Murray Ave School in Larchmont,NY

Received Monday, March 31, 2008
nanny sighting logo I saw your nanny put your child in physical danger this afternoon, (3/31). Pick up is CRAZY at school with parents double parking in front and there is a lot of traffic in front of the school at dismissal. I saw your nanny driving a silver Volvo SUV with at least one older child in the front seat park ACROSS the street from school and allow your child to cross oncoming and opposing traffic to get into the car. He really did not even look both ways. As I said this street is VERY busy at dismissal and he could have easily been hit by someone coming, going or pulling away from the front of the school. The nanny was young looking with long curly brown hair in a ponytail and looked Hispanic the boy was at least a second grader and had longer hair kind of scruffy with a grey long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. I looked at her completely aghast and she quickly rolled up the window and looked away,seemingly knowing what she did was incredibly stupid and dangerous. Perhaps you should tell her to come early so she can park properly, as the rules state. Also there normally is a police officer circling the school and she could have gotten in serious trouble for that. Parking improperly is one thing but endangering a child on a busy street is absolutely unacceptable


Rite Aid in Hoboken, NJ

Received Sunday, March 30, 2008
nanny sighting logoI wanted to bring to you and your reader's attention a bad nanny/parent sighting my family witnessed today.
At approx. 11:15 a.m. in in Hoboken, NJ at the Rite Aid parking lot (on Willow) we noticed a brand new Silver Town & Country (NJ plate # WTN 87 F (or S)) with an approx. 6 mo baby left locked in the front passenger seat. As we walked into the store to find the guardian, she walked out. Could have been a mom or nanny. The more we thought about it it seemed to be something we couldn't let go... a) she had 2 full shopping bags full of stuff and b) the child was in the front seat! The check out woman admitted that she had been chatting with someone inside for a while and was not in a rush. We called the HPD, but she had driven away and they, regretfully, said they couldn't do much at that point.

If it were my nanny or significant other I would want to know.

Nanny's Other Job

Received Sunday, March 30, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
Just a random, curious observation more so than anything. I realized our live in nanny is involved in a work from home business. I am not certain what she does, but she uses her computer on her time to generate additional income. I didn't ask her too much about it, because I didn't want to seem like I was prying. I trust her and she is wonderful about giving our family privacy when she isn't working, so I respect hers. She lives in year round and only works weekends if we are travelling. This discovery led me to wonder if any other employers had nannies involved in work from home ventures? And the greater question, how do employers feel about their live in nannies working elsewhere, particularly for other people. I thought this might be an interesting discussion.


In The News-Singulair

Childhood Asthma Overview
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed healthcare professionals and patients alike of their findings regarding the possible links between the use of Singulair and changes in mood and behavior. Their concerns pertain to suicidal thinking, changed behavior and indeed suicide.
Merck, the manufacturer of Singulair, is stressing that this warning is based on a small number of studies. (Still cause for concern, I'd say). Singulair is a leukotriene receptor antagonist. It is used to prevent exercise-induced asthma and to treat asthma and the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Singulair Investigation
Kate and David Miller say their son Cody starting taking Singulair last summer, and in the coming days his attitude completely changed....

Merck’s Singulair likely to see prescription drop-off only in high ...
"Both my kids are on Singulair - and I’m not going to take them off it,” said Dr Lawrence Ciesemier, an allergist and immunologist who practices Kirksville, ...


Centennial Park in Tustin, CA

A big fish
Received Friday, March 28, 2008
nanny sighting logoPhysical description of caregiver: A woman in her mid to late 30’s, with blonde curly/frizzy hair, brown V-neck shirt, jeans, and brown sneakers, with black sunglasses. Her name was Stella.

Physical description of involved child/children: I am not even positive how many children she was actually watching. I know there were 6 children at least. Two approx. 3 year old boys, one was Asian, dark bowl cut hair with a Blue jersey on, the other was white with blonde hair and blue eyes. One toddler girl approx. 2 with a skirt and a yellow shirt on with light brown/dark blonde curly hair. One older boy, around 7 or 8 with a black, white and red shirt. One girl about 4 or 5, very tiny with long brown hair and a pink outfit on. One girl about 6 or 7, brown hair, Caucasian.

