Saturday, November 28, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Hello, I'm needing Childcare for my son Staring TODAY!!!!!,(((((((I need someone in chesapeake only.)))))))) I know this is short notice, my curreent babysitter was turned into CPS today buy another parent and is no longer allowed to watch children.I need childcare startingTONIGHTat 4:PM til 1Opm or so, and than i will need you permently, my work schedule is crazy i mostly work nights. usually from 3pm till 11pm, and sometimes i get called i wouldneed you on call, looking for someone to look after my 2 year old he will be 3 next month. he is a.d.h.d so i would need someone who can handle a lil one well...... need someone to feed him dinner,and give him a bath... (i know its hard to every night) but if u cant on certian nights i understand. and but him to bed,and when i get off i will come and get him, also some nights i do work tiil 1am or 2am, so if on those night if he can stay the night that would help alot, and i would come and get him in the morning,but i would let you know in advance, iam a single mother,so i asking for help........
(((((((((((I do get paid every other week)))))))), so i get paid on November 27th and i would pay you for one week, and after that, i do receive foodstamps so i will help to provide food and snacks..... I can only afford $70-80 a week and if i have to work late hours or a double i will pay you extra.......... please text me or e-mail me............ thanks, niki 757-803-****
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Fired Nanny Fired Up Over Dismissal

Received Thursday, November 26, 2009
Photobucket I worked for family Y for over a year. I started when their daughter was 7 weeks old. The baby was born with some temporary, medical problems. I knew this when I started. The medical problems escalated...and sometimes were hard to deal with. But I was attached to the baby, and stuck it out. I have years of nanny experience, but no medical training.

The family did a lot for me while I worked for them...helped me buy a car, gave me wonderful bonuses and presents. I felt like I really was part of the family. I got along great with them.

Last my 1 year anniversary mark..I found out I was pregnant. I told them this right away, and we discussed options a few weeks later. I assumed I could bring the baby to work due to previous conversations before I found out I was pregnant. They told me they didn't want me to do this. It broke my heart..but I said nothing. I felt I needed to collect my thoughts before saying anything. They also told me they planned on only working me 30 hours a week, but giving me a I ended up making almost the same amount as a 40 hour week. This was going to be nice..I would only work 3 days a week instead of 4 or 5.

I discussed the options with my husband..and decided I couldn't drop my own infant off with strangers to go take care of another person's baby so they didn't have to do the same. I also should mention they only expected me to take a 6 week maternity leave.

My husband and I decided this would be a good time for me to FINALLY go back to school full time. We were making plans for me to quit work in December, a few weeks before the baby was due. I would take internet classes in January. We were going to use financial aid as our financial backup. We were also on a strict savings plan.

I hadn't discussed this with family Y yet. One day the mother told me she met a former nanny who took her baby to work and said it worked out fine. She was reconsidering the option of letting me bring my own baby. I was so happy. This meant I could continue making income for our family and also not have the expense of daycare.

A month or so passes and the mother talks to me about hiring someone part time..just 10 hours a week so I don't have to be at work so early in the morning..I arrived at 7. This person would also be my backup if I couldn't come in for some reason and also cover me during my maternity leave. I told her I thought it was a good idea and I was fine with it. She interviewed someone who was fine with the situation..but the mother decided to not hire the woman because she smoked twice a day. Alright. Well. I kept asking her if she interviewed anyone else..and she hadn't.

In my 6 1/2 month mark...I work my birthday weekend so the parents can go away for their anniversary. I should also mention that I have had an easy pregnancy, and it never hindered my job. I was fully capable of doing everything I did before for the baby.

They go away Saturday night..come home Sunday afternoon and wanted to talk. I assumed they found a part time person. Wrong. I knew as soon as she said ' I just want you to know that I'm happy for you and your pregnancy' that they were firing me. I started crying immediately. Pregnancy emotions. Blah. They went on to tell me that they were worried about what to do during my maternity leave and couldn't find anyone to cover they hired someone to replace me period. I asked them if they realized that I was 6 1/2 months pregnant and the odds of me finding a job were slim to none? They just said...well..we had to think of our daughter. How was replacing the only nanny she had ever had thinking of her? They daughter is very attached to me..and me to her. How was me being pregnant hindering her? I feel I am fully capable of continuing to care for her and my child. She'll be almost 2 at that point, and getting on the independent side anyway. They told me they wouldn't expect payment for my car for the month of November..but would expect a payment starting in December. They wanted me to work until the end of October.

