Nanny Not Happy With Cold Showers

I have not vented anywhere about my nanny job in quite a while but I am at wit's end. I have a wonderful family I work for steadily on Fridays and have provided occasional back up days when the grandparents aren't able to do their regular ones. They recently moved into a different house and they have NOT HAD HOT WATER in nearly four weeks since the move. Apparently the hot water heater in shot. How does a family with a little guy ( 11 mo) and demanding jobs with 100 degree  heat not need to have hot water? I have made a comment here and there ( non judgmental ) to MB with little or no response . Would you say something? Family does not live very close by to go for showers


Corey Morgan - Boy Hits Nanny - Having None Of It

I am painting faces at my daughter's Back To School Night. I see a boy yelling at and hitting his Nanny ( no he is not on the spectrum, I asked), Nanny is trying to discipline him but he is verbally and physically attacking her. And now he is lying on the ground with his shoes off and refusing to get up.

Mr. Corey has had enough.

Me: hey GET UP!
Kid I need to put my shoes on
Me: I. Said. Get. Up. ( and yes you can hear the periods between each word)
Kid gets up with an expression of awe on his face. His Nanny has the same look too.
Me: I do not tolerate bad behavior at my table. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO YOUR CAREGIVER Now, do you want to be painted this evening?
Me: Mr. Corey
Kid:Yes, Mr. Corey
Me: Then you will stop hitting your Nanny, stop talking back and BEHAVE yourself - are we clear?
Kid:Yes Mr. Corey


MACKINAC ISLAND Trip - Please help Nanny with PAY!

I was in a conversation with my MB yesterday. We were talking about the annual MACKINAC Island trip that they take every year. Usually because it involves other couples-they usually bring along grandma and grandpa to stay in the hotel room with the kids in the hotel room. They can't go this year so I hinted the idea of going with them. I will have some time to myself but- there will be times when I am needed to work also, (dinner & party). How do I ask about pay?. This is my first time going on vacay with NF. I am excited. TU!


Curtis Sliwa, ISYN Inspirational Speaker to Children, Guardian Angels Citizens Safety Patrol (next up Osteens/Burchfields)

Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Guardian Angels Citizens Safety Patrol. He has been leading and counseling and rescuing children physically and young people and others since the 70's . This speaker not only inspires kids and young people but he requires their blood sweat and tears and they give it.

Two ISYN blog admins - SS and Leigh participated in Curtis' program in the 80's and witnessed the rescue of numerous kids and young people who were being robbed and attacked in dangerous situations. The feeling while giving a youngster BACK their money and property while handing the bad guy over to the police - it does not get any better than that if you love kids and young people.

Curtis has overcome naysayers,been accused of crazy conspiracies , survived attempts upon his life,without breaking stride in showing the young and the compassionate how to meet goals.He is now a successful radio talk show host for years.

One thing you can guarantee - if a bad guy is going to try to harm you, Curtis and his Angel youngsters will not stand by, they will jump in and save you no matter the cost.As we learn with inspirational families, their family business is always activism for the vulnerable.

As a role model specifically, Curtis is not your perfect Choir Boy but I do not think he wishes that thought. Google Curtis to learn about his creative journey in helping his fellow man. He is a good husband and father, his wife Nancy is an animal activist who helps animals and cats and more and his son Anthony is brilliant with computers and will running the show soon!

WEED Whacking! - (weeds are negative people and situations ) Curtis does not tolerate a weed- He wacks the weeds ! Follow the links and you will see - he does it every day verbally, he does not care about politics,gender,money,power, if he sees wrong, he says so, and if he sees wrong done in his presence, he will get physical, he will take the bad guy down, he has a black belt, and will use it to help any victim anywhere.

As written, SS and Leigh, 2 blog admins, participated in one of Curtis Texas Guardian Angel programs in the 80's and we witnessed his leadership of young people 1st hand. He would literally get no sleep. We little teens would call him from Texas to new York at 3am Texas time just to ask for little teen advice and he would counsel the little teens. In retrospect it's embarrassing but one night we called to bug Curtis and we were talking to him and then figured out it was not him it was his father Chester, who taught him everything and had the exact same voice. We said, "Mr. Sliwa is Curtis there?" Curtis' dad said " Yes my son is here but I am making him sleep, he is exhausted, but I am here, tell me anything you need." So we bugged Mr. Sliwa. That is where Curtis gets his patience.

