Good Nanny Sighting: Merrimac Shores Subdivision - Park on Waterfront - Hampton, Va

Received Wednesday, December 30, 2009
nanny sighting logo 2 nannies, one american and one from europe. each worked for the same family and had one child each in their care. the american nanny had an infant boy around 5 months. the european nanny had a toddler around the age of 3 who was also a boy. they were very good with the children. engaged them with songs about nature. walked down to the waterfront with them. the baby was wearing a navy blue fleece hat and a navy coat. the 3 year old was wearing a striped hat and had a navy and red l.l. bean coat. these nannies were great.


Christmas Bonus Feature 2009, part II

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Carlisle, Mass
Bonus this year: $600
Your Weekly Salary: $575 (under the table)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A wonderful card that brought me tears, and the most comfy pair of slippers from L.L. Bean!
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 months
Could not ask for a better family to work for! They are very supportive, caring, and generous. The mom even baked cookies for me for my flight home to see my family!

Westchester County
Bonus this year: $500 + $1000
Your Weekly Salary: $900
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Two antique frames, each with a picture of a child inside, a HUGE gift basket with great products in it like JimmyJane, Earthworks, Voluspa, Millefiori, Pure Fiji, Kheil's, Seda France, Speziali Fiorentini, and more!
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 17 months
The family is super sweet. The father is focused on money spent out. He dispensed the bonus to me of $500. The mother said there was no way she was giving me a $500 bonus when I got a week's pay last year, so she gave me a separate envelope with this explanation and 1,000 cash. She also stated that she will be working on "the father" to get me a raise this year. They are both extremely likable people and they are raising great children.

Bonus this year: $2175
Your Weekly Salary: $725
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Reebok fitness shoes, a year membership to the ultra nice gym and some work out clothing.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 3 years

Washington DC
Bonus this year (2009): One week's pay
Your Weekly Salary: $810 gross
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 5 months
I was really surprised to receive an entire week's pay for my bonus. I know it's pretty standard, but I was expecting less since I've only been working for them for a short time. What I appreciated more than the money was how happy they were to give it to me. I work hard at my job so it was nice to feel so appreciated.

Intermountain area
Bonus: 0
Weekly Salary: 450 for 55+ hour weeks of childcare and house cleaning
Supplementary Gifts: $100 gift card from children
Time of employment: 1. 1/2 years
Not surprised that I didn't get a bonus, I haven't received a raise/bonus/anything since starting with this family. They didn't even acknowledge my birthday. Its okay though, I love the children that I nanny as if they were my own. I'm grateful for a job and that they allow me to live with them. Happy Holidays ISYN!

Chicago, IL
Bonus: $500
Weekly Salary: $575 gross
Supplementary Gifts: none as of yet, but hoping to get a card made by the kids
Length of time: I've worked for this family for about 21 months. They are wonderful and I frequently get random days off throughout the year, as well as little gifts. I couldn't be happier with my job and was very happy to receive the bonus.

The West Coast

Bonus this year: $100 cash
Your Weekly Salary: I'm hrly so it depends on how many hours I work. Average is about $500.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: none, not even a card even though I know they had some leftover and MB texted me to ask for my address.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 10 mos
I started working on a very personalized gift for the parents about 5 mos ago and they didn't even acknowledge it before they left the country for two weeks leaving me with a mostly unpaid "vacation." I also put a lot of time and thought into the kids gifts, and had them help me make stuff for the parents and grandparents. DB handed me the $100 as I was leaving on Friday. I felt like I was an afterthought. I am going to put the money toward a morning at a nearby day spa on Christmas Eve. Also, MB nickle and dimes me every week even though I drive her kids around (and sometimes the parents) on my dime. Overall they are OK people to work for...not very "warm and fuzzy" but just OK. They don't micromanage. They say they are happy with me which makes me think they like me more than I like them. The kids are nice though. I am looking for another job because I don't think we'll ever see eye to eye on the unpaid vacation/sick time thing.

Denver, CO
Bonus this year: $0
Weekly salary: $13/hour before taxes (I work between 18 and 35 hours/week depending on the week)
Supplementary gifts: a necklace and a random gift certificate to some obscure store I've never heard of for $30
Length of time you've worked for the family: 6 months
From day one I've busted my ass going above and beyond, always staying late when asked or coming early. Dealing with the CONSTANT late arrival of the parents at the end of my day without a phone call and so much more. I'm beyond frustrated with the situation but am sticking it out because of the flexibility since I'm in school. I've been a nanny for 6 years and never once been treated with such little respect. Sorry just needed to rant!

Upper Saddle River, NJ
Bonus this year: $100
Weekly salary: $18/hour and I work about 30 hours a week.
Supplementary gifts: this is bad. I got one of those foot spas you soak your feet in. The only thing is, about 4 months ago, my employer bought one, used it and had the housekeeper clean it up so she could return it. She stated at that time, "that's not worth $40". So not only do I have a gift I'll never use, but my employer's feet have already contaminated it.
Length of time you've worked for the family: 8 months
I work for a super sleezy family in NJ. They have a ton of money and pay everything in cash. They pay my salary in cash. They buy cars and vacations in cash. The woman I work for is orange from fake tans, has a thick Jersey accent and likes to talk about how she has the best ass in Saddle River. It would have been very easy for Mr. pockets full of cash to hand me more than a single hundred dollar bill. I have to say, that pissed me off. I watched them both hand out wads of cash as tips to busdrivers, garbage men, drycleaners, and the guys who shovel driveways. Wads of cash. I don't know why I was singled out for this meager bonus.

Austin, TX

Bonus this year: $250
Your Weekly Salary: $500 for 40 hours, but I usually get a bit more than that.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Frame ornament with a picture of the baby, $15 iTunes gift card, very nice set of notecards
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 3 months
I tried hard to keep my hopes down because I haven't had the job very long. I was ready to be happy with just a small token and no bonus at all, so I'm very pleased it worked out this way. :)


Bonus: $300 Visa Gift Card
Weekly Salary: $300 ( part time)
Supplementary Gifts: None
Length of Employment: 9 months.
I'm part time student and was
expecting more since I'm attending graduate school for social work this January. Honestly, I pretty much received no bonus because I'm not being paid for the "vacation" time I'm taking 27th to the 4th. Both parents will be home and they have no need for me but I'm sure they didn't think of that. Pretty much they just gave me a week of pay and called it even. I bought the 2 children ages 6 and 11 gifts. I would have preferred the $300 cash since I'll be using the money to pay the bills because I don't get paid vacation not even during the holidays. The 6 year old had huge behavior problems and I put up with his abusive behavior and this is the thanks I get. I'm grateful that I have a job but now its time for look for a new one. :(

