Ads of Ill Repute, #7

What is this about? 
This feature started years ago when nannies looking for work and families looking for nannies came across disturbing ads on the internet. Sometimes the ads were funny or just too good to be true or required things not inline with quality "busty nanny with penchant for rock climbing". If you come across any ads during the course of your week, please don't hesitate to send us the url ( We appreciate your submissions.

Milwaukee & Kalamazoo WI

"Maybe they intend to rigorously screen candidates, but I doubt it."

Mobile, Alabama
High Standards. "I will buy you an ashtray".
Phoenix, Arizona
People capable of providing good care to babies don't work for $400 a month.
Not just any female. Come hither look appreciated?
York, PA
NYC area
Came across this while looking for a Sunday nanny for our family. Not to be rude, but my faughter would not be happy with Ana.
Not only am I not paying a red cent for childcare and providing room only, but you will pay me $200 a month for said room!
New Mexico
Colorado Springs, CO
Personally, crunchy families annoy me.

Broken Mirror While Babysitting

     Last night I was babysitting until close to midnight. Everything was fine, and at some point during the night, I heard glass break. There are a couple of bars around the corner, and I figured the glass breaking was dropped beer bottle. I literally sat near the window all night, and could see my car parked across the street. The dogs were calm as well; one of them saw rabbits across the street near my car and started spazzing out. Other than that, they didn't see anything either and start barking to alert of me strangers. MB and her boyfriend get home, we chat, she pays me and I leave. I get down to my car and get the surprise of my life: someone broke my driver's side mirror, and the glass I heard breaking was my mirror shattering. As I stated before, I sat in front of the window, and didn't see anyone physically touch my car with their hands on foot. I did see a dark blue or black SUV drive past in the northern direction of the street, turn around in MB's shared driveway (she lives in a stacked duplex and has neighbors underneath her) and drive south on the street. After that I heard the glass break.
Hecki Dunno

     I have insurance on the car, but because my car is older, I only have liability, not comp coverage. I'm thinking what happened is someone either hit me by accident or was drunk and hit me, not realizing what they did. I was babysitting in the city where I work (different from where I live) and the area of town where I was at isn't seedy or a bad neighborhood. I don't have a mirror on my driver's side, and taking it to the shop would be at least $500-600, according to a friend of mine. The pay wasn't that bad, but now I am wondering if I should stop babysitting for them because of what happened. It wasn't their fault, but I'm now out of a mirror, can't afford to have it fixed (it was completely destroyed) and I'm lucky that's the only thing that happened. I like this family, but what if I babysit again during the same time period, and something worse happens next time?


Preparing Perfect Employer for Dream Nanny's Departure

     In August of 2014, my employers paid 100% for rhinoplasty for me. At the time, I had been with them for two years. We talked about the future in such a way that I and they imagined I would be with them for years. They are an amazing family, wonderful children, great employers. I couldn't have a better job. When I went on vacation in March, I met someone in San Fransisco. It was a great connection and since I returned home, we have spoken every day. We have become very serious to the point where he wants me to move out there and we have spoken about marriage.

     My boss knows that I have a long distance relationship. Because this feels like the real things, I want to tell her how serious it has become. I am not one of those girls who falls for guys or makes impractical decisions.

     I don't feel like I could bring up the idea of seriousness without talking about the rhinoplasty first and foremost and letting her know that I would pay her back for that because I do understand that it was something she did for me with the assumption that I was a long term nanny. Does anyone know how to handle this? I was thinking a letter would be the best way to articulate my appreciation for the job and the time I have spent with them. I cannot imagine my life without contact with these people, so even though in a perfect world, I would be in SF by the start of the school year, and hence 3000 miles away.

     *The rhinoplasty is just the one big thing that stands out. No one has employers like I do.


Cleaning out the Mailbox #1

     This weekend we're going through the mailbox and answering all of the complaints and responding to the requests that have been sent in. If you have an idea, suggestion or complaint, please email
"Would it be possible to post a blog about all the commonly used nanny acronyms and their meanings? MB DB etc I feel like some are obvious (stay at home mom) but others I'm like who is this person referring to or what?" 

abbreviations i saw your nanny

This list is from 2007. Feel free to add anything new here and we'll update it!

City Tot in NYC

Where: City Tot, UWS, NYC
When: Thursday May 28th
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, an African American with lighter skin, About 5’4-5’5 and has a tattoo of the letter ‘N’ on her right shoulder above her breast. She is skinny and has hair about shoulder length with full lips and was wearing a dark hat (I think baseball cap) and a grey shirt maybe had a cardigan on. She may have come home with shopping bags from American Apparel and urban outfitters.
Description of Child: Curly hair.
Incident: I’m looking to identify a nanny that works for a family on the UES. An incident occurred and I would like to reach out to the parents if I can identify who this nanny is or who she works for. There was absolutely no harm done to the child however the incident was troubling nonetheless. Please email so that we can connect you with the person who witnessed the incident.

