What's Cookin'?

Received Thursday, September 30, 2010
A day in the life 10  I take care of three children. One is mostly on a bottle and the other two are young. The parents expect me to cook every night. And they want veggies and grilled steaks and stuff. I don't have time for that. Fortunately they don't ask for receipts for petty cash and they don't routinely go over the grocery receipts. So, here is today for example:

I am busy all day. I know I have to cook. I have an hour to get the kids dinner made so I can get us all back out the door to an activity, leaving mom and dad to come home and enjoy another of my feasts uninterrupted. I go to the deli earlier this afternoon and I get some sesame chicken breasts. Three. She puts them in a large soup container and they stay in the backseat most of the afternoon while I am out. I get home, throw a bunch of lipton onion soup mix and a can of chicken broth on the chicken and throw it in a frying pan with hot oil to get it brown then I drop it in a casserole and throw it in the oven. I open a can of asparagus and dump it in a small frying pan with a massive glob of butter. I go in to the garage freezer for my secret stash of frozens and grab a bag of pre cut mashed potatoes. I throw them in the microwave, still stained with my lunch time nachos. I take the potatoes out of the micro and mash them up with some half and half, garlic and romano cheese. I throw some texas toast in the oven. None for mom. She doesn't like bread. I take everything out and slam half of a half of a chicken on each kids plate with a blob of mashed potatoes. I take more care to arrange both parents plate, (paprika on the potatoes, a squirt of lemon on the asparagus) and cover those. I slam the kids in front of the plates and tell them they have ten minutes to eat. They complain and don't eat. I give them fruit snacks and oreos. I get all the kids in the car to get our dinner out. I do a quick clean up on the kitchen, (the messier it looks, the more the parents feel like they are eating a gourmet meal) and I grab all of the trash which I drop in a neighbor's garbage can four doors down. By the time I get back tonight, the parents will have cleaned the kitchen and left me a thoughtful note. I appreciate that, but hey, I'm no cook and never said I was.

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Post Road Library - Children's Section - Fairfield, CT

Received Wednesday, September 29, 2010
nanny sighting 7
Physical description of caregiver: White (possibly hispanic) woman approximately 5'4" tall, dyed blond hair pulled back in tight pony tail. She was thin and had on white hooded sweatshirt.
Physical description of involved child/children: Approximately 2 years old White girl I think her name may have been Zoe. That day she had on brown pants with flower pattern and a white t-shirt with a brown flower.
Address or venue of observed incident: Fairfield, CT Post Road Library Children's section.
Date and time of incident: Friday, September 10, 2010 approximately 5:15 p.m.
Detailed description of what you witnessed: It is possible Nanny was there with two children because when I first encountered her and "Zoe" she seemed to be also talking to an older child but I dont know for sure if she was there with that child too. Nanny seemed very cold and uncaring. She stood at least 20 feet from Zoe at all times. All I saw her do was text on her phone. At one point Zoe came to play with me and my son in the little kids room and I looked over at the nanny to make eye contact as one would and she did not look up. She let Zoe play with us unchecked for a good 5-10 minutes. Finally when it was time to go she said Zoe, NOW! and when Zoe went over to her the nanny grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and dragged her away speaking harshly to her. I never once saw this woman act like she cared about Zoe's well being or happiness. I would not want this woman taking care of my son.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: I did not see a bag or carrier.

Columbus Avenue and 71st Street by Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side

Received Wednesday, September 29, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Tuesday, September 28 around 5:50pm -- on Columbus Avenue and 71st Street by Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side. Your daughter is a diminutive olive skin (possibly Indian) girl with shoulder length hair around three years of age. She was wearing a white long sleeves shirt with a pink dress over it and her hair was half up/half down. She has a black and red stroller. Your nanny is African American with short hair that is highlighted. The nanny was very callous towards your daughter who was crying and reaching for the nanny. The nanny was stiff, uncaring, and rolled her eyes and ignored your daughter as she cried. Your nanny was with two other nannies walking along Columbus Avenue. I would hate for my child to be treated like this and hope you or one of your friends will read this.


Belmont Hill County Park in Garfield

Received Tuesday, September 28, 2010
nanny sighting 7
Physical description of caregiver: The caregiver was a large hispanic woman of about 180 lbs. I think she may have recently lost a lot of weight because her upper abs were very droopy (obviously so, I am not being catty). She had a tight pony tail holding hair that was probably ten inches long, wore mascara and had long lashes, olive skin, no jewelry. White plain shirt- the kind of dressy t they might sell at dress barn and tan slacks.

Physical description of involved child/children: This sighting involved one girl. the girl was white, about 40 inches tall, medium weight, blondish, wavy hair. Wearing pink pants with a heart on the pocket and silver high tops.

Address or venue of observed incident: This afternoon at Playground at Belmont Hill County Park in Garfield:

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I witnessed this nanny lose her child, even for two minutes. I found the child and the nanny went off. I didn't say ANYTHING to her, but she started screaming and carrying on saying, "So, what, I made a mistake, what's wrong with her, she's fine, she's fine". In doing this, she scared the little girl who was already out of sorts because she lost her nanny for a bit. I felt so bad for the little girl but I didn't want to make it worse. I first spotted the nanny when I arrived at the park and she was standing and texting. She was walking around back and forth in this twenty foot area. When I saw how she responded to me, I though right away her behavior and nervous pacing energy that had her back to the child was because of drugs.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: The nanny was carrying a blue crocheted bag horizontally across her body. I think it had brown wood accents. It looked like a vintage piece.


No Deal

Recieved Monday, September 27, 2010
Opinion 4 I am a professional nanny with a lot of experience and excellent references. Lately I'm really bothered by parent's attitudes regarding childcare. How in the world is it fair to ask a nanny to take less money for multiple children? I know that when I work, each child in my care gets my 100% attention, which means I don't have a spare moment in the day. I give my all to every child. The most a child has to give up is immediate gratification. But they are assured that they will get what they need/want in my next free moment. I "hold" them with words of comfort and encouragement while they are waiting. I feel it is twice the work no matter how you look at it. It is two jobs. Or three. And on top of that in the case of nanny share, there are not only two adults to make happy above and beyond the children, but four, sometimes more in the case of divorce.

