...Hard of Hearing Sitter...

Received Saturday, June 30, 2007
I am an nanny for 2+ years for one family but I only sit for them 2 times a week, which is nice but I'd like to ask a question...

Before I got the job with them I went on different interviews. I was well liked and wanted by the children. I am very creative person (pursuing an architecture degree)but once they find out that I have an slight hearing loss that prevents me from communicating on the phone. They don't hire me in fear that something awful would happen. I provide myself an pda phones with text messages and all the accessory if they like to contact me. This recently happened: I was interviewing for weekend jobs and My resume was so good and I was called back 2 times. Then I find I lost the job to an 18 year old who just decided she wanted to be a nanny. My question is, despite my hearing loss, and the fact that I talk like an hearing person, why is it such a hard time finding families who cant let go of the fact of hearing loss.Am I being interview by the wrong people? or where else should I look, I have been doing this since I was 11 starting as a mothers helper and then worked my way up to weekend jobs etc. I'd like to find a good family. 2 week days and weekends, or whatever they prefer. Any input or ideas why hearing families doesn't want a hard of hearing sitter? I'm open to all ideas.

Perspective & Opinion

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nanny Creates Brouhaha by Submitting False Sighting... of Grizzly Bears...
A photograph of the alleged sighting of the bears southwest of Aspen appears to be a "hoax," according to Chris Servheen, a grizzly expert with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Click here to read the entire article.)

Please send your stories and sightings in!


Dinosaur Playground at 97th & Riverside in NYC

Received Friday, June 29, 2007
Your nanny is about 30-35 years old, Latina, heavy set, maybe 5’3”, ponytail. Today (Weds. June 27) she was wearing a white T-shirt and jean shorts. She may have a son that came with her to sit today – he would have been about 8 (I saw him come up to her and he knew your child.) She was taking care of your daughter, who has short, dark brown hair, probably about 2 years old, in the fountain. Her bathing suit was a small red and white pattern, maybe pink and white, with a ruffle, I think white sandals. Despite the fact that your daughter was crying hysterically for about 30 minutes (virtually non-stop – she clearly didn’t like the fountain), your nanny stood and talked to her friend and either ignored your daughter or spoke to her in degrading way – mocking her, really. Finally, when your daughter was sitting down on the drain, crying and shivering with her lips blue, I couldn't’t take it anymore and I asked the nanny if maybe your daughter needed a towel and would she like to borrow mine. She snapped at me that she had her own towel and then commented to her friend that people should mind their own business. Did she take your daughter out right away? No, she then told her if she wanted to leave the fountain she had to say so (was it not obvious?), and demanded that she stop crying. I swear I wanted to punch this woman, it was so cruel. Your daughter kept crying and between gasping sobs said something. Finally, your nanny took her out (crying the entire time), wrapped her up in a rather gruff way, and then started walking away toward the sandboxes (pushing a red, large stroller, maybe a job stroller?) with your daughter trailing rather far behind her. (that’s when the other child who might have been her son walked up.) Frankly, this woman is sadistic.
I sent this in on June 27 but it wasn’t posted.

PS 199 playground in NYC

Received Friday, June 29, 2007
I would like to report the following incident.
This was an altercation between two nannies at the PS 199 playground.

Nanny number one appeared to be from India; she was approximately 5’3” tall, small frame, approximately 120 pounds. She was wearing flowered pants, white sandals and a spring green colored blazer, she had her brown hair up in a ponytail tied with a purple rubber band. She was watching a boy who appeared to be between 2-3 years old. The little boy had brown hair and he wore a diaper under his navy blue shorts and white polo-style t-shirt. The boy’s stroller was an old Navy blue Mclaren.

Nanny number two was African American; she was wearing a red shirt, navy blue shorts, and black sandals. She was approximately 5’6” tall and weighed approximately 170 pounds. She was watching two light brown haired girls, ages 4-5, named Ellie and Caroline.

Address or venue of observed incident: PS 199 playground (on 70th between Amsterdam and West End Avenue).

Date and time of incident: 6/28/2007 at 5:30 PM.

Description: The nannies were having a very heated argument, yelling and screaming profanities at one another, accusing the each other of a wide range of bad behavior, the language used was shocking and full of expletives. All three children were standing in the park dumbfounded listening to their nannies verbal altercation. The fighting went on for at least ten minutes and neither nanny would “back down.” Both nannies appeared oblivious that they were “on the job.” The little girls went to play on the swings (out of nanny number two’s sight) and the little boy (I did not get his name) crawled away from his nanny and would have made it out of the exit gates if a family entering the playground had not called out, “whose little boy is this?” At that point nanny number one grabbed the boy by the arm and aggressively put him back into his stroller, ignored the boy’s crying, yelled one more insult at nanny number two and left the playground. Shortly thereafter, nanny number two looked around the park for Ellie and Caroline (neither of whom was in a stroller). It took her at least five minutes to find the girls on the swings.

I left the playground at approximately 5:55 PM within minutes of nanny number two (Ellie and Caroline’s nanny). I saw that they were headed west on 70th toward Riverside Boulevard.


..woman claiming to be a representative for the Gap?

Received Thursday, June 28, 2007
Has anyone been approached by a woman claiming to be a representative for the Gap looking for new child models/child talent? My nanny was approached today while leaving Ancient Park. Because nanny said no, she did not take any paperwork away from this conversation.


55th and 5th. in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I saw an older asian woman with two caucasian boys with dark hair. One of the boys had a black walking cast on his foot. She was carrying a red stroller (Maclaren I think) and the boys were *playing in water in the gutter* near a huge truck that was doing some sort of work on the phone lines above. She lost track of one of the boys who went UNDER the truck, until one of the maintenance workers yelled at her. She then started crossing the street with them, not bothering to hold their hands as they crossed. I'm not sure if she was a nanny or a grandmother or what, but she should not be trusted with children. This occurred a few blocks away from 55th and 5th. Slightly north and east. I can't remember the exact cross streets. -Lil, NYC

Dominick's in Chicago, Illinois

Received Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I saw 3 Hispanic women with strollers in the Dominick's parking lot located at Clybourn and Fullerton, the children in the strollers were white. The one nanny ran with the stroller child in it full force in the parking lot and then let go and let the stroller ride through the parking lot without being even close to it. I look at them and asked what do you think you are doing and the nanny gave me the finger. And continued not to be near the stroller. This was in a parking lot and the child could have been hit. Very scary.

...body odor that is extraordinarily overwhelming

Employer struggles with nanny's overwhelming body odor
I have attempted to ignore this problem and wrestled with a way to handle this situation. I have consulted other parents on urbanbaby and was advised to post this here. I have had a new nanny for two months. In all respects, she is wonderful with the children; trustworthy and dependable. I am a stay at home mother so we have much cross contact as we go different directions with different children. We also spend a good amount of time together and she is a live-in nanny. The nanny also has a super personality and is wonderfully kind. That makes this all the more difficult. My nanny has a very personal body odor that is extraordinarily overwhelming. While I could go in to great detail just as to how noxious the odor is, what I instead seek is a tactful way to resolve this issue. The problem has been extreme the past three days. Thank you in advance, and please- no flames.
OP again (2:36 PM). Please add this. I recognized the odor soon after she started. At that time, I went to a cute store and purchased a number of soaps, body gels, scrubs and lotions and had them made in to a gift basket. I gave it to her at the end of her second week and told her how happy we were to have her here with us. That was about 6 weeks ago. I just wanted to clarify that I have tried that angle already.