I told them I had to leave. I collected my things and got out of there. I called my husband hysterical. I have no idea how I made it home. WELL...I didn't call her on Monday...I have no idea why she expected me to. I didn't want to go back to work for them..but knew we needed the money for the next 3 weeks. She called me and left me a voicemail Monday evening..saying she thought it would end nicer than what it was ending...and she guesses I wasn't coming in the next day. I called her back..saying I was coming in...and told her..I'm upset. You have to understand that. She couldn't understand why I was upset? Gee. I wonder. She basically was asking me if I was going to be cruel to her daughter..I was dumbstruck by this..NO...I would NEVER do anything to harm your child. It's not her fault her parents are selfish stuck up people.

She called me back about an hour later..saying she talked to her husband and they didn't feel I was in a 'good place' and felt that I wasn't capable of caring for their child. They were going to pay me for the next 3 weeks anyway. WELL..bless their hearts. They wanted me to come on Saturday to collect the pay. I dreaded the day.

I arrived on Saturday..and had to listen to them 'explain' themselves one more time..all while he basically dangled my check in front of me. They still couldn't understand why I would be upset. They talked about me coming on weekends to work for them...toward my car payment...but they went on to say that they basically needed to learn to trust me again. How did they not trust me? I'm still confused by this.

I collected my check..and left.

I'm still so angry over this whole situation, but sad too. I really miss their daughter. The while finding a new thing semi-worked out. I work 10 hours a week at macy's for a whopping 80 bucks a week.

We'll see how the next 2 years of car payments work out. At this point..I have no idea how we'll make the next 6 months. Bastards.


Brooklyn Central Library in NY

Received Wednesday, November 25, 2009
112009 sad face I have heard that once the sun starts to set, nannies go off-duty. I was at the Brooklyn Central Library at Grand Army Plaza, Monday, 11/23, at 5 PM. There were two African American nannies in the youth section sitting by the Babies and Books reading room. They clearly just wanted to sit together. One nanny had a sleeping infant in the bottom section of a Phil & Ted's but the other had a 2 year old in a lightweight, blue, umbrella stroller. She kept the child strapped into the stroller for the half hour plus that I was there. The child screamed and screeched periodically to be set free. Maybe she wanted to have a book read to her?? The nanny occasionally reassured her that they would be leaving soon but didn't even placate her with pirate's booty. The child was a somewhat androgynous girl with severe bangs and very pale face. The nanny wore a cap and had black freckles and a self assured smile. I think that paying $12/hr. to have someone take care of your child is absurdly low. You get what you pay for.


Nanny's Tinkering with Son's Toys has Mom Upset

Received Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Our nanny has been with us for almost a year. She started out a solid 9 in terms of performance and settled in to a comfortable, reliable 8.5. Some of the things I like most about her are her reliability, and how many smart, educational activities she does with our son. I almost feel like he is in a specialized preschool program. Our nanny is a live-in and she seems happy. She is in her young twenties.

Now, the problem. Our family went away a short while ago and as is the case, when we don't need the nanny, she stays here, in our house. Everything seemed to be fine before, during and after our trip. Last night, on Sunday, I was searching for a jpeg copy of photograph on our home computer. When I could not easily find the photo, I used the search function on the toolbar and searched through all of the photos.

What I found was shocking and I am having trouble coming to terms with and understanding exactly what was going on, especially in the context of the fact that I think we have a pretty good nanny; particularly when compared to other nannies in the area or that I have known.

I came across a series of 62 photographs. The photographs were taken during the time we were away, as verified by the data on the photograph. The photographs contained my nanny and two other young ladies stark nude. My nanny only appeared in 5 or 6 of the photos. The photos were not sexual as in they were groping each other or kissing. But the content was disturbing just the same. The two other young ladies, neither of whom is known to me were utilizing my son's 200 piece tinker toy set. There were a few pictures showing them setting it up, but the series of photos was really focused on connecting each girl to the other by tinkertoy parts, parts that appeared to connect using ; how best to say this, each available orifice. Was it art? I don't know, my nanny never struck me as particular artsy. I don't believe she is a lesbian, not that I would care if she was. I do feel violated. The background of the pictures is our playroom, for reasons I will not mention, a playroom that clearly connects with our family and is readily identifiable. I also cannot come to terms with the use of a child's toy in such an obscene way. Last night, I did use a glove and retrieve the entire bucket of tinker toys from the playroom and through it away.

Last night, I was ready to fire the nanny. I was repulsed. I had written to ask about severance pay, cause for dismissal and what to do about her mother and brother who are arriving for a visit on the 17th of December. This morning, when I needed to go to work, she showed up with a big smile and greeted my child with the same enthusiasm and although I felt somewhat grossed out by the memory of what I had scene, it did not entirely quash my sense of comfort with the nanny as related to her reliability and the care she provides my child. I don't know that I could do better.