Send your nanny sightings to

Barnes & Noble in Danbury, CT

Where: Danbury Square Barnes & Noble
When: 5/28/15
Description of Nanny: Dark complected AA Nanny, slim, with model bone structure, long, cocoa and blonde colored straight hair (to waist), white jeans, gold tank top, white sandals, white button up thingy over tanktop.
Description of child: White, olive complected girl approcimately 2. In a pink and red plaid sundress with shoulder shrug on it. Wearing white sandals with cherry print.
Incident: Encountered nanny in bookstore. Child was not in stroller. Child was bothering nanny and asking to be picked up. Nanny kept saying, "LET ME, Just let me" and she was looking for something. I paid no mind. Later I come around the corner and the girl has run off, the nanny is holding her hands together roughly, as I saw it and in a low voice threatening her, "Get your ass by my side and stay and we'll leave in one minute and go home and play in the water. Or keep this up and we'll go home and I'll beat that butt". She had just finished spitting out those words and looked up and smiled at me and said, "we're playing". I said, "Doesn't sound like playing" and walked away. She knew she was wrong. She left immediately.

Staples in Port Chester, NY

Where: Staples located in Port Chester, NY
When: 5/29/15 11:40 AM
Description of Nanny:  Hispanic, smashed in looking flat face, brownish hair, petite but with a muffin top, wearing a pink lady's style blouse, possibly denim shorts, pants or Capri, with tennis shoes and socks.
Child: Boy of about 10-14 months. Strawberry blonde, straight hair, wearing a big bird shirt and sitting in a Bob three wheeled teal and black stroller.
Incident: I was getting my children out of their car seats. I thought I had seen someone bent over looking for something between the next two cars, so after I had my children out and their hands, we walked by cautiously. There was a nanny with a stroller right next to her peeing between two cars in the middle of the parking lot. There are restrooms in that strip mall. This was in the middle of the day. She had her pants/shorts around her ankles, so if someone would have grabbed the baby, then what? What perverts would have been attracted to her and the kid? There are people who have fetishes just like this. I also didn't like that my three year old said "I see a butt". Why does my child need to see your ass in the middle of errand running on Friday morning? And what the hell did you drink that you were still splattering when I reached the entrance and turned to look back to see your head still between the cars? I waited inside the glass door and watched because I wanted to see what car was hers. Well, she walked away from both cars and towards the direction of the supermarket building.

Nanny's Difficult Dilemma

CeDe Code
     I am in the state of New Jersey and up until three days ago I was a live-in nanny. I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about laws related to domestics in house. I believe I was fired because I had an abortion. I did not advertise this, I requested an afternoon off, I did not disclose why, but I returned to the house and for some reason, she figured it out. I want to know if I have any protection available to me? I was fired without a day of severance. I lost the place I had called home for the last six months. I found the ad they are using to hire a new nanny and they are requesting "a Christian of strong moral fiber." This further proves my point that I was fired because I did something legal that didn't jive with their beliefs. Without even a day of severance. And I wasn't allowed to say goodbye to the four year old twins I nanny for. I'm a mess. :(


The Underexposed Child and The First Time Parents

U Funk
Ugh!! My nanny family are first time parents. C is 14 months. Lets go back a few months ago. I was suppose to meet mom at doctors for C's appt. I didn't where the place was so I asked mom for address- she was not sure. I got lost and half hour late (with phone dying and no charger). We mended with that situation. Jump to now- I spent Memorial Weekend gathering classes/ activities for summer and presented them yesterday. This morning- MB stated that I was allowed one day to take C out. Mind you-I work 55 hours a week. MB said it would save her parent anxiety. How can I convince parents- C needs more exposure to the outside world? Thank you.

Nanny Notes 2015, #4

"Sugar would be classified as a narcotic". This is my employer. -Rachel, US
"Left in the morning between the drycleaning check and grocery list." -265lb nanny

"Yeah, that's not offensive at all" -Anonymous

Texted to me with the message, "Things that are not working for me". -DB, NY

"Thanks for the room inspection" -Anonymous

Send your Nanny Notes, pictures, screenshots, etc. to

2015 A Day in the Life, #19

Nanny for 2 kids F is a 2.5 (almost three) year old girl and M is a 23 month old boy.

7:00 - Arrive at work. Sometimes I am greeted by MB, DB or both who are eating breakfast, packing their lunches or sometimes still sitting in their pajamas and watching TV. We discuss anything of importance going on with the kids and go over any special instructions for the day. If no one is downstairs when I arrive, they'll catch me in the kid's rooms before they head out to work or leave me a note in my nanny book (a book where i keep track of my hours, when the kids get up in the morning, when and what they eat, when and how long they nap, if they needed any medication and when they took it and when they went down for the night).

