Beware.... scam on

Just an FYI to all those that use  My daughter is almost 20 and currently works fast food. in speaking with her today she informed me she put her two weeks notice in at her job because she got a new job she found on  She proceeds to tell me that a man named John hired her to watch his 3 year old son from 3p-7p M-F for $400.00/week in Alvin, TX.  She then tells me that he is sending her some money for her first week but he is going to add some extra because he needs her to go and pay for something for him.  (which came in the mail today, YES, she gave him her address ) it is a cashiers check (fake I am sure) for $2750.00!!!  

I had her ask him for his address and he told her he would send it later.  Then I had her ask him to contact me.  which he did, by text..and it went like this..  (excuse the grammar, I am typing exactly as he did)

Him: Hello, its Mr John, sorry are you Shanna's mum?

Me: Yes I am, Can you explain what it is you are asking of Shanna?

Him: I told you to be my son childcare and she agreed

Me: She said you wanted her to pay for some furniture?  Also please tell me about your son.

Him:  My son is 4 yrs old and he is calm and gentle

Me: and the furniture?  Explain that situation please.  What is his name?  Where do you live?

Him:  I live in Houston 

Me: Explain that situation please, What is his name?  What part of Houston?


Me: Because I am her mother and I don't know you.  Did you send her payment already?  Frankly I am concerned that you would allow someone that you have never met to take care of your child.

Him: YES

Me: In what form?

no further replies...  notice the discrepancies in the child's age and where he lived. 

Now I am sure that no one on here would fall for something like this, but my daughter did and I just wanted to let someone know!


Nanny needs advice...

I am a self employed nanny & babysitter. I have over 15 years of experience. I have never had my information shared on any site, all of the families I work with have all been through word of mouth and from my families passing me on to others. I have never left a family before, so every family I have worked with would be more than happy to give references for me. My problem right now is I am currently working part time with a family, 2, 11-12 hour days. There are three children, one 2 year old and 11 month old twins. I make 10 an hour, and am expected to do all household chores including changing sheets in children's rooms, children's laundry, both parents laundry, feeding the dog, doing all the dishes from the parents, and keeping the house picked up. The oldest child is also very behind, because the nanny before me did not do anything with helping him learn words and communicating. So he gets very frustrated when you can't understand his own language. I know I should be making more than 10 an hour, but I don't know how far up would be too much. Any help would be much appreciated from other nannies and moms!


Should I say something to the parents?

Hi, I recently left a 16 year interaction with a narcissistic personality disordered woman. I've had her arrested for domestic violence twice and I left her for good a couple years ago.

If you look up narcissistic cycle of abuse you will learn these people are capable of causing great mental anguish.

By the time I walked out I was almost to the point of suicide.

Ex is a nanny and I am concerned about the way she treats her charges when she is out of camera range.

I'm a fully grown adult and she messed with my mind big time.

My blood runs cold thinking how she might be mentally abusing the children she nannies.

Should I say something to the parents?


Hourly or Salaried?

Does anyone know if it's illegal for nannies to be paid salary? I thought I recently read that nannies are protected under a fair labor act and have to be paid hourly. I have been a nanny for almost 11 years, and started my current job almost 2 years ago. She would only pay me salary, so I don't get paid for any extra hours that I work, and I also don't get overtime pay, and I'm definitely being taken advantage of with the amount of hours I work. However, she claims it all equals out in the end because they pay me when they go away (which is only a few days/year). My feeling is that they should be paying me regardless, because I'm not choosing to take that time off. I am a career nanny and depend on a steady weekly income

I'd love some insight on this issue. Thanks!


Nannie needs Advice!!

So I need advice the family I nanny for Their great. Except for when the mom and dad come home on their lunch breaks and have sex while I'm taking care of their child downstairs. I can hear them having sex or one time I accidentally walked in I feel SOOO uncomfortable with them having sex while I'm here working(yes I know people have sex and I'm all for it...... Just not when I'm ten ft away from them) my question is how do I approach them about this because like I said it makes me feel very uncomfortable and also kinda frustrated that they chose to spend their lunch break having a "quickie" instead of being with their child.


It Certainly Was Not The Nanny - Bad Dad In Cleveland Tx. Walmart

A hero named Erika Burch stepped in the last few days to help a child being abused in a Walmart by her father. He wrapped his daughters hair around the cart and pulled her along like horse or dog. She was begging for mercy and he told Ms Burch to mind her own business. She told the dad this is my business. She took pictures and is in the process of reporting the incident, which is not really easy as she initially was being told by the Cleveland Police Chief the situation may not be serious sas the child had no bruises.

Here is a link from Fox News on the story...
bad dad in Walmart, Cleveland, TX


Baby food at two years old?