I currently care for twins who will be one year this month. I made peace with the salary I get when I was hired because I like this family and the babies were newborns so I could find a moment's downtime. I think this has come up for me again because as they turn into toddlers the workload has obviously gotten much harder. I am absolutely exhausted. I do all of their care from waking in the morning to bedtime at night. I've NEVER turned on the television or put them in front of a movie. I engage. I play. I hold. I coo and love them.

My employers just do not see the salary concerns this way at all. They claim hardship but I see their lives up close and personal and they aren't hard up. They are wealthy. It feels more like a situation of lack of respect for the position of childcare provider, but they'd never say that to me. I have tried to talk to them but they don't budge and I am left feeling horrible for asking.

No matter how I try to rethink it and see it another way, I come back to the conclusion that nanny share, or a "deal" for multiples, is an unfair expectation and a horrible scam on nannies. Is there anybody else who has these feelings? has anyone found a satisfactory resolution? I'd love to hear because I'm seriously thinking about not renewing my contract come the first of the year.


Itchy said what?

Received Saturday, September 25, 2010
rant Yup the 4 year old let it slip, “my head is itchy, I don’t want lice”.....WHAT!!

I had no idea that for the past two weekends I spent babysitting for my favorite family, that they had a lice problem. That’s right lice. I know it’s seems as if I’m being dramatic but I’m a full time nanny during the week for a 1 year old and I can’t just go to work and hope for the best.

The family was obviously embarrassed and told me they treated everyone and were washing everything, but come on, you could’t warn me before I laid in bed with your daughter or brushed her hair?

So now I’m home boiling my hair brush, washing every piece of fabric I own and running to Target to buy lice shampoo because after spending an hour in the mirror combing through my hair I saw little white stuff. Could just be dandruff, but I’m not taking any chances.

Old Navy Store in Chelsea/NYC on 6th Ave

Received Saturday, September 25, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Wed Sept 22nd 2010 Approx 3:30 pm,
NYC old navy store in Chelsea on 6th Ave, this nanny let this baby cry and scream and cry never even glancing down to comfort this poor hysterical child approx 6-8 months old, literally pretending he wasn't wailing or even there ,then she would violently shake the bugaboo stroller from side to side and pound the handle with her fist, never even looking at the child just trying to pull the awning down to conceal him, the baby screaming and her shaking the stroller was so bad mulitple people on the line were commenting on how horrible it was.. I confronted her saying she needed to be paying attention to the child in which she told me to mind my business, my husband also confronted her her response was the same, other women on the line were chiming in she was upstairs for 1/2 hour that baby was still crying.. this woman was scary clearly very angry with the child.. I feel so bad for the parents..and worse for that child.
God knows what is happening not in public..makes me sick..

Double click on the video to see larger.
Have a nanny sighting, write now.


Saturday, September 25, 2010
.... WHAT?!

Feature :
1) Tutor/Babysitter/Disciplinarian (Minneapolis)
I am looking to hire someone short term - hopefully - to watch our 14 year old after school to make sure he is doing his homework. Need to have strong personality and be stern in nature. May even send you to school with him for a while so he can get the right homework to the right classes. Up for the challenge? He goes to Waterville MN highschool. He could come to your house or your could come to ours. Want to help????
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Redmond Library in Redmond, WA

Received Saturday, September 25, 2010
nanny sighting 7 This is a good nanny sighting:

I was at the Redmond Library in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) today around 3pm. There was a wonderful nanny there with her two charges. The older one was on the computers. Nanny was reading books to the younger one. She was using different voices and asking questions to engage the child. She was talking about the pizzas they made together yesterday and the different toppings they put on. The nanny talked about going home and getting dinner and giving baths. She was extremely patient and affectionate with both children.

The nanny was young, in her twenties, and thin. She had straight blond hair and was wearing jeans and a white zip up sweatshirt.

The younger girl was two or three. She had brown curly hair and was wearing a blue and white checkered dress with a pink cardigan that buttoned on the side.

I couldn't see the older girl very well from where I was sitting, but she had brown curly hair pulled back in a ponytail and was a couple years older than little sister.

I didn't get either of the kids' names, but the nanny's name was Sarah.


Nanny Sightings Needed

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What details do I include in my nanny sighting?
  • Physical description of caregiver
  • Physical description of involved child/children
  • Address or venue of observed incident
  • Date and time of incident:
  • Detailed description of what you witnessed
  • Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:

My Boss is My Wife

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest I know all us Nannies have those employer horror stories, the stay at home moms with nothing to do all day but lunch, have their nails done and criticize our work, and believe me, I have had many of those myself. There was the Mom who dressed all day in tennis whites, was rude to her husband and kids and abruptly fired me two days before my sinus surgery my sophomore year of college because I could not come in early enough to accommodate her doubles game. (I was only home because I was, uh, having surgery and besides, my mother hadn’t really approved on me working while I was sick.) Then there was the Mom who told me that when I held her baby it really bothered her if I nuzzled or kissed the two month old because it was like I was “kissing her” and she was seriously concerned that I was coveting her children. I was initially speechless, but recovered my composure and asked her if she understood the biblical definition of “coveting.” She did not. She had no idea that she had gravely insulted me, and offered no apology, and honestly did not feel that affection towards the children you care for was an important part of being a Nanny. Another Mom never once smiled at me – something I should have taken into consideration during my job interview – and the three months of scowls sank me into an all time low until I finally gave my notice. Yet another Mom met my attempts at friendly conversation with nothing short of eye rolls of contempt – how dare I think I was cool enough for her to consider me a friend! This one also didn’t believe in benefits of any kind, paid vacation days, paid holidays, paid sick days or time paid while they went away on their own vacations during the two years I worked for them full time. I got away from that job, and still felt guilty when I left, but I least I had paid health insurance again. The new Mom was better, friendlier, and sweet and trusting that I could do no wrong with her children, but nothing beats the boss I have now. Because my Boss is my Wife.

