Barnes and Noble at 66th Street and Broadway in NYC

Received Friday, March 30, 2007
I have a sighting from yesterday, Thursday, at about 4:30pm. This was at the Barnes and Noble at 66Th Street and Broadway (UWS). I was at the bookstore with the two children I take care of part-time, and I couldn't help but notice a curious exchange between a boy and his nanny. He looked to be about 3-4, skinny, with curly hair. He was wearing an orange shirt and jeans . His nanny was African-American, heavy set but not excessively so, and had very short hair. She was wearing a green shirt with a brown sweater and khakis. The entire time of this conversation she was sitting on the floor on her cell phone. He told her he needed to go to the bathroom and she mumbled something to him in response that I didn't hear. He asked again and she said "You can go there yourself." He looked a little unsure and walked about halfway there and then came back and asked her to help him. She said no, and again sent him away. He went to the bathroom and she waited at least 5-7 minutes before getting up to see if he was back.
I wish that I had said something to the nanny, but I am very confrontation shy. I gave her a look which seemed to get no response from her. I also almost asked the boy if he wanted me to help him, but I had a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old to take care of, and it didn't seem feasible. Also, considering that I didn't know this kid, I don't know how appropriate it would have been for me to accompany him to the bathroom. All I know is that I was very disturbed by this incident and I really hope that this boy's mom or dad sees this. Your nanny is placing your child in a potentially dangerous situation, and disregarding his nervousness and requests for help. As someone who takes care of two children that I love with all my heart, it is painful to see another child be treated so poorly.


Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY 3/29

Received Thursday, March 29, 2007
5:45 pm Thursday, 3/29: Pierrepont Playground, Brooklyn Heights: Nanny (babysitter??) was young, heavy-set, AA girl, reading a book ... charges were twin boys, Henry & Charlie, maybe 4yo?? white kids with black hair, wearing identical navy sweaters - one in jeans, 1 in camouflage cargo pants -- the kids were up on the high playstructure at Pierrepont Playground and began fighting with one another REALLY aggressively. Smashing one another against bars, grabbing, smacking, really really rough - lots of aggressive fighting - babysitter just screamed at both boys (which is how I learned their names) - and cursed about them to any adult within earshot "Those boys just gonna f'ing kill each other. They're always fighting." I'm shocked & thrilled that neither boy fell from the open areas on the play structure - they both came close a few times. She never got up, never stopped them, just tried to keep reading.

Playground at Madison Square Park in NYC

Received Thursday, March 29, 2007
Madison Square Park is such a cheery playground. Why must all of your nannies present with long faces, looking crabby? People look happier picking up after their dogs on the dog run. I really think the standard for child care is much higher in the UK. Is anyone interviewing these nannies or do they simply just materialize from the gutters and began caring for your children. How can you care so little about the company your child is keeping. You must realize; although I am guessing it should be the very least of your concerns - that the nanny's dowdy personality is rubbing off on your child. This park gets my vote for worst nannies in the city. I don't have specific details to add because the scene was so grim yesterday, I took my daughter and left. Perhaps some of the good nannies who comment on this blog should get together and plan a day trip/intervention at this park? -ERS


Why is it so hard for a nanny to ask directly for a raise?

Received Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Perspective & Opinion
I have a question for nannies. In my experience of having for the most part really wonderful nannies for the last 8 years there is one aspect of the relationship that mystifies me. None of these women has been direct about the fact that they want a raise. I've given annual raises and bonuses but I always feel like they're hinting that they would like more (saying things like "my friend gets $___ a week but money's not the most important thing . . . I really love this baby" but I still feel like they would like more money which I have no problem with. It's a free market and people should be able to ask for what they think they deserve and if I can afford it I'll do it, if not then not and they can then decide what to do. But I'm just puzzled by the hinting. Why not just directly ask?

Union Square Toddler Playground in NYC

Received Wednesday, March 27, 2008
If you read this post and know someone who will address this issue, please get them involved. I see this all of the time. Nannies who fall asleep while their children are playing in the park. In NYC. This latest incident happened yesterday (Tue), the nanny was literally sleeping on the job. Especially bad since this was in the middle of Union Square. It was about 12:- 12:30pm in the toddler playground yesterday. The nanny was 50ish, wearing a yellow polo shirt and denim capris. African-American, very short hair. Her charge was a boy just around 2 y/o, white, medium length brownish hair, wearing a striped blue shirt and jeans. Maclaren stroller. Where is the Dateline Special on THIS? If my husband fell asleep at his job, he would be fired on the spot and the only thing dependant on him are numbers and reports!

The Greenpoint Y in Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I hope the parents of Grace who goes to the Greenpoint Y for the grown up and me classes on Tuesdays and I am not sure about Thursdays reads this. You need a new nanny who can control your daughter. Not sure if you know this but your child has bitten a few of the younger children in class, she screams like someone is killing her and she refuses to listen to anyone. During story time she runs around and screams and the other kids cant hear the story. You need to find a new nanny who can control her. This has been a ongoing thing w/ Grace since she has been going to the Y, but has gotten worse the last few months.


Borders Book Store in the Time Warner Center on UWS in NYC

Received Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Today - at the Borders in Time Warner Center on UWS (kids section) at about 3:00 . 2 nannies and their kids (2 little girls..around 18 months - 2years) of the nannies was definitely Filipino....probably high 30's. attractive. Her husband/boyfriend came in to talk to her..she was arguing with him about whether she was going to get off for Good Friday..and that she would quit if she didn't get off (this is what I overheard).

She was then playing with the little girl..very affectionately..while saying things like "I love you..but your mother is a pain in the neck"....repeating this over and over...and repeating similar statements. She seemed good with the little girl..but wrong that she was complaining about the mom to the little girl over and over.

Michael's Hot Dogs in Highland Park, Illinios

Received Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting at Michael's Hot Dogs in Highland Park, IllGreat Nanny Sighting! Your nanny was covering your little girl's face in kisses. It was such a nice site to see...the nanny wasn't on her phone or preoccupied with other things she was strictly focused on the child. I know that this was not the mother because the little girl kept calling out to the nanny and I could tell that it wasn't mommy that she was saying. I hope the parents see this and know that their baby is being well cared for.
Oh and the nanny had dark brown hair in a pony tail, 7 pocket jeans and a green north face fleece. She was carrying a bag that was navy blue with some green, white and turqoise on it. And for those of you that know how crazy Michael's can be at noon you'll understand even more how nice this was to see!

