BAD NANNY in CALIFORNIA - update on Nicole Conradt - worse than originally posted ;('''

The nanny (Nicole Conradt) is horrible. She would not cook for the kids. She would not clean up after herself, and will often leave a bigger mess than when she came. After I had a hard day at work, I would come home and then have more cleaning to do because I had to clean up after the nanny. she is also bad at childcare. she would ignore the kids and leave them in dangerous situations. She let my son almost drown because she was inattentive when he was in the pool.

{ Editors Note:The above was written by the father of the children - here is what the mother had to say---}

It is not a scam. She is a chef and hand model though not famous at either, so she was couch surfing when we hired her. She worked for a number of different families as a nanny and is registered with several agencies. She would frequently prqctice her recipes in my kitchen and leave me the mess to clean up. The children were terrified of her and said she yelled at them. She hit on my husband and referred to an inappropriate physical relationship with a former client.

What caused her to finally fire her was finding my son limp and drowning in the pool under water while she sat poolside doing her nails instead of watching him. After we fired her she was incarcerated briefly.She also tried to get us involved in improper tax info. Families need to be aware.