Am I Being Harassed?

So I have been a nanny  for 7 years and I know what I am doing. I have relocated to California from Oregon for my husbands job. I have worked for several families over many years and I feel I am being micro-managed and watched too closely. The dad works from home and basically spies on me, follows us to the park driving by in his car. Is this harassment? I am 30 and have worked with babies and all age groups for 7 years. These kids are 3 and 5. At the park I have to be with the 3 year old at all times, even if he is just walking in the play area. I sat down once to drink water, the dad drove by and said something. How far is too far? Today the dad wanted to know how frequently I visit the bathroom. Is that too far? They have the door rigged with an alarm so they know when I leave for the park. I feel trapped, I am not allowed to let the kids ride their bikes or power wheels. I feel like I am being treated as a child. I also feel they may be illegally taping me.

Editor's note : - we asked the Op if one of the kids got hurt while she was in the restroom and the Op answered   " No, but the 5 year old got into some valentines the mother was going to take back to the store, I do have a weak bladder, and the mother asked the 5 year old if I was in the restroom a lot and the 5 year old said yes"


Tragedies Are No Fun ;('''''

I am a mom of a 3 year old girl, I am not thinking straight right now because my husband passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. My nanny has been a Godsend - putting in extra hours staying over night several times without my asking. She has not asked for extra money and I have been unable to focus on it, I am not rich. A year ago, her mother was sick and we gave her 4 days off with pay, no discussion. Should I just assume her regular salary is all right? I am not sure I can focus on a conversation about money. I am glad my husbands mother is here to help. What is customary in this case, this is my first child so I am learning.

Nanny To The Rescue !! Jenna Lee Baker, The Only Thing Missing Is Her Cape!

Virtually all the nannies who read and contribute here are loving and professional with their charges, but how often do we actually get to save our little one's life? Actually hopefully never, but one nanny just recently did so in Super Hero fashion. The nanny worked with the Jonathan Lai family with her 3 year old male charge and they were coming back to the house in Irvine Ca from running errands. The second she and her Little skipped into the house, she knew something was wrong, she told her Little to come back to her, she picked him up and then heard feet on the staircase. She ran out of the house with her charge, saving his life and hers. The burgler had crashed a window, vandalized part of the house all in broad day light. He is at large. Mr Lai makes the point that during the evil theft a cell phone never left the bad guy's hand, so there are probably co-conspirators. Even though no one on this blog is likely to know this scum bag, I am putting his pic anyway as he is still at large.



Hi, I am a nanny/sitter. I have a long line of experience with working with children in different environments (schools, daycares, dance studios, in-home care, etc).  I started with a new family this year as my last family I worked for moved away.  I started working for this family in late August of this year 2017. I take care of the child M-F full time when she is not in school.  The parents want nothing to do with the child and go drink at bars and do not come home late.  I even was forced to buy a new vehicle to transport their child around. I must drop her off to school (which is 30 mins away) and pick her up from school, take her to after-school actives and such.  They do not pay for insurance, my insurance went up for having this child in my car by $94 monthly.  I am at ends-witt.  They are not friendly ever.  You cannot have a normal conversation with them, everything is so weird.  They have tried getting me to take care of someone else's kids in which I do not know the parents. I told them I was not comfortable with it and they got on my case.  Well, I bought the kid 2 Christmas presents for this year.  I wrapped them very nice and neat. I even gave a card to the child.  I also  provided a Christmas card for the parents.  Well, I was not even given a bonus, and the gift they gave me was re-gifted. It was not even wrapped just handed to me. I was not even given more pay for this week even though I am working 15 more hours than normal. No holiday bonus, no raise, nothing.  I do not even get compensated for gas.  I'm very upset almost in tears.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! This Op has written in the comment section that yes, she has wisely quit this bad work situation. She is wondering if she should go to a child advocate party such as the children's principle or CPS on behalf of the children. Several posters have said YES!!