Central Park Mall in NYC

Received Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I was sitting on a bench in the Walk and reading a magazine. An attractive brunette wearing tight black pants, wedge style shoes with a high heel, short sleeve sweater with low cut keyhole. Color was lavender.
We made brief eye contact and quick smile of acknowledgement and then I return to reading. Woman is carrying large black bag and pulls out a book and an instant messaging device. It is just before 9 AM on Tues. Time passes. People walk back and fourth. A woman and her husband sit down on the bench next to mine. Then I hear a little boy making excitable noises. I look up and a little boy in a long sleeved navy shirt with a red and grey (?) jacket tied around his waist is pushing a green, plaid baby stroller. The child can't be more than 4. I look behind him to see where his mother or nanny is. The child is shrieking excitedly. I then hear the happy sounds of the child in the stroller. Looks to be a girl 9months-1 year. Fair hair, blue jacket. No mom in site. The woman across looks up from her text messaging and responds to a question the boy asks her. She reaches in her bag and pulls out a juice box and hands it to him. He struggles with the straw, drags the stroller next to him and climbs up on the bench next to the woman. He mistakenly sits on her magazine and she quickly snatches it out from underneath him and rolls her eyes at him. Then back to the text messaging. Where did these kids come from?
They were not in ear sight previously! How far away did she leave these children? And what if someone had stopped them before they found her?
The woman didn't seem to have any connection with these children. I really don't think it was a mother, maybe just a smartly dressed nanny? If your nanny was at the park today with your two children, the youngest child has a white framed walking stroller with a green plaid print, the boy has a short, buzz style haircut. Both children were super cute and well behaved. I think they deserve better! I didn't say anything to this woman. I couldn't figure out what her deal was.


Things My Insane Employer Has accused me of stealing....

Received Monday, March 26, 2007
Perspective & Opinion
Things My Insane Employer Has accused me of stealing over the course of 9 months in her employ.
I say accused as in,
She: "Nanny, have you seen my X?"
Me: "No"
She: "Nanny isn't it strange how things just up & disappear?"

$100 Gift Certificate to Baby Gap
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (more than once)
Lighters (both inexpensive and expensive)
wireless headphones
one pair of Abercrombie Corduroy Jeans
tin of "expensive" pistachios
Emerald and pearl Bracelet
Michael Stars T-Shirts
White floral silk clothes hangers (many)
Brown Leather jacket
Little boys Velcro Sketchers sneakers
a multi pack of thank you cards
Down Comforter (white)
Dido CD
Bean and Bacon Soup, in a can. More than once!
Pink & Black cashmere sweater
Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Strappy Sandals, size 7 1/2 *
She: Nanny, have you seen my gold strappy sandals?
Me: No
She: There size 7 1/2.
Me: No
She: They're Giuseppe Zanotti.
Me: Um, no.

Alexander McQueen Sandals in black, size 8 (similar conv. as above)
computer backpack
computer mouse
Cell phone charger (for her phone, even though she was by then aware I carried a different)

I made this list because on Friday afternoon, Mrs. X accosted me in the kitchen and asked, "Have you seen my fondue set?"
Me: No
She: "It's ceramic"
Me: No, haven't seen it.
She: I guess it's gone and walked away on it's own.
Me: (silence)

I left work Friday in a foul mood. By Saturday afternoon, I was livid and realized I just could not take this woman anymore! I wish I could warn the next nanny what she was in for! There should be a public service database for those such warnings! She never had a single complaint with regard to how I treated her children or how I did my job, but she didn't hesitate to accost me on a regular basis regarding "missing items". Good riddance!
PS This list is INCOMPLETE!

Walking Near Union Square in NYC

Received Monday, March 26, 2007
This morning I was near Union Square in NYC walking up University towards 14th and I watched a nanny "walking" a young little blonde girl maybe four or five to school. She never interacted with the child once and allowed the child to trail a full block behind her never once even looking around to see where see was. Several students and myself were alarmed and at first thought the child was lost and by herself--esp. when the child was on the street corner near a busy intersection and the nanny was several feet away. The little girl was wearing an orange coat, light pink gloves and had a striped school bag that had both those colors. Nanny was middle aged maybe South Asian. I felt I had to post this in hopes that someone will see it. This child is in danger on a daily basis if this is what happens every day!


George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Received Saturday, March 24, 2007
3/23/07 - I've been a nanny for 12 years. When I first moved to Portland, OR I did temp jobs for a couple months until I found a permanent job. After eight months I decided that the family wasn't a good fit, at which point I left and went back to doing temp nanny work. I've been doing temp nanny work for five months now.

Friday morning I went to my Friday temp job with a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl. After taking the 5 year old to preschool, the 3 year old and I went to George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, OR. Although there was a large play structure, my 3 yr old charge only wanted to play in the sand box. For a little while we were the only people in the play area. Eventually a mom and her little boy arrived and played together on the play structure together. Shortly after their arrival, a large white truck pulled up and parked. I was in the middle of making a sand castle with my temp charge so didn't witness the first child emerge from the vehicle. When I looked up at them, the Hispanic caregiver had deposited a 3 year old boy on the side of the road that the playground was located. He stood there very close to the road while she went back to the vehicle to get a little blonde girl who looked to be just under 2 years old. While the caregiver was retrieving the other child, I heard the mother who was on the play structure say she would watch the little boy to make sure he was safe. I don't recall having heard the caregiver respond at all, but I suppose she might have and I just didn't hear.

The little girl went onto the play structure with her brother and the caregiver stayed near the park bench she had parked their picnic cooler/bag. I heard the mom say to her son he should ask the little girl's name. I heard the name "X" and mom said she thought that maybe that was a nick name and short for something else. Meanwhile, I was covered head to toe in sand and our sand castle with moat and bridge was coming along nicely. I looked up over at the Hispanic caregiver and she was speaking in Spanish on her pink cell phone and hadn't made any effort to leave the spot she had been in the whole time. Tick, tick, tick...she is STILL on her cell phone. The little girl is wandering around the play structure unaided and unsupervised as is her brother. There are a million ways she could get seriously injured and this caregiver just didn't seem to care. Every once in a while she would glance around to see where the children were and continued on with her conversation on her cell phone. I sat there and thought, "Omg, I'm having an 'I saw your nanny' moment."

The little boy eventually came over to the sand box and joined myself and my charge in play. When he got close I recognized him and asked him what his name was just to be sure he was the same little boy I thought he was. He said his name was "X*" and my heart sunk and I became even more enraged at the behavior of his caregiver. Nearly a year ago I had cared for X*, his sister XY* and their other two siblings at their house a few times. I was sad when I wasn't able to care for them anymore when I got my permanent job. They are really great children and I couldn't believe the parents would have hired a woman that would be so negligent to look after their children.

I watched X*'s caregiver a little while longer to see what she would do if anything. She was still wrapped up in her cell phone conversation. I looked over to see where X* was. She was being looked after by the mom on the play structure and was sitting on the mom's lap....a complete stranger. It was at this point I just lost it. I went over to the caregiver and asked her if she was X*'s and XY*'s nanny. She said, "yes."

Me: "I've cared for these children before and I know their parents. You need to be to be watching them."

Her: (whilst still on her cell phone) "I am watching them"

Me: "No, you're not. You are too busy talking on your cell phone. You need to get off your phone and take care of them. You need to be INTERACTING with them. XY* is much too young to be up on the play structure by herself. She could get seriously injured."

Her: (tells the person on the phone she has to go) "I got a phone call and have only been talking a few minutes."

