Borders on School Street in Boston, MA

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Heavens to Mercury if I didn't come across the most ill mannered nanny on the Eastern Seaboard today, (10/31). She was meandering through the store chomping on a multi pack of Recess Peanut butter cups, failing to mind her desperate for attention 3 year old charge and repeatedly accepting phone calls that came in on her obnoxious ring tone. No that wasn't enough. The girl left her empty wrapper on a table with new books. Just left it. She then popped a piece of gum in her mouth and began to snap it. Another phone call. And another. I was standing in her vicinity when a sharply dressed father approached her and suggested in the nicest possible way that she look after the little boy.

He, "he's a great little guy, does he belong to you"

Her, "Yep. he's a tiger"

He, "He's tearing around here a bit, you might want to trail him a little closer"

Her, "I've been following him since we walked in"

He, "They're sure fast at this age". (Laughs).

She, **looks at him like 'whattttt' ***

He, smiles and walks away.

She then received another phone call, snaps open her phone and says something like "Whitey Whiterson just came up on me and gave me a tongue lashing, uhm hmmm.".

The little boy is standing right next to her. Other people are within earshot.

She says, "That's right, tell the black woman to do her job. She's black, so she must not be doing her job. Papa perfect- my ass".

I'm going to stop there but she went on for a bit and then left the store.

The little boy was wearing an Elmo football style shirt that had Elmo on it and another long sleeve shirt that was rust colored underneath it. The nanny was stylishly dressed in designer jeans and cute clothing and had a short haircut that was kind of pixie in style with tendrils coming by her ears. The ends of her hair had a reddish ting or frost to them.

Now, I ask you. Is the problem with the nanny or the person who hired her?

I feel very bad for her, I do...but...

Received Wednesday, October 31, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
My boss-a single mother has just been diagnosed with cancer and will require surgery-followed by radiation. I have never worked over time for her because - although we agreed to a rate at the beginning -she never followed through and conveniently and consistently forgot to pay me. I feel very bad for her, I do. What do you think of this idea? Would it be acceptable if I asked her if she would like me to help find someone to help out here - as she goes through this? Because I have a live-in position and a fairly close relationship to her children,-I cannot help but imagine that I will fall in to place as her main support- weekend, evenings or even early mornings.

Outside the Neue Gallery on the UES in NYC

Received Wednesday, October 31, 2007
If you have a little girl named Ellie who is blond, about 18 months old and rides around the UES in a turquoise volo stroller, please take the day off tomorrow, have a friend help you or hire someone to trail your nanny. Your nanny is downright frightening. I have seen her a few times this month, most recently buying a paper outside the *Neue Gallery this, (10/31) morning at around 10:oo AM. Your child is white, a girl and aside from being fair and blond, I have only ever seen her strapped in her stroller. Your nanny is black, unremarkable in her appearance and today wore black boots that had a pompom hanging from then made of what looked to be rabbit fur. Hope that helps.

*86th & 5th- JD

Help with Nanny's Religious Holidays...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
My nanny is from Jamaica. She asked for Good Friday off back in the Spring and we gave it to her off, even though we don't celebrate it and I have to work. She gets Christmas and Christmas Eve off. We were recently discussing her time off at Christmas and the fact that she wants to take some of her vacation days at that time, not a problem as I have plenty of notice to arrange something. It is the end of the year and she doesn't have a full week left, but rather than bicker with her over the days, I decided to just go ahead and let her think she has a full week. This morning she tells me the "Festival of Sacrifice" falls on X day, she will actually be away an extra day on top of that. I asked her what the Festival of Sacrifice was and she said, "The Islamic Holiday I celebrate". I bend over backwards to be all kinds of accommodating, but I ask you, is it possible that she celebrates Good Friday and this day? I noticed she seemed angry to work the last (Jewish) holiday that I took off, but I spent the day in Temple and not with our young DC. And any thought on how to address this tactfully without being accusatory? The nanny is wonderful with our two very young children and has been with us since March of this year. TIA

Madison Square Park in NYC

Received Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Nanny acting very volatile and frantic, obviously buzzing on something. Was drinking coffee from a steel and black coffee container. Kept swatting at herself and the child she was taking care of. You might think I am joking, but this peculiar behavior attracted the attention of several people nearby. Nanny was white, gangly and had a headband in her hair. She was with a little girl that was dressed in a puffy dress that may have been part of costume. Looked like 1/2 of a fairytale type outfit. Dress was blues and whites. Little girl had dark hair, big brown eyes and was wearing a greenish color of quilted jacket. Quilted but lightweight. I hope I gave you enough details. There were no flies or bugs swarming, so hard to figure out what she was doing.


Gross Point Park in GP/Skokie, Illinois

Received Tuesday, October 30, 2007
I noticed your son as he was playing by himself, seemingly well when I arrived to the park. My son & daughter were excited to arrive at the park and set about in tandem to explore. Soon after, your little boy started acting out, specifically directing his behaviors to my children. I looked around to see an overweight, black nanny sitting on the bench, seemingly unaware. After five minutes, I asked her, "is he yours". and she nodded at me, looked back at her magazine and responded, "Bennie behave yourself". She didn't even make eye contact with him. Four minutes later, "Bennie" was throwing rocks at my daughter. Not counting on the nanny to do anything, I approached the child and asked him not to throw rocks. The child responded, "you can't tell me what to do". I glared at him enough to scare him away, but two minutes later, he was back. I watched from where I sat to see what would happen and right away, he walloped my girl (age 3) with his forearm. I stormed over there and asked him, "why did you hit her". The little boy said, "I didn't hit her". My daughter was not crying. She was shocked. I looked over at the nanny who raised her eyes and looked and me and said, "you need to do something about this boy" and she told me, "your children shouldn't be crowding up around him". (!!!). I asked her, "Did you not see him hit her?" And she looked at me with a bored expression, rolled her eyes and said, "No, you're telling me he hit her". Now she stood up and looked at my daughter, then saw her just standing there and said, "Ah she ain't even crying. Calm down mommy. Them kids is picking up on your hyper energy". I left the park because I was overwhelmed with the desire to hurt this nanny. This happened about two hours ago. Your nanny was reading a paper back with a blue cover and a (white) woman in a pink, flowing dress arching her back. I would imagine that it was a romance novel. I can't recall that many details because I was absorbed with the activity. The nanny was wearing white tennis shoes, the sort that have no laces and you slide your foot in to. The little boy she called Bennie was wearing a navy blue fleece, blue jeans, and Velcro closable white tennis shoes with a basketball design on them. He was probably between 3 and 4.5.


Walking North on Locust Ave past Thompson in Larchmont, NY

Received Monday, October 29, 2007
White nanny with short, curly hair, bushy eyebrows, glasses and a thin build. Wearing blue jeans and a maroon sweater with a collar. She was taking care of two boys, both blonde with tan and good looks. Smaller boy was 3ish and older boy was 6ish. Altercation occurred on Walking North on Locust walking past Thompson in Larchmont this afternoon, (10/29) and involved your nanny asking the older of your childreb to see his backpack. He seemed to gesture "wait" or something to that effect, but the nanny tried to take it from him. The child grabbed it back, pulling against her. The nanny harshly yanked the backpack away from him and with her opposite hand pushed the child to the ground. The backpack was brown, tan and black and had a symbol or logo on it that I have never seen before. If you live in the Larchmont area and your child carries this backpack, your nanny is way too aggressive with your child! The child got up and was not harmed, but that is hardly the point.


.. I have a bit of a situation with my nanny...

Received Sunday, October 28, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I wasn't sure if my comment really applies to this blog but I have a bit of a situation with my nanny and I thought I might get some good suggestions from this sight. My nanny has worked with us for just about four months and she is a lovely girl. I have a even year old daughter who adores her. The problem is that she has been exhibiting some behavior that is increasingly more bizarre and I am not sure how to deal with it. My nanny does not get paid an exorbitant amount of money as I am a single mother recently widowed and do not have a great deal of money. I have noticed that in the last couple of months my nannies wardrobe has been mirroring my daughters more and more. It started off innocently enough...they were off to the beach one day in the summer and both were wearing red bathing suits and red sundresses. I told them how cute they looked and at the end of the day my nanny went on and on about how many people thought her and her "daughter" were adorable. I don't know what that sparked in her but the situation has taken a bad turn. It seems as if almost every day they are dressed in nearly identical outfits. My nanny even went and bought herself some patent leather tap shoes so she could wear them when my daughter wears her patent leather party shoes. What really has me upset is that recently my nanny, who has naturally long brown hair, chopped her hair off into a bob similar to my daughters and died it almost the exact blond shade of my daughters hair. It seems weird to me that this is the stuff she chooses to spend her money on. I don't know if this is grounds for firing the nanny but it is very disturbing. It makes it even harder for me because my daughter adores the nanny, loves that they dress alike, and I am worried about upsetting my daughter even more after what has been an extremely traumatic year for her. I have tried to put outfits out that I want my daughter to wear but they end up getting switched so that her and the nanny can look alike every single day. Should I say something? I wanted to say something about the haircut but I didn't want to seem racist as my nanny is of oriental persuasion. Any suggestions???

