Amy Montessori Brookfield, WI

Received Tuesday, November 30, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Nanny Sighting!
Amy Montessori Brookfield, WI
Noon (pick up)
Monday, 11/29/10
Description: Maybe she was Grandma but I don't know there are nannies there who look like grandmothers. She had short gray hair, glasses. She was wearing a red fleece that zipped up. She also had glasses. She drove a gray Toyota car. I wrote down the license plate number. She had two little girls. The older one was wearing a pink coat with a brown hood and a white hat with pink flowers. I only could see the one year old's head (you'll see why as you read on) but she was wearing a cute pink crochet looking hat.
What Happened:
Grandma/Nanny left the little one in the car for a good five plus minutes while she retrieved the older one from school. Sometimes it takes five minutes to get out of that school; sometimes 20! You never know! The younger child was awake by the way. I said something out loud and my charge looked and said "you do not leave babies in cars!"

Holiday Pay

Received Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Opinion 4 Hi everyone. As the holiday parties and New Year's Eve are coming up, I was wanting to know how much other caregivers are charging? I am going to care for 3 girls who I have watched once before. Since it is a 'holiday', should I ask for double? What do you all do?

Frederick Douglass Homes playground at Amsterdam Ave and 100th St. - NY

Received Tuesday, November 30, 2010
nanny sighting 7 UPPER WEST SIDE NYC BAD NANNY. Abusive nanny seen September-October 2010 in the children's play area of the Frederick Douglass Homes playground at Amsterdam Ave and 100th St.

CHILD was a white male infant with dark hair, in a carriage, probably under a year old. He appeared hopeless and distressed.

NANNY is a very obese, dark-skinned black woman with an unusually protruding forehead over very deep-set eyes--similar to the forehead of an Australian aboriginal. I believe she had an accent of some kind. She had the expression of a mentally ill, angry person. Hair was short. I HAVE A PHOTO of this nanny.

Nanny's behaviors: Imitating the baby's crying in an angry jeering tone instead of comforting baby. Running her fingers up the inside of his leg inside his clothing all the way to his crotch (as a supposed way of playing with him). There was something else horrible she was doing too, I think it was something about not giving him the bottle he wanted. All the while she was talking to him in a jeering, angry tone. Other nannies had infants his age in the infant swing seats, enjoying the day. She sat on a bench eating in front of him while he cried for food. When she saw me watching she moved opposite me and was talking angrily to herself in a threatening way while trying to determine if I was continuing to pay attention to her.

This is a very sick woman. I wish I had reported her then and there and had her questioned. I will provide a photo if you can provide one indicating that this is the same nanny.
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.... WHAT?!

1) Gent seeks cute female who wants 2 live in beautiful Calif (California)
If you are a cute and slender open minded single female 18-30 looking for a new and better life and you would like to live in a very beautiful apt and area in California, then this very nice mid-aged gent is looking for a live in Au Pair/nanny/personal assistant/companion to live with him. The right lady must be d&d free, loving, happy, calm, non-smoker and love children. If you speak very little English, it is ok with me.

I am a single father in California with a 4 & 8 year olds is seeking a young female that can be a live in Au Pair/nanny/personal assistant/companion with benefits that can also cook & clean. I would like someone who can help out around the house, pick him up from school and just be a positive influence in his life. The ideal person is a loving, happy, calm & patient, non-smoker.
I am looking to looking to sponsor an educated and experienced Housemaid to the USA.

Please send your detailed resume with complete qualifications and education experience. Please detail if you already have a green card, VISA, or passport. Compensation is DOE as well as terms of stay/employment... please include any requirements you may inquire about. English speaking is a must.. Please send compensation requirements along with recent photos, age and a method of reaching you. $USD/month negotiable. You must send your photo with age (a must) or your reply will be ignored and deleted.
URL: http://puertorico.en.craigslist.org/dmg/2007104432.html
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Your Baby Has Your Eyes

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest Last week, in a giddy haze of PMS, I took my three-year-old charge out on errands on a gloomy, rainy, cold, Northern California afternoon. We were at Lucky Pharmacy to purchase some Gas-X - the cook had a tummy ache – when the cashier said sweetly to me as I handed her my household credit card,

“Your baby has your eyes.”

It was with nothing less than a total bitchy tone (PMS, it makes me evil) that I replied,

“No he does not. He is not my baby. I am his Nanny. And we do not look alike.”

The three year old that I held in my arms began to laugh.

“I have brown eyes.” He said. “My Nanny has blue eyes.”

I decided to take my attitude down a tone.

“Thank you.” I said, “I should take it as a compliment. This child is a beautiful boy.”

As I walked myself, my charge and the Gas-X to my car I wondered why - PMS notwithstanding - I took it as an offense to be told I resembled the child I take care of and love so deeply. It happens a lot – I have always been told that the children I care for look just like me. And I always have the same icky, stinky, bad attitude reaction. No matter what time of the month it is.

The day before I had been at La Petite Baleen with both the babies – the three year old and his fifteen month old sister. Girl baby and I were in the water together while Boy baby was in the lane adjacent to us with his class. Girl baby was learning how to be dunked. Every time she went under she came up with an absolute squeal of delight and wrapped her chubby little arms around my neck and laughed. Seriously, I was in heaven. I later told her mother that it was the most fun I had ever had in water – and I meant it. And then, a mother in the class treaded water over, holding her baby and said with a big smile,

“She looks just like you.”

“She’s not mine,” I said, “I’m her Nanny.”

She did a double take. She reiterated.

“She. Looks. Just. Like. You.”

I said, kindly, as the full effects of PMS would not set in for another 24 hours,

“Actually, she is the spitting image of both her parents. I love her, but I did not make her.”

I looked at the beautiful Girl baby, with her wonderful huge brown eyes and dark hair and olive colored skin and contemplated my own looks – thin, blue eyes, light freckled skin, and light brown hair and realized in one of those rare moments of absolute clarity, that it was regret I always felt when people told me that my charges looked like me because the curse of infertility meant that I would never hold a baby that really looked just like me. Even though every single child I had ever taken care of had been mistaken for my own child. My ex- boyfriend’s sister had once run into me outside Peets while I wheeled around a set of twins. She had looked at the girl twin and said in shock,

“Oh my God! She could be yours!”

For the record, she had white blond hair.

The adopted bi-racial little one I took care of for a year was always mistaken for mine. And she was half African American. But she was fine featured like me.

