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David Beckham's nanny Rebecca Loos
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Celebrity Nanny Fascination:
Sara Evans
Sara Evansis one of the hottest stars in country music, but that didn't stop her of accusing her nanny Alison Clinton of having and affair with her husband. Clinton has denied the affair but has used the public attention to spark a singing career, making her the most famous singing nanny since Mary Poppins.
 Craig Schelske, ex-husband of country star Sara Evans, filed a petition in Tennessee for shared custody of their three children in response to the announcement of his ex-wife's summer concert tour. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, his petition sought to "protect the children from the likelihood of substantial harm" because during previous tours he has witnessed first-hand that "the children are exposed to inappropriate conduct, spend little time with [Sara], and are placed in a party atmosphere with excessive drinking and drug use."
Ashlie Tucker
Schelske lost that motion, but in a new development Evans' former backup singer and nanny Ashlie Tucker has come forward to support Schelske's claims. A press release today on Tucker's behalf today said, "Footage released shows the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and members of her crew participating in illegal acts, while attempting to engage Tucker who was 16 years old at the time." Tucker said Evans admitted that fellow country star Kenny Chesney exposed his genitals to her while they were spending "personal time" on his bus, and that Evans also recounted a "physical encounter" with one of her own band members to Tucker. The alleged events would have occurred while Evans was still married to Craig Schelske.
Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe's nanny Rob Lowe is a recovering alcoholic and sex addict. If you decide to work for him -- especially after past employees have accused him of inappropriate behavior -- you do so at your own risk. Let's face it, the man is a walking sex scandal, and when former nanny Jessica Gibson
 accused him of sexual improprieties, it should have been an ample warning for all future Lowe nannies. So when lightning struck twice with Laura Boyce -- both cases have since been dropped -- we had to wonder: Robbie, don't you ever read the tabloids?
Lowe's nanny Jessica Gibson

Ethan Hawke couldn't deal with being a Hollywood power couple, so when this average looking blonde began taking care of his kids, he leaped at the chance at regaining some sense of normalcy. Apparently for him, normal means leaving your beautiful actress wife Uma Thurman, destroying your family and knocking up your nanny. Um, right.
Ethan Hawke and his nanny Ryan Shawhughes
In any given bar on any given night, Daisy Wright might stand out. Maybe some would even consider her beautiful. But when juxtaposed with the white-hot Sienna Miller -- the woman Jude Law was dating when his affair with Wright occurred -- Wright looks less than ordinary. We're still trying to figure out what Jude was thinking. Maybe she's a really, really, really good cook?
Sienna Miller, left and Daisy Wright, right

We'll never understand why Victoria Beckhamagreed to hire a buxom, Spanish-born, bisexual model as her nanny, but she did. The inevitable rumors of an affair with David Beckhamemerged, and we can't say we were surprised. Since then, Rebecca has tried to parlay her infamy into a career as a third-rate reality star and little-known lingerie model, and guess what? She did it!

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ISYN Against Common Core


Why Men Love Nannies

     ASK Men asked, Why are Nannies So Hot?  They continue..."recently, we noticed ourselves drawn more to women with children — not breastfeeding mothers. Actually, not mothers at all, but nannies not far removed from the likes of Elin Nordegren. Mostly in their early 20s, it’s obvious they are not the parent of the 6 year old they’re watching." (Read More)
     Simply having an attractive nanny somehow gives people the reason to speculate that the your husband must be involved it with the nanny. Gianluca says she wouldn't hire a nanny based on her appearance, but would be concerned about a nanny who was "too focused on looking good," (See Nanny leaves newborn and toddler sweltering in car to go tanning). Tori Spelling allegedly fires a nanny for being too sexy and MTV offers 6 Reasons To Date a NannyWe know it's not Spring yet, but what is with the hot nanny obsession?
Stefani's attractive nanny
led to specualtion about her marriage. 
 Scantilly clad nannies have been the subject of more than one ISYN sighting.

Nanny Kristie Marie Jones left two children in a car on a 90 degree day to go tanning.