Do you have a difficult nanny situation to navigate? Email

"Sammy" at W. 85th and CPW Playground in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Yesterday, (6/26) between 10:30am-11:30am-Your child is "Sammy", around 2 years old, curly dark hair and charming eyes. He was wearing an orange t-shirt with frogs (maybe turtles?) on it. His nanny is a heavier Caucasian woman in her late 40s or 50s with short, dark hair. She was also in charge of a little girl, maybe 5-6, with long dark brown hair. The little girl came to the park in a yellow shirt but was changed into a "Hello My Name Is: Trouble" shirt before they left in their side-by-side double stroller. There is something about the way your nanny interacts with Sammy that didn't sit right with me. It's hard to explain, but she was very rough and overbearing even though I think she means well. Honestly, she struck me as slightly unstable. I got the distinct feeling that there's the potential for real abuse there if she gets overly stressed or frustrated. At one point "Sammy" got sand in his eyes and she chided him for touching his eyes, swatted him, and wrested his hands away from his face and pinned them at his side. After that every time he got close to the sand she screeched for him not to touch his face. Not completely unreasonable responses,but her demeanor was disturbing - I am not the only other caregiver (I am also a nanny) who noticed, several other women were staring at her as well. If this is your child, please, please, please keep an eye on how your children are doing, you might want to talk to the older one about how your nanny acts and disciplines when they are alone. Nannying, especially full time, is not an easy job and this woman did not strike me as having the temperament necessary to handle it.


Diana Ross Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Your son played within the gates of the Diana Ross playground this afternoon (6/26). I was nearby with two children. We were there for almost an hour. During which time I reapplied sunblock to my toddler and asked your child (who's arms were turning pink) if he needed some sunblock. He responded, "no". My son then handed him the bottle and together they put it on his arms. As I am leaving the park, I pass the benches where a very comfortable, middle aged, black woman asks me in very bad English, what I was doing with her boy. At this point, it had been twenty minutes since we had given him some (much needed) sunblock. So sorry to see that your nanny is not only lazy as all get out but RUDE. I didn't even respond to her. When your little boy gets home, if he has had too much sun, you might want to question your nanny (wearing a white shirt, sandals and a long skirt that had flowers on it). Your little boy was wearing blue shorts and a white Nike shirt with yellow sleeves. PS Your son has brown hair, blue eyes, said he was 3 1/2 and he talked non stop about Diego.

Downtown 1 Train in Manhattan, NY

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Exploritorium in San Francisco, CA.

Received Monday, June 25, 2007
I saw your nanny and son Thurs. June 21st at the Exploritorium in San Francisco, CA. Your son had blond hair, was no more than 2 yrs old if that, and was wearing a blue Spiderman sweater. Your nanny had short blond hair (between her chin and shoulders) and looked to be in her late 20's-early 30's, of avg height and weight.

I was at one of the exhibits and the boy wandered up to where I was. I assumed parents were near. The child knocked the sign off the exhibit, looked scared of getting in trouble and ran off. Concerned I followed him, he continued wandering from exhibit to exhibit alone. Finally a woman came from the opposite side of the science center, seemed to scold him, sent him to a particular exhibit and left him alone once again. I literally stood there with my mouth open. She was in a completely different area hanging out with another nanny or mom and their child, totally neglecting yours. All I could think of was how easily someone could have scooped him up and walked out with him. Never once did I see her anywhere near your child in this huge and extremely crowded place.

Leaving 92cnd Street Y in NYC

Received Monday, June 25, 2007
Nanny pushing a 10-14 mo. old blonde boy in a blue and black stroller with a square awning sun-shade. I don't know the model or make. The nanny was chunky, Puerto Rican or Hispanic and wearing pastel pedal pushers and a black sleeveless shirt. She had on wedge sandals that were about 3-4" high and had bouncy, brunette hair. I witnessed her leaving the Y. She reached in to a blue canvas bag and whipped out a pack of cigarettes and immediately lit one up. Then her cell phone rings. She is pushing the stroller, fumbling for her phone and drops the lit cigarette. It falls on top of the canopy. Not a bad sighting per se, just one more reason NOT to hire nannies who smoke! Elise, UES

Out of control Hollywood Actresses

We just knew it was a matter of time before a Lindsay Lohan sex tape surfaced, but we have to admit to being a little surprised that she didn't team up with Paris Hilton who was just released from Prison. Rumours are circulating that there is a Jessica Simpson Sex Tape just waiting to be released. This is hot on the heals of the revelation of the photographs in which Lindsay Lohan drunkenly holds a knife to Vanessa Minnillo's neck. And now a sex tape of Nick Lachey frolicking on the beach with Vanessa Minnillo is being shopped around the gossip mags. The Simple Life star Nicole Richie is pregnant with boyfriend Joel Madden's child, and the couple are expected to wed soon. Barack Obama is U.S. Senator for Illinois who is campaigning for United States President. On the July 2 edition of MSNBC's Tucker, host Tucker Carlson said of presidential candidate, "He seems like kind of a wuss." The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has been searching for the perfect holiday home in Maryland, according to media reports. What Is Anniversary Syndrome?Though its existence is debated, anniversary syndrome has been characterized as an anxiety disorder triggered by a specific event or date. THE US President, George Bush, has compared the war in Iraq with the US war for independence in his Fourth of July speech. MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE is a new and exciting, limited-time game from the Illinois Lottery that will create four new Illinois millionaires on July 30.Set in a spectacular location, on the coast of the Black Sea and at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia, Sochi is vying for the 2014 Olympics. Marc Broussard (born January 14, 1982) is an American singer and songwriter. His style is best described as "Bayou Soul," a mix of funk, blues, R&B and rock. Fourth of July celebrations marred by death, illegal fireworks and its share of problems for police statewide, who dealt with traffic accidents, robberies, complaints about illegal fireworks, and other mayhem. Two members of the Washington DC crew who put on the National Mall fireworks are injured after leftover fireworks exploded while they were working on clean up. Police believe 42-year-old Mark Goudeau is the so-called "Baseline Killer." He is charged with 94 crimes. The DeCavalcantes' criminal enterprises have been considered an inspiration for the hit HBO mob drama ``The Sopranos.'' Thousands of Africans have infiltrated Israel since the beginning of 2007. A senior IDF official told Ynet. Hurricane forecasters are keeping watch on an an area of well-defined low pressure over the central Atlantic Ocean.

apologies to readers, this is a Gratuitious Post to attract traffic.

2 Nannies, 2 Questions...

Monday, June 25, 2007

We are starting the day with two reader submitted questions, but we're waiting to hear of your nanny sightings...

1) I am meeting a family for an interview next month and it will be my first time attending an interview in the summer. What do nannies wear when interviewing for the first time? I've been interviewed before but my previous positions began in winter so my outfits were more 'formal' . I live in Europe where it's common to wear jeans even to non-nanny job interviews. I'm young (21) and am afraid that me wearing jeans when I go for a nanny interview might be a strike against me (they might think I'm too young/inexperienced and pay me poorly). Thanks

2) Hi, I would like to seek the opinion of some of the readers whom employ nannies. I am a 25 year old, Caucasian female. I recently graduated with my Master’s in Health Education (Public Health), have 10 years of experience with children, with some part-time nannying (up to 2 weeks at a time, 24/7 care). I spent a summer teaching children in a village preschool and working in a village medical clinic in Ghana, West Africa. I have experience teaching at the University level, and have worked for one of the top cancer institutes in the US. I have almost a year before I begin an International Fellowship Program located in Africa. I have been thinking about becoming a nanny for that duration. I know I would be amazing with the children, but I wonder if families would find my background a suitable match.


...non-disclosure agreement?

Received Sunday, June 24, 2007
Has anyone had any luck having their nanny sign a non-disclosure agreement? I have a part-time housekeeper and a full-time nanny and I would like to have them sign a non disclosure agreement. What I would appreciate knowing from employers is the best way to approach this and from nannies, I am curious what your reaction would be. For reference, my housekeeper has been with us three years and my nanny for 9 months. I have looked on the Internet for the wording of one, I would be interested in hearing feedback.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thank you to all who participated in our informal nanny salary survey. The results of the survey are available HERE.

And from the Village Voice...
A proposed domestic workers' bill of rights, which cleared the State Senate labor committee last week proposes a $12 minimum wage for domestic workers ($14 per hour by 2010), overtime pay, generous paid vacation and sick leave, advance notice of termination and severance pay. It also mandates an extra $2 hourly wage hike for nannies without employer-provided health insurance. If passed, it would be enforced primarily through the courts. Domestic workers would be able to file complaints with the Department of Labor or sue in civil court if their employers fail to provide any of these benefits. If employers are found to have willfully withheld some of these benefits, they could be charged with a misdemeanor crime. (Click here to read the full story.)