MRSA- Sunday Roundtable

MRSA Case in Poughkeepsie, NY Area (10/28)
Dover student treated for staph infection; district schools cleaned

MRSA Staph Concerns Grows in New York 10/28
We need all hands on deck" to fight the antibiotic-resistant "superbug," NY Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday as he called for a nationwide system to track MRSA cases. MRSA was blamed for the death of 12-year-old Omar Rivera of Brooklyn earlier this month.

Newark school disinfected after case of MRSA 10/28
Cleaning crews scrubbed doors, tables and walls today at Newark's Roberto Clemente Elementary School after a security guard tested positive for the antibiotic-resistant infection known as MRSA.

Colorado High School Scrubbed After Staph Diagnosis
Montrose High School was scrubbed down over the weekend after a student was diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection.

  1. Knuckle
  2. Face & Ear
  3. Leg
  4. Elbow
  5. Leg, Arm, Back
  6. Shoulder
  7. Dog with MRSA


File This Under Suspicious People...Bay Ridge, NY

Received Friday, October 26, 2007
"I think my son and I were *almost* victims of a flasher today, (10/26). At about 9 a.m. I was waiting with my 4yo for the B16 at 92nd & Shore Rd. A man started talking to me and in particular to my son asking him how old he was, what school he goes to, what's he going to be for Halloween, etc. I thought he looked a little weird so I answered briefly without giving details. But he continued to try to talk to my son and kept staring at him in a way that made me feel uncomfortable - like he had way too much interest in him. Next thing I know, he leans against the railing in front of the medical bldg there and crosses his leg so that his groin is exposed. His fly was down and gaping open and he's staring at my son with this big grin on his face. I immediately grabbed my son and walked away from him. I didn't actually see anything but it was very clear to me that he was trying to flash us. Even worse, it seemed to be directed at my son. I didn't call the police because what could I say? This strange looking guy had his fly open? I guess it could have been unintentional - but I know it wasn't. I spent the bus ride lecturing my son AGAIN about talking to strangers, etc. - although he was thoroughly confused because we always chat with other people at the bus stop in the morning.FWIW - he was a white guy, 40-45, about 5'8, balding brown hair with a bushy mustache. I'm passing this along just as reminder to everyone to be extra careful to keep an eye your kids."


Barnes & Noble in San Mateo, CA

Received Thursday, October 25, 2007
Hi. I was at the Barnes & Noble in the Hillsdale Mall this afternoon and I witnessed a mean nanny interacting with the little boy she was taking care of. Both of the parties were white. The little boy was about 18 months of age and had on cream colored corduroys and tan hiking boots. The nanny was in her early twenties and had thin, brown hair pulled back in to a ponytail and wore a purple sweatshirt ties around her waist and a blue short sleeved shirt with a collar. As I was near the nanny, I saw that she was wading through the aisles looking for books for herself. She continued to say, "come, come now" when she wanted to move on. I am not sure but she may have had a slight accent, but I could not distinguish from where. The child did not consistently follow her directive. While I was across the aisle from her in a different section I saw her say, "okay, come, come now". I knew this to mean she was ready to move on. The little boy was not paying her any attention so she scooted to the next aisle quickly. The child realized that she was gone and went looking for her. The child followed her to the next aisle where she was, but the nanny ducked in to the next aisle. This was not a fun game as I saw the look of terror on the boy's face. I pretended not to notice until it was unavoidable that I intervene. The little boy had started crying. The nanny was now in the next aisle across the way and giggling to herself (even though the child was crying). I said to her, "Excuse me, he's quite scared". She said to me, "he's not scared, we're playing". She was obviously caught off guard and went to him. She stood next to him and patted the top of his head. I continued to stare at her with a look, 'what is wrong with you' and she turned the other way and walked away with the child. I just want to reiterate that this little boy was following your nanny from aisle to aisle so she could look at her book choices. She wasn't holding his hand. His behavior was rather exceptional. The nanny had a way about her that made me think she didn't even like the child. When he was crying, I- a stranger wanted to pick him up. She simply patted his head. He wasn't crying like a brat. He was crying like a scared little boy. I never saw her with a stroller which I thought was strange. I regret that I didn't follow them until they left the mall to see if they drove and get their licence plate number. I do not have a good feeling about this nanny. I am racking my brain trying to think what else I could remember about the nanny to let you know she is your nanny.

Garfield Tot Lot in Brooklyn, NY

Received Thursday, October 25, 2007
Where: Garfield Tot Lot in Brooklyn
When: Today between 3:30-4:00
What: Nanny pushing two year old-ish white child with hair in pony tails wearing yellow rain slicker and yellow and red rain boots. Stroller had a rain plastic guard on it and was navy blue. Rain was light and variable. Nanny walked in park and walked around. Child, understandably remained in stroller. Nanny saw a male outside the park and went to him. The two intermingled for a bit and left together. The guy was of Mexican descent, wearing no jacket and a black t-shirt with an insignia over a grey l/s shirt. Young gals might consider him, "hot". The nanny was petite, attractive, I would guess-not sure-Puerto Rican and was wearing tight jeans, a red sweatshirt with a hood and gold earrings. The guy was eating something when he approached. Turns out to be Twizzlers. The two of them shared a Twizzler eating it down to the stem. My thought was "get a room". But after they left together, hand in hand I wondered if the child's parents knew nanny was hooking up with her BF while on the clock. Not a bad nanny sighting. Just an FYI.

How to Spot a Good Nanny....

Received Thursday, October 25, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
Dear I Saw Your Nanny,

I love this site, but I have a little something to say about the parents and people who comment and stereotype "every" nanny that exists. This may be long, but I feel that it is important in a world whose talk show hosts and newspapers scare them into believing something that is not true. I really wish they would focus on telling parents how to spot a good one, not just how to spot a bad one. Thanks!

First of all, a good nanny works really hard. Not to get her paycheck, not to make sure her hours aren't cut, and certainly not only when the parents are there standing in front of her and the children. She works hard because she genuinely loves your family and especially your children. Almost as much as you, she wants to see them flourish in an environment that is full of wonders and possibilities and imagination.

A good nanny wakes up in the morning excited to go to work. She might arrive in a t-shirt and jeans with holes in the knees, but trust me, she is excited to be there for the day. She will sometimes drink coffee with you before you whirl out the door for the day, and this is good downtime for both the nanny and the parent. You see, a good "nanny family" gets to know their nanny as a friend and as a person. A good family knows that their nanny is very valuable in the hearts of their children (and likely, themselves), and wants to know this person that makes their children laugh and smile all day long; she is not, and never has been a simple employee to this family.

During the day, the nanny will engage, excite, teach, learn, laugh, walk, and play with your children. She knows that it is much more to teach and learn throughout the day by play, and that plopping the children in front of the TV is not an option. In fact, she feels guilty when either the child is sick and is limited by parents to sit in front of movie after movie, or when she arrives to work and the child is sitting in front of the TV, again, for the fifth day in a row. She also manages this situation with grace and without judgement, and whisks the child off to help prepare breakfast together.

Throughout the daylong adventure, her jeans are torn in the knees even more from crawling around on the floor, playing with the children. Her arms and shirt are splashed with paint, and a grime of colored playdoh builds up under her fingernails. She takes the children to local parks daily, to museums, attractions, community events, nature hikes, and playgroups, as well as the music and gym classes you picked out together with her. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to be something great, and she tries to teach this to your child through their actions.