At what point would you question a parent feeding their child Stage 2 baby food pouches after a certain age? This child is currently in the toddler (1 year old room), so I am not sure as to what is going on with her diet, but from what I heard, she is fed one pouch per meal, given her own snack at 430p, and that's it. Apparently if she is hungry after her pouch, we cannot feed her anything but the pouches and her snack with water. I don't think she drinks milk or anything from an open cup. This child is almost 2 years old, and will be transitioning to my classroom next week. There are no food sensitivities or allergies, just a parent preference. I understand it's a parent choice, but could this be considered a form of abuse, seeing the child is being underfed?


HELP!! need advice!

Help! So I've been nannying for the same family for almost a year now, I love the kids and the kids love me, my bosses are amazing and even take me on all of their vacations all expenses paid including paying me on top of that. Amazing gig. I just recently found out I am pregnant and I told my MB yesterday. She was thrilled and even mentioned me still working for them after the baby came and bringing my newborn with me. I didn't even consider that this would be an option but if it is then that's great news for me. My only concern is that I've never been in this position before and I've nannied a newborn and know how much work they can be not to mention the strict schedules their usually on. I'm worried that doing this could end badly or it would be way too hard to keep giving my charges the attention they need while still caring for my own child. Bow, my charges at 4 and 6 - will be 5 and 7 by the time my baby is born. Anyone have similar experiences and can give some insight? Thanks so much!

Advice from Nannies please

Hello, I would like some advice. I am 19 and graduated high school last year and I am wondering what advice you could give me on becoming a nanny. I have cared for (babysat) children since I was about 12 and I really enjoy it, however after researching I thought it might be wise to ask other nannies on what to do to get started, and any advice you can give me would be appreciated!!


A Nanny want to be


Food for thought...parents and nannies on mobile devices

I just wanted to give my two cents regarding the pearl clutching when strangers see a caregiver apparently too absorbed in their mobile device to focus on the child to their own standards.

I care for a child and do have to take texting breaks, and some days considerably more frequently than others. Not for a boyfriend, not for pals. In fact I rarely text in social situations other than "I'm here, meet me there" sort of logistical messages. The number one person on my texting list is the child's mother, second to that the backup caregiver. Mom sometimes needs to switch up plans on short notice, or wants updates on her child, who has been dealing with some health issues. This isn't always completed in a few messages. 

On the parental side, I imagine some parents who may be looking at or speaking that device may have unfinished work that is being resolved via a mobile form of communication. Perhaps it is planning with the other family members plans regarding the rest of the day. If it wasn't for this admittedly compromised attention (assuming eyes are frequently on the child) maybe the parent would not be able to be home or take that outing at all in the first place. 

When I text or receive texts, I still manage to keep an eye on the child and look up very frequently. I also tell him I'm communicating with his mother. My glances to him when he's a few feet away may or may not be detectable to others. 

Just some food for thought before you take out a camera and point it at a stranger. 

Pay Rate/arrangement responsibilities

Hello, I'm a SHM in Greenwich, CT and have a 14 month old baby. She'll be starting school in Jan for 3.5hrs in the morning 5 days a week. We've had a mommy's helper since she was 3 months due to some health issues I have - pay rate $20/hr. The girls I've worked with (2) are great. Hard working and will do almost anything to help me around the house - including taking out the kitchen garbage, household dishes, and unpacking packages in addition to housekeeping directly related to the baby. They are however not 'experienced' nanny's and I would not feel comfortable leaving them alone with the baby for more than a few hours a day. I'm considering going back to work FT. If I do, I'd like an experienced nanny. My question is, what is the typical pay rate/arrangement in the region and what are the typical responsibilities?

Looking for a Nanny in CRANSTON, RI

I am looking for a full time nanny with experience in Cranston, RI for a 1 and 5 year old. Must be able to drive. If interested, please email me.

Kim Reed |

Need advice from nannies or parents who have nannies

I am a nanny for a 1 yr old girl in Sacramento, CA. I usually work anywhere from 30-35 and occasionally 40hrs a week at 12.00/hr. I have been working with this family for almost a year. I do not receive any benefits nor do we have a contract.

At least once a week i am watching their other child, which I am not paid any extra to do. As well as other duties that have nothing to do with my charge, up until this point I did not mind one bit doing all the extra stuff but my father passed away this week and I missed 4 days of work, I asked my charge if I can have paid leave for the days I was not able to come in. She replied that technically I am a part time employee and am not entitled to that benefit, but she offered to pay me a quarter of lost wages.
I love my charge and I love this family but I feel like after everything I do, this is not fair.
I want to bring up a contract because now I see that I have to make sure I am protecting my best interest as well as theres but how do i go about that now that it has been a year? Please give me any advice that may help, TIA