Saturday, August 29, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Seeking a Nanny, Housekeeper and part time Trauma Nurse (Portland)
We run a small home business and we have three special needs children. We have a very active home with lots of energy and a periodically broken volume knob. We would like someone who is self motivated, dependable, not afraid of hard work and excited to work with children. We would like this person to have at least two years experience working with children, some experience working with children with disabilities preferred, current CPR and first aid training, at least two professional references and knowing how to operate multiple remotes to multiple devices would be a huge plus. That’s what we would like; but if you’re brave enough to walk through the front door, well, that just might do. We need help with: getting the kids off the bus after school, home work, cleaning their rooms, playing board games with ever evolving and unidentified rules, making and serving meals, cleaning up after meals, changing poopy diapers, changing poopy underpants, referee sibling conflicts, soothing agitated moods, singing the veggie tales theme song, vacuuming, that’s not yours, organizing the art cabinet or keeping the five year old occupied while I do, some grocery shopping and putting it away, getting this child out of that child’s room and putting all the toys this child took out of that child’s room and spread across the living room floor back in that child’s room, cleaning the crayon marks off the wall this child made while you were helping that=2 0child get their toys back, changing beds, getting kids into pajamas, I just cleaned that!!!, privacy means you don’t go outside naked, put that back, deciphering the speech therapist’s handwriting, folding laundry or standing watch over the three WMDs while I do it, explaining why we have to wear pants if the babies don’t, picking up toys outside, will you please stop bugging him, taking out the garbage, some gardening, telling the boys to take their hand out of there, for the love of God let Mommy finish just one cup of coffee, please, PLEASE!, oh my God where did you get that!, playing NERF dart tag while knowing that no matter how the game goes you have to loose and fall to the ground and let the kids fall on your kidneys like a trampoline, fixing broken toys, art projects, running to the post office and the bank and Walgreens for compression bandages and then the liquor store, backing me in any argument I’m having with the husband, don’t put the used Kleenex back in the box, reading stories, playing dress up, making pretend hamburgers, singing the veggie tales theme song, taking a turn standing watch over the youngest during a psychotic episode, organizing the office, setting up the fisher price train, getting out the stickers and some paper, getting the two oldest into the bath and keeping the youngest out of the bath, finding the source of20“that smell”, helping to hold the oldest down while we attempt to administer ear drops, scraping stickers off the TV and digging some paper out of the heat register, because girl lobsters wear makeup, putting in a new DVD-CD-game cartridge-DVD -game cartridge-CD-cartridge-DVD-CD-CD-CD …, soothing head tooth toe ear knee belly aches, cleaning up any manner of biological fluids emitted from a child’s body that were probably intended to appear in a different form or from a different orifice, please go bug somebody else, please let there be enough hot water left for just one more shower, will you please do that in your room, remembering that my kids are neither evil or malicious, cuddles, do you need to go potty, did you flush the toilet, did you wash your hands, did you use soap and water, why is the water still running, please turn off the light, ARE YOU WET!!, some filing, proofreading e-mails and CL posts before I send them … obviously, what did you just flush down there?!?, taking the kids out to the zoo or the mall, going for special days at the park or the pool, going on discovery walks, carrying the middle child back when he discovers his knees are too sore to walk back on his own, finding the !!BLUE!! shirt, ushering the children out of the bathroom when the toilet overflows, finding the plunger and plunging the toilet, singing the veggie t ales theme song, ushering the children out of the bathroom when the toilet overflows again after we tried to flush it before completely clearing the blockage, letting Daddy believe he was the first one to get his little girl to say that clearly, convincing the little girl that Mommy isn’t the only one that can change her poopy diapers, for the last time (again) TURN THAT DOWN!, that’s not a jungle gym, Where-Are-Your-Pants?, taking the ninth turn today reading Dr Seuss’ “One Foot Two Foot”, wrapping gifts, planning parties, going over board with decorations and party favors, changing a wet accident for the fifth time today, undressing muddy children at the back door, mopping the mud off the floor from the one that ran past, telling the youngest not to eat that off the floor, telling the oldest that we just told the youngest not to eat that and that means them too, telling them all that we only have two hands and to not ask again, finding the letter M, playing tickle monster, encouraging me while I try to convince my husband that his aging and saggy body is still as hot as it was at 25, convincing me that when he says I’m as hot as I was at 25 he’s clearly just stating the obvious, why are all the cups and forks in the laundry hamper?, reminding me to calm down when the grouchy old man at the grocery store runs into my handicapped child with his cart because they weren’t getting out of his way fast enough, singing the veggie tales theme song, this is not a playroom, making sure all the kids get the right medication at the right time and it all gets recorded properly, making sure my husband and I get our blood pressure medication, knowing when my husband is right but making sure he doesn’t know I’m ready to admit it, getting everybody’s socks in the right drawer, keeping clean towels and toilet paper in the bathrooms (and yes; making sure the paper rolls the right way), polishing off that box of wine on Friday night after the rest of the house is asleep and the lunch dishes still aren’t washed, vacuuming under the cushions, finding out which side of the window those finger prints are on, finding my phone, finding my keys, finding the $100 universal remote that was supposed to operate everything seamlessly, finding a way to get that darn veggie tales theme song out of my head. And maybe, just maybe if we get time off for good behavior. We could get someone to watch the kids while the husband and I go out for a quiet grown-up night, with mood lighting and wine glasses. A romantic evening just for two; playing footsie below the table and holding hands above the table with our eyes locked in that loving gaze that only two people, who have been together as long20as we, could have. But, probably still talking about what we think the kids might want to do next week. So, if you’ve read this far and still have even an inkling of interest we’re offering $9.00 an hour for afternoon and weekend help, overnight respite care is negotiable and all the “Gold Fish” crackers you can wrestle from the kids.
“God made them that cute so we wouldn’t kill them.” ~ James Dobson
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Chelsea Waterside Park in Manhattan (23rd st and 12th ave)

nanny sighting logo
Date: Tuesday, August 25th between 10:30 and noon.
Location: Chelsea Waterside Park in Manhattan (23rd st and 12th ave).
Nanny: (I'm guessing) between 30 and 40, African - American, wearing green t-shirt that said "New york" and a straw hat and light colored pants.
Child: somewhere between 9 months and a year and a half, caucasian, blond, wearing blue and white shirt with embroidery on the front, in a light blue umbrella stroller.

I arrived at the park around 10:30 and when i got there, the child was sitting in his stroller crying hysterically, sometimes to the point of choking. The nanny had the stroller leaning towards her, facing away from her. As the child cried, she just talked to the other women sitting on either side of her as the boy cried. She did not speak to him, touch him, walk around with him, or anything. She might as well have not been there. Eventually, i walked over and asked if the boy was okay. The nanny smiled and said, "there's nothing wrong with him, he needs to sleep." Now i understand that sometimes kids get cranky when they are tired, but this was really unfair to the child. We're talking a toddler here. We were very disturbed by the scene. A few minutes after i approached her, the nanny gave the child what looked like a bottle of water, and he stopped crying. So if he was crying because he was thirsty, then she basically deprived him of a drink for at least 45 minutes but if he was crying because of some other reason, she surely didn't care. She was much more interested in relaxing and chatting with her friends. If this was my nanny, i would have fired her instantly. She showed absolutely no love for the child nor any knowledge of age-appropriate behavior. My friend took a picture of my son and me, and this nanny and the child are in the background. The nanny I describe is the woman in the middle in the green t-shirt. You can even see in the shot that the child she's with is crying. (OP and child have been removed from pic)


Don't Hire Self-Entitled Nannies! (That's what we always say!)

