC
Child: White boy with reddish/blond hair, Sweater striped with three different greens, jeans, tan and navy hiking boots on a gluten free diet. Aidan or Evan.
Nanny: Large white nanny wearing yoga pants. Yoga pants were once black, but very fades to a soft black, there was a fold down, striped waist band. The nanny had short, bobbed brown hair and looked to be in her early 20's. She had a short, faded denim jacket on too.
Tweeker: Tall ugz, fleece pants,  blue and grey NorthFace jacket, darker brown hair, stringy, very thin, looked in her 30's.
Situation: Nanny arrived with child. Nanny had an envelope clearly marked "NANNY" with money inside, so their is no question that she is the nanny and that she was using house funds for this event. Nanny ordered two cupcakes. She sat down and things seemed fine. Then about five minutes later a third person joined them. She was a little older, skinny, looked like a tweeker. I say this because she kept scratching her forearms. She asked the nanny to get her something. The nanny handed her a $20 and the tweeker went to the counter and got a cupcake and a coffee and sat back down. I noticed she didn't return the change, but that isn't the crux. The boy was obviously very verbal. He kept himself engaged with his cupcake and a tractor trailer hot-wheel car, but the nanny and her friend began having a conversation about a rape, including graphic details and while the boy did seem content where he was, he was also one foot away from their mouths. The tweeker chick had a horrible vocabulary and not the best grasp of grammar either. Then when talk of the rape was finally over the tweeker was talking about needing a place to stay and the two of them concocted a plan of how she (your nanny) was going to sneak the tweeker in in the evenings to sleep there. They went over how they would work it. This is obviously not my business, but this is a character you don't want meeting up for cupcakes with your child and you certainly don't want SNUCK IN YOUR HOME!
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Am I allowed to quit early?

     I moved from Denver to an affluent area of Connecticut about a year and a half ago.
     I interviewed for several jobs first - ideally for a position in NYC - but found a job caring for two teenagers who live with their single father. It was the perfect job as I'm great with teens and I have a passion for cooking that I could express by cooking all their meals. I also teach yoga and I would have the flexibility to teach while the kids were at school. The father asked my to agree to stay with them for two years and I agreed. The microcosm within their home was wonderful. I love the kids, I feel respected and I do my job well. Although the first winter I was there I fell into a deep depression. I am a free-spirited hippy-dippy kind of girl trapped in a mansion with very uppity, older population. If I had known that the area was like that when I was offered the job I would have kept looking in NYC. It took a long time to make friends. I felt incredibly isolated and I reached a point about six months in where I almost had to go. It felt unbearable for me socially and mentally I was suffering.      Right around that time of nearly breaking down I traveled to Costa Rica and met an American man who lives there. To make a long story short we have maintained a long distance relationship for the last 8 months and we are ready to start a life together. I have stuck it out this long because I am paying off my student loans. I just got offered a position in CR that I cannot say no to. Professionally it is in alignment of what I want to do long term. The job begins 3 months short of my two year agreement. I already told my employer that I intend to move this year. I told him right away of my intentions And we agreed that I stay through the summer. With this position I would need to leave in the beginning of summer.
      My employer is a little challenging for me. He is all business and no emotion. He doesn't place himself in my shoes and try to understand the situation I'm in and really doesn't know anything about me. It's strange given that I have lived in his home for a year and a half. I'm worried about sharing the news. The kids are really attached to me. I care so much about the kids and I hate to disappoint but I need to leave earlier. There is a part of me that worries-- what if he doesn't let me go early?? Is this possible? I need to leave in 3.5 months. It took him a month to hire me after my first interview. Should I give him notice now? -KJ
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Housing Problems

Help! I cannot take this. I am a live-in nanny and have been here since January 2014. At the beginning of February, renovations started on the house. This is not a minor thing, they are adding 2,000 square feet to the house. The problem is my room is not usable at all, so I was going to take one of the children's rooms. I have been on the same floor, sharing the bathroom with a 3 year old and 6 year old boy for two weeks now and running into the father in the hallway when I need to use the facilities. The project is scheduled for completion for August 15. I can complain all I want, but there is no other place for me to stay at their house, excepting where I am. I wanted to propose to them that if they could pay a monthly train pass for me, I could commute and stay and my boyfriend's apartment, six stops away on the Metro North. As an employer, would you think this is fair? I would then be providing my own meals and showers at his place, but at the same time I know it would be a perk to stay with him, but nothing I had planned and something I would need financial assistance to cover. My employers are what people would call well off, so I don't think it is something they cannot afford. I don't want to risk our relationship, which is pleasant, but I don't think I could keep it pleasant living on the main floor of their house, down the hall from their master bedroom. What do you think?
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Cruising with Nanny?