Madison, WI; 2 jobs
Job 1 :
Weeekly salary: $225 cash
Gifts: photo of child, $40 Border Gift Certificate
Length of employment: 4 months

Job 2:
Bonus : $40
Gifts: None
Salary: $100-$200/week
Length of Employment: 6 months
I am happy with what I got. I wasn't expecting anything and didn't want to get my hopes up. The last family I worked for gave me $150 as a bonus after working for them for four months. I do not work for wealthy families so I do not expect them to have the means to give me a huge bonus. I am just greatful to be employed. The first family I work for I work M-F frow 3-6 and the second family I work for I work MW from 9:00-1:00

Manhattan, UES
Bonus this year: $4,000
Weely Salary: $1300 a week on avg, after taxes.
Supplementary gifts: Lots of things for my baby. I am 5 months pregnant. A britax carseat, a Bumbleride stroller, and a beautiful hand, decorated bassinet and a generous gift certificate to Babies N Bellies so I can get some maternity clothes.
Time with the family: 3 years
They are always generous, but I usually get two weeks pay for a bonus. I think they were extra generous this year because I have a baby coming and lots of expenses. Which, for those of you who work for wealthy employers; it's kind of a rare thing for them to be able to put themselves in your shoes and imagine what would best suit you. Everything I was given was so thoughtful. I hate to say I have come to expect their generosity, but it has been three years and I hope they have come to expect that I am generous with everything I have to give to them and their children. I think we have a mutually fulfilling relationship. Am I grateful? To the nines!

Bonus this year: none
Weely Salary: $400/wk after taxes, 10 days full vacation, and full health insurance
Supplementary gifts: So many things! Purses, Bath and Body products in my favorite scents, pictures of the kids, a new computer, new printer, supplies for the new computer and printer, books, candles, etc. Amazing presents!
Time with the family: Right about two years
The family I work with is so generous and I absolutely love working for them. They make me feel appreciated all year and shower me with gifts throughout. I am such a lucky nanny.

Minneapolis, MN
Bonus: 400
Weekly Salary: 500
Supplementary Gifts: An ornament with my dogs name, and Christmas decorations. (I had told them earlier in the year that I didn't have any.)
Length of Employment: A little over a year.
I couldn't ask for a nicer family to work for, and I love "my" kids!

Bonus this year: $450 cash
Weekly salary: $450 on the books + $50 cash to make up for the taxes, then $15/hr cash for anything over 30 hours
Supplementary gifts: None
Length of time you've worked for the family: 4 months
I am really, really grateful that I got a bonus. I've been wondering lately if I misjudged the family when I first interviewed with them, because lately they have been less-than-respectful with regards to informing me about the hours that they need me to work. I was worried that they were just starting to completely take me for granted, and that the next 6 months (I verbally agreed to stay through the end of the school year, and I intend to keep that promise) would be awful. But the bonus makes me hopeful that they might appreciate me after all, or at the very least it makes me not regret taking the job.

Northwest D.C.
Bonus: $75
Weekly Salary: $425 cash
Gifts: a really sweet card
Length of time: 1 month
I worked Christmas day. I was scheduled to work 5 hours, and only worked 3. I'm not sure if the $75 was for a bonus or if it was for working Christmas. I really appreciate it, because I haven't been working for them long. They pay me for 40 hrs no matter what, and so far I haven't worked 40 hours. I get many days off, which I appreciate :).

San Diego, CA
Bonus this year (2009): $200 cash
Your Weekly Salary: I work 100h/m and get paid biweekly $525
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a vegan cookbook! I'm
Vegan and the mom is Vegetarian so we sometimes talk about recipes.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: since June 09
I'm a very happy nanny!

Virginia Two Jobs

Occasional Sitter(few hours per week)
Weekly Salary: $100.00
Gifts: Nice Framed picture of Kids
Ceramic painted art from each of the kids
Length of Employment: 4 years
PT:20 hrs. per week
Gifts: 6 bottles of wine and $300 gift card to my favorite clothing store
Length of Employment:15 years
I work hard and even without these wonderful gifts I know I am appreciated!

Houston, TX
Bonus: $0
Weekly Salary: $225 for 12-15 hours a week
Gifts: $50.00 gift card to a cinema/restaurant
Length of Employment: 2 years and 3 months
I work for a really great family and love my job. I don't have a contract (do pay taxes, but my employers pay my portion so I still get full salary), but I have never had any issues with payment, and have 3 weeks paid vacation, holidays, and any days off that I ask for without having to keep count of them. The last two Christmas' I received $25 gift cards, so having received a $50 gift card this year was actually a surprise. I know I'm expected to get a bonus as a 'standard', but until I came on this site, that never even crossed my mind, so I certainly don't harbor any resentment. I also babysit on an occasional/as needed basis for several local families and received two cash gifts, a $25.00 gift card, and an Ipod with I-Tunes gift card. I feel very blessed this holiday season.

Chicago, Il
Bonus: $1200
Weekly Salary: $600
Supplementary Gifts: Victoria's Secret lingerie, bras and underwear. All in my correct size. Slippers from Fredericks of Hollywood that have a stiletto heel. Chocolate body powder.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 months
I'm single and a live-in. Nice stuff, but weird.

Reisterstown, MD
Bonus: $200
Weekly Salary: $580 (before tax)
Supplementary Gifts: $50 gift card to olive garden for my boyfriend and I.

Westchester County
Bonus: $750
Weekly Salary: $750
Supplementary Gifts: a set of Berghoff Chef Knives
Length of time you have worked for the family: 6 months
*I am not a chef, nor do I enjoy cooking. Cooking dinner for the family is one of the chores that has been gradually slid on to me until I know am fairly in charge of dinner four nights a week. The knives are a slap in the face. I mean, she bought them for me to use here in her home to cook for her. This small act has me fuming. Plotting revenge and dreaming of leaving this job, truth be told jobs as nannies are in short supply now so I'll suck it up. But I wouldn't eat the mulligatawny, if I were you.

Seattle, WA
Bonus this year: 1200.00
Weekly Salary: 770.00
Gifts: not sure yet- we are gifting late this year because the family left for vacation early. I Am fairly certain a book is involved, as I am a constant reader.
Length of time you have worked for the family: 8 months
I was not expecting such a huge bonus at my new job! I called my MB and thanked her, with tears in my eyes. They have had nanny issues in the past and it seems they are grateful for some stability for their little girl. I love my job=)

Unknown #2

Bonus: 0
Weekly Salary: $350
Supplementary Gifts: nothing, not even a card :(
Length of Employment: 2 months
I didn't expect a bonus because I haven't been with the family long but I was a little upset and disappointed I didn't even get a card or token gift. I gave a book to my charge and he and I made cookies and a card for his parents together. It also bothered me because when the mother was getting her card list together, I saw that she had bought a box of cards from Neiman Marcus so I was kind of expecting to receive one. However, I did get 3 days off paid Christmas week and they said I'll probably get 2 or 3 days off paid for New Year's week.

