WFC in Battery Park City, NY

Received Friday, November 30, 2007
I often see nannies in the Winter Garden or in the shops at WFC and while a good number of them are interacting with their charges, many of them are hanging out with other nannies, gabbing away and barely watching the kids they are paid to care for (this isn't lunchtime, but usually early afternoon). The kids are usually just in their strollers, bored. I've been wanting to post a general comment about this for a few weeks, but today's sighting pushed me over the edge.
THE NANNY: African-American nanny, medium build, eggplant-colored sweater and light wash blue jeans, brown plastic frame glasses (stylish) and chin-length bob-style hair pushed away from the face.
THE KIDS: Two boys, one appeared to be about 2yo, the other was about 1yo. They were in a black Mountain Buggy Urban double stroller and I could see a military/camouflage color bag (not sure if it was the kids or the nanny's) under the stroller. The kids were dressed almost identical (or could have been identical) green pants (corduroys, I believe) that were folded up/rolled up at the bottom, trendy brown suede/soft fabric shoes and black sweatshirts with a funky design on them. Each child had a sippy cup and the smaller child had a small doll with yarn hair.
WHERE/WHEN: Seating/bench area between WFC 1 and WFC 2, outside of Elixir smoothie shop, first saw them at 3pm, then again at 3:30pm when I came back by. Today, Nov. 30.
THE PROBLEM: This nanny paid NO attention to these kids. She had the stroller facing away from her the entire time. She was chatting with another nanny (who was paying attention to her charge, a little girl, between chatting. She was looking at some sales catalogues and chatting away. The smaller child was whining and unhappy. The older child was making noises and faces to try to soother the smaller child. Both of them seemed bored out of their minds and even as the older child joined in the whining, the nanny DID NOTHING except rock the stroller from behind for a second, never turning away from her sales sheet and the other nanny. She never once looked over, spoke to the children or anything. I watched this scene and wrote this all down for about 5 minutes. The children were increasingly restless and just looked frustrated and bored all at once. The smaller child kept whining and the older child was really getting restless, wanting to come out of the stroller. He saw me watching and reached his arms up I just waved and made a funny face and he smiled for a second. But the whole time, nothing from the Nanny. When I came back by from my errand at about 3:30pm, the scene was EXACTLY the same, only now the nanny was also on the phone, the younger child was fully whining and looked about to cry, both of their sippy cups had been thrown to the floor with the older child struggling and crying for the cup, the kids were still facing away, the nanny was still ignoring the kids completely... nothing about the scene had changed. This scene broke my heart because these kids seemed so sweet and just wanted some attention and this nanny looked like she could care less. The kids weren't even facing her and she never responded to them. It was if they weren't there. I dunno, maybe this is ok with some parents, but this level of care (or lack of it) just seemed completely unacceptable. I have a 2yo myself and I just couldn't imagine him in that situation, being ignored and having to comfort a younger sibling and reaching out to a stranger to help him out because his nanny couldn't have cared less. Moms, if you live in Battery Park City and you think your nanny might frequent WFC, I'm begging you, do a pop-in and look around... send a friend to peek around during the day and look for your kids. While half the nannies I see are focused on the kids, the other half are not and your kids deserve a little affection... or at least acknowledgement from their nannies.


Pelham Bay Playground off of Bruckner Boulevard

Received Thursday, November 29, 2007
Is this a small thing? I watched your nanny who had your daughter sitting on her lap while she was talking with a nanny friend. The nanny was wearing a shiny jacket that had puffy squares on it. The child looked tired and was leaning into the nannies chest and was tracing the squares of the jacket with her finger. No biggie, right? Out of the blue, the nanny grabs the child's hand, throws it down at her side and says, "stop poking me or I will break your fingers off". And then she went right back with her conversation, as if that burst out was nothing abnormal. This all happened at Pelham Bay Playground off of Bruckner Boulevard. The nanny and child were both white. The nanny had a a short, mod hairdo and several earrings in her ear. The child had medium length blond hair, wavy and was very light skinned. She had on white tights, tennis shoes and a pleated skirt.

A Nanny Union?

Received Thursday, November 29, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny. I have been a nanny for six years. I don't have any formal nanny education as I studied to be a journalist for three years. I have worked for good families and not so good families. The good families, as luck would have it- have ended up moving on me (twice) and one mother decided to stay home after she had her second. This sent me spiraling into the arms of a not so good family. There, I had to start over to build respect with my employer and set boundaries. It was tough. Nannies, I ask you-why can't we unionize? Jessika Auerbach wrote in USA Today, "Without these women, many of whom are mothers themselves, it's fair to say America's economy could grind to a halt. In the absence of a nanny union to call a strike, however, there is little chance that their power will ever be fully recognized". Jews United for Justice is working to pass a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in Montgomery County, Maryland. In NY State, 55 immigrant groups, labor unions and other organizations are trying to change that by pushing for legislation that would require a minimum wage of $14 an hour for the state’s domestic workers.

I am not an immigrant. I am an educated professional. I want to unionize with other like professionals. Anyone else with me on this? I think the below should be standards. What else?

  • The nanny will be paid 52 weeks per year.

  • The nanny will have (a minimum of) two weeks vacation at her choosing

  • The nanny will have (a minimum of) the following days off, New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas Day.

  • The nanny will have (a minimum of) 5 sick/personal days.

  • The nanny will receive (a minimum of) time and half for all hours over 40 per week.

  • If a day is given off, the nanny will at no time be requested to make the time off at any other time.

  • The nanny will be told when there are nanny cameras, closed circuit cameras or other recording devices in use in the home.

  • The employer will sign a non disclosure agreement barring her from discussing any personal things the employers may have learned about the nanny during the course of interview and employment.

  • The nanny will at no time be required to use her own vehicle to transport the employer's children.

  • The nanny will at no time be required to watch the children of any other person, including relatives and friends without extra pay.

  • The nanny is not a housekeeper and should not be expected to perform the tasks of the housekeeper at any time.

  • The nanny is not a dog walker and should not at any time be required to walk the dog, feed the dog or clean up after the dog. (Or Cat).

  • In the event that the family goes on vacation and takes the children with them, the nanny is off. Yes, even if this means the nanny is getting bonus vacation time. The employer may not require the nanny to house sit or pet sit.

  • The nanny will be provided health insurance, the expense of which should be paid, at least 75% by employer.

  • The nanny will be provided a safe vehicle to transport the children in.

  • The nanny will be provided three weeks notice in the event the employer wishes to terminate the nanny services. At which time, the employer will provide the nanny with an accurate letter of reference.

  • The nanny will at all times be referred to as either "Mary" or "Ms. Jones", and at no time will be called "Nanny" or "Nanny Mary".

  • The nanny will receive an increase of (a minum of) 40% her current salary for each additional child born.


Nightmare nanny in Orinda, CA

Received Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I met your adorable, articulate little boy, Henry, in the park in downtown Orinda (next to the Orinda library) yesterday morning, (11/27). My 18-month-old son liked the green tractor he was carrying, so we stopped to talk to him. Henry told me his name and talked about his tractor and the helicopter on his shirt.

I was immediately worried about him because it was 60 degrees out, he was barefoot in the wet and muddy grass, and he already had a runny nose.