You might think that sounds strange, or downright wrong, but let me explain. There is no other word to describe the relationship I have with Chris. We are so mutually supportive of each other, beyond the employee – employer relationship. We spend our days coordinating, collaborating and commiserating from the same corner of respect. And yes, I know every nanny loves being supported and recognized for their hard work, and how that usually comes around maybe once or twice a year in the form of a cute card on their birthday or some scant Christmas bonus and re-gifted wrong sized sweater. But Chris lets me know important I am to her everyday. She makes a point to tell me, and to thank me, and even more importantly, she always finds a way to show me. From a simple, “you’re the best wife ever” to all those unexpected bonuses that come in the forms of gift certificates and yummy spa treatments, I feel totally valued. And I value her right back.

Beyond that, Chris is supportive of every aspect of my life. In 2008 when my boyfriend dumped me – on the phone while I was at work – and told me not to come home that evening (we had been living together for two years but it was his house)Chris came home immediately, told me to move into their guesthouse at once, and even offered to pony up a deposit for a new place should I find something right away. And all of this was before I had managed to even stop crying. As it was I stayed there for six months before moving into my dream house. Not only did she refuse to accept rent while I stayed there, but she insisted on gifting me with professional movers when the time came to pack up. Thank God as the majority of my stuff was still in my ex’s basement!

When Chris was pregnant with her third child – the girl baby – she bought me a beautiful blue ring that she had caught me admiring in our favorite boutique. She told me that it was my “baby ring”, my “push present” because the child growing inside her was going to be my baby too. Words cannot describe how deeply moved I was. I feel that way whenever she describes her children as “ours”.

“Betta is Mommy number two,” she will say to the three year old.

Now I wish I could and say that I am the only woman that Chris treats with this degree of respect and love and support, but that’s simply not the case. She has started an entire “Wife” movement, urging all her fellow female friends to treat their female friends as trusted and valued spouses who will always have each other’s backs. She has started her own website called which is the future of supported sisterhood. (Almost two thousand wives strong!) She tirelessly blogs and campaigns for causes for women and I would like to think that I am a huge part of the support system that allows her to do such amazing work, for just as much as she is my wife, I am hers, and really, don’t we all need a Wife?


10 indications that your job has become more than just a job

Received Wednesday, September 22, 2010
A day in the life 22
1. You look at your fridge and notice its now covered in pictures your charge colored for you rather than your latest vacation pictures

2. You look through your purse for your lipstick and have to dig through the diapers, toys, pacifiers and wipes to find it

3. The cd player in your car has 5 disney CDs in it and only one adult CD

4. On your vacation you spend your time finding the one thing your charge asked you to buy him
5. On your day off you absentmindedly open the back door of your car to get your charge out only to realize your charge isn't there

6. You name your dog after a disney character at the insistence of your charge and then pretend not to hear the snickers from your neighbors when yelling at buzzlightdog to come back

7. You can name every person on the fresh beat band and you know what color each one likes

8. You know which fast food place has the coolest toys that week, and you know that Chic-fil-a lets you trade it in for ice cream

9. You've read Where the Wild Things Are so many times you've got it memorized

10. Your Iphone has more kiddie apps than adult apps
Thank you TC!

Fun Read...

10 Boomerang Kids Who Clashed With Their Parents
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
They’re called "boomerang kids": Fully grown adults, usually college graduates, who for one reason or another move back in with their parents. Some people who make the boomerang move are doing it for a cause greater than themselves, like caring for an ailing parent or sibling or providing financial assistance for the family that raised them. But let’s not kid ourselves: most of them, in real life and in TV and movies, are forced to shack up with mom and dad to save a few bucks or put their lives back together after some dubious choices. The conflict that arises (and boy, does it ever) makes it easy to see why boomerang kids are a popular fictional staple, and real-life boomerang kids aren’t immune to butting heads with their folks once they’re under the same roof again, either. A couple of the boomerang people on this list are actually worth emulating; the rest, well, not so much.

Chazz Reinhold: Will Ferrell’s performance as Chazz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers is hilarious, no doubt. He’s an overgrown man-child who lives with his elderly mother, watches cartoons, and sleeps his way around town. But he’s also kind of insane — he’s moved past weddings and likes to pick up women at funerals — and is definitely not on great terms with his mom. She shouts at him to clean up his stuff, and he yells right back at her to fetch him some meatloaf. Who wants to be the guy who spends his days in a bathrobe? That’s no way to live. Keep reading HERE.


I just want to know if I am over reacting...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Opinion 4 My sister in law presents herself as a devoted mother. In truth, she relies on two nannies for the care of her one child. She has a full time live-in nanny and a part time nanny. To set the course for this, I will admit; I am a stay at home mom and there are times when I am envious of her leisure, but I don't think this is the case with what she has last pulled. I know her FT nanny pretty well because she is a solid presence around the child and my brother and sister in law. I knew that the nanny was going home on Friday, the start of Yom Kippur- to visit her family 2000 miles away. The nanny was planning to be gone until 9/26. I dropped by my sister in laws house to bring her some pastries and her two year old was nowhere to be seen. I asked if she had the part time nanny working to cover FT nanny. Nope. Sister in law then matter of factly says, "FT nanny (she used the name) took her home to meet her family". I said, "took her home to X?" Sister in law looks at me like I am crazy and makes a mean comment about pop ins. Our conversation ended. I went home and told my husband, brother of her husband and he advised I just stay out of it. He also told me, 'we don't have a nanny so we don't know what it's like".  What? So even if FT Nanny has been there since the birth of child, that is only two years. And FT nanny took the child away for ten days? Am I way off or is this not responsible?


I Love my Job!

Received Sunday, September 19, 2010
A day in the life 22 Not too long ago, I wrote a post about why I hated my job. I'm happy to say things have drastically improved since then.