7:15 - I go upstairs to F's room and try to peel her out of her bed to get ready for preschool (She and her brother are great sleepers and normally on the weekends will sleep a good 12-13 hrs and get up between 8-9 but preschool doesn't allow for it during the week). She's the worst in the mornings, it takes her a while to wake up and be her normal joyful self. I'm usually greeted by an, "Noooo, I hate preschool" upon entering her room. She actually loves preschool but she hates waking up, I explain to her there is a difference and carry her to the bathroom. She goes potty while i take her pajamas to the laundry room and gather any clean clothes for her and put them away. I go back to the bathroom to find her smiling from ear to ear because she pooped on the potty, a feat that we conquered with regularity about 3 months ago. It's been 3 months without an accident but she's still just as proud of herself and I play in to it and let her know she should be. I help clean her up and assist in helping her wash her hands and brush her teeth before heading back to her bedroom. F assists me in picking out her clothes and I aid in getting her dressed and doing her hair. I tell her she looks beautiful before she runs over to pick out princesses she wants to play with. I remind her she's going to preschool so she can pick out two to take on the car ride but she'll have to leave them in her car seat once she gets there.

7:25 - I head into the laundry room and grab any clean clothes for M before heading into his room. He is already awake (probably heard F and I walking around) and greets me with a smile while asking where F is. I tell him she's in her room picking out princesses and he requests that he wants Ariel and Prince Eric. F runs into M's room holding Hans and Snow White (Her normal choices as of late) and I ask her is M can play with Ariel and Prince Eric. She agrees and runs to her room to find them and tosses them on to the changing table with a, "Here you go M!" and continues to play and dance around in M's room. M yells a, "Thank you, F" back to her as I take off M's pajamas and change his diaper while making silly noise that he cracks up at. I hand F M's pajamas and ask her to to take them to the laundry room and put them in the hamper, she does so willingly. M helps me pick out his clothes and I get him dressed and brush his hair. I ask him who the most handsome boy in the world is and he points to himself and smiles before I kiss him on the forehead and put him on the ground.

7:35 - I head into the laundry room and switch over any laundry that had been started the night before and start a load of kid's laundry if there is enough. If not, I throw their laundry in and fill out the load with MB and DB's laundry. MB and DB's laundry is not part of the job description but I know it's a huge help so I usually try to make the time if possible.

7:40 - We get downstairs to find that MB and DB are ready to head out the door if they haven't already. They kiss F and M goodbye and tell them to have a fun day. I ask F and M what they want for breakfast, to which F replies that she isn't hungry. That is pretty standard so I move on to M and he requests eggs. I tell him we don't have time for eggs but that he can have them for lunch and he agrees and asks for french toast. He loves Eggo frozen cinnamon french toast which i pop in the toaster with a cinnamon waffle for F (she hasn't agreed to eat but she will and waffles are her favorite). I cut up some fruit and split a yogurt between their two plates. The toaster pops and i cut up the waffle and french toast while asking M and F to climb into their seats. I gather their water bottles and bibs while asking what color forks they want, F wants orange and M wants purple. M starts devouring his plate and is usually done in 10 minutes, while F is pokey and tells me she doesn't want yogurt. I tell her to eat as much of her plate as she can and to leave the yogurt if she doesn't want it.

7:50 - I grab shoes, coats (if needed), F's backpack and the diaper bag. I check her backpack to make sure it has a change of clothes and restock the diaper bag with diapers, pull ups, a change of clothes, snacks and full water bottles. M has finished his plate and I clean him and his chair up while asking him to carry his cup and fork to the counter. I follow with his plate and I rinse them and put them in the dishwasher while reminding F that she needs to eat or she will be starving when I pick her up for preschool. She giggles and responds with, "I'm starvinggggg", an imitation she does of me imitating her. I smile at her and point to her plate, she takes a bite of waffle and says, "Mmmmm delicious!", their new favorite saying.

8:00 - F is still picking at her food and I put her shoes on while she continues to eat. M's find his shoes and brings them to be begging for them to be put on too and I insist to him that he's next. I get M's shoes on and run upstairs to switch the laundry from earlier into the dryer and start a new load.

8:10 - I clear F's place and clean her up before starting the dishwasher. I put my wallet and water bottle in the diaper bad and grab F's backpack and head to the garage. I open the door and they kid's get excited when they see my blue car and F asks if we can listen to her CD. I tell her of course and ask her what song she wants to listen to. New Romantics by Taylor Swift, as always, and M asks to listen to Aladdin after. I strap them in their seats even though M insists that he can buckle himself him. I let him try while I buckle in F and put the backpack and diaper bag in the car, open the garage, start the car and put the CD in. By this point he asks for help and I strap him in and head for preschool.

8:30 - We arrive at preschool and I remind F that she needs to leave her Hans and Snow White in the car and we head inside. F is excited and drops her backpack and coat in the middle on the hall, I call after her to please come back and pick them up. I sign F in and talk to her teachers and some of the other kid's moms while F hangs her things up and M plays with the classroom train set. I retrieve M and we say goodbye to F and tell her we will see her in 3 hours.