Arlington, MA
Bonus this year: $500 cash (though $170 is from an unused sick day).
Your Weekly Salary: $680 gross (40 hours)
Any supplementary gifts aside from the bonus: A nice card from the family.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 12 months
I'm thankful for my bonus this year. I work for an amazing family. I never work late, and if they are late I get $20/hour overtime (even if just 10 minutes). I have 4 weeks of paid vacation, health insurance, use of their car, and paid sick days. They are an amazing family and I'm looking forward to more time with them! Oh, and I have a $2.50/hour raise coming up soon with the new baby!

Sammamish, WA; 2 families
Family #1
Bonus: $100
Weekly salary: $125
Gifts: Box of chocolates and a card
Length of employment: 9 months

Family #2
Sammamish, WA
Bonus: $100
Weekly salary: $135
Gifts: A warm shirt
Length of employment: 3 months
I won't say that I wasn't hoping for a bonus of some type, but I was thinking cookies and maybe $20, perhaps even $50, or prepaid movie tickets, like past families I've worked for. I like cards and cookies, especially Garfield, and am bit of a movie buff. I thought in the end my gifts to their respective children would likely cost more than any bonus and that was fine with me. But I was wrong, both gave $100. I was grateful and put it all to good use as my adorable and some not-so-adorable cousins will see later today. Ah, but the best gift, aside from hugs naturally, was the knowledge that came to light - family two may want to go full-time. :)

Seattle area
Bonus: $500
Weekly Salary: $800
Supplementary Gifts: An embosser for books (From the library of...), some seals for the embosser, and a couple pairs of socks.
Length of Employment: 1 year, 4 months
I also got $1,500 when we renewed my contract in September. I love the embosser. It is such a personal gift, since the mother knows I love books and reading. And the socks will become a tradition, I think. I always wear socks with some kind of design on them and I got socks last Christmas, too. The family I work for is unbelievably generous, and I am more than pleased with my gifts.

Harrison, NY
Bonus: $1500
Weekly Salary: $835
Supplementary Gifts: They bought me my plane ticket to fly home for Christmas back in November and said, "this is your Christmas gift". I flew home on December 23. On December 22, they gave me more gifts. An entire set of brown and pink luggage and 2 pairs of unique converse. I was in shock!
Length of Employment: 1 year, 4 months
My boss also gave me a Jill Stuart bag, but she just handed it to me because someone had given it to her and she didn't like it. The day I left on 12/23, there was another gift, a fancy bag with a bottle of wine to take home to my family.

Bonus: 196.59 in various gift cards
Weekly salary: 500 for 50 hours
Supplementary Gifts: HA! yeah right
Length of employment: 2 yrs 3 months
All the gift cards were gift cards they got throughout the last couple of years from other people. How do I know? Because they just hired someone to orginize the house and the person came to me and said "Wow they have a TON of gift cards" and starts listing them off one by one and mentioning how much each are worth....some of the same cards I now have. Then she says "She told me those are all gift cards she has had for a while and doesn't know what to do with them." I would assume the card that has 36.59 on it was for something she returned to the store without a receipt so they gave her a gift card instead. They have plenty of money to buy a brand new high end SUV with all the bells and whistles, hire a professional organizer, an interior decorator, someone to replace and refinish the kitchen cabinets, someone to install the Christmas lights, a lavish trip in Utah to ski, another lavish trip to New York City, another one to Hawaii, and another one to the Florida Keys but not enough to give the nanny something other than unwanted gift cards. The monetary value means nothing to me, it's the fact that I mean nothing more to them than a bunch of gift cards they don't want and that have been collecting dust for a couple of years, the same nanny that has only called in sick 3 times since I started working, the nanny that is always willing to pitch in and help with household chores, the nanny that invites the oldest over to the neighbors house when I'm babysitting just because I know the kids get along. The nanny that offers to watch the oldest on a day he is supposed to go to pre-school so that he can play with some friends he hasn't seen in months, the nanny that always ends up staying late because the father can't seem to get home on time. I'd much rather have a homemade card from the oldest than the gift cards by the way that I will never use because they are all to restaurants and stores that I never go.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bonus: $250
Weekly Salary: $500
Gifts: None
Length of employment: 6 months
Modest bonus despite sticking me on health insurance, taxes and over-time. And they have more excess (for themselves) than anyone I know.

San Antonio, Tx
Bonus this year: 400..
Which honestly I didn't even want to take! This family gives me so much during the year but I'm very thankful for it.
Your Weekly Salary: I work 3 days in the week from 8 to 5.. (Salary??)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus:
Never Ending supply of Purell (that I LOVE more then anything), Betsey Johnson Watch (orange), a Hermes keychain from Paris, France. (me & my charge exchange keychains everytime we take a trip.. Who else does that?)
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 14 months

Bonus: $1000
Weekly salary: 690 (before taxes)
Supplementary Gifts: Ugg slippers, 100 dollars in gift cards on my birthday and a big handmade poster from the kids
Length of employment: 2 years

Bonus: I can't find it. Lord knows I looked.
Weekly salary: 745 dollar per week
Gifts: A Christmas card from the five year old, handmade and a box of fudge with walnuts-which I hate.
Length of employment: 11 months

Houston Texas
Bonus: 0
Weekly salary: 358 after taxes
Gifts: book, cd, $14 necklace
Length of employment: 18 months

Atlanta, GA
Bonus this year: $500 cash
Your Weekly Salary: $750 gross (varies slightly due to overtime), plus half my health insurance and they provide me with a car and pay for all car-related expenses.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A framed photo and a really sweet card.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 10 months
I was really surprised by this generous bonus. Given the economy -- and the fact that I've seen my employers work hard to reduce spending and cut costs whenever possible -- I was anticipating something much smaller. My employers also took this opportunity to give me some very sincere, detailed positive feedback. I was already very happy at this job, but I feel even more grateful now to have found such wonderful employers.