Lisa Marie Presley says it takes some gall for a nanny who she treated like a celebrity to turn around and sue her. Lisa Marie says her nanny Christine White has "self-entitlement" issues. White just sued Elvis' daughter for not getting meal breaks and allegedly being forced to work 7 days a week during her stint as a postpartum caregiver after the birth of Lisa Marie's child last October.

Lisa Marie now says she paid Christine $650 a day and White had chefs and other staff at her disposal. Lisa Marie goes on ... Christine had her own guest house on the property where she would sleep and take "many breaks." Here's the best part: "Ms. White's self-entitlement became more and more severe as she became exposed to the various 'perks' she was given on the job.

Tarrytown Library on Broadway in Tarrytown, NY

Received Friday, August 28, 2009
nanny sighting logo Snippy nanny alert! Young 20-'s Joan Jett wannabe in a grey and black striped tunic, black denim mini with ripped patches, black converse shoes and pale white skin. 2 year old boy with orange-blonde hair, big mouth, large teeth for young age, wearing a pigment dyed grey/blue t-shirt with a brown dog on it. There was writing on it. This takes place at the Tarrytown Library on Broadway in Tarrytown, NY, also called the Warner Library. The time was around or about 3:35 PM on Thursday, 8/27.

The incident is as follows, the nanny mistook me for a librarian. I had my five year old with me and had said she could pick out three books, but she took about ten off the shelf, so I was diligently putting them back. I am often mistaken for a person of power of the child's mother because I am quite savy and excedingly smart. I am the sort of person people come up to wherever I am and ask me for advice or directions. At any rate, this is what happened. She comes up to me and asks if she missed story time. I tell her that story time is on hiatus until September. She tells me, "Fuck". Then she says, "Sorry, I just need a time kill or I'm gonna shoot myself." I look at her cautiously and say, "Well we wouldn't want that, would we, how about a park?" She says, "That fucking humidity is bananas. bananas." So, still I try to be nice and I say, "My name is X and this is my charge XY and you know I just don't talk like that in front of her." Now she looks at me like I am from another planet. She says, "You don't WORK here?" And I say, "Nope, just trying to be helpful." Then she says, "If I wanted to ask a nanny for advice I'd text myself." And she seizes her charges hand and takes off towards a counter.

Granted this may not seem like a huge deal, but would you hire a nanny that behaved like that in an interview? Or talked like that around a child? Or seemed to conclude that suicide was a better option than having to spend one more afternoon with your child? I think not.


Carl Schurz Playground in NYC

Received Thursday, August 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Time: 4:50 PM
Date: 8/26/09 Weds.
Location: Carl Schurz Playground, UES, NYC, NY
Nanny: Thin, AA woman wearing a grey t-shirt with an American flag and black capris pants & white sandals.
Child: Girl with dark brown hair, Caucasian, "curly sue" hair, wearing a red & white striped tank top and red shorts.
Incident: Nanny kept shooing child away from the bench where she sat. "Go, go play". Nanny had a sack of goods from Food Emporium grocery store. The nanny was drinking Gatorade, eating Doritos and cupcakes. The child wanted some food and the nanny kept seizing the back from her and saying, "no, go play" "I said NO!". I didn't pay much attention to that part because she had a right to eat her own junk food. What bothered me was that the little girl was too small to play on her own and too insecure but she kept being pushed away. The nanny clearly didn't want to deal with her. The breaking point from her was when the child was holding on to her leg and asking for some cupcake and the nanny said no a number of times. Then she said, "fine" and took what was probably a third of the cupcake and smeared it really hard on the child's mouth. Even without the child crying (which she did), this had to hurt. I didn't get involved though. The woman looked mean and I had my own two children to watch.

Smith Memorial Playground in Philadelphia

Received Thursday, August 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had a chance encounter with a very angry filipino, yesterday at about 2:15 pm. She had a hairnet on her hair, pastel purple pants, white nurse shoes and a floral blouse. She was short, maybe 5 foot tall, and stout too. Maybe 150 lbs. And old too, about 55 or so. So what happens is I see her touching her charge in what I think is harsh. She grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him away from another kid. He was wearing a silky basketball tank top jersey, so she really grabbed inside the arm holes and pulled him by it. I also saw her thwamp him on the head. When he wouldn't get up at another point I saw her pull on his leg very roughly so he went backwards on his back. She was impatient and mean spirited. Finally I had enough. I said, "stop poking at him". She said, "what you say". I should stop here and say her English was broken. I said, "you don't have to be so rough." She said, "This isn't rough" and then she thwacked her left forearm like five times in a row with her own hand. I am staring at her like she is looney toons. So I say, "just be more gentle. He is small and you're big". At this point, I just mean that she is an adult and he is a child (about 3). She looks at me and says, "I'm big?" "You're a big fat cow." So by now my friend is next to me and she says, "lady you need to take a step back and regroup. No child needs to be treated like that". The lady than made some weird faces at us both and sorta repeated what my friend had said. My friend says, "you're nuts" and she takes out her cellphone to snap a picture. She starts pointing it at her and the lady who is holding a bottle of Aquafina water, real quick like takes the cap off and throws water at my friend, getting her all over her face and hair and phone. She never got the picture. This is a woman with no patience! She shouldn't be taking care of any child! The little boy was so darling too. He had blondish hair, wavy and huge brown eyes. His eyes were kind of sad. He was wearing a basketball short set that was green and white and a silky material. I don't remember what kind of shoes he had on but I am pretty sure they were tennis shoes. The nanny was also carrying a brown handbag/book bag that was crocheted.


Nanny's Feelings Hurt Over Complaints and Accusations

Received Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Want to know if I'm being silly here. I have worked for a family with one 11 mo old girl, started shortly after her birth. I work about 50 hours per week. I really like the family. They are polite and pleasant. I have been a nanny for 11 years and pride myself on doing my best. I do not mind criticism if deserved, but things have gotten a bit odd. My other families always had nice words for me and were happy with my work.

Every month the Mom and I have a sit down, touch base conversation. I have had no complaints and tell her so. She then proceeds to give me a laundry list of petty complaints, almost all that I am not at all guilty of. I explain my view on these complaints politely in return. I get the vibe Mom thinks I'm just making excuses and that shes "set me straight". After 8 months of going above and beyond for them (doing laundry constantly of entire house, staying late with little warning, cleaning up outside babies needs, coming early frequently, staying at house and dog sitting while they vacation, and lots more.) I am really getting hurt feelings and feeling totally unappreciated. All my former bosses loved me and had no complaints. Here's the list from todays meeting:

* accused me of making out of area phone calls (I never use their phone except to call Mom.)

* said TV sound was left on too loud. I do not watch TV.