About 15 or 20 minutes later I saw Henry sitting on the big-kid swing by himself, crying. I waved to him, and he waved back. I wandered closer to him, and another woman walking a dog asked me if I knew who he was with, because there was no adult anywhere near him. Henry kept slipping off the swing and trying to climb on. He was still barefoot.

After Henry had been crying by himself for at least 10 minutes, an Asian woman who appeared to be his nanny came over and roughly shoved him onto the seat, so hard that he said "Ow!" Then she pushed him on the swing, and smacked him hard on the back a couple of times when she started yelling at him. She seemed very irritated with him, and kept yelling at him, "Be happy! Be happy or I go away!"

"I'm happy, I'm happy!" Henry replied.

"You have to do this yourself," the nanny told Henry, and walked to a bench across from the swings. But Henry was too small to pump himself in the swing, so he just sat there crying.

The woman sat with her legs crossed and her head turned away from Henry, ignoring him as he continued to cry.

I was heartbroken for this child. I told the nanny I thought Henry was the son of a friend of mine and asked for his last name. She said "Jason." I went home and looked for a Jason family in Orinda, but I couldn't find any.

Please, if anyone recognizes this child, please tell his mother that his nanny is treating him very cruelly.

Henry appeared to be about three years old, although he was very well spoken. He was wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a blue helicopter on it. He is white with tanned skin and brown hair.


Tenafly Public Gardens in Tenafly, NJ

Received Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Great Nanny sighting at Tenafly Public Gardens in Tenafly, NJI saw a nanny there today, (11/27) around 4 PM with a little girl named "Em" . Em is about 7 years old, tall and slender with straight brownish/red hair in a modern cut to her chin. Nanny was about 5ft 8inches tall, heavyset with wild curly blondish/red hair and was named "Kris" (sp?) wearing a salt and pepper, heavy sweater with fringe around the cuffs. Nanny and her charge were having so much fun it was beautiful to see! They were playing "Horsie" by the gazebo. Standing across the grass, facing each other and galloping towards each other. Then they went by the bamboo area and listened to the birds. Em asked about a thousand questions and nanny patiently answered them all! Then, she took Em by the little Christmas Tree so they could watch the maintenance man light it up for the evening. I complimented nanny on her gorgeous "daughter". She thanked me and explained she is the caregiver but loves her like she were her own. It is clear your little Em is in GREAT HANDS!

The Craig's List Conundrum

Received Tuesday, November 27, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I'm the mother of a lovely baby girl who has been postponing going back to work for as long as possible but the time has come and I have to be back at my desk no later then February 1. After having friends and neighbors (and websites) share their agency horror stories with me, I have decided to conduct the search myself so I can have the absolute confidence that the process has been thorough, accurate, and satisfying to my husband and me (and safe for my daughter). However, after screening through the resumes I've received from my Craig's List ad, I really feel like there is no one in the area who fits my needs and expectations. I do not want to pay an agency thousands of dollars for something that I can do for myself but I also do not want to endanger my child - I WILL not endanger my child - by hiring someone under qualified, irresponsible, or undocumented. I would love feedback from nannies and employers on the best course of action for selecting a nanny - I have pages of questions and no one to ask them to. My ultimate candidate would be educated (or in the process of receiving their college degree), honest, and loving. I don't want a housekeeper, errand runner, chef, or personal assistant and I'm willing to pay a competitive hourly rate on the books (with a guaranteed minimum per week) with paid vacation and benefits so I'm not looking to take advantage of anyone - I just don't want to be taken advantage of either. Does anyone have a positive agency story to share (for once) or recommendations on how to self screen without getting suckered? This isn't about saving a buck, it's about finding the right person for my family, whatever the cost might be.

From the OP-11/28/07-I appreciate all the thoughtful and knowledgeable responses. I would much rather do a thorough search myself (for next to nothing) and reward the successful nanny with a nice Christmas bonus instead of paying an agency fee! I will explore the sites that I have not heard of and spread the word that we're on the hunt for a nanny. I especially appreciated the long responses as they seemed well thought out and were very informative. Thank you again.

Outside Caffe Buon Gusto in Brooklyn Heights

Received Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Description of nanny: Very petite, wearing a grey jacket, black jeans and black hooker boots. white with long, straight dark hair. Attractive.
Description of child: olive complected white child, bundled in pink snow pants, pink jacket with white stripe and pink hood.
Description of incident: Nanny was unable to control the child. She picked the child up and carried her like a suitcase and then lost her balance because of her shoes and tumbled, dropping the child. The child was wearing a lot of padding, but seriously? And wait for it, there's more. The nanny was walking with and talking with and flirting with a Hispanic man who looked like he worked at a grocery store. What store has those green shirts? If the nanny was paying more attention to the child and not flirting with unknown males, I don't think the child would have had the fit.
Location of Incident: Outside Caffe Buon Gusto in Brooklyn Heights-(THE BH Enrichment Center is 4 doors down).

Ancient Playground at Central Park in NYC

Received Tuesday, November 27, 2007
If you have a nanny named Sara/Sarah, who is a black female with jet black hair, dark skin, medium height and build and she frequents ancient park; I think you should know that she met an older mother at the park today (11/27) at around 1:20 PM and they spoke about a position. I witnessed the whole thing. After the older mother (she looked like a grandma) left, the nanny Sara went to a group of two other black nannies and started talking. She is going to start her new position on Jan 2 and she isn't giving you any notice because she needs her bonus. This makes me so angry because I know you will be stuck for childcare when she doesn't show up after the holiday. I have been there, believe you me. Nanny's last day of work is Friday December 21. She had one boy with her but the other nannies watched him while she chatted with the mom. The boy is about 2, dressed super warmly with a scarf, even though it isn't that cold. The scarf was blue, his jacket looked like a little bomber style jacket and he had curly hair and was a white child. The worst part of it is the little boy was totally taken with the nanny. He was asking who she was talking to. And at one point, he ran over and hugged her knees. This is really sad, since it doesn't look like nanny is even going to say good-bye. And shame on you, mom who has to know something is not quite kosher to meet someone's nanny at a park for an interview!


Sarasota Square Mall in Sarasota, Fl

Received Monday, November 26, 2007
If your nanny takes care of one baby boy who is twixt 8 months and 14 months, I think you should investigate your nanny's activities at the mall. I saw the nanny behaving suspiciously at Charlotte Russe, but didn't think much of it. My gut told me she was shoplifting. But, it would be normal for a mom or nanny to go in and out of the stroller and diaper bag. I saw the nanny again at Macy's and she was definitely maneuvering something underneath the child. She looked to be putting clothing directly under the child.
I was not able to recognize the brand of the stroller, but it was three shades of blue with a metal frame. I saw the logo and I remember that I thought of Arabic writing and a bird. The stroller had an oversized hood that would protect the child from the sun, rain and other people. Does this help? The boy was in a dark blue jacket and was white with a pretty small amount of hair for a kid his size. The nanny was white with dark hair she wore with the front in an uptail. She was wearing a man's style coat, heavy looking with wool on the collar. I can't say for certain what she was doing, but I know that she caught me studying her at Macy's and she looked 7 shades of guilty. She then left the area and possibly the store. If I was more certain, you bet I would have called security. But I have heard of this before moms and nannies who use the kids and strollers to steal all kinds of gifts and loot, especially at Christmas time. And you know when someone is watching for security guards, your baby isn't her #1 priority. Not too mention-just think of what happens when she gets caught with your baby. And she gets arrested. Your kid is going to end up traumatized.