After almost a year of handling behaviour problems from both the children (agressiveness, rudeness, clinginess) and their parents (fecklessness, backbiting, laziness) I finally quit. I gave a month's notice and I said I could stay longer if they hadn't found anyone to replace me, they assured me they had. On my last day I took the children on a day trip they loved and bought them small presents to remember me by. After all, it's not their fault I had a toxic working environment and I do miss them very much.

I have a new job now, working for a lady with twins who have just turned one. The difference in my working day is staggering simply because of the great attitude displayed towards me and the children. My day starts at eight instead of half seven, and my employer has the kettle boiled for me to have some tea when I get in. The babies are either in clean nappies or they've just soiled them, and their mother apologizes for putting me to work straight away. It's never a bother, changing a nappy is a mindless but smelly minor task, and I'm glad to see that the nappy isn't overflowing and neither baby has severe nappy rash. I feed them their breakfast while I drink my tea and the parents leave for the day, bidding us all a cheerful goodbye.

The babies take a nap in the morning and depending on what day it is, I either put them to sleep in the cots upstairs or I take them out in the buggy. Some days I have mother-and-baby groups so I get to talk to some grown-ups for a little while, other days I don't so I can sit and read a book for a little while, once I've done any cleaning I need to do. The amount of housework I do is miniscule, the house is generally tidy and aside from a little dishwasher unpacking and bottle making, I have a free hour while the babies are asleep. I plan any meals i have around these naps and the fact that I can sit down and eat at a table and off a plate puts me in an instant good mood.

When the babies are up, we all play together in the house or we go on day trips. They're too young for the zoo just yet but they got a great kick out of the aquarium. Just going anywhere on the bus or train is enough to amuse them. I look forward to when they're both able to walk so I can take them both swimming. They nap again mid-afternoon, and I have another chance to sit and eat or read. With the extra time I have, I can make a salad or roast some vegetables instead of relying on ready-meals and sandwiches. I don't comfort eat as much as I used to, and as a result I've lost a good amount of weight and my skin looks better. I'm happier, so I sing more and the kids love that. I'm much more fun to be around when I'm happy.

After their dinner, their grandfather stops by some days to take them for a walk, both to see them and spend time with them and to give me a break, though at this stage I don't need a break at all. The only trouble I'm having is that I'm getting through books too quickly. They're gone for an hour and when they get back, we play some more and I feed them supper. Their parents come home and depending on the day, the mother drives me home. She always pays me on time and pays me extra if I've gone overtime, and even though she's only ever about ten minutes late she apologises for keeping me.

Being treated with respect has made a big difference to the way I work. I'm always in a good mood, if not a great mood. My boss is impressed that when she comes home I'm never flustered and the kids are never screaming. The babies love me and I love them. I'm looking forward to the next few years as their nanny.

Stranger Days...

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Nanny horror stories Last February I began a job with a family who had three children- a boy, 7 and 1 year old boy/girl twins.

After my first week, one of my personal references told me that the husband had called her, and had asked some strange questions.. one of which was wondering if I was dating anyone. I thought it was a little strange, but since the first week had gone great, I figured he was just being extra cautious and asking lots of questions. The second week things quickly went downhill. When I arrived on Monday, the father announced that he was taking some time off, and that he would be staying at home for awhile to get a few things done. This struck me as kind of odd and sudden, but told them I didn't mind.

The next day, I was standing in the kitchen, fixing bottles for the twins. The dad came up behind me and said: You look very nice today, and then began rubbing my arm up and down. The next few days the same sort of things started happening, the compliments and always rubbing my arm and touching my shoulders. By this time, I was feeling very uncomfortable, and put in my two weeks notice. The next day, my dad called me, telling me that a man who identified himself as my employer kept calling his work, demanding to know where I was and begging my dad to convince me to stay. This freaked me out because I never told him about my family, and I haven't lived near my family for five years. There is no way he could have found out about them without doing some serious research.

I called the wife, and told her I would not be returning the next day. I didn't want to mention the behavior of the husband, so I just decided to move on and forget about it. Unfortunately, this was not the best idea. I began receiving letters and emails-dozens a day, with the father telling me how much he wanted me, and begging to see me. I never replied. The final straw came about a month after I had quit. I was in a cafe near my house with a friend. As we got up to leave, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. It was HIM!!! He came up smiling and told me that he had moved in RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!! I called the cops, and ended up having to take a restraining order out on this freako! I met them through a popular nanny site, and they requested that I interviewed with them. The interview went great, the parents were very nice, and the children were adorable. They offered me a full time position with excellent benefits, so I accepted.



Saturday, September 18, 2010
cl wtf 20
.... WHAT?!

1) Merry Poppins (Pittsburgh)
Hi Mom and Dad,
Energetic and fun is what I am and.... I Love reading Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham!
Hop on Pop and Ten Apples on Top are 2 more.... give me an email and we can arrange for me to be knocking at your door.
Available Monday - Friday (let me know the times you need)
15+ years of exp. w/ infants and Babies.
Through the years, I have cared for several families children and I have References that I will share with you and Pics too!
I would love to be a part of your family 2 and helping Mom and Dad get back in the work force while someone lovingly sharing a bag of fun & cares for you, or the 2 maybe 3 ... (?)
Oh Boi.... how many can there be.... I guess I will have to wait and see???
I am happy to care for you precious infant/children at your home. Reasonable. Thank You.
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We want pictures of great nannies in action. At the park, making crafts or playing frisbee.

Or maybe you want to share one of your child's or charge's artwork?

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I Don’t Need Ovaries to be Fertile

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest On July 25th, 1978, Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube” baby was born in England. I was eleven years old and had been infertile for three years, since the removal of my second ovary, and, I had thought then, the chance of ever experiencing pregnancy had been taken harshly from me. My doctor had shaken his head upon discovering that a second cyst had encapsulated a second ovary in 18 months. “I’ve never heard of anything like this happening to a child,” he had told my parents, and that admission, coming from a doctor, had left me feeling I if I were the only person to ever experience the isolation and loss and betrayal one’s own body can bring them.