Friday, June 22, 2007

We need your nanny sightings and stories!
Please send them in.
Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le, Chicago, Il
Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le

If you are a parent in the NJ or Philadelphia area who has been alerted to your nanny's performance by a post on I SAW YOUR NANNY and would consent to a television interview with an area news station, please email Jane at your earliest convenience.

Angelina Jolie Slammed by Ex Nannies for Kid Control
Angelina Jolie's ex nannies claim her kids aren't Allowed to have friends as she is worried about privacy. A cover story has sourced some of what is reportedly some of the ex nannies of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and they are ready to spill out the secrets of the Brangelina children. (Read More)

BabySitter Saves Self and Four Children from Burning Home
A Fire breaks out in a Posey County home with a babysitter and four kids inside. The babysitter was able to get all the kids out of the house safety. Crews say the fire started in the dryer. (Watch Video)

Sherman Oaks Fashion Square in Los Angeles, CA

Received Friday, June 22, 2007
Thursday (6/21) evening at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square food court, your child's' grandmother or caretaker (although she seemed like a grandmother) left your child alone while getting her food. She brought your daughter over to a set of tables two away from where I was sitting, put down a tray that had an iceberg type salad along with a drink, then went over to Panda Express to get a bowl of chow mein. Your daughter, approximately 2 year old judging by her size. Very well behaved, named Hillary, wearing a cute striped sundress with pink, lime green, and purple ribbons around the rib cage area. She had light brown hair. Grandma was wearing a brown nondescript dress and had brown hair also. She came back with the chow mein and told Hillary what a good girl she was and that she would take her on "rides" after they finished eating. To be honest, had there been any sort of security or management in the area, I would have alerted them. Why I didn't give the woman a tongue lashing, I don't know. Maybe it was because she had an accent and I wasn't sure she'd understand. Point of the story, don't leave your child alone in a mall. Get a stroller, hold her hand, or go home and eat dinner. This carelessness could have cost the child her life


K--- in New Rochelle, NY

Received Thursday, June 21, 2007
(In response to original post which has since been removed.)
Hello, I am the daughter of the nanny in question and I feel I should express the way how I feel about the situation. My mother has been a nanny for sixteen and a half years, basically my entire life. She is a single mother and does her darn best to raise us. She expresses to us that education is the key and will help to uplift us. I will be entering college in the fall and I am grateful for her to have stood by my side all these years. My mother has worked with numerous families for long period of times, ranging from Bronxville to Mt. Kisco. We have met all of the families that my mother has worked for and still keep in contact with quite a few. We share Christmas and birthdays with these families as well. I feel these allegations are false not just because its my mother but she always expressed to us about liars. She always says "Once your a liar your a theif". As a teen at times I may lie to get myself out of trouble but for some reason she would always know. I think this can potentially harm my mother's reputation and also cause her to lose her job.

Pine Ridge Park in Rye Brook, NY

Received Thursday, June 21, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Rye Ridge, NYIf your daughter is named Lucy and you live in the Rye Brooke area and your nanny might have been a newcomer at the Pine Ridge Park today (6/21), I want to let you know how great she was. I think I know most of the people who come here and I have not seen her before. Lucy is a darling girl of about 4 with huge brown eyes and sun streaked blonde hair. She was wearing a pink & white striped shirt and white shorts with red and white tennis shoes. The nanny might have been named Gladys. She watched Lucy with attention and Lucy ran to her many times to get hugs or whisper a secret in her ear. For a snack, the nanny pulled out two juice boxes and two bags of some kind of fruit snack and they ate side by side. Before Lucy went back to the equipment, she got more sunblock and a kiss on her head. This nanny treated Lucy like she was her granddaughter and she was the doting grandmother. Nanny was older, African American, wearing white slip-on canvas tennis shoes, a flowered shirt, blue pants and carrying a cloth bag with green leaves on it.


Clinton and Congress Streets in Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, June 20, 2007
If your nanny was in and around Cobble Hill-Clinton Street near corner of Congress Street today (6/20) wearing a white polo shirt, jeans, and an orange hat with sequin-like things on it, be very concerned about the level of patience she shows your child. She seemed absolutely pissed and frustrated with your child. When she and I made eye contact, she changed her demeanor dramatically. But then she wheeled off with the child. If she's your nanny- I'd consider looking elsewhere or hiring someone to spy on her or something- not sure your baby is safe with her.

..."Aunt Mommy"...

Received Wednesday, June 20, 2007
I accidentally overheard a telephone conversation this morning in which my nanny referred to me as "Aunt Mommy". I had to literally research the term because I did not understand the connotations. The nanny has been with us 5 months and I really thought she was seven shades of wonderful. Maybe it was because she punctuated her comment with a displeased laugh- I just want her gone. Is this irrational? Will I feel differently tomorrow? She is out with the children now, which is a good thing because I don't think I could stand to be in the same room as her.

Toys R Us in Woburn, Mass.

Received Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Large, Jamaican nanny seen chastising a young boy of about three-four years old for wanting to get the same toy his twin or close in age sister was getting. The toy was a doll. The nanny berated him, called him a baby girl and not a boy and told him no one would ever want to play with him if they knew he liked to play with dollies. It worked. The little boy stopped asking. Thank you, large, brute force nanny- your quick thinking and common sense today (6/20) has saved the boy from becoming....
Seriously. Who hired this woman? Wearing a multi color sun dress that fell below the knees with wide, brown sandals. The children were both white. The girl had reddish, straight hair and was wearing a yellow t-shirt and mint colored shorts. The boy had dark, curly hair, freckles across the nose and was wearing a basketball styled shorts outfit in blue & red.
PS The doll was a Hide and Seek Doll.

Warning- Carroll Park in Brooklyn, NY

Received Tuesday, June 26, 2007
in response to original WARNING:

Audra said...
This man, my friend said he was going to get his dog some water and the child followed. Period. This woman completely overreacted and caused this man alot of embarrassment and stress. He was was taken in for questioning at the precinct. Then the mother admitted that she was wrong. Too late, the misinformation train had left the station. Posting news and such is an amazing outlet, people need to confirm their facts before the witchhunt. Now this man, father and puppy owner (mind you the dog was purchased for his daughter) has the entire neighborhood looking at him like he is a preditor and criminal. Sad, very sad.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Babysitter Helps Get Kids Out of Burning Guilderland Home
A quick-thinking babysitter rounds up the kids and a dog and got them to safety after fire broke out in the family's Carman Road home Tuesday morning. Click here to read the full Fox23- Albany news article.

Brain Fried Mom in Hot Water
A Brooklyn mom sauntered into a Home Depot yesterday to go shopping - and left her baby strapped in the car outside in the sweltering heat, authorities said. Click here to read the full New York Post article.

Ex-Worker Discusses Job With Main Line Millionaire
A woman previously employed by a Main Line millionaire, who is accused of attacking her nanny, is speaking out about her time working at the woman's mansion.19-year-old college student Stacy Leshner said screams, tears and humiliation were part of the price she paid to work inside the Main Line mansion of Susan Tabas Tepper . Click here to read the full CBS 3 News Article.

Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC

Received Tuesday, June 19, 2007
While waiting for my child to exit the carousel at Pullen Park yesterday, (6/18) I witnessed your nanny storm the carousel and reach and grab at your son. His crime? He didn't get down off the ride quickly enough. She literally led him away from the carousel by his ear. Older woman, wearing a skirt, head kerchief, brown lace up shoes and a tan blouse. The boy was perhaps 4. He looked to possibly suffer from respiratory issues. He was very pale and his breathing was deliberate. A very sweet boy, who was startled by his nanny's harsh impatience. The woman may have been Polish or Russian. The boy was blonde, gaunt, blue eyes, thin, long orange shorts with pockets and a blue & orange t-shirt. One minute up on the carousel smiling, a happy child, the next being terrorized by a gruff,old woman. What was his crime?

Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink in Portland, Oregon

Received Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Portland, OregonThis occurred Wednesday, (6/13) @10am.
I have seen this Nanny bring your children here every week for the past 2 years. You have 3 children: A girl about 31/2 who is dark blonde, big blue eyes, and sometimes wears a pink skating outfit. A boy about 27 or 28 months, long eyelashes, dark blonde, a tiny build. And a boy 3 months who stays in his carseat in a stroller.
Your Nanny is heavyset, brown hair, blue eyes, about 23-28 years, and very friendly! Your children are just dolls, and seem to adore their Nanny. She is always positive and encouraging with them. They are turning out to be wonderful little skaters!
I introduced myself last week, and had a nice conversation. Your Nanny tells me that you will be moving out of State, and says that she will really miss "her babies". I hope you know how loving and patient she is with your children...I can tell that they are all attached to each other. Your little 2 year old always has a finger through her belt loop...marching along in skates with a big smile on his little face.
Just wanted to let you know how lucky and blessed you are to have this woman as your Nanny!


Warning- Lincoln Berkley Playground in Park Slope, NY

Received Monday, June 18, 2007
I am posting this here in order to urge people to act responsibly and for any parents, nannies and other caregivers to be extra cautious when out and about with their children.

On Friday, (6/15), a 4 year old girl was at the Lincoln Berkley Playground in Park Slope with her grandmother. While there, a man engaged her in a game of ball. As the grandmother became distracted and the child grew closer to him, he grabbed her and started to make his way out of the playground. The time was approximately 3pm. Luckily, the grandmother was able to scare him off.

Believe it or not, the grandmother did not report the incident to the police. Apparently the parents didn't either. As the story made it's way around the Slope, someone alerted the 78th precinct but there is not much they can do without a description of the man.

So, I urge anyone with information to contact the 78th precinct. Further, if you ever witness an abduction attempt, please exercise common sense and call the authorities to file a report. If you don't, you are putting other neighborhood children in grave danger.

Outside Whole Foods in Union Square, NYC

Received Monday, June 18, 2007
I saw something strange this morning when I went to Whole Foods. A woman was outside the store milling about. I think nothing of this. I go in the store , the time is about 9:30 AM, I leisurely shop and leave the store approximately a 1/2 hour later. The nanny is still there. She looks anxious. 30 seconds later, a large Black man with a half beard, grey logo shirt, gold chain, approaches her slyly and reaches for her hand and slides her something. So quick, anyone could have missed it. As he disappears I see her open her palm to reveal a tiny plastic wrapped packet. Tiny. She sticks it in her back pocket. I am waiting for my help to get home with these bags so I remain standing in the vicinity. The woman heads off towards 14th. Street.
From this I have made these assumptions:
1) The woman was a nanny or sitter. She was pushing a very expensive, high BUG pram and her clothing and appearance was not conducive to that.
2) The woman was buying drugs. She never went in Whole Foods. And was clearly using the area as a meeting place.
Description of this nanny: About 5'5", white, extremely thin. I would guess around 100 lbs. Wearing blue jeans and a striped L/s cotton style shirt. White, with straight, Lt. brown hair that looked like it needed to be combed. Wide set, very pretty eyes, pale skin, nice mouth. Could have been very pretty if she put some effort in to it. She did not carry a handbag.
The child: A white, boy with brownish red, curly hair. He was not very visible. I cannot speculate as to age.
The stroller as I said was a Bug. Chrome and pale green with a black net underneath that was empty. No diaper bag, groceries, etc.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day.
There are no sightings today. Please enjoy some of the blogs listed in our sidebar, check out Bob Harris for his synopsis of that final episode of the Sopranos or read about life inside the estate of Susan Tabas Tepper-(the heiress charged with assaulting her nanny).


Saturday, June 16, 2007

photo by Scott Keddy
Photo by Scott Keddy, 2007
There are no nanny sightings or stories to share with you today.
Please contact us with your questions, comments and sightings.
Search the ISYN index for sightings in your area by clicking here.


Filene's Basement at 79th. & Broadways in NYC

Received Friday, June 15, 2007
Earlier this afternoon (6/15). I saw a nanny heavily engaged in personal shopping at Filene's. She seemed to be neglecting and borderline mistreating the child in her care. The child in her care was Caucasian & Asian, wearing white shirt with roses on it, about 14-20 months of age. The nanny was Puerto Rican and/or African American with a solid build, stern face, hair in a very, very tight bun, high arched eyebrows and wearing a grey ribbed t-shirt. She was pushing a cream colored stroller with green stripes on the liner. It was a lightweight walking style stroller. The little girl was crying and being ignored. The nanny haphazardly whipped the stroller around and faced her away from her as if to demonstrate her intolerance. She further showed just what she thought of the child when she rammed the stroller in to a clothing rack with dresses. The baby would not stop crying. The child kept dropping things from the stroller, including a yellow and white bear which the nanny kept picking up and throwing back in the stroller as she made aggravated sounds. The nanny repeatedly said "hush". The child was facing away from the nanny 90 percent of the time. The nanny than went in her handbag, (black nylon style, with a quilted look to it and gold accents) and fished out ... and this is what made me decide this was worth posting... are you ready...a king size Kit Kat, also known as a "Big Kat". Which she started to open and hand her a piece but instead she handed her the entire thing with half the wrapper removed. I didn't hear the child again after that as I gradually sifted through the racks. I saw them again about twenty five minutes later near the checkout stand. All I saw was an empty wrapper and the nanny had a wetwipe or cloth and was harshly scrubbing the chocolate off the baby's face, hands, stroller, neck, etc. Again, showing signs of absolute exasperation. As if she hadn't handed her the inappropriate snack. No, I don't know that she ate the entire thing, but should she have been eating anything? And for what? To keep her quiet?

Filming me without my knowledge.....

Friday, June 15, 2007
Hello, I just want to say that I am an experienced nanny who loves her job but was forced to quit my long-term position after I discovered that my employers were filming me without my knowledge, even in the bathroom of their house. I have no problem with caregiver/nanny surveillance and think that if it can help parents trust in a very uncertain world that's a good thing. Nevertheless, it is ILLEGAL to film an employee without their knowledge, even in a private residence and especially in the privacy of a washroom. I know that nannies and other caregivers often have less employee rights than is strictly legal (eg. no breaks, long hours etc) but these are grey areas and usually accepted by individual nannies. This case however is clearly outside of the law and I wish this family could have consulted me before filming me doing my most private business. I will miss those wonderful kids and I'm sorry I had to draw the line. Thanks for letting me rant.
Random Rants

Ernie Howlett Park in Palos, Verdes, CA

Received Friday, June 15, 2007
Near dusk, today (Thursday 6/14) Your little girl, white, perhaps 2.5-3 y.o., blond ringlet curls, wearing a pink tank top and shorts outfit was crossing the street between the park and the parking lot trailing 5-10 feet behind two nannies. The little girl was wearing white sandals, one of which came off. The child stopped to fiddle with the shoe in the middle of the road just as I was approaching. I was traveling at a low speed, but not everyone does. Those two seconds it took for your nanny/nannies to react could have been very tragic. The nannies were engrossed in their own conversation paying no heed to the little girl. Both nannies were 40-55 y.o., Hispanic, one had dark hair, the other had a reddish tinge to her hair, the nanny with the red tinged hair was carrying a white pocketbook and wore tan pants. She is the nanny who ran back for the child, scooped her up and carried her to the other side of the road. This happened very quick and is all I can remember.


If I fired her for this, I could handle the summer schedule...