Can I get past this? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?


What Should Nanny Charge for Overnights?

Received Monday, November 23, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN My employer wants me to stay over 3 nights next month, when she has to travel for work. I normally work 7 am to 5 pm. She said she felt 4 hours extra per day would be fair? The baby goes to bed at 7-730 BUT she does not sleep thru the night. (14 months old) I havent stayed over before but Mom tells me shes often up 1-4 times a night with her and some mornings is very tired due to only getting 4-5 hrs of sleep PLUS Im sure baby may be even more stressed and wakeful since mother will not be there. Dad will be there but hes next to useless and never gets up with baby plus he leaves at 6am and often not home till 8 pm. So Im thinking I may be working a lot more than 4 extra hours per day PLUS losing sleep and having to work the whole next day. Plus Im not at home with my things, my bed etc. I'll be off duty supposedly 12 hours but with TV, no computer, cant leave house ect because babies asleep.

What is fair seeing Im expected to deal with a crying child on and off the entire time?

Question About OT and Taxes

Received Monday, November 23, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am in my first year as a nanny. Im 19 and not too familiar with the laws pertaining to overtime etc. I make $16 an hour, which employer is on the books with as to taxes etc. I work 47-50 hours a week. Another nanny told me they legally have to pay me overtime for over 40 and so far, they have not.

If employers are on the books and not doing the cash thing, isnt it a risk to not be paying overtime when legally required? What happens if they are found out not paying the OT? I dont know what to do and dont see how I can go now after 11 months and say I want OT. No contract, as I said its my first position and I didnt even know nannies did that when I started. Thanks for any insight.


Fair Price Feedback

Received Sunday, November 22, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hi, I have a question concerning childcare. I have always worked with children, mostly full time as a nanny, and would like to continue doing so. However I am due with my first child in June and am hoping to take care of other children along with my own. My question is what do people think would be the most desirable option for parents looking for childcare? Just an FYI I live in Boston.

1. Starting a small home daycare (3 other children). The daycare would be run much like I care for single families. I would get children involved in sing alongs, story times, meet with other caregivers for play dates, go to playgrounds and really just make sure we were involved in the community. I would also of course have both structured and unstructured playtime. Meals and snacks would be provided. I was thinking this would be at a rate of $6/hr full time and maybe a bit more for part time.

2. Working in a nanny share. This would be out of one of both of the families homes and would include pick up and drop off of whichever child's home we´re not in. Same outings and structure apply as in the daycare. Additionally this would involve me doing dishes, family laundry, local errands and keeping children's clothing/toys organized. This would be at a rate of $8 - $9/hr

3 Working for a private family, very similar to the nanny share however the housekeeping would be everyday and would include sweeping, vacuuming etc... Also the outings would be geared towards the child's specific interests more often and generally just the type of care that comes with a private nanny. I was thinking this option would be $12 - $13/hr.

What I´d really like feedback on is are the prices fair? Are there any other responsibilities you think should come along with any of the options? Does anybody have any specific concerns about a parent bringing their own child? Just really any input would be fantastic! I don´t know any other nannies with their own children so my resources for advice are quite limited.

Thanks in advanced!



Saturday, November 21, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for a Babysitter (D.C.)
I'm a live-in nanny in Georgetown, but I'm looking for someone who can look after the kids when I'm off. The kids are great, but my boss is kinda weird... if you're a girl, you've gotta be cute; if you're a guy, you've gotta look gay (just look it, not necessarily be it)... He'll pay you $100 a night and will probably give you a raise if you stick around long enough. Let me know if you're interested and we can set up an interview!
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Kramer vs Kramer?

Received Saturday, November 21, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Major major problem here. I have made a huge mess. I stay at home and take care of 2 young boys. The father is home, too. He is a really good hands on Dad, he is only home because his work allows him a flexible schedule. He is in and out all of the time. I have gotten close to him as I worked for them for almost ten months. In the beginning they seemed happy, and later on I realized they were less than happy and still later, it became apparent that they were miserable. The source of the misery was in my estimation the mother of the children. She is a constant complainer, a control freak and emotionally abusive. She is also very financially controlling. She makes more money than her husband. His job is the kind of job one gets not for the money and hers is the kind of job one gets simply to make money. She makes him beg for money. She involves me in the mistreatment of her husband.