Marin County, CA
I think I might work for the most generous family an the face of the planet. I have been with them for almost four years and we live in Marin County, California.I am their Nanny, Household Manager and Personal Assistant. My salary is directly deposited into my checking account each thursday at midnight and after taxes is $897.00. I have a full professional benefit package - 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays and sick days and my own choice of health insurance. I have received raises totaling 6% since the beginning of my employment. I work with a professional contract and we were brought together by a wonderful Nanny Agency. Every Christmas there is a cash bonus of $1,000 with a heartfelt card. But it is what they do during the year to demonstrate their appreciation that makes me feel as if I am the most valued employee.
In the first year of my employment (They had one child then) there were numerous cards of thanks of things that they felt I had done that went above and beyond my job description with gift cards to Banana Republic ($500.00), Benefit ($200.00) and the Mother's and my mutual favorite clothing store. ($300.00) For Christmas that year, they also gave me a video ipod.
The week of my second employment anniversary (they had just had baby #2) I turned 40 and they gave me the day off with pay along with a day of spa treatments. It was divine. As with the previous year, I would receive unexpected tokens of thanks from time to time that never failed to make me feel wonderful. The mother also sent me on several occasions to my favorite hair stylist for beautiful highlights. I was always overjoyed and stunned with her generosity.
Two weeks after my second employment anniversary, I went through an unexpected and extremely painful separation. My only salvation was that my employers insisted that I move at once into their guesthouse and work through my transition to a new home at my own pace. They let me live with them rent free for six months until I found my dream home. They refused to accept rent, which here in Marin County, California would have been at least $1000.00 a month, plus utilities. Instead we worked out some additional childcare time I could give them, some overnights, and some extra early mornings. It was during this time that we discovered that their accountants had not correctly calculated my withholding for the second year in a row. The first year, aghast that I owed some $3000+ I simply made a payment plan with the IRS. My employers were very upset that the situation had not yet been corrected and they insisted on giving me a check to pay what I owed, and hired a new accountant. When it came time for me to move they also insisted on gifting me with professional movers.
My third anniversary of employment came at a difficult personal time for me. In addition to the separation I was still coming to terms with, I was also grieving the death of one of my most favorite people - the parent that I had begun my Nanny career with, who was like a second father to me. I had seen him the day before his death and was shocked at his passing, and devastated that he had left behind two teenage girls - my first charges - who I loved and still had a very close relationship with. To say that I dropped the ball on my job responsibilities is an understatement. I was forgetful, distracted, and on more than one occasion, late for work with an obvious hangover. We had a serious meeting where I was told, straightforwardly, yet with obvious affection, to my shit together. I knew I could have been fired, with any other family I might have been fired, but by this time we were determined as parents and Nanny together to be a team raising their growing family. (They were now pregnant with #3) I pulled it together at once, counting my blessings and determined never again to let my personal life affect my job performance. They still gave me my generous Christmas bonus with a card thanking me for all that I do for them. Three months later the Mom gave me a beautiful ring, telling me it was my gift for the new baby, as I was going to be Mommy #2. (I must add that I have been infertile since childhood and became a Nanny to have the experience of raising children. This very beautiful gift brought me to tears.) I was so grateful that they had not given up on me during my time of personal turmoil. My bonus for taking such good care of the Mom during her postpartum period was another thrilling hair treatment - this time the new keratin straightening technique. I was in heaven.
And now here we are at another holiday season, and coming up on my forth anniversary of employment. I feel so grateful to be in a profession that I love and find so fulfilling, with employers that I adore, who in return make me feel valued each and every day. If it really takes a village to raise our children, I am thrilled to be a member of their village.

Unknown #3
I received an ornament and a gift card 50$ what a laugh.
Been watching girls for 4years.
My birthday was a fruit basket.
I spent a lot on the girls because I wanted to.



Saturday, December 26, 2009
pre new years cl wtf with mary poppinz
.... WHAT?!

Feature: Worst Offer Ever!
1) Baby Childcare Needed (Miami)
Hello I Need childcare for my two babies one is a 3year old and the other is a 2mth old in January. The reason why, is because I am going t be working and most likely going to be going to school. The type of person who I would like is someone who is going to be attentive to my boys. There are my pride and joy! Also I would like someone who is going to be on time, with .I will be providing the food for them so dont worry. The times I need are Sunday (through) Saturday.. so that means Sunday,Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri,and Sat. The Pay is goingto be 50$ a week. And later on if appropriate and duties are met I will make arrangements with you .. I can be reached at lilmexrican17@**** email or instant message for any questions thank you.
Original URL:
Special thanks to doula4you for finding the insane Feature Ad... awesome job! Also, thank you to JLow2474, MissDee, RTHERRIEN, SarahHamilton523 and Jennifer54600... all of you found some really great Ads. Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.


Wicker Park Chicago Area

Received Saturday, December 26, 2009
santa oi Harsh Scary Nanny in Wicker Park Chicago Area. Nanny is a African American female, very dark complexion, 5 ft 7-ish, chin length hair/dark, approx. 200 lbs, always wears sweats and a Baby Phat pink parka like jacket...early-mid 30s.

Children are white, 6-7 year blond girl who usually wears braided pigtails, has brown Gap winter coat. Brown boots. Younger child about 3, male, in stroller that is the jogging type. Little guy has blue and green parka/pants set, elephant hat.

Nanny passes me as I walk to work each morning, they are headed down Division Ave towards grade school at Division and Wolcott to drop off older girl (I assume).

She is often loudly berating the kids, calling them dummy, stupid. Hurrying the girl, telling her she always makes them late. Hear snatches of her venom filled remarks like "Its ALL your FAULT" and "Give me that, you idiot." She practically spits the words. Jerks the stroller about roughly. I've never felt such an angry resentful vibe off another person.

She seems angry and menacing. She scares me and I'm not a poor little kid :(

I think they walk up Wolcott off Crystal Street..around 1300 North. I've been seeing them on and off for about a month now, have decided to come early and try to walk up Crystal and see if I can track down the house as they leave (if they are even from that street, may be coming off bus at Damen Ave), if I can find the mother, I intend to report the nannies verbal abuse.

The kids are darling but so sad looking, I smile as we pass and they never smile back. It chills me the baby is alone with her while girl is in school.


Nanny doesn't want to shortchange sitter...

Received Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hello! I am a long time reader of the site and adore it. I am a former nanny, former daycare worker and a mom. I have a three year old and I'm pregnant with our second, due in June. I was hoping to get a little advice.

I am looking into going back to school in the Fall of 2010. By then my son will be 4 and the baby will be almost 3 months old. For me to go to school we'd have to hire a babysitter since my husband will be working full time. I would be going full time taking 12 credits per semester. I'm not sure what to pay a babysitter who will be caring for my two kids. I live in a suburb of Philly if that helps. I would probably need the sitter a total of 14-15 hours per week, basically just to cover the travel time to/from school (across town), time in class and cover if I get caught in traffic or need to stop at the library here and there.