But with the birth of Louise Brown, I realized that there was someone else – Lesley Brown – Louise’s mother, who knew exactly how I felt. She had tried for years to become pregnant, only to be thwarted by blocked fallopian tubes and failure. She agreed to IVF – at that time a purely experimental procedure that had never resulted in a baby, and made history. She was my very own personal Neil Armstrong. Four years later, she had a second daughter, Natalie, who was IVF baby number forty for the planet. Leslie Brown taught me something else when I was only eleven years old and trying to come to terms what it would mean for me never to have a biological child – that choices remain no matter what the situation. At eight I had bravely announced, “So what? I’ll just adopt then,” when my parents explained to me that the second ovary had not been saved, but truthfully, even then, I longed for the babies that would someday be mine. (My mother nicknamed me “Mother Earth” when I was only three.) They would have my blue eyes, and my cute nose and my freckles and have really good singing voices and there would be ten of them.

“Oh my little Mother Earth,” My Mom would laugh, “ten is too many.”

Her voice had a different tone on July 25th, 1978, that monumental day, one that was hoarse with emotion and longing for me to have everything I wished for as a woman. She held me close and promised me that I would grow up to have the choice to be pregnant someday, if that was what I desired, because if in England they could fetch an egg through a blocked fallopian tube and whip up a zygote in a Petri dish, science would evolve, and it would be done with a donor egg. On February 3rd, 1984, eight years to the month that I lost my second ovary, the 1st IVF donor egg baby was born. Choices grew.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at


Chestnut Hill playground, Stamford, CT

Received Friday, September 17, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Chestnut Hill playground, Stamford, CT, about 11:30 am, 9-16-10

Children: 2 boys, oldest 4-5, dressed in khakis and pink polo/ rugby shirt; youngest a toddler about 13-15 mos, dressed in black/navy and white striped shirt.

Nanny: 30- plus hispanic woman, not entirely sure of age, straight dark hair slightly longer than shoulder length.

She sat about 25 yards away. Reading what looked like magazines, and not watching the kids. I thought the two boys were with another nearby mom/nanny. I was tending to my two and noticed the toddler had climbed to the top of a rope ladder on the big kids' play structure. To my horror, and before I could yell to the person whom I thought was his caretaker, he fell 5' from the platform. When he started to cry, the nanny ran over, then yelled at the oldest, "what did you do to him? Why did you throw wood chips in his face?" I yelled to her that the child had fallen and she picked him up and comforted him. I kept a close eye and within minutes he was walking around. He could easily have broken something or injured his head or neck, and i still feel sorry I didn't berate her and tell her he should be checked out. Forgetting the obvious neglect for a minute, it's troubling that she berated the brother before knowing what happened. Once the toddler stopped crying, she went back to reading, rarely looking up while the boys played. This woman should not be watching young children (or any children). She is not an engaged caregiver to say the least and not showing good judgement in where the toddler can safely play. She should have her eyes on him all the time. She drove away in a silver GM type suv.


Fathers are sleazy and mothers are lazy....

What Foreign Au Pairs REALLY Think of British Parents
By David Wilkes in The Daily Mail

When the au pair greets your demands with a shy smile, you may think it is a sign of deference to a respected working mother with a fantastically busy life.

If so, then think again, for behind that facade, she's probably pondering just what a slothful, selfish and bad parent you really are, according to a study.
Researchers claim that au pairs generally feel any family that chooses to have one 'must, by definition, be either lazy, or lack proper care and consideration for children and for people in general'.

And as for your husband - well, in her eyes he's more than likely a sleazy sexual predator who will try to get her into bed the minute your back is turned.

One au pair, called Petra, was told by the mother of the house where she worked that 'She knew what Slovak women were like, and what her husband was like'.  A few weeks later the father told Petra he would be waiting for her - in the Jacuzzi. The au pair quit soon after.

Other au pairs told the researchers they were asked to clear up sex toys and lingerie in their hosts' bedrooms.  'These people have no shame and behave as swines,' said one.

The far from flattering view foreign au pairs working in Britain have of their middle-class employers is revealed in the first in-depth academic study on the subject.

Authors Daniel Miller, professor of anthropology at University College London, and Zuzana Burikova, an ethnologist at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, have just published their book, Au Pair, after a year's intensive research.  Dr Burikova interviewed 50 au pairs working in London who, because some changed households, represented 86 host families.

All the au pairs were from Dr Burikova's native land of Slovakia, chosen for ease of her speaking to them and because Slovaks form one of the largest groups of the 90,000 au pairs thought to be working in Britain.

The employees - whose names have been changed to preserve their anonymity as have those of their employers - were found to have a generally dim view of women who think they can 'have it all' by juggling the demands of work and family.

Jarmila, employed by a mother who worked from home selling antiques on eBay, 'was particularly shocked when the mother just seemed to be playing games on the computer and failing to take an opportunity to be with her child'.

Meanwhile, Marika was 'horrified when she was regularly employed as a babysitter ... so that the couple could stay at home and watch TV together without interference.'

'An English mother has three wonderful children ... she works only from home ... fortunately she has an au pair because to spread butter on toast for all three, to make their beds, defrost their ready-made food for dinner, to vacuum, iron, sweep the floor, this all would be really, really too much for an English mother'

'I'm surprised that children and parents do not eat the same food, and that parents seem to buy healthy food like vegetables and fish for themselves, and not for their children. Meals should be freshly made, as my own mother used to make them'

'English mothers are constantly talking about quality time and feeling guilty if they were not actually reading to or directly playing with the children. Yet in most cases it was pretty clear they really did mean quality time rather than quantity time, given that it occupied such a short part of the day'

'I was on my own, reading a book. Suddenly the door opened and there was the man of the house, standing only in his underwear. I shouted and he only asked whether he had scared me'

'The British like TV programmes by experts telling them how to keep their home, since they don't know how to do it themselves. This is why they need au pairs'

'Au pairs constantly refer to the slowness of English women. One said it took as much time for her host mother to prepare carrots as it does for her to clean the whole house'


Top 10 ideas for rejuvenation...

