Fellger Park in Chicago, Illinois

Received Sunday, September 30, 2007
I just noticed that my original email got bounced back to me so I am resending it. This lastedt bad nanny incident took place on Thursday, September 27. Your little boy's name is Charlie. He's a beautiful little boy, with long eyelashes and brown hair. He's very sweet. Your nanny is a lovely blond woman from an Eastern European country - she's very thin. You probably live in Roscoe Village or Hamlin Park, because your nanny takes Charlie to Fellger Park. Charlie looks to be around 2 years old? I haven't seen your nanny outright mistreat him, but she talks on her cell phone and ignores him. Today, he couldn't find her, and he sat on the ground sobbing. He eventually sat with me and my kids, shared our snack, and played with us for a good half-hour or more until some other concerned nannies went in search of yours. When they finally found her, she came over and asked, "What's the problem, Charlie?" in an exasperated tone. I could have easily walked away with him, and she wouldn't have noticed he was gone for a long, long time. Tell her to trail along behind him at the park - she can still talk on the phone, but at least he'll be safer.

Agency Practices....

Sunday, September 30, 2007
I am a young woman who is reentering the "nanny world" after a few years away at a corporate position. I decided to work through an agency, as I was having a difficult time finding suitable families on my own. I replied to a posting on Craig's List from a well known and seemingly reputable agency and provided them with my resume and salary requirements. The agent I was dealing with "Sally" informed me their was a position in my area with hours and salary that worked with my requirements. I interviewed with the family and it was an immediate love match. We did everything right and had a second and third interview. I e-mailed "Sally" to tell her how successful my interviews had been and she informed me that once my background check had been run and references had been checked I would be offered the job. I was shocked that it had not been run already, as I had already been in this woman's home and met her children. I was uncomfortable but met with my potential employer to discuss salary and found out she was offering$200/week less then I required as a STARTING salary. After devoting 4 weeks and several unpaid, good faith hours of "sample childcare", I had to inform my potential employer that I would not be a suitable candidate for the job.She was (understandably) upset. I e-mailed my references to thank them for their time and to inform them that I did not accept the position so they maybe receiving more phone calls and I got the same response back over and over again: "No one called me." "Sally" didn't even check my references! Here is my question: should I inform her that "Sally" not only did not check my references and (possibly) my background, but also told me that the position paid significantly more then it does? The potential employer and her family are lovely, wonderful people and I do not want them to continually find themselves in this position, particularly because they might hire someone unsuitable. I also don't particularly want to get involved in a whole mess,as I know that this family is desperate to find a nanny and might ignore my advice. Please respond honestly. Also, I am not interested in hearing that I should take this job, regardless of the pay scale, and that I am a "bad nanny" for refusing to do so. I was very clear at the outset what my salary requirements are; no true professional would work at an inadequate (for them) rate "out of the goodness of their heart". Thank you!!!


John Jay park Upper East Side in NYC

Received Friday, September 28, 2007
On Wednesday, September 26th at around 3:00 in the afternoon, a little boy (about 3 years old) asleep in his grey techno Maclaren stroller wearing white t-shirt, plaid Bermuda shorts and brown sandals left alone in stroller at the foot of the stairs of the women's bathroom in the park while nanny went to bathroom for at least 10 minutes while NO ONE (except me) watched the boy in the stroller. Nanny was African American, at least late 30's wearing denim Capri's, I think short hair, can't recall the blouse. Stroller had a large red lunch tote on it.

Waiting for OP to Submit the name of the Playground

Received Friday, September 28, 2007
This is so bad, I work on the Upper East Side, I took the kids to the playground this afternoon around 4pm, this little girl, was walking around crying and screaming looking all over for her nanny. all the other nannies in the playground got involved and took the child around the entire playground in search of her nanny, for about 45 minutes this little child wondered all over the place hysterical searching, but no nanny, the other nannies decided to call the cops after about 45 minutes. Then this woman walks up saying come, come and the little girl. This was so unbelievable to see how this woman did not keep an eye on this little girl. The nanny had short cut hair, she was dark skin, tall and medium built, she looked young and also had a baby in her care, the baby looked liked about maybe 6-9 mths. The little girl had on white shorts to her knee, I think she wore a pink shirt not to sure, her hair was cut short and was brown. I was not nice, PARENTS PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE. Very qualified people who sincerely love children most of you do not hire.

85th and 2nd on Upper East Side of NYC

Received Friday, September 28, 2007
Just saw (9/28-1:10 PM) your nanny on UES on 85 and 2nd. African American, very short hair, very heavy, wearing a blue polo shirt. Child is a girl between 2 and 3 years with shoulder length dark wavy hair. Nanny was yelling and possibly cursing at child. (Sent via BlackBerry)


If you notice 'unexplained bruises' on your child, if your child is behaving strangely or if you've been warned about your nanny, the next course of action is NOT to go and purchase a nanny camera. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave your child alone in the care of someone you have been warned about or have suspicions about.


Stingy Host Family Attempts to Starve Au Pair

Received Thursday, September 27, 2007 - RantWhat would you think about an au pair, who lives in and makes scrap money and is supposed to be getting room and board is living with a wealthy family on the Upper East Side that is impossibly greedy with their food? They refuse to buy food for the au pair. They buy food for themselves and the children and they put notes on all of it telling the au pair not to eat it. And they live on Park and Lexington and money is not an issue, just greed and being stingy! Notice the tags on the apples.
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Lucky Leo's Video Arcade on the Seaside Heights, NJ

Received Thursday, September 27, 2007
Is this your nanny? I saw this on the NY news and it looks like a nanny to me. Watch the video and judge for yourself. -Maggie

...Should I mind my own business?

Thursday, September 27, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
Mostly this is for advice.I was a nanny for a little boy for about a year, starting when he was 16 months old. I found out the mother looking for another nanny to replace me, and had found one, without giving me notice or reason, so I quit. The father was outraged at her for doing that to me and their son, and asked me back, but I said no because I felt this was the last time I could put up with her disrespect. (She never gave me or him a reason.) Since, me and the father have stopped talking, but I still love that little boy with all my heart. I can't help but to, after caring for him for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a year.Yesterday I was driving through the park and saw his new nanny, driving him. He is 2 years old, standing in the front seat of her car, not in a seat belt, while she was driving. Yes, his home is only about 5 blocks away, but I don't think that that is an excuse! Were he in at least a seat belt I wouldn't say anything, but I think this is too much. He is STILL "my boy", and I really feel like my own son was in the car. I did go to the police station and talk to a woman there about it, and she said they would do what they could. I want to call the mother, but when I worked there SHE bought the car seat, and saw it every day when she walked past my car to get to her own. I don't see how she could not know, unless there was a car seat and he wasn't in it. I don't want her to think I'm lying because I feel a grudge against the new nanny, and I have been told to keep my mouth shut and that I am blowing it out of proportion due to bad feelings. But really, I can't get an image of a car crashing into the front passenger side seat, while he is standing there, out of my head. I really don't see HOW I am over reacting. But I am the only one who thinks my fear and anger is justified, and that I NEED to tell the parents.Parents- would you take this claim seriously even though there was just a bad argument and I was let go? Am I somehow overreacting or caring too much? And if the mom is aware of this, should I mind my own business?