Address or venue of observed incident: Centennial Park in Tustin, CA

Date and time of incident: Friday, March 28th at 11:15am-12:20pm

Detailed description of what you witnessed: We arrived at the park at 11:15am today, (3/28) and we saw about 10 children there already, which is pretty crowded for this section of the park. I noticed two “caregiver” sitting on the bench talking with each other. I took the girls over to the swings and pushed them for about 15 minutes. During this time a toddler girl walks up with another girl about 4 or 5, but looked about 3 from her size. She helped the toddler onto the “big kid” swing and began pushing her. The toddler liked this until she fell off, and started crying. Miss Stella looked over and finally got up and walked over with an annoyed look on her face. The girl wasn’t seriously injured but she didn’t know that because she wasn’t even watching when it happened. She then took the toddler and strapped her into a stroller and gave her a snack. The older girl look upset but went to play in the sandbox.

Soon after the girls and I went to play on the slides. Under the slide we noticed a little Asian boy, approx. 3, playing and then he started throwing wood chips at the girls. I quickly went over and told him we do not throw wood chips and asked him where his mother was. He told me she was at work and he was here with his day care and pointed to Miss Stella, who was back on her bench talking away. I told him if he threw wood chips again I would have to go talk with Miss Stella. But, the girls were mad at the boy and wanted to go play in the sandbox.

At the sandbox we noticed an older lady, about 60-65 years old, with wavy gray hair, wearing a sweat suit. I assumed she also worked for the day care and began talking with her while the girls played in the sand with the girl from the swing set, and about 4 other children. The lady told me she was here with her granddaughter and these children just came up and started playing with them and their sand toys. One of the girls, about 6 or 7, with brown hair told Miss Stella she needed to use the bathroom. Miss Stella reluctantly got up and started to take her to the opposite end of the park, about 50 yards away, to use the bathrooms. She leaves the children there with her bench mate, who was about 50-60 years old, with short red hair, gray sweats, and short dark brown Uggs. I assumed this was her helper, but when one of the boys asked for Miss Stella the woman said she had left and the kid started sobbing saying I can’t believe she left us here. When Miss Stella returned she thanked her friend for helping out. It was then I realized this lady was there watching her grandson and Miss Stella had just left all the children with her while she took the one to use the bathroom! After she started talking to her friend again she looked up and did a quick head count, couldn’t find one, and then looked down the walkway about 20 yards and noticed the 4 or 5 year old down there, she yelled for her to come back, but didn’t watch even to make sure she did.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: I only know of one cream color double stroller that she put the toddler in. I also believe she had a black bag/backpack with her.

Delicate Reminder

Received Friday, March 28, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
How would your readers, particularly the nannies suggest I best delicately remind the nanny that she is an employee and I am her supervisor? She is in many ways a lovely girl, in every way a competent employee, but it seems our initial complimentary accolades have caused her to set herself atop a pedestal. I still need her to report to me and defer to me. It has been 2 months, one week and the nanny has really been piling it on high since we initially shared with her our delight over her performance. An example of something she did was to contact a separate bus company and arrange for one of our children to utilize that bus service instead of the one we had used. The nanny informed me of the decision in passing. When I questioned her as to why, her reasoning made perfect sense, but I was left feeling like a complete fool. It isn't that she makes bad decisions nor is it that I have any reason not too trust her, quite the contrary. She is a nanny who came highly recommended from s suburb of London. While she has taken great control of our lives and our home has never run so smoothly, I cannot help feeling somewhat inept, even unnecessary to the equation. I do say, delicate reminder because I am very well aware that even in my circle, a bidding war would erupt over her services should she become incensed and depart our home. That is not at all what I want.

Boyle Park in Mill Valley, CA

Received Friday, March 28, 2008
nanny sighting logo This incident occurred at the Boyle Park playground on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at about 5:30pm. I went in to use the men’s room which is next to the playground, I found a female toddler with very curly blond hair, wearing a pink play outfit. Her hands and face were very, very dirty and she was walking toward the urinal. I looked under the stall (assuming her father was using the restroom and did not realize his daughter was touching unsanitary items) but there was nobody in the restroom. I realized this little girl may have been here for some time and that is why she was so dirty. I immediately went outside the restroom and inquired to a group of people sitting in a circle area of the playground if anybody had a little girl dressed in pink as she was alone in the men’s room. I young Hispanic looking girl who looked pregnant got up and headed over. She did not move very quickly as I was surprised it took her so long to get to the men’s room which is just feet away. She finally came and told the little girl “I told you to …”. I told the girl she may have been touching the toilet, the urinal and the dirty drain area for some time and she needed to wash her hands and face in warm soapy water, which I assume she did. I though of the horror of being at work in the City and thinking your child is well cared for and meanwhile she is having the run of a very dirty men’s room, not to mention what could have happened if the wrong guy had walked in. This nanny was not attentive. This is the second one I have seen at this park that endangered the child she was looking after. If I had a nanny, I would take a day off work and follow her to the park and see how she deals with traffic and how attentive she is with the children. This nanny seemed more into socializing than watching this toddler.