Perhaps loving children, the way you look at them with total adoration, and the way that they look back at you with love, makes you look like family. I’ve decided to embrace it, and from now on respond to compliments with a simple “Thank you.”

No matter what time of the month it is.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at http://www.abandofwives.ning.com/

Amazing Grace She Ain't...

Received Friday, November 26, 2010
Warning 4 I had a terrible experience with a nanny named Grace who was supposed to work for me for 6 weeks. She faked an injury to cover the fact that she had scheduled surgery for her fifth day of employment with me and would be taking off for 2 of the 6 weeks to recover. She knew all of this in advance before accepting the job and continued to lie about it even after I had confirmed the truth. I mailed her checks for the 4 days she worked for me and she pretended to lose them in an effort to force me to pay her cash. There is more to this story and I would be happy to share, but just wanted to get it out there that if a woman named Grace H from Ecuador who has a 6 or 7 year old son applies for a job with your family, DO NOT HIRE THIS WOMAN. She is not trustworthy or reliable or honest and not someone you want alone with your children.


Wow... No Merry Christmas for this Nanny

Received Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Opinion 4 My employer just told me today that he is giving me 30 days notice for termination because I didn't take the initiative to wash windows, mop the floors, and other chores not out lined in our agreement. He also told me that I was unreliable because once I couldn't come in on my day off because they wanted a night out. I had told them previously that I would be working at a Santa booth on my days off for some extra holiday money weeks ago. My last day is two days before Christmas. How messed up is this?



.... WHAT?!

1) Babysitter for 15 year old NEEDED (Mississippi)
My 15 year old son recently broke my trust and stayed out until 9 am the next day!
I work a lot so I trusted him to walk home after school and call me if he goes out.
If he wants to act like a kid. I'll treat him like a kid.
Needless to say, I need a new solution.
I'm looking for a babysitter who,
Will watch him at their house.
Will treat him like a little kid.
Will be strict on discipline including giving spankings for misbehaving or being disrespectful.
Is within walking distance of Ocean Springs High School (downtown Ocean Springs)
He gets out of school at 3:30 and I need someone to watch him until I get home.
(around 8 on weekdays)
He can walk home after I get home from work.
Please email me with rates and when your available to start.
Thanks, Chad
URL: http://gulfport.craigslist.org/kid/2034178600.html
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What to Charge

Sunday, November 21, 2010
Opinion 4 
Hi I am new to the whole nanny career. I am just curious on what I should be charging. I live in Bergen County NJ My experience includes: attending college majoring in Early Childhood Education as well as a few credits shy of minoring in special education. I plan on graduating next month with my AAS I have been a part time/full time long term/short term babysitter/nanny for the past 10 years. I have worked with children ages 2 months-17 years old. Some children I have cared for have special needs including autism, add, adhd, aspberger syndrome, ocd, dyslexia, bi polar, cyrbral palsy. I have experience being a student teacher in both preschool and teaching hearing babies and their caregivers sign language certified in first aid cpr, and I give piano lessons and swim lessons.

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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest Once, early in my Nanny career I took a spill that resulted in a 4-inch gash on my shin, cut down to the bone. I was totally freaked out to find myself staring at the inside of my leg, but tried to remain calm, wrapped my sweater around my leg, limped myself and my three year old charge to the nearest phone and called my Mother, as I was only nineteen and still living at home, taking a year off between High School and College. She picked up my charge and me and sat with him at the hospital while a surgeon closed back up my shin with forty stitches, then returned my charge to his Mother, tucked me onto the couch and called my agent (I was pursuing an acting career along with a Nanny career on my gap year.) to tell them I would not be making my callback for the part of the gymnast on “One Life to Live.”
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at http://www.abandofwives.ning.com/


How to Make Memories...

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 Hello, I am leaving a family that I have been with for about two years now and they are like a family to me. I have been going through and trying to find ideas on what to get them and I have decided that i am going to do a scrapbook for the children, i will do the first few pages and then together on future play dates we will complete it. What should I do for the parents? The mom is like an elder sister to me. I will be sitting once a month after I leave. It was a mutual decision also. I wanted to find a career where i could use my nursing degree and she wants to quit her job and be with the kids full time.

Zzzzz... How Much Should Nanny Charge?

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 Please help me out guys! I need your input here! I recently watched a 5 1/2 yr old boy and the father is leaving the rate up to me. I have already watched him earlier this week and the father is holding payment for me until we can agree on a set amount. Note: I have babysat for this family before, but only a few hours here and there, so I know they WILL pay me..it is just a matter of HOW MUCH and what is fair for me. I know we should have discussed payment amount prior to me accepting the job and we meant to, but we always got distracted by details and such of other aspects of the job.

Okay. I arrive at my employer's home at 3:30 AM, then Mom & Dad leave (they took a business trip to Humbolt CA). Boy was sleeping, then per instructions, I woke him up at 6:00 AM and got him ready for school. Drove him to school at 6:30 AM (across town, about 1/2 hour drive), then after I dropped him off at 7:00 AM I went home to my house and stayed until he had to picked up at 1:45 PM. Then picked him up, went home to his house, where he played, watched T.V., played video games and we went swimming in his backyard pool. Then he went to bed at 8:30 PM. Then woke him up at 6:00 AM and drove him to school at 6:30 AM again, dropped him off at 7:00 AM and then went to my house and the parents were going to be home to pick him up after school so my job was done at this point.

I have two questions. After I dropped off the boy at school, while I was free to go to my house, I still felt like I was "on call" in case boy fell ill at school or otherwise. Do I charge for this? Also, while many 5 1/2 yr old children normally sleep all night, this boy did not. I think he must be a sleep walker as I awoke 3x during the night and he was standing beside my bed speaking to me over and over. Also, about 5x during the night, he woke up crying he missed both parents and I gently rubbed his back to comfort him and put him back to sleep again. Needless to say, I did not get a sound sleep. My friends (who are not nannies by the way) all say that since the boy didn't sleep all night and I had to get up multiple times, that I should charge my normal daily hourly rate. I was going to ask for a flat rate, but that was on an assumption that I would get some rest. Zzzzz...

Also, do you think even though my charge was in school, I should still charge something as I was "on call" which meant that I could not plan anything DEFINITE for myself during those hours in case the worst case scenario occurred? For example, kid got sick, injured, etc. and I had to pick him up from school unexpectedly? Thank you so much in advance for your input/advice. I really need to know from a nanny's perspective. I live in Bakersfield, CA.