Crabshell in Stamford, CT

Received Wednesday, September 26, 2007
I was eating lunch at the Crabshell in Stamford, when a very tall African American women came in (long black hair) with a Caucasian little girl about 18 months old. She had straight brown hair and many of her teeth coming in. She was drinking a bottle of orange juice and a pink little outfit. The little girl was so cute and she reminded me of my little girl. About ten minutes into lunch a much older white male came in and sat at the table. This was clearly not their child and I am 100% sure they were on a rendezvous date. The two proceeded to feed each other at the table and smile at the little girl every once and a while. The nanny was very kind to her but this was totally inappropriate and not their child.
The nanny was wearing a red dress, red scull and cross bone slide shoes, red glasses and a red coach bag.
I am writing this because my daughter's care giver is wonderful and if I knew something like this was going on, she would be fired. I do not pay her to have dates with her boyfriend while on my daughter's precious time.
Blood Boiling Dad

Harbor Island Park Mamaroneck NY

Received Wednesday, September 26, 2007
This sighting is for 9/24 and 9/25. On these two days I have seen a little girl named Alice who is probably no more than 3 with sandy brown hair cut into a bob with her sitter. The sitter is an attractive African American woman who today was wearing an orange shirt with dark denim jeans and hair pulled tight against her head with her hair ending in a large pouf at the back. Alice was with her older sister today. Now I am a sitter and at this park you need to constantly watch your children and it's hard to sit in one place and know where they are at all times plus there is a VERY busy parking area. Yesterday Alice was wandering around by the swings and by the other large bowl shaped swings aimlessly, No one came to help her or swing her and today she was in the care of her older sister. The sitter sits on a bench somewhere and talks either on the phone or with two other sitters, one with a small baby in a carriage. She pays NO attention to Alice or where she is most of the time, and bellows her name when she wants to find her or to tell her it's time to go. I hate seeing this kind of thing, it gives all sitters a bad name. Who knows if Alice's mom will ever see this but it's the second time I've witnessed this and I think it is common practice.


Central Park Lawn in NYC

Received Tuesday, September 25, 2007
This afternoon, between 12:30-2:30, I was alone laying in the grass on the great lawn in Central Park. People came by playing, reading and napping. Of the interesting sights I saw involved a nanny and the young girl that she cared for. The little girl was two years old, part Asian, dressed in fine clothing, darling espadrilles, beautiful face and a thumb sucker. The nanny was wearing knee length shorts, a ringer t-shirt with a black design on it, she was tall, white, thin and had kinky, curly hair she wore short and black framed glasses. She had an eemo look to her. The two of them came and sat on a pastel striped blanket and everything was fine. I know the little girl was not her own because she took the nanny's phone and pretended to call Mommy and invented a conversation. The nanny was carrying a terry, slouch bag and she took out from it an inhaler and used the inhaler twice. Next I saw the two of them laying down. Next I see the child has fallen asleep. Next I see the nanny has fallen asleep. Next I see the child is awake. At first she is content laying there sucking her thumb. Then she takes her shoe on and off. Next she sits up and starts playing with the nanny's handbag. The nanny woke up after about ten minutes. I was there so if anything would have happened, I could have leaped up, but do we think it is a good idea for nanny's to nap while on the job? If you are safe at home and the child is in her crib, I understand a nanny being tired. The world is just far too dangerous to take such chances.

Parents in the Middle of a Divorce...

Received Tuesday, September 25, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
Problem...I have been part-time nanny for about 10 weeks...parents in middle of divorce...I've been told I may have to go to court as a witness in the proceedings...which means I'll have to take off from my full-time day job to do this...I really don't want to get involved in this since things were apparently ugly before I started the job...what should I do?

Follow up: 9/27/07:
Thanks for all your responses to my 9/24 post about being "called to court"!! I still don't know what to do...I'm so confused because I am a live-in and I don't want to jeopardize my place to live, but then again, I don't want to stay in a nasty situation just to have a place to live...does that make sense?'s thursday at 1pm and so far i haven't been "called"...thank God!!! one of you mentioned a contract...I don't have one with my employer...we're kinda working on virtue of "verbal agreement"...should i initiate one? write one? how would/should i approach her with this idea?


Washington Square Park in NYC

Received Monday, September 24, 2007
This occurred today, (9/24).Nanny with two kids, probably twins, around 2 yrs old. Names were Samantha and Matthew. Samantha was wearing a purple shirt and two pigtails and was strapped alone in a double stroller. Her nanny was no where to be seen and Samantha was screaming and crying hysterically. When people realized that no one was coming to get her, people started looking around for her nanny, but no one came over or seemed to be at all connected with this little girl. Finally after at least 15-20 minutes, nanny came over. I was talking to the girl and had calmed her down somewhat, by promising her that her sitter would come back and that she was fine. When nanny came over she was very hostile and aggressive, stating that the girl wanted to be left there and that she had to watch her brother. There was no reason she couldn't have brought the girl in her stroller over where she could see her; instead she was absolutely out of seeing/hearing distance. When she saw I was concerned, she started reprimanding the little girl, "Why are you crying?? You wanted to be here, right Samantha?? It's just what you wanted." The girl was so upset she couldn't stop crying and was still hysterical when I left the park about 20 minutes later she was still crying and sitter was sitting near her, but ignoring her. It was really heartbreaking to watch. Nanny was dark skinned with hair with reddish tint in a ponytail in back and big hoop earrings.