A good nanny doesn't yell at your child needlessly, out of frustration, out of anger or hurt. She may yell "NO!" when a small child runs into the middle of the street. but the loud voices stop there. As soon as the child is safely back in her arms, she hugs them and explains to them why she loves them so much, and why certain things in this world are extremely dangerous. She is wise enough, and has enough intuition to know that her message has gotten past small, wide eyes, because she knows your child inside and out, and understands them completely. She knows when to kiss an owie, and knows when to tell a child "Shake off the dust, and keep playing!", she knows when they are sick and need to have a slow day, and when they are just feeling extra snugly one morning and need one on one quiet time.

At the end of the day, when the busy parent walks in, the child and nanny are all smiles. The good nanny does not judge a mother and father who have chosen to work outside the home all day, she appreciates what they do, and is excited to tell them all about the fun day. A good family will listen, and comment, and excitedly ask the child what he or she thought about everything they did. A good parent will come up with suggestions for another adventure and the good nanny will think of something in her mind to do for the next day as it is a privilege to take someone else's child out of their home, and into the big world, to show them something wonderful. After talking about the day, nanny waves goodbye to the little ones, and goes home or to class. She is content with the day, and though exhausted, is ready for a new fun-filled day tomorrow. After she washes her favorite pair of "nanny pants" with the holes in the knees that is, so she can wear them again tomorrow.

All you parents out there with nannies, if you have a good one, keep her. Talk to her, and don't try to be her best friend, but do try to see who she is as a person, not as an employee. If you come home for lunch, don't turn your back on the nanny, feed your child Coca Cola and Popems donuts and then leave, and come home surprised that your child has been cranky. Don't randomly decide to quit your job, still need your nanny, and then sleep until 2 in the afternoon. If you have a good nanny, the chances are that you are a good "nanny family" too, and keep on doing what you are doing. Smile and talk with her, come up with constructive ideas about what you can do with the child together, and genuinely listen to her when she has confidence that your child can do one thing or the next. She will genuinely listen to you, too.

And all you parents out there, or just people out there, with no nanny... get over it. The relationship between a working parent and their nanny is almost sacred if it is good. No amount of parent-bashing will force someone to see things your way. If you don't like it, then choose not to do it yourself, and respect those people who made another decision for the fact that they do it in spite of mockery and downright meanness.

And lastly, for all you nannies, if you are with a good family, don't abuse it. Likely you are not, but as you can see in this blog, some are obviously not cut out for our job. Strive to be one of the good sightings, let's show our little world that most nannies are actually good ones. Report the bad ones you see, and not just online, but to the parent of the children. It is so important for little ones to have every opportunity in this world, why would we try and cut them short, and take away better chances for them? As much as it is the parents' job to protect their children, it is our job too, whether or not we are getting paid to watch them.

Count your blessings,
A Good Nanny, who has worked for both very good families, and unfortunately, very bad ones.

Franklin Street Subway Station in Tribeca, (NY)

Received Thursday, October 25, 2007
I saw your nanny exiting the subway in Tribeca up on to Franklin Street. She was dialing on her phone as she headed to the top steps. Not an unusual site. An Asian child dressed in a navy blue rain slicker (designed like a pea coat) and with a bob of shiny hair with bangs and sweet face came up two steps behind her. Nanny was listening on phone for dial tone and child kept going. Nanny turns left and child is now in the street having followed a man in a black coat. Your nanny wore a black coat too. Child followed man in street diagonally and entered cross walk about twenty feet from the curb. Man feels child on his heels, turns around and says to the effect of "whoa" and looks around as he ushers child straight back to the curb. The nanny is still on the other side of the subway exit but she has looked up and she comes running over. She apologizes to the man and says thank you. Yes, it ended well, but your nanny is a slouch.
This nanny was African American with a bun on top of her head. It may have been clip on hair. Her jacket was black and had a nylon/ rain proof texture. She was also carrying a small (mini) black and red backpack over her shoulder.
Suggestion: I pay for my nanny's cell phone and she has unlimited minutes. The only condition is she not use it except for emergencies while out with the child. And I get the bill, so I know who she is calling and when.


In Support of Nannies-Rant

Received Wednesday, October 24, 2007-Rant
I have been reading postings from this site for just about 2 days now and the postings are just horrific. There seem to be a lot of emphasis on nannies. A nanny's job is not an easy one at all. As with every thing else there is good and bad. Let's talk a little about some of the things that is expected from a nanny even when the following takes place.

A nanny is expected to talk nice to your kids even when you (parent) talk mean to the nanny.

A nanny is expected to feed your child fresh (organic) food even when you provide the nanny with left-overs from your meal at a restaurant or home delivery.

A nanny is expected to always be earlier for work even when you for some reason can never get home on time so the nanny can leave for home.

A nanny is expected to always be willing to stay later than expected even if they have their kids/family to go home to.

A nanny is expected to be able to survive and pay all her bills even when you parents choose to go on vacation and decides "no work no pay" for your nanny. (something she has no control of.

A nanny is expected to work on weekends and travel with you rich parents even if it means that they have to neglect their own family.

A nanny is expected to work a few free nights a week/month as the word says "free" with no expectations from you parents

A nanny is expected not to get paid for any sick day but you are given a number of paid sick days from your company every year.

A nanny is expected to leave her sick child at home or take him/her to the daycare with hope that the daycare will keep them only to get to work and see you at home because your child has a minor cough.

A nanny is expected to go out and buy food for your child at the store to replenish stocks in the cupboard even when you choose not to leave anything food for the nanny to eat.

A nanny is expect to clean your entire house and watch your child at the same time even when her wages are not even enough for doing either or.

A nanny is expected not to be seen sitting down at all even when she is tired notwithstanding at time when you get home early from work and choose to take a nap before sending your nanny home.

A nanny is expected to do additional work when your child is sleeping but when your child is up she is also expected to have some stored up energy to be able to sing and play with your child.

So you see, you parents out there think that despite whatever is done or however the nannies are treated (which no one seems to want to talk about) the nanny must look beyond this an just treat your children like princesses and princes.

Most of us do not know the half of how nannies are being treated and maybe we do know but think that its normal. Instead we choose to criticize them as they are the worse but still insist on hiring them.

The way a nanny treats a child is a reflection of how the parent treats a nanny.


Hilltop Playground in Princeton, New Jersey.

Received Tuesday, October 23, 2007
I'm very glad I decided to spend time with my nephew today because I actually witnessed one of the most appalling nanny episodes of my life. (10/23, 11:30 AM) I've never posted before, so please forgive me if I didn't follow the posting sequence. It was time for lunch, so as my nephew and I were leaving the park, an older Ford Taurus pulled up. While the music was rather loud, I still heard a baby crying. Already I'm thinking "Wow, this is pretty messed up". So, me being the nosey person I am, I didn't rush to put m nephew into his car seat. A tall ( maybe 5' blonde wearing skinny blue jeans, a bright yellow T-shirt, tennis sneakers, and a horribly orange tan, jumps out of the car with a lit, almost finished cig. hanging from her lips, cuts me a snotty look, and flings the back door of her car open where the baby was sitting. So I walked to the other side of my car to put my nephew in his seat-meanwhile watching her ever move because she seemed "weird"...
(My windows are tinted, so I could watch her, but she couldn't see me doing it) Anyway, I watched her snap the baby ( of about 5 months) up from her seat, throw her cig. down, blow the smoke in the baby's face, and heard her tell the baby to "SHUT THE FU** UP!". The baby kept on crying, she was absolutely miserable. The nanny put her hand over the baby's moth, kept declaring the baby to shut-up, and then her cell rings. She answers "WHAT!" I guess the person asked her what's wrong because she said "Nothing, this dam*ed Ni**er baby won't shut-up!...Ok, BYE!" she hung up, threw the phone onto the seat, and proceeded to pluck the baby's head, and still said shut-up! Then she said-to the baby mind you-"I'm not going to babysit you anymore, you're so annoying and ugly!" So I'm a nanny, and professional child care provider, I also work for child protective services. I gave my nephew a kiss, a snack, a sippy cup, rolled down the windows,turned on the music for him and told him I'll be right back. I went to this chick and asked her if everything was OK because I saw her hit the baby. While she was claiming she was playing, I studied the baby to check her for damages and anything else that could be wrong. The girl was holding the baby carelessly and she was still crying. I asked the girl where the baby's parents were, and she said none of my damned business, kept walking to the swings, and walking away from me. At that point I couldn't follow her, my boy would have been out of my sight, and I was putting him or the baby in danger, but trust me, she was about to get her a$$ beat! So I left her alone, made sure to copy her license plate, color make and model,and took pics with my camera phone. The woman watched me yelling "WTF are you doing, get away from my car.!" I told her I was minding my business, and the baby's, and proceded to call DYFS, and the police. After I knew they were coming, I left. This woman, people, was abusive, racist,neglectful, and disgusting. I'm sure she will be terminated...I can't believe what I saw, but at the same time it was a blessing.
I'll find out later on today what happened. I truly hope this woman was arrested, for I would hate to learn that she is babysitting for another unknowing family. It's upsetting to wonder how long this infant has been undergoing so much abuse, and she could very well have been the type of nanny the posed in front of parents. Therefore, we can't use the usual "Pay your nannies well, do research" comments, because we don't know. I'm sorry for the typos and spelling mistakes, I'm a bit shaken up. BTW, the baby had on the cutest pink suspenders. she had curly black hair, she was med. brown, with the chubbiest cheeks, and dimples when she cried. I wanted nothing more than to hold her, but I waited for authorities. Thanks for listening.