Me: "That's not true. I have been watching you and you have been on your phone the whole time. You haven't been on the play structure once and someone else shouldn't be watching the children you were hired to watch. I'm going to let their parents know what I have witnessed here today and I am sure they won't be very happy at all."

Her: (she said something about speaking to the mom herself but can't remember her exact words. She starts to go toward the play structure...FINALLY!) "Thanks for being so nice" (obvious sarcasm because I was livid during the confrontation.)

I collected my charge, said good bye to X* and called my agency to get the family's phone number. I scribbled the number on the back of my hand and was told by my charge that I shouldn't write on my hands. lol I called the mom's cell phone number and let her know exactly what I witnessed and that I confronted her caregiver. The mom was surprised to hear this and said she had specifically told the caregiver she had to help XY* play on the play structure. She said this woman had been recommended by a friend and was only taking care of the children on Fridays. She thanked me for telling her about the incident and asked me if I was available Fridays. I'm not at the moment, but I would rearrange my schedule to accommodate her if it turns out she is serious.

I have no idea what the mom will do with the information I gave her. I sincerely hope she doesn't use that woman's services again. The well being of her children is at serious risk if she does.

Signed: a nanny who cares


With Regard to CVS in Summit, New Jersey

Friday, March 23, 2007
For reasons unknown, an individual concocted damaging allegations regarding an incident that was asserted to have occurred at the CVS drugstore in Summit, New Jersey. No such event transpired. The factual details of this incident have been corroborated by the involved parties. The post which originally appeared on the ISYN blog on 3/17/07 was fictitious and has been deleted from the blog.
As stated in our disclaimer, I Saw Your Nanny does not investigate, arbitrate or endorse any posting made in this forum. We are wholly reliant on people to be acting in good faith when submitting postings to this blog.

Cathedral Heights Subway Station at 110th Street in NYC

Received Friday, March 23, 2007

3/22 A nanny with a child in a stroller and an older child with a shirt from " The Cathedral School"..nanny was verbally abusive to the older child and once they got on the train, she was really rough with him physically. The boy was about 8 or 9 and had glasses..he looked sad and frightened of nanny. She coddled the child in the stroller ( the older kid's brother, I think) and treated the older child like garbage..very sad.

Example of Clueless BROOKLYN Employer- A mother vents

Received Friday, March 23, 2007
I read this post of my local parenting board, and couldn't believe my eyes. I deleted the nanny's name while I continue to consider whether or not to post it:

"We have/had a wonderful babysitter named XXXXXXXXX who we have not been able to contact/find. She was taking care of our twin boys for the past 5 -6 months on Tues and Thurs. A couple of weeks ago we received a phone call from her that her grandmother was ill and that she had to return to her country and would not be able to work for the week but would likely return this week. We have since heard nothing from her despite our calls to her cell phone.

She was very kind and competent with the care she provided our boys(1yo) genuinely like her. We thought she was reliable . . .although there were a number of times that she didn't show up for work, we were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and continue working with her . . . this, however, is both discouraging/sad and concerning. If anyone has knows XXXXXXX or has contact with her could you please contact me."

To me, this is the classic case of the clueless employer. How could one honestly say that "we thought she was reliable" and then follow that with "although there were a number of times that she didn't show up for work."

Unfortunately, this employer is not alone. To that end, I have actually known acquaintances to speak horribly about the nannies they've fired, only to see them "helping" the same person a few days later by placing an ad for them saying "hire our wonderful former nanny."

I am sick and tired of these employers passing their bad nannies to other families. They need to be held accountable.

Any ideas on how?

I strongly urge employers to USE THEIR HEADS when it comes to the people who watch their children, and I strongly urge them to DO THE RIGHT THING and not give good references to bad nannies.

Thank you for allowing the vent.

Signed, mom with a good nanny who is sick & tired of all the bad nannys....and their employers


Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Thursday, March 22, 2007
Pack of nannies 4 deep earlier this afternoon. Nannies paying little or no attention to their charges, three of which were in their strollers. In all fairness, one was a young baby. One (boy of about 4) was out of the stroller and running around (playing roughly with my son). Nanny #1, I had the most trouble with. She had a little girl in a Perego red, black and grey stroller. The little girl was between 2 and three, had brown, straight hair that was messy and she wore a white ski style jacket. Little girl was holding a translucent, blue sippy cup while nannies talked. The little girl was at times restless and at other times crying to go play. Be very clear about this, the little girl said more than once "I wanna go play". The nanny responded each and every time by reaching in to her over sized blue handbag with rope-like details and grabbed a snack. In the time I was there, I watched her hand the child a packet of Chips Ahoy cookies (the single serving packs), gum, some sort of candy that was chewy-like Swedish fish, and 2 fruit roll ups. This was given to this little girl, not because she was hungry or asked for food but because she asked to get down and play! The nanny barely interacted with her as she handed her food or ripped upon the packaging for her and then she returned to her conversation. The nanny had an auburn shade of straight hair with bangs pulled dramatically to one side. Nanny had regular hair pins in her hair and may have been between 30-40. Nanny wore black running pants with a pink & white stripe down the side and a black jacket.

Running errands in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Received Thursday, March 22, 2007
Yesterday, I noticed a little girl of about 4 shivering in a sweater with a metal zipper and pink and blue horizontal stripes while she was out running errands with her nanny. I will give nanny the benefit of the doubt and assume she is working for a beast of employer who has her going at a frenetic pace. Little girl was stumbling to keep up with tall nannies stride. When nanny reached for her hand, it was more to drag her forward faster than to hold her hand. Nanny clearly had a lot to do and busy agenda, but nanny also wore a rather thick and black suede jacket as well as a black knit cap over her straight, dark hair. Nanny was Anglo, tall, thin and wore sunglasses with brown frames.


Los Gatos Public Library in Los Gatos, CA

Received Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Several nannies were at the library last Friday and were all behaving badly. The nannies were all talking, not paying attention in story time and making so much noise that a toddler turned and hushed them. They continued talking and caused a real distraction for the children. They didn't participate in any of the songs and at the end of the session the story teller asked them all to keep their conversations to a minimum next week. Mind you this is the story time for the 2 and under crowd. If you nanny goes to story time on Fridays - you should tell her to behave herself.


Geographical Differences and Salary

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Just found this blog...what a great resource! My previous job just ended and I am looking for another position. Anyway my previous salary $15/hr plus $25 a week for gas (I am located in Dallas). Is this more, less or about in line with what you other nannies make ( I had two older two kids..and also ran lots of errands), also it was a part time job. I know that there are geographical differences (Id expect someone in New York to make more). Also, I'm considering a job now, that seems great except the commute is quite long...have any of you had to drive a long way to your family...I just wanted to know if that ended up being a siginificant hassel...from a time and gas aspect. This was my first job as a nanny, any comments or insight from someone more experienced than I would be greatly appreciated.

Remember to send your nanny sightings to US or leave the sighting as an anonymous comment to the welcome post!