I was thinking an hourly rate to cover if the sitter's needed longer. They definitely need to be paid for time there. I would never want to short change the person caring for my kids. I just want to try to keep it cheap without risking hiring a loony or someone who will ignore my kids. We don't exactly make oodles of money but who does anymore?

I do plan on posting on Craigslist seeking to do a care exchange situation for any moms in my same situation but I wanted to explore all options. Also, I plan to try to apply for state subsidy so I can send my kids to a daycare (if I have to) but the wait-list is a year or more last time I checked.I appreciate all of the advice and look forward to the responses!


2009 Holiday Bonus Feauture, Part I

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Westchester, NY

Bonus: $250
Weekly salary: 800
Supplementary Gifts: Christmas card, 2 pair of fuzzy socks and a Streisand box set.
Length of employment: 3 years, 7 months
My employers used to be super generous, now all they talk about is the economy. They told me they wouldn't be able to give me a raise this year. They also told me they would need me to start staying late on Friday night so they could have a built in Friday night sitter. I live in Putnam County, about a 45 minute commute daily. This means I will have to drive home Friday at 1 or 2 AM or worse, stay over and be caught up in their Saturday morning. All they do is talk about how broke they are, but "the Mrs." took me with her to meet her jewelry designer to design a ring and necklace for her. Platimum and chocolate diamonds. She even asked for my input. Number of stones, carats, weight of the platinum and price was all discussed. "The Mrs" said she deserved this because of the year she has had. My bonus last year was $800. Last year they also bought me a mac and an iphone. The economy was bad last year too. I see this as just being selfish and I will spend the time they are skiing to find a new job!

Atlanta, GA
Bonus: 2,000 cash
Weekly salary: 600 cash
Gifts: photo of child.
Length of employment: 6 months

Madison, WI USA
Bonus: 0 bonus at my first holiday, December 2008.
Weekly Salary: I worked 1-2 days per week for $7/hr. She is a single mom and I always made it a point to tidy the house during nap time.
Gifts: I got a trial size Bath and Body works gift set and umbrella for my birthday.
Length of Employment: I worked for her for 10 months and was fired via text without explanation.

Westchester, NY
Bonus this year: 500 before taxes
Your Weekly Salary: 800 before taxes
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Not sure yet
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 7 months 50hr/week
I think it is customary to give at least 1 weeks salary as a Christmas bonus. I would have been satisfied with the $500 because I know times are tough. However, $500 with taxes taken out ends up being under $300 and I think that is unfair. I really love the family and get along with the parents very well. I was surprised not only by the amount but also the way that it was given. The DB handed me my pay stub in an envelope and said almost as an afterthought that my Christmas bonus was included in that check. He said that it might help to have it early so I can use it for my Christmas shopping which was a nice thought but a card would have been nice. The truth is that I count on my bonus, as do many nannies on this site so when I saw that, I felt a little bit disappointed. I should say that they did give me a very thoughtful wedding gift and a small birthday gift in the past 4 months. Basically, I think that if they wanted to give me $500, they should have given it to me in cash or otherwise payed the taxes that would leave me with an actual extra $500 instead of $500 taxable income which feels much less like a bonus or a gift. That being said, I think $500 is low for all the work that I do and compared to the amount I have been given at Christmas with previous jobs. I was working on the books part time (15hr/week) last Christmas and I received a check for $1000 in a nice card signed by the kids and parents expressing their appreciation. I know this family was diligent in their record keeping so I'm sure that they paid taxes on the $1000 gift. The job before that (full time 50hr/week) I received $1000 cash and a gift basket filled with slippers, sweets, and a few handmade gifts from the kids. I feel a little hurt but grateful all the same. We will see, it is only December 7th so I will probably receive a card from the kids.

Upstate WNY area
Bonus this year (2009): Nothing so far and nothing expected :(
Weekly Salary: 150ish-350ish depending on time of year
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Last years was a re-gift crap gift card. Uhh thannnkkksssss?
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: Several years
It's pretty hurtful I must say. I have gone above and beyond for a job that at this point hinders my income rather than supports it. I stayed this long for my charge. I have finally decided that this will be my last year. I wish that I could leave with a better feeling about this family, sadly I will not. They are high-strung perfectionists with unreasonable expectations of perfection that they place upon their child. I'm tired. I'm sick of the screaming and anger in that house. I wish I could be the balance their child needs forever but I am finally burnt out. Just another under appreciated nanny. One thing I do know for certain, their hindsight will be clear!

What I would like? A thoughtful home-made gift? Snow tires for the car I drive their child around in (w/out reimbursement I might add) or perhaps a AAA membership? How about a gift card to somewhere I'd enjoy- like Starbucks, a book store or Target? A certificate for a spa service? How about a warmer winter coat or some new boots (since you expect me to tromp around in the snow with your kid for hours in the snow, I certainly can't afford it! I don't have a FT job because I am working for YOU!) How about SOMETHING that shows me you actually care?

Irvington, NY USA
Bonus this year (2009): one weeks pay ($450) Nanny works three days a week
Your Weekly Salary: $450
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Uggs for nanny, Juicy Couture watch for both of her daughters, Yankees sweatshirt for her husband
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: she has worked for us for 3 years

New York, NY
Bonus this year: Bonus , 2 weeks pay, which is $1400 all together.
Any suplementary gifts aside from the bonus: Mom took me to Nordstroms for a make over and then bought me the cosmetics used.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 8 years

Chicago, IL, USA
Bonus this year (2009): $1000 in cash
Your Weekly Salary: pretax 650 (baseline + overtime - often there's at least 3-5 hours of overtime paid at 1.5 X hourly rate)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a gift from the kids
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: she has worked for our family for almost 9 months

Bonus this year: $2,000
Weekly Salary: $1250 gross plus $1500/month net towards rent (all on the books), full healthcare, 3 weeks paid vacation.
Additional gifts: $500 Crate and Barrel voucher, RL cashmere sweater, scarf and hat, plus RL cashmere sweater for my husband.
Time with family: 11 months
My family have been very generous all year; they helped us relocate to NYC, sort out an apartment and helped furnish it. I work hard but get rewarded well.