Searching Through the Nanny's Belongings

Received Monday, September 24, 2007 - Perspective & Opinion
This is more a bad employer "sighting" than bad nanny, but I'd like some opinions/advice on how to approach this. I carpool with my neighbor who has a live in nanny that I have known for the two years she's worked there and she is a lovely caring person. My neighbor's daughter and my daughter are good friends. A few weeks ago my neighbor started to complain during our ride to work that she feels her nanny is less than responsible in her personal life because she spends money on things she shouldn't. I asked her if that is really relevant since she does a good job taking care of her child and we didn't discuss it further at that time. Over the next days she occasionally brought up examples of purchases her nanny has made that she feels are irresponsible. The most recent item she complained about was sexy lingerie that she described in detail. I said--"Wow, you and your nanny must have a very close personal relationship for her to show you her underwear". I was thinking I can't imagine that coming up in any context with my nanny, nor would I want it to, since ours is a professional relationship. She proceeded to tell me that she regularly searches through her nannies belongings. I told my neighbor I don't think that invading her nanny's privacy is right. She told me it's different when you have a live in and she's always done that since it's the only way to insure that the nanny isn't bringing in anything illegal into her home. I am appalled at my neighbor's behavior, but don't know what to do with this information. Advice?

Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY

Received Monday, September 24, 2007
There is much talk today about your ALBINO nanny. I am guessing she needs no further physical description. This morning she took your 3 year old child to Prospect Park. She took him over to the area by the picnic tables which are located near the 9th St. entrance. The child remained strapped in the stroller. This is not even a nice area of the park. What did the albino nanny do? Flip open her cell phone and start chatting. This went on for a solid hour between 9:30 and 10:30 AM this morning, (9/24). The child was doing nothing. Just sitting there. If you don't know the area, there are nice open areas and a great playground. I am guessing the child's parents think he was at the park PLAYING.


Jewel-Osco in Yorkville, Illinois

Received Friday, September 21, 2007
I saw your nanny 9/20/07 in Yorkville, IL. At Jewel-osco. She was Filipino or of Asian decent. Your children were light hair/light eyes. I believe she had her child with her as well. Your child was about 4 or 5, dressed in all purple. Your child was crying and crying and the nanny was just yelling at her to be quiet. It all took place in the parking lot (they were in a dark blue mini van) your child was left behind in the middle of the parking lot while the nanny yelled. The nanny finally went and got her. Yelling the whole time. It was sad for me to see :(

7th Avenue Playground in Brooklyn, NY

Received Friday, September 21, 2007
Child: Sofia, brown, wavy hair 15 months old, purple shirt (Cute written on front) with matching purple leggings and dark purple sneakers. Blackberry colored Chicco stroller
Nanny: short blonde hair, glasses, white polo shirt, navy capris, white Nike sneakers pink swoosh and has an accent, Russian maybe.
Date: Tuesday, September 18th 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Location: 7th Avenue Playground (bet 81/82 Streets) in Brooklyn, NY

Shortly after arriving at the playground I noticed Sofia wondering around looking for her caregiver. She was beginning to get upset and scared. Her nanny was sitting on the double slide (which faces the back corner of the playground),she was hiding from little Sofia. Sofia wandered around the playground getting more and more upset looking for her caregiver. The nanny was deliberately hiding from Sofia. I said in a quiet voice that what she was doing was cruel, especially since Sofia was now sobbing. The nanny revealed herself and consoled Sofia for about 15 seconds before putting her down to play chase. Sofia continued crying and was not interested in playing anything.

A few minutes later I saw the nanny coming in the 81st Street entrance of the playground. Sofia was outside the fenced area on 81st Street. She turned around and began running towards 7th Avenue. That's when the nanny left the playground to retrieve Sofia. I'm assuming the game of chase left the playground area to be played out on the sidewalk?!

They left the playground and headed down 7th Avenue in the street. The nanny turned in the first hydrant or driveway and got on the sidewalk. They came back to the playground and waited outside for another caregiver and her charge to exit their vehicle. Sofia had a snack and a bottle while she waited in the stroller.

Sofia was in need of a diaper change as you could tell by the large bulge which comes from a lot of fluids and a few hours with no diaper change. The nanny had a diaper in her hand, yet it never made it to Sofia's bum.

Sofia was removed from her stroller to play with the other children while her nanny chatted with the other caregiver. Both were sitting on the bench across from the flagpole while Sofia wandered about the playground. Several minutes later I found Sofia sitting in a corner by the fence separating the swings from the toddler play equipment. She had a stem in her hand, which she had just taken out of her mouth. She was sitting under a tree which produces a berry of some sort. Was there a berry on the stem which she ate? Or was the stem just a stem she found on the ground? Her nanny didn't see any of this as she was too far away.

Awesome Nanny at Dwyer Park in Winnetka, Illinois

Received Friday, September 21, 2007
Great Nanny sighting in Winnetka, Il.Physical description of caregiver: Caucasian, brown hair, about 5'6 or so, black Kate Spade messenger/diaper bag, capris, short sleeve shirt and flip flops
Physical description of involved child/children: Little girl named Sienna, she will be 2 in November, was wearing green crocs with flowers in them, white skirt and a red short sleeve t shirt that was from gap (one of the red ones that benefits the AIDS awareness thing I think it said Incredible).
Address or venue of observed incident: Dwyer Park, Winnetka IL.
Date and time of incident: Thursday September 20 between 9:45am and 11:00am
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
This nanny was AWESOME! She was so attentive and on top of things with Sienna. She helped her do things that she wouldn't have been able to do on her own, she was very encouraging and so sweet to her charge. Sienna was on the swing and they were being silly, and although Sienna was on a big girl swing the nanny stood back enough to ensure she wouldn't get hurt but also to give her a sense of Independence. This was a great nanny who clearly loved her little girl, it was a nice change especially at this park where I usually see nannies clustered together chatting over coffee. Way to go, I hope these parents know how lucky the are :)


Billy Johnson PG on E. 67th in NYC

Received Thursday, September 20, 2007
To the parents of a sweet little boy wearing a striped shirt (w/ reds, blues and whites) and lt. blue denim jeans and white puma sneakers: I have your son's goldfish. I witnessed your son, of about 3 (?) at the park earlier this afternoon, (9/20) with a generously proportioned nanny with frizzy hair in a black scrunchie, Hispanic heritage and a deliberate walk. She may have been limping or have leg troubles. She was wearing a blouse, brown slacks and white, very dirty, slip in tennis shoes. She was in a dispute with your son out of reach of my hearing but she became enraged, snatched something from him and walked, limped to the garbage can and held it over the can and dropped it in. The child went nuts. She yelled at him in Spanish, "that's enough, enough" and then left the playground with a very firm grip on his arm. It took her a while to hold on to him. Always the curious sort, when I was within sight of the can, I stopped next to it, thinking I would see some sugary treat, but instead it was a goldfish in a plastic Ziploc baggie. It was so sad. I took it from the garbage can and brought it home with me. He's swimming around in a sun tea jar now. Is it me or is this a harsh consequence for a young child? Death of a (new) pet? I honestly thought he was getting some sort of food thrown away at the time. :(


Union Square Park in NYC

Received Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I saw a nanny - young attractive blonde named Monica - slap a brunette 4 (ish?) year old girl yesterday in Union Sq. Park around 4 O clock.

