Heavy Heart

Hey yall, it is with a heavy heart that I have to let you all know the Leigh passed away in March. I know many of you did not like the stories or items she posted, but she always ALWAYS had a childs best interest in mind. I am going to try to keep up the blog as I know that is what she would want, but i would like to know what you all would like to see/read about as well.

Best wishes!



Rant - I am a Woman Married To A Woman and I Do Not Know WHAT You Are Telling Nks

I am very careful to not talk about my private life to your two wonderful children but THEY keep bringing it up!They keep asking me about "my husband" and I have your permission to tell the truth and say I have a wife. But the NKs keep saying things like "it's better if I choose a husband" and "Girls should not marry girls" and "boys should not marry boys". Somewhere they are getting this and I am about to really tell them that we can love whomever we want and it's ok. I have been just saying we will not talk about that but I am ready to teach what is right - fair warning

Getty Fires Illustrate Unfair Situation Of Nannies

It's pretty sad how many MB's treated their nannies during the Getty Fires in California a few months ago. A more dangerous sense of entitlement is not easy to find. While the rich employers evacuated the area they could not be bothered to communicate with their nannies and other workers and caregivers to tell them to stay home from life threatening danger. So many nannies trudged up the hills, afraid of being fired or losing a days work. Fortunately,there may be change, there are government reps working on it. The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act is supported by Sen Kamala Harris and rep Pramila Jayapal. We would like to hear any feedback and examples - shame on those MBs, but hope all are safe !


Nanny Not Happy Dad Frequently Late

Stupid Former DB ;(

Do you think because you make a TON of money you have the right to lie to me and be late all the time? You told me you would be home at 6pm and I told you about my anniversary of me and my husband. The you called to ask if I could stay till 8:30. You did not care at all when I explained again this would make me late for my anniversary plans and you showed you class by hanging up on me. Even at midnight you would not respond to my call or text. What kind of father are you? Thanks for finally responding saying what a great time you were having with some - date - your word not mine and how important it was for your ego after your wife left you.Even though I have quit - my hubby wants a few words with you! me- I am like your ex-wife I want nothing to do with you, I am very sorry for your kids - they do not deserve this!

Miss Manners Advises Nanny On Etiquette

Dear Miss Manners:

I work as a nanny and really enjoy the family I work for. I do not own a car and commute almost exclusively with my bicycle, which is therefore very precious to me. Unfortunately the other day NK's dad left the garage door open, and my lovely bike was stolen.Today Mama and Papa gave me a sum of money nearly equivalent to the cost of my lost property and apologized for their carelessness.

This was very generous and will help me get back on the road soon, but I am wondering what my obligation is in thanking them.I am usually very good in writing formal thank you notes for gifts, but since this was a reimbursement for an accident and not a gift, one part of me thinks my verbal thanks is enough and we can leave it at that.

On the other hand I love this job and these people, and not everyone would have been so generous in their apologies ( or even apologized at all!)I would, of course, love to show my appreciation. Can you help me out on this one?

Dear Gentle Reader:

What a relief. Miss Manners was fully expecting you to tell her that Papa's reaction was more like "It's my garage door and I should be able to open it whenever I like." She is pleased to see that all parties are behaving civilly and that you are only asking how to make the situation better.As the transgression was on the part of the family, a profound verbal thank-you is fine, and a written one not strictly necessary. However, an abundance of gratitude, as well as the reinforcement of gracious and proper behavior, is never remiss,and this is an opportunity to tell your employers how much you value them


To The Biach Nanny Who Got Me Fired

To The Biach Nanny Who Got Me Fired!

I needed my job at Randalls Grocery. All I did was comment that you should think twice to have your 3/4 year old boy in your care wear ALL PINK, even his nails had polish, pants shoes shirt socks shoe laces, the only thing he did NOT have was a bow in his hair. People were staring and I just felt you were allowing negative attention to him because of so much pink which is not a color for a boy.You made it sound like a crime I committed and my family had no Christmas, but even so I will never put my kids in the care of a nanny like you!


Rant - Mom Needs To Supervise !!!

So often you tell about nannies not doing their job, well at this event in South Carolina, my charge and I were going within the rules and this one boy kept taking the hands on toys and running off with them and not letting other kids play with them. His mother was there talking to her friends for hours just ignoring it all, some of her friends would come and say to please come be with him, she would come and YELL at him for a minute and go back to her friends, he was used to it and did not even pay attention. I had to stand in the way of my charge so he would not be jostled and not have a toy taken away, in this picture the child is running away with a hands on toy, and a family member is trying to get it back. Moms can be remiss also!!!

