Nanny Notes!

Hi All,

SS here.  I thought it might be helpful to have some of our Nanny's share some "Helpful Hints".

What are some of your best practices?  

ie: easiest way to get a child to eat their meal?   get them to sleep?  share their toys?

What are your Nanny Notes?


BAD Parent Sighting - A Tragedy Waiting To Happen ( We Hope Not)

A woman who seems to be the mother of 2 kids, a 3 year old girl and a very young infant, endangers them on a regular basis at 610 and Beechnut in Houston. The woman uses the kids to get attention for panhandling. Reports by witnesses say that the little girl runs into traffic and has caused a fender bender. The girl and mother ( we assume ) are regularly picked up by a man in a late model white SUV. They seem to do well on the money. Witnesses  say they have called the police and CPS to no avail. (Pics are coming)

Best way to give notice?

Hi! Just wanted to hear suggestions on how to give notice. I've been with current family for two years. I have been through really rough time. I've recently burned out. I got sick about 5 times in the last four months. I have zero energy. I think I'm completely zapped out. I live near NYC and they only paid $14.50 for two kids. No TV. Not type of entertainment and drop off and pick ups'when oldest is in school.

Now, starting next month the youngest is going to school. They offered part time and only $15.50. I have to commute by either driving or public transportation. They're only offerinf about 20 hrs a week too. So I decided to look somewhere else. I did get offered a position at a preschool. I'm going to take it because I just felt like these people took advantage of me and want to be cheap. I always went above and beyond. The kids are ok, but hit and abused me for a while. The mom wanted me to always have them outside and take them to various things A DAY. She couldn't stand see me home sitting down. She purposely took nap time away because they would fall asleep too "late". A MESS. Most of the days the job was OK. I just feel like I need change and be appreciated it more. Especially since I am college educated and it shows on how much the kiddos know.

I'm thinking of giving three weeks notice at the end of the week. Thanks !


Question from a Nanny.

Hey guys, I have some questions. I just got offered a position as a nanny for $10/hr for 50 hours a week, after quitting a hospital job 4 months ago. I'll be watching 1 toddler and if i have to watch the other kids (2 more) it will be $13/hr. The family is paying cash off the books. Has anyone else worked off the books? If so was it short term? Did you ever have issues with IRS? If I try to work with an agency later on will they hold it against me that I have no proof of employment, besides the parents' word?

Gift Ideas Please!

My son has been with his current nanny for 3 years. She just had a baby in October and due again in November! Plus she has a toddler. We mutually decided my son should head to a PreK program and I would like to do something wonderful for her to thank her for all she's done for my son and I. What are some gift ideas? We have done spa items, gift cards to movies and restaurants.... I would love to find a sentimental children's book about friends forever or something to that effect and flowers? Any ideas?

QUESTION OF THE DAY!! How do you get a child to sleep?

How do you get a child to sleep?

Here are some answers from a mothers group.

We have been dealing with this and FINALLYYYY solved the problem. 30 minutes before bedtime we give him LUNA Melatonin pills and we reversed the lock on his door to face the hall! Took a week before he quit! But it worked!

Lavender in a diffuser... And lock the door. My friends daughter did the same thing and would fall asleep at the door for a few nights until she realized that she wasn't going to win the fight to get out of the room.

Yep- we give melatonin before bed too. Really works. Also- when you are putting her back to bed- do not interact with her. It's time- says it's time to go to bed, every time after that, just put her back to bed and say nothing. I also take away their favorite blanket, stuffed animal etc and that seems to help.

I started tart cherry juice and diffusing lavender or Doterra serenity in her room over melatonin option.

Cut down on nap and lock the door. I had to or mine wouldn't ever fall asleep! We unlock after he's fallen asleep just in case he needs us

We use an app called "Calm" and they have sleep stories. At first that helped but now she wants me to lay with her. I give her a time limit or if she gets up I leave. Lately we have been telling her to listen to the story and tell me the ending tomorrow. That has been working so well this past week. I remember this phase with my son and looking back it was short lived. Good luck!

Tell us your tips and tricks!


Bad Nanny siting Riverside Park

Nanny dark skinned )Jamaican?)blue shirt and small girl pink top in riverside park. Nanny was very aggressive with the child for no reason. Loud yelling and physically abusive

Nanny need advice!

