Sunday August 31, 2008.

Cute & Funny Babies!
Help Kids Live at a Healthy Weight
About 17 percent of U.S. children ages 2 to 19 are overweight, and those extra pounds have serious health consequences for them, "both while they are children and for their future health as adults," says Marc Jacobson, MD, a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Extra pounds pack psychological fallout, too, such as low self-esteem, depression and learning and behavioral problems.
A parent's or caregiver's job is to demonstrate - not dictate - good eating habits.
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CL-WTF - #8 in a series...

craigs list wtf
Seeking trustworthy nanny without baggage or an agenda of her own
Looking for a nanny comfortable in her own skin to care for two children on weekends. I would prefer someone who could come Friday night and stay thru Sunday night or better yet, Monday morning.

Desired candidate should be phsyically fit enough to run through obstacle courses with two boys ages 6 & 9, smart enough to challenge a 10 year old and answer his questions and trustworthy enough to be left alone with children.

We are not looking for any closet smokers, anyone looking to make our children a part of her facebook or myspace page or anyone who dresses in such a way that it would appear she is trying to entice every carpenter, plumber and married mogul.

Pay is highly competetive and dependant on your experience and the hours you can committ to. I would prefer someone who can work every weekend but will consider someone who can work three weekends a month if we are compatible and you can agree to a schedule 3 months in advance.

Background check will be run.
Physical evaluation by your doctor (or ours) is required.
We reserve the right to randomly test for drugs and alcohol.

We do not watch MTV or BET in our home and neither will you.
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Saturday August 30, 2008.

In The News:
Abandoned Baby Found Safe With Dog (Buenos Aires)
A newborn baby abandoned outdoors in winter by her 14-year-old mother was found safe in a dog pen with a mother dog and her brood of puppies near the city of La Plata, Argentine media reported on Friday.
Video Of Canine Hero
Girl, 6, Playing Hide-and-Seek Finds Abandoned Baby in Bushes (Syracuse)
A 6-year-old girl playing hide-and-seek with her grandmother found a newborn baby girl abandoned in a vacant lot next to her home.
6-Month-Old Girl Abandoned On South Los Angeles Sidewalk
The Hispanic baby, who was in good health, was found crawling on the sidewalk near 25th Street and Broadway Monday evening, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.
Should One Who Abandons A Baby Face Charges?
All 50 states have enacted child abandonment laws that protect parents from prosecution. Some are more liberal than others. In New York, the infant has to be 5 days old or less. Nebraska's law, passed this year, allows a parent to abandon a child as old as 19 years.

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Should Nanny with PMS provide full disclosure?

Received Friday, August 29, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I have a question and I don't know who to ask because it is a private thing for me. I have really bad periods. For those of you who don't believe in PMS, you might want to skip this post.
The worst thing about my PMS is my mood. I am completely paranoid. I usually think I am about to be fired or have done something wrong or that my boss's are not happy with my job, I know I am less fun with the kids but because they are young, precious and innocent, I don't take anything out on them. Still I am tired and not as fun. I take everything out on my husband. We have been married nine months and he gave me the ultimatum to talk to my Dr about getting on medication. Maybe he wasn't totally serious, but he would have a right to be. I will fight with him about everything and everything. I am not happy until he is on the verge of man tears or out of his mind with anger. I don't know why. I accuse of him of cheating on me, wanting to cheat on me, hating me, using me, etc.

During one bout of PMS my dog was lost and I accused him and more importantly was convinced that he had murdered my dog. He really doesn't like the dog. I am not insane. This behavior only comes by way of PMS and even if I know it is coming, I cannot control it. The appetite is a problem too. I can easily gain 10 pounds in a week. How does this relate to ISYN? Well, I am a nanny. And I have a prescription now for zoloft to take for pre menstrual disorder. As a nanny who loves, loves, loves her charges and respects her employers, what is my obligation with regarding to tell them? If I were the parent, I would want to know if someone was taking psychiatric medications and I would most certainly want to know if someone was JUST STARTING to take them. But at the same time, I don't want them (or anyone) to know. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone ever taken zoloft? What can I expect?

Nanny hurt by not receiving a parting gift

Received Friday, August 29, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I need some advice asap...I nannied for a lovely little girl for three years and over those years I became quite attached, and so did she. We did all sorts of wonderful things and I went above and beyond (spending quite a bit of my own money, but I didn't mind) what was expected of me. I nurtured her and loved her unconditionally. There were never any issues and/or difficulties (only three sick days in three years). My position ended recently, on good terms I might add (she was starting 'real' school, and I finally finished college). As a good-bye to the little girl that I nannied, I took her out for a wonderful day that was by no means cheap. Anyway, I thought things had ended just fine (I was even planning on taking her out occasionally and watching her when I could), but when I opened my pay envelope I discovered that I was not given a parting gift, not even a card (which I would have been fine with). I am hurt beyond words and feel like I was not appreciated. What should I do? Should I say something? Thank you in advance your your advice.

Does this ad sound familiar?

Update 8/29/08
Even MSNBC is covering this now!

“My kids are a pain,” read the opening line of her Craigslist solicitation for a live-in nanny, and she specified what part of her body it was that her kids — all four of them — pained her most, each in his or her particular 12- , 9- or 6-year-old twin way.

“Please help me,” she added.

The listing, posted last week, was by turns self-effacing, self-justifying and extremely revelatory. It read as a participant’s critique of a particular strain of moneyed-class hyper-parenting that dominates in certain reaches of New York, as well as a desperate request for a certain kind of masochist.

“I am not looking for Supernanny,” it read. “I don’t want someone who has a lot of theories on the right way to raise kids.” And: “If you are fundamentally unhappy with your life, you will be more unhappy if you take this job.” More: “If you suspect all wealthy women are frivolous, we are not for you. I do not want to hide my occasional Bergdorf shopping bag.”

(Continue reading Let’s Face It, This Isn’t a Job for Supernanny in the NY Times.)
Reported here first in CL-WTF.

DNA: Caylee is Dead

Friday August 29, 2008.
Click on Video

Update: Sunday August 31, 2008.
Casey Anthony's Original Bond Revoked, She Stays In Jail For Now!
Friday night in the middle of a protest organized outside the Anthony home a slew of police officers and detectives rolled in and arrested Casey Anthony on charges not related to her missing 3 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. She was arrested on charges of uttering a forged instrument, fraudulent use of personal information and petty theft which holds her under a $3000 bond.
This morning according to it was announced that the $500,000 bond posted for the charges related to Casey’s missing daughter have been rescinded which makes this unlikely now that she will be released from jail.

How should I approach Employer about having Playdates over?

Received Friday, August 29, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am looking for advice on how to broach having playdates at my charge's home. We've just moved into a new area the past couple months, and while meeting at the park with the couple new friends we've made is great...the park can be a little overwhelming (for 2 4 yr olds) if there are a lot of kids there. This has never come up in the past, but in the past, I was able to have kiddos just come to my place for a playdate. The main reasons I would like to host playdates have everything to do with my charge who would LOVE having a friend come over. Also, being as we have just moved into the area, I feel like it would be great to really cement a couple of these friendships that we've been working on for over a month. The parents I work for trust my judgement without hesitation, and I would never have anyone in their home that I hadn't met multiple times before to get a good feeling of them. I think I'm just feeling unsure because it feels weird to me to ask other people to their home.

Friday August 29, 2008.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games Back to School
In the News:
Texas Students pack book bags; Teachers pack heat
Several parents said they had no idea that employees of the K-12 school were allowed to carry concealed guns on campus until recent publicity about the school board's policy, approved quietly last fall. They said they were upset that the rural community near the Oklahoma border had not been able to give input.
While some parents said they felt their children were safer, others opposed the plan, which appears to be the first of its kind nationwide.

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Parents banish Nanny and Kids from the house

Received Thursday, August 28, 2008. - Rant
Ok so i have a little rant. First, some background: I have been working for this family for four years and although the parents get on my nerves sometimes it has been a pretty good job. Yesterday it was raining alot here and I had spent the night before throwing up so I was sorta in a bad mood to have to be at work early at 6am, but i knew the mom was out of town and the dad had to be at work so i came in anyways.