Support Call for More Family Court Judges

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
New York's most vulnerable children depend on the Family Court to make the most important decisions in their lives - where they will live, who will raise them, what services they need, and how and when they will visit their parents and siblings.
Yet New York State's Family Courts are overloaded. As Chief Judge Judith Kaye explained in her State of the Judiciary Address, New York State's Family Courts are "desperately short of judicial resources." The courts need more judges to handle this burgeoning and extraordinarily vulnerable caseload.
Click here to send a letter to Governor Spitzer, Assembly Speaker Silver, Majority Leader Bruno and your legislators asking them to pass legislation adding 39 more Family Court Judges.

Overheard at Starbucks on Montague Street in Brooklyn

Received Tuesday, March 20, 2007
8:40 this morning. One attractive, women dressed in grey suit/corporate gear sitting and speaking to one healthy looking, sporty type, wearing a Dodgers ball cap, plain white hoody and blue Levis. Both women were African American.
Woman #1 (in grey suit), "Shouldn't you be up in Greenwich working today"
Woman #2 (in plain white hoody), "The kids are off from school today. I just couldn't. I called off.
Woman #1 When are you going to get out of that mess?
Woman #2 As soon as I find something else.
Woman #1 Good luck with that.
Woman #2 The children I could deal with, but what the F--k am I doing working for a stay at home mom?
Woman #1 You knew that going in.
Woman #2 Yeah, but I didn't know what an incompetent b--ch she is.

This is of course all paraphrased. Conversation only got worse from there. Mother has young child and two in school who are home on break this week. Mother is in an extraordinarily bad mood because husband was supposed to get time off to take the family away this week but he did not. Nanny had no kind words for mother who she claimed was addicted to Valium. I am choosing to end now rather than reveal more of what I overheard, but I would be so angry to hear my personal life dished and dissected like that.

When is the appropriate time to give a nanny a raise?

Received Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Okay, so this is not a nanny sighting, but I have a question for nannies and their employers... When is the appropriate time to give a nanny a raise? We have a nanny who has been with us for 6 months now. I have no complaints, she is reliable and my children adore her. We pay her the salary that she suggested during her interview. While we are financially strapped a little as it is, I don't want to miss the "right time" to acknowledge that we are pleased with her work. And before you all start in on me about not having a nanny if I can't really afford one... save your energy. I choose to have a nanny rather than daycare (which would just never be an option for me) or whatever other suggestions you have for me. If I have to do without a little something extra in my life to have really good childcare, then so be it. My question is what is the typical time frame before a raise, and what is the typical amount of a raise. Thanks in advance for your advice.


Larchmont Train Station in Larchmont, NY

Received Monday, March 19, 2007
I was standing near the Larchmont train station at about 8:00 a.m. Your nanny had clearly just seen you off at the train with your adorable little daughter,aged two, or maybe a young three, dressed in a St.Louis cherry dress. Your nanny, I'm not sure if she's Filipino, Mexican, or some kind of mix, took a cellphone call and started jabbering in a foreign tongue while she stuffed a hot dog into your precious daughter's unwilling mouth. Your daughter tried her hardest to stop the hot dog force-feeding by clasping her hand over her own mouth while shouting, "No more hot dog!" The nanny responded by slapping your daughter's hand away from her mouth, and then PALMING the hot dog directly into her mouth. I marched up to the nanny and demanded she allow your daughter to spit out the unchewed hot dog onto the sidewalk. Your nanny does not speak sufficient English, even as I screamed and motioned vomiting by putting my own hand into my throat to simulate spitting out the hot dog. Your nanny did manage the words, "No lady, go! Go lady go!" She whirled the stroller around and headed toward the bagel shop, where I think she went in to meet a man. She left with him - an African American man about 30-ish with a goatee in an orange tracksuit. That was the last I saw of them. Please, I hope you can identify your nanny and find someone to translate proper feeding techniques to her. Your child looked so unhappy.

Ottendorfer Library in the East Village, NYC

Received Monday, March 19, 2007
Wednesday, March 14 - Middle 40s Jamacian nanny at Ottendorfer
Library 4pm.Ignoring 2 boys strapped into their black dual Mclaren stroller talking to her friend. The older boy (3 years old?) wanted to get out and she refused to let him, and when his initial request was ignored he began to wine and kept getting louder and louder until he hit his little brother in frustration, which only annoyed the nanny.
When she saw me staring she pretended to read to him, but didn't even
get through the book. It was horrible to witness this little boy being ignored. The library wasn't crowded and other children were walking around. She is a terrible caregiver.


A Letter to Employers

Sunday, March 18, 2007
Perspective & Opinion
In my time as a nanny, I have noticed some interesting ideas on the part of families on what a nanny is supposed to be and what she is supposed to do. These expectations often end up being out of sync with the tasks that were agreed upon when the job began. Both nannies and au pairs have similar experiences.

A nanny or an au pair is supposed to care for your children and tasks relating directly to your children. These tasks can vary from the typical day-to-day playdates, cleaning up after the children and personal care to responsibilities like doctor's appointments and special trips taken with your children. Most (good) nannies and au pairs don't mind doing these things. However, I've noticed a trend of gradually increasing responsibilities without additional compensation and expecting these child caregivers to take care of activities that are decidely not related to children. These reasons are often cited as why a nanny left a former position.

Your nanny is not your personal assistant or your housekeeper. Unless you agreed upon special tasks not relating to your children when you hired her, it is not reasonable to expect her to pack your family for a move across town, weed the garden or do a variety of household chores because your maid service is not coming on a given week. It is equally unreasonable to invite other children over for an entire day without having mentioned this to the nanny beforehand so that she can prepare. Your nanny is not a free neighborhood babysitter. Please do not invite several other children over under the guise of a playdate when you fully intend on leaving your home for hours unbeknowst to the parent's of the other children. There is very little more awkward than explaining to Timmy's mom that Mrs X went to get her hair done around noon and you haven't seen her since. It is not fair to leave your nanny with the additional work of several extra children at a moment's notice and not to compensate her for that additional work. On a similar note, if your nanny is supposed to be done at a certain time, do not wait until 5 minutes before she's set to leave to ask her to do something time consuming for your children. Her job may seem simple or even trivial to you, but she's a person with a life of her own and her time is just as valuable as yours. It's not okay expect her to bend to your every whim.

If you'd like to add a specific duty to your nanny's day, discuss it with her face to face. There is very little more disconcerting than discovering a list of tasks that are to be completed by the end of the day, especially if these tasks had not previously been agreed upon as part of the job. It traps the nanny and creates a great deal of awkwardness, especially for a girl who lives in and might be afraid of being fired/homeless if she does not comply. If you want *your* bedroom closet organized, do not assume your child's caregiver won't mind being asked to do it. Every half hour your nanny spends doing a task you've assigned is a half hour she's not spending with your children. If your children are gone for a portion of the day, discuss with your nanny how you'd like her to spend her time and come to an agreement. Do not assume.