Thursday, June 14, 2007
We hired a new nanny in January and she seems to be a pretty good fit. I have just a couple of issues with her punctuality and remembering things but she is young and has great energyand spirit which matches that of my children. The problem is my children start day camp the week after next. The children are gone throughout the day so the nanny doesn't need to do anything, however as she agreed she will pick them up from camp and work until 8PM every night. I decided I would drop the children off in the morning so she wouldn't even have to get up in the morning. In the back of my head I know that the Fall schedule is going to be brutal with three boys in the different schools and lots of extracurricular activities and appointments. So, I thought it great that she would have an easy time of it for 7 weeks. Yesterday, she tells me that "X", a mother who has a child in one of my son's classes has asked her to babysit this summer. She has a child that is not yet camp age. So my nanny has accepted what basically comes out to a full time nanny position (and with a woman who makes a habit of leeching off of people). She is going to be working from 8:30-3:30 every day. She told me that "X" understands that if one of the boys is home ill, her obligation is to us first. My nanny is a live-in nanny and she has one of our vehicles 7 days a week. I am sitting here getting angrier and still angrier by the minute. By the by, camp gets out at 4:00, so I do have to be concerned with her punctuality. Additionally, will she have any energy left for the boys who like to come home and play soccer, swim and ride bikes? If I fired her for this, I could handle the summer schedule myself and I would have plenty of time to find a nanny for fall. But quite frankly, the search that led to finding her was a grueling three month ordeal.


Talbots in Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Received Wednesday, June 13, 2007
This occured at about 1:00 PM, today (6/13).
African-American or Jamaican nanny with little girl, about 4, who had two pigtails. I didn't even know the woman was with the child at first--that's how quiet and good the little girl was. At first, it didn't bother me. But after the first half-hour, I thought, Well, this child is certainly being ignored--and she is incredibly patient! The Nanny was only interacting enough to say, from time to time, "Get over here!" Anyway, after about 40 minutes, two things happened. First, they got in line after me to pay. I accidentally bumped into the child with a wooden hanger, immediately apologizing. But Nanny said, "Oh, I'm sure it was her fault!" !!!!!!!! (I assured her it was an ACCIDENT on everyone's part.) THEN, just as I was thinking, "I hope this sitter is going to get the kid an ice cream or something," the little girl said, "HAZEL, am I still going to be on timeout when we get home?" And Hazel says, "YES." And the girl says, "WHY?" And Hazel says, drum roll please: "BECAUSE YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO ME! "

Now, admittedly, maybe this lovely, patient, good-seeming child, had an ogre-ish moment before entering the store. But I find it heartbreaking that she was being rewarded for this adult's shopping outing with a timeout!!!! To my knowledge, the nanny said NOTHING to praise the little girl for her patience or grace. What is the child learning by this???? I hate to think.

Hype Dance in Chico, California

Received Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I have contemplated for a week or so now on whether or not to send this to you guys, but I believe it is a disservice not to report this girl. After many weeks observing this young lady with her charge, I have had enough. I see her every week on a local dance studio(Hype Dance) with the little girl she watches(a petite blond hair blue eyed girl who is so sweet and very active). She is incredibly abrupt and rude with her, she yells at her in the car after class. She(the nanny) is incredibly strict as well, don't get me wrong being strict is good but she is unreasonably strict. She takes her into the local coffee shop near a busy street and I have seen the little girl push the door open with out the nanny(a slender girl, long brown haired, they always drive a white SUV) noticing. I just cant get over how rude she is to this precious girl.
Concerned Parent

Borders Bookstore at Park & 57th in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Crunchy looking white nanny wearing cut off khakis (below the knee and frayed) slide in religious looking sandals, matted hair, small glasses and no make-up left Tyler alone in the children's area late this morning (6/13) for at least 20 minutes while she sat in the cafe and consumed her coffee, while slowly reading some obscure poetry book. I think. It looked like poetry. And transfixed she was. Meanwhile Tyler was behaving obnoxiously to my son and I was left with the duty of correcting/ babysitting and assisting young Tyler.

This post was submitted as "Borders Books on Park". Please try to include the full address of the incident. -JD


Museum of Natural History in NYC

Received Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Last week, I was at the museum of natural history with my son last week and we went into the learning center. There was a Spanish speaking nanny with two little boys. The little boys were not Hispanic but were able to speak to her in Spanish. As I am able to speak some Spanish, she and I started talking. As I was about to leave, she handed me a flier with all kinds of weight loss pills (none of them appeared to be FDA approved). I politely told her, "no thank-you." She then flipped out and turned nasty. WTF? Isn't that like drug dealing on the job? Describing the nanny, she is an older woman and mentioned that she has a daughter in University. She was about 5'4" and very animated.

Lexie Revisited...

Received June 12, 2007
I came across this add concerning Lexie, and I'm a acquintance with the child and the mother. And I knew the child, and she has behavior problems. Since they hire the nanny the child is much better. The child loves the nanny. Lexie is a verbal child, if she was being hurt she would have told her mother.You have to be stren with Lexie, and if you see the nanny grab her wrist it has to be something she did wrong. I'm talking from my personnel experience with her. Stop bleaing the nanny for what you see and do not know the situation. She is a very very good nanny. To change that little girl from her behavior. Stop sitting in the park and judging people. Get a life.

She smiles in her face and...

Received Tuesday, June 12, 2007
This is not a sighting but I am looking for advice. I recently broke off my friendship with these people. This family has an AA nanny and she is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. The problem that I have is that her employer calls her the n-word behind her back ANY chance she gets. She smiles in her face and when she talks to me she uses that word. On many occassions I have told her I have felt uncomfortable with it but she still does it. Its used casually which is scary. I will give you an example of the conversation.

Me: Hi S**** hows it going

S: good, our n***** nanny is getting on my nerves

Me: How so?

S: Well she forgot to put the milk away this morning and when I came home for lunch it was sitting out.

Me: Well, did you talk to her about it?

S: you know how those stupid n*****'s are they don't get it

Me: Why do you call her that if you don't like her, get rid of her

S: Are you kidding my kid loves her, who doesn't have a n**** nanny now adays

Me: I can't stand that word, I think its rude

S: Oh come on, please what should I call her, "our coco crispy nanny"

Me: No call her by her name

S: No I like my name better

Me: I gotta go, yoga


This happened last month and I have been avoiding her. I talk to her nanny alot and I always want to tell her. Its just that these people seem crazy. I don't want the poor nanny to turn up missing or something. When I say this nanny is nice, she is soooo nice. If I had kids I would hire her. I can't sleep!

83rd and Riverside at Riverrun Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, June 12, 2007
This happened yesterday (Mon. 6/11) between 12-3 pm:
A red-headed two year old named Scarlett with an older sister was being minded by a heavyset nanny with a Caribbean accent and a scarf covering her hair. The nanny had Scarlett in a McLaren stroller and spoke to her with such disdain and deep unpleasantness that it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. At one point, she tried to hand Scarlett some pretzels. "Do you want these?" she said. "Do you? Do you want these? Do you want them? Scarlett? Do you? DO. YOU. WANT. THEM?" And Scarlett burst into tears, for which I don't blame her. "Tell me what you want!" the nanny said. She almost never stood up, even when she finally released Scarlett from the McLaren and she ran off to be around her sister. At one point, though, she noticed me watching her and then she got up to interact with Scarlett. There was no abuse, but there was no love -- she seemed almost to hate this child.


Philippe Park in Clearwater, Florida

Received Monday, June 11, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Clearwater, FloridaI saw these nannies today (6/11) for the second time so I though they were totally worth posting about. She was with another nanny and between the two of them had 4 kids with them. One was named Bryce, another was a blond child whose name I didn't catch, but looked about 2 years old, the third was an Asian child who looked as if he was just learning to walk, and the last was a young boy named Charlie. Each nanny seemed to be in charge of two of the kids. They were so incredibly attentive to these children. The kids were having a great time playing, and the nannies were ensuring that they has a safe an interactive time, the whole two hours they were there. They also made sure the kids had plenty to drink, as well kept on sunscreen and bug spray. I have seen these two nannies before at the Lowry Park Zoo two weeks ago, at that time they actually had two older children with them as well as the 4 younger toddlers. They were so in tune with your children. They interacted so greatly, but I was also amazed at how ell they got your children to behave especially in such large numbers. They were "strict" and always followed through on what they said was going to happen. The one little boy Bryce was being a little unruly and screaming and the nannies were both right there to make sure he behaved himself and they did it in such a great manner, I wish I had the patience that they had. I was also impressed at how well they were able to keep the 6 of them together, never letting anyone stray away. The kids were so happy and just had a great time. We were behind them for probably 40 minutes of their zoo trip, as well as their whole park time today. I have to say I was very tempted to try and steal your nannies. Whoever has these great ladies as employees is extremely lucky and I wish more of us could have the luck you have had in finding such great people. Hold on to your nannies they are something special.

