Child Abuse - Nanny Tries To Drown Little Girl At Underwood Park Playground In Brooklyn, Hero Nanny Won't Have It

Bad Nanny Sighting in Fort Greene / Clinton Hill Brooklyn - today at the water section of Underwood Park Playground. A Nanny who was in charge of 2 girl toddlers each one maybe 18mos, lifted one child, wearing a hot pink rash guard and matching bottoms , had dark straight hair and bangs, into the sprinkler and held her there until she was completely drenched despite the girl's screams of protest.

Then the nanny proceeded to dump bucket after bucket into the little girl's face as she screamed and held out her arms to her caregiver, who kept dousing her. About 20 adults averted their eyes while this was happening . ONE MOM came over and asked why the little girl was screaming. The nanny said " I HAVE NO IDEA" At which point I said firmly but not with a raised voice to the nanny " She is crying because you are throwing water in her face"

The nanny got one foot away in my face screaming that it was HER CHILD ( while anything is possible this was unlikely as the little girl was Caucasian and the nanny was dark skinned with a Caribbean accent, so I do not believe she was the parent and it was HOT so of course she threw the water on her. i said, " No that is not your child, it is someone else's child and this is your job. You are supposed to be taking care of her not throwing water in her face when she is clearly terrified"

Then another nanny came up and started screaming at me that white nannies need to mind their own business. The original nanny whipped out a phone to record the other nanny telling me I am racist and would not have minded a white nanny throwing the water at the girl. I insisted I would have protested no matter who did it even the parents. They kept on and on about it not being my business but I feel that child abuse is everyone's business, the girl was choking, terrified, could not walk away or even talk.

This was absolutely violence against a baby and I did wish to call the police but became intimidated by multiple nannies loudly attacking me for the perceived attack on their ethnicity and minding my own business but what I saw haunts me - what would that nanny do privately if she would do this to her charge in public. How can this little girl have a voice with caregivers like that? I want so much to help this little girl. I have given my number to ISYN, i will speak with anyone about what i saw - TU


Anonymous said...

People of many backgrounds and skin tones are now using the word RACIST to justify dodging consequences for their actions, the word is losing it's meaning

Sarah said...

Thank you for trying to help her. Best you can do is say something. If that dimoesnt help- grab a video and post on local sites like Nextdoor- someone will find the family

Jacfred said...

You saw a nanny drowning a child and the first call you made was to ISYN.. In addition you had the time to count that there were 20adults looking on and still neither you or them called the police or ambulance Humm. 🤔🤔Very interesting

Leigh Raymer said...

The Op did write that she had the thought to call the police but became intimidated by the bad nanny and her friends - it's obvious to me that the bad nannies are of a like mind and very successful with this tactic. Please note: This post was very long and I shortened it a little, the Op did wish to call the police but did not follow thru and now is haunted by it, we could all learn from this, JUST SPEAKING UP AT ALL, obviously was very brave in these circumstances

Iamwatchingyoutoo said...

RACISM!!! Best and only description for this ridiculous post. I go to underwood daily! A Nanny trying to drown a child and you didn’t call the cops????? Hmmmm... If it was a parent you would not have said a word. Not a single word. This is all about the color of skin. I’ve been a nanny for yrs and it is customary that ‘some’ parents look for dirt. How did you find time out of your busy day to notice someone else keeping their child cool from heat? Every nanny or parents wet kids on hot steamy dangerous days. This is sad! I pray for your sick soul. Nannies on their phones, nannies sitting on bench with child in stroller etc.. no one looks at the long hrs we work without benefits, no one considers we have families outside of work so we need to answer phone calls. Give me a break!! When parents sit and in their phones, no one post about it.?

Iamwatchingyoutoo said...

I pray for your mental deranged soul! You are a sick racist trump supporter.

Iamwatchingyoutoo said...

Such sick deranged white folks! No wonder their husbands leave them to sleep with other women. They are filthy, don’t shower etc...

Iamwatchingyoutoo said...


Iamwatchingyoutoo said...

Coward. Y didn’t u show your ugly white trashy face? Abuse????? U r a deranged mental piece of white trash who showers once per day or none at all. No wonder u guys smell disgusting from your lack of hygiene. The only group who goes to work after having sex the night before, without showering in the morn. We observe you guys! We all will face death one day, cancer doesn’t respect skin color etc. take the time to clean your dirty trashy houses, brush your teeth, shower twice per day like a decent human being..

Leigh Raymer said...

I'm going to get some advice from my fellow admins about leaving the above comments, it looks like this commentator is either the abusive nanny or a person with the same attitude and this type of person should not be working with children

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to post this in a Brooklyn moms Facebook group for safety reasons. I will reach out to all of my contacts because this person should not be working with children.

Leigh Raymer said...

Thank anonymous - let us know anything we can to help!

Unknown said...

Are you insane you freaking racist garbade?

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