...And Baby Makes Two!

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 I just had my first child and am seeking a nanny position - any advice on how to go about finding a family who'll also welcome my son?

Presents, Presents, and More Presents!

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 Hi! I would like to ask a question about gifts! I work for a family with a 3 years old girl. I've been working for them for almost 2 years. They moved to CA from the Midwest so until now they were renting a house. They purchased a new home and they moved last week. I don't know if they are going to host a house warming party or if they will invite me. His birthday was a few weeks ago, and her birthday is next month. I gave him a small present for his birthday and a card that my charge and I did. I'll do the same for her birthday. And I will also give them something for Xmas. Should I also give them a present for the new house? It's the 2nd house that they purchase. Do you have any suggestions for the house warming gift? Thanks!


The Medicated Child

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 I have been working for a family for just over three years as a full time nanny who is with the children from 8:00 am until 7:30-8:00 pm Monday through Friday. I have had a great relationship with the parents and have always been treated well by everyone. The parents and I have always worked together in handling issues that have come up with the children and the parents have always respected my opinion and supported how I address situations that come up with the kids. I have a background as an elementary school teacher and a degree in child psychology also.

When the family moved out of state I contemplated going back to a teaching position or moving with the family since I had no ties and decided I would move and continue to work for the family and pursue finishing up some more schooling.

The parents’ jobs are not working out as they anticipated (they thought they would have a lot more time with the kids, which motivated them to move), and the dad is gone much more frequently now. When he does have time with the kids on weekends his latest solution is to buy them any toy they would like and just be fun dad. In the past getting new toys were reserved for special occasions, not just everyday occurrences. Also, in the past the dad was heavily invested in helping make sure all five children got some one-on-one attention with him and he was involved with any disciplinary issues. One of the children, a six-year-old boy, gets lost in the shuffle in my opinion and seems not to be getting any parental attention or one-on-one time since the move in late August of this year. When things have gotten chaotic and there have been changes in the past, like new siblings, this little boy has gotten especially rambunctious and naughty, which results in extra attention from his mom and dad.

The move has been hard on all the kids, especially this little boy. He has not made friends as easily as he did in the past, his dad is gone during the week and the only waking time he sees his dad is on the weekends, his mom has been working like crazy and has not been getting home until around his bed time, and he misses his extended family who are all still in his home state. With this being said, the little boy has been acting out by talking back to his mom a lot whenever he is with her, pushing and being mean to his siblings, hurting the baby by pinching and knocking her hands away any time she comes near him, and acting out in school by talking back to the teacher. He listens to me, does not talk back, and openly tells me how sad he is that he doesn’t see his parents much.

The little boy’s teacher had a conference with his mom, and the mom came home early the following day to spend time with the kids (this is the first time she has done this since the move and used to do this in the past), and announced the next morning in front of him that little boy is out of control, she doesn’t know how I put up with this everyday without wanting to kill myself. She also informed me that she is making an appointment with a psychiatrist because or his behavior and had already spoken to the therapist who informed her that he probably has an impulse control disorder and will most likely need to be medicated. I was shocked to hear this and I told the mother this and that I would like to speak to her later without the kids around. I told her I am very against medicating a child unless absolutely necessary and there is no other alternative. I also told her I am surprised this is the first option she is looking at as to how to treat the issues occurring. I suggested that she enroll him in counseling and tell the counselor she would really like to wait on medicating him until she knows that it’s absolutely necessary. Her response was that he is out of control with being mean and aggressive to his siblings and the teacher complained about his disobedience in school and she never thought about medicating him until problems in school developed.

I am so upset and disturbed by this because I know he is not a child with a chemical imbalance that requires medication to function as expected. I also know that he acts out when there is chaos surrounding him and I think that his entire life has changed so drastically, but instead of addressing these changes in the family dynamics, the mom has just decided medication is the easiest way to handle the situation. I do not think I can continue to work for this family if the result of parents not being able to spend time with their children is by medicating them. I do not want to leave the family and am very attached to them, but I’m not sure what I can do in this situation. Obviously these are not my children and the parents get to make decisions like this, but it is so hard for me to sit back and watch a big mistake occur. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have not heard the dad’s opinion about the situation and am tempted to talk to him. I know he really comes to me for advice about the kids and values my opinion. I do not want to go behind the mom’s back or disrespect her. Any thoughts on what I should do?


Never Met a Girl Like You Before

Thursday, November 18, 2010
A day in the life 10 Guess what? I slept with my male employer. It wasn't romantic. There was no build up of sexual tension. He did not leave me roses on my windshield or whisper sonnets in my ear. He never sought my company out or was especially complimentary. I didn't hate his wife, in fact I preferred her company to his. It was sloppy, dirty and freakish. It happened because of the trees. Where my employers live, if the wind blows, trees fall down. One afternoon around four a bug rain storm started. We lost power. We got it back. We lost power. We got it back. Wifey got slammed harder in the city and was going to stay overnight at her sister's house. Meanwhile a tree prevented me from driving home. And so what happened? I won't mention the ages of the child. The comment that started it was, "I feel dangerous, I'm grilling. What's your favorite" He sorted through the freezer and found some mahi mahi and beef. He grilled. It was dark and quiet when we sat down. We started to talk about current events. There were candles, but they were essential. I'm not smoking hot. I'm an earthy chic. I wear big, comfortable underwear, cut my own hair and don't mind that I got early grey hair or that despite never having children, I have a permanent paunch over the waist of my corduroys. His wife is as polished as he is. He gets a weekly mani/pedi. I'm not supposed to know, but I know. I ask him about it as he shoves a mouthful of red meat in his face "Do your business partners know you get manicures? is that the norm". His face breaks into a wide smile. He looks down at his nails, the candle light flickering on his hands and laughs, "I don't know how you heard something so preposterous, but I deny". "Deny" I ask? 'Deny" he states. He states he wishes there was cold beer in the house, but there isn't. He goes rumaging around and produces two bottles of red wine, an old bottle of merlot, a fifth of dark rum and a bunch of bottles with only a trace amount in them. "It's dark rum, tonight, you in?" I look at him. He tells me that the guest room hasn't been slept in since X left so he is sure it is ready for me and I don't have to hang out with him. He offers me a flashlight. "I'll have a rum and coke, what the heck" I say. He gets out family albums and starts sharing with me memories of his family. He looks at old pictures of his wife when they were courting. He talks about her with awe in his voice. "When I saw her the first time, I thought two things, first, I'm going to marry that girl and second, that is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen". He pauses, "and you know what? I still think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen". I state, "She's very pretty. All the other wives try to copy her hairstyle or way of dressing, but it's something untouchable she has". He laughs. "And she makes the big bucks". He puts away the albums carefully and suggests that we play cards. While he looks for cards, he pours us our third drink. The drinks had healthy amounts of rum in them, because that bottle is going down fast. He find the cards, he wants to play rummy, which I don't know how to play. He teaches me. He gets out some of the older bottles of alcohol and switches up to poker. "You play poker" "Sure I say, who doesn't". Okay, let's play a couple hands. Loser sucks down the remnants from these bottles. I look at him. He's serious. We talk about current events, my last boss, my last boyfriend, why I don't want to have kids. I win the first two hands. He sucks down what looks like backwash. We finish the bottle of rum. I lose the next two hands. By the end of the fifth or sixth hand, we are just holding the cards and talking. He tells me, "you looks like you would be fun in bed". I say, "That's wildly inappropriate...but why?" (I am improvising here, I don't remember the exact words). He says, "just something about you". He then says, "you know I'm not that great in bed. I think that's one of the pitfalls of romantic love. There are things I think I could do or would want to try but I could never..."

