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At the end of November, we will be publishing a feature on Nanny Horror Stories and in December we will run our annual Holiday Bonus survey. We hope that all who have a contribution will share...


Rye Brook, NY

Received Thursday, October 30, 2008.
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny Super Nanny Discovered!!!!
I have seen your amazing nanny in and around Rye and Rye Brook approximately 3-4 times. Each and every time, your children's faces are lit up, your nanny is smiling and intensely connected to them. The first time I chanced upon her, I assumed she was the mother, but she corrected me. The children both have dark hair and olive complexions. There is a little girl and a little boy. Their ages are approximately 2 and 3. The nanny is statuesque in build, approximately six feet tall, sturdily built with blonde hair, and an attractive face. I don't know how long she has been with you, but each time I see her, I'll admit, I am overcome with envy. She is the nanny I dreamt of when I had my first child. Four nannies later and I haven't been as lucky as you. I hope you know what an awesome nanny you have. I wondered to myself how she would fit in with my children and imagined only for a brief second that I could poach her away from you. The thought quickly left me head as I recognized the love the three of them share. Their bond is real! I could never interfere with such a great match. As mentioned, the first time I chanced upon her, I assumed she was the mother of the children. She politely corrected me and told me how wonderful the children were, gushing over them, just gushing. This nanny is the antithesis of the bench sitting, cell phone yapping nannies we so often read about on this blog.

Burger King in Elmsford, NY

Received Thursday, October 30, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I saw a bad manny today (Tuesday 10/28, about 11:45 AM) in the area of Elmsford. He was driving a red manny car. It was like a hyundai suv with tinted windows and NY license. He was first at Burger King with his charges and he was cool with them inside the place. Then he want outside, put the kids in their carseats and blasted up his senseless rap music. The music was so loud my heart was jumping around in my chest. That was the base that I felt.

What I did not find funny was he then reparked and waited for a few and then some other men came up beside him and rolled down their windows. The guy gets out of his manny car and is leaning on their car and talking to them and totally ignoring his charges, who by now are having their brains rattled to shreds by the horrible loud music. The guys all smoke a cigarette. Well, at least I think it was a cigarette. My friend thought it was a blunt, which is more like a cigar stuffed with pot. The door to the drivers side of the manny's vehicle was open the whole time, and it was like 45 degrees outside. If you have two white children with curly hair, a boy and a girl about 3 years old and a male, AA manny who drives a red manny car, please give him a stiff talking to.


Haughty Employer Has A Hot Temper - By Hurting In New Canaan

Received Tuesday, october 28, 2008. - Rant
My fat, ridiculous, desperate bitch of an employer is missing 70 dollars from her bag. And she demands to know if I have it. In demanding to know if I have her money, she tells me that she was already looking through my room for my bag to go through but she couldn't find it and she thought that was suspicious that I left it in the car. (I believe it was actually hanging in my bathroom, some other place I leave my bag, not that I think my bag needs to be availed to her searches!!!)
I am a live in nanny and have no expenses out of pocket. She pays for everything I need.

Today, she comes to me and tells me that she is missing money from her bag. Some portion of $70 that her husband handed her. Then she tells me that she knows for a fact that I am broke. And she is accusing me like I am a thief. Meanwhile, I have taken care of her and her family for 13 months now without a single incident. No thefts! No trust issues. I know she is moody and is supposed to be on some sort of medications for her rage, but she isn't. So she is accusing me in this haughty totty voice like she is some big wig princess. And she isn't. She's upper middle class but all of a sudden she is talking to me like she is a snotty dame and I am a peasant. I was shocked into silence. I didn't know what to say. Then her husband calls and she starts telling him that she is talking to me about the missing money from her purse. Mind you, this is a person who cannot keep track of her housekeys or carkeys or paperwork. She is always bumbling around. And like I said, prone to rage. In dealing with her rage, I have noticed that half the time she explodes on her husband and the other half of the time she talks to him like an uppity snob. And she does just this just so she can watch someone else lose control. And then, you can watch her literally get off on it. Once the other person cries or starts screaming in defense, she acts startled and like whatever is happening is happening out of the blue, instead of the fact that she has just pushed every possible button she could to hurt someone.

In particular, I pride myself on being honest when it comes to everything money wise. I am open to her about my spending because I have nothing to hide. And because I am paid by her, she knows what I make. She had no right to accuse me so smugly. So after I regain composure from her initial attack, I find her in the kitchen and I tell her I would appreciate an apology and I remind her that I have never done anything that has ever made her question my honesty in all the time I was here. She looks at me like I am a piece of shit and says, "Um, no, I wont. I can't do that. You are only so upset because you stole it. Your reaction tells me everything". Okay, so I lost it. My handbag was on the counter and I knocked it off and I knocked off a plastic container of coffee. Unfortunately when I swiped at my handbag, I did not see a glass jelly jar drinking glass next to it. The glass went flying and low and behold flung right past her finger and cut her. I don't realize what has happened but she lurches at me and says, "oh you're going to jail now, you're going to jail". To make a long story short, I apologized for knocking the two things off the counter. I didn't see the glass. I was so angry, that I do not deny. What I also must impress upon you is the glee with which she celebrated that she had broken me. She had made me both cry and then lose control. And this made her jump into control mode. She tells me that I need to be locked up in a mental ward and that I could have killed her (her hand was hanging by her thigh when the glass flew by her). I know throwing anything was wrong, but who does she think she is? To so adamantly accuse someone of thievery, simply because she, the most absent minded and bumbling of all bitches has (likely) misplaced something (else).

By the way, I am off on Tuesdays, so today was my day off. No children were around when this happened. I am back in my room feeling so much hurt and anger, I don't know what to do. I should just pack and leave, right? This sort of craziness is only going to lead to bad things.

In case you are not understanding my story, she could not have been more pleased that she got knicked by the glass. I don't even know how it happened. But the smug self satisfaction on her face was evident. She claimed first that her finger was chopped off and second that she needed stitches. It is little more than a bad paper cut. Of course she had me get her the sports tape, gauze, antibiotic and she has her whole finger wrapped up so it looks like her finger is broken. (Only the tip was cut).

And if this is not evident, I do regret that she was injured because of me. I wasn't thinking but I was thinking clearly to think swooshing my bag and the coffee container off the counter was harmless. (I used my forearm and in one motion swept them off the counter).

I'm sorry she got hurt, I am.
But I also wonder how she got to be such an evil woman.

"How The Dream Family Screwed Me Over" - By Anonymous In Ann Arbor

Received Tuesday, October 28, 2008. - Rant
Would you believe..... After taking care of the most amazing infant ever from birth to toddler age, the parents decided to move her to a daycare for "financial reasons". I know exactly what they earn and I know nothing has changed. By the way I am completely for the idea of daycare regardless. I was told on a friday that they are putting her in a daycare starting monday. And they will give me 5 weeks to find another job and pay until then-out of respect for me-even though I won't have to come in. I then cut it short by 2 weeks, because hooray for me and them, I found another job even though its part time. So I thank them for giving me until the end of the month to finish off my financial ends too, as after all, it would just be 3 weeks notice at that decided ending point. I'll manage, right?

So I start a morning of training at a daycare facility, where their child now attends, followed by another half day of training. Who would've guessed that on my second day I would see a child being shoved 3 times by a teacher into the floor and smacking her head by hand into her sleeping mat in a "stay down!" manner. All very hurtful to a distraught child. I saw some other minor things, less aggressive of course; force feeding a child by dripping milk in a 5 month old baby's mouth so she coughs and vomits it all. "Swaddling" my sick former charge aggressively to make her nap again after waking from a 90min nap just 30min earlier? And by aggressively I mean stomach down, wrapped in blanket and holding her down. I'm leaving other small things out. Shocked and confused I leave the premise. Call a nanny friend for advice. Call the parents. Email the director to report things and then they (daycare) dismiss my observations as misinterpreted after meeting with them. The place has no history of abuse, why believe your former 50 h per week nanny? I am then forced to quit a job that has not officially started unless I want the staff to treat me poorly for "tattling" on them. This is how the staff said they feel according to the daycare director.