* said I shrunk a pair of dry clean shorts in the wash (her husband threw them in the wash bin and had no washing instructions.)

* said Dad came home at lunch and found baby wet (Mom had forgotten to buy diapers, I don't drive and home is no where near store so I had emergency rigged towels till Mom came home.)

* said I "yelled" at the dog in Dads presence. (Dog barks a lot and wakes baby constantly who cries for 30 minutes afterward.) I simply said the dogs name sharply, just as the parents do, no yelling.

After I explain my take on these accusations she just seems exasperated, as if I'm lying. Every month its been petty untrue stuff like above. Its just eating at me in an otherwise great position. Neither parent ever praises me for anything, even though the house is spotless, baby is happy and loves me and is walking and talking at 11 months. I know I'm lucky to have a job in this economy, but I get anxious wondering what I'll get tagged for next, and why they've never even said one "good job"? They are always polite but I feel like I'm being watched for failure.

What we need...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
First, we need you to continue to help spread the word about our blog, specifically the fact that we're still here, still rolling and waiting for nanny sightings to come in. Nanny sightings can be submitted a number of ways, even anonymously. We also accept video and photographs of nannies.

Second, we need to know how the economy is impacting nannies. Have you lost some of your benefits or perks? Do you notice that there is less money in the weekly 'activity fund'? Are you still shopping for school clothes at Lord & Taylor? If you are a nanny employer or nanny, please email us with details on how the economy has affected you or your nanny. We plan to run a feature on Thursday, September 3.

Lastly, if you have a blog, we would love for you to install the I Saw Your Nanny Widget.

How Long Should Nanny Wait?

Received Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a question. My current job is ending at the end of September/early October. I have been interviewing for a lot of positions but haven't had much luck. Its really starting to get stressful but I try to remain positive that I will find something in time. I interviewed with a wonderful family that really seemed interested. That was on monday and its now wednesday. When I left on Monday they didnt really say anything about the exact timing of when they would let me know. I cant stand the suspense. How long should I wait before emailing them? I want them to know I am interested but dont want to come across desperate? What is really the rule of thumb in these type situations?


Prospect Park West and Garfield Place - NY

Received Tuesday, August 25, 2009
nanny sighting logo On Prospect Park West and Garfield Place at 11:30 today, Tuesday, 8/25. I was walking behind your nanny and her friend. You have a turquoise stroller and 2 adorable blond boys, one of whom was standing on the back of the stroller. Your younger one in the stroller was holding something in his right hand outside of the stroller. It was either a piece of an apple or a leaf. Your nanny SWATTED it out of his hand without saying a word and he started screaming. Her friend asked what happened, and she responded but I didn't hear what she said. At that point I walked past them and I told her that what she did was very mean, and that you don't just swat something out of a child's hand. She started yelling at me to mind my own business. She continued yelling while I was down at Union Street. When I doubled back (I was exercise walking) I reiterated that you don't treat people in your charge in such a mean way. BTW, your son was still crying.

Mid-Manhattan Library

Received Tuesday, August 25, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Location: Mid-Manhattan Library
Date: Monday.
Time: 4pm-5PM
Nanny: Chubby AA nanny. Nanny had her hair dyed reddish mahogany on top and was black underneath. Nanny had very shiny, healthy hair in a modern cut. She was very "cute" looking. She had a short sleeved denim shirt on, open over a white shirt.
Child: Child was a boy, brown curly, blondish hair, freckles.
Incident: The boy was not well behaved that I could see, but I also think the nanny was not good at handling him. She let him out of her sight while she was looking and then when she realized he had gotten too far away, she yelled at and for him. The reason I am writing this is because at one point he was getting away from her and she had had it. She reached up, grabbed him by the arm, swung him by his arm a full semi circle and plopped him down on the floor next to her HARD. He didn't make a peep then, but she had scared the crap out of him. She literally used his one arm to direct him a semi circle, with his feet off the ground and plop him hard on the floor. This was not at all gentle, so I don't want any grief. This was inappropriate.

Toddler's Tantrums Taxing Temp

Received Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Please help me out. I need some advice immediately and will take whatever advice I receive. Here's my problem: I am a temp nanny for a family w/a very unruly 4 yr old girl. I worked for them as a temp for about 5 weeks during the beginning of summer and it was hard. Then the girl went to preschool and I was let go. This week the school is closed for vacation and the father called me and asked if I could work the week he was out. At the time, I had no job and was in need of money so I agreed. (This was 2 weeks ago!). Shortly after, I got a new part-time nanny job, however the hours will not coincide w/this temp position. The father works in a home office and I only work 5 hours, 10-3. I worked today (Monday) and will work all week until Friday. The problem is the child. She is very difficult. When she is to have her nap and quiet time, she becomes abusive to me and her Dad. She literally swings at both of us as we try to carry her to her room. Her Dad is not very strict w/her which makes my job harder. The daughter knows how to manipulate the father by saying she needs to pee, get a drink, etc. The Dad caters to her and does not seem to realize he is being manipulated by her. She kicks and screams for an hour, almost knocking the door down w/her feet as she throws a fit, etc. Yes, she was like this a bit when I worked for them before, but her tantrums were not this severe.

My question is this: Since I agreed to care for the child all week, would it be rude for me to call the Dad and tell him that today was a physically and emotionally taxing day and that I do not think (for $10/hr), I can handle this anymore. Seriously, I was so worn out today after her tantrum that I felt like throwing in the towel and leaving! And I have never had the urge to do this before! ~ As I type this, I am dreading my job. I know it is only for the next week, but I simply cannot put up w/being kicked at, hit and having to carry a 4 yr old to her room while doing so. But I know I agreed to watch her and need to honor my commitment, in spite of the abuse. What oh what would you other nannies do in my shoes??????????


Resentful Nanny Needs Help to Stand up for Herself

Received Monday, August 24, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I was wondering if someone could help me, I don't want to not say anything because I'm starting to feel resentful about this, and I don't think it's healthy to feel this way constantly. I find MB a little hard to approach, so I've had a hard time standing up for myself. I'd like to drop her an email or something and I want to word it delicately so I don't upset her but also hope she listens to a voice of reason.

I'm a live in nanny working 45 hours a week, we have no contract and no provision for me to take days off. The couple times I've needed days off, I've been met with "when will you make it up?" (I legitimately needed these days off, I'd had staph infection and strep throat, I ended up working so I wouldn't have to make them up) but increasingly lately she's been asking me to help out in my time off without extra pay, like I've helped out 3 out of the last 4 Saturdays. (Saturday is not within my normal working hours) and I'm working next Saturday and also this evening... Of course without extra compensation. I don't feel like I'm being unreasonable when I feel a bit upset about this. I don't know how to delicately word this without upsetting her. Advice anyone?


In The News...