Century 21 on 66th & Broadway in NYC

If you have a (light/minty) green City Mini stroller and an infant son roughly 3-5 months (wearing a striped red/black/grey long sleeved shirt) and you think your nanny might have been at Century 21 this afternoon around 3:15, (UWS — 66th and Broadway) please email me. I can give you details, and have a photo. Not to be alarmist, just think the parents should be aware of what’s going on.
(similar) Green City Mini Stroller
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"Dianne" at River Run Playground

I believe her name is Diane and I would fire her in an instant if she were my nanny. I found your daughter crying and walking aimlessly through River Run. I held her hand and walked around the park for at least 5 minutes before another nanny helped me find this woman, who was sitting on a bench at the other end of the park with other nannies and on her phone. (I could have easily left the park with your daughter!) I told the nanny that I found the little girl crying and wandering and that she should probably watch her better since that's what the parents hired her to do. Then she came at me, cursing like a sailor, in front of your daughter and my son. The back of the little girl can be seen next to her in the photo Please send your nanny sightings to


Carl Shultz Park

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Child: 13-18 months old boy with thick brown, longer hair.The bow was chubby and wearing a blue swim shirt and blue shorts.
Nanny:Young Asian. Model pretty with two toned blonde/brown hair wearing a baseball cap. Stroller: Burnt orange canopy
Incident: This child could have been fatally injured as he was in the “pool” area unattended for at least 30 min before he was knocked down by another child and began crying. I took his hand as he attempted to navigate the 3 concrete steps to ascend the “pool “ area (but it could have been someone else with ill intentions) and was bringing him the a park attendant after asking 4 times in a loud voice “Who’s baby is this”, had a kidnapper gone to the right Nanny would have never seen your sweet boy leave the park. The Nanny only saw him as i reached the craft table (where she sat in the corned chatting with a friend) and claimed him with "I’m sorry , “I’m sorry. Yes Mommy I did give her a piece of my mind for about 5 mins I was so upset for you and your sweet baby boy crying and looking for his nanny whom you pay well, oh as her excuse she said that she had her “older” kids at the craft table. REALLY??? With a toddler in the wading pool. Had there been a police man nearby I would have reported her mommy and had them contact you ASAP!
Please send your sighting to #isawyournanny


... the horrifying moment I saw the NANNY attacking MY BABY

     When Rowena and Jack Churchland sat down to watch footage from the video camera they had installed in their son’s nursery they expected to find nothing of particular concern. 
     They had, after all, only put it there as a precaution, hoping it would give Rowena peace of mind after she had, reluctantly, appointed a nanny to look after their precious son one day a week while she returned to work in the family business.
     Instead, what they saw on that chilly January Saturday night horrified them. There, captured with dreadful clarity, was their 18-month-old son being assaulted by the woman they  had trusted to care for him. (Read More)
But the warnings? 
At first, Rowena and Jack had little reason to be unhappy. As time passed, however, Rowena admits the odd incident made her uneasy. ‘Agatha occasionally told small lies about where she had been — I once spotted her in the supermarket doing her shopping while she was with Olly, but she later denied being there.’  
Then, around Easter 2012, Rowena received a call from a neighbour while at work. ‘She said she had seen a baby left outside our house for quite a long time — she was worried Olly could have been taken.’ 
Understandably concerned, Rowena nonetheless felt she needed to allow Agatha a chance to give her side of the story.


Looking for Liam's Parents in NYC

I am looking for a little blonde boy named Liam who I have observed at the small playground at Lincoln Towers on 69th st. Do you know him? I'm looking to talk to his parents. His nanny appears in the photograph.


70th Street Playground in NYC

I was at the playground next to the school on 70th Street in NYC. The woman in the photo in the green shirt was nowhere to be seen for a *long time* while a little boy wearing blue pants and a blue & white striped shirt with yellow writing "Lake Park" on it was left totally unattended. A few moms kept asking him where his mom, dad or babysitter was and he said "with my sister"
70th Street Playground in NYC
Nanny in Green Shirt left child unattended for lengthy period.
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