Here's the story:
This little brunette girl poked another little girl in the face- the girl ran to her mom crying- the mom said to the poker -" you hurt her and shouldn't hurt other children" or something to that effect. The nanny grabbed the child and was severely scolding and then slapped her and they left the park.

She was back today and the nanny wore a blue striped tee shirt and the girl wore a purple shirt. I would horrified if a sitter treated my child this way.


Ellsworth Park in Bayside, WI

Received Tuesday, September 18, 2007
This happened today, (9/18) between 11 AM- 12 PM.
I am not sure if this serious enough to post, but what happened made me upset. I told the mother what happened at the park when we got home and she wasn't mad at all, yet we agreed that what happened wasn't very nice. I arrived with my charge around 11 or so. At the time of arrival, there were two other nannies w their charges. At the same time I arrived another caregiver, I believe, or a parent arrived w a child about 3-5 years of age. I took my charge, a 10 month old, out of the stroller and placed him in the baby swing. The other two nannies, a Chinese, I believe, caregiver, and her charge, a girl of about 2-3 years of age with 2 french braids, pink tank top and light blue shorts and the other nanny, a blonde girl with stringy hair and a boy about 3-5 years of age knew the other nanny, a foreign lady with a white shirt grey pants and short red hair. Her charge was a boy about 3-5 years of age wearing a striped shirt and khaki shorts. The nanny with red hair sat on a bench reading some sort of papers, while the other nannies watched her charge. As I pushed my charge in the swing, I struck up a conversation with a grandmother who was pushing her sweet, autistic granddaughter in the next swing. I observed the redhead sitting on a bench STILL READING, when out of nowhere, her charge pushes my charge, a baby, in the swing almost as if he wanted the swing. He went to the autistic girl and pushed her and that point was whining over the swing. I checked my charge for any red marks-he hit the front of the swing and didn't see any. AFTER this happened, the redhead nanny came over to check on my charge and apologize. I didn't see or hear her reprimand her charge for what happened.
After the incident occurred, I put my charge in his stroller. As we were leaving the park, I looked back and saw the redhead pushing her charge in a swing.
Two questions:
1. If the redhead was a nanny, Why wasn't she watching her charge? Why were the other nannies watching him?
2. Am I making this a bigger deal out of this than what it needs to be? Am I an over dramatic nanny, or am I overreacting? I love my charge and was upset by what happened. Last question: do I have a reason to be upset? I didn't say anything to the redhead, was I supposed to?

Froggy Park in Tenafly,NJ

Received Tuesday, September 18, 2007
I am a professional nanny and was at Froggy Park today, (9/18) between the hours of 5 and 6 PM with my charges, who were playing with a sweet boy named Christian. He is 6 years old, loves Legos, his parents are doctors and he is a bit afraid of climbing. He was wearing a red and white striped shirt and he wears glasses . He is a charming boy who got in a bit of a problem while climbing and needed help. After a few minutes I helped him out because his babysitter, whom he pointed out to me was a woman sitting all the way on the far end of the park laughing and talking with her friend who was minding someone named Harrison. This heavy set woman wearing a yellow tank top was far too busy taking to her friend (who was ignoring little Harrison) to realize Christian had gotten into trouble with his climbing, was stuck and needed help. The babysitter completely ignored this very lonely little boy who clearly wanted someone to talk to. When we left he was very sad to see us go and went and sat in the sandbox. After securing my charges on my car I saw him wandering around the playground aimlessly while the sitter gabbed away to her buddy.

Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Who's nanny is this? At first I thought she was spitting sunflower seeds. I later realized it was chewing tobacco. She was spitting it mostly off to the side, into the bushes or against the brush. She was full of pep and zinging around the playground with the little boy she watches. I can't complain about the way she watched him or played with him but her use of chewing tobacco was outright disgusting. If your nanny was wearing a denim chambray shirt over a black, tight shirt and white dungarees with white tennis shoes, if your nanny has blondish hair and wears it in a wild bun and has her ears pierced 3 or 4 times, then I hope you know that she is chewing tobacco. I don't think your little boy was wise to it yet but in time he will be. (Red hair, curly, brown eyes, khaki pants with matching khaki and cream shirt with old school alligator on chest).


Downtown Pittsburgh, PA (6th. and Grant)

Received Monday, September 17, 2007
When: Today, ( 9/17)
Child: Spanish/Latin, female Dark brown hair, about two years of age, wore a winnie the pooh sweater with the ears on the hood.
Nanny: White female, 20s, blonde hair, tight faded jeans and a black hoodie.
This morning was fairly cool here in Pittsburgh (49 degrees when I left the house) and as I was arriving at work this morning I saw the nanny pushing the little girl in a stroller. She was busying talking on her cell phone when the little girl, playing with her shoe, leaned forward and fell out of the stroller. She was not buckled in. The little girl began to cry and the nanny yelled at her to get up but did not help the little girl up just continued to talk on her cell phone. I was across the street and when I crossed the street to where the little girl was (my job is located on that side of the street) I helped the little girl up to her feet and only then did the nanny start to brush off the debris from the little. I told her she should be more careful when she has her on the stroller, she made some excuse about the little girl not sitting still. Also the little girl was wearing shorts which I thought was inappropriate considering the cool weather but that could have been a parental decision.

Susan Tabas Tepper to be Sentenced This Afternoon

Monday, September 17, 2007
susan tabas tepper
The Main Line, PA mom who beat her nanny is expected to find out her jail sentence today. A sentencing is scheduled for Susan Tabas Tepper later this afternoon. (Update to follow.)

Compared with previous court appearances, when her hair was disheveled and her face puffy, Susan Tabas Tepper looked rested and relaxed today as she appeared at Montgomery County Courthouse holding hands with boyfriend, Tony Fercos. Tepper smiled but remained silent as she was sentenced to 15 months probation and fined $600. This is in addition to the court-ordered month of psychiatric care Tepper just completed.