ISR Training For Children 1-6

Click here to find an ISR instructor in your area.

3/28 Follow up:
Cali Mom sent us a link to this excellent article by Justin Berton at SF Gate:
Infants in the Pool - A Dive Into Controversy
Parents who teach their tots to swim say the earlier the better. Pediatricians say reducing a young child's fear of water is dangerous...


McMichael Park in Philadelphia, PA

Received Thursday, March 27, 2008
Your au pair? Your son(s)? Today, (3/27) at around 2 PM in McMichael Park throwing rocks at squirrels and birds. I spoke to the au pair and suggested that she was encouraging cruelty and she answered in a thick accent that I think could have been Dutch, "who is it hurting, a rodent". Their real target was the squirrels. The poor squirrels. The littlest boy was being taught how to throw by aiming at the animals! IS there anything that shows what a bad omen this person is than she is teaching them that? The little boy was only about 2. He had blonde hair that was not short, denim jeans with an elastic waste band, hiking boots and a blue jacket. His brother had darker hair, I think it was the brother. His coloring was more olive. His hair has a wave to it and he was wearing a l/s collared shirt sticking out of a sweatshirt and he had a jacket tied around his waste. The nanny was a very young white gal. I think 18-22. She had blonde hair, cut chin length like a bob. No make up at all. A fuzzy blue sweater. I told my husband about this. Believe you me, he is a real animal lover and he said I should have called 911 and had this person arrested. Since I was the only person who said anything, I didn't say more, but boy I regret it now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Families are Opting for Male Au Pairs

Robot Babysitter Always Ready to Play

Getting Help for a Child with Autism


Jungle Java in FHills, Michigan

Received Wednesday, March 26, 2008
nanny sighting logo Hi, I am a nanny and I saw something very upsetting yesterday, (3/25) while with my charges at Jungle Java in Farmington Hills. A little boy named Garrett (3 1/2) came up to me (while playing with my charges 6 years and 15 months. Asking us to play with him, I have always said the more , the merrier- so I let him play with us. The nanny (Garrett told me was Ms. Grace) never came over to see, talk or interacting with him. My charges and I played with him OVER AN HOUR!! Ms. Grace never came over to check on him. Also had a little sister (Garrett told me "pointed" "that's my sister"- she could have not been more than 1 year)- I saw her climbing with us a couple times. NEVER saw the nanny. Until she came shouting to Garrett- lunch time. Very sad. I would really ask Garrett about this nanny. Garrett said to my 6 year old charge "Your lucky, your nanny is fun- my nanny doesn't play with me" Very sad!!

Description of child: Beautiful white little boy, blond hair. Wearing blue pants. Green shirt with blue shirt over the green shirt.

Description of Nanny: Black young woman- wearing a dark blue sweat outfit. Dark black hair.


The British Nanny Asks...

Received Tuesday, March 25, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
I am a London nanny hoping to move to New York or San Francisco next year. By the time I move, I will have over 5 years of nannying experience with one private family (in particular caring for a special needs child from age 2 - 7). I have a 4 year degree in foreign languages from a good London University and have also done some nannying/childcare courses (including first aid). I also have extensive training (though am not certified) in ABA. I am wondering what my prospects are in the above cities? Which one would be best? What can I expect in terms of salary? I have dual nationality (British and US) therefore am able to work legally. Will my British accent help or hinder me?? Btw, I am looking to be live-out since I will want to live with my husband.

I'd also like to know what constitutes a "professional" nanny? Are we talking solely about those who have been to nanny school or does it include those with years and years of experience?

Many thanks!

What do you do if you witness someone publicly mistreating a child?

Received Tuesday, March 25, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
Southwest Playground, Van Cortland Park, Bronx.
Monday, (3/24) 5:00 P.M....
Actually, I'm sorry, I started to post a sighting but am increasingly certain that the person I saw was a mother and not a nanny. However, I do have a question:
What do you do if you witness someone publicly mistreating a child? I recently saw a woman screaming at two young children at a local playground - swearing and threatening to hurt them. I said, "Please don't speak to your children that way - I know it's none of my business, but you'll really hurt them. It isn't right." She seemed to tone her behavior down at that point, but I'm very scared that I might have made things worse for the kids. Is it better to stay out of such situations? Turning a blind eye seemed very wrong.
If you wouldn't mind posting my question, I'd be very interested in hearing what readers have to say in response.