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Couple Faces Possible Life Sentence for Pimping 6-year-old Girl for Alcohol, Cigarettes - Kansas
A Wichita woman and her friend face life in prison after being convicted of prostituting her young daughter so he could rape and sodomize her. A jury Friday afternoon found the girl's 48-year-old mother and her friend Reggie Stafford, 51, guilty on two counts of rape and one count of aggravated criminal sodomy. The mother was convicted of aiding and abetting the sex crimes, which were based on the girl's age. She was between 5 and 6 at the time of the attacks. (continued)

Police: Baby Sitter Key in Missing Haleigh Cummings Case - Florida
Putnam County investigators say they don't think that Misty Croslin-Cummings has been straight with them as they continue to investigate the disappearance six months ago of Haleigh Cummings from her father's home in Satsuma. They said, Misty Croslin, who was baby-sitting the girl when she vanished from her father's mobile home in February, "continues to hold important answers in the case." (continued)

Debate: Parents Disciplined for Kids' Crimes - Michigan
Parents in one metro Detroit community whose kids break the law could be breaking the law themselves. The Eastpointe City Council approved the final version Tuesday night on a parental responsibility ordinance.The ordinance imposes fines and jail time for parents of children who are reprimanded in any way that requires them to appear in court. Eastpointe Police Chief Michael Lauretti said his department has little patience for parents who don’t take responsibility for their children. (continued)

Question From ISYN reader:
I have been asked to go with my family on a one week trip to Hawaii. I have been with this family for almost 2 years. They have a 2.6 year old and a one month old. My question is: The Mom has asked me how I would like to be paid: keep track of my hours or just work for a set amount for the week. What is a typical pay for nannying while traveling? The family I work for are great: They are generous, friendly and my charge is a sweetie. They are paying for my flight and meals.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad: (All from the same poster)
1) 2 females lokking for a live in nanny or housekeeper postion (Norfolk)
hi we are two gay female that are in need of somewhere to go asap. we are currently on the streets because of a terrible situation we have been put through. we cant affford a lot right now and we would be willing to do house work or watch children in exchange for rent or we can pay up to 200 a month max right now. i know its not alot but we really cant afford much right now and we really need somewhere to go! if you can help us please text us at 757-383-**** u can call but we cant answer beacause of limted minutes but u can leave a message and we can call back as soon as possible we really have no way to the internet so please no emails please text my name is vanessa! thank you for your help and god bless !!! we are looking for a live in nanny or housekeeper /pay rent for a room.
Original URL:

2) 2 female looking to be live in nanny (Norfolk)
hi our names is vanessa and ashlee and we are a gay couple we have been together for a year and a half. we are drug and drinking free and we have been a live in nanny for two other families. we are recently on the streets because of the last family we came to be a lve in nanny for! she had five kids and told bus she needed someone to come there and live and watch her children for free room seeing that it would be cheaper for a babysitter while she went back to school. well she told us it was her mom jouse but lead us to believe that her mom new we were heere and her mom lived in new jersey till about 2 weeks later her mom came home and no idea that people were livuing there and just kicked us to the streets and since then we have been homeless! we are very good with children and love to interact with them. we are respectful and honest clean and very laid back we get along with just about everyone. and never disrespect. we are looking to be a live in nanny for exchange of a free room/ IF YOU CAN HELP US PLEASE TEXT US AT 757-383-**** IF YOU CALL PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE WE REALLY CANT ANSWER BECAUSE WE HAVE A PREPAID PHONE AND DONT HAVE MUCH MINUTES BUT IF YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE WE CAN CALL BACK ASAP! NO EMAILS HAVE NO WAY TO INTERNET THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.
Original URL:

3) looking to be a live in nanny/housekeeper (Norfolk)
hi our names is ashlee and vanessa we are 18 and 21 years of age we have been together for a year and half and not into that fighting or breaking up everydaywe are very stable in our relationship. and we are looking to be a live in nanny/housekeeper in exchange for room and board and utlities. we have expierence with children of all ages and we have watch up yo six kids at once. we have been through a rough time right now seeing as the last live in nanny postion we had we got scwered. We are drug and drinking free and do not party or stay oput late we are very mature and our partying days are over.we are very respectful laid back and very caring. we adore children and putting in are all. we also have 5 years of expierence in house cleaning. we are looking for a family that can except us for who we are. we are a gay couple and we have no problem hiding that from the children one is a fem and one dresses likes a tomboy. if you are intersted in us coming to your home to be a loving live in nanny please text us at 757-383-**** if u have to call please leave a message and one of us will call u back asap thank you for your time and have a blessed day.
Original URL:
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Costco in Port Chester, NY

Received Saturday, August 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw a nanny at costco in port chester Friday. She was black, 5'5"-5'6", 230, built solidly, about 20-25 short hair in the shape of a helmet, white brand new looking tennis shoes, blue jeans, lilac colored polo. She was driving a very late model white Jeep --- and she had a little girl with blonde hair, long, one braid down the back, wearing pink and yellow striped shirt, the girl was about 4. The nanny lost her at one point in the store, granted for a short time and granted i was there to facilitate a quick reunion but I could have been a sikko and absconded with her. So I have my eye on this woman who is on her cell as she is shopping, right? When they get to the parking lot, the little girl goes running, bolting like lightening saying she wants to see the river. The nanny took too much time to run for her, in my opinion and she was already 1/2 way across the parking lot. Then weirdest of all, an old, white toyota corolla with rust on the underbelly pulls up next to her and she loads several cases and bags in to that small car. The driver of that vehicle was a black male with a shaved head, looked to be early twenties.


In The News...

Friday, August 21, 2009
Police: Mother Barricaded Door, Left Kids Alone - Indiana
A Greenwood mother left her four children home alone, barricading them inside the family's apartment, after she couldn't find a babysitter, police said. Carmen Xique-Ortega (pictured) was arrested Wednesday on charges of child neglect after a neighbor found the children -- ages 6, 4, 2 and 1 -- wandering alone in the apartment complex, said Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher. (continued) Special thanks to nc for Submitting this Article.

Babysitters Allegedly Rape Mother - N.C.
Police say a couple that was babysitting a woman's children raped the mother when she arrived to pick up her children. According to warrants, Lillington police charged 42-year-old Anthony James Langley and 22-year-old Loretta Lynn Smith with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and felony conspiracy. (continued)

Feds Investigate Man Charged with Trying to Rent Child for Porn - N.Y.
The case of a Buffalo man accused of trolling the Internet in search of a 4-year-old girl, so he could allegedly film the child pornographically, is in the hands of the FBI. Joseph Koehn, 26, was turned over to agents Tuesday afternoon after he appeared in Buffalo City Court for a felony hearing. Koehn is charged with Attempted Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child, Attempted Rape in the 1st Degree and Attempted Criminal Sexual Act in the 1st Degree. (continued) Special thanks to nc for Submitting this Article.

Andersonville, Chicago, Il.

Received Friday, August 21, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was driving on east on Balmoral near the corner of Magnolia around 12:15pm today and I saw an African-American women in her late 20’s (hair brown, shoulder length) rolling and thrashing on the sidewalk. At first I thought she had tripped or something then I saw her roll over and she had a male toddler in her arms. She stood him up. He was a little blond boy small framed with a tricycle near them with one of those chrome pushing poles. Then the women was diving and thrashing on the ground and the little tot stood shaking and crying. I tried to ask if the woman was ok and she looked at me with a cooky look and dove onto the ground again. Seconds later she was laying on the ground covering her butt with one hand and her head with the other and I thought she had maybe been injured on the nearby limestone boulders. I was calling 911 for assistance and asked if she needed an ambulance. She said No.. A few seconds later she stood up, put her hair back into a bun collected sunglasses, keys and other things strewn on the grass, calmly gathered the child and acted like nothing ever happened. I asked if she was epileptic, again no real response. She looked but did not talk to me. I tried to pull my car around to get closer to the sidewalk and they were gone. I am very concerned for the little guy. I seem to remember him having had a little fisherman’s hat, light colored shorts and shirt, and was quite upset. I don’t know if this women is ill but that was crazy behavior.