Menacing Housekeeper...

Received Monday, November 26, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
Hi. I have been working as a nanny for the past 4 months for a great family. They are really nice and things are going better than I ever expected. The only thing is the housekeeper; who has been around for 7 years has made it clear that she doesn't like me. I get the feeling that the reason she doesn't like me is because I am doing a good job and everyone seems to like me. Not Just the two boys, but mom and dad both do. We have a good rapport. My mind is starting to play tricks on me because I am starting to fear this housekeeper making trouble. I know you are doing a survey on what people get their employers. I might have got them a little something but the housekeeper has already told me at least 3 times not to get them anything. And she says it in a menacing way. I am 23 and the housekeeper is about 46. Has anyone dealt with anything similiar?

54th & 6th. in Manhattan (NY)

Received Monday, November 26, 2007
Your adorable little girl. She had on a shiny metallic jacket with a furry trim. She was trying to keep up with the black nanny who was dragging her by her elbow. The nanny was very large and the child was very petite and about 3 years old. Her legs could not keep up with the nanny. Even so, the nanny was dragging her so much that her feet would lift off the ground. My boss was with me when we saw this and my boss suggested that maybe she was late to pick up an older child. If it were me, I would have sacrificed my back and picked up the child instead of dragging her down the street. Your daughter had brown hair that was curly and was wearing dark blue gloves. The nanny was black, wore her hair in a bun and was wearing a knee length tan colored jacket and loafer shoes with socks.

Starbucks in downtown White Plains, NY

Received Monday, November 26, 2007
I overheard your nanny at Starbucks discussing intimate details of your private life. She was speaking to a tannish, blondish mother who had her 5-6 yr old child home from school today. The conversation they were having in his presence was beyond the pale. Details of investigative tools you are using to keep track of your husband were discussed in detail. The two of them had a good chuckle at your expense. The nanny obviously takes care of school aged children as she had no children, but greeted the boy in Starbucks. What would make a nanny think she has the right to discuss an dissect the intimate details of her employer's life? Is nothing sacred. How humiliating. Nanny was white, on the tall side, about a size 10, wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans with tan & brown mannish merrill "M" shoes.


Holiday Survey

Nannies, What-if anything do you do for your employers for Christmas or Hanukkah? What sort of response have you received from your employers in the past? You can email us or leave your response as a comment to this post. We will post all of your responses on December 7, 2007.

If you have an idea for a feature or article for this blog, please let us know.


I feel like my brother is getting the raw end of the deal...

Received Thursday, November 22, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
My brother and sister in law have employed the same nanny for 17 months. She is two months older than my sister-in law and five years younger than my brother. My sister in law had a baby 7 months ago and has a 3 year old. The nanny has been encouraging my sister in law to get back in shape and has been convincing her to go out with her for coffee and occasionally drinks with the nanny when the children are in bed. The nanny lives in five days a week and has her own marriage hanging by a thread. I think the nanny wants to drag my sister in law down with her. I am embarrassed for my brother when he is home while his wife is out gallivanting with the nanny. Every time I bring it up, my brother says that he is happy she got over her post pg depression. This nanny is affecting the way my sister in law dresses, even the activities she is involved in. She never played tennis before and now the two of them are always playing tennis. My brother played tennis in college and could never get her to play tennis. They left a short while ago and everything my sister in law said just has me enraged. All she could talk about were these bohemian activities that she has become involved with. The nanny is even into Kaballah and my sil was waxing philosophical about kaballah over turkey. It was just too much to take. What I want to know is how is this going to end? My sil works as a decorator and has an office at home, but I think she has worked on one very small project this year. The two of them spend their days together with the children. I feel like my brother is getting the raw end of the deal and being shut out- of his life. Am I overreacting?


How much money is appropriate to ask for?

Received Wednesday, November 21, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I was hired by my family as a full time nanny after working for them as a babysitter for over a year. At the time they hired me as a nanny, I really needed a job and aggreed to work for them for $10 an hour (after taxes).I have been working as a nanny for almost 2 years in Southern Florida, close to Miami) now and have not gotten a raise. Now, the mom is pregnant with their second child. I believe I am definetely entitled to ask for a raise, as now I will have to take care of 2 children, which means twice the resonsibility. I just don't know what would be an appropriate amount to ask for?The family is very generous when it comes to Birthdays or other celebrations (for my wedding they gave me and my husband almost $1000 in gifts), so I don't want to be seen as greedy! Any advice??

New Haven Avenue in Milford, CT

Received Wednesday, November 21, 2007
In Milford CT on Monday Nov 19 around 330 pm I saw a very heavy Hispanic women with her hair pulled back with 2 babies, one about 2, a boy with light blond very curly hair, and she was pushing a pink stroller. I saw them on New Haven Ave going towards the firehouse and center of town.You might want to know that she was smoking a cigarette around your children.

I'm his NANNY(!)

Received Wednesday, November 21, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
Just a quick opinion pole question. I was wondering whether any other Nannies are getting a bit peeved by this new Trend that's emerging of calling ALL caregivers "Babysitters". I mean is it just me or is there a HUGE difference between a babysitter and a Nanny? As far as I can tell babysitting is something you do after school/college for a couple hours a week. Nannying however is a FULL time job and profession. I'm getting damn sick of people saying "Oh so are you so and so's Babysitter" to which I reply "Yes, I'm his NANNY". So my question to other Nannies is: Do you find it somewhat demeaning to the job, at which we spend many hours of our life pouring time and energy into the children we care for to be referred to as nothing more than a Babysitter? Or is this just me.


Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale, NY

Received Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Verbally abusive nanny at Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale, NY. If you sent your nanny with your 2 yr old (there or about) to Lord & Taylor this morning at around 10:30 (there or about) and she was shopping in the little girl's section, you should know that your nanny was not very nice to your child. She was impatient with her. She picked her up but then complained that she was too heavy. Then she yelled at her for not sticking with her. The child didn't know what side was up. She told the child,
"you are so slow"
"move, move, let's move"
"why can't you stay still"
"go, go. go"
And she made a slew of disgusted throat sounds directed at the child, who believe or not was doing her best to keep tag with the nanny. The nanny was very interested in sorting through the children's clothes. She struck me as being just a miserable person. She grabbed at the child, dragged her by her coat sleeve, as if touching her hand would be too personal. She had no love for this child. Side note, given her excitability over shopping for clothing, I am hoping she was authorized to use your card. Child was wearing pink, brown and white vinyl puffy jacket and had blondish hair that was messy and in her face. The child also had a see thru Binky. The nanny had braids in a pony tail pulled back very tight from her face. She was tall and athletically built, not at all heavy, dressed in a grey stylish jacket and tight blue jeans.

At first, I declined his advances...

Received Tuesday, November 20, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
?I need advice from moms and nannies! I am a nanny who started working for a family right out of High School at nearly 18. I was smart in school but not enugh for a full scholarship and we are poor so college was out for me. Financial aid does not provide enough so the plan was to work a few years, save and then go to college.

