Nannies Meet An Unusual Celebrity

At a Holiday  event recently a small group of nannies were hired for extra fun activity duty at a Holiday party for a group of kids who had some well known parents in the South Texas area. The kids were, as usual, super polite and well behaved, really great kids. On the way out the nannies had the fun of admiring an unusual celebrity - a TRUCK. This truck has been owned by famous people and is famous itself being worth a small fortune and as big as a tank - called an "Unlock". It was 1st owned by Arnold Swarzennegar. The guy nannies - "mannies" knew
all about it, the female nannies learned something new! You never know who or what you will meet as a nanny!

Carroll Gardens Oct 2 mean nanny ;(

The nanny had a baby in a stroller and an older child walking, the older child tripped and fell and was crying, the nanny picked him up roughly by the arm and said," If you cry, no TV for you". I did not confront them but stepped back and took an anonymous picture.They were walking on President Street close to Carroll Park. I would want to know if my nanny was not comforting to my child.

Show me a little more money! I am working hard!!

My boss and I are talking raise, right now I work 4 days a week, 7-3 or 4pm. I get paid 415 per hour and I have been with them about 1 and 1/2 y. My daily chores are when the babies are asleep - kids laundry, prep kids meals, pull kids bathroom stuff, wash and put away dishes,keep diaper/wipes stocked, playroom clean ( not easy) taking kids to classes ( 2 times a week). I was thinking of asking for 17.50 per hour. At this time I am making $600 per week.

Moss Wood Park in Oakland - Bad Nanny Neglects Little Dash! ;(

Took my charge to the park today, we sang the whole way. Got to the park for a sunny fun day. All the nannies were out,mostly grouped ina couple corners on the playground. Two infants, app 5 mo. sat unattended in  the swings. another child, app 1 and 1/2 y climbed to the top of the play structure while me and my charge were playing at the bottom. I lookked around for who was in charge of this little one? There is a huge drop off on one side and he was thinking about it. He hovered above the slide,smiled and stood there with his arms above his head. Finally a nanny peeled herself away from a nanny huddle nearby, he was right there above her but she did not know where he was. " DASH! DAH! DASH!" she kept calling. This was a small park enclosed with a chain link fence. I spoke up and said, " are you looking for this little one?" ( pointing to the top of the slide)  She said " He is so fast!" Actually he had been up there for 10 minutes with no nanny in sight.

I had taken a picture of my charge to send to his mom, my MB. From the other side of the play structure I heard a loud voice " ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF ME??"  I looked around, it was the same woman who lost her charge moments before. "No, I said, why would I take pictures of you?" She became angrier and louder " Well, people take pictures of nannies" she said.

I said " Would you like to look at my phone?"  No answer. i asked a little louder and a mouse said no. I was angry at this point,fuming. She had not introduced herself, yelled a loud false accusation to me in public, she was acting as if her actions were normal and right. I tried again to reason with her - " I am a nanny and I do not want a picture of you"

She then yelled she was going to call the police on me and that I was a B**tch loud for all the kids in the park and my charge to hear.

Poor little DASH - if you are doing your job for him, you do not have to worry about pictures!!!