Central Park Playground at 85th ST and CPW in NYC

Received Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Yesterday, (10/22), at about 4:15 PM a little boy, about age 2.5 tripped and fell, bleeding from his mouth (scary). As he lay on the ground screaming, a little girl, about age 4-5, came and sat on his chest (turns out she was a stranger). No caregiver to be seen, my friend (a mom) went over to help. The boy said he was with "Janna" or something that sounds or rhymes with that. While my friend stayed with him, I screamed around the playground for "Janna" and saying a little boy is bleeding. After a few minutes of no response an AA woman with braids in a ponytail, about age 30, wearing a denim jacket, bright yellow blouse and denim jeans cuffed below the knee, came over and took the boy back to where she was sitting across the playground and out of view. She was nasty as well when I asked her why wasn't she watching him. She also had the boy's baby sister in a stroller- baby was about 7 months old, brunette, with pink shirt and dark bottoms. Boy wore a yellow and blue striped shirt with the number 8 on the back, I think. Stroller was a black Maclaren. Nanny was talking with another nanny wearing a dress and caring for a blonde girl with long wavy hair, about 4 years old. Parents beware! Every time I come to this park I see another episode of nanny neglect with a child hurting him or herself with no nanny nearby, but this was unbelievable.


JoAnne Fabrics in Columbus, Ohio

Received Monday, October 22, 2007
Physical description of caregiver: Early to mid twenties, Caucasian, female. Long curly brown hair, jeans, t-shirt.
Physical description of involved child/children: Baby
Address or venue of observed incident: JoAnne Fabrics parking lot, off of Sawmill road, Columbus, Ohio
Date and time of incident: Monday, October 22, 2007 around 10am
Detailed description of what you witnessed: A woman (who I assume was a nanny or young mother who was in very good shape for just having a baby, I also think it was a nanny because she did not have a lot of baby stuff, just a car seat in her car and one large bag that she carried) put the child in the car in a car seat in the back of the car. After placing the infant in the car she went to put the cart away (in between two other cars not in the cart return place, I assume so she would not have to leave the infant for long). She returned to the car, put the car in reverse, and started to back up (no more than a foot) WITH THE CAR DOOR STILL OPEN, the door that she used to place the infant in the car, so the door right next to the baby. Just as I took a few running steps towards the car and started waving and getting ready to yell, she turned to look behind her (she had already started backing up) she put the car in park and then got out to close the door.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: I don’t remember what kind of car it was, but it was a sedan of some sort.

Children's Park in Ramapo, NJ

Received Monday, October 22, 2007
I am certain this was a nanny and not an auntie or grandmother. The child was a medium complected, African American boy of about 3.5 wearing navy khakis and a white polo with a gold crest/symbol in it. He had an Afro of at least 3" depth, very attractive child and wore a home made/hand crafted bracelet made from twine and stones on his wrist. He was with a heavy set African American female who was dressed in a gauze-style shirt that went to her thighs. She was wearing blue jeans and Keds. The boy was very active, he had ton of energy to burn off. The nanny or babysitter seemed okay until I noticed that she was asking him about something. She then told him not to sass her. He said "I am not sassing you" and she whacked him on his bottom twice pretty hard. This was also witnessed by a mid thirties, Asian female who was watching her two children at the playground at the same time. It seemed like she hit the boy pretty hard but he didn't cry. He looked around like he was embarrassed- to see who had seen. He was pretty ashamed so I averted my eyes. I know this was not the parent because of the way she spoke to him at other times. There was little connection. The nanny may have had a slight Island accent. The carried themselves quite differently, you could tell that the boy came from a well to do home and that she was the sitter. And please don't say it is okay to smack kids or that kids need to be smacked. It's not okay and they don't.

In and outside of the Hippo Playground in Central Park, NYC

Received Monday, October 22, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting at Hippo Playground I would never write in but I came across the most beautiful of sights today while at the Hippo's Playground earlier this afternoon, (10/22). If your nanny is a black woman in her mid sixties, who wears her hair pulled back in a bun, small glasses and was wearing black slacks and a black floral print and lace blouse today and pushing a side by side grey, blue and black stroller with a blue and white check pattern on the padding; you may have one of the best nannies in NYC. The nanny walked around with the children talking to them, talking to them despite the fact that both children were under a year of age. When she stopped, she picked up one of the babies. The baby was not even crying. She held the baby close to her and spoke in her ear. I think she she was talking about birds and trees and buildings. She put this child back in and pushed the stroller a little more. A short while later she stopped and got the child out from the other side. I am not sure if this child was a male or female but she did much the same thing with both of them. She smiled when she passed other people. Words that come to mind when attempting to describe her-distinguished, gentle, sweet, relaxed. She held up the child I knew was a girl (wearing something the color of orange sherbet) and gave her a wooden spoon. She held her close to the iron fence and the child slid the spoon back and forth across the bars making "music". Then she picked up the second child to do the same but he/she squirmed in her arms so she whispered something to him and placed him back in the seat. Then she bent over the side of the stroller he was in and started patting his head singing something like, 'sleepy, sleepy boy'. This woman seriously looked like she walked off the pages of a Fairy Tale.


Playground behind 190 West End Avenue in NYC

Received Friday, October 19, 2007
Yesterday, (10/18) at the small playground at Lincoln Towers, behind 180 West End Avenue and there was a little boy named Max. He was probably between 12 months-15 months. He was a little guy. He was with a very large, African American nanny who had long curly hair. She ignored him completely and spent her entire time on the cell phone. Meanwhile tiny Max needed help, which came by way of other nannies and other parents who took care of Max. We made sure that Max wouldn't get hurt. Your nanny can't count on that happening next time and neither should you. Hire a real nanny! Max deserves better.

Anti Agency Rant

Received Friday, October 19, 2007- Rant
I was looking for a nanny and having little luck with the agency I was using, I announced my intention to use Craig's list. There were frowns, fearful expression and eye rolls. So I wanted to take this forum to clear this up. If you are looking for a nanny, you should feel free to use Craig's list because the agencies do. Look here. This nanny agency won't mention it's name, just the jobs it has available. This agency lists the candidates they have available, note that one prospective nanny is working in "Scaresdale" in horrible conditions. This "agency" is serving up European nannies, should they be your fancy. This agency is appealing to families. This agency lets us know that back in 1998, they were voted best agency. Back in 1998, we actually may have needed to use agencies. These days agencies are 100 percent irrelevant. You can do background checks, credit checks, verify phone numbers and addresses all online. You can check your own references, then verify that the reference actually lives where they say they do-all using free Internet technology. Placing an ad on Craig's List is free. Do you think that the family using an agency to find a couple to work in their home is aware of this ad? And I have to wonder which agency posted this under the headline "Are You Scared":
Are you scared to hire a stranger to watch your pride and joy. People that waste your time and do not show up for a interview? Not able to perform background checks the proper way. To to be able to tell if the reference is a liar. Because you are not trained. I thought your child is the most precious thing to you. Then use a professional service like I did. And stop wasting you time. Please be careful.
These are just the agencies that advertised today, before noon- on Craigs List.