All went well for the first year. The mom travels frequently, She is A PR person for a large firm, he is a doctor. Then, once when the mom was traveling the dad started acting very nice to me. He seemed to take an interest in me. He began paying me a lot of attention. It seemed innocent but then it got more intense. At first, I declined his advances but he was so persistant telling me I was sexy and beautiful and he wanted the honor of being my first. He told me he was madly in love with me. I know it was wrong and stupid, but I slept with him. We have had an ongoing affair for the past 25 months In that time, he has bought me nice clothes, a decent car, and gotten me a subtle makeover. I was once a chubby, plain girl and now I look nice and instead of dressing in Wal Mart I dress in Bloomies and Nordstrom. He has been paying for me to take some classes too as he knows college is a dream for me. But after working for the family all this time I have begun to feel really horrible about this. Also, since beginning psycology classes I realize I was manipulated by a man who saw an easy mark. I was very young, sheltered and had low self-esteem. I have begun looking for other jobs, because I can't take betraying the mom like I have been. I have enough saved to go to school now without help as long as I work part-time. I have recently ended the affair although he still pressures me saying he is going crazy without being able to have me. I once thought I loved this man and that he loved me, but now he sickens me because he acts so loving towards his wife yet the moment she is away he is looking to me for sex. My question, should I tell the wife what has been going on? Please no hate mail and lectures, I know what I did was horrible and I was a stupid girl. I just wonder if I owe it to the wife to tell her or not...thanks for your advice in advance.


I am in no mood to give this nanny a gift or bonus...

Received Monday, November 19, 2007 - Rant
This has been a hard year for me and not an easy one for my family. We've had the same nanny since March-ish and she is okay. Definitely, no worries about her being poached. I don't have a lot of liquid assets beyond what I will need for the basics of Holiday giving. I understand I have to contribute to teacher's gifts and the like, but I am in no mood to give this nanny a gift or bonus. Is anyone else with me on this one? She is getting over a week of paid vacation. I will see her on the 22nd of December and not again until the 2Nd of January. That is an awful lot of vacation time at one clip. Why have so many of you set such an awful precedent for over tipping people at the holidays? I'd feel better about doing this if I knew some of you would get on board.

Denny's on Brown Deer Rd. in Milwaukee,WI

Received Monday, November 19, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Milwaukee, WIOn Saturday, 11/17, I was having lunch at Denny's when I observed 2 nannies for a set of twin boys, 12-18 months. One nanny was tall, thin and light skinned, the other was short w blonde hair. The children looked to be AA, and were adorable! These nannies truly love their job and your children-they interacted with the children playing games and encouraged self help skills. The children appeared to very happy and loved their nannies. These nannies did not behave like the Barnes and Noble nannies and they didn't fall asleep on the job. If these are your nannies you are lucky!


Nanny Holiday Compensation Question

Received Sunday, November 18, 2007
I've been with my current family for 10 months, and everything is wonderful except for my compensation when they decide to up and go away on a vacation and leave me without work for the week. I have had other nanny positions, and whenever this has happened in the past I am always paid as I would have been paid had I come to work. After all, I am ready and willing to work, but they are the ones who decide to go away. I should not be punished in salary for this. I am a good nanny, so when the family is away I agree to watch over the house (visit it every day, bring in the mail,feed animals, water plants, get groceries, catch up on laundry, etc). What bothers me in my current situation is that I work 60 hours per week. However,when they decide to go away, or when I used my one "paid vacation week", they pay me for 40 hours,instead of my usual 60. This ends up hurting me in terms of paying my bills. I can't control if they decide to go away or not. I have tried to talk to them about this on several occasions but they do not see this from my point of view. I am their first nanny, as their only child is almost 1 year old. I would love to hear from nannies and parents about the normal holiday/vacation compensation pay that works for them.
A Nanny that can't pay her bills this week because my
family I work for decided to go on vacation.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Except for a handful of great nanny sightings; which we very much appreciate, it has been a slow week on I Saw Your Nanny. Please feel free to send in your own stories, experiences, rants and recommendations. Thank you for your frequent comments and for continuing to check back in with us on a regular basis.
3D Photo of Rockefeller Center Ice Rink by Chung Chu


Three Great California Nanny Sightings from Cali Mom

Received Saturday, November 17, 2007
About 2 weeks ago, on a Saturday, at Dartmouth Totlot in Albany,CA; a Tibetan nanny named Dulma (not sure of the spelling but we talked a bit), taking care of a 4 month old baby boy named Robin. She smiled most of the time, sang to him, bounced him, played with him, cuddled, hugged and kissed him, and called him her little pumpkin and her little monkey. As young as he was, she put him in the baby swing, making sure his head and all of him was supported firmly by tucking blankets in around him, and rocked him gently. He smiled alot and was very wiggly and active for such a young baby. She said she also sometimes takes care of a baby girl that is the same age as him. I hope the parents know how good she is and treat her accordingly.

A nanny named Julia who takes care of a boy named Jack who is 4 1/2 or 5 (I don't remember exactly). I have seen them MANY places-Habitot, The Hall of Health, Totland, various other playgrounds, walking on the street... She is always very involved and engaged with him, talking, explaining, singing, playing. I have seen her engage a whole group of young kids in a game, leading and mediating the whole game so everyone has fun and is included and can release energy and do what kids do with no one getting hurt. At the Hall of Health she was very matter of fact and informative in response to his curiosity about a model of the digestive system, showing the intestines and colon, anus, etc etc. You get the picture, but she was perfectly straight about it all. She seems great and smiles a lot, I hope the parents appreciate her too.

Finally, a young, 25-ish Asian, possibly Tibetan nanny whose name I don't know but I see her frequently at Thousand Oaks playground in Berkeley, taking care of almost 1 year old identical twins whose names I cannot remember now.(One might be William.) She keeps them safe but encourages them to explore and try new things, and resolve obstacles like how to crawl AROUND a swing instead of just getting their head bonked by it and sitting and crying at it. It's a difficult job, as they are getting very active and moving off in 2 separate directions, but she handles it well. She is very gentle and sweet and warm with them. I have seen the twins also with their grandparents but never with the parents.


Hommocks Ice Rink in Larchmont, New York

Received Friday, November 16, 2007
Your nanny is an African American woman, always well dressed, today, (Thurs. 11/15) in fancy rain boots. You have 2 boys. One takes ice skating lessons on Thursday afternoons at 3:45pm he is 5 or so and is named Evan, the other is younger and sits with this nanny each lesson. The nanny is always cranky and curt with the boys. There doesn't seem to be any caring or compassion from her towards the boys. She complains to the instructors regularly and has an overall bad attitude. I don't see any outright abuse or maltreatment, but if this is how she is at a public skating rink, I can only imagine how she is alone with them. I would not want my children cared for by this woman. This is now the 7th week that I have witnessed her like this, she never smiles. I wish I knew their mother to tell her myself.


Jodi's Gym class on the Upper East Side

Received Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting at Jody's Gym in NYCThis nanny is in the Wednesday morning Gym and Music Jodi's Gym class on the Upper East Side. She watches a little girl named Kira, who was wearing a "Shrek" shirt today and rides in a red Maclaren- either a Triumph or a Quest. Kira has curly dark blonde/light brown hair and a straight line birthmark above her eye- or it may be a scratch, but she's had it all semester. The nanny is very attractive, with straight black hair and a Caribbean accent. Today, she was wearing dangly silver earrings, a simple diamond band on her left hand, two silver bangle bracelets on her right hand, a black top and gray slacks. This nanny is wonderful- I have observed her all semester and finally decided to write in. She is so kind towards your daughter, and really fun during the class- always encouraging her and singing/dancing with her. There's something about this nanny; she is just special and you can tell how much she loves your daughter and her job.