S.W.F. turns into Married with Children

Received Thursday, August 20, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hi, I assume this would be the best venue to ask for advice. I’m a mother of three cute, well behaved and trouble loving boys, the oldest is 3 and the youngest, who are twins, are almost 18 months old. Before I had children, I was a part time babysitter in college and was a nanny full time for three years after college before moving on as a coordinator for a non-profit youth organization. When we found Amy *(fake name), our nanny, she was well qualified, sweet, cpr and first aid trained. She worked for us for almost a year and a half. As a working mom, I recently decided to cut my hours and work part time to spend more time with my children. Amy, around the same time, expressed interest in taking college classes. So we made a deal that she could go to her classes and during those hours I will be with the boys, and she could make up her hours when possible.

Two weeks ago, I decided indoor play was boring me and the boys, so we went to a nearby café that after work I used to see many women whom I assume were nannies and mothers alike sitting out front with their children. I thought it would be perfect to get snacks for my boys and then head off to the park. I had my oldest holding my hand and the twins in their stroller. As I looked up at the menu, as usual the oldest gets really excited to see other children, runs off to the back of the café. I then yelled his name as he began to get too far from me and pointed to the ground next to me and said, here! Right now!, and then said Thank You to him when he returned. I then noticed that the cashier and many of the patrons where looking at me. I was confused and first thought that I yelled at him to loud. All of a sudden a women came up to me and said, you have no right to yell at James *(not his real name used), I looked at her and all I could say was, what? She then replied and said James’ mother doesn’t yell at him, your scaring him, and I laughed and said, Do I know you? and she looked serious and I stopped smiling and asked her, what was the problem? And she said, Your being inappropriate with your charges and Amy wouldn’t appreciate your behavior.

I then began to get the emerging picture of what was going on. These women didn’t believe I was their mother. I understood where she may have been mistaken, I’m west Indian, I have the dark Caribbean skin and the long bone straight hair of my Indian ancestors, my sons looked like their father, green eyes, blonde hair, and white skin. So I replied that I was their mother and I gave birth to them and that Amy was the boys nanny. Another women came up and said that Amy has came to this café several times for many months and she has identified my babies as her children and that Matt Jones *(fake name) was the boys father. I told her yes, that Matt Jones* was the father but I am their mother and that Amy was lying.

The boys began to get agitated and we left with many people looking at us as we left. Now every time I go pass the café to get the park, these women point and whisper at me. When I got home I called Amy right away and she said she had no idea what I was talking about and said she was in class and would call me back. The next day she said she was leaving for another job and wanted me to mail her pay check to her. In our contract, which was created by the agency she came from and signed, it says I can withhold the check due to misbehavior on the part of the nanny. When I told this to Amy, she said she did nothing wrong and she would sue me for the check. Should I go and give her what she wants and get on with my life or should I withhold everything and maybe sue. If I was to sue it would be for slander and possibly some sort of identity theft. What would be the right way to handle this?


Nannies in the News

Child drowns in pool: A 9-year-old Danville, CA girl died after her nanny found her unconscious in the family swimming pool on Saturday afternoon in what appears to be an accident, Danville police said. Sgt. Phil Wisotsky said police received a call around 2:40 p.m. after the 19-year-old nanny, who was watching the child and house sitting for her parents were out of town, found the child at the bottom of the pool.

HARRISON, N.Y. (Don't miss the photo gallery.) The live-in nanny is the first downstairs. She packs the school lunches at a kitchen window, overlooking three acres of velvety grass and little streams that slope toward a gate with a sign that says "Birch Hill."

Image Hosted by Police: Unhappy Baby Sitter Left Kids Asleep, Went Home: Investigators said a woman who was baby-sitting for her brother decided she'd had enough and was going home -- leaving the children behind.

The nanny inventor of Ava the Elephant tells us how she charmed the Sharks: How did a young nanny with no business training manage to seduce real estate magnate into investing $50,000 of her own money in her hand-made idea? And what does an elaborate Frankenstein costume have to do with it?

Nanny Saves Child: A 4-year-old boy was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla for observation today after nearly drowning in a swimming pool, authorities said. The boy had been playing with other children at 12 Arcadia Court when he fell into a pool at the residence, said Ray Florida, executive director of Rockland Paramedic Services. He was identified only as a Queens resident.

Under FLSA Law

Received Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN A family has offered me a position and negotiated for me to work for $500/week. We talked this over based on hours and I told the mom that number was based on 55 hour work week. She agreed with me and told me anything over 55 hours would be overtime. When making final negotiations, she asked, "Just making sure you know this is 7 days a week coverage, right?" I told her I thought we agreed on 55 hours a week (I assumed 11 hours, 5 days a week- I have never been asked to work weekends as a live-in), which with young children is not the correct amount of hours when working from morning to night. She told me it was- my non-working time would be when they napped (maybe 2-3 hours a day) and when they were with the parents for ONE HOUR at bedtime. She also told me that the pay was lower because I will not have to pay rent in the city. So long story short, I did some research and found out that under FLSA you have to pay live-in nannies overtime for hours worked over 44 hours in a 7-day period. Nap time, meal time, etc. where you COULD NOT leave the house counted as WORKING. So, this crazy lady is trying to get me to work 84 hour weeks with no day off. She wants to pay me $250 less PER WEEK than what is legal. I'm in a bind about what to do. I told her I need at least one day off per 10 days and she started to complain about where to find help for that. She has had illegal, young girls working for her before and has been paying less than 500 per week for their services. Even if we come to terms should I work for a family that is looking to exploit their employees like this? Seriously, no day off? I thought about emailing a link to FLSA so she could see what she is required to pay by law but do not want to be rude. Has anybody else found a similar situation? I am college educated with 10 years of childcare experience, truly a great nanny and feel like she is trying to get out cheap. I know they have money or else the kids would just be in daycare. Help me with this bind! Thanks nannies! :)