I know I said something along the lines of, "like what". Maybe I was being provocative. In my memory, I was just sloppy drunk.

I will spare you the grueling details. But it was not pretty. There was no kissing. There was however home made lubricant, a turkey baster, a shampoo bottle, a vacuum cleaner, clothes pins and a mini trampoline used. I remember jumping up and down on the trampoline naked to his wild applause. The next morning, I awoke at 430 AM. I could not walk. Every orifice in my body ached. I somehow cracked a tooth. I was bleeding rectally. I didn't see him anywhere. I cleaned up as quickly as I could, gathered myself and went to leave. Outside a huge tree was still blocking the driveway with smaller limbs beyond that. I put my old Trooper in 4WD and drove through grass across a neighbor's yard, over tree limbs and downed wires and I never looked back. I never called. And guess what? no one ever tried to contact me to ask why I never came back. This, after I had been there for 4 months, three weeks. And all of this happened on a Thursday which meant I worked 4 days that week for FREE. In the end, I was unemployed, injured and humiliated.

Worth it?

You be the judge!


Former Employer Lies to Prevent Nanny from Collecting Unemployment

Received Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Opinion 4 I recently had my full time nanny position end due to the family moving out of the city. I cared for their 2 year old daughter since she was an infant. The parents and I got along ok, but not close friends, spent little time with them but they seemed to be nice people who adored their daughter and were good to me, polite, kind, holiday bonues were generous I was on the books and paid full taxes and unemployment insurance etc.

They gave me notice they were moving and I continued working there right up till the day the moving vans arrived. I took my little angel to the park while they packed and then had a heartbreaking goodbye with my little one. I was invited to her birthday party 2 weeks later at their new home an hour away and I dont drive but managed to get a ride there and back. Everything seemed fine with them. The mom had another baby due in Nov. and promised to call me as soon as it was born etc, and that Id come to see my angel at the holidays. She wrote me a glowing reference letter stating I was the best and Id still be with them if it wasnt for the move, a couple of my potential employers who have interviewed me tallked to her and got good review/references.

Im still looking for work, the economy has really made the competition fierce here in Chicago. Getting interviews but so far only being offered part time or under minimum wage stuff. I filed for Unemployment Insurance, which I paid for thru my with holdings. Right after I got my first check (of half my salary) I got a letter saying they were suspending my benefits because my employer stated on the forms she was required to make out that Id quit!!That would mean I wasnt qualified to get any UI! I was quite shocked and surprised and assumed it was a screw up. UI is requiring me to go to a fraud hearing, saying they would take back anything they had paid me so far if it was found I quit.

I immediately called my ex boss...no reply to 2 calls in 2 days, so I then sent 3 emails and a snail mail letter telling her the situation and asking for a letter stating Id been let go /laid off because of the move. No reply in almost three weeks now. NOTHING...she is ignoring me. I am now convinced she did tell them I quit...but why? What possible reason? My UI account has 14K in it..she doesnt have to pay anything. Im a single 54 yr old woman and this is my only income. Why would I quit since I had no new job to go to and why would I be there till moving day if I quit?

Will the signed reference letter original I have be proof, where she says she had to let me go because they were leaving the city?

I literally cant eat or sleep over this..Im very upset about the money, but even more about her doing this to me, lying to the state and impoverishing me with a lie? I guess Im just ranting, venting to all of you..who knows why shed screw me like this.

Plus now I assume Im never going to see my angel again and thats killing me...

A Nanny's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Received Wednesday, November 17, 2010
A day in the life 10 Conventional wisdom says that a person who is prepared for a sudden infestation of flesh-eating zombies is ready for anything. Therefore, it only makes sense that a nanny should know what to do if and when there is an outbreak of the undead. I hope you find this guide helpful and not at all terrifying.

* When caring for small children during a zombie outbreak, it is preferable to barricade oneself and one's charges inside the house you're working in and await rescue rather than try to travel to a stronghold. First, set the child/children down at the highest and most secure part of the dwelling, along with food, nappies, bedding and medical supplies. Fill up as many water vessels as you can before the water supply is compromised. After you've done this, destroy the staircase and use any and all furniture to build a barrier. However, make sure there is an emergency exit in case your walls are breached.

* If you are outdoors when the outbreak occurs, abandon your charge's stroller immediately. Trying to wheel it home will only slow you down and draw attention. If you have a baby sling or papoose, use that instead. If you don't, improvise using your clothes. You may need your hands free to carry weapons and fight off any attackers. If possible, secure the baby to the front rather than the back. (If you have to run, be mindful of the baby's head. It'll be easier to cushion from the front.)

* If you have a walking child under the age of seven, hold them tightly by the hand and be prepared to carry them under your arm as soon as you need to bolt. A child under the age of ten may need to cling to your back. An older child will have to keep up with you.

* Once you're sure you are safe, try to contact your employers to assure them that their children are safe. Their biggest fear is that survival instinct has prompted you to abandon them. If you are a good nanny, this will not be an issue and they will be relieved that their children are with you.