It is reasonable for your nanny to sit down and eat lunch. She is not being lazy. All people need to eat, drink, use the bathroom, etc. If you come home during the day and your nanny is eating, please don't look at her like she's guilty of a capital crime. Additionally, demanding she get up and do whatever task you've just thought of is not reasonable either. Nannies cannot leave work to go get lunch the way you do. Whether the food comes from your fridge or she brings her own lunch, she has a right to eat lunch in a reasonable amount of time. Finally, if you would like your nanny to do something differently, tell her. Nannies, communicate with your family. Getting written agreements about job description, additional responsibilities and compensation that comes with those responsibilities can help keep everyone on the same page. If you do communicate well with your child's caregiver, you may find you have difficulty keeping one employed.



"If she admits it and promises not to steal again"

Received Friday, March 16, 2007
My new nanny who has been employed for about seven weeks has been stealing from me. I noticed last week that a very large change jar was missing from the pantry. I searched high and low for it. You may not think this is a big deal but it had at least $150 because my husband and I just drop change in this big jar to deposit in our children's savings accounts every once in a while. I hated to think that it was the nanny but there really was no other explanation. When the nanny was offered employment, she agreed to clean once per week while my kids were in school. Today was her day to clean and everyone was gone. There was a smaller change jar on my bedroom dresser which I decided I would "set up" hopefully in an effort to disprove my suspicion that it was the nanny. When I came home and checked the change jar, sure enough the 8 quarters that I strategically placed at the top of the jar were gone. I know it is only $2 but it simply gave me the proof that I needed because in my gut, I knew something was wrong.
After reading many blogs regarding situations like these, I know that I need to sit down and confront her to see what she has to say. I would have been happy to give her a raise or a pay advance had she told me that she was having financial difficulties. I feel the trust has been broken and I cannot trust her to care for my kids anymore.
If she admits to it and promises not to steal again, do I believe her and allow her to keep her job or do I proceed with firing her?

Foothills Music Together in Tucson, Arizona

Received Friday, March 16, 2007
On Tuesday March 13th I saw a nanny with two children. An infant, Campell and a young boy, Caleb, he was maybe 2 or 3. She said the baby was four months. It was at the foothills music together. I saw her pick the sweet baby girl up by her forearms several times. Every time I saw her do this I just cringed. Also for part of the class the baby was left in her car seat off to the corner of the room. Baby was awake too. Hope Mommy or Daddy sees this.


Ancient Playground off East 85th Street in NYC

Received Thursday, March 16, 2007
Three wheeled double stroller; front and back model. Light blue in color.
Temperature in the park at 11 AM, approximately 68 degrees.
Your nanny brought your beautiful twin boys out to Ancient Playground; off of E. 85th and parked them by the bench where they stayed in their stroller for over an hour.
I left after that, but I would bet money those children never got out of that stroller! The children were likely about two, with light colored, straight hair. The nanny was wearing a red windbreaker, Adidas black track pants and tennis shoes. The nanny enjoyed her time gabbing with her friends both in person and on her cellphone.
Memo to all the working mommies: So many nannies have their cellphones permanently out and glued to their heads, perhaps you should ask the nanny to take pictures of your children P-L-A-Y-I-N-G in the park. How did parking a child at the park get to be acceptable?

Just a question.....

Received Thursday, March 15, 2007
I was wondering if someone could help me with this? I interviewed for a great position last week, and I was told I'd have an answer in a week. I called the parents, and the mother told me she didn't interview anyone else after me-her words were "anyone else was blah after you". She said after the interview she had a good feeling about me, and my credentials. Does this mean I may have the job?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Documentary Series Needs Manhattan's Extraordinary Families

Ricochet Television, producer of ABC’s hit show Supernanny, is developing a new documentary series about the lives of Manhattan families and the issues they face living, working, and raising children in the big city.

We will follow the lives of a handful of families for a period of a few months, as they handle the daily pressures of living in Manhattan: Whether it be remodeling their homes, traveling for work or pleasure, or dealing with overbearing pre-school directors.

We are currently looking for Manhattan’s most stylish and successful families to participate in our docu-series. Filming days will be tailored to each individual family based on their own schedules and the events going on in their lives. If you are intrested, please contact .

Jury Awards Daniel Snyder's Former Nanny more than $44,000 in Unpaid Overtime (read the article)

Can't Get The Staff? It Serves Your Right. (read the article)

HealthFirst-Baby CPR kit (read about this new learning tool)

Rudin Playground on West 96th. in NYC

Received Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Horrible childcare sighting today at The Rudin Playground on West 96Th Street, just before noon.
The woman was white betw. 50-70, short, greying hair that covered her ears, grey sweatshirt with 3 squares of design across the chest, knit pants in black, smart shoes.
Child was betw.2 1/2-4. Thick, brown hair that was wavy. Blue eyes, white child wearing a blue cord jacket over a white shirt and blue jeans.
What happened: The nanny who I have seen once before sitting on a bench facing the opposite way of the child and reading was again sitting on the bench. She looked up, noticed something and called the child over. I want to say the child's name was Morgan but I am not 100 percent sure. The child had apparently wet his pants. The woman smacked him on the face. The child started to cry. She stood up with her newspaper and left the park with the child. She was clearly aggravated.
**This may have been a grandmother, but that doesn't make it okay!

96th Street and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan

Received Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Nanny Dearest pushing a green McClaren Stroller containing a red-headed male child down 96th and passing me on Columbus Avenue where she whilst gabbing on her cellphone ran over the foot of my five year old daughter. So busy was she, that upon hearing the child screech, she turned and gave us the "what's up" nod and then continued on her path. This happened at 10:17 AM. Nanny was wearing New York Mets Jersey over a long sleeve shirt, jeans and work boots.


Background Checks

Received Tuesday, March 13, 2007
What's the best way to conduct a background check on a nanny that you want to hire?
In my opinion, the best way would be to use a reputable private detective agency and make certain that the report is thorough.
Joanna L. Krotz wrote an article for Microsoft that explains why You Can't Skimp on Employee Background Checks. Liz Pulliam Weston wrote an interesting article for called Secrets a Background Check Won't Uncover. Both articles are worth checking out.

If you decide to conduct a background check yourself, I have had great success using Intelius and Akiba. You will need to have your employee sign a written authorization before you conduct a background check, please click here for a sample authorization form. The Privacy Rights Organization provides an interesting fact sheet for employers and employees which explains privacy rights with respect to background checks.

If your nanny is driving your children as part of her job, please make sure that the background check includes a comprehensive search of Motor Vehicle Records as driving records reveal more than just how well the nanny drives and in fact can illuminate the employee's judgment, attention to detail, and conformity to rules.


1 Ford Road in Newport Beach/Irvine California

Received Monday, March 12, 2007
There is a homeowners association in Newport Beach/Irvine Califonia called 1 Ford Road. Several wealthy families live here and there are numerous nannies. A few days ago my husband saw a hispanic nanny pushing a baby boy(maybe 1 or 2) in a stroller. He started to cry and she responded by shaking the sroller side to side. He stopped crying for a little bit and then he cried again. She shook it harder, very violently and when he kept crying she hit the stroller into a fence causing his head to jerk back and forth. Of course the baby only cried more and she was saying shut up and other things in spanish. If you live in this association and have a nanny watch out. There are several that go to the park every day and talk to each other the whole time while the kids run around unsupervised.