SO you would expect them to pay me until Nov 14 then anyway but I suggest that we should keep the end of the month as a last day regardless and that I'll manage with the 3 weeks. Mom agrees. Then 2 weeks into daycare, still employed with them but not having to go in as the child is in daycare all day, (I was told to use my time to find another job) and that they will be willing to provide me the time off to do interviews etc-their child gets a bad cold apparently. I have scheduled a training day with a company on monday and then get an email SUNDAY eve to ASK if I could come in monday to take care of the child. I tell them I have a meeting as mentioned on thursday and I won't be able to reschedule at this point (they should understand right, after all this is what they gave me the grace period for). I hear nothing back. Monday night dad brings me my check and I'm short a week. Oh, that's because he decided to not honor the original 5 weeks to 3 weeks. Instead we are paying you for just the 2 weeks. "Because you were not available today. And our friends thought you shouldn't get more. Since you now have another job." I remind him that I do not and that this is a day and a half temp position with 1 days training only. And that the position will only start a few days after our 3 week ending agreement.

I am so hurt. I have never been treated so poorly. How can you as a parent do this to someone who has been like a mother to your child when she was not even 5 oz yet? When you know us. Have been invited to our birthdays. Live down the street from us. Work with my husband. When I've taken her on trips with my in laws. Bought her gifts wherever I've gone on trips. Do you know her favorite food or stuffed animal? Her milestones? Her first word? I'm done crying about how poorly I've been treated. I did my best and you just don't know how to be a decent human being. My in laws where right all along. You are indeed a worm. I never would of thought so until now. Thank you for disposing of me like a meaningless dish rag. I think I'm done caring for kids.


Nanny That Doesn't Snoop Has Several Concerns

Received Monday, October 27, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
My employers are expecting their second baby this year.
Recently the mom started telling me about their financial situation which is unusual for me. We talk fairly comfortably and I even consider her my friend, although she is my employer...a consideration that other nannies warned me to reconsider.

Anyway, we haven't discussed my change of wages for when the baby arrives and tonight was the second time she tried to discuss their financial situation with me, by saying that they have their documents laying around the house and I am a part of what goes on in the house etc, so I shouldn't jump to conclusions that they are well off, so to speak, when I see what the documents state and the figures. Firstly I was taken aback and said, that although I do see their documents laying around, I don't really care that they are there and I don't think anything of the figures on them.

So, I am jumping to the conclusion that they think I am a snoop...when I really do think and take to heart that they do the best that can be afforded regarding my salary...seeing that they don't really pay me a "fair wage" reflecting on what other nannies in my area work for.
But I never really cared about that fact because my life is simple and I could still get the important things done, like pay my bills for instance.
And secondly, I have at the back of my mind that they intend to be "unfair" (maybe thats not the right word) when the baby comes and we discuss salaries again, and they are just putting things in place so that I would be, so to speak, aware of their financial situation from the beginning.

I am so distraught about the point that she thinks I literally read their papers when I do actually see them around and I might have glanced at a couple a couple of times but the most I do is stack mail together to tidy up. I never look through their things or go through anything personal.
And I am unsure about what to expect when the baby comes.
For the record I work in NYC, 5days, 45hrs, my starting salary was less than $500 and I have been employed for 2.5 years.
I was raised to the said $500 (which is, and perhaps more, a starting salary in NYC) this year...thankfully :)

How would others handle a situation like this??

Did Employers Withhold Paycheck From Nanny As Punishment?

Received Monday, October 27, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I just left a temporary Nanny job after 3 months. Mom is transitioning to be a SAHM and I had the option of staying on PT and working with her but ultimately decided against it (maybe that's what upset them?) Anyway, at the beginning, the Parents explained to me that they would be withholding a check for 2 weeks, meaning that I would get my last check 2 weeks after the job ended. I wasn't too happy about it, but they made it sound like it was a good idea and that I would "appreciate having one more paycheck to look forward to" after I left. The pay was pretty decent, I needed the job, so I said fine.

It wasn't long before I realized they were going to be difficult to work for. Every morning I came in there was a "to do" list that just seemed to get bigger week by week. I would always end up doing a huge sinkful of dishes from the night before, vacuuming, laundry - you name it. It really bothered me, but I did what they asked and I know I did a good job, all the while taking care of 3 children.

It's been almost 4 weeks now, and no paycheck. At first they said they were going to mail it to me, so after waiting several days and no check, I finally called back and they told me that they weren't satisfied with my work! They never said anything about the way I took care of the kids, just that the "housework wasn't up to par"! I never signed on to clean their house and for all the extras they made me do, I should have charged more anyway. Now I feel like an idiot for checking my mailbox every day looking for that check, knowing they had never intended to pay me. I don't know what to do. If I try to sue them, it will be their word against mine, and I wouldn't win anyway because they have money to burn. I feel used and angry, and I don't know what to do. Please help!



craigs list wtf Saturday, October 25, 2008.
what does a provider do in order to accept ACD vouchers (Bronx)
here it is. I was helping one of the parents who takes her baby to the same lady who watches after my child and i took her to the ACD office on Willis and 145 street she wants to know why she never received the Appointment but she did get the application for acd. Anyway to make a long story short they told her drop the application in a basket along with all her photo copied documents and you will get something in the mail. The lady was also saying that The Provider she curently had was not a public provider only Private beacuse she dont take vouchers, I was like what makes you say that because if she is not on the list of public daycares that they have she is private. I did not understand DIDLY SQAUT of what the hell that meant. she was also saying the waiting list is 3 years long . So we left the application there with all the photo copied papers I wanted to go with her to 16 street where ACS is. I dont know if this was the proper Procedure, She was also telling us nobody is guarantted anything Aint noboby tell us to have babies. We just ignored the ignorant remarks. When BLACK woman feel they have POWER they like to run with it and discriminate just like when SLAVERY. No one has anything to do with what happened. If people feel they want to carry that load thier WHOLE life, fine be miserable. But dont deny people of what they may be intitle to/. After wards I went to Motor Vehicles to get a Written exam and just cause my Permit expired another Black lady was being STUBBORN this is all the TIME. WHerever there is a black WOMAN and she is in control she will destroy you and step all over you like a bug. I simply Say that is just thier insecurities, this is why they discriminate on Spanish woman so demn much. stop it. its not our faults we can actually GROW HAIR !
Original URL:

Bright Colored Hair & Tattoos (Gateway/Shopko area)
Hello, are there any brightly colored hair or tattooed parents out there looking for quality childcare? I cater to the misfits out there that only want to express themselves in their own way. Weather you are a tattoo artist, or a dread lock wearin' hair dresser, dancer, escort or whatever your fetish is, I am here for you. I am available on short notice, 24/7. I provide date night (Tomorrow is Friday after all), after school, holiday, and late evening childcare. I provide meals and snacks according to the USDA Guidelines. I also provide all the fun they can possibly have while they are here. My rates are competitive and I am discreet and very open minded. If this sounds interesting to you feel free to give me a call at 844-**** and we can schedule a time to meet.
Original URL:
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Infinite Gymnastics - Brown Deer, WI

Received Friday, October 24, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Infinite Gymnastics (also known as Wisconsin Gymnastics Academy) Brown Deer, WI. Today, Oct 24, Preschool Open Gym 10:30-11:00. Child - 15 months-2 years, wearing navy sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt with a patch on it, light brown hair.
Nanny - Older, hispanic woman with black and white stripped shirt, black pants, short hair style.
Your nanny and son were at Open Gym this morning. Your son was not listening to instructors and was jumping/running on the trampoline while other kids were on it. Your nanny continued to watch him go on the trampoline after the instructors told her that he couldn't. The instructor finally told him to sit down or he couldn't use it. He went on it again and jumped in the foam pit. He then screamed and cried for 15+ minutes while your nanny grew more frustrated. She did not say anything to him except "No" and "Sit".
She finally dragged your screaming son to the door after she struggled with him to get their coats. Your nanny was clearly struggling with your child, she could not control him or even keep up with him. They were both frustrated with the situation.
I will never understand why parents hire who they hire.

Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT

Received Friday, October 24, 2008.
nanny sighting logo (Wednesday morning 10/22) - I was in Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT with my sister and her two kids, 13 months and 4 years. I was playing with the four year old and we were checking out all aspects of the park (and what a great park for children indeed) when I noticed a child playing in the monkey bar area. There are several different play areas in this park and I was playing with my niece on one of the metal contraptions that has different levels and slides, ladders, bridges and monkey bars. A lot of the sides of this play area are open so I was keeping an eye on this kid. He had on blue sweats and a multi colored (looked like tye dye) shirt underneath a grey sweatshirt. It was a male child but his hair was quite long and was in ringlets like a honey brown color. He had giant blue eyes that you could see from a mile away.

