Crazy parents in Westport, CT

Hi. I hope I’m doing this correctly. If not please disregard- I left my job abruptly due to some things going on on the home. The parents do things I feel are inappropriate. One has to do with eavesdropping on their camera that one seems to watch most of the day. The other has to do with drug and drug paraphernalia being easy access to their 2 yr old boy. I don’t want to be considered vengeful but I don’t want anything to happen to Z nor do I want another caregiver to go in and be subjected to what I was.

This family is on Westport, they have a 2yr old and a 5 month old. They live on S[redacted] dr.

Z brought me a pipe one day and that’s how I found the marijuana. If he got that and got sick or worse on my watch I’d never live with myself

The mother is very anxious and hard to talk to because she suspicious and takes things out of context. She’s on medication for it but helicopters horribly left me feeling as though in my 22 yrs of experience I didn’t know what I was doing

I am worried about any future caregivers being duped as I was going in.

These people would listen in on my private conversations at work and come home and accuse me because it was taken out of context

They watched me with a camera was there because people come in their home while they aren’t home. Dog walker, maid, but it wasn’t to monitor me. I don’t care if they check in but please don’t stalk me on it. It’s nerve wracking

They accused me of finding another job

They were always afraid I would quit on them without them prepared
They didn’t trust me.
They thought I was hiding the fact that I was looking for another job.

I was looking for a job to add to this one because it was only 3 days
I needed 2 more days

But when they listened in on my conversation they jumped to the conclusion I was quitting
Their anxiety was contagious

I was starting to feel anxious there
Yes. I found a night job and I was going to do their job as well but the mother said I couldn’t put a baby on a sleep schedule and then come and be with them

I told her Stephanie! You work full time and have a 5 month old home at night

She had to control and worry and over see. More importantly they wanted to know my private business which wasn’t for them to know

Yes and she always wanted me to do the things I’ve done for so many families her way but yet called me all weekend for help and suggestions

It was me who told her to take the baby to the dr because of reflux. She never would’ve on her ownThe shocker to that is her first child suffered as well with reflux so why aren’t you thinking
One more thing
She wanted the infant to sleep little during the day and wake her after one hour. She thought that would make the baby sleep through the night
I kept explaining it only makes the baby uncomfortable and over stimulated

All she would say is I do it on my days off and it works
It didn't work. That poor baby cried all day

All she would say is I do it on my days off and it works
It did t work. That poor baby cried all day

They wanted me to put her on a sleep schedule which I was doing yet they wanted the 2 yr old out to be socialized. I can’t do both
For the 3 days I was there he was taken out for hours of fresh air. Good enough. If you want to take them out with a screaming baby then that’s up to them. I don’t like screaming babies when I’m out

Just always an issue. Always something. Take them out, no help her sleep, ect
Well they played hooky that day and went to the beach

They spied on me and heard me saying to a fellow nanny that I found work and would you be interested in filling this job on 1 day

I wanted to give them back up just in case I got stuck in traffic on my way home from the new job. I always kept them in my thought
Well it was Stephanie who said she didn’t want me to take the night job
I may fall asleep at the wheel with her kids.


So I left and my anger started up. I sent them text saying I’ve decided to not give you 2 weeks since the evesdropping has bothered me so