She told me she prefers that I do the grocery shopping and she put my name on a credit card of hers. It is a card with her name and my name on it. Well, all these dumb things keep coming up. For example, on Thursday I went to the grocery store and the husband asked me to get some soppresetta (sp) and wheat grass sprouts. I didn't think it was a huge deal. She reviewed the grocery list in front of me, like she does, to make sure I didn't steal. She asked me, "who asked you to buy sopresetta?" The husband answered, "I did, are you going to tell me that is a problem?" She starts screaming at him that he doesn't contribute anything to her life at all and he can buy his own damn lunch. She asked him when the last time it was that he bought diapers for the youngest. He had no answer, so she is calling him worthless and useless and good for nothing. The boys were in the next room, about 20 feet away. Fortunately playing with loud trains, but this situation keeps getting worse. She then lectured me about using her card to get anything she didn't ask for. She also reminded me that my salary is paid for entirely by her.

I don't want to cite other examples because that would give away personal information, but what do I do? Just keep my mouth shut and keep working? I feel bad for the father, but she is my employer and I am so sorry to say, I am starting to grow concerned about my bonus... Help!


The Third Parent

Received Wednesday, November 18, 2009
RANT on I SAW YOUR NANNY My feet hurt, so badly. I've worked somewhere around 60 hours this week, with 94 hours last week, and 80-something hours coming up this week.

I can't take it.

I took this job because I was in a bad situation and needed it. I was stupid, but it can't be all me. The mother sugarcoated what she expected, and then when I got there, BAM, second day on "trial" and I've worked from 10am to 4am.

My second day, after being told that I'd hit bed by 9-ish, latest.

It's a 24/7 job, but she won't really admit that. She actually thinks that because she wakes her own kids up in the morning and takes care of them during the 1am-7am hours, I am being ungrateful. She actually told me she expects her next nanny to "take them" when she needs to sleep.

What am I?

I am not a nanny. I am a third parent in a two parent home that only actually has one of them. The husband is always at work, and though she'll tell you that he'll help when he's around, what she means is "my poor baby, we can't actually ask him to wash dishes or try to put his children to bed or help with anything! He works all day!"

What the hell, lady, do you think I do, when I am cleaning the kitchen you ruined all by myself (which you advertised as "assisting with cleaning"), your living room, taking care of three children who are lovely but who you damn near REFUSE to put on a real schedule that therefore keeps all of us up until unreasonable hours (for which you get me so I can help you put them back to sleep at midnight, then expect me to wake up at 7am or earlier and actually get angry when I tell you that I need more than 5 hours of sleep a night, and perhaps sometimes I'd like a minute to myself!)? The best part? She goes on and on about how she gets no sleep, and in the same breath

After I clean the kitchen at night, usually by 10pm after you ruin it with your haphazard cooking, I sometimes actually like to take a minute to write and enjoy my hobbies without being badgered. Just because my light is on doesn't mean you can just bust in my room at 11:30pm when I'm trying to wind down and do fucking LAUNDRY.

And oh yes. The laundry is in my room, of course, which I have to hear all night, and then I get shit about "how come you don't sleep well what's up with thaaaaaaat you sleep more than EVERYONE and you should stop staying up so late!"

Sorry if I sometimes want to talk to my friends or look for that new job you told me to get. Sorry if I am doing something I enjoy for an hour a day, so exhausted that I can't even get up to make my own bed because I'm so worried about getting out to you ASAP at 7am to send your child to school cause you are unable to take ONE six year old to school on time while the other children sleep

I understand your life is hard. But have just an ounce of respect for me. Yelling at me because I wanted to take a nap after getting 6 hours and less of sleep 5 days in a row? Telling me "I sleep so much more than you" and "you do so much more work than me"? Seriously, I wanted to knock your teeth in. Forcing me to eat your old, cold, crusty and stale chicken cause I was hungry four hours ago while I was feeding your kids, and instead of giving me a moment to scarf it down before it got that way, told me to never deny your kid a drink of water for five seconds because OMG HE IS CRYING BECAUSE HE IS THIRSTY FEED HIM/WATER HIM ALREADY! I just do not know how you can yell at me to eat chicken that's been out for hours when you are constantly telling me never to leave any bit of food out for more than five seconds. Why the HELL would you tell me to eat food you wouldn't eat yourself, or give to your husband?