My niece was running everywhere and then decided she wanted to do the monkey bars. So I was holding her and helping her across when this child (who was kind of following her at times) must have decided he too was ready for the monkey bars and ran to the edge and launched himself off. He fell face first into the mulch and began wailing at a feverish pitch. I put my niece down and walked over to him when a spanish lady ran over to him and began talking in spanish to him. I think she may have called him Evan or Nathan but it was hard to tell with the spanish. She was petite and very busty as evident by her skin tight jeans and extremely low cut shirt with massive cleavage bulging out. She hurried him away with her and went over to two other spanish looking girls, none of who had kids anywhere near them.

I was mortified that this was the child care giver to this sweet adorable toddler who was playing all by himself. This was on Wednesday morning and it was pretty early so the park wasn't TOO crowded but it is a huge park and I would hate to see anything happen to this child. This park is also relatively close to water and a child that young could easily run off, never to return. I was so mad at myself that I didn't go approach the nanny. I stewed about it, meant to do it, but just couldn't get my nerve up to confront her in front of her posse. I regret that so if you think you might know who this is PLEASE contact the parents and let them know. I didn't even know this site existed until I was talking to my sister about my experience (she was in the baby section of the park) and she told me I should try to contact the site. I really hope it works. Thanks so much.

Mom With Amazing Nanny Feels Inadequate

Received Friday, October 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Ok, so I'm sure I will get a lot of flack for this, but here goes... Has anyone ever had a nanny SO good she makes you feel like you don't do a good enough job as a mother? I have an amazing nanny who is kind, loving, take charge and just knows what to do and needs very little direction from me or my husband. She's been with us for 2 years and all of our needs are thought of in advance and she just pulls everything together. All uniforms washed and sports bags packed, perfect lunches made etc.

I know we are truly blessed but the thing is my kids think life cannot run without her. She recently took a week of vacation and my daughters nearly worried themselves sick that I could not take care of their various uniforms, clothes etc. I do work full time and admit that my nanny knows what clothes they love to have in their drawers on certain days and what their favorites are but I feel like I'm failing them if they have to worry when she's away. I know it's just my feelings of inadequacy but I was just wondering if anyone else ever had this problem and how they deal with these feelings. Thanks!


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Thursday, October 23, 2008.

fall Pictures, Images and Photos
If you have a Sighting, Question, or just want to Rant, please CLICK HERE. You can send in your Submissions Anonymously.

Nanny Agonizing Over Constantly Organizing Playroom

Received Thursday, October 23, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a live out nanny for a five year old girl. I really like my job but I just have one issue.
When I come back to work on Mondays her playroom is ALWAYS a total mess. Every toy, lego block, crayon, marker, puzzle piece, doll, doll clothes, etc. is thrown across the floor as if hit by a tornado. I am expected to clean it up and reorganize it EVERY Monday. I do not think it is fair for me to have to clean it since it happened over the weekend when I was not there. During the week I ALWAYS leave the playroom in "showroom" condition before I leave in the evenings. I always encourage the little one to help me put her things away and she does.

The weekends are a whole different story. She has family and playdates over the weekend and her parents leave everything messy until I return on Monday to clean it. They don't encourage the little one and her friends to clean it and when I ask the little one to help me clean it on Monday she refuses and says "it's too much to do." I can understand her view since her parents do not instill in her the responsibility of cleaning behind herself. This is quite apparent since they don't make her put her things away over the weekend. Is this fair? What would you do in a situation like this?


Should Nannies Do Favors?

Received Wednesday, October 22, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I have a question.
My employer is having a baby and inquired whether or not I would be able to stay overnight, how quickly I could get into work etc, if she were to go into labor and I wasn't there to stay with their two and a half year old whom I have been currently caring for since she was three months old.
The question is she asked (seeing that we didn't talk money) it as a favor.
Do other nannies do favors such as this?
Not to mention, I am truly happy and thankful to be employed by them. I love their baby with all my heart and am anxiously awaiting the little one coming.
They treat me really well. Plenty of extra paid time off and very very well in general.
But, at the end of the day, this is my job.
Should I or should I not approach them and if so, how?
Personally, I feel I shouldn't approach them because I wouldn't want to hamper the excellent relationship we have for the sake of a couple nights, money etc, and maybe I won't.
I just wanted to know how others felt about a situation like this.

Employer Shocked By Nanny's Double Life

Received Wednesday, October 22, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
After reading the post about the Nanny's privacy, I hate to admit my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to check up on mine. She's been with us for about 2 months now, and has her own quarters in the back of the property in a cottage. I had never thought to go through her things before, and I'm really not that type of person. However, some of the things I found shocked me, and now I'm not so sure I want to keep her around anymore. First off, I found some toys and videos - of the adult variety. Secondly, I found a journal. I only read a few pages, but I'm starting to get the idea that my Nanny is a little more than boy crazy. She has her weekends to herself and there is no curfew, but now I see how she's been spending her free time. I'm also worried about the times she's been out with my 2 year old, and if she was meeting boys. I haven't told my husband yet. I wanted to get someone else's opinion first. How should I approach her about this? Do you think I should let her go?

Nanny: Am I Underpaid?

Received Wednesday, October 22, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I take care of 1.5 year old twin boys, and I get paid $11 per hour. Its only 16 hours a week. Should I ask for a raise? I've been with them for about 10 months.


87th and York Ave - UES

Received Tuesday, October 21, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I am feeling outraged as I report this:
About 30 minutes ago, at the corner of 87 St. and York Ave, my husband witnessed a Jamaican (?) nanny, with braided hair and a very thick accent, reckless actions.
She was walking towards him, on the cell phone, with a very young child (still with a pacifier in her/his mouth), very fair complexion, almost pale, and blue eyes.
My husband saw a huge bump on the side walk ahead of her and tried to warn the nanny, who was carelessly talking on the phone. She pushed ahead the stroller with force and the baby fell off, face first onto the pavement. The child was not strapped to the stroller.
The baby was bleeding profusely all over the delicate skin of his/her face. The nanny got on the phone again as my husband questioned her, saying "I hope you are calling 911 and not your agency!" (My husband did not have his cell phone with him)
More people gather around and somebody called 911. Within minutes an ambulance came, as the baby cry hysterically, bleeding profusely, the nanny kept saying "Don't cry, don't cry.
I am posting to make sure that this horrible, careless monster does not twist the facts and lie to the parents or the authorities. She caused this baby's injuries, possibly permanent damage, and should go to jail.


Live in Nanny's Privacy - Does it Exist?

Received Monday, October 20, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Do I have a leg to stand on? I am a live in nanny. My "nanny area" is a four room area located off of the garage. To access this area, you need to go from the kitchen, through the mudroom, open the garage door and go through the garage and then go in my door.My door has a lock on it. I also have a sliding door that faces the side of the property. My area is located under a terrace. I have been here four months. I am a neat person, but not a neat freak. When I started, my employers talked to me about discretion and their privacy and how important that was to them. During this conversation, I said specifically, "these are things, I too value". Now, on to my problem. One time, my employer emptied my garbage for me. I wasn't there. One time, she reminded me not to leave dishes in my area. The dishes had been cleared out. To illustrate what happened, I got off work and was going to the movies with a friend. I took a plate of food to my room and heated it up in my microwave. I ate the food and ran out to the movie. I was ina hurry. At this time, I also quickly changed, so my day outfit was on the floor. This is something I would have cleaned up later that night. I wanted to ask, "how did you know dishes were there?". My male boss is not involved with nanny type things. My female boss is who I deal with and she is the one who has gone in my room twice now to clean things. On a third occassion and with no prior notice, she sent the housekeeper to my area to clean it.I was not there and I was very uncomfortable knowing someone had poked around my things. I know we give up a lot when we agree to be live in nannies. I do light housekeeing as only associated with keeping things tidy for the family. She has no complaints about the condition of her house. How do I address my rights to privacy? Do I have them as a live in nanny?