12:55 Showing of the Bridge to Terbaitha in Los Angeles, CA

Received Monday, March 12, 2007
If your nanny or your sitter was watching your boys on Sunday and took them to see Bridge to Terabithia, I was in the same theatre with them. This is the The Grove 14 in LA and the show started at 12:55. She was also late bringing the boys in and caused a disruption to get situated. Her cell phone rang at least 5 times during the show & she answered it every time. She also hopped up and left the theatre at least 7 times in total. She was rude, talking during the show, a bad example and left the two boys by themselves many times in a crowded theatre. I cant tell ages but the littlest boy was young enough that he probably wasn't in school yet. Both boys had short brown hair and olive skin. The older boy was wearing a green and yellow baseball cap with an A on it. The nanny or sitter was young, with hair down her back, wavy, attractive with a good shape but a giant mouth. Huge mouth that showed gums I could see even in the dark. The sitter was white but she was definitely not their mom. That was plain to see. She was also the worst behaved manners in the whole theatre and many people had to shush her. I was embarrassed for your kids.


Should I come clean to my employers and tell them who their best friend really is?

Received Sunday, March 11, 2007
I worked for a family as a live-in nanny for four and a half years. They are absolutely fabulous people who very quickly grew to be like my second family. Now that I am not working for them I still try and visit once a week, usually for dinner. When I left them (two months ago) they decided to get an au pair instead of another nanny because their kids are now 8 and 12 and having a "professional nanny" isn't as much of a priority as it was when I first began caring for them. They are fabulous candidates for an au pair, in my opinion, because they are incredibly welcoming and really make their caregiver a part of their family in every way they can.

The only dark spot of my time with this family revolved around their close neighbor and best friend, who I'll call Mr. X. The X family lived 2 houses away and have two kids about the same age as the ones I cared for. I really enjoyed talking to Mrs. X, and although her children were rather spoiled and a bit out of control, I always enjoyed having them over for playdates (as long as their babysitter or mom was close by if we ran into problems). Mr. X, on the other hand, was not a person I enjoyed dealing with. From the first time I met him he made me very uncomfortable. I think he's the type of person who enjoys making people, especially young girls, uncomfortable. He would do little subtle things, such as complimenting me on clothes I was wearing, but in a very suggestive way, like saying, "God you look good in that bathing suit, if I wasn't married . . . " And he'd always go out of his way to touch me, never in an overtly sexual way, but definitely in ways I found inappropriate, like standing behind me and massaging my shoulders.

So, basically the guy is just a slimy kind of creep, but I'm not a babe in the woods, and although I found his advances unpleasant, I am able to stand up for myself. I'd move away from him when he was touching me, ask pointed questions about his wife and kids when I thought his comments were crossing the line. But, despite how close I felt to the parents who I worked for, I never once told them how I felt or what Mr. X did & said because the X's are their absolute best friends. They think he walks on water, and since I wasn't worried that he was going to do anything beyond some mild verbal harassment, I never told them anything and just dealt with it on my own.

However, I'm worried a bit for the girl who is now in my place. She's 18 years old, Scandinavian, beautiful and very sweet. I worry that she's not going to be able to deal with Mr. X as easily as I did. I think she's great for the family, and it makes me feel less guilty for having left them, since the kids are getting along with her so well and the transition has gone so smoothly. I'd hate to have Mr. X ruin things by upsetting her and making her working environment so very uncomfortable (and he's completely capable of doing that!). It would be even worse if she actually found him attractive (he's not an unattractive man, unfortunately for this situation) and gave in to his advances.

What should I do? Should I come clean to my employers and tell them who their best friend really is?

Convenience Market in Port Chester, New York

Received Sunday, March 11, 2007
By the time I got home, I forgot the name of the place, but this incident happened at the place to buy lottery tickets in the Pathmark Shopping Center in Port Chester. It is located next to a dollar store, a cafe and a Petland Store. I was leaving the Petland and decided on the spur of a moment to buy lottery tickets, so I walked 2 doors down. This incident occured on Saturday at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon. The store is somewhat dirty and I noticed a little girl about 3(?) on the floor, sitting. She wore pink tights made of a sock material with white tennis shoes and she had a navy blue coat with a white footprint logo. Hang Ten(?) Her caregiver was busy filling out lottery tickets taking an inordinate amount of time to do so. The caregiver was white, short curly hair, heavy set, short in height and wearing a blue polo style short sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans. The little girl was tracing pattern on the floor with her finger. (So dirty). Later I noticed that the girl still sucked her thumb. (Oh!). The little girl asked "will mommy be home when we get home" and the caregiver said "No, mommy gets back late tonight, but she will be home when you wake up in the morning. (A clue?) This caregiver was not in front of me in line and I was nearly finished when a rack of obscene magazines at the back of the store attracted her attention. With the little girl still playing on the floor, she went and selected three (yes, 3!) magazines. I left when she was still paying. This might not be abusive but the combination of the gambling, the porn and the little girl on the floor just turned my stomach sour.


Mother seeks advice regarding succesful nanny search....

Received Friday, March 9, 2007
I am a mother in Riverside, CT and because the agency we have worked with has not produced any viable candidates, I found myself searching Craig's List this afternoon. Mostly, out of curiosity as I had been warned. Most notably, I had been warned by both agencies that I signed up with.
One agency charges $3500 to find a nanny and the other charges $4200.
Imagine my surprise to see ads such as this:

Wonderful Westchester Family Seeking Experienced Nanny...
Reply to:
Date: 2007-03-09, 2:46PM EST
Nice Westchester Family seeking a live in or live out nanny for four active children. Must have experience working with multiple children close in age and physically fit to keep up with the children. Hours are long with a break during the day. Must drive. Great family, nice opportunity. If you are qualified for this position please e-mail You MUST send a resume; only candidates that send a resume will be considered.

This is NOT the agency that I am working with, but never the less; I found this to be quite disconcerting. If the nanny has a resume and is ready for work and I pay for the background check myself, what is the agency doing? I can go online to a link on this very page and get my own background check (for $49.99). Money is not the issue, but I don't understand what I am paying for? And why are the agencies warning us against using free tools like Craig's List? And why have had I no success in finding my ideal candidate?

Mothers & Fathers, I beg of you. Lend me your expertise. Does this sound legitimate to you? I want a kind, happy, active, intelligent, swimming, driving & fun person who speaks proper English. Salary is open for the right candidate and I think that I am a good employer! Why is this so hard?

79th Street between 3rd. and 4th Ave. in Brooklyn, NY

Received Friday, March 9, 2007

Hi Mommies & Daddies,

I have to share something I witnessed today because if it was my baby I would like to know.

I was walking down 79Th Street between 3rd and 4Th Ave. and I walked past a nanny, blonde, in her 60's, wearing a white or ivory winter jacket and a beret of the same color. She was walking a baby boy with a navy blue stroller with some navy blue plaid and had a red stroller blanket with white thingies as a pattern. She stopped for a minute and lit up a cigarette. She smoked while walking this child and with the wind direction the smoke was probably getting to him.