HIDDEN TALENT: In the Texas Guardian Angel Chapter there was a young man named Audi, who had extreme shyness, maybe autism which was hard to diagnose in the 80's. When he 1st joined he would only look at the ground, and would not talk, he would stand still in one spot. Leaders such as Larry Jordan, SS, and Mike Porterfield painstakingly encouraged this young man to look people in the eye, talk to people, run here and there to help people, smile at them. Within six weeks he was a different young man or more accurately the Angel leaders followed Curtis Sliwa's example and extracted Audi's talents. The writer will never forget when he hugged and smiled at me.

Below is the Houston Guardian Angel Chapter in the 80's, Mike Porterfield is still leading and helping people in this position, SS and Leigh are here in this line - we are THE shortest people in the line.


Bad Nanny Does Evil To Child For --a Laugh. Stuyvesant Square New York Tues Aug 14 12:40 pm

Hi! I saw this nanny with a young boy, he may have been just shy of 1 year old, it's hard to tell how old they are when they are that small. Blonde hair, blue eyes, he was getting fussy and the nanny picked him up under his arms and was holding him up in the air shouting in his face "don't CRY". She would shout the word cry which would only upset the child more. She repeatedly did this over and over again as she laughed with the other nanny next to her (with another child) until they saw me staring at them and then she got up to leave. This is the best photo I could get as she walked away with the poor screaming boy who she never tried to console. If I was the parent of this child I would want to know if the nanny was screaming at him purposely making him cry to get a laugh

Second Thoughts About Money And Job

I know in the end it is my decision but I feel I am at a crossroads here. I have accepted a new job at the end of July. It does not start until the middle of September . I am having second thoughts. The hours are good and it is only 4 days. Parents are laid back and the kids sweet. Now the part I struggle with, It is $2 less than what I should make. No PTO or sick days, 1 week vacation. I have been asked not to take any days off jan-march. Mom will work from home 2 days a week, dad one. It's a Super Tiny Home so I feel I will have to keep it quiet. My job ended in May so I wonder if I jumped the gun on taking it.

One last thing when I got her to go up 75 c I said " sorry still too low" they said - maybe  in a year when we can give you a 25 cebnt raise. I still said no. then the call saying I am worth the 25 cent. If they are struggling this bad, How will I get a raise in the future.

Do I take it and hope for a better job in the future ( the contract says we end it whenever we want) not signed yet.
Jobs are hard to find! Need advice!


Today DB informs me that when 3y twins start preschool in September , they won't be taking naps since they will be getting up early (6:45a) and although put to bed by 8pm often do not get to sleep until 10pm. I work 6:45-5p M-F ( used to be 4/10 hr days - now 5) with a 10 mo infant added when the hours increased. I would drop them off at 8:30a bring baby home to nap and eat lunch and pick up twins by 1pm.

Then am expected to not let them nap " because the days are getting shorter anyways.." the days are getting longer for me ! Nice they leave at 7a and come home for dinner and a bath. MB is always saying how she misses them but just stepped back to her administrator position she has not been in since having the twins- more hours and responsibility than the 2 year position she had!

Boy Twin Has Anger

I am in a tough situation. Actually the mom I work for...twins 19 mo old boy and girl. Mom feels like she is at a constant battle with A. Every time mom sits and plays with his sister M he gets very demanding for her attention . A is a sensitive child and mom is afraid his feelings will be hurt, he does not speak a whole lot but turns to hurting his mom or sister when he does not get his way.

I do not allow this, I use TIME OUTS and RE-direction. Mom has admitted I have more patience than she does. The kids and I have a schedule we follow for the most part. Mom has told me A is so much more trouble than M,Mis very laid back. What can I say/do to help both A and Mom,as I am going on VAYCAY, she will alone with her kids !