* Keep the children as quiet as possible. This will be difficult with a baby, but essential as crying will draw zombies to your stronghold and if they think there's someone in there, they will keep trying to break in until they succeed. Using a child's cot/playpen and multiple sheets and blankets, it is possible to create an almost-soundproof chamber to put the baby in whenever it gets upset. If you're on the run, this isn't possible and you'll simply have to keep as far away from the red zones as possible, and be ready to pack up and run at a moment's notice.

* NEVER leave yourself without food, rest or medicine so that the child/children can have more. They can live without that little bit extra. They can't live without you.

* Use everything you have sparingly. Recycle where possible.

* If you have to leave the stronghold at any point for food/water/help, don't bring the children. Don't stay out longer than two hours, and secure the blockades before you leave.

* If you have to go on the run, go on foot. Cars may run out of gas and leave you and the children stranded in a red zone and it's easier to navigate high ground on food. Stick to high ground if you can, as zombies can't climb.

* You can get older children to keep lookout for you while you rest. Don't do it for more than an hour out in the open.

* If you fall in with other survivors, they may see the children as a liability and suggest that you leave them, or euthanize them as they won't survive anyway. If a person does suggest this, they are not to be trusted and you must leave their company with haste.

* If you join with another group, don't leave your charge/charges alone with them. During an attack, if you're not there they may abandon your charges for the sake of their own lives.

* If it seems like there is nowhere left to go that's safe, make for the highest ground you possibly can. Plan to survive there for the long term with the children until society has righted itself.

And if you have anything to add to this, please go ahead and do so. This is the kind of stuff I plan when the twins are asleep and I'm bored at the bus stop.

The Expectant Nanny

Received Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Opinion 4 I've been a full time nanny for a great family for 2.5 years and am married. My husband and I are planning to have a kid of our own pretty soon. My job will soon be cut down to pt as my youngest charge will be going to school ft next year. My job will probably mainly consist of helping with the morning/afternoon transportion and school holidays as needed. I am almost positive that the parents would be ok with my kid tagging along, but this hasn't been discussed. I'm wondering from parents what you would want from your nanny. When would you expect to know? If you were willing to allow a child bring along what would you expect with that? From nannies how have you handled this situation and how did it work out for you? The mom and I have an amazing relationship and I know for a fact she would be flexible and understanding I'm just wondering what other people's recommendations/experiences have been so I can handle this the best way possible. Thanks!


It's not me, it's you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
A day in the life 10 I am a nanny with a nanny agency who occasionally goes on temp jobs...there is one family who has a baby I have filled in with on several occasions..I have never had a problem until yesterday..

I arrived at their home and their full time nanny answers the door..she has no idea that I am coming but lets me in and tries to call the parents, who don't answer. At that point, she calls the agency because that is where she got this job. (We both are with the same agency) The nanny agency owner has no idea what is going on and said that she assumed the nanny needed to leave and that's why I was there..a few minutes later the dad comes home and suggests that we go for a walk..the nanny starts to get the baby ready and then the dad says he wants to talk to her. I head downstairs and am putting the baby in the stroller..I hear him tell her that its not working out, they really like her but its not a good fit, etc..I hear her wailing and crying hysterically and then she screams "thanks a lot, now my boyfriend is going to give me a beating tonight". At that point, I ran out of the house because I was scared..I felt so bad for the nanny. This girl was so painfully thin, she looked one step away from death and was so anxious. I called the agency owner and told her what happened..later on the dad told me that they did give her a severance. She had worked there a few months..I absolutely would not want that drama in my household..but I feel awful. That poor girl..I almost wonder if she had an eating disorder, she was like a walking skeleton. I wonder what I could do?


Nanny Fawn blogs on Wordpress

Monday, November 15, 2010
My Kids
As I was carrying a little 14 month old Monkey toddler up the stairs for his nap I thought to myself, “gosh I love this kid.” He had his little head rested on my shoulder as he was sleeping and his long legs were dangling – I couldn’t help but think, “he’s grown up so fast!” I still remember the night I met him, it was love at first sight… Or rather jumping at first sight. He was 2 months old and loved to stand in your lap and jump, I eventually had to hand him back to his dad so I could answer the interview questions properly enough that we’d get to have many more jumping sessions together in the future.
There has come a time with a few children that I’ve nannied that I knew: I’ve reached the point of no return (on the love investment that is). There are 4 children that I have bonded with to an extent that I keep photos of them in my apartment, I still talk about them and remember special moments, and my heart still tugs when I think of them. To protect their privacy I will call them Sayboo, Ray Ray, The Little Man, and Monkey.

Finish reading this article here.



.... WHAT?!

1) Need in home helper /housekeeper/nanny (Seattle)
I am a stay at home wife going through a post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia. I need an in home helper/houseleeper/ nanny to help with some light cleaning, cooking, talking and just being available for help when needed. I have a small well behaved pomeranian, husband who is at work during the day, and no kids. We live in a condo in Belltown.
I usually cook Indian food , so some basic knowledge of Indian cooking might be helpful. I will need a very calm person , who can follow directions and is very caring.
A few hours a day ( between 10am-4pm) , 2-3 times a week would be ideal. We can work the schedule out. Most days might not involve anything except some light chores like heating up food and serving, fetching some water, and accompanying me on a short walk. I just need some help to deal with day today functions and gain some confidence. Once I get more comfortable with you around, then we can add in some house chores like loading up the dishwasher, vacuuming, kitchen clean up. Also, it would be easier if you lived close to downtown. and had some experience dealing with anxiety and stress related disorders.
Please contact with a short description of your experience, and references. I am currently hoping to start with $10 an hour, since we will have to try it out for a few days and see if I am comfortable enough with you to continue. We can work out mutually suitable pay once things settle and chores get defined.
I get severely anxious sometimes and will need you to stay calm and distract me by either talking or telling me some jokes (you can look them up online on my computer) or something else. You are welcome to get your other work or laptop with you to use in the free time.
URL: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/kid/2057364041.html
Sorry CL-WTF was late... I have been so busy! Special thanks to everyone that Contributed this week, you did an awesome job and really came through for us: nannychrissy, Kate, hungrycollegestudent, starcutie83, MissDee, afnt81, Xnikki222007X, nannybee, taranels, nannydebsays and hijabiniqaabi. Keep up the great work! Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. Don't forget to include the Links and the Body of the text, if possible! Thank you!



179 people voted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010
I pack my lunch and bring it to work. 36 (20%)
I eat whatever the children eat. 30 (16%)
My employer keeps certain foods on hand for me. 21 (11%)
My employer leaves petty cash for pizza and sandwiches. 4 (2%)
A combination of all of the above. 74 (41%)
I never eat my employer's food. 1 (0%)
I buy my own food and keep it at my employers. 13 (7%)

Your thoughts?

