To The Biach Nanny Who Got Me Fired

To The Biach Nanny Who Got Me Fired!

I needed my job at Randalls Grocery. All I did was comment that you should think twice to have your 3/4 year old boy in your care wear ALL PINK, even his nails had polish, pants shoes shirt socks shoe laces, the only thing he did NOT have was a bow in his hair. People were staring and I just felt you were allowing negative attention to him because of so much pink which is not a color for a boy.You made it sound like a crime I committed and my family had no Christmas, but even so I will never put my kids in the care of a nanny like you!


Rant - Mom Needs To Supervise !!!

So often you tell about nannies not doing their job, well at this event in South Carolina, my charge and I were going within the rules and this one boy kept taking the hands on toys and running off with them and not letting other kids play with them. His mother was there talking to her friends for hours just ignoring it all, some of her friends would come and say to please come be with him, she would come and YELL at him for a minute and go back to her friends, he was used to it and did not even pay attention. I had to stand in the way of my charge so he would not be jostled and not have a toy taken away, in this picture the child is running away with a hands on toy, and a family member is trying to get it back. Moms can be remiss also!!!

Nanny Owns Biach Mom From Hell

This is a text exchange from a nanny and mom- the mom fired the nanny because the child was starting to have very much affection for the nanny.Note - the nanny is recovering from uterine cancer, the mom gets in an inexcusable low blow.

MFH: Sandra, I find it odd that you haven't asked why we decided to let you go. I think it's important for your next posting.

Sandra: Honestly, I am not interested in the reasons, I wish your family all the best.

MFH: Well, this is a perfect example. Your attitude of knowing everything was obnoxious. You don't have children, I don't care how long you have worked with them. Yous are not a mom and likely never will be.You came so highly recommended and I am still shaking my head as to why.

Sandra: Our working relationship has ended I am very thankful that it has. You very much need to obtain some kind of help because the way you speak to people is degrading,hurtful and unprofessional. I do not intend to waste my time any further with you. Your opinion of me is inconsequential to me. Our time has ended now, be well and good luck.

MFH:You're still going to watch our kids this saturday right? For the wedding we have to go to?

Sandra: No, our working relationship has ended per your choice.I will not ever be working with your family in any capacity in perpetuity.

MFH: You can't just cancel on people when they are counting on you, we don't have anyone else, That is very unprofessional!

Sandra: We are donw now, do not text me again