There are four children i watch. Three are boys ages 8,6,4 and one is a three year old girl.
Since it was raining alot and I didn't want to drive in the rain plus I did not feel well I just decided to keep the kids at home that day and entertain them there. It is extreamly rare that we are home an entire day. So of course I was there from 6am until 6:30pm with four children the house got a little messy with our games and crafts. But i did clean up at least four times that day, it just still sorta piled up.
When the mom came home I admit the house was not totally clean, some craft stuff on the tables and toys on the kids floor in thier rooms, but it was not horrible. Anyways I said goodbye to the kids and left and the mom never said anything. But, when I came in this morning the dad said that the mom went crazy over the mess last night and that I had to take the kids somewhere today because she didn't want them here playing if it was going to get messy. Ummm first you have four kids and second they don't like to help clean up.

I am so angry because it is storming even worse here today with thunder and lightning and really heavy rain. So, now I am about to pack the kids up and take them to my house to play for awhile until I decided where else we can go all day. I mean really is it that big of a deal that the house was not sparkling clean. Why have that many kids if you want your house to remain perfect and spotless? Am I wrong in being annoyed by this? Now I know I probably could have cleaned up again but I had been there twelve hours and it really was not that bad. Yes, I should have had it all picked up but really does that warrant us being banned from playing in the house on a stormy day?

Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights

Received Thursday, August 28, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I saw an African American nanny in Brooklyn Heights in the Pierrepont Park off the promenade with chunky red stoned jewelery and chunky red earrings and a red belt, with a long black ponytail wig, on the heavier side, with a blonde boy around 2, could be older or younger.

The boy was buckled into a stroller and while she was chatting with friends the boy repeatedly tried wrestling out of the straps over an hour period while the nanny completely ignored the child. There were 3 other African American nannies in the park who were ignoring their crying kids in the stroller while chatting to their friends, don't have descriptions. All i could say is that i was horrified and heartbroken for those kids and if i had to leave my children home to go to work i would:
1)buy a nanny cam and starve for a week if i had to
2)come home from work early and spot check on them in the park
3)send friends to spot check on them
4)maybe not hire heavy nannies who don't want to move their bodies
4)hire someone to follow them around for one day and would find out lots

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Breaking News

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 PM
Trace of Human Remains Found In Florida Mom's Car
Investigators have found chemical evidence of human decomposition in the trunk of the car connected to Florida mother Casey Anthony, a law enforcement source said Wednesday.
The evidence, discovered at the the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Facility, may help solve the months-long mystery of the woman's missing 3-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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Nanny is sick of Dad who is always sick

Received Wednesday, August 27, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am going out of my mind. I am a nanny and I work for a couple. The mother and I get on really well. She is a hard working professional, a super mom, completely trusts me and treats me like a professional and is a pleasure to work for and on those few occasions she is home-with.

The father is another story. I take care of just one child. Because of this, I have activities planned so we get out or have playdates over or do things that stimulate his mind. We have a schedule. It includes a nap time and even video time.

I noticed when I first began here that the father would call in sick fairly often. He is a large man of about 6'2, 180 lbs, muscular but I have seen him come through the door at 10 AM because he had a stomache ache or call in to work because he has a sore throat or come home at 11 on a friday because he was "getting a cold".

When he is home, he spends most of his time up in his bed. He plays video games up there and watches television and sleeps. He comes down to eat and to do just enough with his son to rile him up or distract him or to assure that the little boy will be calling "Daddy..." up the stairs for a half hour. I just cannot take it when he is home. In addition to the distraction he causes, he acts like a baby and I have heard him get in fights with his wife on the phone because she didn't call to check on him.

Imagine my face when I saw that he was home from work again on Monday. He had (miraculously) done some yard work and pulled a muscle in his back. This of course required a trip to the emergency room (as does every sore throat and stomach ache). He apparently came home on Sunday with doctor's orders that he take two days off work.
By Monday mid afternoon, I realized he was way over exaggerating. One thing he does is sail past the child and I when we are doing a puzzle or something and pick the child up and zoom him around like an airplane. He did that many times on Monday. I am responsible for the child, his dishes, laundry and keeping his room clean. The mother came home yesterday and I heard her ask him if he got a chance to start a load of laundry. He acted like a baby and said, "I can't lift laundry. Are you kidding. Do you care that I have a back injury?"

Yesterday, the father repeated his same MO. He wants his son to run to him and get excited everytime he sees Daddy, but then he disappears back up to his room. I see that is messing with the kid's mind. The kid doesn't know what is going on. When the mother came home yesterday, she asked me if I could wait while she changed her clothes. I said, of course. (Notice how she cannot ask the father).

The father is outside smoking a ciggarette now. She goes outside and asks him if he can hold the garbage bags open so she can put another bag inside. In essence, double the garbage bags. Again, he freaked out and said she was disrepecting him and didn't realize he was injured. The mother said, "fine, I will ask *me* to help". The father said, "Fuckkkk you" as she was coming inside. The windows were open, so I heard the exchange.The mother came inside and said in essence she needed to get the bags sealed up and asked if I could just hold the bags open for her. It wasn't my job and I was angry that the father didn't help her, but like I said, I really like my boss and of course I helped her. We then dragged the bags to the curb for pick up. It was lawn clippings.

I leave with the hope that the father is returning to work today (Weds).When I arrive his car is still here. I ask my boss if he is going in. She looks mad and embarassed and says that he made an appointment with another doctor and he is going to try and get a week off out of this, so he wants a doctor to give him more time off. I go about my day. The father leaves (walks up and down the stairs just fine, sits outside in his chair to smoke and gets up without trouble). When I return from the park, his car is gone. I am happy. I put on music and set up his toddler video camera on him and he dances for the camera.

We are having all kinds of fun when in comes Dad. According to Dad, he will now be off until Tuesday. He doesn't know what I think of him or have heard from his wife. He tells me he saw a specialist and it is just too risky for him to return to work and that his back is important and he can't take chances with it, so he is off until Tuesday of next week. He interacts with his son for three minutes, has a ciggarette and goes upstairs. In the meantime, his wife calls me on my cell phone. She asks me if he has come home yet. I say he has. She asks me what he told me and I tell her. You can tell she is holding her breath, trying not to lose it. I wonder what it is like to be her, the main money earner, the main parent and the one who takes care of everything around the house. I feel for her but try to think of something to say to fill the silence. "Well at least he has sick time left". She says, "You are kidding, right. He used that up. He is planning to go on short term disability". Our conversation ends and I am in a terrible mood.

I don't think I can work all of these days with him home, doing nothing and complaining about his back. I, too have pulled a muscle in my back. I went to work, even though at the time, I was a nanny for two children who were 2 & 4. I just told them that I couldn't do much lifting that day. THAT DAY.

Help. Someone tell me how I can quickly get over the desire to kill this man. The sight of him makes me sick. I have no desire to show up to work tomorrow or the next day or the next day.... And who knows now if returning to work on Tuesday is even definite?
Has anyone been there? Done this? Lived to tell about it?

SAHM rants about Park Slope Nannies

Received Wednesday, August 27, 2008. - Rant
I am a stay at home mother and I have a bone to pick with other mothers who allow their children to be cared for by what I see as a pack of transient Jamaican nannies. The children are kept out all day long. The nannies arrive at a congregating place at breakfast time with bagels, bread and rolls. The children are left in their strollers while the nannies drink their teas and coffees and eat their pastries. Some even read the paper. They chat on cellphones, but mostly among each other.

Ninety minutes passed and the children who were fed single fruit loops and cups of golden grahams for over an hour to keep them pacified are now released for play. Those who need changing get changed. Those who need to toilet are encouraged to relieve themselves on trees, shrubbery or on the grass which I stand. The children play while the nannies continue to talk amongst themselves, read the newspaper, make and take cell phone calls and sit. The nannies do not rise from a sitting position. True, some of the children do call out to be pushed but most have learned their lesson that nanny doesn't move. Some of the nannies disappear from the pack.

Did you know that? They return with shopping bags from the Gap, Old Navy and Mandy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. When those nannies return, the nannies all look over their purchases and ooh and ahh with delight. The same ooh and ahh your daughter Charlotte sought from her nanny when she went down the slide on her stomach, but alas nanny never glanced her way.