Chevy Chase Recreation Center in Washington DC

Received Monday, March 25, 2008
nanny sighting logo Location: Chevy Chase Recreation Center (aka Livingston Park) -- Washington, DC.
Nanny: African-American, average height and weight, hair in braids, wearing a black track suit with red accents.
Children: At least four: two looked like they were around 4 years old, two others (a boy and a girl - looked like brother and sister) looked to be 7 or 8. I heard the nanny use the names Matt and Liza when she was calling out to the children (although I can't remember which was Matt and which was Liza).
The incident: At the park, the two older children were beating up on each other -- hitting, kicking, punching. I saw them run up to a woman (who I'm assuming is the nanny). She was standing away from the older children but close to the two younger ones. The nanny ignored the kids as they tried to get her attention, and then as they climbed onto the chain link fence and into a tree. The only time I saw her attempt to do anything was when she took her keys and flung them at a child. I was standing too far away to tell if she actually hit the children with her keys, but they did not leave her hand. She then continued to ignore the kids while they ran around the entire playground trying to hurt each other.

Heckscher Playground in NYC

Received Monday, March 25, 2008
nanny sighting logo I have witnessed this nanny for the past 7-10 days. She is a new nanny who has recently started to frequent Heckscher Playground in Central Park. I have seen her three times there during this time and never before. She is an overweight, white female who carries an IPhone in bright blue carrier. She is always on her Iphone or texting on it. Usually sitting down. Her charge, and in fairness, it has been cold, but her charge just sits in her stroller. The stroller is light weight with a bright, fun print. The charge is a girl who has to be close to three years old. Looks to be healthy sized for her age, tall and sturdily built, not heavy. The child has exotic coloring, very fair skin, dark eyes and hair and is always wearing dresses, tights and little boots. The nanny who is always sitting and texting is often eating and drinking. She usually has a large bottle of Gatorade and then a grocery sack of snacks. To keep the child still and in her stroller, she constantly feeds this child. Little mini packs of potato chips, m&m's candy, lolly pops, Cheetos, animal crackers. That has been the extent of the outings I have seen them at. I am always at the park, even when it is cold, sometimes I just take a stroll there for fresh air. My charge is only 10 months and still I am just walking around or passing by or I stop and chat with someone I know to talk about play dates and meet ups. This nanny keeps to herself. I don't think this is an example of how a nanny should be. The strange thing is the child doesn't seem to ask to get out of the stroller, which makes me think she has come to prefer shoving food in her face to running around.

Spanish for your Nanny


The Pregnant Nanny...

Received Sunday, March 23, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
I'm currently a nanny for a 6 & 12 year old. I told my employer 2 weeks ago that I'm expecting...(I'm currently 9weeks pregnant) She was very happy for me and excited and said "i bet you were all stressed out about telling me" She was more than nice about the situation. I felt like i HAD to tell her asap as i would need to be going to a few dr. appt's etc...

Lets rewind to before i was hired.. I had told her that my husband and i were going to try to start a family within the next year and asked if this was going to be a problem. She said absolutely not and mentioned that she even payed her old nanny maternity leave..

Okay... So on Thursday she wanted to talk with me..
She questioned my commitment for the next year and a half.
Told me that my due date is a big inconvenience for her and her husband because they will be very busy for work.
Wanted to know my plan - exactly how long i will take off, what I will do for childcare etc...
Wants a dr's note stating I'm allowed to be outside for 8 hrs a day in the summer, because they have a membership at a yacht club where the kids will have swim and tennis lessons.
She was rather mean and rude to me and has NEVER treated me this way before..

I'm paid under the table so if she just fires me I'm screwed with no income..

I feel like I'm being forced to quit..

They are out of town for the next week so I'm busting my butt to try to find another job and stressed and depressed..

Just wondering what other parents would do in this situation?


Target on Sawmill Road in Columbus, Ohio

Received Friday, March 21, 2008
nanny sighting logo
On the heals of another thread... I just have to vent about what happened whilst the hubs and I were out shopping today!