Prospect Park in Park Slope - NY

Received Sunday, October 19, 2008
nanny sighting logo How would you handle a child during a temper tantrum? I have twin boys who are two myself and sometimes their behavior is beyond the pale but what I witnessed at Prospect Park was largely unforgivable. A nanny of Trinadadian ancestry, with braided hair, dark jeans and a peach windbreaker was dealing with a child of about 1.5-2 who was having a temper tantrum. The child, during said tantrum spit on the nanny. The nanny grabbed the child's face and squeezed his face so hard, he did in fact stop his temper tantrum. Even before the child spit at the nanny, I didn't feel the nanny was mature or intelligent to be left alone with a child. Many of her actions appeared to border on egging the child on. When the child raised his hand to suggest he could hit her, the nanny did the same thing and said, "hit me, go ahead, hit me". As a parent, I know sometimes temper tantrums just are, but this is one that could have been avoided with a more responsible caregiver. I truly felt for this little boy. Descriptive-wise, he had longish brown/blond hair, blue eyes and was wearing an orange and brown down vest over a yellow long sleeve shirt. This all transpired today, (Thursday 10/16) at about 4 PM.



craigs list wtf Saturday, October 18, 2008.
I need a sitter tonite in my home!!!! (East Austin)
My sitter canceled on me, I need someone ASAP. My son is 3.5, I am hosting an artshow and need someone here to be his diligent sidekick. you must have experience, be responsible and reliable. I will need you from 6pm -midnight. I can afford $40. please call me 552-****
we live near 51st and manor in east austin
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Wanted: Childcare for 7 year old girl (Springfield)
Location of childcare: Within 30 min walking distance of Downtown Springfield
Pay: We are unable to pay over $3/hr at this time but will be willing to pay more in future as we receive more pay
Where: Would prefer in your home with references. If only can do it at our home must provide verifiable references.
About child- 7 year old girl attending Moffit elementary. Disabled but not extremely noticeable except for her not speaking. She is friendly, listens, great with other kids, and has been in childcare since 4 months old. Hrs of care will be Monday-Friday 3-6pm. Would like some occasional overnight weekend but not required. Hope to hear from you soon!
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NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER Needed!! (Cedar Lake, IN)
We are looking for a Nanny/ Housekepper to help our existing nanny in taking care of our 2 kids (5 years old and 1.5 years old). We need more cleaning than anything else. You may have to cook also. We will provide you breakfast and lunch, and gas to get here. We need you from 9am to 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. We pay $20 per day for the 4 hours. We pay biweekly. Please let us know if you are interested. You can call me to my cell phone : 219-310-****
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Wanted: Full-time, In-home child provider (Redford, MI)
• Hours: M-F 9a-5pm
• For one child who is an 8 week infant
• Pay: $125-$140/ week
• Home location: Redford, MI between Telegraph and Beech Daly off of I-96
• Background in child-care
• Non-smoker
• Reliable transportation
• Three personal references
• Contact Jacquelyn at: 313-613-****
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I have two baby girls that I need childcare for from 7:30 am to 5pm. I start work Monday and have no one to watch them. They are 21 months old and 10 months old. Please email me with any additional questions you have.
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WANTED: SITTER/NANNY (Harwood Heights)
I am looking for a sitter/nanny for my baby. Since we are a young family, we are on a fixed income. We would give you the weekend off, and a winter, summer, and spring break. We are looking for only about 30 to 35 hours a week when you would be with the baby, but a lot of the time one of us would be there, either it is me getting off to work or my fiance sleeping. So if something seriously bad happened, God forbid, someone would hopefully be here. Of those hours, there would only be several hours a day when neither one of us is going to be here. I work 1st shift and my fiance works 3rd shift. So, there would be a few hours a day, about 3 to 4 hours per day, when neither one of us would not be home. My fiance would be home during the day, but needs to sleep when he comes home from work. He usually wakes up around 2 p.m. So, he will also be there once he wakes up to help with the baby, which he will propbably relieve you at 2 p.m. if he didn't have something planned to do or didn't have to run out to the store. We would like it if the sitter/nanny would also help out with laundry and light house cleaning, but the main priority would be caring for our baby. We would like the rates to be around $125 - $150/week take home. Please let me know if this would be something you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you, please contact with any questions or concerns. Have a great day!
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Laundry Land Laundromat, Eckford and Meserole - Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Received Saturday, October 18, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Friday Oct 17, 2:30pm - blond girl pigtails, brown top, maroon pants, red stroller, pink camo diaper bag with west indian nanny in jeans and brown zippered hooded top.
They were either new to the neighborhood or new to the laundromat, have been coming on fridays the past few weeks. The girl was crying, and the nanny told her to sit in the stroller and say there. Now I know that in itself is not anything bad, but Violet who works at the laundromat told me that nanny has been very nasty to the child, and has been in there several times (fridays) and if she ever saw the child with the mother, she would say something.

If you live near Eckford and Meserole, and have your nanny do the laundry at that laundry mat (Laundry Land on Eckford), come in with your child on a Sat before 3pm and talk to Violet at the laundromat. She sees the nannys in here with the kids doing laundry and says a lot of them are not nice to the kids and if she ever sees the kids with their parents she'll talk to them, and let them know how their nannys mistreat their children.


Should Nanny Follow Her "Woman's Instinct"?

Received Friday, October 17, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I started working for my new family about three months ago. They have one son, 3. The pay is really great and things had been going well up until now.The mom goes away on business-type trips for 2-3 days at a time about once a month. The dad usually works about 10-12 hours a day, out of the home.
Once in awhile I have to work very late, which is no big deal. MB is out of town right now until Saturday and I had to work late again last night. After putting my charge to bed, I fell asleep on the couch in the den (which they said was ok). Around midnight I woke up with the dad hovering over me. I thought at first he was just trying to wake me up to go home, but it was something more than that and I got this really creepy feeling that I can't explain - like he had been watching me sleep. Now I feel all weird and am worried about going back. Am I over-reacting? Should I follow my woman's instinct, or let this go?


Thursday October 16, 2008.

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Breaking News

Tuesday October 14, 2008.
Casey Anthony Charged With 1st Degree Murder
Just after 5:00 p.m. today, an Orange County Grand Jury issued an indictment against Casey Anthony for seven charges, including first degree murder. She also faces charges of one count aggravated child abuse; one count aggravated manslaughter of a child; and four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.
The Grand Jury heard from witnesses all day in the disappearance of Anthony’s daughter. Caylee Anthony was last seen in mid-June, but was not reported missing until about a month later.

Update: Thursday 10/16
Video: Major Slip-Up By Casey's Defense Team
Defense Team Member Slips-Up On National TV, Admits Caylee Is Dead
Todd Black, the spokesperson for Casey's attorney Jose Baez, made an appearance on CNN Wednesday night and was grilled about the case. When he was asked why Casey was captured in several pictures partying while her daughter was missing, he slipped up.
Todd Black paused for a second and became flustered after he said, "This is a serious case involving not just the loss of the life of a little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen to Casey Anthony."

Wanted: Your Opinion On Male Nannies

Received Tuesday, October 14, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am curious to know what people think of male child care workers, including manny’s and daycare workers, and babysitters. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with them?
I have a two year old daughter and am looking at daycares. There is one daycare that I really like, but one of her teachers would be a guy. I am not too sure about that. What does anyone else think? I am sure he is a great guy, but I am just not sure. Any help will be much appreciated.

Tuesday October 14, 2008.

Is Nebraska Becoming New Dumping Ground For Unwanted Children?
A Michigan mother drove roughly 12 hours to Omaha, so she could abandon her 13-year-old son at a hospital under the state's unique safe-haven law, Nebraska officials said Monday.
The boy from the Detroit area is the second teenager from outside Nebraska and 18th child overall abandoned in the state since the law took effect in July.
Nebraska's safe-haven law is unlike similar laws in that it allows anyone, not just a parent, to drop off a child, of any age, at any state-licensed hospital without fear of prosecution for abandonment.

State officials have stressed that the safe-haven law should be used only for children in immediate danger; some worry the broadly written law could make the state a dumping ground for unwanted children.
Lawmakers are pondering changes to the law, which is designed to protect infants by encouraging unusually stressed parents to surrender their babies rather than harming them. But the law states that caregivers may leave a "child," which some have interpreted to mean anyone under 19.

Your Thoughts?