Washington State
Bonus this year (2009): $1000 cash
Your Weekly Salary: $825 after taxes based on a 55-hour week; additional hours are paid to me at time-and-a-half; family pays for my choice health insurance, car insurance, gas, iPhone bill, all groceries and my meals when the children & I elect to eat-out or pick-up take-out; I also receive four weeks paid vacation (2 weeks in summer & 2 weeks in winter) and paid sick days.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a beautiful Burberry Scarf & matching cashmere gloves from Neiman Marcus; a night-out with the family to see the musical "White Christmas" & dinner at Ruth's Chris; a night-out with just the mother & I at my favorite restaurant (we hired a sitter for the kids!); a brand new 2009 Honda CRV to use as the nanny car.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 10 months
I'm a live-in with this two teenage-children (both special needs), one-parent family in a four-story home with a live-out housekeeping staff. I am very happy, as they are very generous, loving and truly consider me part of the family. She clearly put a lot of thought into my supplemental gifts. I can't imagine being happier in any other position and/or situation.

Newport News, Va
I work for 2 families.
Family #1:
Bonus: 300.00
Weekly Salary: 350.00.
Supplementary Gifts: Gift card to a favorite store.
Length of time: 1 year on a part time basis.

Family #2
Bonus: 100.00
Weekly Salary: 200.00
Gifts: gift card to favorite store.
Length of time: 3 months.

Chicago, IL
Bonus this year: $1000 cash!
Weekly salary: $560/week, before taxes (which I do pay)
Supplementary gifts: none, but they knew my husband and I really need the money
Length of time you've worked for the family: almost exactly 2 years

Bonus this year: $1900
Weekly Salary: 950; net, 1137 gross.
Supplementary gifts: 2010 silver Prius
Length of time you've worked for the family: just over 4 years

Haven't sent yours in yet? Do so soon. The second installment will be published Sunday, December 27. We want to hear from as many nannies as employers as possible, so don't delay!


Nanny Sightings Needed...

Physical description of caregiver:
Physical description of involved child/children:
Address or venue of observed incident:
Date and time of incident:
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:

Crossing Boundaries: How Close is Too Close?

Received Sunday, December 20, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I really need some help and I will try not to make this too confusing to read. I wrote the "HOW CLOSE IS TOO CLOSE" post on June 16 2009. This post talked about the bond with the family I am a nanny for and I was concerned if I was too close. You all gave me great advice and I tried to use it.

Now, I have a problem. Boss mom did a 180 on me. The little boy started school in September full time and they kept me on and everything was fine. I guess maybe around the end of October I started to feel a distance with boss mom. I let it go. I figure she is just in a mood or maybe has something going on that she doesn't want to talk about and I should just give it time. After all this time, it didn't change so now I decided it was time to talk to her and see what was going on. Let me just mention, that I have been having mood swings (not bipolar) just mood swings and I know that sometimes I may not be the most delightful person to be around. I readily admit that.

I sat with boss mom and stated that I know that I have mood swings and sometimes I am not easy to be around but that I am getting a vibe that something is wrong and I need to know what it is. She told me that over the past couple months it seems that my mood swings have been getting more frequent and that they have become hard to deal with and she had to just shut herself down from me because she doesn't know what she can do to help me. I told her I understand. I cried. She told me she appreciates me coming to her and that we can have this talk again if we need to. She told me that a long time ago we crossed the boundary between me being the nanny and them being the employers and I will always have what I have there, but she is done with emotional things. I told her I understand (Just a side note, they had major problems last year with their marriage that I supported them thru to the point where it was affecting my personal life). Anyway, I took the brunt of all this -blaming myself, told her I am sorry and that I get where she is coming from. They just want to work on rebuilding what they almost lost last year and enjoy their holiday season. I totally understand.

I decided to speak to a therapist, because I really needed help with all this. He told me that he is positive they still want me to be a "part of the family" and enjoy all the family activities that I was always a part of in the past, but just not with the emotional attachment. He told me to be the nanny and let them be the employer. I told him that's hard to do after all we have been thru together. The therapist said "well, that's all they want". I was invited to Xmas eve at their house as I am every year and I don't want to go, but therapist told me I should to just keep it normal. He said all I need to do is take a step back. I understand, but I don't know how.

Like today...child is even though I am not around today, I called to ask how he was and even though the conversation was okay with boss mom about it, cause that's all we talked about, it was not enough for me. A little while ago, I text to let them know that due to snow church is canceled tomorrow. I probably should not have done that, because that's info they could have found out themselves. I semi understand what I have to do, but just I'm having trouble figuring out EXACTLY what taking a step back is. The therapist tries to explain, but its all so hard to figure out and then when I do something like send that text to let them know that church was canceled, I sit here with a knot in my stomach thinking I did something horrible and they are going to wonder why I just can't leave them alone.

Any advice for me would be appreciated. I guess I am just having trouble figuring out a way to adjust to them not wanting an emotional attachment anymore. Its hard, because this is what they want, but yet they want me to come to Christmas eve like I have done every year. I just don't get it.

I don't want to lose my job over this...

Received Sunday, December 20, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have been a nanny for this family for 5 years.

I do not have a written contract .Yeah, I know ... I should have a contract ... but the mom owns her business and none of her employees have contracts. I tried to discuss the issue with her a couple of times, but she always says that there is no need for one.

Anyways ... 2 years ago I had asked for my first raise, since I had not gotten one the years before. She gave me a generous raise and also discussed vacation time and sick days. I received vacation time and 5 paid sick days, which I took as personal time off over last years holidays.

Well, now coming to the point: I still have a few sick days left this year. I asked her a couple days ago if it was okay for me to take those days off over the Christmas holidays (they are at home anyways and have family coming to help out, so I thought it was a great time for me to take off). She tells me that she has no recollection of me getting paid sick days and that I need to help out over Christmas. I was shocked and told her that I did get 5 days last year and assumed I was getting the same amount this year. She counters by saying that to the best of her knowledge, I have only taken 2 days off sick in the last 2 years. Weird??? I know I have not taken the sick days as "sick" days, but instead as PTO. So, what's her point?

Anyhow, they just moved this week and now need my help over the weekend with getting things situation. The dad just send me a text asking me to do all those things for them on Saturday (I am off over the weekend). The last sentence he wrote was : "of course you can take the days off".

Now, I am not sure if he has discussed this with his wife. The two do not communicate very well and I have not heard anything from the wife regarding my days off. She normally makes all those decisions. What should I do? Should I just take dad's word and not say anything until the time comes for me to take off? Should I ask the mom if she is okay with that? Please, I need some advice. I don't want to start a fight between the two of them with me in the middle. I don't want to lose my job over this. What do I do?

Giving Myself a Raise

Received Sunday, December 20, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a question and I would love some advice from all of you.