Ugh... DH and I grabbed a snack at Target (whilst we were in a shopping mood) and sat down in the little food area. This mom came in and dropped off what I thought were her two kids at a table... one looked around 3 the other around 5. She told them to stay there while she (BRACE YOURSELF) did her shopping!! OMG! I about fell off my chair... but not wanting to cause a scene... just kept to myself.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, older boy starts singing to the younger boy "just stay put, just stay here, my mom will be back to get us, your mom will come home soon" (sweet of the boy), FIFTEEN MINUTES PASS! At this point I am about to get up and go get the manager of the store (YES, I am one of those who would have called CPS at this point in THIS situation), the mom comes waltzing back with a cart full of stuff she bought. She hands a game to the older boy and says "here is for staying put and watching him, now lets go get some lunch (at the food bar in Target)."

Now this is what REALLY boils my blood... she can leave her TWO PRECIOUS CHILDREN unattended in a room full of strangers, but she looks around and takes her cart full of purchases with her to the food counter! How in God's green earth is your junk you just bought more important than your children and those you watch?!?! That is my definition of an irresponsible parent!

As we got up to leave she was returning. I looked at her and said, "What you just did is insane and you are lucky I felt too guilty to leave the table area. Someone could have stolen your kids! If I see you in here doing that again, I will call CPS on you." (okay at this point I had been quite long enough, poor dh was embarrassed and I was so furious, so it might have not been the best thing to say, but oh well, if it makes her think). You know what she did... infront of her kids... looked at me and called me a "witch" (but replace the w with a b)! .... i almost let out a "white trash" but held myself back. :)

The 3 yo was blonde, the 5 yo was blondish brown. The younger of the two was thinner with more delicate features. The older was a little more husky.

The mom/caregiver was heavy (not huge, but noticably heavy), frizzy blonde/brown streaked hair. She was wearing sweatpants and a grey shirt.


This was today (3/21/08) at around 12:00-12:30 (noon-ish). It was at the TARGET on Sawmill Road in Columbus (Dublin), Ohio.

Promenade at Bryant Park

Received Friday, March 21, 2008
nanny sighting logoNanny in Spring looking dress, Thursday, (3/20) 1:30-2;30 PM, her short and above the knee. She was white or white/Hispanic mix. The dress was green and white. She had a white short sweater over it. She was pushing a child in a grey and red jogging style stroller with thick handrails on the side. The child seemed fine but the nanny was prancing around the area, unnecessarily since she had no one else near her. She seemed to relish bending over to the child or having the wind blow up her dress. This seemed to delight a few workers and a few businessmen in the adjoining area. How do I know she was a nanny? She had desperate for male attention written all over her. The baby was definitely a boy, about 1 and was dressed in camouflage colors. The nanny had brown hair, straight and to her shoulders. She looked to be about 22 years old. If you thought it would help, I could describe her underwear because I saw it a number of times! (Are you asking? Grey and white striped bikini style).

Children's Museum of Manhattan in NY

Received Friday, March 21, 2008
nanny sighting logoWhere: Children's Museum of Manhattan
When: 3/20-Thursday mid day
Who: Puerto Rican nanny and her two year old Caucasian Charge.
What: In a museum full of things to do with the children, this nanny parked her child in a pretend bus that sits in one of the corridors so she could stand beside it and talk on her cell phone. Every time I passed by the area, that poor child just sat there so her nanny could be talking on the cell phone. I am most definitely sure by the nanny's tone that this was neither the child's mother nor an emergency call. This little girl just looked sad.
Description of the child: Red Cardigan, print leggings, page boy styled hair cut, medium brown, about 2, maybe 3 y.o.
Desciption of the nanny: Puerto Rican, thick curly brown hair, attractive, thin, lots of make-up, tight fitting denim jeans and skin tight shirt.
Sad Fact: This parent was probably overjoyed at the fact that her daughter was having such a fun outing with her nanny. And she probably won't be able to communicate that she was for all intents and purposes, just parked in one spot the whole time. I think this child deserves better!


Douglas Park Playground in Leesburg, Virginia

Received Wednesday, March 19, 2008
nanny sighting logoMonday March 17th at 4:00 PM. Douglas Park Playground.

Spanish speaking au pair with two kids, one named Marin (maybe around 4-5) and one named Alex (2-ish). Saw her completely ignore the children while she talked with and hung out with another au pair. Although the playground is fenced in, it is quite large and she sat at one end on a picnic table with back to children with them often out of sight. The little girl was climbing around the play equipment at several times fell hard enough to start crying. The two year old boy was often ignored in the swings or other equipment. She had copper/brown colored dyed hair color and was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

The other au pair was also speaking Spanish and had one child, maybe 2.5-3 years old.