CL - WTF? (Every Saturday, by MPP)

craigs list wtf Saturday, October 11, 2008

Queer Mary Poppins a super creative and least condescending sitter (Brooklyn)
I'm a 22 year old student studying Africana and Latino studies at Goddard College in Vermont. My studies are all research based and I'm only on campus 1 1/2 weeks a semester twice a year. I've worked with young people (children) and in childcare since I was 14. I absolutely love working with children and making connections and building relationships with families. My interests include reading, crafting, sewing, printmaking and coloring, yes I love coloring. In addition to being creative, educated and patiently loving I'm very invested in my roots and identity as a Queer feminist. I'm familiar and open to Attachment parenting principles, and can wear a baby pretty well. I want to work with a family who would be comfortable with me being myself and bringing all of who I am to my work. In return I will try my best to instill self confidence, creativity and love into your children. I've worked with children ages 6 months-13 yrs, can tutor and help with homework and I have excellent references. I love the childrens museum, Botanical gardens and slides at the playground and will enjoy these activities with your children while being a supportive adult figure who wants to hear what they've got to say, pick them up when they fall and have that conversation about teasing/ and or being teased with them. I'm not CPR certified but I will be starting classes soon. I would prefer longer hours and less work days, but I'll be flexible for the right family. I'm an excellent cook with experience in ethnic macrobiotic, vege, and wheat free/ gluten free foods. Pick Me, Pick Me!
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Hands on Museum - Ann Arbor, MI

Received Saturday, October 11, 2008.
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny This is a positive nanny sighting. I am pretty sure she was a nanny because she was too thin, and well-rested looking to have a child that young.

Ann Arbor, MI Hands on Museum, around 11 a.m. October 10. The girl was about a year, wearing yellow pants and a pink shirt or sweater, dark blond/light brown hair. The nanny was young, thin, Caucasian with light brown hair pulled into a pony tail, white shirt, green cargo pants, and sunglasses pushed back onto her head. There was so much care and delight in all of their interactions. The nanny was very attentive and sweet--whoever her employer is, you've got a keeper!


Housekeeper, Cook, Dog Walker & Nanny ...

Received Friday, October 10, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny/housekeeper for a family in NJ. I started one year ago and I do like this job. But the problem is that I take care of two little boys, 7 and 4 and still have to clean after theirs sister that is 14 and very irresponsible and messy. They have a huge house, I have to clean all by myself and still cook for the entire family, I do all the family laundry, about 2 or 3 loads a day, I don`t know how they get to manny clothes dirty during just one day, anyway. I do all the job, the kids, parents, answer the phone, take notes, get the mail, take garbage out, open the door for people that comes to do something around the house, and now they got a new dog without asking me if i would mind take care of him.

I am the only one in the house from 7 am to 6 PM, the kids go to school and I am the one that watch the dog, he is only 2 months old, so you can imagine how much trouble he is, I don`t think it was fair with me, I do not want a dog, they just told me what to do and thats all.

I live in from sunday night to friday afternoon, I work more then 11 hours a day and they only pay me $450 a week. For all this job I do, I think they are not being nice to me and I don`t know what to say.

Do you think that is a good salary??? Am I complaining too much???
I am thinking about asking $550 a week, and I know they have money!!!
I would like to hear some opinions!!
Thank you so much.

The Childrens Museum of Richmond - VA

Received Friday, October 10, 2008.
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny I was at the Childrens Museum of Richmond with my son yesterday and saw some good nannies worth posting about. Usually i don't come on here and post but these were two nannies together and typically when that happpens the nannies ignore the children and chat but not these two. They were each running around and really playing with the kids. Doing the different activities, encouraging them in dress up, doing art with them, digging in the dirt. Like i said, unusual because nannies usually get their kids together so the nannies themselves can hang out but these two really seemed to want to the kids have a good time together.

There were three kids, not really sure which belonged to which nanny because both would just run off and help whichever child needed it. I assume though that it was not one family with two nannies because two of the kids looked very alike and one not so much. The nannies were both younger looking (18 to early 20's maybe). One was maybe spanish or white with long curly brown hair and the other was african american with her hair up in a bun.
The children were two girls and a boy. The girls looked to be a 3/4 year old, very pretty with curly blonde hair and a maybe 5 year old with a short brown bob cut. The boy who i think i heard them call Tanner looked a little older but since it was during the school day i would assume five or early six and he was wearing a tranformers type shirt and had dirty blonde hair.

Like i said not sure whos nanny was who because they were both playing with all three kids and helping and diffusing fits in all of them. If these are your nannies then consider yourself lucky. They seem to really enjoy the kids and the kids really seem to be attached to and enjoy both nannies very much. Sorry i don't have more specific details about nannies and the kids but i was playing with my son most of the time.

John Jay Park - NY

Received Friday, October 10, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I saw your nanny today at the park, I know her because our youngest are in the same class together - and she knows I know you - We were at John Jay Park and she sat with your older child on a bench while our 2yo ran around - I only know this because I had to search for you after I ran after them all over the park and your nanny was still reading the paper - When all of our children were playing your nanny told the children that she was going to the bathroom - not once did she look at us (me and my husband) - She was gone for at least 20 min and sauntered back to her bench - I know you and I know you think you have a great nanny - I would have and did think that there is no way that you would hire someone you did not think paid the utmost attention to your girls, but you are very wrong - Your kids were all over the park (having a great time) and they are very young 2 and 5 - 30 min easily would go by before she looked for them -

Sick Nanny Is Worried About Making A Bad Impression

Received Friday, October 10, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I have a question and I would like your input. I just started a new nanny job and I have been working for this family for about a month so far. It is only part-time, only 10 hours a week.
My problem is that I have already called in sick two times. One time I was extremely nauseous and couldn't come in and today I have a 102 fever and it is impossible to make the drive to work. I feel like if I was the mother I would think of me as unreliable since I have missed two days already, and it is only part-time. She is polite about it, but I still feel like I am making a bad impression. I usually do not get very sick that often, my fever came yesterday from left field and blew me away. I really do value reliability, but seriously I was really sick these two times.
For some reason, this has been bothering me a lot. I know I should be concentrating on getting better, but I still feel like I am making a bad impression.

For the record, the job pays $10/hourly and I only get 10 hours weekly. The drive is 25-30 minutes away from my house, so round-trip I have 50min-1 hour drive.
Any advice would be great. Thank you guys so much in advance. :)


The Nanny & the New Year's Dilemma

Received Thursday, October 9, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
I've been a nanny for the same family for over a year now. I get along very well with both of the parents and the children that I watch. In general, I've been accepted as another member of the family. Monetarily and benefits have been overly compensated, and I get 2 weeks vacation each year.

My family is currently trying to plan our Christmas vaca (we're pretty large, so we plan far in advance.) I brought this up to my employer the other day and asked her if she happened to know what their plans are. We sat down to look at a calendar together, and she informed me that the week b/w Christmas and New Year, they'll be at their second home. She told me I could leave Christmas Eve (Wed.) and then come back in that Sunday. I've been asked to fly into that city and stay with them there after Christmas. Meaning, they'll go up the weekend after Christmas and stay until the weekend after NY (NY falls on a Wed (Eve) and Thursday (New Years Day) this year.) As you can imagine, I don't want to spend my New Years away from my friends, who are already making big plans. She told me that she wanted me to come, and in a joking sense, said I had no more time off.

Let me say here that I am not allowed to use my 2 weeks of vacation whenever I want. I'm forced to use them at the families convenience. So the fact that I got those two weeks off in August, to me at least, has nothing to do with my getting off for the holidays. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Last year I got an entire week off for Christmas and New Years, due to the days of the week they fell on. This year, b/c they're midweek days, I would actually be taking off a week and a half if I had both Christmas and NYE off and didn't go with them to their 2nd home. I do NOT, under any circumstance, want to be cooped up in a town I don't know over New Years. To me, it doesn't make much sense for them to bring me up there for all of 3 days. She told me we'd talk about it more later. I know that they really don't need my help, but she just doesn't want to give me a week and a half off paid (which I honestly understand.) I need help on what to do!

As employers, what are you looking at doing this holiday season? How do you generally handle this odd timing, especially if you want to take your nanny with you? And nannies, what are you getting? What has been the norm in the past?

Nine Year Old to Succeed Weekend Nanny

Received Thursday, October 9, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
I have been a weekend Nanny for 2 boys for the last 2 years. The boys are now 9 and 5.

The single Mom told me this week that she has decided the 9 year old is "old enough" to care for his younger brother Saturday and Sunday from 6 am till 3 PM alone.