My employers who have been struggling with finances for awhile now just announced that they are going on a cruise for Spring Break and they would like me to come. This is what they said, "we would like you to come."  I have never been on a cruise before but I get the feeling it could be stifling.  Has anyone every cruised with their employers? We would be flying to Florida and cruising from there for an 8 day cruise and then flying back. This would eat up two weekends I would normally not be working and I am guessing a lot of extra hours. For accommodations, we would have connecting rooms, both at the hotel and on-board. I am told the rooms are "favorable, with balconies and the best amenities."  It's a standard Norwegian Cruise ship, so I am curious what "favorable and best" mean. 1) Can I ask? 2) I normally work a 9 hour day. What do I charge for hours over 9? 3) What do I charge for overnights & being away from my life/friends/family? 4) What do I charge for each weekend day? My normal weekly salary is $745/cash.

The Inquisition

Hi, ISYN readers, I need some perspective please. I have worked with this family for 7 weeks. On Thursday, I was summoned into the kitchen after hours. [Let me just say I had issues with the way I was told to report to the kitchen].  I walked in the kitchen and dinner was clear and both employers were sitting in front of an empty table. They asked me to sit down. I did. Right away, the male employer said, "This is not something we're going to negotiate.". I looked perplexed. The wife looked at the husband and shushed him and said, "X said that you were on your phone driving to dance class." I let out a sigh of relief, knowing this was a misunderstanding. I assured them that never happened and I would never use my phone while driving. The child who reported this is 6 years old. The husband said, "so you won't mind us checking your phone." I was offended but knew I was in the right and also nervous, so I said, 'sure, of course' and I handed him my phone. He looked around on my phone, I'm guessing at the times text messages were sent?  I sat there for a literal five minutes and I began to get very upset. After five minutes, he passes it back to me, stands up and says, "I don't know, I see no clear evidence that you were on the phone, but if this comes up again, you're out." The wife shushed the husband and shook her head and mouthed "I'm sorry."  I worked all day Friday with no interaction. It's now Monday and I cannot stop thinking about this. I don't feel very secure in my job at all and I wonder what the next thing they are going to subject me to. Do I take the mom aside and talk to her? I really would like to get my last check on Friday and never come back.


Meet Noa Mintz, 15 year old Nanny Agency Entrepenuer

Noa Mintz, owner of Nannies by Noa
     Noa Mintz didn't particularly like her family's babysitter. “For what you’re paying, your kids should be more stimulated,” says the teen. “At 7, I would tell my mom, ‘You need to get more bang for your buck.’ It would drive me insane!” Her mother, in jest, suggested she find a better one.
     The then twelve year old did just that and soon began finding better nannies for friends and neighbors. “I found it fun to get to know a family and their needs — and find a babysitter who matched that,” she said. It was the summer of 2012, before she entered 7th grade. “I really had no expectations, but I figured I’d try,” said Mintz, who lives on the Upper West Side with her parents and three younger siblings. In the past year, her business has tripled: from 50 clients in 2013 to 190 clients today. (Read more here)

Wonder if they're still together?

     A Bridgeport, Ct. babysitter was arrested Thursday night for punching a teenaged boy he was watching, and the teen was arrested for jabbing the babysitter with a knife, police said.James Littlejohn, 26, of Fairfield Avenue, was charged with criminal attempt at second-degree assault, third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and two felony counts of risk of injury to a child. He was held in lieu of a $5,000 court appearance bond.
      Sgt. Kelly Connelly said that Littlejohn was babysitting his girlfriend’s three children Thursday afternoon. But when the woman, 30, got home after work at 7 p.m. she became alarmed when she saw that her son’s right cheek had a cut on it that was beginning to bruise. Littlejohn suffered cuts to his shoulder and buttocks. Connelly said that Littlejohn, who works seasonally as a landscaper in Greenwich, explained to responding officers that he and his girlfriend’s 13-year-old son had been wrestling when the boy began to fight with him for real.
      Littlejohn said he had to punch the boy to get him to stop and that is when the youngster grabbed a knife and started to jab him with it. The boy told police the two were wrestling when Littlejohn began poking him with an auto injector that he uses for migraine headaches and began punching him in the face.The boy told police he grabbed the serrated kitchen knife to protect himself. The boy was charged with assault and released in to his mother's care.