Lunchtime arrives and the children are fed first. They are fisted squished sandwiches, crackers and bags of processed foods. Hands that have never been washed, hands that have wiped the bottoms and wrung out the weiners of their charges are stuffed into the mouths of toddlers with blank faces. Toddlers who must dream of the comforts of home and their beds. All the while the children are being fed, the nannies conversate over them. They do not look, speak or even pat a child on the head. They ooh, ahh and laugh amongst themselves. The children exchange blank expressions, big, hollow eyes on a sunny day. A shared, sadness.

After the children have finished eating, it is time for the nanny's feast. This involves shooing the children off to the equipment or sand and strapping the youngest children down in their strollers. The nannies whip out paper bags and old bread bags. Money is exchanged and a few of the nannies depart, (leaving our children under the care of this emotionless group) only to return with heavy, sopping styrofoam containers, dripping the secret grease of pungent ethnic food. They drink fruit sodas and bottled water. And what a spread it is. These nannies hurt not for money. Their portions are enormous, eaten with great gumption while talking amongst themselves. In the distance, a child calls out. A nanny in teal pedal pushers squints to see if it is her charge, but recognition does not register on her drawn and angry face.

An hour or so has passed and the children trickle back to the nanny's spot.. One little girl in a short sleeved red shirt hugs her nanny's legs. The nanny moves her knees to the left and the right, effectively shooing the child away. Another child, a boy of no more than three tries to climb up on his immense nannies lap, but he too is pushed away. "Go play, go on now".

The nannies clean up their area and most of their trash makes it's way to the garbage receptacle. A little boy named Adam asks if he can go home now. His nanny tells him that she is beat and now she gets to take a rest. With that, she crosses her arms across her chest and settles into the bench. The conversation slows. The nannies sit stone faced, baking in the afternoon sun.

More time passes and now it is snack time. There is more apple juice, there are cheddar crackers and goldfish. The children grope hungrily for the kibble and the nannies control each cracker with an iron fist. This nannies, their bellies still bursting from their afternoon feast share in every snack. For the most part, the children have grown accustom to this kind of sharing and are grateful for their nine goldfish and two ounces of juice.One thirsty boy defiantly remarks that his nanny drank his whole box of juice is dispensed to the water fountain and told to quit complaining, "go get some cold water now". The children are toileted on trees and the smalles among them are stripped down and changed roughly across park benches. One particlarly grim looking nanny has stowed all of her dirty diapers from the day in a bread bag at her feet, even though the garbage can is but 50 feet away.

It is now mid to late afternoon. Soon the nannies will warn that it will be time to go home soon. And slowly, they will gather their charges and most of their trash and trudge home. A whole day has passed with nary an educational activity, a word of praise, a loving gesture....
Location: All over Park Slope. Who are the parents that employ these nannies?
(edited 8/28/08 12:00 AM)

Wednesday August 27, 2008.

The Police - Invisible Sun
In the news:
Two Teachers accused of setting up Church Daycare fights
Two teachers lost their jobs at the Central United Methodist Church day care after state and local officials started investigating reports that preschoolers were being made to fight.
Your thoughts?

Nanny needs ideas for Toddler recipes

Received Wednesday, August 27, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny to a great 13 month old. We have been doing great with table food but I have a hard time thinking of new creative foods/recipes to try. I cook for him and buy all of his food with the petty cash that they leave me. I dont feed him any canned/packaged processed foods .

I make everything fresh and try to make great yummy well balanced meals. I feel like I repeat too much so this is where I need the great mommy and nanny advice here!!! Does anyone have any great meals/table foods to feed a toddler. I'd welcome any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!!


Tuesday August 26, 2008.

Finally: Investigators Release New Documents In Missing Toddler Case
Includes Video, Transcripts of Police Interviews and 400 pages of Evidence (PDF)

Carl Schurz Park playground - UES, NYC

Received Tuesday, August 26, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Date of Incident: 8/25, 12 noon and earlier
Nanny: Average height, medium build, medium dark skin, short wavy brown hair cut well above shoulders. Wearing a long, loose tan skirt with a vaguely leopard type print (but not racy in any way). White sleeveless collared shirt, button down. Tan flip flops. Carrying a small-medium purse with a brown strap, tan with thin, horizontal stripes of various colors.

Kids: Appeared to be with two girls maybe 5-7 yo. Could have been sisters or a playdate. Older girl was caucasion, brown hair in a ponytail, glasses, pink shorts with a lacy bottom part, blue sleeveless shirt, large heart necklace, pink flip flops. Slightly younger girl was caucasian with brown hair, ponytail. Wearing a long blue dress with diagonal stripes, blue flip flops. Did not get any names.

Your nanny was acting very inappropriately with other children at the park. She was initially sitting with her two girls waiting for other kids to get off the swings. There were about 4 kids in line. Two other girls about 7-8 yo were swinging for maybe 10 minutes. Several younger children for a bit longer. Nanny decided this was too long for everyone. She started yelling loudly at each child on a swing, pointing, and berating them. She would alternately tell the other kids they were being rude and should get off. Then she would turn to her two charges and tell them (loudly so everyone could hear) that XX child was misbehaving and needed to get off NOW.
At one point she got up, went over to one of the older girls and started shaking the swing (while the girl was swinging!) and demanding she get off immediately. The girl did because she seemed confused and intimidated. The nanny "allowed" the other kids to swing a bit (though many kids had gotten up and changed swings during this time), then started up again with her comments. My son was on one of the swings and I was initially sitting outside with my other child. While I was outside, Nanny stated the pointing/yelling at my son. I was able to go in about now and told my child he could stay on until I said it was time to switch. She then stopped yelling at him, but continued to berate the other kids. Other caregivers/parents were present and seemed equally shocked, though I think we were all trying to avoid a confrontation given the number of kids around. Most chose to just exit the area. Although I do not think it would in any way excuse her behavior, most of the kids I observed were swinging for no more than 5 minutes before she would yell at them to get off.

Although I understand the need for sharing and courtesy when there is a line, and that we may have different opinions on how to handle that, I do not think yelling at small kids or shaking another child's swing is ever appropriate. FWIW I did not see this nanny yell AT her charges, but her comments were extremely inappropriate and I would not want my children being cared for by someone with that behavior - particularly when she started berating other kids to her charges. Honestly she seemed like she was trying to provoke a fight in general, and her aggressiveness was obvious. This is my first posting and I see it is hard to convey someone's tone and demeanor in full, but I can say with certainty this is not someone you want watching your kids.

College Terrace Library - Palo Alto California

Received Tuesday, August 26, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Nanny - 30/40 ish Hispanic woman in orange tank top, khaki shorts and khaki baseball cap with stroller (gray with orange trim). Child - Very small infant dressed in white and covered with white blanket. At 1:20 your nanny called a construction worker over to look after the child while she left. She put your child in the shade with the construction worker and she must have gone into the library. She returned at 1:44, gave the construction worker a kiss - said something to him in Spanish and walked off down College Ave.
The construction worker took excellent care of your child, even bending down to make faces and noises to the baby - however I thought you might like to know your nanny left your child with this person.


Grad Student ISO Parents w/ a Nanny

Received Monday, August 25, 2008.
I am a graduate student working on my dissertation. I am looking to interview parents who employ a live-out nanny. My study has a few requirements: Nannies must be over 18 years of age, must not have children of their own, and must have been born in the U.S.
My restrictions are in no way meant to be discriminatory, they are a way to make my research as new and different from previous research that has been done. (Research has already extensively examined L-I, immigrant nannies, and nannies with their own children).
If you live in Connecticut, Westchester County or the NYC area and you would be interested in doing an interview with me I would greatly appreciate it. The interview will take place in a location of your choice and participants will be given $20 to compensate for their time.
If you would like to participate or would like additional information please contact me at
Thank you so much! Laura

Monday August 25, 2008.

As Technology Advances Hidden Cameras Multiply
They're easy to hide, cheap to buy, and simple to use. Evolving technology makes them more useful than ever. They can ease personnel costs, reassure parents who employ baby-sitters and boost security....

What are your thoughts on the use of Nanny Cams?


Exhausted Parents turn to Night Nannies to get some Zzz's

Received Sunday, August 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Kathy Ware’s twin girls were 2 1/2-months old when she went back to her high-pressure job as a manager at Wachovia. Her babies were still up and down at different times of the night for feedings.
Her husband, Steve Ware, was in graduate school and, like her, needed his rest. So Ware did what a growing number of exhausted parents are doing these days.
She hired a night nanny. For more, please Click Here.