8:45 - We are back in the car and ready to go, at this point our day changes depending on the day of the week. Mondays are usually set aside for grocery shopping and M doesn't mind, he loves to ride the 1 cent pony at the store and help me shop. Tuesdays are music classes where he sings, dances and plays with instruments, he talks a lot for his age (he's been a chatter box since about 16 months) so he loves this classes. Wednesdays is a free day but in the fall he will start a soccer class, which is going to be a huge hit! Thursdays is also a free day and it's usually spent at the park, the children's museum or at an indoor playground. Fridays are an open gym gymnastics program that will end in a few weeks as soon as the public schools are on summer vacation, more park days for us :)

9:00-11:15 - We do are scheduled activities or run errands and M has a good time. He loves going on car rides and singing a long to all of the songs on their cd. Anything that keeps him out of the house his a plus in his book. At 11:15 we head back to preschool to pick up F.

11:30 - We go inside and M can hardly contain his excitement, he loves his sister and is so excited to see her. I sign F out while he runs to F and gives her a big hug. F comes and sees me to ask if Hans and Snow White are still taking a nap in her car seat, I tell her they are still there and I ask her about her day at school. She tells me all about the book they read, what she played with and the craft that they did, which i pick up off the counter and put in her backpack. We chat with her teachers and the other moms before retrieving M from the train table again and we head home.

11:45 - On the drive home F informs that she is starving, guess how much I'm not surprised... I ask her what she wants for lunch and she tells me chicken nuggets, her favorite food as of late. I ask M is he still wants eggs or if he wants chicken nuggets too, he is set on eggs.

12:00 - We arrive at home and I unload them from the car. We head upstairs and I put away the diaper bag and F's back pack and ask them to take off their coats and shoes. I help M get his shoes off, though he is pretty sure he can do it alone and F asks for my help even though I know that she can do it herself. I put away coats and M's shoes and tell F to try to get her shoes off again. I help M wash his hands, hand him his water and he climbs up into his chair. I throw F's chicken nuggets in the microwave and start cooking M's eggs. F finally got her shoes off and puts them in the closet and I help her to the potty. I take the chicken out of the microwave to cool and cut up some fruit for the two of them and throw some turkey sausage in the microwave to go with M's eggs. F is done in the bathroom and I clean her up and wash our hands before sending her to the table. I plate the eggs and turkey sausage with some fruit and the chicken nuggets with some fruit and a cheese stick before handing it to them. I ask F is she wants water or "sparkle juice" (apple juice watered down with sparkling water) and she picks sparkle juice, of course. I hand her a cup reminding her that when it's gone she's done for the day so try to make it last. It's gone in less than 10 minutes and I give her water.

12:15 - I empty the dishwasher, restock the diaper bag, wash the pans I used and switch the laundry while the kids are eating. If the kids are still eating when I'm finished I'll eat my lunch with them. M loves to try anything that I bring for myself and usually loves it. F on the other hand is a little more apprehensive about it but will try stuff every now and again. I clean the kids up and wipe down the table and their chairs before loading the dishwasher.

12:45 - We head upstairs for nap time and I gather any clean clothes from this morning's laundry and put it away. We go in M's room first and I let him pick out some pajamas and get him changed after a quick diaper change. I give him his pacifier and grab his favorite blanket before sitting down in the rocker and the three of us sing Winnie the Pooh and The Reindeer Song from Frozen. Then I let him pick out a book to read, it's usually Oscar the Grouch or his Nanny book. We read his book and I lay him in his crib and tell him to have a good nap and I'll see him when we wakes up, he's out in less than 10 minutes.
Gertrudes Asplund

1:00 - F and I head to her room and she picks up a pull up and pajamas. I change her and we sit in her rocker and read one of her favorite books. Lately her favorites are Tangled or The Lion King. The Lion King is my least favorite, its 96 pages and takes forever to get through but I've realized I can read every other page and the story stays the same. After we finish her book she asks to sing Winnie the Pooh just the two of us and I comply. I have her climb into her bed and she snuggles with her Rapunzel doll. I tell her to have a good nap and that I'll see her in a little while.

1:15 - I check on the laundry and continue to do finish as much as I can throughout their naps. If it's Monday I leave one load of laundry dirty to throw in with the kids wet swimsuits and towels when we get home. I make sure that the swim bang is stocked with their towels, shampoo, lotions, swim diapers and everything else for swim lessons. Usually this is a pretty free time, besides packing the swim bag and switching laundry, I'll vacuum the kitchen and dining room if I won't be here for dinner. If I'll be here for dinner then I'll wait and vacuum after that. Usually while waiting for the laundry to be done I'll sit on the couch and watch Criminal Minds on my phone and just relax.

3:00 - If it's a Monday I'll wake the kids up at 3 for swim lessons, if not, I let them sleep till 4. M gets woken up first since he is less cranky about having to wake up. I change him into a swim diaper and let him pick out his bathing suit, Sesame Street or Cars usually wins out. I dress him and ask him if he wants his rash guard or not, reminding him he will be inside and doesn't need it. He wants it on and tells me I'm silly for suggesting otherwise. I put any clean clothes from the laundry away, grab his clothes to throw in the swim bag and we go to F's room. F wakes up and is happy it's swim day, I have her go to the bathroom and I put away her clean laundry. I help her clean herself up, wash our hands and let her pick out her bathing suit, Ariel or pink stripes wins lately. I dress F in her bathing suit and put her clothes on over it reminding myself to grab her underwear to put in the swim bag for after swimming.

