Nanny Needs Work; Agencies Don't Respond

I'm a career nanny looking for work. In September, my most recent family moved (hours away) and I've been without a job ever since. The two families I did nanny for were both referrals. I decided to change things up so I took a chance at working with placement agencies. After months of applying to different agencies (all the best in LA) I am still without a job. I've come to understand how nanny placement agencies work for the most part. Most of them are the "don't call us, we'll call you" type. I check in with the eight agencies I'm registered with from time to time, just to let them know I'm still looking for work, but I get the same answers "we'll let you know if a family is interested in your profile".

My profile is very strong. I have eight plus years of experience and glowing references. I've never met a person who had a problem with my personality. I try to stay empathetic, diplomatic, and humble in dealing with people. I know I'm qualified for positions I apply to but I get no responses. I'm frustrated and confused at this point. I've been without work for months and stress is getting to me. I've been patient and understanding with the agencies, but I want to know if I'll ever get work.

Am I going about it the right way?  Is this is a valid way to get work as a nanny or am I just wasting my time? I know every agency is different and it all depends on the families, but I'm curious as to whether or not my resume is even being sent to the families I apply to.

If you've ever worked at nanny agencies, I would very much like your opinion on the matter. Thank you for reading my rather long rant. I just don't know if this is the right way to obtain a position in the field I love. I don't have any other referrals to turn to. Thanks again.


Twins and Autism

I am a career nanny but I have never had to endure the issue I have with my current family.  I am a nanny to 13 month old twins(boy and girl).  Recently I notice some behavior that b is doing that his sister does not. I know it maybe a bit early but I’m thinking he may have some signs of autism.  It’s a scary word- how would I bring up this dedicate topic up with the parents? They are first time parents...


Hi, I currently nanny 1 kid who will start preschool soon. I will have to drop him off and pick him up when he starts preschool. The parents would also like me to run errands while the child is at school. I guess they don't want to pay me for not doing anything while he is at preschool.

My question is what should I do? I have been with them for almost 2 years and that time was dedicated toward being a nanny. I feel as if I am going beyond my job description and am becoming a personal assistant. I get paid $16.00 an hour and feel I should be better compensated if I am going to be a personal assistant AND nanny.



Bad Road, Bad Weather, (Bad) Feuding Neighbors

 I have a situation at work that I don’t have control over but I’m stuck in the middle.  I work for a family who lives on a private dirt road.  In the middle of this road is a hill.  When it is covered in snow and ice, unless you have 4 wheel drive, you are risking getting stuck!  That was exactly my situation.  I got stuck and my boss told me that it is their neighbor’s responsibility to get the road fixed and/or plowed. The neighbor says it is my boss' responsibility. They've been having this neighboring feud long before I started.  When the weather gets bad,  I have to park on an opposite neighborhood road and walk more than  100 feet, on a busy road, full of traffic, to get to work.  It is  scary!  I start early in the morning.  With Winter here, it is still dark outside.  I don’t want to add fuel to the fire with this neighboring feud, but I don’t feel safe!