Heartbroken Nanny No Longer a Bundle of Fun

I have a problem with my nanny and I don't think that it can be fixed. My nanny moved here from 600 miles a way and met a guy within two months. For almost a year, they have been 'hot and heavy' and everything has been great. On Valentine's Day, he didn't get her anything special, which led to a conversation which led to him telling her he didn't think the relationship is going anywhere. So, for the better part of a week, my nanny has beside herself with a broken heart. I tried to be supportive and I know this is hard, but if she isn't crying, then she is biting her lip to stop from crying. I know she is a good person, but at this point, I worry about the damage being done to my children. She clearly is not happy. I suggested that she talk to someone about her feelings, I even offered to send her to a reputable therapist and pay for it. I cannot continue with her pouting around the house. We hired her because she was upbeat and positive. How do I politely tell her to stop sulking and get back to the business of being the nanny I hired or I am going to have to replace her? I would say this in the gentlest of way.


TJ Maxx @ Columbus Square Mall

Wednesday 3/18 @ 11:10 AM- I was at TJ Maxx at Columbus Square Mall and really upset by what I saw. If someone who knows this child responds, please give them my contact information. The child was an obviously sick white boy between 2 and 3 years old, with blonde curly hair and a very red face. He was wearing a grey puffer jacket and dark colored corduroy jeans and I believe was named Ben or Benny(?). The nanny was likely Irish, stick straight strawberry blonde hair, wide face, freckles, early twenties, about 5'5" and 140Lbs. She was wearing a black ribbed turtleneck, bright blue colored jeans and a red coat open that buttoned up with a chevron patterned scarf hanging around her neck. She was clearly shopping for herself, and for some time. The child was miserable. When he grabbed for something, she was so rough with him. She pried his hands off of things with such force. She grunted his name "Benny, no, Bennnnny...." *Could have been a nickname?? Bunny? I saw her take a plastic hangar and poke it at his chest, he was wearing a thick coat, but this did make him cry. When he cried this and other she said, "stop your crying, this is going to stop now." She made no attempt to hurry up and seemed not to really care that other shoppers noticed her child's discomfort and sickness. The poor kid must have sneezed seventy times while I was there. When I left, she was still there with him, sorting through fragrances without a care in the world. The boys cry was pretty constant and it wasn't even loud most of the time, it was the cry of a sick and uncomfortable child WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME IN A WARM HOUSE! I would have taken a picture but my phone was dead!
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Ash Wednesday

I am so upset. My boss come home and said I have a smudge on my face. Then I tell her what it is and she laughs a little but sees my upset and stops herself. She said she is sorry she didn't realize I was religious "like that." I am supposed to get off at 730 and I should have been done but I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and she come in and said, "how long do you have to keep that on for?" Then her husband chuckled to me. I don't like this disrespect to my religion and they seem not smart about religions to not know what the ash is about. She said to the five year old, "Maybe you should as Elisa to explain to you why she wears ashes on her face this day." I felt she was mocking me and I could not explain. I thought I would crash in to tears. I excused myself and went to my room. I am so hurt by this. I am living in their house for three months now and they treat me like they treat a silly puppy.


In too deep

     Former nanny Barbara Thayer returned to the stand Wednesday after more than four hours of testimony Tuesday. Harris, 53, of Spencer, is accused of killing his wife Michele in Sept. 2001. Her body has never been found.
      Barbara Thayer remembers Michele Harris as a mother who enjoyed spending time with her four children, and a baker who made the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Thayer, of Spencer, babysat Cal and Michele Harris' children for several hours a day, helped out around the family's Tioga County home, and joined them on two trips to Cape Cod.
     Thayer testified Tuesday that while one of the children was crying and said she missed her mother. Cal Harris told the child to "stop your sniveling, your mom's gone now — get over it." Defense Attorney Barket claimed Thayer took things out of the Harris home without telling Cal and gave it to police - like a tape recording. He accused Thayer of not caring about Cal and the four children, and just caring about helping the police.


I am a part of a share and one of my infants demands a lot of my attention. I've tried slowly weaning him away from needing constant physical touch but feel there's more I could do to help this transition. Please share any advice you may have. It's difficult for me at times to meet the needs of the other infant when baby #1 cries at the top of his lungs. He's not old enough to cry it out and sometimes I feel like the neighbors must think I'm awful.