3:15 - We head downstairs and I throw M's change of clothes and F's underwear in the swim bag along with my wallet. I ask them both what they would like for a snack and remind them that they get to eat it in the car, always exciting for them. They debate on what to have while I put on their shoes. They both agree of yogurt melts and I pack them in no spill containers hoping that they will actually work :)

3:30 - We walk to the garage and go through the process of getting in the car. I put the swim bag in the trunk and let them both climb in while opening the garage and starting the car. I strap F in while M attempts to do it himself. He asks for help and I strap him in and we head to swim class.

3:45 - We arrive at swim class, scan in and get settled at a table. I take off F's shoes and clothes and put them in the swim bag while digging for her goggles. I retrieve them and ask if she needs to go potty before getting in the pool, she replies with, "No, I tell X" and i remind her that she can't tell me and she needs to tell her teacher, she agrees.

4:00 - We head into the pool and walk F over to her lane, she's excited to see her teacher and I tell her to have fun and learn a lot. M and I head out to the lobby and play while F swims. If this wasn't a Monday and we weren't at swim class I would be waking them up from their naps and getting them dressed, situated with a snack before heading the park. We'd play their for 45 minutes or so before heading downtown for an afternoon walk. We usually arrive home from our walks between 5:45-6:00.

4:25 - The deck supervisor come out to tell the parents that they can come and watch what the kids have learned today. I gather M and take his shoes off and hand him his goggles before grabbing F's towel and shampoo. We head over to F's lane and she's excited to show us what she's learned. I grab my phone and catch it on video to send to MB and DB. I tell her what a big girl she is and she is excited she learned so much and tells me all about it. Her teacher tells me all about her lesson and says she's gaining more confidence in the water. I wrap her in her towel and we head over to M's lane. I drop him off and hope that he doesn't scream and cry for me not to leave. We've been talking about going to swimming all day and that usually helps. He doesn't cry and I text MB to let her know that he is staying strong like a champ, she hopes he does the same for her next time she takes them. It seems he likes to scream and cry the entire class if MB takes him but only cries once in a while for me.

4:35 - F and I find an open shower and I wash her hair attempting to get all of the chlorine out of her pretty blonde hair, we really don't want green hair :) I dry her off and we head to a changing room and I get her dressed and have her use the bathroom. Once F is all changed we head to the blow drying station and dry her hair and put in back in a ponytail.

4:45 - We go back to the lobby and check on M who looks like he is still going strong. F and I play at our table and I sneak peeks of M when I can while sending MB updates. I learned from week 1 that if he can see me he starts to cry, better to be out of sight.

4:55 - The deck supervisor comes out again to tell the parents that they can come and watch what the kids have learned. I grab M's towel, the shampoo and F and I head inside. M starts to cry when he sees us and asks to get out of the pool. F insists to M that he is okay and I encourage him to show me what he learned today. He calms a little and I video him blowing bubbles and swimming with his teachers assistance. His teachers insist that he is getting better and only cried at the very end. I pull him out of the pool, wrap him up in a towel and hug him tight, telling him that I'm so proud of him for going to swim class. He assures me next week he won't cry.

5:05 - I sit F down on a bench near the showers and ask her to wait for me to shower M off. I wash M's hair and let him play for a few minutes, I swear this is his favorite part of swimming.

5:10 - I towel M off and we head out to a changing room, I dry M off and change him to a regular diaper and his clothes. I grab everyones wet items and throw them in a plastic grocery bag and toss it in the swim bag. I put away the shampoo and run a comb through M's hair before we head out the door.

5:25 - We head to the car and I let them climb in while putting the swim bag in the truck and starting the car. I strap them both in and we head home for dinner.

5:45 - We are home and upstairs (usually the time we are home from our afternoon walk if not a Monday, so at this point the schedule goes back to normal). We put their shoes and swim bag away and I grab the wet clothes out of the swim bag and head upstairs to start the last load of laundry. At this point I put the kids in their pajamas and throw their clothes from the day in with the last load so their is no laundry in the laundry room, it's a beautiful site and I know that MB feels the same. I change M into his pajamas from his nap and change his diaper if needed. I ask F to grab a pull-up out of her drawer and she debates over Rapunzel or Ariel. Finally she decides on Ariel and I put her in her pajamas from her nap.

6:00 - Usually this is when I would be getting off. I'd tell MB or DB, depending on who was home, that their is one load of laundry that needs to be switched to the dryer and that they can feel free to leave it and I'll fold it in the morning. I let them know what we did that day, how any lessons went, or any funny things that happened throughout the day. I let them know that the kids are ready for dinner and what they had for lunch so they can get some variety. But some days I work till 8 if DB is out of town and if MB has a late shift.