B75 bus in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Received Monday, June 11, 2007
This is not a nanny sighting. It involved a conversation I overheard that caused me some discomfort. This was Saturday, around 6 PM. Your nanny, a mid-late twenties, AA female who is of average height & weight was sitting on the bus when I got on. She was sitting next to another female and the nanny was complaining about her boss. I know this is not unusual. However when she repeatedly described your children as brats that just needed to 'have their necks rung and know what suffering is' ; I paid more attention. Your nanny absolutely hates you. If you knew the venom with which she spoke of you, I cannot imagine you would allow her to continue in your employ. One of the things that may help you identify this as your nanny is that you are taking four weeks of vacation this year and so the nanny gets those four weeks as her time off. They are four individual weeks, but the nanny is pissed and thinks she should get those 4 weeks but also two weeks at her own choosing. She went on to say, and please allow me to paraphrase this because I obviously could not take notes, "F---g rich b-tch, all she cares about is her next botox injection...I get paid crap and I am the parent figure in that house...When them kids misbehave, what does she expect I would stand there and take it...What that kid need is some discipline... It went on and on like this, but with such rage- I find it concerning that she is left alone with your children. According to her, she is with the children all day and some days you both get home when the children are asleep. She many times referenced you as rich people who could afford to pay more and many times referenced your children as animals. This woman who works as a nanny then went on to "wish" that the next time the cops pulled a "Sean Bell" that it would be one of these "park slope kids" that got killed. I hope this helps you to identify your very disgruntled nanny. She remained on the bus when I got off. I couldn't wait to get off that bus and away from her. When I walked past her, I did NOT turn around to get a better look.


Saxon Woods Park Playground in Mamaroneck, NY

Received Sunday, June 10, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Mamaroneck, NY Brilliant and beautiful AA nanny at the playground at Saxon Woods Park mid afternoon on Saturday. (6/9). This nanny was caring for a special needs child (lt. grey shirt with maroon stripes on the sleeves, blue jeans and dark grey sneakers) and did so with such loving energy & tenderness that I was more than touched. If your nanny was working on Saturday and wearing tan, cuffed capri pants with a light blue shirt that had a faint design across the chest and wore plain white leather looking tennis shoes; you probably don't need a post on this blog to know what a great nanny you have. Everything about her was genuine. She seemed to genuinely enjoy playing with your son. And she wasn't looking around to see if people noticed him. She was 100 percent engaged with him and had a beautiful, mega watt smile.


Jones Beach in Nassau County, New York

Received Saturday, June 9, 2007
Location: Jones Beach
Date/Time: around 1-2 PM EST, Friday (6/8)
Child: Girl aged "almost three" , curly blond hair that almost touched her shoulders, tan skin, wearing a one piece bathing suit that was in the style of a wet suit; pink and white. Had flip flops she occasionally slipped on that were white with pink & white almost peppermint looking stripes.
Nanny: African American or Caribbean nanny, husky build, wearing tight shorts that went to her knees and a large, white t-shirt that said NEW YORK on it. The sort of t-shirt you would buy at a souvenir shop. Nanny was wearing black croc style rubber shoes.
What happened: The nanny was sitting under the shade of an umbrella. She was sitting in a striped lawn/beach chair and had a khaki colored hat on her head. The little girl was playing with toys and buckets in the sand. The nanny had her chin on her chest and seemed to be nodding off. I looked around and saw no one else responsible for this little girl. The little girl was very well behaved and didn't ask anything of the nanny for a LONG time. The little girl was in the sun playing like this for the better part of an hour while the nanny seemed to doze off, never completely. Hard to tell. The little girl stood up and was watching two little girls with their dad in the water and said "I want to go in the water." No response. "I want to go in the water." The nanny sat up and said "no no, you play a bit more and we go." The little girl kept asking to go in the water. It was HOT and she was so sad and pathetic. I was somewhat behind them (which is why I couldn't tell if the nanny was full on sleeping or not). I convinced my son to go back in the water and stopped at the nanny's chair and said, "I'd be happy to walk her down to the water with my son. We just want to cool off for a minute". The nanny looked me over and said "I suppose". The little girl about jumped in to my arms. I looked at her and she looked pinkish and I said to her, "you probably need some sunblock before we go down there". The nanny kind of glared at me when I said that and then acted like she was going to do it all along. We walked down to the shore and they kicked the water and splashed around for maybe ten minutes. My son asked the little girl what her name was and it was in the Ella, Ellie, Bella family of names. She is the sweetest little girl. So gracious and appreciative. What a trooper. I just imagine how she would thrive if she had a nanny who would play with her in the water. Or in the sand. The little girl told us she was "almost three".

96th & Broadway in NYC

Received Saturday, June 9, 2007
My attention was drawn to a tall, slim, black nanny yesterday (6/8) after she dropped a piece of paper and left the baby in her McClaren looking stroller to chase the paper. I don't know what was on that paper but the baby was literally teetering on the curb in her stroller. Blue & Silver with a seat that had a faint plaid pattern.


Revealing Clothing in New York

Received Friday, June 8, 2007
Larger Image available by clicking here
I live in New York and yesterday, I saw this nanny walking in my neighborhood. This is not the first time I have observed her dressed in such revealing clothing. I have cropped her image to remove details of the neighborhood and I won't say what town is it in. She is on her way-likely to the park. There is a large home being completely renovated that she walked past, to the delight of the dozens of construction workers. By dressing this way, don't you imagine that she could unwittingly put your child at risk?

Giving Notice...

Received Friday, June 8, 2007
I have a question to all nannies and otherwise out there:
How much time is appropriate for giving notice? I've been at my new job for 4 months and things just aren't working out, the commute is very long, I run errands, pick up/drop off friends (none of whom live close) yet receive no gas compensation and to top it off the mother is incredibly hard to please (not just me but her maid, tailor, workmen etc). I love the little girl and if the job were closer or her mother different I would've loved for this to work out. Anyway, obviously more notice is better than less, but what is a minimum polite amount of time to give (I want to get of this job sooner rather than later)?


Carl Shurz Park in NYC

Received Thursday, June 7, 2007
Completely crazy nanny sighting today. (6/7) If your nanny pushes your darling twins in a stroller that resembles this orange urban buggy, I witnessed her at Carl Shurz park acting out of her mind. There was an altercation between one of her charges and another baby. The baby pulled her charge's hair while they were at the top of the slide. As the mom of the child was en route to discipline her own child, your nanny seized that woman's child and started to pull his pants down. As if to spank him. She didn't get very far because the other child's mother was right there. The child was going nuts. The mother of the child went nuts. The mother and the nanny were fighting. The mother was of that child was not very assertive. She spent more time apologizing for her own child than she did reaming the nanny for touching her child. I would have really lost it. Why would anyone think it is okay to touch another person's child in that fashion? Your nanny needs to be disciplined!
It was momentary mayhem. And on such a beautiful day. I wonder how that nanny responds when one of her own charges has a behavior problem. Many witnesses to this event, so please just ask around.

Hawthorne Glenn Park in Glenview Illinois

Hawthorne Glen Park in Glenview, Illinois
This took place at Hawthorne Park (I think that is the name, it is on Miller Dr) between Landweir and Pfingsten in Glenview Il. The grandmother (I assume) was with 2 kids, one was 18 months, the other, a 4 year old girl (I asked her). Her name was Rachel. She was playing with my ds. I had, in our stroller basket, many items, at the bottom of which was a snack for my ds. It was an item that contained peanut butter. The little 4 year old started following me around eating something and talking about it. I realized it was the same snack I had for my ds, then I realized, when I went to get ds his snack, the 4 year old had rummaged into our basket and eaten ds's snack.

I was a tad ticked that the girl ate his snack, but more so, if that girl had been allergic to the pb she really could have been hurt. Just a warning, if know this parent or grandmother, she may want to teach her to ask before taking.