Another Nanny Caught on Tape

Two parents in Waukesha claim they caught their nanny abusing their infant twins on a private camera.The parents told investigators they noticed bruises and scratches on the babies and wanted to learn what was going on.
      Court documents state the video captured Oumarou striking the couple's infant son hard enough to knock him over. The complaint also states she picked the child up by the arm and him in the head with a shoe. Oumarou told police that she struck both children because "the boy picks on the girl."          
Yes, that's right, the nine month old boy was picking on his twin. So, they set up a video camera and leave the children alone with the person they suspect is absusing their child and authorities are heralding them? Are you kidding me? Read more about the loathsome parents and crappy nanny here. ISYN advises: if you suspect your child is being abused, remove your child from the situation immediately! -J'NeiNei

Angry nanny at Grand Central Train Show

I just had to write and share what I saw. I do not have a picture, however, this child was wearing a red knit hap that was ornate and decorated as a fire hydrant and he was wearing a red pea coat. The child was African American, and about 2 years old.  He was wearing black gloves. I had noticed this child and nanny while indoors at the Train Show. I thought she must be his mom, she was agitated. She was texting, he knocked her phone out of his hand, she said, "that is the last time" putting her finger in his face, literally  1/2 inch from his nose. The kid was captivated by the trains and just wanted her to "look", "see", etc. She was distant and annoyed. The best she did was nod "uhhum". At one point he got out of her sight and I noticed. She kept texting. When he didn't see her, he looked worried, but walked around the area to the other side of this display and said, "Berry, there you are". That is what I think he said, "Berry." I saw "Berry" outside of the terminal when I was leaving FInancier Patisserie. He was crying and she was literally dragging him by the back of his coat. His feet were off the ground at some point. Yes, this could be a mom, but he did not call her Mom.  She had a Caribbean accent and natural black, short hair. She was wearing jeans tucked in to very tall brown boots with an oversized buckle and a grey wooly looking knee length coat. If this is your nanny or babysitter, I would NOT let my child alone with someone this angry and impatient!  This was between 10:30-11:30 on 2/11.
Grand Central Terminal New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store, New York NY Shuttle Passage


11-year-old suspected of beating 2-month-old while babysitter slept

WICKLIFFE, Ohio - Police said an 11-year-old child beat a two-month-old to death while the babysitter was sleeping. The child, Zuri Whitehead, died with extensive internal injuriesat the hospital after paramedics were called to the home.  Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice said that the 11-year-old's mother was the baby's babysitter. The three of them were lying together on the couch when the mother fell asleep. Police believe the 11-year-old took Zuri to a different part of the home and beat her.  Later, the 11-year-old brought the baby, who was bleeding, back to her mother and woke her up, telling her something was wrong with her. (Read More)

Nanny Realizes She's Worth Much More

I moved to NYC from the Midwest to work as a live-in nanny. I have a 4 year degree in early education. I was flown out to Chicago for an interview to meet the mother who was there on business. I accepted a position making $550 a week, living in. Once moved in, I realized how many hours I was expected to work. I also realized that my skills, age, physical fitness and more make me a desirable candidate and that making $550 a week is laughable. If I quit my job, the nanny agency has to refund the fee to the family. If I quit before 60 days, it is 50% refund and after 60 days it is a replacement only. My question is this, and I want real responses. I feel that I can make almost double what I am making now and perhaps even get a better gig with more perks, etc. Why is it okay for a sales representative to leave one company for a company that will pay them more or provide them better perks, but if I even suggest this, I am a horrible person who doesn't care about children. That is the sentiment I am getting. I spent Sunday interviewing by phone, pre interviewing with a personal assistant and meeting with a more elite nanny agency. Without even using the current family as references, I have great opportunities. I have met two nannies in the same building, one is a live out from Trinidad and one is a live in from Cambodia. The Cambodian Nanny makes $600 a week live-in and she does not even have a green card. I speak three languages, swim, dance, tutor, drive, scuba dive and as stated have a degree. Assuage the guilt I feel for wanting a better opportunity for myself.*If I stay less than my year contract, I have to reimburse the employers for the price of a ticket. I am willing to do that.
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Nanny Quarters Across America

Not all live-in nannies and aupairs live the life of luxury alongside their employers. Not all nanny employers are fabulously wealthy. Much curiosity exists in the nanny community and from outsiders with regard to what its like to be a live-in nanny. In the near future we will be running a weekly series on the live-in nanny experience.