Nanny's Tween Trouble

Received Sunday, August 24, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
We moved to Mexico a year ago and have had a live in nanny since then. We absolutely adore her and so do our children. She is affectionately known as Maria Poppins in our house. She is a single mom with an 11 year old son who was living with his grandparents until this month. We invited him to come live with us as well.

He is a nice young man but has some issues. He treats his mom very disrespectfully. I don't understand all of what is said because he talks to her in Spanish and my Spanish is limited but I can tell and she has confided in me that he is angry with her all of the time and says ugly and mean things to her. I think part of it is his age and part of it is the circumstances under which he's been living the past two years. He's been living with various family members while his
mother was working. So I think he resents her.

She told me that she is embarrassed to reprimand him in front of us. I insisted that she starts doing it right away before things get too out of hand. I'm doubtful that she will. From what I can tell she seems to be somewhat clueless as how to handle the situation. She begs him not to act this way in front of us and threatens him but doesn't have any follow through.

I'm thinking of stepping in and taking over but I wonder if that will cause further problems. Ultimately I think it would be best coming from her but maybe she needs to see an example. I don't know if there are cultural differences that I'm not aware of that are affecting the way she handles his outbursts or if she just doesn't know what do to and could benefit from my example.

He likes to use my computer to check some sort of Mexican Myspace page and I was thinking of telling him no next time he asks me. I could say that I've been watching the way he treats his mother and don't approve. Until he changes his attitude and starts treating her with respect he won't be abel to use my computer. And if it continues I will take away his other privaledges as well.

We really like her and want to try and make the situation work if we can.

Long distance Nanny needs advice

Received Sunday, August 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny who just moved to about 45 minutes outside the Nashville area. The town I moved to is a college town with very few nannying opportunities. I have been a nanny for a year now and would love to continue.

The problem that I am having is that although I have been in contact with several families who need nannies, they all insist that my town is "too far of a drive" for me to make. I reassure them that I have a reliable car and have no concern about the drive. I have a resume' and childcare references who I know will rave about my services (not to brag, they just do).

But these parents take one look at the fact that I do not live five minutes away from them and pretty much throw my resume' away. I will not be able to nanny if I keep encountering this behavior. What can I say to these parents to reassure them that yes, I will be there, every day, on time, despite the drive? To be quite honest, it's none of their business where I live. If I showed up to all of my previous jobs (which can be checked by checking my references, which I know none of these parents have done), what business is it of theirs where I live?


CL - WTF (# 7 ) Back by Popular Demand

craigs list wtf

We are looking for a nanny who will also do housekeeping while my daughter is in school everyday. The full time position is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-5pm AND Saturdays 4pm-10pm. Must be flexible to come in a little earlier or stay a little later on Saturdays. Days off are Sunday and Wednesday. The job is cleaning the apartment(vacuuming,dusting,mopping, cleaning kitchen & bathrooms...No Laundry) during the weekday mornings while my 3year old daughter is in school. Then in the afternoons it is taking care of her(picking up from school, afterschool activities, playdates). I also have 8 year old twin boys that you will need to watch on Saturdays along with my daughter. Experience and references needed. If interested please contact 347-420-****
Original URL:

Nanny Needed
I need a nanny that can take care of my son who is 4 yrs for 2 weeks because i will be out of the town for two weeks. and earn $800 forthe two weeks with his expenses. phone number is 718-971-**** My name is Solomon.
Original URL:
Note: This is 24 hrs. a day for 2 wks.

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Saturday August 23, 2008.


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Mom feels she is underpaying for Child's care

Received Friday, August 22, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Hello, I have never posted here, so I hope I'm doing this right. I would like some advice from childcare providers regarding pay. I have a very sweet lady who provides daycare out of her home, and she keeps my son for me whenever I ask. This isn't very often at all, but if I have a field trip for another one of my boys, she never turns down my request for help. My three sons love her and she is incredible with kids.

The problem is that I feel I am underpaying her. I pay her the rate she charges, but I really feel awful about it because I would happily pay her twice her going rate. In the past I have overpaid her, but then I feel bad, like maybe she thinks I'm tipping her and is feeling insulted about it. I have great admiration and respect for her, but truth be told, we're not friends. I am very shy and I don't know how to broach this subject with her. I have heard other moms say that she doesn't need the money, she just does this as something she enjoys, which is why she charges so little. But I feel terrible paying so little, especially because she always helps no matter how short the notice is (i.e. I can call her on Tuesday to see if she can keep baby on Friday).

I know this probably sounds like a dumb concern, but it stresses me out every time I go to pay her. How can I address the issue without offending her, or should I just shut up and pay what she asks, even though I don't think it's fair to her?

Another tragedy: Infant dies in hot car

Received Friday, August 22, 2008.
Video and Tape of 911 call
Family no longer blames Daycare Provider
A mother, whose 11-month-old daughter died Wednesday when she left the child in her car while she worked, told police she couldn’t believe her day care provider didn’t call and ask where the infant was, the coroner said today.
That was one of Jodie Edwards’ first comments after finding baby Jenna dead in her car in the parking lot of Cincinnati Christian University Wednesday afternoon, a day when the temperature outside hit 90 degrees, Hamilton County Coroner Dr. O’dell Owens said.
Can Baby Car Seat Alarms Prevent Disaster?
A company called Baby Alert has invented a $50 alarm called the "Child Minder" ...that tells you if you leave a child behind. (more)

Why does this keep happening? Your thoughts?

Museum of Natural History - NY

Received Friday, August 22, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I was with my grandson outside the Museum of Natural History in the park area along Columbus on Thursday, 8/21 at approximately 11 am.
A nanny was holding a baby (girl I think, between 2 - 6 months) screaming across her lap as she cleaned ears with Q-Tip. I did say to her that all doctors state not to use Q-Tips in infants ears but she emphatically told me to mind my own business.

The nanny was a slim black woman with short, straight hair. I think her accent was Jamaican. I am sure this Nanny did not think she could cause damage but the baby was in distress and the fact she brought Q-Tips to park leads me to believe this was not an isolated incident.

Friday August 22, 2008.

Everybody wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

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John Jay Park (77th and the River) from 9 - 9:30 am.

Received Thursday, August 21, 2008.
nanny sighting logo This nanny did nothing but sit on a bench and talk on the phone, ignoring the child, who was desperately and sadly straining around to see the children playing in the sprinkler. I watched them for the full 30 minutes, and not once did the nanny interact with the child or engage him, nor did she let him out of the stroller to play. I don't believe she was being abusive, per se, but neglectful for sure. If you are the parent of this child, I recommend you get someone to follow your nanny and observe her closely. The child was a boy, looked to be about 18 - 20 months old, and Asian (or more likely, half-Asian). He rode in a blue Bugaboo Cameleon with a grey base and a black skip hop diaper bag. The nanny was black with a Caribbean accent, probably in her 40s. She had somewhat frizzy orangey brown hair in a ponytail. Attached are some pictures (not very good) that I got of them but it should be enough for the parent to recognize the child/nanny.

Duane Reade on 86th street in Manhattan - UES

Received Thursday, August 21, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I saw this nanny with her perhaps three and a half year old charge. A cute little girl fair skinned/white, round face, large eyes with very curly medium length dark hair up in a pony tail. She was wearing pink shorts that had colorful polka dots printed on them.

The nanny/caretaker I presume was tall and stout or heavy but not fat, dark skinned, full lips with a straight bob wig, wearing walking shorts and a P.S.10* (I can't remember the last number,maybe 3 or 7) gray camp T shirt, that said STAFF on the back in green.
They were in front of Duane Reade on 86th street in Manhattan UES, between 2nd and 3rd Ave, obliquely opposite Barnes and Noble and close to the 86th street bus stop.

The woman was SMOKING, supposedly taking a break from going somewhere or waiting for the bus or something.
I was appalled.
I wondered if this was OK with her parents, to have someone smoke a cigarette in front of their child.
They were out in broad daylight at around 10:30am, but I am still wondering.

The little girl wasn't complaining or anything. She just stood there and peered into the store window as though she was accustomed to "smoking breaks".

If I were her mother, being a non smoker, I would definitely want to know about this.

Thursday August 21, 2008.