Jordan's nanny in New Rochelle

Received Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Second sighting of this nanny. If you have a little boy named Jordan between 16-22 months and a little girl name unknown who is approximately three, you should know that your nanny does not treat your children with any sort of warmth and kindness. She is also obsessively on her phone. Rather than take my word for it, please do a pop in when she has them out and about or at home. Thanks, KC

Little Engine Playground in NYC

Received Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Tough love or abuse? Nanny at the Little Engine Playground in Riverside Park today told the little boy in her care that he was spoiled (she said 'spoilt') and told him a number of times to stop being stupid. (He was asking her to play with him). He wanted to go up on a piece of equipment but wanted her help. She then told him he was a baby. As I observed this, it seemed to me the nanny didn't want to have to move off of her seat where she was reading-of all things- a TV guide. Nanny had a red shirt on under a tan suede coat with a wool collar. The little boy was very neatly dressed, wearing Ben 10 tennis shoes, a blue jacket with a hood a white and blue hood. He had brown, curly hair, was about 2 and was a light skinned AA. The nanny was sloppily attired but had a pretty face, short hair, 240-280lbs, 5'5"=5'8" and dark sinned AA. I call it abuse. There was nothing nice about the way she interacted with that child, not even a flicker.

Help Letting Nanny Go...

Received Wednesday, November 14, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I have a wonderful nanny to my two children. I am expecting my third in February and plan to stop working and staying home with my children. At what point should I tell my nanny of this plan? She's been with us for almost a year and she's the best! I have a friend that would like to hire her after she leaves us (where the set-up would be almost identical to what she has now-same number of children, same preschool for older child, same pay, same hours), so she won't be unemployed unless she wants to be. I don't have paid maternity leave and plan on working right up until I deliver. I really need her to stay with us until then, but I realize that she may need time to find a new position. My thoughts are to give her about 30 days notice. Is that enough? What are your thoughts on the best way to approach this with my wonderful nanny.


B&N on 7th in Park Slope, NY

Received Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Dear Parents who send your nannies and children to Barnes & Noble,
I'm all for taking children to the bookstore. After all, they do have children's activities and story time. What I do not understand is why the same nannies seem to go this location on a regular basis to do nothing more than sit and read magazines why the children run wild like hellcats? Today I was there and could not even get a seat in the cafe with my sister because three large and loud overbearing nannies had shoved three tables together. They were carrying on like circus ringmasters eating out of prepacked Tupperware and tattered paperbacks. Not a solitary item was purchased at the cafe. They did not have a single B&N shopping bag with them. They sat paying minimal attention to their bored and dead eyed children whooping and hollering as they talked about this weekend and that and all of the time off they had coming up. Do you know that they were there when I arrived and quite comfortable, so I don't know how long they had been there; but almost 2 hours later-security approached them and asked them to leave? In the meantime, I had went through the children's section with my daughter, read her about five stories. She picked out two books to buy and helped me pick out some books for my trip and some 2008 calendars for the house. These women don't behave like professionals and your children are under stimulated. My recommendation, please fire these awful nannies and invest your money in a daycare. My child is in daycare four days a week and the daycare owners plan activities in advance and none of the activities consist of watching nannies sit around eating. I finally had to say something because I have seen sights like this plenty over the past 2 years. But if you choose to keep these nannies in your employment, I would schedule activities for them. Specific activities. And hint, hint- you may need to allot some funds for the child and the nanny.

Increasingly Hostile Nanny Behavior...

Received Tuesday, November 13, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
Our nanny, who we've treated like gold, paid well and have given quite a bit of time off to has grown increasingly hostile. She comes in in a bad mood and is starting to be snotty to me. I'm warning her tomorrow if she doesn't shape up she will be dismissed with no severance. This is unacceptable and if she is this short and mean with me, I cant imagine how she is with my children (2-under 4). Has anyone else dealt with this behavior? What causes it? My husband suggests we wait it out for another 2 weeks as she is sure to return to her "trial period" behavior in anticipation of a smokin' bonus. I don't understand why nannies cannot be consistent. Anyone? Anyone?


Monday, November 12, 2007

OPERATION GRATITUDE- Please visit the site & see the many ways you can help our service men and women.

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ATTN: Charlie Othold: 818.437.6201
additional information:

Wonderful Nanny Sighting at Appleseeds in NYC

Received Monday, November 12, 2007
Wonderful Nanny Sighting at Appleseeds in NYCI have never posted before because I am disturbed by some of the flaming comments i have seen, but I need to tell some lucky mom what a gem of a nanny she has hired.I have met your nanny at both Madison Square Park and at Appleseeds Indoor Playground. Both times I have been blown away by her incredibly warm way of working with your children. She manages your twins, Josephine and Juliette with such love I would believe they were her own. We have chatted and she is such a lovely person. I am a SAHM and spend a lot of time with my kid on the playgrounds so I have seen good nannies and not so good nannies.Congratulations, I think you may have the best one I have ever met.

Duke vs.Georgia Tech Game in Durham, NC

Received Monday, November 12, 2007- Father
I was at the Duke vs Georgia Tech college football game this past Saturday, (11/10) and while there I saw a man with his young son there, only about 9 months old. The men's restroom didn't have a changing table, so he asked a random girl to change his sons diaper. I was waiting outside for a friend when this happened. A woman who was leaving the restroom offered to do it as the girl he had asked couldn't have been older than 15 or 16 years old. I am just not getting why he would ask a complete stranger to do that. There is no way to know if that lady was a pedophile, or some crazy lady, who could have done who knows what to your son. Both man and child had black hair, sorry but that is all the details I can remember. If this is your man, tell him not to do that again. Instead utilize what is around, such as a bench, to do the deed.


I just don't want to miss out

Received Sunday, November 11, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I am a new mom and have been reading your blog since it appeared in the Times last month. My husband and I have been debating, well arguing over when I am returning to work. I had made the case that it would be best if I stayed home these first couple of years, he makes the dollar case. And then came you. Now I have been able to show my husband that if we got a nanny, all sorts of sordid things could happen.

We could use a reputable service, but still get duped.Once we left the house, she might take the child and drop her off at a strange daycare. If I went back to work now, we would run the risk of hiring an alcoholic baby nurse or if we waited we could get an alcoholic nanny or we could end up with any of the dozen or so sleeping nannies referenced here. (Do they retire from nannying if they get fired- or just go on to different jobs?) If we needed to trust her with money, she might troll the streets look for phony receipts, if I needed her to do some occasional grocery shopping, she might steal our Holiday Turkey or she might just end up stealing outright. We could end up with one of the many secret smokers, frenzied smokers someone who used or trusty Volvo wagon to score drugs, (or walked). The nanny could drag our child in to a weird world of nanny sponsored gambling, or the nanny could have a thug boyfriend that she met up with at a No-tel Motel. We would even run the risk of the nanny giving away our shrubbery, hosting seedy parties in our home and posting the pictures on Myspace or taking my child with her to buy porn.I can't bear to imagine my child would be left screaming in her stroller or forbidden from playing with friends because the nanny feared a mess. And what of exposure to other people's nannies who might randomly spank, angrily confront or even shun my nanny.