I'm assuming that those who answered would be live-out nannies. As a live-in nanny, your meals are part of room and board. I worked with two less than stellar live out domestics who were so jealous that I ate there, that they decided it wasn't fair to them. One in particular began eating breakfast, lunch and dinner while on the job. She wouldn't began caring for the children until she had sat down and had a leisurely breakfast while she read the paper. She explained to our mutual employer, "I can't be rushed, I won't. My stomache can't have turmoil". 

Any Ideas?

Received Saturday, November 13, 2010
Whats to eat I work for a wonderful family. The parents are not American born. Recently their one year old has been refusing to eat their native food and the parents are fine with that and have told me to start cooking food that is more American and kid friendly. I'm more then happy to do that but I am running into a problem: nothing is VEGETARIAN! The family comes form India and requires organic food but I am finding it impossible to find recipes or even quick meals that meet these requirements. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough? Any links or recipe ideas especially if you work with a family of the same orgin.

Henpecking the Nanny is a No-No

Received Saturday, November 13, 2010
Opinion 4 This is my first live-in nanny position, and I am needing some help in either deciding whether this position is worth staying in or what I can do to help this. I'm sorry this is so long, but there is a lot of history to consider. A little background on the relationship I have with the family I work for:

At first everything was great. I loved the kid, the family and I seemed to have a good, although not the absolute best, relationship. The Dadboss and I get along fine because we respect and treat each other like adults. However, the Momboss and I haven't always seen everything eye to eye on certain issues. It had never been anything major, at least in my opinion, and we just kind of continued with the way things were.

A couple weeks in, I noticed that things in my private quarters had been...let's say different. Doors I had left open were closed or lights I had left on (small ones to guide my way in at night) were turned off, including other small changes. I didn't really say anything, because I didn't want to start a discussion. A couple days later, I had been very busy because I was going out of town for the weekend and didn't have to time to put newly cleaned laundry away or to make my bed. I had packed in a rush due to time constraints, and didn't have time to clean my room properly. My private areas have almost always been kept tidy in the past as I am a fairly neat person. After this weekend trip, I came home to see my laundry had been put away in closets and drawers, my bed was made and my things were put into newly bought bins. I was pretty upset because I am a private person and I was under the impression that my room meant exactly that...my room. I had planned to talk to both of them in the morning about the importance of my privacy and if they needed to go in my room, that I would appreciate some notice beforehand. I was beat to the punch however when in the morning, Dadboss approached me and said that Momboss was in my room and needed to talk to me about what she saw. She came in the room and he told me that she was 'appalled by the mess' and that she really wanted this to work out, but that having things presentable was very important to her. She demanded my bed be made every day. She continued to make snide jokes about the way my room was decorated and kept, which not only thoroughly embarrassed me, but had also hurt my feelings because I had yet to receive solid compliments on how I was doing with the child. I would have said something right then and there, but she was so adamant about it being her home and therefore technically her space, that I felt there was no room for my opinion.

After a lot of thought, I decided to look around for another job and was offered one quite quickly. As soon as I found out this new family wanted to me, I asked to speak to my bosses and told them that in 2 weeks I would be leaving. Upon a lot of questions, I finally told Momboss that thing that had most bothered me was the fact that she not only would go into my space without any question, but that she had touched and put away my things with such authority. Of course, she disagreed and said I would have a hard time finding someone who would totally respect my privacy to the level I was expecting. The problem was, I have a very, very good relationship with the child. I love her to death, and would never want anything to happen to her. Momboss knows this, asked me to please reconsider and promised that she would never, ever go in my room again. Well, I believed her and said I would stay. Since this incident, I have felt more welcome and things were going a lot better. However, something else has come up that has caused some major stress and anxiety for me. Dadboss is currently away on a business trip and additionally, there have been a lot of burglaries in my area which makes Momboss very nervous, especially since her husband is gone. Of course, I do understand this, but this has made things difficult.

Now, I have a steady boyfriend that the parents have met, get along with and even their inlaws adore as well. They have invited him to parties at their friend's homes and a couple of times to dinner. Our routine has been that I get off class (every night, mind you) at around 930pm and he comes over. Momboss is normally asleep, but Dadboss is always awake and talks to both of us in the kitchen for a good chunk of time. There has never been any sort of problem with this, which there even shouldn't be because I was told that during my time off, I could do anything I wanted and that it was 'my time'. I have never had anyone else over besides my boyfriend. I have always tried to be very considerate with noise. I came home with my boyfriend on Sunday night to find the door had been locked with a latch, making it impossible for me to get in. This to me was a little silly considering she knew I had work at 7am with her the next morning and not only that, it was only 10pm. She unlocked the door after I called her, and said that she would wait for me to get in so that she could double check the lock. I said that my boyfriend was going to hang out a bit and watch television, as was our routine, and that I would make sure that it would be securely locked. She pretty much balked that a) I had a guest over 'so late' and b) that I was responsible enough to lock the door myself. She made remarks about me maybe drinking and forgetting (me drinking came up several times for some reason), falling asleep, inviting strangers over, etc. She also said that she was now seeing another side of me that she wasn't sure she could trust and that she had only seen me work with the child and trusted me in that regard, but wasn't sure about 'this other side'. To be quite honest, 'this other side' business came way out of left field. I hadn't been doing anything crazy that night, or in general for that matter, and I just wanted to lay down and relax in my room after a long day! So, she said that she would stay up and wait for my boyfriend to leave so that she could double check the lock. Even after assuring her many times, she refused to trust me to lock the door myself. Not ten minutes later, she called and asked how much longer we would be. So, I went into the living room and told her that we normally stay up until about 1130, in which case he leaves and I go to bed. I assured her again, that I was quite capable of locking the door myself and that she could go to sleep if she had really wanted. She was pretty irate about this and said that she was not happy with this behaviour and didn't expect to have guests over so late. Like I said, there has never been a problem before, it has been our routine, so I didn't know why it was all the sudden this huge emergency. She said that my boyfriend could just spend the night so that she wouldn't have to worry about it.