10. Informative articles related to childcare.
9.   Articles related to child psychology.
8.   Children's artwork. (Scan it in).
7.   Regular polls regarding pay, perks, activities, job duties.
6.   Day in the life of a Nanny/SAHM.
5.   Nanny's (and Manny's) Horror Stories
4.   Employer's Horror stories and warnings.
3.   Photos of Nannies and Mannies in action.  (The good ones).
2.   Nanny's recipes. With photos.
1.   Guest columns by experienced nannies, mannies employers and individuals raised by nannies.

That's what we have. Thank you for the ideas. Let's get it started....

Nanny Glut

Nanny Glut Means Lower Wages and Wacky Offers
as reprted in My Mission by Lauren Rosenfeld
Two dollars per hour or weekly wages of $200 plus trips to Las Vegas don’t sound like payments for quality childcare. But these are some of the proposals nannies are getting these days.

“[Nannies] are being offered the weirdest incentives,” said Melissa Castillo, director of community programs at the Women’s Building. “Spirits are down because of the impossible job market. People know that and are offering incentives instead of payment.”

Not only are fewer families hiring nannies, unemployed teachers and office workers are entering the field offering new competition, according to placement agencies. The nanny glut has meant lower wages and strange offers.

One woman, who asked that her name not be used, came to the United States from Peru nine years ago and quickly found work for $17 an hour in 2001. She kept that job until 2009 when the child she cared for turned 10-years-old, and the family decided they didn’t need a full-time nanny.

She’s been looking for work since last November and even having a U.S. passport hasn’t helped in her job hunt.

“What’s happening is really horrible,” she said. “I thought it was just me but many people have told me they are having problems.”

Jens Hillen, who owns Town and Country Resources, a Bay Area nanny placement agency, with his wife, said the 2008 recession impacted both clients and nannies. Hiring slowed and the number of nanny candidates increased.

Leslie Kline, a placement consultant at Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing, agreed that more highly educated people are registering for nanny positions. Many are out-of-work teachers looking for alternatives as unemployment remains close to ten percent in San Francisco County.

Nannies hired through agencies generally earn more than those sought through ads on sites like Craigslist. Kline said she has finally started to see the minimum rates creep above $20 an hour, but after the recession hit, $20 was on the high end for almost two years. Employment advocates at the Women’s Center say they still see a difficult nanny market.

The unemployed Peruvian woman said she has been on numerous interviews at luxurious homes around the Bay Area. The parents are lawyers, doctors, and architects who advertise $16 to $20 an hour, but when she arrives for the interview or training, they offer her $8 or $10.

“They tell me the economy is bad,” she said. “And that they’ve found undocumented women that will work for $8 an hour.”

On one interview, she entered an unfurnished house with a mattress and sheet on the floor. The mother of a three-year-old told her she’d be sleeping there and paid $200 per week.

“I was really shocked because the ad said $15 an hour,” she said. “Then the mother offered to take me to Las Vegas every weekend. She told me I’d have lots of friends, lots of boyfriends. I told her that I don’t need a boyfriend or a husband. I’m here to work with children.”

The Peruvian nanny recently asked Castillo at the Women’s Building to make a flyer that advertises her services. “She didn’t want me to put her university education on the flyer,” said Melissa Castillo, referring to the woman’s obstetrics training, “because she was afraid people would think she’s too expensive, and that it would turn them away.”

Castillo said it was a common problem and sees immigrant lawyers and psychologists, ready to work as domestic workers, line cooks, truckers, and nannies because their degrees mean little here.

“Last week, I applied to various families,” the Peruvian woman said. “But I don’t know if anyone has responded. I’m going into the resource room to check my email. Often, I wait many days and no one responds – not even to say ‘thank you.’”


Michigan Child Care Workers Sue to Break From Union

As reported in The State

Peggy Mashke tends to 12 children for 12 hours a day at her home, so she was surprised to get a letter welcoming her to the United Auto Workers union.

"I thought it was a joke," said Mashke, 50, of northern Michigan's Ogemaw County. "I work out of my home. I'm not an auto worker. How can I become a member of the UAW? I didn't get it."

Willing or not, Mashke and 40,000 other at-home providers are members of a labor partnership that represents people across Michigan who watch children from low-income families. Two unions receive 1.15 percent of the state subsidies granted to those providers, or more than $1 million a year.

Mashke has given up about $100 this year, and while she says it's not a huge amount of money, she's among a small group of home-based providers suing in federal court to break free from organized labor.

"It's the principle. It's my constitutional rights," she said.

The plaintiffs claim they were driven into the union and forced to support it financially even though they work at home, are hired by families and are not state employees. In some cases, they are even related to the children in their care.

In 2006, the UAW and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME, were formally approved as partners in a union called Child Care Providers Together Michigan. Only 15 percent of the providers cast ballots, but 92 percent were in favor.

The lawsuit, filed by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, claims that Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, and her administration cleared the way for the union in exchange for valuable political support from the UAW and AFSCME.

Michigan is one of at least 16 states where unions are mandatory representatives of personal-care workers, according to National Right to Work.

The state and the unions have defended the arrangement as the legal result of a process that was blessed by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission. They say there is no role for a federal judge to second-guess what has occurred.

Union attorney John West acknowledged it's a "novel approach" to bring home-based workers under the labor umbrella.

"This is really a pretty important issue," West said at a July 13 court hearing. "We have a problem that's been festering for a long time in a lot of states where you have a large group of generally poorly paid, often not-very-well-trained employees.

"To try and resolve this issue and improve the situation, unions in a number of states have put a lot of effort into trying to organize these people, successfully in many instances," he said.

On its website, The UAW says the partnership "gives a much-needed voice and power" to child care providers who have problems dealing with the state's bureaucracy.

"They might not get their check from the state. You wouldn't believe how much that happens," a UAW vice president, Cindy Estrada, told The Associated Press. "Or they don't know they can get an increase in their subsidy if they get more training. ... You wouldn't believe how much an extra 10 dollars a day can help."

And there are providers who say the union has been helpful. Elizabeth Hall, 61, who looks after three children at her home in suburban Detroit, said she was having trouble getting paid by the state but the UAW "cut a lot of corners and got right to the source. I was very elated."