I had wondered about gossipy nannies, slutty nannies and nannies who go after husbands, but stories of psychotic nannies who care more about their tennis shoes proved shocking to me. I had worried aloud to my husband, 'would the nanny remember to hold my child's hand, treat her gently, tell her how much I missed her, take good care of her when she wasn't feeling well and enjoy taking care of her'?

I know that accidents happen, but I just don't want to miss out. I think this site has helped my husband see the light.

*I also came across this prelude to the Madeline McCann case.
** And thanks to "Mom" who's amusing tirade gave me this idea.

Harmony Playground in Brooklyn, NY

Received Sunday, November 11, 2007
Child is white, has curly brown hair and is wearing a pink and white knit cap and a pink coat with puffy squares. The nanny is Hispanic of about 45-50, heavy bodied with a large forehead and a long, straight pony tail. She drifted to sleep in the middle of the playground and was woken by your little girl tugging on her knee length, lt. blue jacket. Is this a negative nanny sighting or an overworked nanny who needs a break. Either way, parent- do the right thing-your little girl is paying the consequence and seems lonely. She did not join in with the other children and seemed desperate for attention; both before and after she woke the nanny.


Advice Sought on non-nanny issue....

Received Saturday, November 10, 2007
I need some advice. I am a SAHM that Volunteers at my sons school a few days a week. I have come to know several kids in his class, one in particular, that my son is really fond of. He is 7 y.o. and an adorable kid. I met his mom only once. Here's my problem: A few days ago my son asked me, "why does Billy (not real name), have bruises on the back of his legs and on his back ?" I told him I didn't know why, and gently prodded for more info. The next day I came in to Volunteer, and 'Billy' was one of the kids I was supposed to work with. (I teach smaller groups of children that need a little extra help because they are behind the rest of the class). I was surprised at how open Billy was. He stated to me that he was hungry, and that the only time he gets to eat is in the school cafeteria, and that his mom never goes grocery shopping. Being a little shocked, I asked him, "what do you do on the weekends?", and he said, "sometimes she'll buy me a hamburger at McDonalds." I asked, "is that all you get to eat? You don't have any other food in your house?" He said, "no". He also told me he didn't have a Daddy. He seemed starved for affection, attention, not to mention food. I talked to his Teacher yesterday and mentioned that she had a kid in her class that might be having problems at home, but stopped short of telling her who. I don't know why. I'm sure most of you are probably going to tell me that I need to tell his Teacher, but I'm not sure how. It is hard because everyone there knows me and I don't want to cause trouble for me or my son. I am not completely sure he is being hit, but there is definitely something going on, if nothing else other than neglect. I wonder why this kid isn't eating. If it's because of financial reasons, there are all sorts of programs where I live that can help, so that shouldn't be an excuse. What should I do? And please don't flame me, I am trying to help this sweet kid.


Last winter she somehow convinced me to buy her a pair of snowboots..

Received Friday, November 9, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
When my nanny was hired last year, a condition of her employment is that she provide proof of immunization and that should include a flu shot. As part of her employment conditions, she was to keep her cpr, first aid and flu shot vaccination up to date. This was discussed almost a year ago to the date when she accepted the position with us ($20 per hour on the books for two children, one who is in school all day). Now the nanny is asking for money to get these things up to date. My question is for the professional nanny community; I thought I hired a professional nanny. Isn't it a professional nanny's responsibility to keep herself certified with those very same certifications she uses to secure a job? I am certain I could absorb the cost of this with minimal inconvenience, but this and some other stunts nanny has pulled over the past year seem to reflect an attitude of entitlement, be it for car services home on a late night or other things. Last winter she somehow convinced me to buy her a pair of snowboots, saying except for the job, she would not need them. I have to put my foot down somewhere. She is good with the children but her personality is weighing heavily on me, especially since my husband had it with her 4 months ago when she refused to go away with us for a three day vacation and demanded pay. (Again something we discussed when we hired her). Thoughts? Similiar experiences?

Starbucks at 82nd and Broadway in NYC

Received Friday, November 9, 2007
Nanny spotted at 82nd and bdwy Starbucks-AA, glasses, thin, looks like in 30's, long brown down winter coat with faux fur lined hood. Baby is a boy, looks about a year, maybe a little younger, black valco stroller, screaming nonstop for about 30 minutes while the nanny finished her coffee. She attempted to jam the pacifier in his mouth a few times but otherwise completely ignored him and let him scream while she enoyed her drink.


On Austin Street, in front of Benetton in Forest Hills, NY

Received Thursday, November 8, 2007
Forest Hills, NY Around 10:30 a.m on Thursday, Feb 8. On Austin Street, in front of Benetton. West-Indian Nanny with ponytail, black leather coat and brown and gold sunglasses. Little girl was Asian, approx. 2 years of age with short "bob" style haircut. Blue or Black stroller. They were with another nanny and child in a stroller. The little girl was sobbing, with a completely wet face - definately not a tantrum, and nanny was meanly shoving a light blue sippy cup in her face saying "HERE, YOU WANT WATER>>>DRINK!" "HERE" She was speaking and gesturing so angrily. I asked the nanny if perhaps the little girl just wanted to be picked up...the nanny just barked back "NO! she is always this way!" and huffed off. I am so sorry I didn't ask her for her name. I was just so shocked and saddened. Even my son noticed how meanly she was treating the child in her care."

Haagen Daaz on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT

Received Thursday, November 8, 2007
Greenwich, CTI have a nanny sighting for you. I was outside Haagen Daaz on Greenwich Avenue the other day and I saw this African-American lady, who was skinny and looked about 25-30 with three kids, 2 boys and girl and the boys looked 2 and possible 4 or 5 and the girl looked about 7 or 8 and the nanny was buying them ice cream she was really nice to them and they really seemed to like her and they were really happy and the nanny was really nice and the girl was wearing a light blue sweater and she spilled chocolate ice cream all over it but the nanny was really great about it and just changed her without any scolding at all and i just want to a say that if this is your nanny, shes doing a REALLY great job and your kids love her!

Greenwich St. Tribeca- 3:35pm near Food Emporium by P.S. 150 in NYC

Received Thursday, November 8, 2007
I saw your nanny (dark skin, heavy set, black coat and scarf, short dark hair, 40-ish, Island accent) as I was crossing Greenwich Street today grabbing your boy by the ear and twisting him around near a brick column because he was insisting he wanted a play date with his friend. The boy is maybe a 2nd or 3rd grader, short reddish brown hair, wearing a yellow jacket with stripes on the sleeve. Another boy was with them, a bit taller, perhaps a bit older, orange jacket, short dark hair, carrying a medium sized black instrument case. Then their friend came running down the street to join them (I didn't notice anyone with him), shorter, short dark hair, dark green coat. She saw me watching her and stopped to greet the boy, saying it was ok if they wanted to have a play date and they all proceeded walking north along the west side of Greenwich Street.

99 cent store on 124th street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem

Received Thursday, November 8, 2007
I was at a 99 cent store on 124th street and Lexington Avenue yesterday November 7th at about 4:30 when I heard and saw a woman with a Jamaican accent raise her hand at a young girl. the young girl flinched as if she was going to be struck in the face and quickly got away from the nanny. The girl looked about 10 - 11 years old and was wearing a gray and red uniform, i got closer and noticed she carried a back pack with the initials SRL. When they left the store I noticed there was a young boy with them as well.