Your husband? I like the guy. But for one, he doesn't know crap about what goes on in this house while he's at work, and when he's telling me to do things the exact opposite way you've told me to do them, and you insist that I should do it his way just to appease him, or more fun, of course, stay up an extra two hours cooking for him and then RE-CLEANING THE KITCHEN at midnight

Putting dirty, smelly rags in my shower stall? Leaving dirty laundry in my room overnight? Complaining at me when I don't get up at 2am (because you have an insane laundry machine that takes several hours to wash instead of the regular one hour) that I should've taken the laundry out instead of sleeping the few hours I do get so you don't have to burst in my room and do it because you can't bear to leave laundry in there for a couple of hours? Having the nerve to even joke "lol how come you don't clean your room that says something about you"? Well, lady, I don't have time to clean it because I'm taking care of your kids nearly EVERY WAKING HOUR, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

Now, if I was Lisa Marie Presley's nanny and making $650 a day, I'd have no complaints at all. I don't even make $650 a week, for which my employer often mentions docking from in case she has to hire someone else sometimes so I don't work another 94 hour week. So I can sleep and be well to take care of her children. I make less than minimum wage working from waking until sleeping.

Lady? Fuck you. Fuck you so goddamn hard.
Have a rant? Lay it on us. Email or send it anonymously this way.


Straus Park - NY

Received Tuesady, November 17, 2009
112009 sad face Seen in Straus Park around 3:45 today, Nov. 16: 3 African-American nannies sitting about chatting surrounded by 3 strollers (one double) containing 4 wriggling, crying toddlers, all being ignored. Really sad.

Nanny is Feeling Shortchanged by MB

Received Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I've been taking care of the same three children almost two years and all has gone well. Regular raises, vacation, no sick time or benefits but I don't ask for or need either I was happy until this past September.

Mom enrolled all three kiddos in extra curricular activities so basically two days per week I now have 90 minutes free tine while the kids are at various activities. When my review came up in July she never mentioned this and when she let me know her plans when school started she asked if I would mind using my car to shuffle them around I said no problem. We agreed an extra $50.00 per week was fair for use of my vehicle and gas since they don't have an extra one for my use. She offered that amount and I accepted. Now for the problem.

She has cut those three hours from my weekly pay. When I brought it to her attention she said she did not cut my pay since she's reimbursing me for my car use . I earn $15.00 per hour. In fact, she said, I am actually getting $5.00 more per week! I explained that the $50.00 was, in her own words, EXTRA money for gas and wear on my vehicle. She countered with the argument that I now have two days where I get 90 minutes all to myself to do with as I wish. I reminded her that there is not enough time for me to go home and come back, so it's not truly a break and she does not live near where I can use the time for myself.

The following payday her husband came home from work early and explained that it is not right for me to expect to be paid for time I don't work and I could use that time to do my family food shopping. I explained why that won't work for me since I have a large family, often shop in BJ's and would have neither the time nor room to complete the task and transport the kids. He said he and his wife would discuss the situation.

The following payday the wife said they had a great idea. They have a housekeeper four hours a week. they would let her go and I could do their housekeeping! When I was hired I made it perfectly clear I do not do housekeeping of any sort other than clean-up after the kids. I also happen to know they paid their housekeeper $125.00 for the four hours she worked there a week. Now they expect me to do it for $45.00. When I brought these facts up the mother was not pleased. She said she felt hurt that after all this time I would want to take advantage of them and expect payment for time off. I declined and so I am being paid for three hours less per week plus the gas stipend.

Things have been tense between us since. I don't think I am being unreasonable but then again maybe I am. I would appreciate other people's advice on this matter.


What Should Nanny Charge for Pet/House Sitting?

Received Monday, November 16, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN The family I nanny for has asked me to watch their dog and fish over Thanksgiving weekend (26th through 30th). I, of course, agreed. I've been with the family for over a year and a half and I adore them. The mom told me to research how much I might charge for that. Any tips? For watching their two boys, I make $14/hr or $12/hr if it is just one boy. Required of me would be: staying over night with the pets (I don't mind), feeding them in the morning and evening, walking the dog and other general things. I would also be basically house-sitting for them as well. The pets can be left alone during most of the day or I can take the dog with me places if I want to do so. Since this is related and has some different/special circumstances, I decided to ask here as part of my 'research.' What do you think?


Daycare in Plymouth, MN

Received Sunday, November 15, 2009
I want to report a daycare that our 7 month old daughter lasted only a week in before we yanked her, and all the crap that followed.

Crying all day: Apparently, the 4 days our daughter was in her care, she was crying practically non-stop. I would expect this for maybe a day or two, but 4 days? Something had to be wrong and everyone I talked to thought the same.

No-Shows: The first day, the daycare provider had the stomach flu. Fine. The second day, we were to drop her off at 9am. Husband went over, tried to contact her, no answer. Repeatedly. Until finally at 10:30 when she called and apologized for having slept in. The third day: She forgets to bring her daughter to school and leaves my husband and daughter in the parking lot of her building for 45 minutes while she drops her off.