Myself, I used an agency once. An agency located two miles from my home. They sent me a psychotic housekeeper with memory problems and assured me she had a childcare background.
No one in their right mind would have ever left her alone with their children, not for a second. Fortunately I realized that during her first trial day. I opted out of using that agency, but would you believe the agency placed psychotic housekeeper in a home with three children under 3? This despite the fact that I informed the agency how clueless she was and listed three potentially life threatening situations that occurred in that single day. So yes, be careful. Be very careful when it comes to children. But I would be more concerned about the deceitful practices of agencies than I would be about using CL to find potential candidates. -Liz

New York Public Library Steps in NYC

Received Friday October 19, 2007
Troubling sighting. This is not a bad nanny sighting but a warning for nannies and parents. This morning. Around 10:40 AM. Your nanny was wearing a cream colored cardigan and black pants, She had soft brown skin, wide set eyes, very sweet looking face, medium brown worn gently curled. Her race was AA. She was with a baby dressed in pastel prints, a girl with very white skin, brown curly hair and blue eyes. The baby was very pretty. The nanny picked the baby up out of the stroller to adjust her or something. She had a fold up stroller with a green frame but the baby was in her arms when this happened. A white woman, solidly built but not fat, blondish hair, freckles, no make up, about 40 years old passed by as the nanny was adjusting the baby. She remarked on how pretty the baby was. The white woman then reached inside her large, rectangular pink & brown messenger bag and pulled out a camera and said, "would you mind if I took her picture". The nanny was caught off guard but it would not have mattered what she said because the woman took her picture as she asked. The woman said, "just beautiful" and smiled and walked away. Now, is it me or is there something wrong with this? The woman walked to Bryant Park. The nanny stood there puzzled and not sure what she should do. This awful woman put her in a really bad position.
edited by OP @ 2:45 PM


Saxon Woods Park in White Plains, NY

Received Thursday, October 18, 2007
Two different nannies on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007:

Nanny one: dark hair, between 20 and 25 watching two blonde girls. One in the range of 7 - 9, the other anywhere from 5 to 7. Nanny arrived at the park and immediately found the nearest bench. The girls were not in her sight at all. The smaller girl had on pink pumas. The nanny did not get up until I said something to her. She was mostly concerned with her cell phone and the snacks in the bag she brought to the park.

Nanny two: Large black woman. Driving a sedan - I think an Acura or Honda. Silver or metallic blue. Children were both boys. Both blondes. The older child was probably 3 or 4. The younger was from 8 months to 1 year. The flew into the parking lot doing at least 30 mph. She parked crooked in the parking spot. She took the kids out of the car. The older child charged across the parking lot to the park as she was getting the baby out of the car. She proceeded to sit on her butt the entire time. Not engaging the baby at all and completely ignoring the older boy. He fell several times off of the monkey bars, the slide and other various apparatus, and she did not move an inch from her bench. She was fat and lazy. I felt sorry for the kids.


Children's Park off of the West Side Highway in NYC

Received Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I just read about your blog today would like to report something I saw on Thursday, August 30. I was at the children's park/water park off of the West Side Highway near Christopher/Gansevort Street. It was very hot that day and I was there for a couple of hours with my child and Nanny. We saw a group of nannies obviously gathered together to hang out with one another. One was 40's, African American, I believe she had long dreds, in charge of two children a boy and girl, blond curly hair looking to be very close in age somewhere around two or three years old. They were in a black double stroller. Over the course of two hours this nanny never allowed the children out of the stroller to play. They were obviously boiling hot, sitting in the hot sun, restrained and unable to move. She ignored the children and talked with her two other friends the entire time. At one point when the children were crying she turned them around to face her and hit each of them in the face with a towel. The only beverage or food I saw her offer them was a bottle of milk. If you know who the parents of these children are please notify them. This woman is abusive and neglectful. The children's faces were bright red and obviously overheated. Her only concern was hanging out with her friends and probably told the parents " they had a nice day in the park".
Anonymous Very Concerned Mommy

Angst over employer's (seemingly new found) addictions

Received Wednesday, October 17, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
The more I get to know my current employer, the more concerned I am about her use of prescription medications. To the best of my knowledge, she does not use illicit substances but she uses a whole lot of OTC medicines. She is incautious about dosage, leaves bottles about all of the time. There are young children in the house. My employer frequently makes remarks about needing her pills and via phone we overhear her bragging as to the great affects of her pills or her need for more of the other. I am aware that her daughter listens intently to such conversations. Most days, she is moody. Occasionally, she will come across as invigorated or energized. I never know which of her personalities I am going to be dealing with. I could not help to observe that she utilizes two doctors for her prescription needs. This is hopeless, right? I recognise I am experiencing angst over her (seemingly new found) addictions? She is a divorcee and therefore alone; and I am additionally concerned as to how she may behave with the children when I am not around.

Toddler Park In Carlstadt NJ

Received Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Great Nanny sighting in Carlstadt, NJ I saw a great nanny today, (10/17) and had to share! This woman was in her mid-30's. Red-blonde curly hair, heavyset with a red shirt and green slacks. Her charge was named Mat, a little boy who is almost 3 (nanny told me when I asked) He was wearing Jeans with a design on one leg and a nice stadium jacket. Nanny was very active and attentive to her little boy. In fact, nothing indicated she was his nanny and I thought she was his mom until I asked her how old her son was and she said almost three but he's not my son, I am his babysitter. She had juice for him to drink, snacks for him when he got hungry, and was very involved in playing with him and interacting with him. She gave him just enough space to be independent and climb on his own, but was there for him whenever she was wanted or needed. When it was time for him to go and her charge sat down and said "NO!" and began to cry, nanny lovingly got down beside him and spoke very softly to him. Mat stood, still crying a bit but much more under control and nanny praised him to the sky saying what a "big boy" and thanking him for showing her such "Nice walking" They left the park, on foot, heading up towards Division Street. If this is your nanny you are very lucky. I am sorry I did not get her number!
Please send your nanny sightings to . #isyn #isawyournanny #nannysighting


Encanto Park Playground today in Phoenix, AZ

Received Tuesday, October 16, 2007
I was at the Encanto Park playground today, (10/16) in Central Phoenix, AZ; and saw a Hispanic (just a necessary physical description guys) petite woman in her 30's I believe "watching" a very blonde boy, older, looked to be around 7 or so, maybe even 8? There was also a little Caucasian girl with a brown bob, she was three, I know because she told me, an adorable girl, there was also a tiny Hispanic girl, looked to be around 3 or 4 and I believe (but am not too sure) there was a baby. I'm not sure if she was a Nanny or a in-home care provider who had taken her charges to the park. Regardless, she paid absolutely no attention from the time she arrived until the time we left (she remained), she was always on either her cell or texting (or perhaps it was a Blackberry), I was watching the kids and more worried/concerned about them than her, she NEVER EVEN LOOKED UP for over an hour! Lord only knows what happened after we left. The little girl with the bob was screaming from the swings at her (or anybody who heard and could hopefully oblige) "I want to swing, swing me! Swing me!" Her feet were way too short to push-off herself. It was heart-breaking, on one of the poles, she was going down, quite high, and fell from a fairly high distance, I WAS THE ONE to check and see if she was OK! And I was also the one to tell her "Good job, what a big-girl", when she was adorably yelling, "Look at me! Look at me!", heart-breaking. The older boy looked sad and very bored, ANYONE could have taken ANY of these poor children, or they could have been seriously injured or killed (there were some very high areas for a 3 yr. old to potentially fall and break their neck from, etc.) and she wouldn't have noticed for God-knows how long! I REALLY hope who ever these children belong to sees this posting. She needs to be fired immediately. So sad.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barbara Correa, a reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News, is looking for people in greater L.A. to talk to for an article about nannies and Please give her a call at 310-841-2402, or send her an email at

Morningside Branch Library on 113th Street & Broadway in Manhattan

Received Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Negligent Nanny Sighting:
I am a nanny and I consider this urgent. Your nanny was at the above mentioned library this morning with her daughter, and your son. The nanny is about 5'2", thin, and Chinese and was speaking Chinese with another woman who had her own charge. Your son, about 2 years old and possibly multi-race with light brown hair (& part Asian) was taking care of himself at the library. I know the little boy is not her son because another nanny told me that only the little girl was her child.

Around 11:00 am, your nanny went into the restroom with her daughter, and left your toddler son outside the door, with the door closed for about five minutes. When the nanny got out of the restroom, she proceeded to read a book to her daughter while your son roamed much of the entire floor unsupervised for at least five minutes. A Caribbean nanny yelled out several times "Who is supposed to be watching this child?" Finally your nanny got up and ran to your son, and the Caribbean nanny said to your nanny "You need to keep an eye on this child", but your nanny screamed something at the Caribbean nanny, and everyone looked on in shock.