Outside Madison Avenue Presbyterian in NYC

Received Thursday, November 8, 2007
This morning just before 8:00 AM approaching 74th. Street, a nanny watching three children burst into hysterical laughter when one of the children, the oldest of the bunch tripped and fell on the street; towards the curb. She kept saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" but continued to laugh; and not help the child up. The two other children with her were not laughing, they looked horrified. Thank you to the little boy who picked up the older boy's back pack and thank you you to the very tall man in the navy raincoat who gave your son a hand. He seemed to wonder along with me; what is wrong with this woman? This happened right in front of Madison Av Presbyterian. The two younger children were both about 5-6 yrs. old. Same height. I think they were friends and not relatives as they had different coloring and features. The little girl wore a reddish quilted jacket with a black velvety trim, I don't recall what the boy of the same age was wearing, but the boy who fell down was about 7-8 and was wearing a jacket that had a denim body to it and grey sweatshirt like sleeves and hood. The boy who fell had brown, curly hair and wore glasses. He was carrying a solid black backpack with a silver Nike swoosh. The nanny was a petite, white woman with a short blonder bob style hair cut, slightly overweight and was wearing a large, camouflage jacket and greenish leggings that were tucked in to a quilted boot that resembled but was not an UGG style. Sorry but mostly what I can recall are the jackets.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TOY RECALL ALERTToy Containing "Date-Rape" Drug Pulled
Scientists found the toy called Bindeez contained a chemical that the body converts into a powerful "date rape" drug when ingested. Scientists say, when eaten, the beads can induce drowsiness, seizures, unconsciousness and even coma and death. A health official calls the drug's effect on children "potentially life-threatening." (Read more.)


Nanny Needs Advice on Seeking a Raise....

Received Tuesday, November 6, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I have been working for the same family for a year, and I want to ask for a raise, but I am having a hard time deciding how to go about it,and also trying to figure out what the appropriate amount would be to ask for. I would love some advice!I work 40-45 hrs a week, and get paid $20/hr. (Live and work in SF,CA) There are 3 school aged kids. I do all of the grocery shopping and cooking, run errands, help with the laundry, do some cleaning, pick up kids from school, run carpools, play dates, help with homework, bathe kids, make whole family dinner every night and much more!On top of that, I am always available to stay late/come early, I am never late, and never call in sick. Also, I travel with them.Does anyone have any idea how much would be appropriate to ask for??? Thanks!!!

Is it bitchy of me to not give her a raise even though each year her job has gotten progressively easier....

Received Tuesday, November 6, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I just have a question about my nanny. When she first began working for us three years ago, we had 5 kids, 2 of whom were in school for a half day. We agreed that she would work a total of 28 hours a week (Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm) at $20 per hour. We gave her major holidays and one week of paid vacation, plus sick days when she needed them, even though she was only a part-time nanny. I also give her a generous bonus at Christmas. This was (and still is) my one and only experience with a nanny. We have not had any problems. She takes care of my children, does laundry/ dishes/ general pick-up as time allows, which I appreciate.

My question now is, three years ago she had 3 kids for the entire day and 5 kids for half a day and she was working for her $20 per hour. Now, three years later, she has all 5 for about 30 minutes and then three go to school for a full day and one goes to school a half day in the mornings and the other goes to preschool 3 afternoons a week. My question is that she is getting paid $23 an hour now (I've given her $1 per hour raise each year) and this year she has already made a comment about her next raise. It's not that she isn't doing a great job, but the fact that she now only has 1-2 kids to take care of instead of 5, but still expects another raise is bothering me. She hasn't taken on any more chores, nor have I asked or expected her to, and she is not doing any more with 1 or 2 than she did with all 5.

I do not know what to do. Is it bitchy of me to not give her a raise even though each year her job has gotten progressively easier? This is an issue that I hadn't even thought of when I began my nanny search. I know that it's fair to give nanny raises when children are born, but what do you do once they start going to school? I do not want to lose her as a nanny, but I'm torn because we've never explicitly discussed this issue. An insights into this would be helpful; please spare me the rude and nasty comments. I'm looking for input from parents who have been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance

Dmitri at Dinosaur Park, Upper West Side, New York

Received Tuesday, November 6, 2007
You have a little boy, approximately 3 years old by my best guess, who has chestnut brown hair and a brownish jacket. He was at Dinosaur Park on Riverside Drive yesterday,(Monday, Nov. 5th) around 4:00. He was playing with a white toy car (the kind you can pick up at Duane Reade.

Your little boy was playing by himself for most of the time that I was there with my son, over 1/2 hour. I began to wonder who was watching after him. Eventually, your nanny showed up. She has long dark hair and was wearing a bright pink terry cloth outfit (pants/jacket), and had on a green coat. She was maybe Latina, I'm not sure, but spoke an accented English.

She came over to your son, Dmitri, and swooped him up off the equipment where he had been playing. It startled him, and my son and I. She yelled repeatedly, "I said it was time to GO!" into his ear when he protested. She then proceeded to wrestle him into his stroller, and she sat on the bench for a good 20 minutes with him in the stroller. They were still there when we left.

I'm not sure why she didn't let him play if she didn't mean to leave the park? And she didn't engage with him at all while he sat there strapped in. My heart broke for him, as he was such a sweetheart, and your nanny seemed completely incapable. I stared at her for a long time and then went over to them as we left and said "good-bye" to Dmitri. I think it might have scared her, as she then started talking to your boy and acting nice to him.

Oh, and the stroller was blue, with three wheels.

Let me know if I can give you anymore info. :(

White Plains Center Garage in White Plains, NY

Received Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Late afternoon on Monday, (11/5) I see this woman who looks like she might be part Asian and part cat or maybe she just had some bad cosmetic surgery. She has dark hair, almost black, cut short, is a white woman, medium height and build; with a little paunch. Maybe she was pregnant. So she is taking care of these boys and they are leaving a parking lot and heading to a restaurant. I know this by what she said about their manners. She had one of the boys by the elbow and was using this bitch-witchy voice with him telling him he was going to chew with his mouth closed and not make a peep. The boy says, "you're not my mom" and she says, "And thank God for that. Thank God. I don't even think your mom wants that job". The little boy was really quiet. It was so mean. I caught up to them and said "Hi, you've got two great looking little boys, don't you". She smiled tightly and let me pass. After I left, I heard one of the boys, presumably the one who was just yelled at burst in to tears. Her response? "That's right? And where's your mother now? Hmm. I don't see her". This was either a nanny or maybe a stepmother,because she was dressed pretty sharp but the mother of these children needs to get her boys away from this woman! ! ! The boys were both fair haired and skinned, wearing identical blue on blue fleeces. They had light hair and were maybe 5 years old. This was really quite brutal. This was at the White Plains City Center, exiting the garage area.

TJ Maxx at 6th Avenue and 18th Street in NYC

Received Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Yesterday, (11/5) at about 1:20PM, TJ Maxx at 6th Avenue and 18th Street in NYC I saw a nanny shopping in the infant/toddler section of the store while talking on her cell phone and completely ignoring the roughly2-3 year old little girl she was taking care of. As long as I browsed in that section, the nanny kept the little girl completely alone and did not appear to even be looking in her direction from time to time.The little girl was parked in her dark grey Maclaren at the end of the aisle, facing away from the nanny and staring in to the end of a row of clothes. She was bored and mellow, manipulating a water bottle in her hands over and over again. The little girl had soft strawberry blond curls just above her shoulders. She was wearing a pale blue sweater and blue jeans and brown lace up boots. The nanny was not even able to see the girl, only the back of the stroller.Nanny was AA with permed looking hair to her shoulders and was wearing an olive green top.I know it's common for moms and nannies both to take their kids along while they shop, but something about this situation didn't sit right with me. The nanny was totally disengaged with this little girl, and sadly, the little girl seemed sort of used to it.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Jane will return on Tuesday morning and update the blog(s) at that time.