I am VERY concerned. Not only is the 8 year old too young, it is illegal in my state to leave any child under 14 alone without supervision. I can get another job, I have people offer all the time, its the kids I'm concerned for.

These kids are super active and frequently have to be stopped from screaming and throwing things. They live in a condo building and I can easily imagine the neighbors calling the police if it goes on ( the neighbor above often bangs on the floor if they get rowdy after just a minute or so). and the Mom would then be charged with child neglect.

Not even to mention the things a child this young could get into, the stove, microwave, bathtub, letting strangers in etc. He in NOT mature enough for this at all.

How do I talk to the Mom without seeming that I am trying to just keep my job, but impress her shes endangering her kids and herself without getting her angry?? Im only 20 and shes 35..I feel like she will get insulted as Im young and not listen?

The boys themselves don't want this. She announced this in front of them, the older one was wide eyed and just said "WHAT?" and the 5 year old cried.


Dinner Date With The Nanny's Mom ....

Received Thursday, October 9, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
My husband and I have had the same wonderful nanny for the past three years. A few months ago we met the nanny's mother, when we ran into the pair at a local coffeeshop. We ended up sitting with them for quite some time and learned that the mother is about our age–(the nanny is a grad student–and has been divorced for a number of years.

Our nanny's mother is a lovely woman, and since we met, she has accompanied the nanny, our daughter and our son on various outings. My question is this: Our nanny has mentioned a couple of times that she'd like her mother to find someone to spend time with. My husband and I would like to have the mother over for dinner, as well as the nanny (who of course, will not be working; the kids can hang at my sister's). We would also like to invite a partner from my husband's firm––yes, as a sort of set up.

SO: Would it be okay to broach the subject with my nanny? Both my husband and I think his partner would really enjoy our nanny's mother, and since she has mentioned it in the past, we don't think it would be totally out of the blue, but...all responses appreciated.


101 Freeway at Coldwater Canyon in CA

Received Thursday, October 9, 2008
nanny sighting logo More danger than anyone could imagine:
As I was getting on the freeway (the busiest freeway in the USA) I noticed a small child between the lanes. I slowed down, to keep the kid safe, and the kids started screaming. "why is she doing that?" It was 3.30 yesterday afternoon and traffic is insane. I can't imagine any valid reason to have your child out of the car. Even if you have a flat tire, keep yourself and your children in the car. It appears that she was changing his shirt. She was on the right shoulder and I was getting on the freeway, that's why I was able to slow down, almost stop and the kids took the picture from the backseat.So yes, there was traffic on the left, and traffic on the right of her.It's the right shoulder but there is a freeway onramp to her right.Do I make sense? It's all so nonsensical, I can see why you'd be confused. Any rational person wouldn't DO this. I am still appalled, I can't imagine what other decisions this woman makes with a child.
coldwater canyon 2
Photo taken on 10/8/08
Click on photo to view larger size.


Breaking News: Casey Anthony Update

Wednesday, October 8, 2008.
State Seeks Homicide Charge Against Casey Anthony
The state is seeking homicide charges against Casey Anthony in connection to the disappearance of her missing 3-year-old daughter Caylee, Local 6 News reported.
The State Attorney's Office is planning on presenting its case to a grand jury on Tuesday. The grand jury will then decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to charge Anthony, the report said.
New Documents Reveal What Casey Anthony Spent Stolen Money On
Documents released today by the State Attorney's Office show Casey Anthony went on a $400 spending spree with money investigators said she stole from a friend. (Includes several Updates and some of the Purchases that Casey made - 2 pages)
VIDEO: Surveillance video taken on July 8 at Waterford Lakes Target
VIDEO: Surveillance video taken on July 10 at Waterford Lakes Target
VIDEO: Surveillance video taken on July 10 at Winter Park Target
Evidence: Casey Anthony's Store Receipts

Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, CA

Received Wednesday, October 8, 2008
nanny sighting logo A very well dressed African American boy of about 2.5 yrs. of age being cared for by a heavy set white nanny, approximately 22 yrs. old. The nanny was arguing with two boys of about 7 & 8, not because they bothered her charge but because they were Yankees fans. The nanny was saying, "the Yankees suck", "Boston kicks ass", "Yankees are dead meat". The little boy she was caring for just clung to her closely and wasn't really playing anything. This nanny isn't the sort that should be caring for such a young child. Her arguing also didn't come off in the way of fun because the nanny of one of the children she was arguing with told her to calm down. Even after being chastised by the other nanny, the nanny took parting shots at the 7 year old boy telling him that he should go home and burn his Yankee hat. (Isn't that like telling him to play with fire?). Back to the way she cared for the little boy in her care, it wasn't good. He had to beg her to push him on the swings. Whilst she did this, she was speaking on her cell phone about plans for the weekend. Very immature plans to do with partying. The little boy was either not being pushed but looking up at her with pleading eyes or getting occasionally pushes on the swing that were not at all even. In fact he more than once went sailing towards the blue metal bar of the swing post. Why? She was using only one hand to push him so she could concentrate on her cell phone. All in all, a strange choice for a nanny. Very young, Irish looking, fair skin, freckles, light brown hair, about 30lbs overweight, wearing blue Jeans, Vans and a plain solid sweatshirt that was burgundy. It had no insignia or design on it at all. The little boy was dressed in super expensive boutique style clothing. This was Tuesday (10/7) at approximately 3:45 PM.

Why is what MY nanny does YOUR business?

Received Wednesday, October 8, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
Hi, I have a bit of a vent/need for opinions. I'm a working mother of one little girl. My daughter is almost 3 and I have a part time nanny (3 1/2 days a week). This is the only nanny we have ever had, we hired her when my daughter was 4 months old. I love our nanny as does my husband and of course our little girl. Since she has been with us for so long (over 2 years) her and my daughter have a fantastic bond. I allow my nanny a lot of "privileges" I only go into the office 2 days a week and I work from home 2 days a week. I am home with my nanny half the time that she is working. She is a graduate student so I of course allow her to do homework while my daughter is sleeping (I encourage it) and I also don't mind if her and my daughter go out on her personal errands. My daughter loves "shopping" whether it be a quick CVS run, the grocery store or even the bank its all "shopping" to her. I allow my nanny to go to the gym during working hours as well and let her take my daughter to the gyms daycare. None of this bothers me when they go out I rarely ask where they are going. I trust my nanny and I know that she loves my daughter and I know she takes good care of her. My nanny has become a member of my family and when we lose her at the end of May 2009 (she will graduate and get a job in her career field) we will miss her dearly. My nanny and I have lunch together with my daughter on the days I am working from home and we talk, I would like to think of us as "friends" there is only about 6 years between us. I was talking to a co worker about her new nanny and she was telling me how they don't leave the house and the nanny cannot have anyone over even during naptime and how she leaves her a list of household chores. This kind of surprised me! I asked my co worker if she will allow her nanny to take her children out in the car once she has gotten to know her better and she said no way and then was shocked at how much "freedom" I give my nanny. She sort of gave me an attitude and was acting like I was the worst mother in the world for not "caring" what my daughter does all day (her words). Meanwhile my daughter can talk now so she tells me how they went to the park or to the play area at the mall or out to lunch with the nanny and her boyfriend (who I have met SEVERAL times and love) or with her mother. So its not like the nanny tells me all these stories about what they do all day my daughter tells me herself. Am I crazy for trusting my nanny so much? Like I said this is her third year with us, I've met almost her entire family, I've met her boyfriend several times and her brother has even done construction work on my home. She's a fantastic young woman, extremely put together, very responsible (she's missed 2 days of work in over 2 years, once because her grandmother died and once when there was a bad ice storm). Does anyone else have this kind of relationship with their nanny? Frankly I love this woman and want to keep her around for as long as I can so if her taking my daughter to the gym (where she plays with other children and gets to see "different" toys) makes her happy why not? Of course in the beginning I didn't allow them to go out but once my daughter was older I felt the house could be boring 4 days in a row so they gradually starting leaving the house. If my nanny has errands to do why not do them during working hours if she can? Also my nanny has always gone above and beyond. She is not required to do any housework but she always cleans the kitchen, folds laundry, empties the dishwasher etc and when we tell her its not necessary she says well I was "bored" while the baby was sleeping. I'm rambling now! What do you all think?