If the mommy or daddy of this baby knows this nanny smokes in front of their child, then please disregard this message.

NY Children's Museum in NY, NY

Received Friday, March 9, 2007
I work F-T outside the home, but try to take a day or two off every month to spend with my son. Today was one of those days and I took my son to the NY Children's Museum. This is both a good and not-good nanny (and parent) sighting. First off, I want to point out that the majority of the nannies and parents at the museum were attentive and caring--particularly a lovely African-American woman who was older with short hair and a red coat and caring for a baby boy who looked to be about six months old and an older child. She was just really wonderful to the baby, all the while keeping her eye out for the older child.I'm sorry I can't be more specific, I was chasing my little guy around.
Here are my observations: Some parents and nannies might consider turning their blackberries and cell phones off. I saw one nanny (long wavy dark hair, young, black slim, but puffy-style coat, very pretty) who was on the cell phone every single time I saw her (at least 8 or 9 times in the 90 minutes we were there).There were a half-dozen other nannies doing the same to some degree. Where were the kids? Often out of eye sight as evidenced by a momentary "hold on" and dart across the room or to another area to find the child. Other nannies and mothers were sitting along the wall bored and barely paying attention. This is an interactive museum, for goodness sake... not a tot lot. Finally, the one that took the cake for me was a mother--slim blonde, late 30s--whose daughter--about 2 or 3yo, blonde--was typing messages on her blackberry the entire time. Other parents and nannies would have to ask her child to share or move for a second so their child could get by. The little girl sat on one climbing area and refused to move (blocking the way for five or six other kids) and would yell "no" and push the other kids with her feet. My child just walked to the other end and kept playing. But finally, after no less than three minutes, another mother asked the girl to move, then physically lifted her so the other kids could go by. The mother of the girl was still typing away on the blackberry. Just as the girl resumed her spot in the way of the other kids, the mom looked up and said,"honey, we need to make room for other kids" and moved the girl to another area.Within about 30 seconds, she was back to her blackberry, ignoring the girl who would rotate between playing and staring at her mom. This museum is really one where you've got to interact with your child about half the time to help them understand what they're doing or to just cheer them on. I felt sad for the little girl. She seemed to know (I say this from the look she'd give to her mom--like she didn't want to bother her but hoped mom would notice she wanted her) not to bug her mom and the mother was oblivious to her child's need for interaction.

Employer in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Received Friday, March 9, 2007
Just before Christmas 2006, I started watching two children from a family that lives right around the corner from me. I received full payment in December, but have yet to receive a dime for January. Through the entire month of January, the mom kept telling me she'd pay me xx amount at such and such time. Then her husband signed up through something at work - they would take money out of paycheck and pay me through that, and was told that I would be paid in full on February 15 for all January and the amount owed to me in February. I signed this paper over two week ago, and still haven't received payment. I emailed the mom yesterday to ask her once again if she knew when I would be paid. I have not heard anything from her as of yet, and am really not expecting a response.

I am now printing up all the email communications I've had with her in the last month and am heading up to the court-house today to file a small claims against them. I have been unable to take on another highly-interested family because of this (I had a feeling all along that I would need to take it to court). I truly wish it didn't have to go this far, but I'm out of options and way out of patience.
- Frustrated in Colorado

Prospect Park / Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY

Received Friday, March 9, 2007
Anyone know of a nanny named Malo or Marla? She looks Indian or Caribbean of some sort I hear the guy shes always with say Marlo or Marla I am not sure. I have been seeing walking around with the little girl she takes care of . There is this man whom I think is her boyfriend or some sort that with her most of the times as well. The reason for this post is that i want to say these parents do not see what I see .The nanny is always making out with the guy They are acting like a couple of teens . This behaviour is totally inexcusable . The guy is all over her and same applies to her .I also saw them getting out of a car driven by the same man .I heard the man refer to the little girl as Sofia when saying goodbye . God only knows where they went or did with this innocent child around anyone know the parents should inform them.


...Should I just resign myself to packing a lunch?

Received Thursday, March 8, 2007
I just took a new position with a very well off family. I only mention this because the mother seems to go out of her way to keep her cupboards bare. I work a very long day and previous positions, I have always had my meal with the children. There is nothing to eat. Is this woman just "tight" or is this how things are done out here? I previously had two wonderful nanny gigs with generous families in San Francisco. Is this worth discussing or should I just resign myself to packing a lunch?
-Hungry on the East Coast

Please email ISYN if you have a question to ask or an experience to share.

Mason & Lewis Streets in Greenwich, CT

Received Thursday, March 8, 2007
On Mason Street in Greenwich, Connecticut making a left hand turn on to Lewis Street.
New York white/blue licence plate, two small children both tow headed and in car seats in the backseat of the car. Temperature outside- 12 degrees or so and mom/nanny/au pair or sitter was smoking in the Silver Toyota, Landcruiser. Driver had blonde/brown hair, worn short and large, dark sunglasses. This was at 3:20 PM on Wednesday.

We need to follow in the steps of Bangor, Maine city councilor Patricia Blanchette (a smoker) who said "People who smoke with children present in the confined space of a car or truck might as well be deliberately trying to kill those children"

Seely Park in Sacramento, California

Received Thursday, March 8, 2007
Child:Little girl with long brown hair, pink sweater, blue jeans, black flats, approximate age of 7.
Nanny: Nanny bears striking resemblance to the character actress who played Yolanda Saldivar {the woman who shot Selena in the movie Selena}. Short, slightly pudgy, short, rusty hair, striped shirt and black slacks, sensible shoes, approximate age 60.
Where: Seely Park in Scaramento, California
What: Child was getting yelled at in Spanish by a nanny wielding a hairbrush who was obviously upset that the little girl didn't have a hair tie with her. The nanny was brushing her hair out, quite roughly as indicated by the child who kept saying "ow, ow". I don't speak Spanish so I don't know what she said. The little girl didn't respond at all to the woman's Spanish Tirade so I would suppose she; that nanny is just another non English Speaking, off -the- books -bandit. The nanny demonstrated no love for the child, just hurried impatience. The child may take classes at nearby Sacramento Academy of Dance as the little girl was carrying a pink & white backpack and a pink & white duffel bag with rhinestone hearts on it. {Ballet uniform?}.
When: Tuesday at approximately 430 PM.

How's My Nanny?

Thursday, March 8, 2007 is a service run by a New York prosecutor who is also a mother of two. Through this site, parents can now purchase a license plate for their stroller that enables the public to anonymously report good or bad nanny observations. Registered parents receive an email alerting them to the report. has received a lot of press and is quickly spreading across the country. Various media entities have requested to interview members of on why they believe this service is a helpful step in safeguarding our children. will not disclose members' information. As such, if you would like to become a member and agree to do a press interview, will send you a free license plate and one year membership. Currently they are seeking a member in Maryland, Connecticut, Brooklyn and the Upper West Side. New requests come up each month. Contact if interested.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A former au pair for the family of slain mother of two Tara Lynn Grant says she was betrayed by Grant's accused killer, Stephen Grant. ... Click here to continue reading.