Hello, I hope I receive some advice. I provide childcare for 2 families. It's a part time job and receive payment in cash from both families. I am being audited by the state of Maryland. They are requesting that I provide address and social security numbers from these families. I asked them if they are willing and of course they are very hesitant to do so. I have never gave them my social security number. Thank you!



Not Good Child Sighting - with John Quinones

" What would you do? " just had an interesting episode in which a child actor pretended to talk down to and even threaten the nanny. In the toy store the actor said things like " You have to do what I say, I pay you" and " You're just the nanny, you don't mean anything, buy me this toy or i will have you fired " etc. They showed a mother telling the child actor "How would you feel? She is a person."  And one patron cried for the nanny's hurt feelings, another lady tracked down the child's "mom" another actress and discussed it. Has a child ever crossed the line from just being a child into really wrong/demeaning behavior? What is the best way to handle it?

What would you do?


Bad Nanny Sighting Harry Chapin park - Brooklyn, NY

Very unprofessional nanny, put her hand on my child and not in a friendly or helpful way. This event took place at Harry Chapin park which we frequent on a weekly basis.

This nanny was very unprofessional to say the least. She put her hand on my son and that's where I draw the line. I'm all for the village raising a kid but not when you handle a child in a demeaning unfriendly way and trying to yank a truck from under him while yelling at him "why are you playing with both trucks?!!!" this happens right in front of me and I am in utter disbelief that it's really happening. The child in her care runs up to my son to take the truck from him and my three-year old son pushes him away. The child loses his balance and falls on his butt. I walk over to pick him up to make sure he is fine, and he is. As I was about to talk to my son to have him come over to apologize, the nanny goes straight for my son while she's yanking at the truck from under him, she yells at him, "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH BOTH TRUCKS?!!!" when my son wouldn't let go of the truck, she starts yanking at his arm. I tell her "don't to touch my son!" Then she proceeds to yell at me. I'm amazed at how instantly angry she is and I ask her, did my son personally hurt you? While she's hovering on top of me, she starts yelling at me, way too close to my face. She then grabs her child and while carrying him, she yells at me and says, "get that shit under control! Take care of that shit!" I was both flabbergasted and appalled. I should've called the cops but my son was crying and I felt I needed to take ourselves from the situation because she was so angry and getting so close to my face. I took her picture and once she saw me take a picture she decided to take her picture or video of me, She puts her phone very close to my face and my son's face. I do have her name and phone number from a business card she's been passing around to other nannies. Her name is Tara W. When I asked other nannies if they know her, they didn't hesitate to give me her info. So I have her name and number but it doesn't really help me find her employers. I'm told I can file a police report but I would much rather have her employers tell her that she is not allowed to touch other children or speak to any parent or child in a disrespectful manner. She also needs to control her temper and anger and be professional most especially while their son is under her care. It's not healthy for their child or other children to constantly be exposed to so much anger.

I'm also posting in other mommy sites in the neighborhood as well.

Even if she was having a bad day, I don't understand why she thinks it's okay to touch other people's kids that way or speak to anyone in that manner. I'm not sure what else to do.


HELP PLEASE!! What do I do?

I am in a rough situation and I know I'm my heart the right thing to do. I know also what you are all going to say.. but here it goes.. the family I have been a nanny for has been really upsetting lately. Things have just gone south. Things are the same as they were when I first started 2 1/2 years ago.
Parents have become rude and crude. Mom is consistently embarrassing me and talking down to me or about his oldest. One time she took a 6oz baby bottle off the drying rack and found formula still inside (after she "washed it"). She put it into the sanitation bag and cleaned it that morning. I used the 4 oz bottles and didn't touch it all day.

I'm not allowed to suddenly take kids out. One time- mom didn't have an address for me to meet her I was calling from my cell phone in the car- trying to get to the doc office that I didn't know where it was and I got lost. After trying to call her 100 times- my cell died in the car. I went home in tears.

Bosses are always late. My position starts and ends at 7am/6pm. I understand that they have the occasional traffic/car troubles but this is everyday I don't get to leave before 6:30/6:45. Sometimes, especially with dad, around 7pm.