Saturday, August 15, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Please read this if you want to take care of my child (Chicago)
I am writing in regards to the few posts I have created regarding childcare for my daughter. I have gotten four general types of replies, and I would really like to say something to each of you. Please choose which of the following groups you belong to, and read my message.
The Very Unintelligent:
I can only assume that you are stupid because you have horrific grammar and punctuation. I can understand a typo from time to time, and even make them myself. However, those of you who respond with “i rally like kidz n u can feel cumfterble leeving ur child wit me,” PLEASE don’t contact me. You are applying to take care of my child. Would you apply for a 9 to 5 job like that? Ha ve the common sense to act professionally and do not write like you are writing a text message to your buddy. Also, please spell check. Do you really think I want my child to learn to talk and write like you?
The Scammers:
I know you probably will not read this, and instead you will reply to my post with another scam. However, nobody is falling for it. I am sure everyone but the above mentioned people would see right through your scam to have me take care of your child from oversees. (Did you notice I was the one seeking childcare?) I am sure you would definitely reimburse me for the money I wire you while you are on “holiday” in another country. (Did you realize we do not use that term in the United States, even though you swear you are from Chicago?) On the other hand, I would really prefer you lend me money.
Creepy Men:
I am sorry, but I will not trust you alone with my 5 year old. No offense, but I do not see why you would even consider child care as a career option. After all, you are a single man with no family and your education is in computers/marketing/finance. Now if you were a stay-at-home dad or a retired teacher I might consider it. But I do not see why a single man with no experience with children would want to take care of my young child. It makes the mind wander to places you don’t want me to think about. I understand that the economy is bad and times are hard, but you will probably have more luck in a different field. (You would probably make more money too.)
The Great People:
Thank you so much for wanting to take care of my child. I know childcare is not easy. I know you must have patience and a great heart. That’s why I will email or call you back if you are close by and reasonably priced. After I shop around and check out many different options, I may even choose you. After all, I will be leaving my favorite person in the world with you, and I want nothing but the best.
Sincerely, A Working Mom
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In the News...

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Missing 5-year-old last seen in store Parking Lot - New York
The foster father of a missing California boy with cerebral palsy says he left the child alone near his car before the child vanished five days ago from a shoe store parking lot. Louis Ross said he left 5-year-old Hassani Campbell outside his BMW for two to five minutes Monday afternoon. Hasanni, 3 feet tall and weighing 30 pounds, was wearing shorts and white braces on his ankles because of his cerebral palsy, a debilitating brain disease that inhibits motor skills. (continued)

Mother Finds Baby Alone, Locked Inside Daycare - Rhode Island
A 9-month-old baby was left alone at a locked Rhode Island daycare center for nearly an hour when workers shut the place down for the night, apparently forgetting the child was there. The baby's mother, Julia Castillo, says she came to pick up her son Monday at the My Special Place Early Learning Center in Johnston, only to find the center locked and no one around. A neighbor heard her yelling and banging on the door and helped her get inside, where she found her baby boy crying in a crib. (continued)
Special thanks to World's Best Nanny for Submitting this Article.

Infant Suffers Fractured Skull, Babysitter Charged with Abuse - N.C.
Sharon Bryant, 24, of 6003-C Shanda Drive in Raleigh, was charged with felony child abuse and was being held in the Wake County Jail on a $50,000 bond. Police said Bryant admitted throwing the 11½-month-old boy to the floor as she kept him in her apartment. The child suffered a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage, police said. He was listed in critical condition Thursday evening at WakeMed. (continued)


San Veron Park in Mountain View, CA

Received Friday, August 14, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Location: San Veron Park, Mountain View, California. Friday, Aug 14, 2009, 1600 hrs

The nanny was mid-30s, curly black hair, spoke Spanish, wearing a black "I (heart) SF" shirt and white skirt. There were 5 kids, three boys aged 10-12ish and two girls, aged 9-11ish. The kids spoke both English and Spanish. One boy was named Alex, two of the boys were brothers.

Basically, the nanny sat on the bench and read her tabloid magazine and played with her cell phone while the boys beat the crap out of each other. Two of the boys would push the third down into the sand and then the two girls would sit on him while the other boys threw into his face. Lots of cursing and bullying. Very sad.

Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, CA

Received Friday, August 14, 2009
nanny sighting logo I frequently see a young nanny at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills with a baby girl that looks to be about 8 months old, give or take a few months. The nanny pushes her in the swing for about 30-45min and completely ignores her the whole time - she wears sunglasses so no eye contact, and she always has earphones in and is looking at her phone or mp3 player the entire time listening to music or whatever. Literally doesn't say a word to the baby or even look at her, smile at her, nothing.

It breaks my heart to see this. The baby is just staring off into space. I always try to get a swing right next to her so I can smile and try to engage the baby, and the baby is thrilled when I do this. I feel like if this is how she is with the baby in public, how badly does she ignore her in private?

The other nannies I see at the park are usually wonderful, and with so many great nannies out of work right now I want to try to find the parents and tell them to get a new nanny! If I saw my baby with a caregiver like that I would be devastated.

The baby has a black Bugaboo with light tan or ivory canopy, the baby has very straight short dark hair (not much hair) and was wearing gold metallic mary-jane ballet type shoes. The nanny looks very young, dark curly hair slicked back in a ponytail, long nails, red phone or mp3 player. Average build/height - probably a size 10? She could be hispanic or middle eastern, it's hard to tell as she always wears big sunglasses (Armani symbol on the side I think). They are often at Roxbury Park between 9-10am.


Palisades Mall Food Court in Nyack, NY

Received Wednesday, August 12, 2009
nanny sighting logo
White nanny with White child
Palisades Mall, Nyack, NY. Foodcourt.
Child was about 5 years old, red-brown hair, some freckles, green polo, camouflage shorts, white tennis shoes. nanny had dark hair, english accent, creamy skin, attractive wearing faded blue jeans and a blue tennis t-shirt.
5 year old carried own tray and was walking behind nanny. tray tipped and contents fell on the floor. large soda hit floor and splashed nanny. nanny whips around and says 'you idiot'. she grabs hum by the rest and harshly steers him towards the table and pushes him down in the chair. he had french fries on the tray. she scooped them up with something else still in foil. she picked up the ice and mopped up the mess on the floor. she put the ice on top of the tray on top of his food. she used the palm of her hand to bang it down. this squished whatever was in the foil. the boy said "what am I going to eat now". she said, "I don't know. You can eat whats on the tray or not. Eat or not. Eat or not". really amused with herself. It was early around 1045-ish so this area of food court was not busy. I think it's strange she acted like this when I was about four tables away. Did she think she was invisible? The boy just sat there with his elbows on his table resting his chin on his hands. He looked close to tears. A couple times the nanny looked at him and said, "don't even start". She ate her food and then got up and dumped the trash. She hollered at him to get up and clean his mess. This was not a Mom. No mom acts like this. The female was about 21.


In The News...

Monday, August 10, 2009
Teenage Mother Sentenced For Snapping Toddler's Spine - Utah
Adrianna Lucero -- who was 17 years old last year when she fatally snapped the spine of her 2-year-old son at the Kearns apartment of her boyfriend -- was sentenced Friday to prison for 15 years to life. Lucero initially told police the boy had a seizure while she was with him but changed her statement after she learned Alejandro's back had been broken. (continued)

Toddler Found Sitting in Street; Caregiver Arrested - Florida
A 1-year-old boy was found sitting in the middle of a sharp curve on a DeFuniak Springs roadway Thursday morning, and the baby’s caregiver faces a felony charge. Walton County Sheriff’s Office personnel, along with Department of Children and Family Services case workers, investigated, eventually arriving at the front door of Susan Blalock’s nearby Arielle Lane home. Blalock was arrested on a charge of cruelty to a child without great harm and transported to the Walton County Jail. (continued)

Burglar's Use 3-year-old to Break into Home - Utah
Police believe three burglars broke into a Glendale home by sending a small child through a window and having him open the door. A resident near 1000 South and Glendale Street opened her door to see three men and a boy, about 3, inside her home, said Salt Lake City police Lt. Melody Gray. (continued)

Help Find Lindsey Baum -McCleary, WA
10 year old Lindsey Baum disappeared from her hometown of McCleary, WA on June 26th, 2009 as she was walking home from a friends house a few blocks away.