Please drop in on your nanny as soon as possible. Take tomorrow off from work if you can. Your child is being neglected. To everyone: If you know someone who lives on the UWS and has a little multi-race 2 year old boy who is being taken care of by a Chinese nanny, please have them take a look at this post to see if this is their child.

BP Bridge Heading Towards the Park in Chicago, Il.

Received Tuesday, October 16, 2007
This morning (10/16) at about 9:15 AM,;Your young, Polish nanny; 19-22 wearing a short brown skirt, blue sweatshirt, bare legs and dark brown Uggz was pushing your child in a Maclaren Volo (looked like) in black and steel.

The child was wearing a blue jacket and had a blanket over his/her legs. Nanny's very short skirt flew up revealing the entirety of her bare buttocks, I kid you not. My sister and I walked briskly to see her face/what kind of person might so willingly put herself on her display and she was one of those over made up young nannies looking for a husband on your time.

I would be concerned about her dressed like that taking my child out, even if the short skirt had not revealed her buttocks-because she was the only one with bare legs this morning. Fall is here, let's put some clothes on.

East 76th Street Playground (James Michael Levin) in NYC

Received Tuesday, October 16, 2007
I observed this yesterday, (10/15) at the playground on E. 76th. in NYC. One helicopter mom wearing a lightweight red jacket, blue designer jeans and slides was playing with, hovering over her curly haired, blonde boy of maybe 3 y.o. Nearby, a boy of the same age was playing and he was holding a plastic 4-WD, lime green vehicle that was the size of a coffee cup. This little boy was driving the truck up and down the equipment, the sidings, the steps and having a good, independent time. Then he neared where this boy was and then he drove his vehicle on to the back of the other little boy. Helicopter mom said, "oh, no, no. no" or something like that. Then the little boy with the 4 WD toy's nanny came over and dragged him away by his earlobe telling him he was 'naughty'. Is this a case of helicopter moms making it hard for other children to play? Helicopter moms making it hard for nannies to comprehend whether or not their charges actually did something wrong? Or just a crappy nanny who shouldn't be dragging a kid away by his earlobe and calling him naughty? This nanny wore a tan shirt with horizontal stripes and brown pants, she had very dark hair, fair skin and was Hispanic of limited English abilities.


JCC on West 76th and Amsterdam in NYC

Received Monday, October 15, 2007
Recently in the NY Times I read about your blog and today I saw such a disturbing scene that I knew I had to write to you!I'm a mom of 3: a son who is 20, a son 12 1/2 and a daughter, 10. I've been around the mommy scene for a long time!

We were at the JCC Manhattan on West 76th and Amsterdam around 4:30 today, (10/15). A baby was wailing at the top of her voice and couldn't stop...I turned around to see a nanny talking on her cell phone while the baby, around a year old or so (wearing burgundy patent little shoes) was strapped into her stroller crying her eyes out. (She had a sister who was about 3 and a brother who was about 5, wearing Orthodox Jewish underclothes. The nanny appeared to be Latina, around 5 ft. 2 inches in her 20s wearing a brown sweatshirt.) She then hung up her phone but was talking to another nanny who was seated on a bench nearby. Without even looking at the baby, she shoved a bottle at her which the baby rejected. She was arching her back. This poor child wanted to be picked up and comforted. Not only did this "nanny" ignore the little girl, she kept on talking to the other nanny.

Then, up walked another Latina nanny who looked about the same age and she was 8 months pregnant. She picked up the little girl who stopped crying for a moment.Then these 2 women walked out onto Amsterdam with 5 kids in tow while the little one kept screaming. I followed them outside and saw the first nanny take home the baby in the stroller (still crying) seated next to the little 3 year old with the boy crossing the street beside her.

I was appalled. I hope their mom reads this blog and seriously considers monitoring her nanny....I know that if these were my kids, I'd want to know!

Mountain View Park in Burbank, CA

Received Monday, October 15, 2007
The two older children's therapists and I decided to take my three charges out to the Mountain View Park on south 3451 South Griffith park drive in Burbank. Sorry for the low quality image, but after watching her for weeks, I decided to snap a photo with my mobile phone which has a pretty low quality camera.
While the two therapists took my five year old charge, to go play on the large structure meant for the kids her age and older, I went with the other two who were four and 2 to the swings along with the four year old charge's therapists. which thankfully are in close range to the structures. I, the nanny, was swinging the 2 year old while the four year old's therapist was swinging him. We were having a great time, making jokes with the two of them, making silly faces with them. I also was keeping an eye on the five year old, and how she was doing with the therapists, in case they needed help, or wanted a break we could switch. I then saw this one little girl around the same age as my 2 year old charge, judging by height and body structure, at first i thought it might be the other dad's youngest daughter, ( I met him right when we came to the park and my five year old charge went right to her, I found out she was the same age as her.) turned out it wasn't, because I saw this girl's nanny nearby, doing nothing else but talking on her cell phone, just walking back and forth,with her head down to the ground, not once glancing up to look at her and would request that they hang up and go play!.

As she is doing this, this little girl does the following:

--Climbs up on this HUGE structure which is not at all safe for kids her age to go on with out adult supervision(there is another one that is for kids her age that is right next to it) this nanny doesn't pay any attention and just goes on it. several times she almost fell off, but thankfully the dad of another child was there to help her.
--The little girl would go to the other dad constantly cause he was the only one there that would help him, on the slide this nanny even saw her go to him, and didn't do nothing!!! Not even an introduction to tell the little girls name or anything!! what does this have to do with anything? well hmmm what if this guy had no child? and wasn't a father. What if he held her hand and took her away? I know that she would go with this man, because why?! he was nice etc. and that is how most child perpetrators are!! I know this person wasn't a child predator but seriously!! this nanny just walked back and forth head to the ground. the father then looked up at her like "hey is this your kid?!" then looked at me, with a look like "can you believe this woman?!"
--Then the little girl, went into the bathroom that was on the other side, I saw her, pulling on her diaper, signaling that she had to go potty(I knew this cause currently my own two year old charge does this as well, and whenever that happens I put her on the potty). All this woman did was go running around and brought her back so she could make sure that she was around so that she could still chat! Because she could take her to the bathroom and help her with a phone, stuck to her ear.

I told the four year old's therapist what if i go up to her and take her phone and say hang up and do your job. she said don't she might say that you were trying to hurt her or something of that nature. I figured i should keep my distance, i mean there is this place ;)

Just after that bathroom incident, and when she turned her back to the child, this little girl went to the bench and climbed it and fell down! the thud was the thing that brought her running, but she didn't put down her phone to go pick her up even then.

When taking my 2 year old charge out of the swing to go change her diaper, and her brother went with the therapist to the structure, then the five year old and her therapist went to the swing that my 2 year old was in, what i saw almost baffled me!!. Right after I changed my 2 year old charge she started running to the swings again, i caught her just in time and pulled her away from that nanny who was yep you guessed it still on the phone and didn't see the other little girl(my charge)running over, and almost clocked her in the head!!. If I had not pulled her away she would have gotten seriously hurt!

The nanny was wearing a creme/white long sleeve sweater, with jeans, she had long black hair and the skin tone of either Iranian or Armenian descent, she spoke English and seemed to be in her early-late 20s. she was around 5'8. the stroller she had was a Maclaren with another huge bag. The girl was around 20 months-early 2s, and ha blonde hair blue eyes and was Caucasian. She had on a magenta sweater and was wearing jeans. with no socks or shoes.


Playground in Central Park

Received Saturday, October 13, 2007
Shivering little brunette girl in a white short sleeved shirt with a kitty face on it and rhinestone eyes. This was earlier today, (10/13) at the large playground in Central Park with the rocks that people climb on. The little girl was with a nanny (flowered shirt, black pants, grey sweater, about 240 lbs, 5'4", sitting on a bench and reading the Daily News). The little girl was under 4 and was seen approaching the nanny (who was wearing a sweater) and asking for a jacket. The nanny told her something like, "run around and you won't be cold". Is this minor? Yes. But how easy would it have been for the nanny to tote along a jacket or sweater for the child in her care?

Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona

Received Saturday, October 13, 2007
I observed an incident at Fashion Sqaure in Scottsdale and think it should be reported. The nanny got out of a vehicle at and lit up a cigarette and then got the stroller out of the back of the car and then reached in the car and removed the very little baby and placed the baby in the stroller. All the while with a smokey cigarette in her mouth. She disappeared in the car to unhook the child and reemerged with the ciggarette dangling in her mouth. She was then leaning over the child strapping her in to the stroller. After she gets the baby in the seat, her cell phone rings. She begans to have a conversation with someone- sounded like a boyfriend that was a screamfest of expletives and threats. She was very, very angry. She had the child in the stroller right next to her and was smoking furiously. Then, she hangs up the phone... and? Goes around to the other side to get out a second child! This nanny just didn't strike me as nanny material, not too mention there is no doubt the little girl could hear every word she said from inside the car (which had to be hot to wait in) because I could hear her from where I was waiting.
Where: Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona
When: Fri. 10/12 between 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Nanny: white, over processed blond hair, ruddy complexion, dark denim jeans, approx 20-25 yrs. old.
Child 1: Baby. Between 3-7 months. Blanket was white with yellow-blue-green intertwining pattern.
Child 2: Little girl between 1.5-2.5 yrs. old, corkscrew curls, dark hair, light skin, blue eyes.
Stroller: Cream colored and navy McClaren stroller.
Vehicle: 2004-2006 Nissan Murano in a steel grey.


North Castle Community Park in Armonk, NY

Received Friday, October 12, 2007
I had the day off today, (10/12) and took dd to the park. A black woman of medium height and proportionate weight, medium skin tone with dark hair pieced back was in the vicinity supervising a boy of about 6. It was not immediately obvious, but it became obvious the boy was *sn. This is probably not a huge deal, but the boy pulled her hair when she was correcting him and so she pulled his hair back. He pulled her hair again and she pulled his hair, quite hard. His entire head moved to the side. And he cried out. Then he pulled her hair again and she yanked his hair one more time, even harder. He screamed out and again and also said "stop it" and he raised his his hand like he was going to hit her. She raised her hand up as if she were going to hit him and she had the meanest look on his face. At this, the boy started crying, carrying on in a disturbed way although it didn't last long. He calmed down and then he was back to normal, albeit needing quite a bit of correction from his nanny. The nanny was not unaware that I (and another caregiver) were looking at her. When I was nearer her and the little boy, she was again correcting him- the tone of which I perceived to be exhausted and angry. She met eyes with me and said, "Don't worry none, I'm doing just as his mother said". She seemed to roll her eyes back in her head as if she disagreed with that, which having observed her for the past 30 minutes, one would not think she had any hesitancy in treating the sn child so harshly. I am not saying the child did not need some correction and I don't have a SN child, so I cannot pretend to know what it was like, but the scene left me feeling for the little boy. The little boy was wearing large, thick corduroys that were rolled up at the bottom, a blue fleece that zipped to a mock turtleneck and he had brown hair that was parted very low on one side. He had fair skin, (white), had exceptionally long eyelashes although I can't recall his eye color.
*special needs


Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, NY

Received Thursday, October 11, 2007
Nanny, (lazy bitch) seen with boy of about 4. They were at B&N on 7th in PS and she was sitting and reading magazines for awhile. I did not even know she had a child with her. Then a child approached her and asked when they were going and she said not anytime soon in a bitch way. He disappears again and comes back five minutes later and he has a dinosaur book and he says, 'can you read this with me' and she said 'no but you can read it yourself'. So he sits next to her and she tells him he should go sit somewhere else. He stands there looking confused and she says 'go on there are kids over there you don't need to be here'. He walked away in a sad way. The little boy was blonde, fair skin, light eyes, white & blue wide striped long sleeve polo shirt and jeans. The nanny was wearing a yellow sweater with shiny beads and stuff sewn on it with black jeans, she had short hair, white headband, attractive face and she was black. If you want to know if this is your nanny, she carries a square shaped, shiny, red leather 9 West Handbag.

Veteran's Park in Culver City, CA

Received Thursday, October 11, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Culver City, CA We were at Veteran's Park in Culver City (CA) this morning and I am pleased to say there was a very nice nanny there. I don't know her name but the little boy was blonde, blue-eyed, almost 2 and named Daschiel. He was a very cute, happy, polite boy who was having a great time. the nanny was very involved with him, teaching him things, watching him closely, playing with him and treating him like her own child. If she didn't have black hair and brown eyes, I'd have thought they were mother & son. She even gave him a hug & kiss. So, whoever Daschiel's parents are, if you are reading this, you are raising an adorable, polite little child with the help of a great nanny!


"You're a piece of trash Princess Caraboo."

Received Wednesday, October 10, 2007- Rant
Dear "Princess Caraboo",

Thanks for making my life one big huge soap opera that my coworkers can ask for updates about. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking my child and the car for 3.5 HOURS WITHOUT ASKING WHILE MY WIFE WAS HOME and NOT EVEN LEAVING A NOTE after knowing you for only a month. Thanks for giving me the need to leave work early in order to deal with the mess you created and calm down my panicked wife. Thanks for making me regret I didn't just call the police and let you explain to them how you knew you weren't allowed to take a child and you had no intention of kidnapping my child. Thanks for the embezzlement that I know that you have been doing by driving personal miles and claiming them as work miles that we reimburse you for. Thanks for lying about where you go even when you don't need to--I hope your evenings at Friday's restaurant and McDonald's was worth your not driving the car any longer. Thanks for being unwilling to give us your cell phone number just in case there's an emergency. Thanks for planning to claim you did not volunteer hours so you could demand payment for them later--too bad for you I record all instant messages and had a witness for our other conversion. Thanks for talking shit about my family to your friends, calling us abusive, and claiming we don't treat you well even though we give you many fringe benefits we don't have to and were giving you more weekends off than required. Thanks for using our cable TV, Internet connection, phone, car, and your private bathroom, all things that I'm not required to provide.

Thanks for lying to our face when applying and claiming you'd stay with us till next August when in truth you always planned on finding a new family where your fiance lives by next March. Thanks for not being willing to admit that he's your fiance but signing up onto websites as now being a couple working together.

Thanks for giving me reason to start a formal security investigation regarding your wrongdoing and in doing so begin monitoring all your traffic for further signs of wrongdoing--by the way, I know your phone number now, HAH! Thanks for never bothering to find out what I really do for work. Thanks for underestimating me so wholly that you have no clue just how much I know about you, your wrongdoing, and the lies you tell. Thanks for giving me the need to install GPS in the car so you can't take my daughter anywhere without my knowing where you go. Thanks for the collateral affect of proving that you're a thief embezzling from us. Thanks for giving me the need to put all your web traffic through a content filter that wont let you talk shit about my family any more, doesn't let you search for a new family, and wont even let you read or send emails in which you talk about finding work--I can't tell you how good it makes me feel knowing you're getting denied messages with bible verses pertaining to telling lies. (Thanks for making catholics look bad. :P ).

Thanks for screwing up so that my wife and I now know what your evil plans were and we can plan on being rid of you when it's good for our family and not you. Thanks for giving me a daily need to ask my wife if there's any way we can rid ourselves of you sooner. Thanks for giving me the need to practice being nice to someone I detest so fully.

You're a piece of trash Princess Caraboo. I consider you a cancerous growth that needs to be removed from my family ASAP and if I could do that by putting you in jail for your crimes of moral turpitude, I'd do it without a second thought.

There's only 1.5 months to go of these arguments with my wife about needing to get you out ASAP and I'm counting the hours.

Anonymous -- only because you're still living with us and watching my daughter.

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Indian Boundary Park in Chicago, Illinois

Received Wednesday, October 10, 2007
When: Monday, October 8, 11am
Where: Indian Boundary Park, Lunt and Western, Chicago
Description of Nanny: Early forties, curly black hair in a ponytail, wearing denim shorts, white polo top, and white Keds(?) sneakers.
Incident: While playing with my charge in the park, I observed a girl (short brown hair, wearing a waaayyy too short skirt for her age) of about eleven years old bossing around four boys (all wearing safari-like baseball caps with the fabric flap covering the back of the neck, all around the age of four). The girl demanded that the boys follow her up the slide, then down,which they all did. Then she climbed the ladder to the top of the slide but demanded that a boy named 'Eli' stay below and climb up the slide itself. He protested and told her that he was not allowed, she told him to 'do it now!' The two exchanged this argument a few times until I stepped in and told her to respect that he does not want to climb the slide. She glared at me in response and told the four young boys to follow her. I observed her walking toward the swing set until I saw an amazing sight. She walked straight to a woman (the caregiver) who was holding a baby, pushing two in a swing, observing two more in a buggy, and watching the eleven year old and four young toddlers, all by herself!!! I politely informed her that her 'little helper' might not be the kind of help she wants. I told her what I had observed. In response, she told me to mind my own business and that 'the boy' climbs up the slide all of the time at home. I asked what the name of her daycare service was and she told me to 'mind my own F*%^ing' business, this all said in front of the kids she was watching!!! I will be back at that park with my camera, and hopefully I'll be able to snap a shot of this caregiver which you might post later. I know that if those were my children, I would never want her watching them.