6:00 - I ask F if she needs to use the bathroom and we wash up for dinner. I ask them what they want and they insist on pasta. I cook the pasta while they free play in the living room. M runs into the kitchen every few minutes asking to see the pasta, so I lift him up and he watches it boil. A few minutes before the pasta is done I ask them to clean up their toys and climb in their chairs.

6:20 - Both kids are giggling at me from their seats and asking me for cheese of their pasta. I tell them there is cheese in the pesto sauce and stuffed into the tortellini with the chicken but they don't care so I sprinkle a little bit on top of their plates. While they eat I put the rest in tupperware and text MB to let her know that we made pasta if she wants the leftovers. I run upstairs and throw the load of laundry in the dryer.

6:30 - I do the dishes as the kids finish their plates and I ask them if they want anything else. M wants a mango applesauce pouch and F wants fruit snacks. I give M his applesauce and tell F that she can have fruit snacks if she eats a fruit or veggie first. She agrees on celery but only with peanut butter and I comply. She finishes her celery and M his pouch and they are both full. They carry their plates to me and I load them in the dishwasher after cleaning M and F's faces and hands.

6:45 - I wipe the table down and vacuum the dining room and kitchen while the kids decide on what movie to watch before bed. I let them know that they can also watch an episode of Sesame Street instead of a movie but they want to watch Ariel, again.

7:00 - I set up the movie and turn the lights down in order to get them settled. F sits in her chair and M waits for me to finish cleaning up so he can sit with me on the couch.

7:30 - M asks for his blanket so we venture upstairs and check on the laundry while were up their. It's dry so i turn off the dryer and M pulls everything out onto the floor and hands it to me. We fold everything and put the their things away before grabbing his blanket and heading back downstairs.

7:45 - F hasn't moved, she loves this movie. M and I settle in on the couch and he starts to drift to sleep. I try to keep him awake until MB comes home because I know she will want to see him for a little while before he goes to sleep. M falls asleep in my arms and I keep him downstairs knowing he'll wake up when MB walks in.

8:00 - MB comes home and F is so excited. She tells her all about her day and MB tells her she saw the video from swimming and what a great job she did. MB asks me about their day and I tell her everything went smoothly, the laundry is done and that the kids are ready for bed when she's ready to put them down. She asks if M is out and I tell her that he is and that I can put him to bed if she wants but she want to hold him for a few minutes and I can't blame her but he wakes up on the transfer. He is happy to see mom and they talk about his day until she is ready to take them both upstairs. I hug and kiss them both before saying I love you. F gives be a hug back and tell me "see you tomorrow" while putting in a request for me to paint her nails. M gives we about a hundred kisses and says "love you" before I give hand him a pacifier and give him back to mom and they head upstairs for bed. I write my hours and anything else I haven't written down yet in my nanny book, gather my things and head home.

Possible Bad Sighting at Nailsway in NYC

Delilah Smith
Where: Nailsway Nail Salon in NYC  (1st & 73rd)
When: 5/26 Weds.
Description of Nanny: Black nanny, American, long straight hair, white tight jeans, black and white polka dot shirt, got her toenails done purple and gold.
Description of Child: White child, 6-9 months, boy, green lightweight plaid pants, blue socks, white shirt. Slept in Black stroller with orange wheels, and later took a bottle.
Incident: I went to this nail salon in a pinch today. I saw this nanny come in and get it pedicure. The pedicure took a long time, two flushes through the footwash machine. I have seen other people bring their children here, so I don't know if this is a problem for you. For me, I don't want my children in a place where the technicians wear masks over their face to prevent inhaling the toxins. There was also a lot of foot skin being shaved and filed off, literally so much so, that I felt myself needing to exhale deeply to keep pushing it out of my lungs, just in case. I was a nanny for four years and I would never take a young child into a nail salon and expose them to the fumes & fungi. Just me.

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And that's why no one wants to hire you...

Stanisław Wyspiański
I have an experience to share. I recently interviewed for my first nanny. I went through two agencies, so in essence, candidates were pre screened. I had a strange encounter with one and it unnerved me as a new mom. The nanny had worked as a doula, baby nurse and lactation consultant. She asked me if I intended to breastfeed. I said yes. She asked me for how long. I told her I didn't know I was new to the whole thing. She told me I was going in to the whole thing with the wrong mentality, that breastfeeding through age one was preferential and the only reason to stop early is if the child self weaned dramatically early. This was of course, enough for me to realize she wasn't the nanny I wanted. I sought to wrap up the interview, politely. I let her know we still had other candidates to interview and we were in the very early stages of interviewing. The interview was on Saturday. I received an email from her Tuesday night with no less than 30 breast feeding links and addresses of lactation consultants in my area. She suggested she hoped she wasn't overstepping (really?) but that many new mothers failed to appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding until their second or third child and she didn't want me to suffer that guilt. Then she helpfully added that if I was not medically able to breastfeed that she had connections to breast milk suppliers who sell and donate their breastmilk to unable mothers. I'm in Scarsdale, NY. This all felt REALLY strange to me. I contacted the agency to let the nanny know we had no intention of hiring her and she should not call or email me again. I just wanted to share this. I know I am emotional, but isn't this really invasive and presumptious?? And this candidate had never even been a mother!!