Report Negligent nannies to

Your thoughts on my situation?

Received Thursday, June 7, 2007
I've got a question that I would love some input on from the nannies/moms/etc that frequent your site. I would much appreciate some help! Please don't include my name or email :0)

I've been working with the same family for about 3 years now, and to this date we've worked really well together, with a little misunderstanding here and there but for the most part they are a loving and wonderful family to work for. Currently I care for 3 children and work about 35 hours per week. I feel that I'm getting paid fairly well right now, I know I could find work with a family that paid me more for what I do but I love the girls and have no intentions of leaving them. Now that being said, this summer they are expecting their 4th child which will leave me with 4 kids under the age of 7. I know that this will include a lot more work and I'm not sure how to work out the pay. Soon after the baby arrives it will be when I usually get my raise, however I'm not sure that they will necessarily think that I need to be paid that much more. I'm also concerned because when mom is home on maternity leave (and this is from past experience with the last baby) there were many occurrences where she would let me leave early, at her insistence. At that time I was getting paid a weekly salary and things have changed slightly so I am now paid hourly. I'm nervous that this will happen again but that they won't pay me--this is where I have the most trouble with the family. They literally pay me for every hour that I am (or am not there) to the tee. I'm not trying to be greedy but if they come home early that's no reason for me not to get paid for that last hour I did not ask to leave. Same with when they say oh just come in a few hours late we're going into work late. I don't get paid for the hours that I don't work when it's their choice to have me not there, even when they go on vacation. Would it be unreasonable for me to request (in lieu of a large raise) that I get paid every week of the year? I rarely take vacations, I take days off here and there but every job has paid time off and I don't take advantage of them at all. If anything I bend over backwards to help out more than needed (which I have no trouble doing!) but I thought that this could be a good idea rather than asking for a large raise.

Can anyone help me out here? Let me know your thoughts on the situation and if you have other suggestions I would love to hear them. I'm not trying to be greedy but just trying to figure out something that would work for us all. Oh, and I have absolutely no intentions of leaving my job, I love "my kids" dearly :0)


97th St/Central Park West Playground in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 6, 2007
This case of neglect occured this afternoon (6/6) at around 3-4 pm. Caucasian boy, short brown hair, wearing striped shirt and gray (?) soft/jog pants, pacifier in his mouth. Walked pretty well, younger than 2 for sure and perhaps closer to 18 months. Nanny is black, 20s-30s, pretty slim, shoulder length wavy hair, wearing black leggings with lace at the ankle, a large white Tshirt and white sneakers with black laces. Stroller was black double Urban Mountain Buggy.
The child was playing in the water fountain and nearby puddle for 30-40 minutes, near the exit of the playground, without any interaction with the nanny, who was seated on a bench under the shade trees about 20 yards away. He was completely soaked. He kept looking around for someone but we could not connect him with anyone. After a while, those of us in the playground noticed that this really young kid seemed to be completely unattended. We began to exchange wondering glances and then to ask whether anyone knew who this kid was with. He was close to the entrance gate, which was open. To be blunt, any one of us could have taken him, or he could simply have wandered out. He could have fallen off the concrete step without the help of total strangers. She did not help him or pay any attention to him during this half hour. I took pictures of him, including a closeup, and she didn't notice. We were deciding what to do when eventually she came over from the far corner of the playground, changed his clothes and put him in the stroller before just sitting in the shade for another hour or so.

If you believe this to be your child, I have a photograph of him and a photograph of his nanny. If you think this might be your kid, send Jane Doe an email and she will forward it on to me. I have provided my email address to her.

Park on Wilson Street in Pasadena, CA

Received Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Today (6/6) at a park on Wilson Street in Bungalow Heaven, a little boy kept asking me if I would put him in the swing. When I asked where his mom or nanny was, he pointed to "Marta," who was busy eating her lunch and socializing with her other nanny friends about 15 yards away. At the same time, his sister was screaming wildly in her stroller while the nanny ignored her and continued to eat. I walked over there to see if she could help the little boy with the swing, only then did she acknowledge the screaming girl. She threw a blanket on her stroller and said she needed to sleep and continued to ignore her. The little boy continued to ask me to help with all activities at the park, because Marta continued to socialize with her friends the entire hour I was there.

Battery Park City Esplanade in NYC

Received Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Young, Pia Zadorra, Hispanic looking nanny wearing mint green slacks, a sleeveless, button up tank blouse in tan and white tennis shoes with "peds". She was pushing a double stroller containing 2 girls dressed alike this morning (6/6) at around 10:00 A.M. One was larger than the other, but I am still assume they were dressed. The blue sun shade covered their heads but I could see should length blonde hair. The children were between two and three. Both wore dark pink shirts and blue leggings with small flowers or designs on them. The girl on my left (as I was approaching) was having a temper tantrum and writhing in the stroller. The nanny immediately parked the stroller and bent down and got in her face, shaking her bony finger in the child's face. "You're bad, bad, bad girl." Then they continued on. The same girl continued to write and through her opaque white sippy cup with a green lid out the stroller and the nanny picked it up and tossed it in to a wastebasket they were passing by. The child then went ballistic. The nanny threatened to pinch her. No, she did not pinch her-she just threatened. Nanny had a dramatically heavy accent that made her almost comical as she threatened the child. Still, I don't think calling a child bad and threatening physical abuse is in anyway okay. There was a large very plain looking, vinyl beige bag hanging off the stroller that had two large square pockets on it. After I passed them the little girl started crying "I want mommy, I want mommy" and the nanny bark sharply, "no". So it sounded like this, "I want mommy", "uhNOO", "I want mommy", "uhNOO", "I want mommy", "uhNOO".
Submit your nanny sighting now by clicking here.

Unattended Children in the grocery store...

Received Wednesday, June 6, 2007
On Sunday evening, in Hunt Valley/ Cockeysville, Maryland, I witnessed the following at The Giant on York and Shawan roads at around 5:00 pm. There was a woman with two children. A girl who looked to be around 7 (give or take a year) and her name was Brooke. She had beautiful eyes and long brown stragly hair. She also had a little brother with brown hair. The mother/nanny (not sure) was not watching her children in the aisles and at the checkout. The children were out of control. People, not just me, were looking strangely at this situation. I think the nanny/ mom was with a man. He was short for man and had a hat on. She had a white, large purse. She clearly was not watching her children. They were being neglected in public. The boy was in the cart unattended several times that I happened to see them throughout the store. I also saw all four of them at the checkout. It was a self check out line. They were out of control. If it was a mom, Wow, I am just shocked... If it were a nanny, I suppose that maybe this is her first job. The man and woman appeared to be in their late thirties or in their forties.

I absolutely couldn't believe that they acted the way they did. The woman and the girl she was carrying, butted in front of me to leave the store. It was done in the ruddest there was some red carpet layed out for the lady to walk out on. She just mumbled, "I need to get by". The store was packed and I couldn't move much, so she just budged her way through. Wow, is Maryland (Northern Baltimore County) turning into a herd of cows? I certainly hope not. As a full time nanny, I am overworked, tired a lot, and have been doing this type of work for over 12 years. I do know what it's like to be tired from a long weekend and then to be at a grocery store, in the rain... But that is no excuse to act the way this woman did and to not watch her children, one in the cart and the other just walking around. She is asking for the worst possible thing... Does this person not read the news? If I had children, I would never leave them unattended, especially in a crowded grocery store. The children I nanny for, I treat them as if they were mine, but of course, know they are not. I would never put them in a neglectful situation or not have them in my sight at all times!
BAD LADY! Please don't do this to your children. Children are your pride and joy. Watch them at every moment!!!

Hmm... definitely doesn't sound like a bad nanny sighting. Random Rants? -JD
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Tompkins Square park in NYC

Received Tuesday, June 5, 2007
This occured today (6/5) at 2pm at Tompkins Square park in NYC, Ave A between St Marks Place and East 9th st. Just wondering if all nanny's are like this. I was there today w/ my child and saw other children running around barefoot. This is not pointed at anyone in general since there were quite a few children there. Also not all of them were barefoot either. here are 2 pics I was able to take of one girl.
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Is there a standard age when a child is permitted to be home alone?