Nanny Owns Biach Mom From Hell

This is a text exchange from a nanny and mom- the mom fired the nanny because the child was starting to have very much affection for the nanny.Note - the nanny is recovering from uterine cancer, the mom gets in an inexcusable low blow.

MFH: Sandra, I find it odd that you haven't asked why we decided to let you go. I think it's important for your next posting.

Sandra: Honestly, I am not interested in the reasons, I wish your family all the best.

MFH: Well, this is a perfect example. Your attitude of knowing everything was obnoxious. You don't have children, I don't care how long you have worked with them. Yous are not a mom and likely never will be.You came so highly recommended and I am still shaking my head as to why.

Sandra: Our working relationship has ended I am very thankful that it has. You very much need to obtain some kind of help because the way you speak to people is degrading,hurtful and unprofessional. I do not intend to waste my time any further with you. Your opinion of me is inconsequential to me. Our time has ended now, be well and good luck.

MFH:You're still going to watch our kids this saturday right? For the wedding we have to go to?

Sandra: No, our working relationship has ended per your choice.I will not ever be working with your family in any capacity in perpetuity.

MFH: You can't just cancel on people when they are counting on you, we don't have anyone else, That is very unprofessional!

Sandra: We are donw now, do not text me again


Rant in Pasadena Tx

Hi there,

I am not sure this is the right place for this rant, however I am sure I will not be the only one upset about this!!
Let me start off by saying this is TEXAS and we are not used to much cold weather and it was about 48 degrees at 6 in the evening and very windy.
I was at a fall festival at a church in Pasadena with my two charges (ages 4 and 6) and we were waiting in line to make a bracelet. Well there was a family in front of us that had 4 children ages from about 5 to 10 and the little boy was helping the attendant make the bracelet. This poor child was not wearing a coat and was shivering so badly it was hard for the attendant to get the bracelet on him. I looked at the mom and said "he is so cold" her response was he did not want to wear his coat, it is in the car. OK, WHO is the parent?

AND if that wasn't enough, I saw a mom (wearing a jacket) with a 2ish year old girl on her hip and that poor child was wearing a lady bug costume with nothing on her legs or arms!


Sorry, rant over....

Not Just a Nanny


BAD NANNY in CALIFORNIA - update on Nicole Conradt - worse than originally posted ;('''

The nanny (Nicole Conradt) is horrible. She would not cook for the kids. She would not clean up after herself, and will often leave a bigger mess than when she came. After I had a hard day at work, I would come home and then have more cleaning to do because I had to clean up after the nanny. she is also bad at childcare. she would ignore the kids and leave them in dangerous situations. She let my son almost drown because she was inattentive when he was in the pool.

{ Editors Note:The above was written by the father of the children - here is what the mother had to say---}

It is not a scam. She is a chef and hand model though not famous at either, so she was couch surfing when we hired her. She worked for a number of different families as a nanny and is registered with several agencies. She would frequently prqctice her recipes in my kitchen and leave me the mess to clean up. The children were terrified of her and said she yelled at them. She hit on my husband and referred to an inappropriate physical relationship with a former client.

What caused her to finally fire her was finding my son limp and drowning in the pool under water while she sat poolside doing her nails instead of watching him. After we fired her she was incarcerated briefly.She also tried to get us involved in improper tax info. Families need to be aware.

Crazy parents in Westport, CT

Hi. I hope I’m doing this correctly. If not please disregard- I left my job abruptly due to some things going on on the home. The parents do things I feel are inappropriate. One has to do with eavesdropping on their camera that one seems to watch most of the day. The other has to do with drug and drug paraphernalia being easy access to their 2 yr old boy. I don’t want to be considered vengeful but I don’t want anything to happen to Z nor do I want another caregiver to go in and be subjected to what I was.

This family is on Westport, they have a 2yr old and a 5 month old. They live on S[redacted] dr.

Z brought me a pipe one day and that’s how I found the marijuana. If he got that and got sick or worse on my watch I’d never live with myself

The mother is very anxious and hard to talk to because she suspicious and takes things out of context. She’s on medication for it but helicopters horribly left me feeling as though in my 22 yrs of experience I didn’t know what I was doing

I am worried about any future caregivers being duped as I was going in.