Breaking News:
Casey Anthony just Released from Jail
Casey's attorney Jose Baez held an umbrella over her head as she quickly left the jail. A crowd of reporters surrounded Casey as her attorney pushed their way through the crowd. Casey said nothing to reporters before getting into a waiting, black SUV.
Read Casey Anthony's Bail Bond - PDF
Video of Casey Anthony's Release - Raw

In other News:
Baby abandoned on Street corner - Video (Long Island)
The days-old infant abandoned in a tote bag on a Hempstead Village street corner could be discharged soon from the hospital to the custody of a foster family, authorities said.
Baby Hope, as rescuers nicknamed her after she was discovered Monday night on Clinton Street and Van Cott Avenue with her umbilical cord still attached, will be released from Winthrop-University Hospital once she is "medically cleared," sources said.
Grandma left kids in hot car while she Gambled - Video (Broward County)
A caregiver is accused of leaving her grandchildren inside a hot vehicle for more than an hour while she was inside a Broward County casino on Tuesday, according to Hallandale Beach police.
Teacher accused of having sex with a 12 year-old Student
An elementary school teacher is accused of having sex with a 12-year-old student at her home while she was supposed to be helping him with homework.
Student-Teacher Scandals
From, a List of Scandals since January 15, 2008.

Woman mortified over treatment daughters received

Received Thursday, August 21, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I feel so helpless over what I witnessed yesterday. I work in a clothing boutique and a mother came in the store with her children. Her daughters were both beautiful. They were shopping for some going away clothing and back to school clothing. A nanny accompanied them all. The girls were very pretty. Neither were fat. One had a slight stomach on her, however-I wouldn't have noticed it if the mother hadn't lit into her about it. The mother mocked both of the daughters all through the trying on session. Both daughters begged for privacy and the mother not only invaded their privacy to insult them, "too tight", "you''ll never pull it off", "it will only be two weeks before you gain back all the weight you lost at camp", but the mother kept pointing at her daughters in the outfits that they were trying on. Pointing them out to me and the nanny. The daughters were not at all times completely dressed. I attempted to continue eschewing the mother to keep the doors closed as I was worried about other customers.

I was mortified by this woman's horrible behavior. She was clearly jealous of both girls. The mother was coiffed to the nines and couldn't take her eyes off of herself but the nanny did nothing. I made eye contact with her more than once and she just had a dead look in her eyes. Isn't she a mandated reporter? Isn't this abusive? Or is is she just trying to not make waves? Should I have reported her? And what is the deal with nannies that stand by and let children be subjected to that sort of treatment? I think there must be a special place in hell for people who could speak up and stop abuse and don't. What gives?


Nanny gets shortchanged on Paycheck

Received Wednesday, August 20, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I need the opinions of some others on my situation. I recently started working for a family as their nanny, that I have previously been working for on an as needed basis for over a year. They have treated me awesome, and even gave me birthday and Christmas presents even though I was only working a few hours a month for them.

Last week I contracted pink eye from their daughter. When I arrived in the morning I had no clue she had it, and I truly believe the parents didn't either. Well, I missed the next day of work because I was highly contagious, and it was actually pretty painful. They didn't pay me for the day I called out, even though I kind of thought they should since it was their daughter that gave it to me. So, I was out over $140 for my daily salary and then another $35 for medical care. Then, the child was sick on Monday and the mom called and told me not to come. Our work agreement clearly states I get paid, even while not working unless I have 2 weeks notice to find other work. I came to work today, my last day of my work week, and there was a check for just 2 days on the counter, even though I was supposed to be paid for 3 days. The mom will be home tonight and I am so frustrated by the situation I am thinking of leaving. They are moving in October, which they just told me this week as well. I am feeling like they are just taking advantage of me since they know I only have to work another month.

So, my question is this, how should I bring up the money for the missed day of work when she called me and told me not to come? Should I just quit knowing this is probably a sign of things to come?
Please I need some help.

Wednesday August 20, 2008.

You Ruined Everything by Jonathan Coulton

In the News:
Drunk Mom Drops Baby (Greenwich)
Police say 18-year-old Krista Cherry dropped the 5-week-old onto the pavement Friday night. The baby is still in the Glens Falls Hospital, but her injuries are not considered life-threatening. NEWS 10's Anya Tucker has more on what police say happened.
Resurrection of Stillborn Baby Stuns Mourners (Jerusalem)
The parents and family of a stillborn baby were shocked Monday when the baby showed signs of movement minutes before her burial.
Update: Thursday August 21
Surreal 24 hours ends as Baby who Survived cold storage Dies
The baby was declared dead early yesterday morning, about 24 hours after she was mistakenly declared dead.
The Majdoubs named their baby Hiba, which means gift from God in Arabic, and buried her at a cemetery in the Western Galilee town of Kfar Yasif.

Nanny upset over drowned Blackberry

Received Wednesday, August 20, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Ok I'm having a little problem I would love some help with. I have been working for a new family for a little over 2 years (with my last family for 8) and to say the least it is vastly different from anything I am used to. The children are VERY challenging and this family has gone through many nannies in years prior.

So, their 4.5 year old has some behavior issues or perhaps lack of discipline issues. I sent him to his room to have some time alone to calm down after a fight with his brother. This angered him and he felt as if he was being punished even though I explained they both needed some time apart and to calm down and he was in no way being punished. As I was in the kitchen preparing dinner he snuck downstairs and got my blackberry from my bag (he is always trying to play with it) and proceeded to throw it in the toilet. Now every cell phone user knows that the only really unfixable thing that can happen to a cell phone is water damage.

After discovering this I called his father and explained the situation. He said the boy had to stay in his room until he arrived home. He assured me that they would replace my phone. This was a week ago. The dad is now giving me a hard time because in order to replace my phone it will cost quite a bit of money. I've also had to get a pre-paid cell phone in the interim to use. He now says because the cost is so much he feels he should only have to pay half. I strongly disagree and am thinking of quitting over this issue. It is not a hardship for them to replace my phone. Mostly this is very disheartening to me. I work so hard and go above and beyond and now something that was clearly maliciously done to me by their child I am expected to pay for. I'm just frustrated that he's nickel and diming me on this issue given what I have to deal with there.
Am I overreacting to think this is an issue to quit over? And who's right? Thanks.


Ari at Walden Park in Walnut Creek, CA

Received Tuesday, August 19, 2008.
nanny sighting logo I was at Walden Park yesterday, 8/18 and witnessed a child being treated kind of bad by his nanny. If I were the parent of this child I certainly would want to know what was going on. I spoke to two other mom's at the park who agreed she was not appropriate so that I can be sure it wasn't just my judgment. She was mean to him and not at all quiet about it. Things like, he fell off the play structure and instead of helping him up she yelled, "see what happens? I told you not to climb up there" and then put him in a timeout for doing it. Then about 3 minutes into the time out, she out of the blue looks at him and says sternly, "you just sit there until I say you can get up!" Then she turned to the little girl, that she was especially sweet to, and said "Ari has to sit in a time out because he is a BAD boy." Cringe! The worst was when he had his last chance to behave and he didn't, she said, "ok Ari, we are going home now" and then without pause, starts walking away and saying "bye" like she was going to leave without him. He of course started crying and she was just grinning as she walked toward the parking lot. The only information I could pick up was that his name was Ari and he was 3 and 1/2. He seemed as if maybe he was a bit autistic or developmentally slow, just by what I saw of his communications with her. The other child she was watching (might have been hers) was a little girl named Reagan who was probably 1 and 1/2. That is about all I have. If any of this sounds familiar please, please, help me get in touch with this little boy's parents. I can say without any hesitation that not one mom would want this woman as a nanny if they saw how she was with this little boy. It probably doesn't come off as significant in a posting, but you can trust me that she was not at all nice to this boy.