Saturday, August 8, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad in Childcare Section of CL:
1) ^^Help Me Please Someone^^ Desperate (New York)
Everyday I am looking for work and I can’t find any. What should I do? Should I start selling my organs, limbs and so on? Does anyone know how much I can get for a kidney? I tried Ebay and apparently it’s prohibited there. I will throw in a pair of lungs at this point to sweeten the pot. Or do you think I could resort to the world’s oldest profession? Oh, I don’t know, I think I may be allergic to STDs. What about selling crack? Does anyone know where I can find a used bullet proof vest? Or does anyone have re-runs of the tv show cops or America’s most wanted so I can brush up on my skills and know what to expect? Or better yet, do you think I could rob someone? Does anyone know where the wealthy neighborhoods are and the best time to try this? I don’t think rush hour is such a good time but hey, that’s just me. What do you think? Pan handling, that’s right, I will pan handle. Any suggestions on the best intersections or organizations to pan handle in front of? Any suggestions on attire? I don’t want to seem too needy. Plus I hear that the next few days will really be scorchers. Any suggestions you have will be really appreciated. I am really hungry right now so it may take me a while to crawl to the computer to reply.
Original URL:
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War of the Roses

Received Saturday, August 8, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a slight dilemma. I have been a nanny for 4 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. The first family I worked for has become like my own family. I have formed a wonderful relationship with them over the years and continue to see them regularly even though I am no longer employed by them. Recently, the parents marriage has been going through a rough patch (to say the least) and there has been talk of divorce. I am close to both Mom and Dad and they obviously feel that they can confide in me. This has put me in an awkward position, as I feel stuck in the middle. The husband calls his wife lewd names in front of me. I have spoken to him about it but he does not take me seriously. She doesn't bad mouth him, but does tell me the things she is going through. While I do side with the wife, I would never tell either of them that. I am neutral and they know that. But I feel really uncomfortable knowing so much about their private battles and don't like knowing things that the other spouse does not. How can I possibly get through to them that I do not wish to be in this position? They just don't seem to get it.

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Beware of stroller thief at John Jay Park

Received Saturday, August 8, 2009 - Rants and Warnings
My nanny told me that a 50+ years old Caucasian woman (curly hair) tried to steal our Bugaboo Cameleon earlier this week at John Jay Park while my baby was on the swing. Luckily my nanny stopped her before she managed to take the stroller away. The woman pretended that she thought it was her stroller but she actually left the park without a stroller! So clearly she was intentionally trying to steal the stroller. She was with a 3/4-year old toddler boy.


Centra State Medical Center - NJ

nanny sighting logo
Physical description of caregiver: Black woman wearing pink polyester pants, matching pink blouse and white kerchief in her hair. Medium complexion, approximately 50 years old, 5'8 and 200 lbs.

Physical description of involved child/children: 1 little boy in a blue stroller. Boy had a large stuffed train he was carrying. Boy was dressed in a blue short overalls. About 1 year old. Reddish hair, brown eyes.

Address or venue of observed incident: Centra State Medical Center, first parking lot off of main street on the left hand side.

Date and time of incident: Today, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:30 PM.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I wasn't sure. I saw a child's stroller parked catty corner to a line of vehicles, but no adult. When I got closer, I realized the woman in charge of the child, described above, was crouching between two parked cars. I started to make a comment about thinking the child was alone when I realized she was defecating. I got embarrassed and walked away. I waited to see her get in one of the cars on either side of her, but she did NOT get in either car. After another minute, she stood up and pulled up her pink pants and fixed herself. I drove off because she was walking in my direction but I pulled right by the cars she was crouched between and sure enough, there was a, well there is no nice way to say this, there was a decent sized log left behind. No toilet paper or tissue. I mean I could see it from my seat in the driver seat even though it was on the passenger side of the car. That's not small.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: blue and green plaid diaper bag hanging on the back of the stroller.


Lever House Courtyard in NYC

Received Thursday, August 6, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Physical description of caregiver:
Asian (possibly Vietnamese) woman, mid twenties, hair in mid length pony tail

Physical description of involved child/children:
Little girl around four, wearing a lavender small print "sack" dress. Blond hair, cut in chin length "Dutch girl" bob.

Address or venue of observed incident:
Corner of 53rd and Park Avenue, Lever House courtyard, NYC

Date and time of incident:
Noon, Wednesday, August 5th.

Detailed description of what you witnessed:
In this office building courtyard are a number of sculptures of Hello Kitty characters over 10 feet high. One sculpture is standing on a platform in the middle of a fountain, spitting water out of its eyes (if you've been there, you know the statue I'm talking about). This little girl was walking around and around the fountain, dipping her arms up to the shoulder, taking coins out. Her dress was soaked. At one point, she bent over, put her face in the water and was blowing bubbles. The front of her hair was wet. She was also walking on the rim of the fountain (had she fallen, it would have been into about 2 feet of water). The nanny was standing there, about ten feet from the little girl, facing out at Park Avenue (and away from the girl), talking on the phone. In addition to the fact that she was not preventing her charge from virtually drinking the water in this nasty fountain, and soaking her clothes, and walking on a slippery, dangerous surface, she wasn't even looking at her on this busy Manhattan street at lunchtime, where she easily could have been grabbed and vanished in a heartbeat. When I walked by again twenty minutes later, they were still there in exactly the same situation.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:
The nanny had a stroller she was leaning on, but I honestly didn't notice a thing about it.

A Little Bit Pregnant

Received Thursday, August 6, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am a nanny who has over 10 years of experience. I am currently with a family FT and work over 40 hours a week. I have been with this family for over a year and a half. Actually 2 years if you include my trial period. I am due for a review the week after labor day. I just found out that I am pregnant with my first child. I will not be 3 months along until AFTER my review.

My question is not only WHEN, but HOW do I tell my bosses? I am afraid that I will be let go because I am pregnant, but I don't want to hide it either.