These people would listen in on my private conversations at work and come home and accuse me because it was taken out of context

They watched me with a camera was there because people come in their home while they aren’t home. Dog walker, maid, but it wasn’t to monitor me. I don’t care if they check in but please don’t stalk me on it. It’s nerve wracking

They accused me of finding another job

They were always afraid I would quit on them without them prepared
They didn’t trust me.
They thought I was hiding the fact that I was looking for another job.

I was looking for a job to add to this one because it was only 3 days
I needed 2 more days

But when they listened in on my conversation they jumped to the conclusion I was quitting
Their anxiety was contagious

I was starting to feel anxious there
Yes. I found a night job and I was going to do their job as well but the mother said I couldn’t put a baby on a sleep schedule and then come and be with them

I told her Stephanie! You work full time and have a 5 month old home at night

She had to control and worry and over see. More importantly they wanted to know my private business which wasn’t for them to know

Yes and she always wanted me to do the things I’ve done for so many families her way but yet called me all weekend for help and suggestions

It was me who told her to take the baby to the dr because of reflux. She never would’ve on her ownThe shocker to that is her first child suffered as well with reflux so why aren’t you thinking
One more thing
She wanted the infant to sleep little during the day and wake her after one hour. She thought that would make the baby sleep through the night
I kept explaining it only makes the baby uncomfortable and over stimulated

All she would say is I do it on my days off and it works
It didn't work. That poor baby cried all day

All she would say is I do it on my days off and it works
It did t work. That poor baby cried all day

They wanted me to put her on a sleep schedule which I was doing yet they wanted the 2 yr old out to be socialized. I can’t do both
For the 3 days I was there he was taken out for hours of fresh air. Good enough. If you want to take them out with a screaming baby then that’s up to them. I don’t like screaming babies when I’m out

Just always an issue. Always something. Take them out, no help her sleep, ect
Well they played hooky that day and went to the beach

They spied on me and heard me saying to a fellow nanny that I found work and would you be interested in filling this job on 1 day

I wanted to give them back up just in case I got stuck in traffic on my way home from the new job. I always kept them in my thought
Well it was Stephanie who said she didn’t want me to take the night job
I may fall asleep at the wheel with her kids.


So I left and my anger started up. I sent them text saying I’ve decided to not give you 2 weeks since the evesdropping has bothered me so

Child Abuse - Nanny Tries To Drown Little Girl At Underwood Park Playground In Brooklyn, Hero Nanny Won't Have It

Bad Nanny Sighting in Fort Greene / Clinton Hill Brooklyn - today at the water section of Underwood Park Playground. A Nanny who was in charge of 2 girl toddlers each one maybe 18mos, lifted one child, wearing a hot pink rash guard and matching bottoms , had dark straight hair and bangs, into the sprinkler and held her there until she was completely drenched despite the girl's screams of protest.

Then the nanny proceeded to dump bucket after bucket into the little girl's face as she screamed and held out her arms to her caregiver, who kept dousing her. About 20 adults averted their eyes while this was happening . ONE MOM came over and asked why the little girl was screaming. The nanny said " I HAVE NO IDEA" At which point I said firmly but not with a raised voice to the nanny " She is crying because you are throwing water in her face"

The nanny got one foot away in my face screaming that it was HER CHILD ( while anything is possible this was unlikely as the little girl was Caucasian and the nanny was dark skinned with a Caribbean accent, so I do not believe she was the parent and it was HOT so of course she threw the water on her. i said, " No that is not your child, it is someone else's child and this is your job. You are supposed to be taking care of her not throwing water in her face when she is clearly terrified"

Then another nanny came up and started screaming at me that white nannies need to mind their own business. The original nanny whipped out a phone to record the other nanny telling me I am racist and would not have minded a white nanny throwing the water at the girl. I insisted I would have protested no matter who did it even the parents. They kept on and on about it not being my business but I feel that child abuse is everyone's business, the girl was choking, terrified, could not walk away or even talk.