The next morning, I went upstairs to start work hoping that a goodnight's sleep would make everyone calm down...but boy, was I wrong. Momboss brought up drinking AGAIN, and basically reiterated what she had said last night with more vigor. She also added in some rude comments about my clothing style, how I decorated my room, and was also condescending towards my age. These comments are not only unnecessary, but hurtful. I tried very hard to be nice, assuring, and accommodating, but she just would not listen. Even when I would take a few steps closer to her, she would back off like I was a complete stranger! I simply did not understand her hostility and rudeness. In addition to this, she has since gone in my room again, without my consent, to retrieve linens from my bedroom closet several times. I talked to her about it and even brought up that I would like to be called prior if she needed something from my room. She of course, did not like this suggestion one bit. I mentioned the privacy issue again, and she said that if I had something private in my room, then maybe it shouldn't be in there at all. I could not believe she would say something so out of line.

My problem is, I do not know how to handle this. I am not being treated like an adult, I am being treated like a teenage daughter. I feel that I am also not being respected or trusted, when I feel that I have definitely earned it after taking such good care of their child. Like I said, I care very much for this kid and I do not want to leave her. We have a great bond and I know that I would miss her little personality very much. Please help me in what I should do. Is it worth staying and fixing? Or should I just leave? I would really appreciate some advice, please.

The Perception of the Nanny

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest I decided to spend the extra hour provided by ending daylight saving time this past Sunday by lying prone in my bed and watching TV. On the Hallmark channel there was a TV movie called “The Nanny Express”. The plot? A sweet, extremely pretty twenty something Nanny takes a new job for a widower with two resentful children. She falls in love with the boss, as he does with her. The children are eventually won over. Over on Lifetime, there was rerun of the old Series “The Nanny” where Fran Dresher’s character and her boss, another single Dad, are beginning to realize they have feelings for each other. Fran is wearing nothing but leggings and a push up bra when her boss noticed that there was more to her than her whiney nasal voice. Frustrated, I muted my TV and flipped on my computer. Celebitchy was reporting that “Supper Nanny” Jo Frost was quitting her TV series, hanging up her cape and getting a real life. I remember that Super Nanny show, and the carbon copies that followed it. The Nannies they featured were really smart, but so dowdy that they were practically sporting mustaches. And the cape? Sorry. The only time I wear a cape is Halloween to top off my Wonder Woman costume.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at http://www.abandofwives.ning.com/



Additional Concerns...

Received Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Opinion 4 I recently started working for a family with two children. They treat me well and I love the kids. Recently I was told that they are expecting a child. Upon signing my contract MB had to be like a week into her pregnancy with no knowledge of it. The contract does not mention anything about what to do in the event of a new addition. How do I go about this? Do I ask for a raise? Both sets of grandparents will be helping with the newborn for a good amount of time so do I even deserve a raise?

Underpaid and Overwatched

Received Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Opinion 4 So, I have been working for a family for about three months, I have a five year old and a two year old that I take care of. I am not there often just once a week and twice a week every other week. So, they are not allowed to watch t.v. and I have to do driving back and forth to preschool. I am there from 7:30AM until 5PM, they pay me $85 dollars for the day, thats less than ten dollars an hour. I find this to be short considering there are two kids, driving involved and there is minimal down time. THEN, the other day I spotted a nanny cam, so they don't only under pay me, they are watching me? This is all very confusing to me, I am a first time nanny, I am a grad student but his just seems disrespectful. Is there any feedback for a new nanny?


The Nose Knows

Monday, November 8, 2010
snippets This is something I have observed and it's just weird. First, I am a nanny and have worked for this family for 5 months and surprise-they pay well and are good parents who treat me with respect. One day a couple of months ago, I was sitting on the sofa talking to my female employer, the conversation ended and I got up and walked away. In the reflection, I thought I saw my employer bend over and smell my sofa cushion. (!) But then, I convinced myself I was wrong. My female employer was sitting at the dining room table folding dinner napkins one afternoon last week and I sat down and talked to her. I got up and left. Then, I remembered something to tell her, I turned around, walked back down the hall and  saw her out of her seat, bent over my chair, sniffing the seat I had just been sitting in. She had to get up and walk to the other side of the table to do this. She didn't see me and I just backed up down the hallway. I won't ask, "what would you do?" because I'm not doing anything!
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Blame the recession?

Monday, November 8, 2010
Is this right So I've been looking for a job for a couple months now and I keep running into the same thing. People want the nanny to work 45+ hours a week, live in, and be paid $1000 or less a month. One family even wanted me to cover my own car insurance and gas and drive the little one all over town to classes etc. with no reimbursement. I do understand that room and board are worth something, but they're not worth anywhere near what some of these families seem to think they are. Opinions?

Free Weights

Monday, November 8, 2010
Opinion 4 I am responding in part due to the post where the mother wants o buy the nanny a gym membership. I don't think that is a good idea and let me tell you what happened to me. I am a live-in nanny and have always been a large person, recently became an even larger person. Those are the facts. Last night, I return home, make some pleasant chit chat with the mother and children and then the mother told me, "Look in your bathroom, I brought you a suprise". So I walk in to my private bathroom and there is a beautiful new brown rug. I say, "Thank you, I love the rug". She said, "No, not the rug, look behind the door". So look behind the door. And what do I see? A bathroom scale. I say, "Oh". And then I wasn't going to say anything else because I was kind of overwhelmed and in a good way. Later, she brings it up and tells me that I need a scale. She tells me she got me a good one. I knew this because I had studied the box by then and it weighs people up to 380 lbs! I am uncomfortable, ashamed, sad, disappointed in myself, humiliated and resentful. In my opinion a gym membership would have been a whole lot nicer but might still cause your nanny to feel the same things.


Bad Nanny on The Block

Sunday, November 7, 2010
Opinion 4 I was wondering if you guys could give me advice on my neighbor's bad nanny. First, let me preface this by saying that I have hardly spoken to these neighbors besides a passing "hi". Our townhouses are in courtyards, so I have a pretty direct view of their house.

Anyways, they have one little girl (about 3 years old) and one sneaky nanny. Almost everyday, this nanny waits until about an hour after the parents leave and then she puts the child in her car, drives away, and comes back mid-afternoon. I thought that maybe the nanny takes the girl to activities or classes, but I highly doubt it. I also have noticed that she ignores her charge, but then takes walks and plays outside with the child about 20 minutes before the parents arrive home. I've noticed this for awhile and thought it was strange, but after an incident that took place last week, I feel like maybe I should do something.