Monkey Joe's- Buckhead in Atlanta, GA

Received Monday, September 17, 2007
On Friday (Sept. 14) I witnessed a nanny of three children. Ages were probably 9 month old girl, 5 year old boy, and a seven year old boy. The nanny was reading a magazine with the baby in the stroller. The older boy was teasing the four year old so the nanny went over, not saying a word to the children, and grabbed the older boy by his arm and DRAGGED him across the carpet for a good twenty feet. Nanny was probably mid-upper 30's. African American...maybe Jamaican. She was about "5'6 180ish pounds.


Westshore Plaza Play Area in Tampa, Florida

Received Saturday, September 15, 2007
When: Friday, 9/14/07 About 12:45-1:30pm
Child: About three years old, female, Caucasian, light brown shoulder length hair with crown/bangs pulled into a ponytail to the side, big green eyes, tanned skin, well-spoken and friendly, wearing a matching Dora skirt and shirt. Skirt was dark pink, shirt was light pink.
Nanny: Hispanic female, mid to late 40's, dark hair, wearing green shirt, friendly with another Hispanic nanny of a little girl with short, dark curly hair wearing gold earrings, about 2.5 yrs old.

The nanny paid no attention at all to her charge. She was in deep conversation with the other nanny and rarely even looked to see where the girl was. She did not intervene as the girl approached numerous strange adults.My primary reason for reporting this nanny, however, is that another mother told me she had seen the very same nanny, on a previous occasion at the same location, leave the little girl and her sibling in the play area ALONE and unwatched while she left and went shopping for nearly an hour.

The Oddest/Worst Interview Experiences

Saturday, September 15, 2007
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Central Park West/110th street park in New York City

Received Friday, September 14, 2007
Date of incident: July 13, 2007, shortly after 12:30 PM.
Attached is a picture of a nanny with a baby and a child of about 3 yrs. I saw this woman hit the 3yr. old in the park when she was feeding him in the stroller. Apparently he dropped some food or the like and got hit for it. The boy cried without her consoling him. She seemed to be very uncaring towards this child to the point of disliking him. He has dark hair and is in a tank top in the photo. I saw this before I took a trip out of state and thought of reporting it after I got back. I forgot and yesterday I remembered the little boy and I put it off again. When I went to the park today (this time it was Riverside at 110th street) I saw the same little boy with the nanny and the baby and I knew it was a sign that I had to do something. On both occasions I observed this nanny sitting on a park bench without paying attention to the boy who walked and played through out the park with minimal or no supervision from the nanny. She sat at the bench talking with another nanny while holding the baby. The boy would wander towards her and she always seemed annoyed with him. I have two little boys and this just breaks my heart the way this woman treats this boy. If she hits him in public God knows what she does to him when no one is around.
reader submitted photo of bad nanny
I should have called the police. I'm hoping that even if it is several months after the fact, that its not too late. I would not like my name on the posting yet if you get contacted by the parents you have my permission to give them my email. I took several photos of the child on that day playing in the sand box. The nanny looks African American but may be is Jamaican. Not sure. The baby has to be the boys sibling because they look a lot alike.

Starbucks on Armitage and Sheffield in Chicago, Illinois

Received Friday, September 14, 2007
I wanted to inform your audience about a recent disturbing nanny sighting. I was in Chicago on the north side of the city today, (9/12) walking my daughter and her friend. We sat at the Starbucks on Armitage and Sheffield to get a drink and I met a nanny named Cheryl. She had a little boy with her named Chucky. The boy cried a lot but the nanny didn't seem to care. What was worrisome was the fact that the nanny gave the child of about 2 yrs a chocolate scone and a little cup of her iced coffee. Cheryl said the boys mom didn't mind but I doubt that. If you have a nanny in Lincoln Park named Cheryl, I would ask her why she is giving a child iced coffee with sugar in it. I just wanted to tell someone. it made me sick!


Morningside Park in NY, NY

Received Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Nanny: Under 5"5", approx 135 lbs, dark hair in a bob, pretty face, African American female.
Child: aged 2, approx 30 lbs, Spiderman pyjama top over a long sleeved, blue coloured shirt, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, jeans, Caucasian male.
Location: Morningside Park; 113 Street & Manhattan Ave
What I witnessed: I am a nanny myself and new to this area of town. This is one of my first trips to this park and I was happy to meet your nanny because she was friendly and had helpful ideas. The little boy would run back and forth to her and she would always say something positive to him. I am posting this because our conversation took a dark turn. We got on the subjects of salary and holidays. Rosh Hashanah came up and she began to complain that she had to work even though the parents had it off. She made a few off handed comments about the parent's inability to take care of their child for one day. She then told me that this was the first and last such family she would work for and made a number of inflammatory and prejudicial comments. I was speechless. I didn't realize such bias still existed. This nanny seemed to be very good and very fond of your son but she is harbouring some deep seated resentment and prejudice against you. I am attempting to chose my words carefully as I most definitely do not want to repeat anything that she said. I really am not one to criticise but this was most unpleasant. . I did not wish our exchange to turn into an arguement, so I ended our conversation and left the park.

Update 9/13: I was not at all concerned when the nanny lambasted the parental skills of her employers or raged that she had to work the following day. What did and still concerns me is the hateful comments the nanny made regarding her employer's religion and the awful, ignorant and discriminatory things she verbalised to me; an essential stranger.

Saxon Woods Park in White Plains, New York

Received Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Saxon Woods Park in MamaroneckI saw the most super nanny today. Her name is Carolina. She is very kind to the kids she is caring for. She had 2 of them by the hands and they were walking and collecting the leafs. She had a backpack with stuff in it and the were putting leafs in a plastic container to take back home and make a craft with. The whole time they were asking the nanny about the trees and the leafs and the other things they see and the nanny answered in a good way. You could see they like her so much. One of the kids is in morning preschool and the other one is too young for school yet. They were both boys. I got to speak to her about what she was doing with the leafs and that is how I know. So if Carolina is your nanny and was at this park at around one this afternoon, she is very good.

Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Be on the lookout for a nanny in a red track suit with a gold or yellow stripe down the side. She was last seen at Cadman Plaza Park with a sack full of Peter Pan Donuts and sipping on a cold drink. The bag of donuts upon arrival was pretty full. Your little girl was in a collapsible stroller wearing a blue dress with white dots on it and a red collar. She had short curly hair and was between 1 and 18 months. The entire time they were here they did nothing but eat donuts and drink out of that cold drink cup. This lasted about 45 minutes and they only left when the sack was empty. Your nanny is pin thin, under 25, her track suit just hung to her and she had a tank top underneath where when she moved I could see her clavicle jutting out. She is a white girl with a very thin face, defined cheek bones and brown hair that she wore in a pony.