"The UAW is very resourceful," Hall said. "If there's anything you're not aware of, they bring the information to us."

Robert Jonker, a federal judge in Grand Rapids, Mich., has ruled that the seven-month-old lawsuit can proceed, at least in the early stages. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland-based think tank that promotes free market capitalism, is suing in state court to stop the union on other grounds.

Mackinac Center lawyer Patrick Wright called it an "underhanded scheme."

"It's an interesting issue," said Gary Chaison, professor of industrial relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

"The idea is for unions like the UAW and AFSCME to have a fertile and expanding area to organize to offset the membership losses because of plant closings — in the case of the UAW — or state and city downsizing in the case of AFSCME," he said.

Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I just thought the parents of this little girl would find this interesting. This was today at the Smith Haven Mall. The little girl is under two and was wearing white tights and a dark floral dress with black dress shoes. She was sitting in an umbrella stroller that had a black handles, extra large black wheels and green fabric.
The nanny involved is about 20 year old, wearing her blonde/brown hair in a short pony, wearing jeans, a gingham shirt open over a red tank top and birkenstock style sandals. She speaks with a thick European accent, possibly German.
The nanny arrived at the mall and was strolling in front of me. Soon, two gangster looking guys arrived and joined her. She was at first uncomfortable and told them, "I'm just here with you". Then they convinced her to walk with them for lunch. Her body language stated she was uncomfortable. The shorter guy told her to "grow up and come have a bite". Then both of them laughed hysterically. The shorter guy then handed her what appeared to be a thick wad of cash. Her shoulders caved in and she looked resigned then. She put the money in the front pocket of her pants and they all walked towards the cheesecake factory.
I don't know what this was, but it wasn't right. The guys were seriously early 2000 gangster looking. One was even sucking on a toothbrush. I wouldn't want those sort of people around my little girl!


Is Your Caregiver a Positive Caregiver?

The NICHD did a Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development and identified the following key features of quality childcare.

Positive caregiving is a measure of care quality that is based on direct observations of caregiver behavior. Read through the following list and see which skills your childcare provider, (or you) have.

Positive caregiving behaviors include:
 Showing a positive attitude—is the caregiver generally in good spirits and encouraging when interacting with the child? is he or she helpful? Does the caregiver smile often at the child?
 Having positive physical contact—Does the caregiver hug the child, pat the child on the back, or hold the child’s hand? Does the caregiver comfort the child?
 Responding to vocalizations—Does the caregiver repeat the child’s words, comment on what the child says or tries to say, and answer the child’s questions?
 Asking questions—Does the caregiver encourage the child to talk/communicate by asking questions that the child can answer easily, such as “yes” or “no” questions, or asking about a family member or toy?

Talking in other ways—such as:
 Praising or encouraging—Does the caregiver respond to the child’s positive actions with positive words, such as “You did it!” or “Well done!”?

 Teaching—Does the caregiver encourage the child to learn or have the child repeat learning phrases or items, such as saying the alphabet out loud, counting to 10, and naming shapes or objects? for older children, does the caregiver explain what words or names mean?
 Telling and singing—Does the caregiver tell stories, describe objects or events, or sing songs?
 Encouraging development—Does the caregiver help the child to stand up and walk? for infants, does the caregiver encourage “tummy time”—activities the child does when placed on his or her stomach while awake—to help neck and shoulder muscles get stronger and to encourage crawling? for older children, does the caregiver help finish puzzles, stack blocks, or zip zippers?
 Advancing behavior—Does the caregiver encourage the child to smile, laugh, and play with other children? Does the caregiver support sharing between the child and other children? Does the caregiver give examples of good behaviors?
 Reading—Does the caregiver read books and stories to the child? Does the caregiver let the child touch the book and turn the page? for older children, does the caregiver point to pictures and words on the page?
 Eliminating negative interactions—Does the caregiver make sure to be positive, not negative, in the interactions with the child? Does the caregiver take a positive approach to interacting with the child, even in times of trouble? Does the caregiver make it a point to interact with the child and not ignore him or her?

Monday, September 13, 2010

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.... WHAT?!

1) Babysitter wanted (California)
We are looking for someone who has some spare time on there hands to spend some time with our 5 year old daughter . She is currently in kindergarten, she is really smart and she really does not require alot of supervision. She keeps herself busy, she likes doing crafts, playing with her dolls, drawing, or watching television. If your someone who is looking to earn a little bit of spending money without really having to do alot of work email me. Our daughter is really precious and she is the most important part of our lives, due to our financial situation we really cannot afford to spend alot of money on daycare and babysitters. We are looking for a female babysitter who doesn't smoke or do drugs and has experience with children, preferrably 18 years and up. We need someone who is available Saturday and Sunday and weekdays. Weekdays at the most will be 5 hours and at the least is 2 hours. With our work schedule we need someone who is available from 3 to 8 p.m., weekends are usually 8 hours. Our daycare provider charges us $15 a day, but she closes at 5 p.m. and she spends time with her family on the weekends. So if your seriously intersted email me. Like I mentioned above my daughter is really independent she just needs a little supervision.
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Blog Rejuvenation- it's time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010
We hear you loud and clear! It's time to make some changes to this blog. We want a blog that is welcoming to authors of sightings and yet encourages comments. We want to continue attracting the interest of mothers, parents and nannies. We want to start some new feautures to captivate our readers during the lulls of postings. If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave them as comments to this post. We appreciate your continued interest in and support of ISYN.


Pacific Palisades, CA park

Received Monday, September 6, 2010
nanny sighting On Sunday September 5, 2010, I went to the park in Pacific Palisades, CA -- located next to the library. There were 2 boys, named Michael (age 4) and Johnny (age 5) with their nanny Irma. Irma was sitting at the picnic table while the boys played with my son Alex.

Michael climbed onto one of the jungle gyms and was not able to get down by himself. He yelled to his nanny, "Irma, I cannot get down. Help me! Help me get down!" Michael repeated these cries of help at least 5 times. I was watching Irma to see what she would do. I expected her to get up and help him get down from the jungle gym structure (which he was on the 2nd story). She looked at him and then waved her arm with disgust and acted really annoyed and ignored his cries for help.