Mom filled with anxiety and guilt needs advice about Nanny

Received Tuesday, August 19, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Okay - can I ask a question about pay and anxiety? I am a working mom with 2 children aged 5 and 3, with another baby on the way. We currently pay our full-time 52.5 hour/week, live-out nanny $1000/week before taxes, also pay our portion of taxes, plus $2200/year medical, $1000/xmas gift, $250/birthday plus other occasional gifts. She has a credit card in our name for ALL expenses. She's babysat for us perhaps twice (with additional pay of course, not time in exchange), 2 weeks paid vacation, 10 holidays, 5 sick days (actually has been more like 15-20). Our two are in preschool and spent the summer mostly in camp. She does their laundry, their cooking and tidying, can use the credit card for all child-related expenses including zoo, meals for all out, home/craft supplies, with a generous weekly limit. When the boys are in school/camp, she's done the food shopping and a few errands. We all get along very well, she's great with my children, we have regularly scheduled discussion times so she can bring up any issues, we think she's great (and so do some local nanny-poachers), we just bought a new car for her/us to drive with the new baby which of course we will gas up. My anxiety is over a few things... 1/she has some family issues (she basically supports her family) and is pushed to ask us continually for more by them and... 2/she lives a LONG way from us by her choice (we've offered to either help her find a place closer, for her to stay over if she's ever tired, whatever she'd like)... 3/she has frequent stress-related sick days/afternoons which I have been supportive of her finding help for... 4/she has asked us to also pay all physician and medical copays... 5/why do I feel guilty sleeping in some mornings and napping some afternoons while she is working even though I'm in my 3rd trimester?

Tuesday August 19, 2008.

I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

In the News:
Spanking often coincides with more serious child abuse, Study finds
A study released Tuesday by doctors at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill finds that parents who spank their children with an object - such as a belt, switch or paddle - are nine times more likely to abuse their child through more severe means.
Update: Wednesday Aug. 20
More than 200,000 Kids spanked at School
More than 200,000 children were spanked or paddled in U.S. schools during the past school year, human rights groups reported Wednesday.
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Sorrow and Regret for Parents over Death in Child Care

Received Monday, August 18, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
This article appeared in our local paper yesterday on the front page. I had heard about this story from other parents, and when I read this story, I realized that yet another provider was neglectful in her profession, which caused the death of an innocent baby. Upon reading the article, the provider was unlicensed, and didn't follow the mother's explicit instructions to have the baby lay on her back for naps. This provider didn't follow through on what she was told to do by the mother, and had this baby sleep in a broken crib. This incident makes parents scared, frightened, and concerned with finding childcare for their children, especially infants. Parents shouldn't have to go through that. I thought you might want to share this with your readers, and let those of us who take our jobs as nannies and childcare providers raise our standard for childcare even higher and provide the best possible care for children. Let those nannies and providers like this one and the ones we read about on ISYN take a lesson from those of us that are professional in how to properly care for children, or leave the profession since they don't love their work with children as much as we do!
Love, Miss Dee

(Thank you for sharing this Article with us MissDee)

Monday August 18, 2008.

In the News:
How did 4 y.o. girl escape Pre-K at Police Headquarters? (Manhattan)
It should have been the safest day care in the city.
Instead, a 4-year-old girl attending pre-K inside NYPD headquarters was found walking alone in downtown Manhattan after slipping past childcare workers and dozens of New York's Finest.
NYC Heroes lift Bus off pregnant Woman; Baby Lives (Bronx)
Dozens of strangers converged from all directions to lift a 5-ton bus off the body of a pregnant woman — a superhuman effort that managed to save the life of her child but was too late for her.
UPDATE: Mon. 8/25
Sadly, one week after Mom is hit and killed by Van, Baby dies (Bronx)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the prematurely born son of a pregnant traffic agent who was killed by a runaway van last week has died.
Doctors at a New York hospital performed an emergency Caesarean section to deliver Sean Michael Justin Sanz but were unable to save his mother's life. Donnette Sanz was seven months pregnant.

CL - WTF (# 6 in a Series)

Received Monday, August 18, 2008.

Live In Child Care/Nanny Needed (West Bend, WI)
Looking for responsible person. We are offering you your own private living quarters - that have been fully remodeled and updated 2 bedroom. Includes: all utilities, cable TV - could be fully furnished accommodations. We need someone to watch a 2.5 year old child during work hours, some weekend and evening hours. Flexibility on rent depends on experience and available hours – asking $200 - $400 a month rent. The discount on rent in trade for hours babysitting. Additional consideration for help with meal preparation and some light household work. Located across the street from a large lake - perks could be swimming and boating. Call Joe at 262-689-****.
Original URL:

This Ad prompted several CL Readers to respond in anger:

And Here is the West Bend Parents response to those Ads:
Apparently a person or persons have taken issue with what we posted regarding babysitter\nanny We are offering a private 2 bedroom newly remodeled residence, with all utilities, cable, and phone Included for $200 to $400 a month, in a wonderful area, with some lake living perks. Basically no additional living expenses. In exchange for some babysitting of our child, amount and times can be negotiated to fit schedules. Additional compensation given for meal preparation and cleaning if done. To answer who would consider this, let me see?? If I was a stay at home mom, and could take care of 1 more child and do some meal prep and cleaning and in doing so Have little to no monthly living expenses allowing spouse's income to be set aside - that is not a bad deal. So much so, I would consider doing it. This may not be for everyone but to the right person it could be wonderful.
Original URL:

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Looking for a Young Mother's Helper (Sebastopol, CA)
Hello We are looking for a young mother's helper to come play with our almost 4 year old son while I am at home working on some projects. We are looking for an older child or young teenager that likes to play with younger kids and is looking for some baby sitting prep-experience. I will provide warm, helpful guidance and instruction, and jump in whenever needed. My son loves older kids and loves to play, sing, dance, build forts, read books, paint, etc. We, of course, would pay an hourly rate, depending upon age and skill level. If you know of an older child or young teenager that might be interested - please contact us. We live in downtown Sebastopol, off of Valentine - near the middle school. Thanks so much!
Original URL:

Looking for someone near Alexander and Buffalo (Las Vegas)
I am mother of two girls ages 8 and 13 I work full time early mornings in a casino I am looking for someone to come to my home at about 6:45am and take my 8 year old daughter to school by 8:45..This would be be mon-fri I would pay 35.00 a week for two hours for five days. Or if anyone has a child that goes to school at marc kahre and maybe i could drop her off at about 6:45 and the kids could go to school together..Please let me know if anyone is available. I will need this starting Aug 25th which is the 1st day of school. Thank You
Original URL:

Seeking Long Term Nanny in Parker, Sept 1st (Parker, Co)
We are seeking a full time nanny in our home for 3 boys - a 4 year old and (2) 2 year old twins. Hours needed will be 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Mon - Fri. We would like someone who will keep them active, learning and playing! Need someone with patience and willing to get down on the floor with them. Another VERY important item on our wish list is someone who will be long term to watch them grow with us! Our 4 year old attends Preschool down the street on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1 -3:30 pm and needs taken back and forth (within walking distance). We live on a culdesac where there are several other children in the same age group (its a fun neighborhood for them!)We have a nice backyard and live a few blocks from a park we visit often. We are offering 300.00 per week. We are a relaxed and laid back family. We believe in manners. YOU MUST HAVE OWN VEHICLE. We need someone to start on Sept 1st! We are seeking someone really great in a short amount of time!! Background check required. If this sounds like a good fit, please email us to set up an interview asap! Thanks for reading our post and for your interest!
Original URL:

Nanny needed - (Live-out) (Clifton, NJ)
Live-Out Nanny needed in Clifton NJ for baby, 3 months old. Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm Offering $250/week + additional pay for evenings that we ask you to stay late. Needed as of early-mid September - ongoing..... Must be reliable, responsible, caring and compasionate. Apply today for immediate consideration. Please be prepared to share references.
Original URL:

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Nanny feels put off by Family that acts put out

Received Sunday, August 17, 2008 - Perspective & Opinion
This is for the perspective and opinion post. I nanny for a family and have been with them for 2 years. Lately (probably for the last 6-8 months) I have been spending my money on groceries, dry cleaning, party gifts for the children etc and they later reimburse me. When I ask for money or a credit card they sometimes act put out and seem to expect me to pay and then they will pay me back. I do not believe I should be paying for these items at all. They do pay me back everything at the end of the week but I don't think this is appropriate. I would like feedback from parents and nannies. Thanks.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In 1999, the latest year for which totals have been finalized, there were about 581,000 children in foster care in the United States. Twenty-two percent of these children; about 127,000 kids, were available for adoption.