Public Parking lot/train lot on Abendroth Avenue in Port Chester

Received Wednesday, August 5, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had an incident that I think I should share with you. I was selling my vehicle and had placed an ad on craigs list. I had many interested people call. I made appointments with some. Some showed, Some didn't. Some didn't like it when they got there, others did. A handful of people wanted to test drive the car. I had two black women, one of them definitely had a caribbean accent and one of them did not come to meet me to see the vehicle. On the phone, she wasn't sure she could find my house so she asked to meet somewhere. We ended up meeting in the parking lot between the Willet House and the gas station on Abendroth in Port Chester, NY. The person interested in the vehicle was a passenger in an old, possibly 96 or 97 white jeep cherokee. Her friend said she needed to go to the store and the person interested in the car, "Alice" got out of the car and grabbed a child from the back seat. More on that later. So she seems nice enough. She is asking me questions and the two year old is fussing and she is short with her. Ok, I get that. The child is white, wearing a yellow and tan sun dress with flowers on it, brown sandal shoes and bloomer shorts with the same print as the dress. She has pale skin, light eyes and extremely blonde hair. She loos small for two. The nanny has told me she is two when I asked. The nanny tells me she needs a car soon and has cash but she wants to test drive it. I'm like okay. And she is still holding the little girl and she walks to the car. I say, "where's her carseat", she says, "I just want to test drive down this road (water street). I say, "no way. I don't want any kid in my car not buckled." What does she do? She walks over to me and puts out her hand for the keys and at the same time offers me the girl. I say, "what". And she says, "she'll stay with you. she don't care none". I am looking at her like she is nuts and she makes a loud annoyed sound and says, "I aint buying it if I don't take it for a ride and I got the cash right here". Now she sets the kid down at her feet, opens her white bag and pulls out an envelope with 100 dollar bills. I am tempted to make the sale but I say, "You know what, I don't want any part of this". She starts going off on me and says "What do you mean any part of this? You selling or you not selling?". I walk to my car and get in. She picks up the girl and walks over to me and starts saying, "cocksucker, punk ass cocksucker" And with one hand, she bangs on the passenger window. All the while holding this little girl. She had smoothed down hair, medium brown with a reddish tint to the front part of it. She was AA and wearing jean shorts to her knees, about 30 yo. She had on white flip flops.

Question? Who in the hell hired this monster to be her nanny or babysitter? This all happened tonight at about 6:10 PM in the public parking lot/train lot on Abendroth Avenue in Port Chester.


Another Nanny's Nightmare...

Received Monday, August 3, 2009 - Rants and Warnings
I am sending this as a warning to nannies seeking employment in the Wichita, Ks area. The family that I was previously working for is looking for a new nanny. Please be aware, these are not people you want to work for. He is a doctor, she is a home health care nurse. They have 5 children between them and are living in Andover, KS.

I met the family online through a nanny website. They contacted me, we exchanged a few emails and phone calls, then set up an interview in their home. The interview went well enough, though I got the immediate impression that she was not a pleasant person to be around. We agreed that I would mainly be watching the two youngest, and occasionally dropping off/picking up the 3 oldest and having all 5 for an hour or two in the evenings and also in the summer. In addition to the overall care of the children, I agreed to sweep the kitchen and run the vacuum upstairs once a day. Although I wasn't given a set amount of vacation time, I was told that if I needed time off I only needed to ask and give them a little advance notice so they can find a sitter while I'm gone. The job seemed great. There were some things I didn't like, like the fact that they insisted on paying hourly instead of daily which is how I usually prefer. Also the fact that they thought a written contract was unnecessary (perhaps my greatest mistake) However, the hours and pay rate seemed perfect to me, so I excitedly accepted the job when they offered it.

I have worked for this family for the past 7 months (starting in January and ending last week) and I can honestly say these have been the worst 7 months of my life.

The children are out of control and there is absolutely no discipline in this household. The oldest, the 12 year old boy, is the worst behaved of them all. He has adhd and his parents use this to excuse his out of control, violent behavior. His parents consistently forgot to give him his medication in the morning, leaving me to deal with a child who would scream in my face and call me names, and act out physically towards his siblings.

Another problem I had with them was that I didn't feel they honored our original agreement. Very soon after I started working for them "sweeping and vacuuming" became sweeping, mopping, unloading, loading, and running the dishwasher, vacuuming the entire house, and several loads of laundry daily. They were also very hostile about giving me time off. I asked for 2 fridays off, giving over a month notice for each. The first one, she was very rude with me about. The second time she flat out refused because that was when she wanted to have her garage sale, and she couldn't possibly find anyone else to watch them for even a couple of hours.

Everything else I could have dealt with though, had it not been for the hell they put me through with my payment. In the time I've worked for them I can count on one hand the number of paychecks that have been correct. The first time they underpaid me it was by $30. I came to Mrs. R the next day and explained that she had made a mistake on my paycheck. I showed her the hours I worked (we wrote them down in a pocket calendar in a kitchen drawer) and how it didn't add up to what she paid me. She told me she would add it to my next paycheck. The next day before I left she told me that her husband didn't think they owed me that money and that I'd have to take it up with him. I came in the next morning and the calendar was nowhere to be found. I called Mrs. R and asked her about it and she said she must have lost it (??). Needless to say, they never repaid me the amount they shorted me. Nor did they repay me for any of the other paychecks they shorted me on. Eventually I stopped bringing the "mistakes" to their attention. I just took whatever they paid me, which was usually about $20-$30 less than what they owed me. Then the paychecks started coming late. Sometimes by a few days, sometimes a week, no explanation except "we won't be able to pay you until..." Add to this the numerous lunches she had me buy for the children, toys and video games I was told I'd be reimbursed for, and the cash bar at their wedding ceremony where I was instructed to buy drinks for the kids and their cousins, all of which I was never paid back for. The real kicker came a few days ago when I came to pick up my last paycheck. It was $100 less than they owed me. They subtracted 8 hours from my paycheck, claiming it was because I was inaccurate with my timekeeping. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was shocked! As far as I know, there's no recourse for this. I've been told I can take them to small claims court, but it's my word against theirs. However, I feel if I can save some other poor girl from going through what I went through that I'll be happy. Please do not let this family use you the way they used me and the several nannies they had before me.


Shocking News...

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Chained 6-year-old girl Flees Attacker - Mass.
A man lured his son's 6-year-old friend to an apartment with a promise to show her some pet gerbils, then bound her with tape and leg shackles, injected her with an unknown substance and tried to rape her, but she fled while still chained, authorities said Monday. Justin Shine, 26, was charged with kidnapping, attempted rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon — a hypodermic needle — and resisting arrest.

Mom Locks Special Needs Child, 5, in Scorching Attic - Mass.
Police responding to a report of a 3-year-old being locked in a sweltering, filthy attic were told by other children, "Mommy does this when she gets angry," a prosecutor said Friday. Police said the boy was naked, covered in urine and feces, and had several minor bumps on his forehead when officers acting on a tip went to Kristen Paquette's apartment Thursday. They estimated the temperature inside the attic at over 100 degrees. The door to the room was locked, and the only window inside was nailed shut, said prosecutor Dan Harren.

Kids Found Alone in Filthy Home, Begged Neighbors for Food - Ohio
A Lorain neighborhood is in shock after children went to residents' houses, begging for food. Police said they found the children, ages 4, 3, 2 and 1, alone in the home that had dirty dishes in the sink, a toilet filled with feces and spoiled food in the refrigerator. The children told police that they had to go to the bathroom outside and one child said he hadn't had a bath since the family moved into the home more than a month ago.

Furor Builds Over Child Rapist's Sentence - Oklahoma
A plea deal that sent an ex-convict accused of raping a 4-year-old girl to jail for only a year has prompted outrage across Oklahoma, where lawmakers are calling for the removal of the judge who approved the deal and the attorney general is investigating a new set of abuse allegations. Under the deal, David Harold Earls, 64, of the southeastern Oklahoma town of McAlester, pleaded no contest last month to first-degree rape and forcible sodomy.



Saturday, August 1, 2009
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