Again, Michael repeatedly asked for help. Finally, my son asked Johnny, "Why don't you get your mother to help your brother." My son didn't realize that it was the nanny Irma who was watching the kids.

Finally, after giving Irma many chances to do the right thing, I stand up and say, "The boy needs help. Will you help him?"

Irma comes to help Michael down from the jungle gym. But, as she passes me, she looks very annoyed and says to me, "He always does this and this will be the last time I help him. ".

Then she tells Michael, " This is the last time I will help you down.".

I was shocked that she had a hands-off approach to their care at the park and when Michael needed help, then she berated him.

When we were leaving the park, my son wanted to have a play date with the 2 boys later. I asked Johnny for his mother phone number. Johnny did not know the phone number.

Irma said that the family did not live in pacific palisades. I asked where the family lived. Irma stated Las Flores and PCH. I told her that I live in Malibu too. Irma seemed shocked. I asked Irma for the mother's number and she stated that she can arrange the playdate with me. I told her that I want to arrange the playdate with the mom and not through her. She did not want to provide me with the mother's number.

I asked to speak to Johnny . I told Johnny that I was not pleased with how Irma had ignored Michael's cries for help as he was stuck on the 2nd floor of the fire engine jungle structure. I told Johnny that I wanted to let his mother know what happened at the park. Johnny stated he did not know the number to his mother. I gave Johnny a piece of paper with my name, and phone number, and it also read, " please call me so I can tell you about your nanny.".

I told Johnny who was standing next to Irma that I wanted him to give the note to his mother. I said, "I am sure that Irma will try to take the piece of paper from you, but please try not to give it to her as the paper is for your mother."

Of note, there was another nanny there who was caring for Michael and Johnny's twin siblings who were 16 months. The other nanny for the twins did not take out either of the twins from the stroller for the entire 90 minutes that we were at the park. The 2nd nanny stated that it was Irma's first day of work, but there is no way that it was Irma first day at work based on the manner that Irma was talking to Michael.

I really wanted to let the mother know that Irma was not watching her boy's safety at the park and then blatantly ignored him when he was not able to get down safely on his own.

I did not get the name of the nanny taking care of the twins. The only reason why I know the name of the nanny Irma is that Michael was yelling her name and asking for her help and she ignored him.


Corlears Hook Park in NYC

Received Monday, September 6, 2010
nanny sighting Bad, bad, bitterly bad nanny sighting. This woman should not be NEAR kids. Here,find the details:
The nanny was walking with the child, pushing the stroller and talking on the cell phone. Then all of a sudden, she goes, "Fuck, what the fuck do you mean". That is what I heard first. After that I heard a whole bunch of fuck words and variations on the word fuck. She pulled over to the side and was standing with one hand on the stroller shouting in the phone. Just then, the kid starts to cry. Maybe because his nanny is screaming like a banshee. So then with her one hand on the handlebar, she starts shaking the stroller like crazy! Like it was rocking on two wheels, even one wheel. So what do I do? I approach her.
I say, "that's not good for his neck"
She says, "What you know about his neck"
I say, "that's just like shaking a baby, you can't do that"
She says in to the phone, "Im gonna have to call you back now, some bitch wants to tell me how to push my baby carriage".
I say, "I'm not hear to argue with you, if you want, I can call the police and they can explain it to you"
She says, "Oh yeah, how you gonna call the police"
I say, "nevermind" and whip out my phone and turn around to walk away. She says, "what bitch: and spins me back around, then she punches me in the wrist of the hand that has the phone. The phone goes flying but I catch it with my other hand. Now I know this is a problem. So I go, "Never mind"
She says, "You're damn right never mind"
I walked as fast as I could in one direction. When I did dare to look back, she was scampering away in the opposite direction (despite her tough talk).
This is at the Corlears Hook Park on the walking path by the FDR.
This is today about 10:45 AM.
This is the nanny:
Black with no accent, tall, with very short hair, wearing dark reddish/purple lipstick, a plain white t-shirt and khaki colored capris with ties hanging off of them.
This is the baby:
A boy, under 10 months, smattering of dark hair. Veins on his forehead. Wearing a blue windbreaker, the nylon scratchy material.
Stroller was grey with black hnadles and a yellow M on it. Also the buckles holding the child in were also yellow.



Saturday, September 4, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Babysitter needed ASAP (Phoenix)
PAY IS 20$ PER DAY.... THAT'S IT. IF YOUR NOT OKAY WITH THAT THEN DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS ADD. $20.00 dollars per day is better then $0.00 per day and your basically getting paid to sit around watch tv and keep a kid company. Not exactly rocket science.
Kid is cute, happy, almost never cries - she just needs someone who can give her a little attention and while Im at work I cant.
Lounge has big comfy couches & a big flat screen. Ill bring movies and a computer so your not bored and if you need me to ill provide lunch.
Must be reliable = there on time everyday (if you cant make it call the day before so I have time to find another sitter)
Hours are 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday.
Ill feed her, Ill change her Ill take her if she starts crying aka you basically dont have to do anything but sit near her and play peek-a-boo with her if she gets loud.
She will be asleep for 4 of the 8 hours that I work....

Seriously this literally could not be easier... get paid 20 bucks to sit around for 8 hrs....
I will pay 20$ for everyday that you come............ Pay is in CASH every FRIDAY.
If I schedule you to come in and then I dont make it in, I will still pay you for that day.

After the second time you pull a no call no show or call the day of. I will terminate and find someone new.. This job is as easy as it gets but you have to be reliable.

* Response from angry CL readers:

2) RE: $20.oo per day is better than $0.00 per day (Phoenix)
Daycare providers DONT just sit around and do nothing---how dare you act like this.
What do you do? Sit at an office and JUST talk on the phone?

RUDE! Person! You will NOT find a person this way!!!!!!!!

3) RE: Babysitter needed ASAP (Phoenix)
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