Starbucks in Closter, New Jersey

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Okay, I was walking into Starbucks today on Closter Dock road and ran into a friend so I stopped to chat. I was holding an umbrella as was my friend. Three minutes into our conversation, some fat, frenzied nanny comes busting out of the door like a raging bull. She was dragging the sweetest little girl behind her by her wrists. With her other hand, she was carrying a hot coffee. The nanny was biracial, I think. She was wearing a slick looking black jacket and dark blue jeans. The little girl was wearing the cutest little yellow raincoat with white ducks on the bottom of it and striped pant/leggings. The nanny didn't even think to grab the door as the little girl was behind her so my friend reached instinctively for the door. The nanny looked up at her and kind of grunted. Because my friend was leaning in to open the door, rain went from her umbrella off on to the nanny's calf. (Her jeans). This caused the nanny to start ranting, "what the f-uk, what the f-ck". She made some reference to her shoes that cost almost two hundred dollars. The little girl was just looking from me to the nanny to my friend and back again. This nanny was cold and mean and just generally has no business taking care of children. I wanted to smack her across the face. But since she seemed prone to going off, I didn't wish to further enrage this bull of a woman.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I would want to smack the shit out of that witch.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me if the little girl's jacket had an orange trim on the cuffs and at the bottom of it?

Anonymous said...

Now, now; we have no idea what led up to this scene. Why was she so angry? Was she taking it out on the kid?

You pointed out her race, are we to assume that is a factor of life where you live? perhaps sheh had endured some form of classism/racism in the store.

I'm not defending anybody, just showing another facet of the story.

Most likely nanny was pissed because she had to wait too long to get her brew.

The kid will live.

Anonymous said...

Um, race is part of her physical descriptionl. I believe she also said "bull like"

Anonymous said...

The nanny's behavior sounds far from appropriate, but I have to wonder about all these posters who seem obsessed with overweight nannies.

"Some fat ... nanny" who "kind of grunted" and was "a bull of woman." This is not simply a description but a smear about the woman's appearance.

Geez, nannies eating ice cream, nannies eating hohos. Those were nice or nonabusive nannies and they drew insults here.

Your criticism of this one would carry the weight it deserves if it didn't betray your contempt for the woman's heft.

Annie said...

This is totally unacceptable. I can't even imagine acting like this at all, let alone in front of my charge. As a nanny, I feel setting an example for polite, kind behavior is as much a part of my job as anything else. I would NEVER yell or swear like this in their presence. I hope the parents recognize this nanny and fire her, or that the nanny recognizes herself and makes some major attitude adjustments.

Anonymous said...

When people behave in an ugly manner, ie screaming obscenities around children- Their inner ugliness comes out. That is why commentators often refer to thier heft. It's part of their jenesequa of ugliness. Ugly inside and out.

Anonymous said...

It is TOTALLY acceptable to indicate the racial appearance of a nanny -- it is part of the physical description of said nanny, and without that, how are parents supposed to ID their nanny? They don't walk around with name tags. Although maybe they should...

Anonymous said...

totally acceptable to use race in description - it is simply part of physical description! nannies dont wear name tags -- how are we supposed to ID them?

Anonymous said...

I was the one who posted the race question. I agree that using it to describe someone as acceptable. My question was more concerned about the area in question, and THEIR reaction to the woman's race.

There are parts of towns where some people are not welcomed, overtly on covertly.

Fact of life. I am being neutral on the topic.

I also know how the baristas at some coffee shops can be. I've had to use my "Daddy's Not Putting Up With It" voice to get things done. Maybe that's what happened snotty barista worked nanny's last nerve.

If we know how the scene was in coffee shop after the bullish woman left, it might help clarify why things happened the way they did.

She could be a rager and should be fired. She could have just been treated like the shit she was acting like when you saw her and it tripped her off. Or it could have been they treated her 2nd class because she was obviously not the mom of her charge.

That's the main reason I asked. I also know kids are pretty resilient, and one bad instance won't destroy them.

Anonymous said...

You take great pains to paint a picture of her being fat but all you say is Biracial. Is she Asian and Indiam? Caucasian and Spanish?
Your description is biased and cruel. There are far better ways to desribe people that would help the parents of the child recognize their employee. That said, as a nanny myself, there is no excuse hard day, dealing with racism whatever to use that language in front of her charge.

Anonymous said...

You can't use race as description these days. any genius would know that???!!! These people saying otherwise...must be white. HAHA..and I know what they're thinking...I must be black! HA..nope! It's just..idiots piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Yes. YOU CAN USE RACE as a description these days.

Get real.

It is the only time that someone's race (or weight) is relevant-


Anonymous said...

This nanny was totally out of line here, first of all you dont wear $200 dollar shoes when working with kids...second using the f word infront of a child is unacceptable!!!...and bursting through the doors with hot coffee and a child is an accident waiting to happen.

Also, how are you supposed to identify your nanny if you dont use descriptive words such as biracial and heavy. Its a fact the women looks biracial and is heavy, get over it?