As a prelude to ISYN's return, we solicited submissions from live-in childcare providers. We sought to know what their live-in quarters were like. The submissions ran the full spectrum from nannies sequestered in windowless basements and nannies who shared bathrooms with their charges to nannies with their own guest cottages and nannies who were provided studios and one bedroom apartments in or proximal to their employer's homes.

Here, we give you, Nanny Quarters Across America, part I. 
"My place is small, filled with Ikea products, but great AC, great view and private entrance."  ES in CT

"I don't spend a lot of time in here. I know other people have
better accommodations, but I'm 4 blocks from Times Square." Rachel in NYC
"My room is a made up of every piece of junk they should have thrown out, like my 80's tv."  -Amber, Brooklyn
"I've been with this family three years and my room is part of an addition. I have my own entrance and a small mini bar sink, refrigerator & microwave."
"The best thing I can say about this room is that they put a pull out sofa here and don't mind if I have friends over. I don't have my own entrance but it is private. You have to go through the laundry room to get here." Anonymous, Westchester

"Others may have bigger spaces, but I have
privacy and my own entrance."  
"Cramped space on the same floor as two of the children." E, NJ
"It could be worse" -Meredith, PA
"I've been here too long" - Kristy, outside SF
"I can do what I want in here and they can't hear me. I've been here since October and my boss says we can make plans to spruce the place up if it works out."  Amber, Dobbs Ferry, NY

"My boss thinks this is really over the top, fancy, top of the line." Anonymous,  Boston Area
"This was Aunt Mary's room. She died here. I feel her presence, but it's a good space"  S, NJ

"This is the closest I am going to get to Park Avenue living." Lysa, NYC

"Lots of space, windows, private entrance. The decor is weird. If it
works out, I'm looking to enhance it a bit."  Georgia, Outside Seattle

"The sink in the room seemed weird, until I realized I could pee in it.
I wish I had my own bathroom. It blows to have to get fully dressed to take a piss."  Anonymous

"No AC, next door to the kid's playroom and the playground equipment is outside of my
window, so if they think they see my shadow, they call for me to come play, even on Saturday mornings
when I am off."  Nicole, Westchester

"Functional and comfortable. They even let me get a puppy." B, CT

"I should have cleaned it,but you get the gist. Too small. Mixed
and match furniture."  Sharon, NY

"I think they really tried. They're really nice people" -Janice in CA

"I hate everything about it."
-Anonymous, NYC

"I like that I am not in the main house"
-Ashley, Georgia
"I could have a whole family up here and they wouldn't know.
They don't ever bother my space."  Anonymous, CA
"The mother once asked me to keep my room neater. I told her if her son wouldn't
come in here to 'play with me' on my time off, It wouldn't be so messy."
"My room is in the basement, but the basement has it's own entrance, a gym, sauna, pool table and theatre room"
-K, Fairfield County, CT
"I travel a lot with the family and when we travel, they get me good rooms. This, this is basic.
It could be worse." Anonymous, NYC
"I'm in the basement but I have a pretty good sized window." Anonymous, NY State 
"My room is pretty small. It's at the end of a long hallway, separate from
the family and my bathroom and closet are good size."  G outside LA
 If you are a nanny or an employer and would like to share a photo of your living area, please email a single image of the area with any information you are comfortable providing.


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The Second Mother

I wanted to share with you all a beautiful movie coming out that depicts the very real relationships of mothers, children and caregivers. It isn't sensational, just beautiful. I was privileged to be able to attend an advanced screening and I was deeply moved.
"One of the most accomplished, sure-handed films of the festival, "The Second Mother" is straightforward, socially aware and deeply rooted, not only in Brazilian but in world society class structures. That it It is also deeply rooted within the psyches of the actors and the director is what makes it so powerfully effective upon the audience". Read More.


Duke and Duchess prepare to 'hire full-time nanny'

     Prince William and his wife Kate opted not to hire a maternity nurse after the birth of their first son, George, instead opting to rely largely on the Middleton family for help. However their growing workload and a boisterous toddler means the couple are now looking for an extra pair of hands the second time around.
     Aides have enquired at London-based Norland Agency and Royal Nannies about the possibility of a full-time maternity nurse for at least three months, the Mail on Sunday reports. The Duchess already has a full-time nanny to help with 18-month-old Prince George – but it is understood she wants additional help for her second child. Speaking about their current nanny, Antonella Fresolone, 42, a royal insider said: “Antonella has already been proving invaluable to the Duke and Duchess. (Read More))