Hourly or Salaried?

Does anyone know if it's illegal for nannies to be paid salary? I thought I recently read that nannies are protected under a fair labor act and have to be paid hourly. I have been a nanny for almost 11 years, and started my current job almost 2 years ago. She would only pay me salary, so I don't get paid for any extra hours that I work, and I also don't get overtime pay, and I'm definitely being taken advantage of with the amount of hours I work. However, she claims it all equals out in the end because they pay me when they go away (which is only a few days/year). My feeling is that they should be paying me regardless, because I'm not choosing to take that time off. I am a career nanny and depend on a steady weekly income

I'd love some insight on this issue. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

My last family of 6 years paid me salary but more so for my benefit. They paid me for 50 hours a week regardless if they needed me that many hours or not. Any additional hours (over time, weekends etc) were paid at an hourly rate. Perhaps you and your employer can set an amount of hours that seems fair and any extra should be considered hourly or overtime pay? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yes a salary is illegal and you are correct in what you are saying. We are protected under the labor laws and we need to be paid for every hour that is worked. I wish nannies would stop allowing parents to do such mess.

Anonymous said...

I am sort of salaried. I'm get paid for 45 hours a week at $16 an hour no matter what. Even if I only work 20 hours (which has never happened) I still get paid the $720 a week. Any hours over 45 (which always happens) I get paid an overtime rate of $24 an hour. I usually go home with $900-$1,000 a week.