Hippo Park in NYC

Received Monday, September 10, 2007
I saw your nanny... She was wearing baggy pants- a short sleeved shirt open - over a t-shirt and has a very short -afro- that is salt and peppery. She doesn't wear make up - and is about 50 years old. In fact when she was walking away, From the back, your nanny looks like a male with her short hair and build. Your little boy was playing with his sister - who sat in the stroller. She was laughing because I could hear her. I don't know what he was doing. The stroller wasn't moving. He had his hands on the stroller and was leaning in to it - but I couldn't see his face. I am guessing that it was making faces. The nanny kept saying, "go on now, get. go play some", but he was fine playing with his sister who looked to be about 9 months. The nanny had with her a NY Post. The little boy had blackish hair, white face with freckles, wide smile and was wearing orange shorts to his knee with lots of zippers and pockets. His tennis shoes were dk. blue and light blue with orange stripes. Maybe Adidas? Looked expensive. The nanny finally said to the little boy, "boy, I'm gonna take this shoe off and smack you with it." I am guessing she was mostly kidding. The real thing that bothered me is that the kids were laughing - but it was distracting the nanny from her ability to read her paper. So she kept sending the boy away. I hate to see that. When he finally went away - the little girl just sat in her stroller looking stoned and sucking on her see through binkie. The stroller was a dark blue Mcclaren - with a net and plaid underpart that had space for bags. And this was on Sunday - at the park in Central Park with the Hippos.

"Common Courtesy and Common Sense"

Received Monday, September 10, 2007-Rant
Dear Employer,
1) I have been with you for 7 months. You leave me alone with your under two year old child all day long. I take her to the playground, to the museum and on walks, so I know you must trust me. Do tell me why I need to stand and wait on Fridays while you count out/balance the petty cash? We start with one hundred dollars every Monday. And throughout the week I leave receipts and change in our container.
2) I have worked so hard on potty training your child. By Thursday, the child is doing wonderfully. By Friday, the child has no accidents. Monday morning the garbage is full of disposable diapers. This has been going on for 6 weeks. It cannot be that hard to take your single child to the bathroom over the course of a weekend.
3) You asked my opinion with regard to a pair of Jeans you had purchased at Barney's. I said they looked good. You told me, "For $275, they better look better than good." I said, "$275 for jeans" and you replied, "I bet you can buy 10 pairs of your jeans for that" and chuckled. Not. So. Funny.
4) You have asked me to be here at 8AM every morning. I rarely arrive after 7:50 because I am a courteous person. My day ends at 6:00 PM. Yet, you fail to show me the same consideration. Often times, you arrive late because you have stopped for flowers, food or wine. First, my day is already long enough and second, please recognize I have a life and places to get to. I understand if there is a work emergency or subway problem, but do believe I should be able to walk out the door at 6PM since I arrive for you before 8 AM.

I haven't confronted you on these things because these are matters of common sense and common courtesy. Here's hoping something clicks in your head soon, because I am quite fond of your child and look forward to going to work everyday.


Sunday Roundtable #1

Received Sunday, September 9, 2007
I would suggest that this week's ISYN Roundtable discuss the double standard with regard to appropriate care from a parent and that of a childcare provider. This blog is about pointing out the things that nannies are doing that the parents might not realize. Sometimes they are harmful, often benign. I understand this and think it is a great resource. What I don't understand is the number of celebrities that rallied around the McCann family from the get go to pledge their support and money to help find their daughter. This in light of the fact that they were beyond neglectful in leaving their three small children alone in a hotel room so they could go out cavorting with their friends. There are missing children everywhere who have been snatched from even the most overprotective parents and then to these parents, so much support? Was it because she was a cute little, white girl? Why is it so easy to gloss over a parents neglect? Setting aside the fact that I personally feel the mother drugged the child because her tantrumming proved to be inconvenient to the mother's "me time", why? Why? A mother forgot to drop the child off at daycare at the child dies in the car. And the mother is not charged. Why? I agree she made a mistake, but if it were a nanny, wouldn't she be in jail? Why this double standard when it comes to parents? The mother was not even charged. And if you see the tape of her being interviewed, yes you might feel sorry for her. But a child's life is lost. Gone. And it's okay? Can you imagine the support a nanny would receive if she left three children alone in a hotel room so she could go out with her nanny friends? She would be lynched. As well she should be. But the McCanns were embraced. Why?
Madeleine McCann
Cecilia Slaby
Submitted by Colleen, Ohio
If you have a suggestion for a Sunday Roundtable, please email I SAW YOUR NANNY.


West Street walkway in Battery Park City, NY

Received Saturday, September 8, 2007
Great Nanny sighting on September 7.I saw your nanny yesterday (9/7/07) around 4:45pm sitting outside on West Street walkway on a park bench. She was wearing a bright pink sleeveless top with off white pants. she was either latino or of another spanish descent with very short salt and pepper hair. She had a royal blue bugaboo parked by her side. she was sitting with a little caucasian boy about 8 mths old with brown hair and a striped onsie with lettering on the back. It was so sweet, I couldn't stop smiling as I passed by. She was holding him and kissing him and making him laugh. She was so affectionate and loving, and playful...he looked so happy..they both randomly looked at me and smiled. I hope the parents of this little boy is reading this because you are so lucky to have a wonderful nanny taking care of your son. It was awesome!


Interview Rant....

Received Friday, September 7, 2007-Rant
I met this lady for an interview yesterday and boy was I pissed off. She said, "we don't feel comfortable paying someone when the baby is asleep". Right, does that mean I can leave the house when he's in bed? What is wrong with these people?! Not only that , she offered me a ridiculous rate (something like $5 after taxes for 2 kids, I now get $10 after tax for one girl so..) . She also wanted me to do housework (just like your own home) . I'm not stupid, I have no problems clearing up after the kids, emptying the dishwasher and what not but anything else for that kind of money is a no. She wanted me to mop, vacuum, iron (occupy your time with something) . The most irritating part is I wrote down my expectations , asked her what she'd pay her nanny TWICE so that we wouldn't have to waste any time meeting up if we don't match. She deflected the questions both times and I decided not to meet her but she called me on my cell to meet up tonight. What a waste of time and $10 on a train ticket.

Interviews gone horribly wrong-? Nannies and employers send us your stories of disappointing, irritating or downright odd interviews. We will post all of your stories and responses in a feature later this month.