One morning last week I noticed that she rushed out of the house with the child, placed the child in the car with no car seat and didn't even put a seat belt on her. I thought maybe it was an emergency (but still!), however I noticed it again the next day. I hadn't ever seen her leave with the child before, just notice that she is there in the morning and then the car is gone until later in the afternoon. So perhaps it was just a two time thing. Regardless I would definitely not want a nanny that would do that even once, unless it was life or death.

Should I say something to the parents about this? Or should I just keep it to myself? It would be pretty awkward for me to just ring their doorbell, since I have never done that before, but I could possibly catch them in the courtyard. I appreciate any advice you could give me, I don't want to stick my nose into something I have no business being, but it really makes me sad to see such great parents have such bad child care.


.... What?

1) A reliable, safe babysitter is needed (D.C.)
Hi Ya! I am looking for a reliable safe babysitter to babysit my children from time to time. Must be atleast 16 years old, and must be a female!! No funny business. I need someone who has their own transportation, and is clean and responsible. You maybe able to start as early as tonight! The pay is 4.00 an hour, and my children will be sleeping the entire time, so basically you will be getting paid to do absolutely nothing. Thanks! 443-517-**** Christina
URL: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/dmg/2044046218.html
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Must Love Dogs?

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest I have always loved being a Nanny…to human children. It’s their pets that I have a problem with. It may be my upbringing. We never had any pets, save for the goldfish that we were continually flushing down the toilet until we moved and my Mother insisted on giving the tank away, and I was left to lead an entirely pet free childhood. I have a theory that pets must be introduced into your life while you are still young and impressionable otherwise you lose your window to ever really enjoy having animals in your midst. Take me, for example, I can’t stand household pets. But I have to work with them, because it seems every family other than the one I grew up with insists on keeping a virtual zoo in their homes.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at http://www.abandofwives.ning.com/


A Weighty Issue...

Received Friday, November 5, 2010
Opinion 4 I have a sensitive subject to discuss. We hired a nanny from the midwest about ten months ago. As a nanny, she scores a solid ten. She is everything we wanted in a nanny. She has met a few friends out here and on her time off they go in to the city, see movies or go out to dinner. So, this is not a question of her being lonely. She is only 21 and has never had a boyfriend and says she is not looking. When I talk to her after the weekend, she seems genuinely excited about what she has done that weekend. The problem, and it isn't a problem for me, per say, but she has gained a whole lot of weight. I cannot even estimate, but I would guess at least sixty pounds in ten months. She hasn't been home since she came here and I know she is excited to go home for the holidays. She hasn't mentioned the weight at all. I honestly feel like her parents are going to think we mistreat her or don't allow her time to eat properly or cause her some other stress that has caused this weight gain. I was thinking of telling her we were getting her a gym membership for Christmas, but thought she would like it now so she could use it before she goes home and at the same time give her a gift certificate to our Simon Mall. Again, weight has never come up; but she can't be happy with this. Any suggestions?


And so it begins...

Received Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Opinion 4 I've been a live-in nanny for my current family for two years. I am paid very well, on the books, with exceptional benefits. For the first time in two years, another family member has asked me to watch their two children while they go away for a weekend. This other family does not have a nanny because their mother is a SAHM. They have asked me what I'd like to be paid for the weekend and truly, I don't know what would be fair. My current position is a salaried pay and my prior position was also salaried; so, I'm unsure as to the "going rate." These are two school-aged children who I will be taking care of from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening, in addition to the two children I already am responsible for. Since it is the weekend, the family I live-in for will not need me as much as they do during the week but they still do need me to a certain extent. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


As Good As It Gets?

Received Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Opinion 4 For three weeks a friend of the family visited from Guadalajara ("Yesenia" ). Her goal was to work and make some money and look for a nanny job that is comparable to her last one - the family moved to Dubai which ended her employment with them. Y requires cash under the table, expects room and board, app $400 per week in cash, expects very specific food to be provided - chicken,fish,fruits,vegetable,lots of fresh water to drink,about a gallon a day, also all toiletries,coffee in the morning - very specific things like that.

She expect to work maybe 11 hours a day,Mon - Fri , does not: drive,plan schedules,put together arts and crafts, but she is great with kids and very good at looking after them. She is 59 years old and in very very strong physical health.

As part of her package she is willing to do VERY HEAVY CLEANING although she will not do that while watching the kids.

She worked for me in my family catering company and was awesome with the kids, proactive in knowing what to do and come up with extra things to do and when she cleaned my house SHE ROCKED.

Do you think Yesenia can find a deal like this?


135 Nannies voted

Monday, November 1, 2010
We asked:
Nannies, what is your role in Halloween?
I decorate the entire house. 14 (10%)
I handcraft costumes for the children. 14 (10%)
I am the one who picks out the children's costumes. 18 (13%)
I get the children dressed for trick or treating. 30 (22%)
I take the children trick or treating. 26 (19%)
I stay at the house and handout candy for the family. 10 (7%)
The parents come home early and handle everythings. 33 (24%)
I bake/send in treats for the school's Halloween Party. 17 (12%)
I get dressed up with the children. 18 (13%)
I don't do anything. 58 (42%)
The family does not partake in Halloween. 6 (4%)
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Insurance Woes

Monday, November 1, 2010
Opinion 4 I've been with my current family for over a year and recently started driving their child around Boston in my car one day a week. I'm going to start driving him daily in the winter and had a few questions about car insurance.

Do I need to get extra insurance to protect the child and myself incase of an accident?

Can the parents sue me if an accident happens that isn't my fault?

Should they be helping me pay my insurance?

How do live out nannies handle car insurance and accidents, when their employer doesn't offer them a car?

Congratulations, I guess... part deux

Received Monday, November 1, 2010
Opinion 4 Hello everyone, I recently posted something. I do a share for 2 families and family #1 is expecting a new baby in March. After speaking with them we decided we would try to move forward with sharing with both families. The problem I am having now is the pay increase and what is appropriate. Each family pays me $325/week. (No taxes taken out but I do my own taxes at the end of the year so please dont even go there with the are you legal, etc part---I do the right thing and pay my taxes and I am legal!!!).

How much of an increase do you feel the family who is adding a second child should give me? We spoke last night and they offered me $50 a week increase and I do not feel that is anywhere close to being fair. Am I being out of line?? What are everyones thoughts? Keep in mind, I have been with them for 2 years and will be up for my annual review/pay raise in November and also keep in mind that adding a newborn into the mix is going to be a huge adjustment and a huge adjustment to my workload/day. Thanks for any suggestions.