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ISYN Our Favorite Nannies- #1

Do All Employers Deserve Two Weeks Notice?

Flavia Sorrentino
     Hi, so I need to vent for a minute, and also ask your opinions. Feel free to let me know if you disagree with my actions.

      So here is a little back story- I ended a job 3 weeks ago that I loved more than any other job I have ever had (the mother started maternity leave and I would not be needed). I started a new job, knowing the family wanted someone for a long time. I was told about the job at the interview. Basically there would be 3 kids, but I would only watch 2 at a time, with two different families (nanny share). My schedule would be known far in advance, and the hours would be very set (they would not change from the schedule given to me). I would not need to do housekeeping apart from picking up after ourselves. I would be able to drive them wherever, and do tons of activities out of the house with the kids. There would be nanny cams, but they never pay attention to the footage, it is just there for home security.

       Well within the first week the dad was home late every day. Two of the days, he was an hour late. The other days, 20-30 minutes, with no explanation. They told me that cell phone use would be prohibited at all times. They told me I must ask for permission to take the kids anywhere. They did not discipline the 3 year old, and so he would yell and throw toys and food if you asked him to do something. His parents would let him get away with not listening. I was miserable that first week, and the second week was much worse. They wrote out a "contract" that specified things like what I said above, as well as the chores that were required of me, that far exceeded what I was told in the interview. I quit last Thursday and said I would not be returning.

     I received an email today(Tues) saying that they are questioning why I thought it was okay to quit and not give two weeks notice, and how my "parenting techniques" differed from theirs (discipline) and that they would ask me to reimburse them for the CPR certificates they paid for, the background check, and the driving record. They would like me to drop the money in their mailbox. I totally understand that I should have given 2 weeks notice. However, I was incredibly unhappy, and was doing an extremely inadequate job because of that. I was depressed and couldn't even eat or sleep, it was just so awful.

     Any advice you have would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you.
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Feeling the Squeeze

Crystal Galindo
I don't know how to respond to this. The family I worked for recently hired a new weekend nanny. She works Sat & Sun from 10-8. She has only been with the family since the beginning of May. Right away, I got a bad sense from her. It turns out she is interested in a full time job, most specifically my job. The mother actually had a sit down with me and said, "*Jill is interested in working for us on a more regular basis, so I wanted to sit down and talk to you about what you think your plans are through next year". She was nice about it but mentioned that after three years, she would understand if I was feeling burned out. She made several suggestions. One is that I reduce my hours, and she could pick up  one or two of my days, or I could take the weekend job and she could assimilate into the weekday job or nothing could change at all. Of course, I want nothing to change at all, but the very fact that she raised these issues with me after such a short time with new nanny has me heartbroken. She told me she didn't need an answer now and she assured me that Jill didn't know that she was talking to me. She presented it as a possible out for me if I was looking for one. I don't get it. I know that my performance is consistently awesome. I get that Jill might be dazzling them right now, but she is the new and fresh face. She strikes me as sneaky and up to no good. Let's see her three years down the road! How do I recover from this? I'm mad at myself that I feel so hurt, but I cannot shake this awful feeling!
*not her real name.


2015 A Day in the Life, #18

Full time live-out nanny for three little girls, M(2), K(4), and B(7).

7:15-7:25 Get to work and am greeted by MB and DB who are in the kitchen grabbing breakfast before work. MB goes over the schedule for the day and pours me a cup of coffee. DB leaves for work.

7:25-8:00 MB goes upstairs to wake B while I make breakfast and pack B's lunch for school. B comes downstairs and eats breakfast, I put lunch in B's backpack, quickly french braid her hair, and sit down with her until it is time to leave for school.

8:00-8:15 B leaves with MB to go to school, I give her hugs and kisses and tell her to have a great day.

8:15-9:00 Go upstairs and wake up K and M, get them dressed, and go potty. Take them downstairs to eat breakfast, then pack K's backpack for preschool. Load them up in the car, arrive at K's school, and walk K to her classroom. Give her hugs and kisses and tell her to have a great day.

9:00-10:00 Go to music class with M and talk with the other nannies/moms. M has a great time dancing and playing with all the different instruments. We say goodbye to our friends and head home.

10:00-11:30 Change M's diaper and count all her fingers and toes. She can count to 5 now! I sense her starting to get cranky and put her down for naptime. Give her kisses, rub her back for a few minutes, and she is out. Turn the light out and tip toe downstairs to clean up breakfast dishes and tidy up around the house. Read a book, watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, or call my boyfriend.