I'm a college student who does some babysitting for a few families. Right now it is on a strictly as needed basis. One of the families has 4 girls, ages 3-8, and I have been babysitting for them for over 3 years. For one summer I was their live-in nanny, and for another full year I lived above the garage and had regular hours throughout the week. During this time I have never received a raise from them; I still make $10 an hour, which is the rate I agreed upon when I began as an occasional babysitter. I often feel taken advantage of with this family- they arrive home late without calling, I end up paying for things without being reimbursed, etc, and I know that this is mainly my own fault for not speaking up, but still feel that I'm not getting paid what I deserve for the work I'm doing.

The other family I babysit for has only one child, a 1 year old girl. From that family I am paid $12-13 an hour (the mother always rounds up, so my pay varies).

Now my question is this. I have no contract with either family; they simply text me to ask if I'm available on a certain night. Is it okay for me to simply let the first family know that I've decided to raise my rate? I'm not sure how else to go about this, since I'm not really their nanny anymore, though sometimes I feel like I still am, but I know I won't be given a raise if I don't ask for it. I appreciate any advice you can give me



Saturday, December 19, 2009
cl wtf
.... WHAT?!

1) Live in Nanny but PT work (Delaware)
I need a live in Nanny to bring my kid to school Mon- Fri at 8am and pick him up at 5pm. While at home I need you to do hubby's laundry and his laundry. keep house neat and clean. Cook nutrious meal for family. After 6pm you will not be on duty anymore. Mom is going out of town for two months need mom's helper begining in January.

Home has separate living room, bedroom and full bathroom. We can not pay much so that's why we are offering live in- might be able to pay $100 per week. And only a little bit of work. This deal works for a ugly college student or elderly woman. If you have a child who is 2-5 they can live here too. Must have a clean driving record, and a reliable vehicle. Serious inquires only- please! thanks
Original URL:
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Old Navy - Galleria Mall - NY

I Saw Your Nanny at the Old Navy at the White Plains Galleria
Must report bad nanny. She was at Old Navy in White Plains, NY at the Galleria Mall. The children were 2 boys, 1 in a baby seat/stroller combo and one with reddish curly hair wearing black check pants like a chef and black high tops. He were about 4. This nanny dont know what she was, like a mutt I think. No matter. She treated this boy like a sin. She coo to the one in the stroller but yank the other boy by his arm and tried to run him over. I saw her out the corner of my eye and I hear the boy say to her 'you ran over my foot' and she says 'no i didnt, stop lying'. But I saw it. That big boy looked so sad. Somebody has them a nasty nanny. Yesterday (Tuesday, December 15) 4:10 pm. The nanny was wearing purple velvet boots.

Send your nanny sighting to Photos appreciated, but not required.


Good Nanny Sighting - "Made by Me" Pottery Place in Cambridge, MA.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
nanny sighting logo This is a really good nanny sighting. I work at a paint your own pottery place (Made by Me) in Cambridge, MA. A nanny came in, white, early twenties, mid-length brown hair with a blakc puffy coat. She had two babies with her who were both six months old, and I think their names were Sam (or Max?) and Nora. They had a blue stroller but the babies were in car seats that were strapped into the stroller. They had come in to make Christmas presents for the parents of the babies. We have nannies and parents come in all the time to make different keepsakes for babies using footprints and things, and this girl was one of the best. She was very attentive to the babies and was talking to them the whole time. She brought toys for them to play with and immediately took them out of their warm weather clothes once they got inside so they wouldn't be uncomfortable. She also had looked up different designs online to make plates with the babies' handprints, and was clearly excited about making a gift that her employers would really like.


Christmas Eve Party...

Received Monday, December 14, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Background: I have 6 years experience as a professional nanny, 5 years experience as a mother's helper before that. I am a full-time college student, working my way towards a degree in Human Development/Early Childhood Education. My day current day job is 3-8 hour days/week for a special needs 3 year old (in preschool every morning) and a 20 month old and I make $14/hour. I'm a regular at ISYN, so I'll try to give as many details as possible.

I have been providing weekly babysitting and occasional overnight care to a family with 10 month old triplets, one with Down's, since the babies were 4 months old. When I started with this family, I had NO experience with triplets nor any experience as a night nanny and I REALLY needed the money so I accepted her offer of $13/hour. I chose not to have a contract since, obviously, this is a very part-time position and both parties need a lot of flexibility due to their travel schedules and my school schedule. Since the babies sleep through the night 95% of the time, I'm content with the $13/hour.

My dilemma: MomBoss approached me about providing care during their Christmas Eve party. Before I knew the details, I said I would ask a minimum of $15 hour JUST because it's Christmas Eve. When I mentioned it depends on how many kids are present, she said "Well, then we'll have to do more than $15 because there will be a few kids."

The children present would include: 3-10 month olds(in bed by 6:30/7), 2-2 year olds, a 4 year old, a six year old, and an 8 year old. I WOULD NOT BE THE SOLE CARE PROVIDER--at least not for the whole night. I would need to be there by 4, with all the kids and family (except the infants) leaving for less than 2 hours for Christmas Eve church services. Once they return, one of the parents has planned (will be managing) craft activities for the older kids while I get the infants in bed. After that, I am invited "to eat Christmas dinner and all that fun stuff" with the family. After dinner, I'd bring the kids up to the nursery to play/watch a video until 10:30/11 at the latest.

Note: While Momboss is VERY considerate and friendly, she's never gotten anywhere close to the whole "nanny as a family" thing. At the same time, I'm a recent divorcee and I think this was her attempt to make sure I'm not alone for the first Christmas post-divorce. HOWEVER, please know I'm not naive enough to think I'll be sitting there chit-chatting while the parents chase their own kids.

What is a fair price to ask?



Saturday, December 12, 2009
cl wtf
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Single African, Carribean, Black Amer or Black Latina Nanny Wanted (NY)
Youthful filmmaker with day job, 52 y.o., 5'11, 170-75, toned, progressive and kind, seeks thin African, Caribbean, Black American or Black Latina woman for LTR or marriage.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please email me with your/her height and weight, and we'll take it from there. I have current pictures of me (fully clothed!) to send--just ask.

Excuse me for posting in the jobs section, but the Craigs List personals section is a sewer, and the woman I'm looking for, or someone she knows, searches in this section for work

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, I've been privileged to live in San Diego, Nairobi, Honolulu, DC, Dallas, and Alabama. I've worked many day jobs, including as a college English professor.

I'm a down-to-earth, very smart (book and street), working-class guy. I prefer an ambitious woman who's seriously focused on her career or studies, and who reads more than she watches TV.