Pets: She has a very hyper dog that would jump around the baby and play aggressively with toys in around her. Last day, the Boppy pillow we sent there comes home smelling of cat urine.

Choking objects on floor: My daughter is 7 months...everything ends up in her mouth, which she should know having done daycare, her family does day care and she going to school to be a pediatric nurse (scary!). Throughout the week, I noticed lots of little choking hazards on the floor...toy parts, dried up play dough, etc.

So fine, we tell her nicely, not even mentioning these things that it just isnt working out, our child is not adapting obviously by all the crying and we will figure it out. She writes back and says because we didnt give a weeks notice, she gets to keep the deposit. Fine, but I paid her for 2 weeks of daycare on top of the deposit so I write and say I would like to find a time to pick up all her stuff (she wanted full sets of clothes, bibs, bottles, diapers, wipes, toys up front, which is fine) as well as the week of daycare we didnt use.

I never hear from her again!! After many calls, emails, and finally 2 nights ago saying if I dont hear from her, I plan on telling the world about what transpired. Still no call.

So here I am.

Her name is Amie (last name available) in Plymouth, MN. Her craigslist posting is

She is not licensed (all the licensed places were to expensive for us) and I dont now expect to get any of my stuff back nor my week of unused daycare reimbursed. This is the first time in my life I have felt screwed over by anyone in such a mean way. We did nothing to deserve this. Its just sad there are people like this in the world. Really sad. And I dont want it to happen to anyone else, hence why I'm putting this alert out.

Do you have a daycare, sitter or nanny warning to share? Email now.



Saturday, November 14, 2009
112009 wtf
.... WHAT?!

In the Spirit Of the Holidays, a truly nice WTF?

1) Free Licensed Childcare Fri. Nov 13th: 5-9pm - Pay it Forward (Norfolk)
In the spirit of giving:
Friday Nov.13th 5-9pm bring a new unwrapped childs toy (valued at $7.&up) & recieve free child care.All toys will be donated to families for Christmas having a difficult time this year.There is no catch,there is no gimmick.I've done childcare for 16yrs & have done this every year.Dinner will be served at 6pm,we'll do a craft,play & watch a childrens movies & have a snack.If you need care later than 9pm, there will be a $3. hr charge per child for hours after 9pm.Children must be ages 2-12yrs,up to date on immunizations & you must provide me with emergency contact information.I am cpr & first aid certified,back ground checks & references on file,business license, daycare license, fire drill logs ,usda menus & sign in/out sheets at front door on bulletin board.SMOKE FREE/ALCOHOL FREE HOME.Large 2 story house with big fenced back yard. **reserve slot by thursday Nov.12th,space is limited** Call 362-****WeeCare DayCare
Original URL:

2) LOVE KIDS AND DOGS?? (Milwaukee)
Looking for a wonderful person to care for our twin boys a few days a week – must be flexible with time days as workload may change. Please note: Our house is a zoo – we have two big dogs who are our first children – and must be treated as such… and twin boys under two who are into EVERYTYHING. So, you must be quick on your feet, love chasing, playing and running with them all – as well as reading and quiet time.
Only candidates who truly LOVE dogs and children should apply – Position will pay $10.00 per hour and would start immediately.
Original URL:
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Should Nanny Attend Birthday Party?

Received Saturday, November 14, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am a full time nanny and two of the children I watch are in school. The third grader is having a rock climbing birthday party on an upcoming Sunday. She will have about 15 school friends there. I see the girl about 2.5 hours a day, and more on Thursdays. I work about 48 hours per week. I would prefer to have my weekend time to myself, especially since I don't have much time to myself. I wouldn't be paid to attend the party but I am sure I would be helping out because I wouldn't know what else to do at a kid's party.I also don't think the girl will miss me much with so many of her school friends at the party. But I don't want her mother to think I don't care. What should I do?


Is this a common theme for Filipino nannies?

Received Friday, November 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN We have a Filipino nanny. The first year she took off 6 weeks to go to Philippines said it was an emergency. We made it work but it was hard because the mother in our family had cancer at the time and was not able to care for the kids at all. So, long story .... this is 2nd year. Mother is scheduled for a surgery on Dec. 6. cancer related. and the nanny says she has to leave 6 weeks for an emergency in Philippines. This emergency is supposedly of a legal nature, but she would not provide any details.The nanny is married to an American Citizen so this is not likely an immigration issue. I just don't believe her. Is this a common theme for Filipino nannies-to take Christmas holiday off for 6 weeks?

News this week...