Asphalt Green Playground in NYC

Received Friday, September 7, 2007
This occurred at 4:30 P.M. yesterday, (9/6).
The care giver had long red hair in a pony tail, a bright green shirt, faded jeans, and flip flops. Her charges, a girl about seven with light brown hair in a white shirt, yellow shorts, and pink crocs. She had a doll and doll stroller. A boy four or five with dark brown hair in a dark blue shirt with thin white stripes, shorts and dark blue sandals.
The two children were running around in the baby swing area, and opening and slamming the gate. Fearing that one might get hurt, I went over and closed the gate with them outside. (It is normally kept closed, as there are many toddlers in this small playground.) While I was pushing the swing someone else came in, leaving the gate open. They resumed playing with the gate and a third little boy who tried to come in got his hand slammed in the gate. He was crying very hard, and the woman, who was sitting on a bench reading the whole time finally looked up, came over, and told them to play somewhere else.
A little later, the boy went to her to say he needed to go to the bathroom. Instead of taking him in to the (nice clean) bathroom just inside the front door, she took him past the end of the bench and let him pee in the playground. She seemed annoyed to have her reading interrupted.
The children were old enough to play on their own, but certainly needed someone to keep an eye open. They could have left the playground and she wouldn't have noticed.
Her lack of concern for their safety and well being makes me hope this wasn't their mom!


Westwood Park in Asheboro, SC

Received Thursday, September 6, 2007
This was very unnerving to see. A nanny and her child/charge were having disagreement. The nanny was sitting on a bench. The little girl was standing in front of her legs with her hands on the nanny's thighs and in a posture of asking her something and she was about 5 or so. The little girl may have been off of school because she was wearing a red plaidish looking dress with some white lace on the collar and she had dark, curly hair and some of it was up in a little bow and the rest was down her back. I could hear the little girl saying, "but i want to". I paid them no mind. When I turned back around the nanny had her left hand raised in a punch like she was going to punch the little girl. She had the meanest look on her face ever. I made eye contact with her at that exact time and the nanny looked caught and the little girl immediately stopped asking on her and the mission was accomplished she stopped asking for whatever it is she wanted. She looked nervously back at the nanny and went back to play. Please tell me you all don't rule this as an approved negotiation technique? This all took place around 4PM at Westwood Park.

Adventure Playground, (Central Park) in NYC

Received Thursday, September 6, 2007
I saw your l-a-z-y nanny at the playground today. It is a hot day and you might know this is your nanny by this description. 1)She was leafing through a rolling stone magazine that was in French. 2) She was about 5'7-5'9. 3) She weighed about 200-230lbs. 4) She wore dark denim jeans and a ribbed tunic with 3/4 length sleeves in the color of peach. 5) She had short medium brown hair pulled back into a very neat, short pony tail. 6)She was African American.Now I suppose you want me to describe your kids, right? Well I can't. I have no idea who she was watching. She also had a People magazine and a Teen Cosmo. She flipped through the magazines. My job was not to watch your nanny, but I did notice her leave the playground and return at one point. She was gone about 5 minutes. And another time I witnessed her yelling in a general direction, "Boo, I'm hot. You ready to go". and "Booooooo". No sign of Boo. No response I noticed, so she goes back to her magazines. The playground is busy enough. Then periodically she screams "Boo, come on now" in a load and scratchy voice. But she is screaming it down at her magazine. So if your child has a nickname Boo, please do some playground surveillance of your own. See what's up.


North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago, Illinois

Received Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Time of day: 10am-11am
Nanny: Filipino, around fifty, shoulder length black hair, introduced herself as 'Linda' and told me that her employers live off of Lawrence and send their son to a daycare in Lincoln Park, if that helps to identify them at all.
Children: One girl around 15 months, blond hair, blue eyes, wearing a grey onesie and pink sun hat. One boy blond hair, blue eyes, who turns 4 in October (we had a long conversation about his birthday) and who said that his name is 'Colin.'
Information: Although your kept the children safe overall, there were just a couple of things that I found a bit troubling. While my charge was playing with Colin the nanny wondered off to another part of play area, pulled out her cell phone, parked the stroller and left the little girl strapped in and completely bored out of her mind. The nanny proceeded to talk on the phone. At one point I looked over to see the little girl crying and grabbing out of an ear of corn she had been eating from a few seconds before, which now was being consumed by the nanny, who was still on the phone and completely ignoring her. All the while she had left Colin in my care (a complete stranger). I continued to finish the nature trail with my charge, with Colin trailing with us (and his nanny). Every activity (frog watching, flower hunting, I Spy) that I suggested to my charge, the nanny jumped in and said 'Colin, let's do that with her'. ARGH. Matters got worse when the nanny asked me to watch Colin and the little girl (who was still strapped into the stroller an hour later) while she went to the bathroom. All the while, she prompted Colin to go faster through the nature center in order to make it to McDonalds (because 'mommy gave me twenty dollars to take you there') before his sisters nap time. I am sure that your children are safe with her, but I didn't see her nurturing them at all. Made me really sad.

Playground off Inner Lake Shore in Chicago, Illinois

Received Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Bad nanny sighting at playground off Inner Lake Shore, just south of Belmont (Chicago)Nanny is mid-thirties to mid-forties, dirty-blonde hair. Child is four years old, olive complexion (not sure if he's Asian or Latino or some combination of Caucasian and one of these--he is a beautiful little boy, shiny dark-brown, straight hair), and absolutely in love with tractors. We go to this park quite a bit and have seen them numerous times and always been appalled. The nanny shows up, sends the boy to the sandbox with his tractors, and goes to the opposite end of the park to gossip with a (nanny?) friend of hers, also blondish, and the boy's nanny sits with her back to the park. The child in her care could just get up and walk out of the park and she wouldn't even notice, or he could be abducted, or hurt, and she wouldn't even know. He is somewhat of a bully in the sandbox--doesn't share, taunts other kids with his toys, and has actually tried to steal my son's cars a few times (as in, says they are his and walks away with them, until we question him and show him that my son's name is written on his cars--my son is only 2). Anyway, this is not to blame the boy at ALL, but just an illustration of the type of thing that a good caregiver would have taught him not to do, or could intervene if he did do, but she has no idea b/c she's not paying attention. Especially when another child's parent is talking to a child, you would think she would come over and see what the problem is/protect her kid. Just terrible negligence, and I'd hate to think that the parents think they've got a wonderful nanny who is helping their son learn manners and how to get along in the world, because she's doing nothing but leaving him to fend for himself. If she's like this in public, I wonder what she does when they're at home--watch tv?


The Park on Fairbank Rd in Sudbury, MA.