This was absolutely violence against a baby and I did wish to call the police but became intimidated by multiple nannies loudly attacking me for the perceived attack on their ethnicity and minding my own business but what I saw haunts me - what would that nanny do privately if she would do this to her charge in public. How can this little girl have a voice with caregivers like that? I want so much to help this little girl. I have given my number to ISYN, i will speak with anyone about what i saw - TU

A Heart Rending Smack In The Mouth at Fairoaks Mall in Virginia

This happened today July 3 at about 3pm, it made me so sad - this nanny smacked the little boy in the mouth, he had blue glasses. How can you hit someone so small. She looked guilty when I asked for the parents info and she just took the boy and walked away as if she knew I could not track her down. Please help me try to find the parents, this is so sad


Aggressive Nanny at Whole Foods Williamsburg

First time doing so but really feel like I had to share as was it my child being cared by this nanny, I would absolutely want to know this.

I had the misfortune to encounter this very aggressive nanny today (June 25th at 10am EST) during the music class organized by Whole Foods at Williamsburg (10-11am). The nanny was extremely aggressive to me, my child and not pleasant to the child she was taking care of (I believe a little girl of about 12-18 month)

I spoke to a few parents there and they told me this is not the first time. We were compelled to have the manager at Whole Foods to address her.

Please see the picture attached, it is the nanny in the middle, wearing a blue shirt and white cardigan.

Very happy to share more details with the child’s mum/dad.


Show Me Some More Money!!! $$$

Topic : When the Nanny Money is not enough - what other options are out there to supplement our sad pocketbook?

Many nannies feel that it is a pretty sad commentary that we need to make money outside of our chosen vocation and mission. The case can be made that this reality says much about the value our society puts on caring for children, the most valuable resource we have. It's a lucky nanny these days who can say that her time off is more valuable than any financial needs. Also fortunate is the nanny who has a SO to help bring in the bacon. The reality is becoming more rare where the nanny receives all she deserves - a livable wage, payment not under the table, benefits etc.

We have been hearing from nannies and other childcare specialists and here are some of the resources and ideas they are using to make extra money when needed



pet sitting
house sitting
extra babysitting
booking extra families
Clean Houses
many other suggestions coming up

We will continue to do research about this topic as it so important to nannies and others - any thoughts, commentaries , or information welcome. How do you make extra money? we want to know.


May 28 2019 Park Slope Play Ground at 3rd st and 5th ave - bad nanny!

I am a nanny, I have never before thought badly of another nanny, I was not sure if I should say something, but I am going to do so. I and other nannies and mothers witnessed this and felt concerned.  I have a video of the nanny and child leaving the playground but not the incident, I will attach the video. There was a boy, about 5 years old screaming hysterically while being draped over the nannie's lap facing up laying like a baby. The nanny was sitting on a bench and had a friend sitting to her left and another nanny standing to her right. The two on the sides were kind of huddled together as if they were trying to hide what the nanny was doing.
 And the one standing was kind of looking around at times to see if people were looking but none of them offered any kind of explanation or assurance that things were OK, despite the child hysterically screaming

It looked like the nanny had a hard blue ice pack and was holding it forcibly to the child's mouth as he screamed "no" and fought to get away. The nanny standing to her right started holding the boys legs so he could not kick. It felt very wrong but I thought they must need to stop bleeding or something and do what was in the boys best interest  even if it hurt him, BUT - I got closer and I saw no reason to hold him down like that, hard and hurtful. Later, the nanny sat the boy up rather roughly and aggressively  like she was angry (making me think she did not think she had his best interests at heart) and shook him once and said "stop it!" At that point,I decided I should film them leaving.

The boy is light skin with turquoise shorts and a whitish shirt and the nanny is darker complexioned  in her late 30's or older, she has a blue bag.

I am a nanny, I know how this goes, I wish to speak with any care giver or the mom thru I saw your nanny, I wish to speak with the mother


Perfect Kid's Menu!!

I will SO become a famous chef and forget you MB!

I am friends with my MBs brother's nanny who told me that my MB made it sound like she had baked a casserole I had baked. I wondered but did not think much of it. So MB was having a party, and MB had me make a bdaycake that was very complicated with many ingredients . My MB regaled her MIL about " her" baking my cake and generously offering lot's to take with.  She did this right when I was working in front of her. She has does this more times, I have had her relatives so often telling me how wondeful HER (my) cooking is.  I am devastated - but how do I address it?


Warning - Sad Video of a Mom - NOT A NANNY!

This was posted on Talk Show Host Michael Berry's facebook page. 

This little girl needs a good nanny!

Watch Out For This Guy!

He may not be a nanny, but the person he is attacking is a young person and does not deserve a message like this, the language has been redacted as the words are ATROCIOUS!!