John Jay Park in NYC

Received Monday, October 8, 2007
I saw your nanny in John Jay Park but unfortunately she did not see your daughter. Your daughter is about 5 or 6 has blond hair about shoulder length and it is wavy. Your nanny is Caribbean (African American) and sits by the swings. Your daughter was playing with another girl her age who was on the swing. The swing came and clocked your daughter in the head but your nanny was no where to be found. When I finally found her she laughed at your daughter crying. This was about 2 weeks ago. I have since seen her in the park with a grey and pink Mc Claren with a phone number written on the shade. I tried to read it but couldn't.


Judging a Book by it's Cover- Sunday Roundtable #3

Received Sunday, October 7, 2007
I don't know if you are still having the Sunday Roundtable discussions, but I have something to discuss. I am in the process of interviewing for my first nanny. Can you judge a book by it's cover, or at least eliminate a book by it's cover? I read this site and childcaregonewrong on a regular basis and the photos you recently posted of the two nannies, both who burned the children's feet with scalding water- and it does make me wonder. Anyone else?



Patricia from El Salvador (In Beverly Hills, CA)

Saturday, October 6, 2007- Rant & Warning
I already posted this on Peachhead, so some of you may already have read this. But those who haven't....please do.I don't even know where to begin on this one. And I feel so stupid writing this email. But I feel that it is IMPERATIVE that I do and that I warn any of you out there looking for a nanny or who have a nanny now.5 months ago, when our twins were 2 months old, we found a woman who we thought was a godsend. The most wonderful nanny. She was so loving with our kids, experienced with twins, she was legal, she spoke English, she drove, she took them to such great places. I checked all of her many references & no one had one bad thing to say about her.Yesterday we found out that for the last 4 months she has been dropping our beautiful, precious children off at some random, unlicensed "daycare" & going off for the whole day to work either at other families' homes or at the farmer's market (or run errands or whatever). We had to call the police to get our children out of this place because the woman wouldn't open the door for us. It was a nightmare experience. It turns out, as I said, they had been there for 4 months. The twins she watched prior to coming to work for us had been drooped off there for FIVE YEARS! She was dropping off many other children over the years. But according to the woman who ran the place, our nanny was "such a good person" because she only made $60 a day (TOTALLY UNTRUE) & she was paying this woman $30 a day to watch these kids! OH MY GOD!Anyway, this is way more detailed than I had intended but I almost can't stop myself. I am so afraid for any of you out there that may come in contact with her because she is a MASTER manipulator as far as I am concerned. A total sociopath. I never ONCE suspected anything & we are NOT stupid people (despite what you may be thinking) & we ADORE our children. I am crying just writing this email.Anyway, I have a lot of information about this woman but don't think I should necessarily post it all here. PLEASE, if you, anyone you know, has a nanny named Patricia from El Salvador or you ever interview a nanny named Patricia....stay FAR AWAY. We live near The Grove so she seems to work mostly East of the Beverly Center but I have no idea. Please pass this on to anyone you know. I do not want anyone to suffer what we are suffering. Our kids seem to be OK, but I can't sleep or eat thinking about what could have happened to them. Sorry this is so long. If anyone thinks they might know this woman or she might be working for you, please email me off line.

"Help me understand the "methodology"

Received Saturday, October 6, 2007-Perspective & Opinion

Found this ad on Craiglist. Just wondered what everyone thinks about this:

We are exploring the option of having someone come to our home full-time for care-giving or place our 20month old in a home-based daycare. We only want aNanny/Caregiver to provide childcare, not run personal errands for us, not pick up any children @ school, not clean our house etc...strictly childcare. We are encountering that what a Nanny/Caregiver expect for pay in our home, is more money than allot of people make per week after paying their taxes at their corporate job. Can someone explain the rational behind Nanny/Caregiver's (college students/young mother's)that want to bring their child along, expecting a pay range of $450-$600 cash, (not reporting earnings-which BTW displays total dishonesty to any hiring family)and in addition to the above asking pay range want Tobe paid for gas to travel to our home and travel back to their home when their day is done. (Ummm...not to sound mean, but when my husband and I travel to working the morning and leave in the evening, our employer does not pay for our gas) Guess, I'm just trying to understand why a person that will have their child in our home, have free food/beverage, free diapers/wipes/creams, free telephone/TV/DVD's, free use of all the educational toys/books, etc...basically, anything we offer to our baby, then we offer FREE to the Nanny/Caregiver and her child. The years of experience, CPR/First Aid training, and educations are pretty much the same between the two care-providers, so what is soooo amazingly different that a Nanny/Caregiver can provide then what Asama/Caregiver provides in the range of $150-$200 +/-a week with meals, beverages, snacks, field-trips,one-on-one interaction etc. provided from their home? Help me understand – you come to our house, have basically FREE anything that you and your child could ever want and then expect to be paid top dollar and not report your earnings??? I'm not trying to put anyone down here, just trying to figure out the methodology and mathematics being used. I'm sure I'll get "hate mail" for asking these questions, but I just don't get it??

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Adventure Playground in NYC

Received Saturday, October 6, 2007
BAD babysitter sighting Friday in Central park at the Adventure Playground (67th/CPW) between 2-4 Friday 10/5. Babysitter was white/American probably early/mid 20's, long drk hair,denim skirt and red shirt, fat (I can say that because I am too). She was with 2 kids in a black or blue Phil & Ted's stroller. A baby girl, 8 months and a little boy, probably 2.5 yo. husky build and shirt dark hair anyway, the little boy was out of control- taking kid's toys, throwing sand, splashing little kids with water,etc. anyway, the babysitter kept saying "he won't listen to his mom, so I don't even try to make him listen to me". She kept going on and on about how the mom didn't make him listen. Well, it gets worse. He had been playing in the water and sand in a regular diaper and then he pooped in his diaper and it went everywhere- up his back, down his legs. The babysitter did not even notice. The kid took his own diaper off. It was really disgusting. She halfway cleaned him off and just let him run around totally naked for an hour at least. He was in the water, in the sand, going down all the slides- naked! It was so disgusting and unsanitary for him and the other kids. I finally said something to her when he came over to my 13 month old who was playing in the water when he took my dc's bucket. I told her that she should probably put a diaper on that kid. She again said how the mom didn't make him listen and how she couldn't even catch him to put a diaper on him (she had been sitting on the steps for the past hour while the baby was in the stroller). Finally she makes the kid come over to her and lays him down on the ground and says "yuck, there is still poopy in there" meaning his butt and then asks me to borrow my bucket so she can clean this kid's sh*t out of his butt. I said no. So she took some other kids bucket and filled it with water and washed him off right there next to the water where all the kids were playing. So disgusting. If I were this mom, I would totally want to know about the way your babysitter is with your dc. I would definitely fire her.

Beverly Center Dunkin Donuts in Beverly, MA

Received Saturday, October 6, 2007
Great nanny sighting at Beverly Center Dunkin DonutsWhere: Beverly Center Dunkin Donuts
Nanny: early 20's to mid 20's, wearing dark blue jeans and a blue button up shirt, with a pink shirt underneath. Blonde hair, kinda chunky.
Child: Young baby, maybe 4-6 months, wearing a Red Sox outfit in a classic winnie the pooh stroller.
What happened: This nanny was so amazing. Its not often we hear good things here, so I wanted to share what I saw. She came walking up one side of Beverly center while I was in the registry, then later on (bout 30 minutes or so) I was in Dunkin Donuts and she walked in. She was talking to the baby, holding him, singing to him and making him smile and coo. I know she was his nanny because she said "Mommy's going to love the new outfit we bought for you today!" and "Lets try to keep that outfit clean so Daddy can see that we are all rooting for the Sox." She was so sweet to him, never once did she ignore him, he was so happy just to be with her.
I've also seen her at a local park with him and she just lays him on a blanket and then lays next to him all the while singing and playing and talking. I wish there were more nannies like that out there!