Also prefer a woman who's independent, can stand on her own, and feels she's a man's equal in all regards. I'm a good man looking for a good woman for an equal relationship with mutual love, friendship and nurturing. * Compensation: LTR or Marriage
Original URL:

Honorable Mention:
2) Mommy Helper (New Jersey)
I'm looking for a female to help me around the house with some light cleaning ,my 4 yr old boy and cooking if you know how to cook.You will get payed daily.If you're a bi-fem that wouldn't mind playing also that would be a BIG ++++++. Just e-mail me back with if you're interested and with your rate.
Original URL:
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Nanny Wants to Know Her Rights

Received Friday, December 11, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Help, please! I want to know what my rights are in this situation.

I have recently begun nannying for a wonderful family. I take care of their baby. They told me that their child's doctor suggested I get a flu shot, at least the traditional vaccine if not both that and the H1N1 vaccine. My response was basically, "Oh, I see." - I was caught off guard. But the problem is, I am ZERO percent comfortable in having this done. While I know many people take this vaccine, I just am not comfortable with it for various reasons that I won't go into because I don't want to start a flu shot discussion. What I want to know is what my rights are - they can't possibly MAKE me, right?

I wash my hands frequently, take my vitamins, eat well, get my rest - I'm so far very healthy. I don't feel like they should require me to put something inside my body that I do not want or approve of.


Towson, Md

Received Friday, December 11, 2009
santa oi I am at the Towson Town Center in Towson, Md at the indoor mall playground. The nanny is an older African American woman wearing a Ravens Ray Lewis jersey, black pants and a black cap, I'm sure one of the children with her called her Norma, but I cant be for sure. I watched the group walk into the playground with 3 or 4 children, 2 of the children were wearing Ravens jerseys too, all children were white, and the 3rd child, Ally or Allie (Who was 3 at best) was wearing jeans and a light and dark purple pull over.

They walked into the play area and the woman turned to "allie" and said "you pooped didn't you?" and then hit her on the side of the face with a paper bag and yelled at her and told her she was bad and said "you might get away with this with your momma and daddy, but you wont with me." the woman changed the little girl's diaper and then has made her "take a time out" for "being bad". The woman made the little girl sit until she wasnt "mad" about the accident.

I think this woman's behaviour was totally inappropriate, and I hope the parents see this.downsized_1211090945 1
downsized_1211091010 1
*There are three children, named molly, will, and allie.

Nanny Needs Help Dealing with Mother's Outbursts

Received Friday, December 11, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I'm a nanny and I need some advice on how to approach and handle my current situation. Let me start off by saying I really love the family I work for. I adore the kids, the parents are fun, easy going, and I genuinely enjoy my job. As a live-in nanny I know things can get sticky. Emotions sometimes seem to a run a little higher (or at least in my experiences) and I'm not sure how to handle the moms random "outbursts".

Things have been said over the past couple of months and I've just let them go because I'm not one to make waves, especially at a good job but this past week something happened and I thought the mother was totally out of line. Let me just point out a key factor: I use my own private vehicle for this job. I pay for it, pay the insurance, pay for my own gas, and pay for the wear and tear to the vehicle. When I started this job I had an older vehicle and over thanksgiving got a new one. When I was cleaning out my old car I realized that certain things the kids had brought in my car had ruined the seats. There were pen marks, part of a melted crayon, food under their seats, and a hole where either a pen or a pencil had poked through the seat.

Well the mother asks me to do her a favor and take her to the shop to pick up her car. Of course I said sure no problem. Before we leave one of the kids is asking to bring things in the car and she said "yes" without even consulting me. I then said "I'd really prefer if they didn't bring anything". She asked if they could bring a paper and pen/pencil and I said "I'd rather not, the nintendos would be better". I'm all for kids bringing things on long car rides to occupy themselves but we were only going down the road. So the kids leave the room to go finish playing before we leave and she wants to talk to me. She proceeds to tell me that she "doesn't ask for much and when she does, she doesn't like to be told no, and if I'm going to lay down the law and be like no, no, no then we need to discuss that because she doesn't like to tell her kids no". She then went into "we try to make this job so easy and simple and we do what we can to help you out". And she's right this job is simple and easy but I didn't ask for her to make the job simple and easy, it was presented that way.

The only time they helped me out was when my former vehicle had mechanical problems but I paid them back, never missed a payment to them, and its been paid off for over a month now. And I completely agree with her on one point she made, which was I am partly responsible for making sure the kids take their things out of my car. Totally true and I agree. I should also always know what they are bringing into my car but at the same time if I'm helping one of them get ready to go and the other is sticking things in their pocket I'm not always aware of what comes in my vehicle but still I agree with her on that point. I mean the conversation went on for close to 20-30 minutes. I didn't say much because I was completely stunned at how she just kept going on and on about how it was "rude of me" and then I started to get upset. I listened to everything she said and I didn't agree one bit. So I just let it go and now I'm asking for help.

My problem is I have a feeling she was having a bad week but it's not the first time her anger has been directed at me when it's not been my fault. We have had 2-3 other issues like this (which she later apologized for) but I'm not sure I can handle her "outbursts" for much longer, especially when it comes to things like my time off, my car, or my personal space. This happened on friday and here I am still upset by it. I'm a nanny who feels like family but knows that when this year is over, the jobs end because they don't need me. I need a way to bring the "outbursts" to her attention without it becoming an emotional scene, I need this to be a strictly professional matter.

How would you guys suggest I handle this? Has any other nanny been in this position? Thanks in advance for any help.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Received Thursday, December 10, 2009
santa oi
Where: Eden Prairie Mall Play Area, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
Who: Grandfather, red fleece, tall and thin with white hair.
Child: Four year old little girl named Jasmine. Dark hair, wavy, pulled back into a loose ponytail, olive skin, wearing a gray sweatshirt.
What: I realize that this is not a bad nanny sighting, but I was still very concerned. This little girl came over to where I was sitting with my charges and sat right next to me. I said hi to her, and she began talking to me, telling me that she lived with her mother in Eden Prairie, her name, and her age, among other things. She seemed very lonely, but was an extremely intelligent little girl. I asked her who she was there with and she told me she was there with her grandpa. After a quick scan around, I asked her where he was, and she said he was shopping. I was extremely concerned that he had left her alone in the middle of the play area in a busy mall. While there were many mothers and other caregivers around, someone could have easy grabbed her considering that no one was looking after her. Her grandfather would leave for 15-20 minutes at a time, look in on her, and then leave again. I stayed with her until her grandfather came back and I saw him sit down, but as I was leaving with my charges, I again saw him get up to leave again. It was just a little disturbing to me and I was concerned for her safety.
When: Monday, (12/7) around noon.