Poughkeepsie, NY -- A town man was arrested Monday for allegedly assaulting a two-year-old he was babysitting, Town of Poughkeepsie Police said..... Click here to continue reading article.

EDMONTON -- Parents seeking a babysitter for their young children should not - repeat, not - ever consider hiring the services of Robert Jim Sky of Edmonton..... Click here to continue reading.

Click here to view the Story, Don't be a Victim: Choosing a nanny by Dan Starks.

Click here to find a Red Cross near you that offers Infant & Child CPR classes.

9:42 AM Train From Stamford, CT heading towards Grand Central

Received Tuesday, March 6, 2007
9:42 Metro North Train From Stamford, CT heading towards Grand Central
I can't presume to know where they got off as I did not get on this train. What I can tell you is that shortly before the train arrived, I saw a woman dragging a boy of about 3 by his coat sleeve. The child repeatedly said "stop, stop, you're hurting me". A man of about 50 stopped the woman and child and asked what was going on, fearing that the woman was possibly abducting the child. The woman smiled, wiped her brow and said, "we're late and he doesn't feel like cooperating". This seemed to make sense to the man as it did to me. I would guess by the difference in ethnicity's and the way the woman spoke to the child that she was in fact a caregiver, but she had no patience. Past the man, they were closer to me now standing and waiting for the train to come when the woman said to the boy, "you know if you would have made us miss that train, 'I would bust your ass'. The boy then started whining saying "no, i don't want you to bust my ass" to which she said, "Shut up, just shut up". I don't really care if this was a nanny, mother or aunt- this is a contemptible way to treat a child who by the way should have had a hat and gloves on. He was obviously freezing. Maybe if he wasn't so cold, he could have moved faster?
Boy wore a jacket that was khaki green and had white stitching across the front and on the sleeves. Boy had very short, military style haircut that was brown/blond. The nanny was wearing a silver/grey coat with a collar and belt that came to mid thigh. She was medium height and weight and wore a grey and black knit cap over her hair, ponytail of "braids" sticking out below that and she had sunglasses on that had 'tortoise shell frames".


Leland & North Harlem Avenues in Harwood Heights, Illinois

Received Monday, March 5, 2007
This could have happened to almost anyone. At about 10 AM this morning (3/5), a nanny layered in maroon sweatshirt, navy knee length jacket with light brown hair & blue jeans was pushing a child of about 2 in a nondescript stroller on West Leland and went to cross North Harlem Ave (not in the crosswalk). As the stroller dropped down off the sidewalk, the curly haired boy plopped out of the stroller and into the street. I kid you not. His grey/black jacket looked pretty well padded, so that probably cushioned his fall. The nanny had quick reflexes and quickly put the child back in to the stroller, but not before looking around with a worried expression to see who saw the incident. I did! I hope he's okay. Those strollers come with buckles for a reason!


Playing Frisbee in Central Park near 86th. (NYC)

Another Great Nanny SightingReceived Sunday, March 4, 2007
Best sighting yet. Petite Manny who looked to be from the Philippines, smile stretched across his face playing Frisbee with two blond children in the Park Saturday afternoon. The Manny had very short hair that stuck up at top and wore a rugby style shirt that was white and yellow. The children were definitely brothers, both had the same shade of blond hair, thick and wavy. The children had tan skin and light eyes and athletic, not thin builds. The three of them made more noise than anyone else in the park, hooping and hollering. Chasing each other, mock tackling. They were definitely having a great time, not just the children but the Manny was having every bit as good a time too. I wish I knew who you were who employed this young man. It was Saturday afternoon and I wonder if he is your temp. nanny or a permanent employee. I would love to have someone like that work for my family every weekend. Does anyone know how to find an active and fun Manny who is not opposed to getting dirty, tumbling in the mud & looking foolish as he roughhouses with kids?

Bajan nanny taking case to streets

Later this month, backers of Cindy Carter, A Bajan nanny waiting for her day in court plan to protest near the Massapequa Park home of former employer Fontaine Sheridan, a white mother of three children who pleaded guilty last year to assaulting the Bajan. Sheridan was originally accused of pushing the black woman down some steps, causing bodily injury while allegedly using a racial slur, the "N" word. (Click here to Continue Reading This Story)
More Nannies in The News

Chester Heights Park in Eastchester, NY

Received Sunday, March 4, 2007
I am a stay at home Mom with two young children. On Saturday, I took my 4 and 7 year old to the Chester Heights Park which is located in Eastchester, NY. They are very social children who enjoy playing independently so I set about working on a crossword puzzle, looking up periodically to keep track of them.
Regrettably, my four year old boy at some point took a swing that another child was waiting for from that child. I didn't witness that happen exactly. What I did witness was a very large nanny, towering over a boy of about the same age as my son as she instructed her "charge" to knock him off the swing. She used lots of improper language/slang as she urged the boy to "git him". I caught this as I made my way over there. When her little boy refused to knock my child out of the swing, she scolded him and called him a "punk" and further told him that "everyone knows they can beat on you now". I was shocked by this gruff, looming nanny but ignored her all together to deal with my son and the little boy. I asked the little boy what happened. He told me. I asked my son if that was true. He agreed that was true. I ordered him to get off the swing and to apologize and he did just that. This is normal, right? The nanny was shaking her head at me like I was a monster. Granted, if I would have seen my son stealing a swing from a child, I would have hopped up sooner and none of this would have happened. But things like this DO happen on the playground. I was really scared by the vicious, thug like behavior of the nanny.


Saturday, March 3, 2007

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Arcadia Park in Arcadia, California

Received Friday, March 2, 2007
Hispanic sitter with short orange hair, large midsection and thin legs caring for stick thin 3-4 year old blondy girl with short blunt haircut. Little Girl was very thin, almost gangly. Sitter wore brown pants and a button up kind of shirt. Sitter was completely ignoring the child. Sitter was reading "Pulso" a foreign newspaper and ignoring the child. The child had no one to play with and at one point was trying to play with two older children who were mean to her. The sitter didn't even look up from her paper. The girls called her a "dumb baby". At this point, I didn't know who the child was with and I was within earshot of all three children, so I said, "that's not very nice". That was enough to stop that. But the girls ran away from the girl. Leaving her just slumped against a pole and later just standing looking at her feet. I don't know if this girl had problems are not, but the slightest positive interaction might have directed her towards the smaller children at the park. I realized who the child was with when she very meekly approached the sitter and asked "can you play with me". The sitter put down a corner of her paper and said "Goplay". Yes like that. In one fast word. The child was so lost. This child was very pale and also very young. She could have even been under 3 and tall for her age. The child looked around the park and just as quickly looked at the ground. She then went and stood behind the sitter parked on her keister reading the paper. Later the child slumped to the ground and simply sat. She was still just sitting there on the ground behind the sitter when we left. PS The little girl was wearing a pink short sleeved shirt with a white puppy on it. And taking a child to the park- should be fun for the child, NOT a break for the emotionless sitter.