Wednesday October 8, 2008.

MORMON NANNY WANTED: Being Mormon may be problematic for a presidential candidate. But belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a plus if you're a nanny.

"All the LDS nannies have to have a recommendation from their bishop and they are strict about who they recommend," said Kari Shafer, the non-Mormon owner of Your Child's Nanny, an agency that pairs caregivers and families.

Shafer said 90 percent of the requests for LDS nannies come from non-Mormon families and have helped boost traffic on the company's Web site,

The general consensus is that Mormon Nannies are the best because they "don't drink or smoke, are modest, and are used to kids since they generally come from large families".

Question: I was just wondering what everyone thought of mormon nannys? I hear they are the rolls royce of nannys - is this true?
Thank you to 'Anonymous Reader' for their Submission and Question.

Your Thoughts?


Nanny Share: "What Should I Do?"

Received Tuesday, October 7, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I need some advice. I have been a nanny for the past 4 years and have been working with children for the past 15 years or so. I just took a new position as a nanny for 2 families. I am taking care of both of their infant girls who are 6 months old (I will call one "abby" and one "Claire") and Im basically taking care of them both at the same time, but Fridays, only one baby.

The families are very nice and I do like them but I am having a bit of a problem with Abby. I have been working for 2 weeks now. I understand that there will be a bit of an adjustment period while all of us get to know one another but Abby is having a hard time and so am I. She cries nonstop from the start of the day to the end of the day. Thank goodness she is a good napper or I think I would have perhaps killed myself by now. Yes, I know babies cry, I get that. But this is not fussing. This is not even normal crying. Its loud screeching, wailing, sobbing! THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY--NO STOPPING NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE (except when shes sleeping)
If I try to pick her up to comfort her it gets worse. If I look at her it gets worse. If she hears my voice it gets worse. To feed her I have to put her in her bouncer, face her to the wall and feed her so she doesnt see me---this is the ONLY way I can get her to eat.

I have worked with tons of infants and never have I seen one like this. The other baby, claire, is just wonderful. Shes happy and has really taken to me. Thank goodness one of them is great. I am a bit concerned that this will have a negative effect on poor little Claire since Abby is so difficult. We cant even go out for a walk because Abby screams at the top of her lungs. I thought maybe we would try library infant story hour-nope, she wont let me hold her for it and cried the whole time.

I need advice on what you guys would do. I really like Abby's family but if this is the way its always going to be, I really cant deal with it. Its enough to make me insane:( I feel bad for her, shes a baby and doesnt know me and wants her mom but it makes the day intolerable for me and poor Claire. What should I do? I was thinking of speaking to Claires mom and telling her that I want to stay on as Claires nanny and we can find another family to share with if she wants.
(The 2 moms are not friends they just live in the same neighborhood, found each other off of craigslist wanting a nanny share)

Should I wait it out and see? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks. Oh and in case you are wondering Abby is just happy as can be and doesnt cry when mom or dad is around so I dont think its a medical problem.

US Gymnastics - Englewood, NJ.

Received Tuesday, October 7, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Englewood, NJ. Friday Oct 3rd, 3.50pm. At US Gymnastics. A small girl approximately 5 years old in the waiting area, appeared to be alone. Long curly fairish hair, pink fleece jacket. Very sweet child, outgoing, turning cartwheels on the floor. Said she was going to be doing gymnastics soon. Maybe she has an older sibling who does. After about 5 mins Nanny rushes in (African American, tall, heavy set) clearly having thought she had lost the child. Admonishes her harshly, picks her up and almost throws her out the door. What happened outside I dread to think. The child looked terrified. Maybe the nanny was afraid she had lost the child but her first reaction on finding her was not relief at doing so, but absolute rage. If it were my child, the nanny would not be allowed in my child's presence again.

Nanny Concerned She May Not Be Measuring Up

Received Tuesday, October 7, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Alright, so I am a nanny and I started with a family last July. I had nannied before, however I've only been a nanny to one other family prior to this one, and I was excited about being a nanny to two boys ages 2 and 4 when I started. The 2 year old had a birthday in August, so he is now 3. Everything is great in many ways, I have fun with the boys and during the day they have fun with me. I feel like this job, compared with my previous nanny experience, is much more professional. I have a lot more responsibility and household duties put on me, and much of their educational progress goes through me. The parents basically told me in my interviews that they have taught their boys that the nanny is the third authority figure in the house and what she says goes, even when daddy and mommy drop in. I loved that, but I don't know if that makes the boys any less affectionate to their nanny.

Here is the thing, they moved from a different state and had this amazing nanny down there who couldn't move up with them. Believe me, I had big shoes to fill. Its been three months so far and I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but when I think about it and I don't think I really am. I do a good job taking care of the kids and even going above and beyond with taking care of the house while the younger boy takes a nap and the older one has quiet time. I have had many good times with these guys during my employment here and they tell me how much they like me while I'm with them during the day. But the other day I was talking with the nanny accross the street, who nannies for a 1yo boy and a 3yo boy, and we started talking and she mentioned that the parents will know if they got a good nanny by how the children are when she arrives and departs. (happy when arrives and really sad when she leaves) Well that made me question myself as a nanny. I know the kids I used to nanny for would hate when I'd leave and loved when I arrived. That was totally how I expected these little boys to behave, but they do much the opposite.

However, my boys don't get super happy when I arrive there. The older one ignores me and walks straight downstairs to where his mom spends her mornings working out and the younger one actually does greet me when I get there, usually with a book in his hand for us to read. Once their parents leave, the older one is all about us hanging out. He even gets really happy that I'm there, but he could care less when his parents are around. When the parents come home, they usually don't bother saying goodbye to me. I see the nanny across the street bearhuggin her charges goodbye and them ignoring the mom. I don't think I like that...I just figured that its healthier that my charges love their parents more than their nanny. But is that normal for them to not greet me or say goodbye? I know its harder for my older charge to warm up to me because he was very close to his old nanny and remembers her better then my younger charge. But is it weird at all?

I guess I just feel like the kids love their parents and know that when I leave, they are home. I hope that is all it is, because that other nanny got me thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong, like being too strict or boring. I guess I'd like to hear everyone's opinions.

Don't get me wrong, during the day these kids love me and we have a great time, when the parents do drop in, the boys will let them know how much fun they're having with me. Its only when I leave for home and arrive to work. I think I might have let the opinion of the nanny across the street get to me too much. But when it comes down to it, I'd much rather have these boys be more excited that daddy and mommy are home then anything else. Thank you and I appreciate the responses.

Questions About A Pay Raise

Received Tuesday, October 7, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond. My question is in reference to a pay raise. I have worked for this particular family since June 2007 (about 14 months). When I was hired, their little boy was 18 months and she slept for almost half my workday. While she was asleep I tidied things but I was mostly free to use that time however I liked. I was hired at $90/day which worked out to be approx. $10/hr. before taxes. It was bliss.

Fast-forward to now:
My 1 year anniversary of working for them came and went in July with no recognition. I know it is not that they forgot because I bought a present for the little boy and they thanked me for it. About three weeks after the 1 year anniversary, the mom had a new baby girl. She said we would discuss the pay raise for the additional child when she returned to work from maternity leave (she took three months leave). While she has been on leave, I have been paid my regular salary but only working about 25-30 hours per week. Mom is returning to work part time in 2 weeks and full time Nov. 5th.
If it helps, I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and the family loves me. I don't think that they would debate that I deserve a raise. Dad is a lawyer and makes around 100k, mom works in sales and I'm not sure what he makes. They have one car payment and I would say their house is upper middle class. It's not super wonderful but it's a nice house.

Here are my Questions:
What is the appropriate pay raise when a new baby is born? What is the appropriate pay raise now that I am actually working more hours during the day (the little boy is awake when I get there and naps maybe once a week)? What is the appropriate pay raise for having been with a family for a year and a half with no raise so far? Can I ask for a raise for both the child and for having been with them for so long? My main concern is that I want to be paid what I deserve but also I don't want the family to think I am taking advantage of them or asking for more money than they can afford to pay.

Nanny Needs Tax Advice ...

