Roslyn, LI Christoper Morley Park

August 31, 2006; lunchtime
Two Jamaican nannies with strollers. Sitting and talking. Neither child got out of the stroller at all, although they wanted to. I heard the larger nanny say, "later, later". When they got up from sitting, I thought the children were going to get to atleast run around. Instead they went to a table where the nannies now sat down. Children still in stroller and gave the children lunch. The children did not even interact with each other. They were not even facing each other! These children seemed to be about two years old. One nanny was wearing a red sweatshirt that said "Hoyas" on it and jeans. She was pushing a little boy who was wearing a gap hat. He had dark curley hair and had a bright blue sippy cup with a handle. This nanny seemed to atleast interact kindly with the child. The other nanny was heavyset. She was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt that had a nike swoosh on it. She carried a red jansen backpack and was pushing a child in a green striped Jansen stroller. I did not get a good look at the child she had with her, but she was a girl with blondish hair and had bangs. That child may have been closer to three in age. This nanny seemed bothered to have to even feed the child. (It was distracting her from her huge lunch). Both of these nannies were Jamaican, I think as I heard them speak and thought I recognized their accent. Also, the larger nanny had hair braids that were thick and kind of piled on her hair and her an orangish color. I go to this park a lot and I hate seeing nannies come here only to park their butts on a park bench and talk on their cellphones while the child sits in a stroller or is neglected. I don't know if this qualifies but do think the more information employers have about their nannies- the better for their children. (Even if it's good information)


The Pierre NYC

August 28, 2006
If you live at the Pierre and have a Polish nanny who is about 30, thin and wears no make up and she is taking care of your baby who is about 6 months old, please take time to observe her when she doesn't know you are observing her. She seems very frazzled and impatient with the child. I think it is abnormal for a childcare provider to becomes so frustrated over what appears to be normal crying.


Abusive Nanny in Chappaqua

August 26, 2006
Just to let you know how right you are, my wife witnessed a nanny throwing a small child around in the back of the car. She took the plate number and called the Chappaqua police. She had to give her name and number, the police immediately notified the parents who were both working in Manhatten. They were extremely upset and no idea that anything like this was possible.Upon returning home and getting things under control they called to give thanks. My only wish is that if my child was ever in danger, someone would take the time and care to call.

Thank you for writing and more importantly for getting involved and taking the steps to end a situation that is every mother's worst nightmare.


Broomfield Paul Derda Rec Center Denver, Co

August 18, 2006
If you have a little boy about 14-20mos, brown eyes and curly dark hair name Jack (or know anyone who does), please read! Today morning (about 11am to noon)at Broomfield Paul Derda Rec Center I noticed a little boy name Jack, wearing greyish blue summer overalls, who was ALONE, wondering around in the Jungle Room. No one talked to him or played with him, and when he saw other children drinking from a bottle or a cup, he would follow them, reaching for the cup and crying. I repeatedly asked outloud :"Where is your mommy?" and when noone replied, directly asked two young ladies (I guess teenagers, early twenties) and after smirking and giggling, one pointed at another and said: "She watches him." "I don't know if he is hungry, but he points at the cup and cries". "He always cries", and she finally got up, roughly picked him up and said coldly "stop crying". Careless, careless nanny for someone else's baby who was obviously hungry! My heart was breaking, but her attitude was "and what are you going to do about it?" I wish I knew Jack's parents so I can tell them how lonely and hurt their child seemed. I would hate for this to be my babysitter. If she is acting like that in public, who knows... She was obviously annoyed with a child. I truly hope I am wrong in my assumption. This message is my way of "doing something" for little Jack, and may be it will reach his parents.

Note: The person who originally posted this thought to use Craig's list too. And she got a response and posted this follow up:
Thank you everyone for caring and for all warm e-mails I received. The best part - it worked! I am happy the "other" girl read my posting and agreed that Jack was not properly watched. When she talks to Jack's parents, they will decide the best way to handle it.
Good to know that so many people cared and would do the same - that makes the world a better place for our children. Thank you, again.