Visit The Heart Galleries Online:
Bay Area (CA)
New Jersey
New York


Mother takes pleasure in torturing her Kids

Received Saturday, August 16, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
My problem isnt about a nanny because I am a nanny. Perspective is probably what I need.
I am in a hard position because sometimes I think I am making a bigger deal of something that isnt there. I dont even know. I work for someone who has kind of a lot of friends and has lots of plans on the calendar. Her husband isnt in the picture and even though he is the childrens father I never met him but saw pictures of him. He lives in London but they are all American.

The woman is a good boss to me. She pays me on time and brings me some treats sometimes. She ordered a jacket by internet and when it came she didnt like it and she just said 'you can have it if you want it'. It was a really pretty and expensive jacket. She is a stay at home mom. Money isnt a problem for her. Even though shes home she doesnt get in my way. She lets me do my job and appreciates what I do.

Here is the problem. The woman has a meanness to her about her kids. She is never mean to them. She treats them regular and nice, but sometimes if it is something physical she can be mean but not abusive. I will have to give examples of what I mean. When the 5 year old was getting out of the car and I was on the other side unbuckling the two year old, the 5 year old fell. Fell right out of the backseat and landed on the pavement. I couldnt see from my angle until I went to the other side. I was shocked to see the boy on his back with his arm under him because the mom who saw the whole thing was laughing. She was laughing loud and hard. Even when she saw me rush to him and bend down and give him comfort, she was still laughing. That is one example. Another example is when the two year old skinned his knees on the sidewalk. I sat him on the counter in the bathroom and was cleaning his knees off with a wet washcloth. The mom came in the bathroom and in one fast move she opened a bottle of alchohol and poured it on his knees. She poured so much it made a mess on his legs, got on his socks and even burned my eyes. But of course, it burned his cut and he started crying. Her response was to chuckle.
This mom does hug her kids too. And she tells them she loves them, but when they get hurt, she is very strange. Its not like a dad who just wants his kids to be toughened up. It's something sicker. When something happens I will be upset with what happened and I guess the word is put off, but then everything continues normal. Until the next time she does something like that.

Another thing that happened more than once is that one of the children will be constipated. It is usually the two year old. I will say to her, maybe you can pick up some prune juice, but she never does those methods. She makes the kids take castor oil right away. She is the mom so I can just suggest. Since I noticed this, I try to not tell her if they are constipated and just make sure they eat lots of applesauce and juices. She combs the boys hair and unless you comb the boys hair yourself too, you might not know that there is no reason for them to be wincing and whining. She is rough on their heads with a hard man's comb when she doesnt have to be. I comb their hair and they dont give me any problems. I am most concerned with how she laughs when the kids get hurt. They never have been seriously hurt so this is why I need perspective.
Maybe they fell off a swing or one of them ran over the other boy's foot with a push bike.
Am I overreacting? If anyone else notices anything wrong with this mom, they sure dont let on. I wish I could say "thats not funny" or "I dont find that funny" but she is my boss and they are her kids. And like I said, it isnt ever anything where they are really hurt, its more like shut a hand in a door or choked on a piece of pizza. The six year old does know something. The last time he hit his head on a door frame, I was in the room with him. I got up and went to him and said "owwww, are you okay" and I patted his head. He looked at me, he rubbed his head and gave me a hug. No cry or no tears, but I really think he really just got it.

CL - WTF (# 5 in a Series)

Received Saturday, August 16, 2008.

M-F 8am-6pm Care for 2 boys in my Home $300 a wk. (Bayridge, Brooklyn)
Greetings, I am looking for someone to care for my boys at the aforementioned days and, times in my home. I want someone with experience and, you must fill out an 1099 form for the IRS. You must have ID of some form. You have to keep my house clean from the boys mess's. I dont want to come home to to a trash bin. Everyone that works for me is temporary I will never hire someone with a gurantee. This is because of my past experience with women who did nothing as I said then had the nerve to ask why I didnt give them another weeks schedule. I don't fire you! I just never have you back : ). Reply if interested with pertinent info about yourself. Thanks JuJu

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Need Saturday morning Babysitter (3-4 hrs.) (Willowbrook)
I am looking for a nice lady to take care of my son (3 and half years old) on Saturday morning only, about 3 hours $15. I live in Willowbrook area, near the high school.

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Full Time Sitter Needed (Staten Island)
Hello, I am searching for a full time sitter for my 6 month old and two year old, from 9 am to 4pm. My two oldest will get home an hour before you will be leaving.Your salary would be $200.per week. I dont mind you watching the big screen while the kids nap or using the telephone if needed and feel free to make enough lunch for your self.I'm more concerned with finding a good person,who will watch my children well, some one i wont have to prosecute in a court of law. If this does not seem like the home for you please dont bother. Respectfuly Mrs Negron. thnxs.

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Night time Sitter Needed (Near Mall)
Hi, I'm looking for a responsible, experienced sitter to help care for my child for a few hours tonight. I would love if I can have the night off to relax. I'm looking for someone that has great references, preferbably has worked with a family recently and is a non smoker. pet friendly + My child is very well behaved and will most likely be alseep. Your job is simple > to keep my child safe while I'm away- I'm looking for someone for tonight but if all goes well it can turn into a real position. Again only respond if your trust worthy, reliable and responsible. If interested please contact me with more info about yourslf. Thank you.

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New Developments in Caylee Anthony Case

Update: Fri. 8/15
Casey Anthony to be Released by Monday on $500,000 Bond
A California bounty hunter and a bail bondsman are expected to be coming to Central Florida to bail out Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, 22.

Anthony Family hires Spokesperson amid Media frenzy - Video
According to the Associated Press, the Anthonys have hired Larry Garrison to be their spokesperson, and answer any media-related questions.
The appointments come days after several outbursts from George Anthony against the media frenzy surrounding the case.

George Anthony loses his temper at Media again - Video
As the Anthonys approached the jail, a reporter asked George Anthony how he felt about police saying Caylee could have died accidentally. George became visibly upset and told the reporter to "shut up, shut up, shut up," WOFL reported.

Authorities probe whether Caylee Anthony died accidentally
Missing Florida 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony may have died accidentally on or around June 16, according to police.

Haunting photos of Caylee's 3rd Birthday from inside Anthony home
Cindy Anthony took these pictures from inside her home of cards, gifts and balloons that were sent for Caylee's 3rd Birthday

Carteret Park in Glen Ridge, NJ

Received Friday, August 15, 2008
nanny sighting logo I saw this yesterday at Carteret Park in Glen Ridge, NJ - late 20's/early 30's Caribbean nanny was MIA (very attractive, green tank top, well cut pants, large hoop hearings, natural hair), leaving your 2 children (7ish female - Maddie; 8ish male - no name I could hear; her son Junior was also with her, about 3) with an elderly Asian nanny at the park. I arrived after she had already left and the older nanny was trying to control her charges, with little success. When your nanny returned, (approximately 15 minutes after I arrived) your kids continued to run wild as she played with her son. Throwing toy cars off the playground, screaming, "arresting" other children (Maddie has a pair of plastic handcuffs) - my charges and I left to avoid a confrontation. Please know that your nanny not only does not supervise your children when she is physically present, she is comfortable leaving them with a stranger (the older nanny kept asking, what is your nanny's name, do you know when she is returning? etc).