Received Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Sudbury, MA. Physical description of caregiver: average height, short black hair (posh spice cut) a white tee shirt that said "hoop it up", and light blue jeans she was in her late teens early twenties.
Physical description of involved child/children: there where 3 children, the oldest (3 yrs) was blonde hair blue eyes and wearing a orange and blue striped polo with khaki shorts, the middle (2 yrs) was in a navy blue and grey jumper/romper with black curley hair and the youngest was (1 yr) blonde baby fuzz hair and blue eyes. I know the ages because I heard her talking to a mother, the two older ones are boys and the youngest a girl
Address or venue of observed incident: at the park on Fairbank Rd in Sudbury, MA.
Date and time of incident: today (Tuesday Sept 4th early to mid morning/before 10am)
Detailed description of what you witnessed:The nanny followed the 2 boys around yelling encouragement with lots of "yays" and high fives, she played in the sand box, on the swings, and assisted the boys in climbing up a ladder like part of the jungle gym (which I thought was too advanced for their size) but they made it up without injury. She talked to one or 2 other moms there but cut conversations short, she was constantly in motion. During this whole time she held the infant in her arms. When it was time to go she gave them a 2 minute warning and waited at the gate after telling them it was time to leave, she waited at the gait to show them she meant it and the boys quickly fell in line and held her hand. I was impressed at not only how well they listened as they stood inbetween the car and her as she loaded them in but as to how well she handled them. I can barely do it with one child, and to see her so young with 3 little ones was a nice surprise. I hope to find a nanny like her, after horror stories nannies like this give you hope. Whoever employs her, I just want to say congratulations on finding a good one. Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: she had a black mini suv, a toyota or honda something that size

"No Nerve"

Received Tuesday, September 4, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
It is exactly a year that my nanny has been working for me. I have a hard time asking her to do the most simple things. For example, when I come home from work, my son's room is mess and I clean it up as she gets herself ready to go home. I ask her to clean the fabric on my son's stroller (she sometimes feeds him in there, which I asked her not to) it is still dirty.She never refills the wipe warmer or replenishes the diapers in the changing table so when I reach for one it is empty. I gave her a list of things that need to be done everyday and weekly and I don't see her doing them. How do I tell her to do these things? It has been a year and stupid me has not said one word but she certainly knows how to ask for a raise (in April) and takes naps in front of my mom when she was visiting!

Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY

Received Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Yesterday, (9/3) I was at the Palisades Mall in New York and I saw A nanny who looked about late 20's early 30's. She was African American and had three Caucasian boys with her, and they had brown hair and were all wearing green sweat shirts from GAP They boys looked about 3, 4 or 5, and 6 or 7The nanny was pushing them all in a stroller and she was being very rough with it, pushing it into walls and going over bumps and stuff and going very fast. The boys really seemed to enjoy it, but they weren't strapped in and one almost fell out. And because he started to cry the nanny started reprimanding him that he wasn't strapped in, Shouldn't it be her job to do that???? Besides that, the boys seemed to really like her and she seemed to really like them, it was just that one thingthat bothered me.

Outside Duane Reade at Park & 28th. in NYC

Received Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Your nanny had been in the store. Little girl of nearly 3 was pushing the stroller that had a few bags from running errands in it. The little girl pushed the stroller in to the nanny's heel and the nanny turned around and grabbed the stroller from her force, with her other hand she pushed the little girl back (her hand covered the child's whole torso) and the nanny said "BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD".
Three things.
1) I loathe people who let their children push strollers on crowded sidewalks. If any one's heels should have been run over, they should have been yours.
2) Don't ever put your hands on a child so roughly.
3) Even if saying, "bad" four times was appropriate (it isn't), you talked to her like she was 10 months.
Little girl: Pink tank dress with solid top part of floral bottom, jelly looking sandals, curly brown hair, very blue eyes. (White)
Nanny: Short, heavy set wearing a striped sweater shirt with a white color and black pants, hair was slicked to her scalp using some gel and then in a bun where it was crimped in different directions. Her bun had a magenta color to it, her hair by her scalp was black, about 22-30.(Black)

OP @ 301 PM: I submitted this as 23/Park. Should have been 28/Park.
Submit your nanny sighting by emailing .


Monday, September 3, 2007

Would you believe I SAW YOUR NANNY has been in existence now for a solid year? It has been a great first year and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our many faithful readers and frequent commentators. Your loyalty, suggestions and support have made this site a success. To those of you who log on everyday and those of who continue to help spread the word about this site, thank you.
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Nanny asks if there is such a thing as 'too much love'...

Received Sunday, September 2, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I am in a situation and need some advice from parents. I have been a nanny for the same family for 3+ years (and plan on staying many more) taking care of two toddler girls. I love my family dearly and love the girls so much. I always show them love and give them hugs and kisses, and tell them I love them. I am committed to them as if they were my own children and would take a bullet for them if I had to. Recently the oldest who is 3, has been saying to her mom "I'm not yours, I'm nannies" and "I love nanny not you mommy" which usually she later turns to mom and professes her love for her mommy. I always regard my charges as "my girls" although always claiming to be their nanny to anyone who asks or compliments them. (I don't' take credit where its not due). Also, dad dad said something along the lines of "they are my children, not yours" but not in a bad way, just in a conversation that is to long to go on about here. I always acknowledge to the parents that they are the parents and I am just the nanny. But I feel that when these things are said, the parents are hurt. although they never say anything, I still feel the tension and am not sure how to react. Should I back off from showing affection to them and speaking about them as "my girls" or should I continue to show them the same amount of love? Advice from parents please, as I don't think other nannies could really tell me how the parents feel.
Nanny Sightings Needed

Nanny's three month vacation proves less than convenient...

Received Sunday, September 2, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I need some opinions on this. I work outside of the home and am currently on maternity leave with my third child. For the past year we have had a live in nanny who is excellent. In addition to the nanny we have a housekeeper who comes in once a week to do heavy cleaning, laundry, etc. I will be going back to work in about two months to a position which will allow me a lot more flexibility so I can spend more time with the kids. At around the same time I go back to work my nanny will be leaving for a three month vacation to visit her family back home (she will not be paid during this time). I need to hire another nanny for this time period but I just don't know if it wil be possilbe to find a live-in nanny for just three months but I want to be honest with anyone I hire that it is most likely a temporary position. On the other hand, what if my current nanny decides to prolong her stay or not come back at all? Or what if I like the temporary nanny more? Should I just terminate the current nanny so I won't have to deal with this situation again and start fresh? I really like her but it is not convenient. Also, for when I go back to work should I expect one nanny to be able to handle 3 kids (the older two are in school fulltime). Thank you.