A couple weeks ago- mom had picked up C from school (the oldest- he just turned 3 years) he came home screaming/crying for mom to play with him. Also found out (next day) that oldest wanted to take his mom out for coffee. C wanted to spend time with her. Anyway, mom had to finish her work in home office. Had to be on call. Mom was so upset. "I have to get on this call- its so important- S (me the nanny) will you please just f&$@in feed him (child gets symptoms of low blood sugar and can get really upset) so he stops being an a$&. I was so upset!! She has no control over her kid.

The oldest has hit his baby brother- right in front of me and mom (as we were talking). I said C you are in time out and mom says time outs are a joke to him (child) I count... Um thanks for telling me and what does counting do? Oldest is very sweet and loving. Super smart. But mom let's him get away with everything. He has bit me and times out work wonders for me. I never have an issue afterwards. I've tried to talk to my bosses and nothing is being resolved. (I get nothing but blame and mind your business attitude from boss- like she so frustrated with me...

I have a chance to leave this position this week. I was offered a fabulous job with a lot more money. I would have to start next week. I love the boys I currently work with and have not told my bosses yet- I know it will end ugly. I don't want to do this with the boys- I have a bond with them. This thought is killing me.. but when you have bosses that treat you like crap....Help!!


Bad nanny sighting New Rochelle

This nanny was at the New Rochelle Library this AM, with 2 children, a boy between the age of 1-2 yrs and a baby girl. The nanny was physically rough w the boy + intimidating, she roughly handled him at least 4x in ten min. The baby girl very nearly fell from her lap, her head falling back abruptly. I don't feel this nanny is fit for kids, especially so young! I alerted library staff.


I was just used... I think!

I really like my MB and kids and they had me accompany them to a wedding (to watch their kids). There was a room with many toys JUST for the kids which was where I was with the children. There were 30 other kids acting horribly, getting into fights, running, etc. A mother stuck her head in and said "do your job they are running everywhere" There were two teens that were being paid and just sat there giggling on the cell phones... What should I have done? I just kept my two kids occupied and stayed away from the awful kids.


Dealing with dads immature behavior...

When you start to realize how much of a immature jerk your boss is and as much as you hate to leave your precious nanny child, you know you don't deserve to be treated that way.

This past Week, I had Got a stomach bug that started in the middle of the night. I notified my bosses as soon as I realized I was unable to work. The one boss was able to get home to be able to cover in this situation. The immature boss decided to be mad at me for several days deliberately avoiding me and not speaking to me. I was told by my other boss just how mad he was tonight. My response was this was something that just happened not deliberate. His response was well you know how he does not handle stress and I should basically accept his behavior. He is the one who is married to this immature jerk, so he chooses to live his life with this jerk. But for me, I've never dealt with this type of behavior before and I'm not married to him, so why should I have to? What would you all do? Keep in mind, this is not the first time I've had to deal with his immature behavior.


Food Fight

I'm not a nanny, I have worked with kids before but I am needing views about a nanny I am having trouble with. I have a weekend job giving out samples of these high end cheese products, crackers,cheese,olives and salami at a local grocery store. Part of the job is to be social and talk to the customers. There are two kids, a girl and boy, seven and six years - sometimes they come in with the mom and sometimes with the nanny. When it is the mom, no problem, all normal, they all get a sample or two, the mother sometimes buys the crackers. But every time the nanny brings the kids they keep eating and eating the samples,hanging out for thirty minutes to an hour. As part of my job I've made "friends" with the nanny who talks about her job,unhappy with her pay. She has actually told me thank you for the samples as she keeps the kids lunch money! The manager thought she was a personal friend of mine which of course I tried to explain. I work for an agency, not the grocery store and I am afraid I am going to be fired if I get a complaint. Should I tell the mother? I have told the agency owner who is hands off and just said "handle it."


Should I stay or should I go?

Started a nanny position 3 years ago (September)

Before baby:
$10.00-55 hours week

After baby:
$11.00/1 child. $13.00/2 children


Monday, Weds, and Friday 11 hour days @ $13.00/hr

Tuesday and Thursday. 5.5 hours @ $11.00 (older child in school)

So basically I am earning about $80-100 less than what I started with

Should I stay or should I go?


