Where is my cape?

My MB and DB frequently have me work overtime sat nights,9pm-11pm, watching my 2 charges, 5 year old boy and 4 year old girl at an enclosed playground at a restaurant. There are usually about 40-50 kids there over the 2 hour period and my job is to keep my charges from getting killed. The other kids are so aggressive, particularly these 4 boys and 1 girl, I keep my kids AWAY from them. It's a pretty big area and I will think of games for app 10 of the gentle kids to do with my kids.

Last week one of the aggressive kids did something or other - tried to choke a kid, I did  not see it, but the mother came at ME like it was my fault! I explained I am a nanny to 2 specific kids who have nothing to do with your son and I think I got way to her, and other parents do the same thing - come to ME as if I am in charge of the 50 kids with questions and sometimes anger. There is no adult watching the kids and I get the impression parents dump their problem kids here and go eat dinner.

My MB and DB just laugh and do thank me for taking care of my loves, but am I liable for all the kids in the playground?

What words can I say to get across I am a nanny for 2 kids not the restaurant baby sitter?



In Case you missed it....UPDATE ON NANNY SLAVERY CASE

When is enough, enough? What do i do?


I have been working for a family for a couple of years now and love the children I work with. I have had ups and downs with the job, the typical crappy things that nannies deal with but for the most part have been content. However, a few months back the parents let me know that they would be moving states and would like me to come along for a month to help them get settled. I agreed as I love the children and wanted to help ease the transition as much as possible. Fast forward to now, the month that I was staying has passed by two days, the family still hasn't found a new nanny and haven't made any effort to try and find one. Instead, they offered me $1 more an hour to stay in the new state with them (which I refused I make $12 now) and I have found a new job in my home state. I told my current boss that we agreed on a month, when my last day was, and that it's time for me to look out for myself, and was berated with texts about how I'm ending things on a bad note and how stressed she is about finding a temp. They have had months to find a new nanny and refused. What do I do in this situation?! I am so sick of being walked over and manipulated but standing up for myself at all is met with harsh criticism.



First time poster needs advice!

This is my first time posting, and I'm hoping someone could share their opinion!

I am a part time babysitter who has been working with a non verbal teenage girl five days a week after school. This is the second school year with the family. I have a small conversational relationship with the parents as we usually just chat randomly as they come home. I have been told the mother has cancer and because of chemo my hours would be cut which I didn't mind since I am also a student who's busy. The problem is that every day the mother comes home she tells me about how horrible she feels and how sick she is, and I feel horrible! Should I be doing or saying more to help her? I don't ever want to say the wrong thing but since she opens up to me I feel like I could be saying more to help.

Boss has Cancer