Taylor at Ralph Foy Park in Burbank, CA

Received Monday, November 5, 2007
On Thursday, November 1st at about 9:30 a.m., a little boy, named TAYLOR, about 2 and 1/2 years old, dressed in a Buzz Lightyear (Halloween) costume was at Burbank Park with his nanny and a group of other nannies and children. My source observed Taylor having an physical altercation with another child (as toddlers do!), and the nanny grabbed him, began hitting him and yelling at him calling him a "bad boy!", etc. Clearly this child needed redirection - NOT physical or verbal abuse!!! My source took it upon herself to step in and try to redirect the nanny, who not only became defensive toward my source, but the other nannies came to her defense as well. My source observed Taylor very upset and unable to console. As a mother, I cannot imagine this happening to my child with the person whom I entrust their care with!!! If ANY of you have an idea of who this child belongs to, PLEASE forward this information to the parents so that they are aware of the dangerous situation their child is in.


Ross Store in Venice, California

Received Saturday, November 3, 2007
I just want to put the word out there. Thursday, 11/1/07, at almost 3pm, I was at Ross on Lincoln in Venice, when I encountered a nanny of infant twins with a 12/13 year old girl who seemed to be her daughter.

While I was looking through the rack, one of the infant twins was crying hysterically in a stroller. The nanny continued shopping, pointing out to the teen that a sweater was cute. She completely ignored the infant. Then she checked out at the register, still ignoring the infant, waited for the teen to pay for her items and then they left. The whole scene took about 25 minutes, all the time the infant cried hysterically and kicking his legs. The nanny never once picked him up to console him or even looked at him to make sure he was ok.

I am a nanny and a parent and I was completely mortified by the nanny's behavior. This infant clearly needed attention.

The nanny was was wearing a bright neon pink long sleeved shirt and jeans. She is Hispanic and spoke Spanish to the teen aged girl. The twins, one of which was a boy, were in a red Maclaren twin stroller and the twins seemed to me to be less than 2 months old. The infant crying still had more of an "infant" cry. I believe that the family must live with in walking distance, because they did not go to a car and walked out of the parking lot heading South on Lincoln.

The nanny has dark brown shoulder length hair. I'm not sure of height, maybe 5'4, 5'5. The 12/13 yr old girls with her had her hair in a pony tail and was wearing grey hoodie and knee length shorts.

If you know who the twins might be, please contact the parents and let them know.


Middletown Library Parking Lot in Middletown, NJ

Received Friday, November 2, 2007
Middletown NJ: I saw your nanny in a red station wagon (Halloween greetings on right side windows). Your nanny was parked in the Middletown Library parking lot from 12:15 to 12:50. During that whole time, she talked loudly on her cell and the baby was in the back seat. I could not quite see but perhaps another child, blond hair. She did NOT open the window for the back seat on the right side, although she opened her window on the right side. I know because I was parked there to relax with my windows open (it was warm) and she disturbed my peace.

Hancock Park in Los Angeles, CA

Received Friday, November 2, 2007
I see a Nanny using the payphone nearly every day while the child she is with sits in a stroller (it has a mint green stripe). The nanny looks like a teenager, very young hispanic, and often has her back to the stroller!

Saddle River County Park in Glen Rock, NJ

Received Friday, November 2, 2007
Your nanny has no business working with children. Your child is between 12-18 months (ed) at my best guess. The child needs to learn how to play. You cannot just plop the child in the sand and expect the child to know how to play. Your little girl was eating sand and throwing sand. The nanny who was reading a National Enquirer did not now or did not respond. When the child threw sand, I very nicely alerted the nanny that the little girl was throwing sand and she might want to be worried because the wind could blow it back in her eyes. The nanny wasn't impolite with me. She got up with an "oh boy, what now" sort of motion, which was almost humorous considering she assumed by plopping the little girl in the sand she was done. The nanny went and sat with her in the sand and I did see them playing together or feigning it. It was a good act for three minutes. I was minding my own business when I saw out of the corner of my eye the nanny tell the child not to throw sand. The nanny sounded aggravated and I notices she was rubbing HER eyes. Next thing I saw is the nanny tossing sand in the child's face and telling her that it would hurt if she got sand in her eyes.
Description of nanny: 5'5"-5'7", about 190-210 lbs, wearing tight jeans (hard to sit down), a long Atlanta sweatshirt with a hood and converse tennis shoes. AA, dark features.
Description of child: Very cute little girl with a red mark on one side of her forehead, she wore purple pants, black boots with lacy socks and a black and white plaid jacket. White, with dark curly hair.
Where: Sand area, (Turtle) At the Glen Rock Saddle River Park in NJ.
When: Nov. 2

The Esplanade at Battery Park in NYC

Received Friday, November 2, 2007
I just returned from an outing with my child and witnessed something deeply disturbing. I am only of the area 3 months, so I am going to report this everywhere I can. I hope you will let me report it here, even though it does not involve a nanny or a child. I witnessed two nursing aides/ adult companions earlier this morning. One was wearing a blue smock that had two large front pockets and buttoned up the front and a peach l/s shirt underneath. She was white and on the heavy side, with blonde hair and an attractive face. The other was Hispanic with an athletic build, pretty face and dressed in grey stretch pants with a black corduroy jacket. She may have been visiting the other, but did seem connected to the patient or at the least very familiar. The patient was in a wheelchair, a white woman, thin, with a quilt across her lap, she had a short white, tight perm in her hair, very pale skin, blue eyes, was sitting very upright in her chair and she had a nervous energy. She was layered in a number of clothes including a blue/grey down looking jacket. From a distance everything seemed fine, as I passed near, I overheard what was going on. The patient may have had dementia or something because she said, 'who is that man. is there a man in the bushes'. There clearly was no man. The two girls were laughing at her and saying things like, "yes, there is a man", "Oh, my God, he looks so scary", The already nervous woman said, 'what, what does he want with us" and the two women were still laughing and pretending to see him and talk to him. I really don't want to write it all down, but some of what was said by the two women were, "what do you want with us", "oh you don't want anything with us", "oh her, oh no", "what are you going to do to her", "Oh my God", "No, please don't rape her". I hope I am making this clear the two were pretending to have a conversation with a frightening man who the woman thought was in the near and they were trying to convince the already nervous and scared woman that the man was there specifically to hurt her. The two were having a great laugh at this woman's expense. I should have done something then and there, but I didn't.


Nanny in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

Received Thursday, November 1, 2007
I saw your nanny today with your two beautiful blonde little girls. She was walking on Main Street across the street from Citibank. One of your children was in a stroller and the other was walking. Your nanny went inside the building with the nail salon with the older daughter and left the younger one sleeping in the stroller on the sidewalk by herself. She was only gone for a short time, but it made me very nervous to see this child alone out on the sidewalk. Please tell your nanny not to leave them alone even for a few minutes.