Arvilla Marie Lilly Meinhardt of Golden Valley, Minnesota runs a day-care center out of her home. Problem: She pins kids to mattresses as discipline control. Police came to Meinhardt's little house of alleged horrors in order to investigate claims by a girl who was cared for by Meinhardt from 2003 to 2006. The girl is now 7 years old and "recently told her mother that Meinhardt used safety pins to pin her to a mattress during nap time," according to the Star Tribune. The charges against her are malicious punishment of a child and false imprisonment.

A 1-year-old girl is fighting for her life in Yale-New Haven Hospital with severe head injuries that police say were inflicted by her baby sitter, who repeatedly banged the baby's head against the floor because the child interrupted a television program she was watching Wednesday night.The baby is in intensive care with multiple skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, police said.The baby sitter, 24-year-old Keamira Fatal, of Locust Street, has been charged with attempted murder and risk of injury to a minor.

Cops: Mom, Babysitter Conspired in Missing Baby Case (Florida)
Investigators: Young siblings stabbed repeatedly by babysitter (Texas)
Babysitter Critically Burned In Fire Started By Child
Police: Babysitter Left Girls to Get Drinks (Pennsylvania)

Baby and Me Story Time in Ridgewood, NJ

Received Friday, November 13, 2009
112009 sad face 2 Horrible "Nannies" at ~Baby and Me Story Time~ Thursday, Nov. 12th - 9:30 a.m.!

I have been a nanny for quite a while- and have seen countless "nannies"-at the parks, Gymboree, Music Together, etc.... and many who that take their charges to the Ridgewood Library are the worst!

What is up with the parents of Ridgewood! Can't you see how horrible your nannies are!
Many look very worn out, and like they really don't want to be with your child! It's so apparent they really don't care about the children in their charge.

As a professional career nanny, I don't want to bash other nannies, and I know the nannies must be tired from working long hours-probably 7 a.m . to 7 p.m. or more- as I know from speaking/interviewing with many Ridgewood parents who have nannies, that they commute into the NYC or CT and need the nannies to work 12+ hour days. A 60+ hour work week is a long week- and I am sure they most likely clean the entire house, cook and only live in on the weekdays and go home on the weekends. ****Parents- please realize this is burning out your nannies!***

The two that prompted me to write here today were at "Baby and Me Story Time" today- Thursday, Nov. 12th at 9:30 a.m. I am not sure what the names of the children/nannies are- but this "nanny" is older (maybe 45 to 55?), dark skinned, short dark hair. She was wearing a pink sweater with brown pants. The little boy in her "charge" was about 20 months old or so- wearing a red shirt that said "Flight School" and navy blue pants. The "nanny" does not know how to interact with your son. The little boy is a typical, toddler, who is very active and curious- however, the nanny continually went and snatched him up HARSHLY, then pulled/draged him away from what-ever she felt he should not be touching. Your son does not look happy. The "nanny" is forever grabbing him and harshly putting him back on her lap. (yes, it was story time- and the children were expected to be fairly quiet and sit- but the way the "nanny" went about doing that- is really going to effect this child in a negative way- and I am afriad she is going to lose it and really hurt him.

She did this about 5 or 6 times. (yes, it was hell to be in the class and see this- I really wish the librarian giving the the story time- would have said something- as it did make the other adults uncomfortable.) One time I saw her grab the little boys' arm and pull while it twisted. If she acts like this in public- I can only imagine what she does to this child in private. Maybe she was just having a bad day, but she seems like she is ready to blow up at any time.

The other nanny was in story time today as well. I forgot what she was wearning, but she was older too- late 40's/early 50's) and dark skinned to. Her "charge" was a petite little girl- I believe she said she was 10 months old? The child too is dark skinned- maybe Middle Eastern? Indian? however the nanny appeared to be African or from one of the Islands.

The nanny was just sitting there-not signing the songs or interacting with the little girl, and most importantly, not even watching the little girl. She seemed so detached from her- and like she REALLY did not want to be there and was ready to fall asleep at any time. Actually the other "nanny" I mentioned above grabbed the little girl when she crawled away and handed her back to her "nanny".


Nanny's Addiction is out of Control

Received Thursday, November 12, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Here is a question from a mom: how much personal phone use is considered appropriate for a nanny? We have a sweet and caring nanny and our kids love her. The only thing is that she is addicted to her phone and is constantly texting her family and friends. She takes her phone everywhere: texting next to the bath, during the kids' dinner, etc. I have talked to her about it and she agreed that it should change. She would limit her private phone use to the time when the kids nap, except of course if there is something really urgent. But now I'm afraid it only changed when I'm around. Everytime I come in she quickly hangs up or stops her text msg and puts her phone away. Of course there is no way I can control this when I'm not around. How do other parents and nannies deal with this issue?