Park in Tappan, New York

Received Friday, August 15, 2008
nanny sighting logo On Aug. 13, 2008 in a park in Tappan New York, corner of Oak Tree Rd. and Rt. 303, I was horrified by the lack of supervision and treatment of a babysitter in charge of three young children under the age of eight. I had two girls ages five and ten with me on a trip to the local park to play for a couple of hours before dinnertime. For an hour an a half I observed a young ( college age?) woman with blonde hair, pulled into a pony tail, about 5' 3", average build, driving a silver Volks Wagon Rabbit. She was babysitting a seven year old girl ( girl told my eldest, her age along with her siblings ages) a 3 year old girl and baby brother not yet two years of age. All three are blondes with light eyes. The eldest had her front teeth missing as most seven year olds do.Her hair was below her chin pushed back in front with a plastic headband. She was thin and average height with shorts and a dark, capped sleeve blouse. She had two toned croc sandals that were lying on the pathway until she was ordered and yelled at to get in the car. The three year old girl had shoulder length blonde hair, chubby face, sleeveless blouse and shorts, plastic beige or faded light pink croc clogs, that too were off her feet until she too was yelled at to get back to sitter and into the car. My girls played with these little sisters on the swings, monkey bars, slides and the surrounding area after being in the park about twenty minutes. I was with them on the swings, stood with them and around them while on the obvious play things that would require an adult with them at there side for supervision. This particular equipment is clearly labeled for play by children 5-12 in several places. I kept a close watch and protected the 3 year old, encouraging her to play with other things. This babysitter was very far from the girls at all times, on the phone the entire time with the baby boy plopped into a swing, crying and reaching for her as she continued to ignore him. We all saw her put the pacifier back into his mouth each time he dropped it in the wood chips. She finally takes him out of the swing with the one hand she has free of the phone and puts him on the wood chipped surroundings as he crawled along the filthy chips stuck to his little legs. She decides to put him on the platform of the slide ( Mind you he doesn't walk and just crawls) He falls down the slide and off onto the chips all the while screaming crying. She pulls him by the back of his shirt as he's trying to reach for her to help him. Who knew that his cries could have been for God knows what! This adorable little baby, no shoes, no attention, yelled at to," STOP THAT ", by a clearly annoyed and frustrated sitter. My girls were so concerned with my eldest getting upset and feeling really badly for these three kids. After an hour and a half of this I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I had my two sit down at the picnic table as I decided to say something to this woman. She must have heard my comment to another young woman who was as appalled as I was. This woman actually gave me this web site. As it turned out, she just finished her Master's and this was her last day of babysitting. We both agreed that we were both there on that day for a reason! So now the irresponsible babysitter puts the baby in her car and began screaming for the two girls to get in the car. They went to gather their shoes and with my girls on the bench I approached that woman and ripped her a new you know what! That's the only time she was off the phone!!!!! She seemed shocked with what I told her but not all that worried when I told her that I fully intended to find the mother and fill her in on the irresponsible behavior. She commented that she had been their sitter for two years. God help those babies and God help her if I ever see her again. And she can take that to bank if she ever sees this! If the Mom ever reaches this site I hope and pray she responds. I will be more than happy to address this with her face to face.

Friday August 15, 2008.

What was the best time you had this Summer?

Asphalt Green Playground - NY

Received Friday, August 15, 2008.
nanny sighting logo Asphalt Green playground - Thursday afternoon.
Alexandra, 3-4 years old (?), blond, wearing denim skirt, pink top and white sandals, and Michael, 4-5 years old(?), brown hair, tan shirt with dark stripes, tan shorts. These two were not being supervised at all. We noticed since they were constantly doing things that needed correction but there was nobody there to tell them stop. They were taunting and bullying smaller children - at one point Alexandra was repeatedly pushing/kicking a small toddler.

Also they let themselves into the gated swing area and were pushing the empty swings or ones occupied by small children. Other caregivers were either removing their kids or telling Alexandra and Michael to stop - once corrected by a stranger these kids would take off for another area of the playground. Finally, after at least 30 minutes, two woman started yelling "Alexandra" and "Michael" from their seat on a bench. These women had been sitting on this bench the entire time we were in the park - due to the location of the bench the kids were out of sight to them most of the time. Also, their view would have been blocked by the other nannies standing in front of them while conversing. These two women had black hair, med complexion. One woman had on a black t-shirt with light pants, the other a brown t-shirt with grey sweatpants.

Nanny tires of Mom not answering the door

Received Friday, August 15, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
Hi everyone
So, I need help--- or at least advice. So, I am a nanny between families. I am seasoned with an impeccable resume. In addition to local agencies, I am also on online nanny finder web sites. In addition to waiting for families to contact me, I also send my resume out to families I think that I will fit well with. Anyhow, roughly two weeks ago, I emailed my resume to a gal looking for a nanny. She responded to me promptly and apologized that she had JUST hired someone that day; but was so impressed with my background and qualifications, asked if she could post my resume on a Microsoft job site. I, obviously, enthusiastically agreed. Well, sure enough I get a TON of hits. Some what I was looking for, some not. I replied to every message. One of the families I had a good rapport with agreed to meet. We had one interview scheduled, which had to be rescheduled on my part due to a bachlorette party that I hosted gone wrong. Of course, I called in with plenty of notice, three hours to be exact and they completely understood--- indeed as the hostess of the event, I could not leave the individuals that had a bit too much fun in the hotel room that I paid for. Please note I have NEVER missed an interview and under any other circumstances, other than being the host, I would have let the party animals fend for themselves; but I digress.

We all eagerly scheduled another interview and things went GREAT! I thought how lucky to have kind, funny, understanding employers. After the interview we do a "trial run." Okay, this is where is gets interesting. So, I show up for my first day of trial 10 mins before I was scheduled to be there. I knock on the door twice, and ring the doorbell-- no answer.
So, I think to myself, maybe they are out with the baby, and will be back RIGHT at the time I was scheduled-- no luck. I go back exactly when I was due on shift and, again, knock and ring the doorbell. This time after about 2 mins the dad comes from the backyard and said he happened to hear the doorbell and the baby and mom were sleeping. So, I tiptoe in, lo and behold mom is awake. Then dad pulls me aside and said the mom, we will call her "K" - had told him I had been out there a while. Then he said, yeah "K" had been signaling me.... I guess I didn't realize she was telling me you were at the door. (SIDE NOTE: if the mom and baby were "sleeping" then how was she signaling you through the sliding glass door to let you know I was here).

Anyhow, after this, "K" goes to shower and asks me to sterilize the bottles. When it looks like both of them are going upstairs I have to take the bull by the horns and ask how they like to sterilize their bottles, since it appeared as though I would have to figure it out for myself if I didn't ask. SO, after a vague explanation, I go to do the work. As I am taking the bottles upstairs, I find them both just hanging out--- um, thanks for coming down to see how I am doing in your kitchen that I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN BEFORE!!!!. Again, I digress. After setting down the clean bottles, the dad leaves and mom goes to express. I play with baby. Who, you are not supposed to set down, except if you have to for short SHORT periods of time. Anyhow, I feed the baby, and he goes for a long nap. At this point I am thinking great! Time to get to know mom! NO luck! I am sent to organize the baby's room. Please note-- I know this is a typical duty, but couldn't it have waited until I was employed??? And for that matter don't you want to get to know me??? Anyhow, I do so and then baby wakes. I play with him and then I am asked to unload the dishwasher.... no mention of which cupboard is which. LUCKILY I get out of this because it was time to go. Now, understandably, I am NOT an idiot and could have figured out where stuff went.... but really! So, within this day, I am also low-balled on my rate and NEVER offered food or drink-- despite my stomach growling LOUDLY in front of mom and her asking if I had eaten--- to which I said "No, not yet."

Anyhow, story gets better.... so I go for my second day trial run already gun shy. On this day I show up, this time 15 mins prior to my scheduled time and walk up to the door. Knock twice, ring once.... no luck. GREAT! So, I hang out for a while and begin to feel like an idiot chillin' on their porch. So, I go back to my car, which by the way is parked in plain sight and wait until the EXACT time I am supposed to be on. Go back-- knock once, wait. Knock again this time HARD, then wait.... no answer. Go back to my car, wait some more. NO answer. Could not call, because I did not have the number handy. Finally at 12:15, I leave. Go straight home and email. I politely told her what had happened and asked for the payment for the first day as well as for my scheduled time today. (SIDE NOTE: industry standard here for a "temp" job is a minimum of four hours paid REGARDLESS of cancellation. I also gave up a temp job at $15/hr to work for them at the low-balled rate of $12.50). So, I wait for an email. A bit later I get one saying she had never heard the knocks/doorbell, and she was concerned I wasn't there, and that I was more than welcome to come back, they were there. My thought is... if you are expecting someone, shouldn't you be on alert for the door? And second... if she was all that concerned why didn't she call????? She apparently sat down to check her email first.... I don't know! I mean, they seemed sweet, nice home, funny, and an ADORABLE baby... but I am bugged by the events. I have since emailed her back saying I am also sorry for the "misunderstanding," and that I thought their baby was adorable. But at present have not agreed to come back. The advise I need is.... does all this seem weird? Or did I screw myself out of a potential job by not going back today???? Did I owe them more because they were so understanding about the bachelorette party gone wrong morning after??? Furthermore, should I pursue the job further?? I have a gut feeling to some extent, but never know what to REALLY think!
Thanks :)