Rant - I am a Woman Married To A Woman and I Do Not Know WHAT You Are Telling Nks

I am very careful to not talk about my private life to your two wonderful children but THEY keep bringing it up!They keep asking me about "my husband" and I have your permission to tell the truth and say I have a wife. But the NKs keep saying things like "it's better if I choose a husband" and "Girls should not marry girls" and "boys should not marry boys". Somewhere they are getting this and I am about to really tell them that we can love whomever we want and it's ok. I have been just saying we will not talk about that but I am ready to teach what is right - fair warning

Getty Fires Illustrate Unfair Situation Of Nannies

It's pretty sad how many MB's treated their nannies during the Getty Fires in California a few months ago. A more dangerous sense of entitlement is not easy to find. While the rich employers evacuated the area they could not be bothered to communicate with their nannies and other workers and caregivers to tell them to stay home from life threatening danger. So many nannies trudged up the hills, afraid of being fired or losing a days work. Fortunately,there may be change, there are government reps working on it. The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act is supported by Sen Kamala Harris and rep Pramila Jayapal. We would like to hear any feedback and examples - shame on those MBs, but hope all are safe !