Received Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Is there a standard age when a child is permitted to be home alone? And what does a parent take into consideration? Do different rules apply if there are younger siblings at home? Is there an age at which time you can safely leave younger children in the care of older children? Is this different during the day and at night? At what if you are traveling? Any assistance you have in sorting this out would be much appreciated. My spouse thinks I am paranoid, but I feel that since we can easily afford childcare, that there is no reason to leave our tween children in a hotel room at night when we go out. We will after all be in a foreign country. He is under the impression that they will be content to enjoy the in room movies and snacks but I know how children like to wander. Anyone have advice? I am tired of being made to feel nuts because I believe in taking the appropriate measures for our children. My spouse's argument is that Madeleine McCann was three and our children are "older and sensible". Rather than attempting to convince him to err on the side of caution, is there a legal standard that I can provide to him? This is a family vacation and already he is focused on that time which will be separate from the children. (!!)

Not Your Run of the Mill Nanny Poacher...

Received Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I work as a part time babysitter for a stay at home mother who does freelance work in the tri- state area. On the days that I babysit, I try to take her daughter of the house and we have a park we favor. Because I am only part time, I don't think I would even consider a regular at this park, but this did not prevent me from being approached by a would be nanny poacher yesterday, (Monday) during the early afternoon. I was approached by a mother with a child he looked quite identical to her. Both were white with dark, dark hair and fair skin. The mother was wearing low cut, tarnished jeans and had a tattoo on her belly and on her wrist. She was very sweet and involved with her child, so I thought nothing of it when she began to chat me up. Then she asks how often I work and if I would be interested in working full time. I tell her that I cannot work full time because I return to school in the fall. She asks me if I have any nanny friends who are looking and I reply, 'all the time'. So she tells me it is her brother Mike that needs a babysitter and he needs someone M-F from 7 to 5ish. Sounds okay, right? I go to take down her # in case I think of someone and she tells me that this involves three children, a one month old and two older children. She goes on to say that they would need someone who would watch the baby very carefully because when it was two weeks old it's grandma dropped a chair on it's head and although they took the child to the doctor who said he was fine-he seems to get dozy and passes out, at which time you have to shake him awake. I didn't know what to say, so I just wrote her # down as if I heard this sort of thing all of the time. I returned home after our afternoon out and shared my story with my boss who was quite concerned. While she took the number and intends to do some investigating on her own, she suggested that I post my story on your blog. Please don't use my name or even the park we were at.

72nd Street tunnel in Riverside Park, NYC

Received Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I saw your nanny this morning at approximately 7:45 AM. She was pushing your blue & grey McClaren Stroller and walking your medium sized white dog, breed unknown. The nanny wore white tennis shoes, no socks, twill shorts & a purplish, large, loose t-shirt. She was a heavy-set white woman with brown hair in a bun, age approximately 35. I could not place her accent, perhaps Dutch? The child in the stroller I did not get a good look at, although he/she was blonde. The nanny had obviously not had her coffee as I watched her ahead of me struggle with the dog's leash, curse the dog, curse no one in particular, rattle the stroller and kick the dog. She didn't kick him hard, but it was completely uncalled for. I called out ahead to her "Hey" and she just walked faster. Like so many others, I wonder if this is how she behaves in public how does she behave in private?


Monday, June 4, 2007

Moving Up....
Congratulations to all of the graduates...
Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer full of wonderful memories.

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Waterfront Movie Theatre in Port Chester, NY

Received Monday, June 4, 2007
Sunday @ 5:15PM. Boston Post Road in Port Chester and soon after, outside the Waterfront movie theatre. The vehicle was a silver, square shaped, late model Toyota SUV in silver. There was a spare wheel on the back in a black leather case. I saw the word "Cruiser" on the car but don't know if that was all or part of the name. The license plate was from Connecticut. The driver of the vehicle was a young twenties female, with straight dark blond hair, white, non remarkable face and a slim build. I first observed her on Boston Post Road where she was smoking and hollering out to three men on the median outside the Chicken Wing place. I parked in the parking lot and was walking with my husband to the movie theatre when the same vehicle pulled up by the curb outside the movie theatre. I could hear rap music playing in the vehicle. Two girls got out of the car. One had brown hair, was short with long eyelashes and a suntan. The second was taller with long blond hair and blue eyes. Both young girls were dressed in trendy clothing. The oldest girl was probably 11 at the most. They could have been as young as 9. (Hard to tell these days.) At first I assumed the driver of the vehicle was the children's older sister. She had been erratic in her driving and was pulled up outside the theatre at a strange angle with a tire on the sidewalk. The girls got out and the driver peeled off, raised her music. Outside the theatre there were 3-4 teen aged boys who were older. They made a few comments to the girls that were sexually overt. My husband said to one of them, "what the hell is wrong with you, they're just kids." This was after one of the guys said to her, "yeah baby I''ll be waiting for you when you come out." The girls hustled in to the theatre. They were not at all comfortable. They were seeing a different movie for us but the younger looking girl with the darker hair was looking around nervously. I asked her, "are you waiting for your mother?" The girl shook her head and said "no--oh, that was the nanny. She just dropped us off." I know quite a few people in Greenwich have weekend nannies. I can understand that. What I cannot understand is why the nanny left the girls at the theatre? And for any of you parents who are thinking that it is okay to drop off your young girls at this theatre or the theatre in New Rochelle, please do not! Let the nanny sit separately from the children, but do not send them alone. There is a very rough element that hangs out at these gathering places. Groups of trouble making, frightening looking boys. The nanny that dropped these girls off clearly had no common sense. How often are the police called to these two theatres? Often! Don't do it!

Doesn't etiquette dictate that this is wrong?

Received Monday, June 4, 2007
Do you think you could do some sort of PSA regarding mothers who hit up other people's full time nanny to babysit for their children evenings and weekends? I live in NYC, in a large building and this is a constant stress for me. Doesn't etiquette dictate that this is wrong? Or at the very least, don't you think other parents should approach me first before asking the nanny to babysit for them?

Although this is not a nanny sighting...

Received Monday, June 4, 2007
Although this is not a nanny sighting, I hope that you will post this so I can get a little advice about situation I am having. My sister has 2 little girls. Lets call them Sallie and Polly. Sallie is 9 and Polly just turned 5 years old. I love Sallie to death. Polly annoys the hell out of me and I cannot stand her. Let me explain. Polly feels that she does not have to listen to me. Polly calls me names, shes rude, I tell her to do something she tells me no, I bought her birthday gifts. She told me they were not the ones she wanted. She refused to play with them. I took them back. My sister yelled at me. Polly has come to my brand new house and destroyed it. I have permanent marker on my walls. I am not able to have kids so I decorated a room in my house for them. Polly has torn down posters. She is not potty trained, she is 5 now. My sister yells at me for trying to discipline her. Polly yells at me, she tells me that she hates me, my nickname from her is "Auntie Bitchy Pants"(my sister laughs when she says it) she spits at me, she has ruined in food on purpose, her own sister hates her guts. I love for her sister to come over but if I take one, the other one has to come. Every time I try to talk to my sister she tells me I don't understand kids which is why I will never have any. I am a schoolteacher. I understand kids fine. My sister calls her Abby. She talks in a baby voice all the time. Its annoying. I am her kids godmother. Just yesterday Held a BBQ for my brothers graduation. My family was having a good time. Polly spit in the potato salad and thought it was funny. More than one person saw her and yet my sister got mad at everyone. 2 months ago she kicked my dog down a flight of stairs and my dog broke her paw. I am making my sister pay. The sad part is that shes only 5. What should I do. I cannot cut ties with my sister. My other niece who I am extremely close to will suffer. I try not to treat them differently but I dislike her sister very much. Her mother and father do nothing. I am sick of getting yelled at, I am thinking of just not inviting them to my upcoming wedding because this little girl will ruin it. I wish people could see how she acts. She needs either Dr. Phil or an exorcism....HELP!!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

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