Mom needs advice

I am a new mom (I have a 7mo old) I am thinking about going to back to work and hiring a nanny.

Since I have never done this, does anyone have any good tips on:

1, Where to look for a nanny

2. What type of compensation should i offer? (Hourly, Weekly)  extra for the weekends?

3. Do I need to offer paid time off?

4. Health Insurance?

Any other suggestions that you think might be helpful.

 A New Mommy

Interesting ad on CL!

Housekeeper Live In (Houston)

compensation: $1500 per month plus free lodging & other benefits

employment type: full-time Seeking to hire a live in person to help take care of our house and to also provide additional care for our 6 year olds and 19 month old girl.

We currently have two other non live-in nannies that provide care for our children. You would be providing care when they are not at work. We also intend to hire a second live in housekeeper. There is and will be significant time off plus one day off per week.

Both parents speak Spanish so it is acceptable to be Spanish speaking only.

We have residences in San Antonio & Houston, so you must be willing to travel with us to both cities..

Pay is $1500 cash per month plus free food, free use of our cars for personal use, medical insurance and free food lodging. The pay is basically all spending money.

We require that the person love children, be kind and gentle, and have excellent child care skills.

This can be a very long term position for the right person.

Do not apply if you have young children of your own, have a substantial amount of planned outside activities that will limit your schedule, or do not want to live in. We are only hiring a full time live in person for this position.

If you are interested, please email us to the address below, telling us about your experience, how you might fit this position, and provide contact information..

Estamos buscando a una ninera (mujer) que viva con nosotros y cuide a nuestra nina de 19 meses y un par de ninas de 6 anos.

Ahora tenemos a dos personas que no viven con nosotros las cuales cuidan a nuestras hijas. Usted estaria cuidando a las ninas cuando las otras dos personas no estan trabajando. Esperamos contratar a una segunda persona que se quede a vivir con nosotros. Habra suficiente tiempo libre mas aparte un dia de descanso por semana.

Ambos padres hablan Espanol asi que es acceptable si la persona habla solamente Espanol.

Tenemos residencia en San Antonio & Houston, asi que la persona interesada debe estar dispuesta a viajar a las dos ciudades.

El salario es de $1500 por mes en efectivo mas alimentos gratis, puede usar uno de nuestros autos para uso personal en el tiempo libre, seguro medico y no tiene que pagar nada de renta. El dinero es practimante dinero para gastar.

Requeremos que la persona quiera a los ninos, sea dulce y amable y tenga excelente cuidado con los ninos.

Este puesto puede ser para tiempo largo para la persona correcta.

No nos contacte si usted tiene ninos de corta edad viviendo con usted, tiene actividades planeadas que limitaran su disponibilidad, o no quiere quedarse a vivir en casa. Solo estamos contratando a personas que esten disponibles para vivir con nosotros.

Si esta interesada, por favor envienos un correo a la direccion a continuacion, diganos sobre su experiencia, como cree que puede ser una buena candidata para el puesto, y provea su informacion para contactarla.

Si usted esta interesada, por favor envie un correo electronico a la direccion a continuacion. Diganos a cerca de su experiencia y como es que piensa que puede ser una buena candidata para este puesto.



I am really angry right now so maybe I should have waited before writing this. I am the nanny for a 4 year old boy and he and I get along very well. I will probably ask for a raise in the future but I am satisfied so far with what I am making. Here is what has me angry: I have had 2 friends call me and tell me about my MB complaining about me on the web!!! She does it on a neighborhood FB for mothers which I am not a member of but I have friends and other part time bosses who are. My friend let me go on there and see, MB does not mention me by name but mentions 3 incidents, one where I served  my charge and 2 of his friends a macaroni and cheese casserole MB was planning to serve for supper. Another one where she thought I was serving him Gatorade, which I was drinking and he had watered down OJ. And some other thing I forget at the moment. She never tells me these concerns, she is always very polite to me, but now I find she is badmouthing me behind my back. Do I confront her? Let it go and say something vague?


Hot outside.

I am a nanny to a 2 yr old and a 7 yr old.  they both enjoy being outside, but we live in Louisiana where it is very hot in the summertime.   Does anyone have any ideas for good activities for me and my kiddos?

thank you in advance!