11:30-12:00 Wake M up if she isn't up already and load her in the car to go pick sissy up from school. Arrive at K's school and go to her classroom to pick her up. K runs over to us, gives me a huge hug, and shows me the painting she did. I ooh and ahh over it and tell her how pretty it will look on the fridge. We say goodbye to our friends and the teacher then head home for lunch.

12:00-1:30 I make sandwiches for lunch and we pack them up to go have a picnic at the park because it is such a nice day outside. We walk to the park, eat our sandwiches, and play on the playground for a little. We play in the sandbox and K starts to get restless and throws sand out of the sandbox which is a big no no. I tell her that if she does it again, she'll be sitting in time-out. She listens to me and doesn't do it again. She hates time-out. We play for a little longer and I take turns pushing them on the swing. K shows me how well she can do the monkey bars (she can make it all the way across!) and M and I clap.

1:30-3:00 Arrive back home and play with My Little Ponies. The girls get bored with that after 40 minutes or so, so we switch over to coloring pictures for MB. We clean up the My Little Ponies and I throw in a load of laundry while they are coloring. I tell M to name the color of every crayon she picks up, and she gets them all right! I am a proud nanny. :) They start to get hungry for a snack so I give them half an apple and Animal Crackers.

3:00-3:30 We head outside to meet big sister B at the bus stop and go back inside. I fix B a snack and I ask her about her day. She tells me how she got a 100% on her spelling test and I give her a high five and a big hug and kiss. All that studying we did really paid off! I let B, K, and M watch one episode of Jessie before we start homework/ go down for naptime.

3:30-4:15 Go potty/diaper change before naptime (or quiet play) for K and M. I finally get B to sit down and do homework. She knows the longer she fights it, the longer it will take so she's gotten pretty good about sitting down and doing it. After all of it is done, I give her a high five and tell her how proud I am of her. We go upstairs together to get K and M and go downstairs to play with Barbies.

4:15-4:20 K and M fight over the Princess Elsa doll and I tell them we can each have her for 10 minutes and then switch. I give the doll to M first, and K hits M and grabs it out of her hands. M starts to cry and I immediately take the doll, give it to M, and take K by the hand and lead her to the steps. It is time for a time-out.

4:20-4:25 I put K on the bottom step and tell her she is going to sit in time-out for hitting her little sister. She starts to argue with me and throw a tantrum. She knows that the timer doesn't start until she is being quiet in time-out, so it doesn't take long for her to calm down. I set the timer for four minutes and walk away to check on M and B.

4:25-4:30 The timer goes off and I go back over to K. I ask her to tell me why she had to sit in time-out, and she tells me it's because she hit M. I tell her it's also because she wasn't listening when I said we were going to take turns playing with Elsa and that she needs to apologize to me for not listening and then apologize for M for hitting. She apologizes to me and I say thank you and give her a hug/kiss/I love you/etc. I let her off time-out, she goes over to M, says she's sorry, and gives her a big hug.

4:30-5:30 The girls continue to play dress up until dinner is ready.

5:30-6:30 I feed them dinner, then we take baths and put our jammies on. MB and DB come home, I tell them about the day, say goodbye to the girls/ hugs & kisses, I love you's, Please be good x3 then go home.

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My Nanny's Recipes - #4

I cooked with my nanny all of the time. This was my favorite think we would make together. She was with us from the time I was 4 until I was 9.

Ari & Livona's Fruit Pizza
The Cookie Crust
1/2 cup  unsalted butter, softened to room temperature*
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg, at room temperature*
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 and 1/2 cups  spoon & leveled all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 and 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

8 oz full-fat cream cheese, softened to room temperature
1/4 cup unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
2 cups confectioners' sugar
1-2 Tablespoons cream or milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
assorted sliced fresh fruit
1) Make the crust: In a large bowl using a hand-held mixer or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the softened butter for about 1 minute on medium speed. Get it nice and smooth, then add the sugar on medium speed until fluffy and light in color. Beat in egg and vanilla. Scrape down the sides as needed.
2) In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cornstarch. With the mixer running on low speed, slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in 3 different parts. Once completely combined, cover the dough tightly and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and up to 1 day. Without chilling, your cookie dough may spread over the sides of the pan.
3) Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Spray a 12-inch pizza pan with cooking spray. Remove chilled cookie dough from the refrigerator and press onto the pizza pan in an even flat circle, as pictured above. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the edges are very lightly browned. Overbaking will lend a hard crust. Allow crust to cool completely before decorating. I put the crust in the refrigerator after 10 minutes of cooling at room temperature - this sped up the process.
4) While the crust cools, chop the fruit.
5) Make the frosting: In a medium bowl using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese and butter together on medium speed until smooth, about 2 minutes. Add the confectioners’ sugar and 1 Tbsp cream. Beat for 2 minutes. Add the vanilla and 1 more Tbsp cream if needed to thin out. Beat for 1 minute. Spread in a thick layer over the cooled sugar cookie crust. Decorate with fruit.
Is there something special your nanny made or makes for you? Share it here with a shout to her and how great she is/was!