Sighting at 10th ave and 21st in Manhattan

Received Wednesday, November 11, 2009
112009 sad face Young looking nanny (early 20's) with black hair dyed red on the bottom half completely ignored 3 yo girl named Lila. Read the paper and was on her phone the full 45 minutes I was there, even when Lila was crying because a bird ate her snack. Lila mentioned having a 4 yo sister, and had a bugaboo stroller (I think). She was on a big wheels, wore a purple dress and pink boots.



Saturday, November 7, 2009
112009 wtf
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) I need a night babysitter for 4 nights (Reno)
I am looking for a female who can babysit my 2 kids: almost 3 yo boy, and 8 months old girl. Monday through Thursday only during the night because they already have daycare. Technically all you will be doing is sleep with them during the night and if someone woke up which could or could not happen just hand them a bottle or whatever you think they need because I don't know that stuff.

You can use appliances in the house and eat whatever you like from the fridge, and use wifi, movies.. etc.

My wife is going out of state during this period and I've never spent a night with kids so I can't handle it, besides I have to wake up very early for work.

I need this on Monday the 2nd through Thursday the 5th. Price is negotiable depending on the person. I prefer if you have done this before, and don't have felony, clean and a good person. Thanks. Please call me on 315-**** or email back. If you do this good we can always call when we need you.
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Westside Market in Chelsea, NYC

Received Sunday, Novermber 1, 2009
112009 sad face About 10:30 on Saturday Morning at the Westside Market in Chelsea, I saw a nanny. This nanny was clearly not a good nanny. What did I observe? A toddler of not more than 2.5 and a sleeping baby of about 10 months. No nanny. The stroller was kind of unique in that it had a pram like look to it and the fabric was a very delicate blue and white striped print. There was lace all around the borders. The pram was blocking my way. Yes, that was annoying but more annoying was that the owner of the pram was nowhere around and the children were left out of sight of their owners. I started asking people, "who's stroller is this", "does anyone know who this stroller and child belongs to?" That is when the offending nanny came around the corner form the far end of the store. When I was checking out, she was coming in to line and she parked the pram behind me and took off down an aisle. Yes, she forgot something and that happens, but she had clearly demonstrated that she had no connection or care for those kids. When I was checking out, the checker asked me, "are these your kids" because I was moving past the counter and leaving them behind. I said, "nope, but they sure have spent a lot of time alone here at the store today". I am not a nut but the store is pretty crowded on Saturday. Maybe your nanny was acting up because she had to work on Saturdays, but those kids were not being cared for. Even when she rejoined them, she never said a word to them. My heart broke for the toddler who just stood around silently. Can you say understimulated? (At best).
Nanny: African American, tall, thin, curly hair to her shoulders, about 30 years old, dark grey heavy, large fleece over jeans and white boots with fur and criss cross buckles on them.
Toddler: Caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, wearing Gap overalls over a red shirt underneath a blue puffer coat.
Baby: Caucasian, mint green looking cashmere blanket over most of the child, brown hair.

Sounds like mayhem....

Received Sunday, November 1, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN What should I do? I just completed an interview with a young Russian couple. They had been advertising for a Russian speaking nanny without any luck for a few weeks and contacted me. I have been unemployed since April when my last nanny family's mom lost her job. After several emails, they interviewed me by phone. I then went to their house.

When I got there, I took off my shoes and was ushered directly into the bathroom to wash my hands. They then proceeded to tell me that they had 3 children, not the 2 they were advertising, but not to worry because the 2-year-old had his own nanny. They found him his own Russian-speaking nanny because they wanted him to learn Russian. The family only speaks Russian among themselves although both parents speak English very well.The mom is a pediatrician. The dad is a student, studying for his C.P.A. and he has been "nanny" to his two 8-mos.-old twins. They are looking to hire a nanny for the babies. However, they live in a 3 bedroom condo. So that means 2 nannies and 3 small children in a very small area all day long. They also never leave just one parent attending the 3. When one parent has to leave they have family members "fill-in" for that parent. Grandpa drove all the way from Chicago to "fill-in" for dad so mom wouldn't be left alone with all three children.

They don't want their babies to have the plastic toys the 2-year-old plays with so they have devised a "pen" for the babies to play in. Their children go out very little. They have never been to the library. I would be permitted to take the babies out in their stroller but as the weather is getting cold, not so much.

If they offer me the job should I take it?