Received Tuesday, October 7, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am in the process of looking for a new job and am going through an agency. I particularly like the idea of using an agency because it seems that the tax process will be much easier, since taxes would be taken directly out of my paycheck, and then I would be paid directly by the agency. A friend of mine who is also a nanny found her family through the same agency. She however is paid directly by her family and not the agency. So either her Social Security or Medicare (I'm not sure which) is taken out of her weekly payment by the family. She told me that at the end of the year her employers fill out some sort of tax form, so she won't get any money back but doesn't have a cut taken out of her weekly pay.
I was very confused by this, is this legal, can you do that with taxes? I want to make sure that I'm taking care of my taxes and that I'm a legal employee. I'm just not quite sure where to start. Also, if I decide not to go through an agency and find a family on my own who doesn't pay my taxes up front how do I go about that? Are there any simple sites that may be able to help me out? I'm not sure if this matters either, but I live in Minneapolis, MN.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

Bad Parenting:
Please Be Advised, The Following Stories Are Graphic.
Complaint: Parents Tortured 14-Year-Old Girl
The parents of a 14-year-old Town of Madison girl are accused of beating, choking and kicking their daughter in what a detective said is the worst case of child abuse that he's seen.
The parents are facing more than two dozen felony charges. Minerva Lopez and Porfino Olivas-Lopez appeared together in Dane County Court on Thursday afternoon.
Baby With 8 Broken Ribs Dies After Social Workers Leave Him With Abusive Parents
The child, who along with the two adults cannot be named for legal reasons, was subjected to "a course of assaults of increasing violence" over many months at his home in North London even though he was being monitored by experts.
Children of Munchausen Mother Move On
The kids no longer call her mom, but some part of Tracy McHugh will always be with them. Like in Heather's slow speech and Elizabeth's stunted growth, memories of McHugh's misdeeds continue to plague the lives of McHugh's former friends and family, more than two years after her arrest on child abuse charges.


Monday, October 6, 2008.

Smile - Lily Allen
In The News:
Cleaning Woman Ticketed In Theft Of $42,000 Ring
A 19-year-old cleaning woman has been charged with stealing a $42,000 diamond ring from a client's home in the village of Oconomowoc Lake and selling it to a Brookfield jewelry store for $140.
Seven-Year-Old Developing Sociopath Breaks Into Australian Zoo And Wreaks Havoc
A seven-year-old boy broke into the Alice Springs Reptile Center in central Australia by jumping the fence, and then proceeded to feed both live --- and dead animals --- to a crocodile.
Kindergarten Shooting Game Pulled
An Internet game in which players roam a school and kill kindergarten students with a shotgun has been pulled from a Finnish children's gaming site one week after the country's worst school shooting.
Tainted Candy Still Stocked In Connecticut
State inspectors are making sure that tainted candy from China has been pulled from all store shelves in Connecticut this week. However, we managed to find some White Rabbit Creamy Candy still in stock at several stores.
Your Thoughts?


The Responsibility Doubles but the Pay Remains the Same

Received Saturday, October 4, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
I took a job in May as one of two nannies for a family with newborn twin boys. I had past experience as the exclusive caretaker of infant twins and felt perfectly competent to handle both babies, but my employers had already hired one nanny—a friend of the family who I’ll call Jane—and so I was happy to be responsible for the care of only one of the twins. Jane and I were each compensated at the rate of $15/hour. Although it wasn’t part of the job duties, both Jane and I always did extra work around the house while our respective babies were napping. We did the laundry, did the dishes, made sure enough bottles were made to last our employers through the night, tidied the kitchen, etc.

Jane frequently took days off throughout the summer, and I ended up taking care of both boys. I wondered if that would be reflected in my paycheck, since the family was getting the equivalent of both of us in childcare and only paying me, but it never was. Since I adore the boys and was otherwise content with the family, I didn’t question it. On one of my many “solo” days, the parents would comment on how great I was with both babies. Their dad even remarked that I was the only one who could handle them both. Unlike the nannies they’d previously employed, I am remarkably even tempered and patient, so even when both boys cried, I stayed calm and was able to get them calmed down without getting flustered. (What can I say? I’m a natural with infants. J ) Even when I was alone, I managed to get much of the extra housework (that wasn’t a part of my job) done. My employers were also quite pleased and impressed with that. In their words, I am fabulous with their boys (who adore me) and seamless in the house.

As the end of the summer approached, I knew that Jane would be leaving to return to college. My employers asked me if I would be okay as the exclusive nanny. Now, though they asked, they also made it clear that they thought I could handle it and would prefer it that way. I told them I felt comfortable with that arrangement. Pay was never discussed, but I was (and still am), quite frankly SHOCKED that they continued to deliver the same $15/hour paycheck that they had all summer. While I love both of the twins and am content with my job, it’s simply unfathomable to me that these people would be so obtuse as to think that it hadn’t crossed my mind that while my childcare responsibilities doubled, their nanny payroll was cut in half. I know that I need to just tell them how I feel, but I’d appreciate the support or advice of employers in knowing, in particular, whether this sounds unreasonable to you. Also, while I wouldn’t expect my paycheck to double, I do think that $23 (which represents half of Jane’s salary)-$25/hourly seems fair. Am I wrong?

UWS Manhattan (77th/B'way) - Children's Place

Received Saturday, October 4, 2008.
nanny sighting logo When: Monday 9/29 - morning. Infant (newborn) child wailing in Snap-N-Go type stroller. Baby nurse very tall, black w/carribean accent, long braids, wearing nursing uniform and sweater. She was not tending to child, shopping for older girls clothing (age 5+). Mom w/baby in carrier approaches to express her opinion (baby too young for public exposure, etc.) Right, wrong, indifferent, as to commentary from Mom, baby nurse goes nuts. "F" and "B" words flying. Threatened the woman with bodily harm, telling her to "mind her own business", "she's lucky she didn't get hit", says "the mother will never have another baby at her age", to go home and "clean her house since she has nothing better to do" and that "all these moms spoil their babies by picking them up when they cry". Among other niceties.... She said "her boss is OK with what at she's doing". Entirely possible, but had to put it out here in case you read this, and you're not.

Saturday October 4, 2008.

Nanny Accused Of Dumping Children At Unlicensed Daycare
L.A. officials say she told multiple parents in Hancock Park and Larchmont that she was taking their children to outside activities. Instead, she left them at a Hollywood apartment.
Patricia Villamarin, 38, allegedly told parents she wanted to expose their children to various cultural activities as an excuse to get them out of the house. Once she received permission to take the children out, she allegedly dropped them off at the apartment and went to work selling fruit at a farmers market in Chinatown.
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craigs list wtf Saturday, October 4, 2008.
Mother/Daughter Team Ready For Play! (Madison/Fitchburg)
do you live in fitchburg or work in down town madison? need a convenient person for scheduled or even casual babysitting for running errands or for early release days? are you a stay-home parent hesitant to work outside because babysitters are just too expensive? due to a paperwork glitch with my "maternity leave", i can't go back to my old job without a mountain of paperwork preceding me...but i don't want to work anyways, i just want to play with kids!
please consider us a candidate for drop in care, or babysitting in your home. i'd like to stay with my daughter just a little longer, and your childcare needs just might give me that excuse!
i'm out to help you, while you help me by lending me your kids to play with--so rates are as low as need be, and you will get more than what you pay for, we promise.
wont you let us rent your kids today? email for fone number or if you have any questions! if i do not get back to you, it is because it went to SPAM and i check that often!!
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Small park in downtown Boston off of Atlantic Ave near the Wharf

Received Friday, October 3, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Yesterday, Thursday, October 2. I was visiting the park with my daughter and noticed a young boy (1 year old or younger) walking around by himself without an adult. I think he had on tan cords. He was eating the sand and it was making him gag. I then noticed a woman (nanny I guess) looking over at him and me from time to time as she was busy talking with another nanny. She didn't even know the child was eating sand. She didn't care that he was walking around by himself. She finally picked him up because it was time to leave and then she picked up the little girl and put them in a double stroller. She then picked up her cell phone and talked for about 5 minutes while both kids where just sitting in their strollers with the sun in their eyes. She had total disregard for the children. She had long brown hair pulled back with a head band. Nice looking, olive skin. She had an accent (not American born) and thin frame. I think she had on brown pants/cords. I hope the mother finds this posting and reads it. If I were you I would fire her right away. No telling what else she does or doesn't do to your children. No respect or regard for your child's needs. Hope your not paying out the nose for her. I hate posting this, but seeing this with my own eyes just got my goat.