Pay Your Nanny!

Received Wednesday, March 19, 2008-Rant
I am writing this in hopes that the involved family sees this. I am the mother of a little boy with developmental delays. I check here often only because he can not tell us if something is wrong. I love our current nanny and don't think she would ever harm my child. We live in the Dundee area in Omaha, NE. My son loves to go for walks in the park. We often see the nanny of another family in the neighborhood with her charges. They are an adorable set of twins. We were in Memorial Park and the little boy asked the nanny if they could go get ice cream. Now it is the middle of winter, so a plain no would not have surprised me. The nanny just said "X, mommy hasn't paid me in a long time, so we don't have money for ice cream." Being my usual self, I said "Your boss hasn't paid you?" She said no, but the boss usually pays up after a month or two if she bugs them enough. She went on to say it is hard to find jobs where you get along with the parents and that she wouldn't get a good reference if she complained about this family. That would make it hard for her to find another job with her being Hispanic and all. I am APPALLED that any family in our neighborhood would treat their nanny this way! We live in an upper class neighborhood where finances should not be a huge issue. I would hate to be a nanny stealer, but I would gladly have this woman watch my son and I would never treat her this way! This woman takes excellent care of these kids. She interacts with them, plays with them, talks to them, shows them affection and always keeps an eye on them. The children adore her, so I am pretty sure this is not an act. I have to say SHAME on these parents!

Underdressed Children...

Received Wednesday, March 19, 2008-Rant
What I really want to know is why when it is 36 degrees outside and your child has a death rattle of a cough and a snotty nose he/she is not wearing a coat, mittens or hat???!!!!
I was at the post office today and saw a little girl of 5 or so with her mother. She only had on a velour sweat suit with a zip up hoodie! She was coughing and sniffling! No hat, no gloves/mittens/no winter coat! Today's high was around 40 but felt much much colder. It was her MOTHER with her! I then went to the market and saw the same thing with a little boy. He again was with his mother and coughing with a deep chest cough and was wearing no coat only a long sleeve shirt. Even if you're only going from the house to the car and from car to your destination it's still COLD and a child who is sick can get chilled so easily. The boy in the market was shivering in the cart.
I don't know about anyone else but as a caregiver this infuriates me.

Gym Class in NY (edited)

Update 4/14/08
As the mother of these children, I investigated the situation and found from the "gym class" that there was no wrongdoing by my nanny. I would appreciate the post being removed altogher; or at least a comment added that this situation was resolved. As the mother of these children, I investigated the situation and found from the "gym class" that there was no wrongdoing by my nanny.

(This post will be deleted at midnight tonight and no record of it will remain on the blog. This is per the parent's request. Despite the fact that no pertinent information remains, she is requesting that it be deleted. With respect to the poll above, 100 % of the votes that came in over the past 36 hours were to remove the post as were 100% of the votes from Long Island. )

Received Thursday, April 10, 2008
as the mother of these children i am disappointed that the person who witnessed this did not try to contact me instead of posting my child's name and the story on the internet. my nanny has been with me almost 3 years and i have had nothing but positive comments regarding her care for my children. as the mother of these children i would appreciate the post being removed. i do not appreciate my child's name appearing along with the story.

Received Wednesday, March 19, 2008
On Tuesday, March 18 in ***NY*** at the ***** for the ****Gym Class*** class at **** I witnessed a nanny do something that made me want to call the child's mother. The nanny was a large AA woman wearing a pink sweater with a vest over it and she had 2 children with her - one was about 2-2 1/2 (I think her name was *name removed 4/10*) and the other was about 6 mos. In the beginning of the class there's a song circle time, then the teacher has the kids run over to a large rectangular blow-up trampoline, lay down on it when its deflated, then the teacher inflates it and the kids all jump. The nanny put the 6 mos. old on the trampoline with all the other 2-3 year olds. She sorta thumped the baby's head on the floor when she did it, too. So the trampoline inflates and she lets the baby lay there while 2-3 year olds jump around her. I put my arm out to block other kids from falling on her and a mother told the nanny that the baby could get hurt at which point she picked up the baby. I chalked it up to a lapse in judgement, but then she put the baby on the big round traditional-style trampoline and let kids jump around the baby again. Once again someone told her that the baby could get hurt. At the end of class, there's parachute time and all the kids sit on the parachute and we pull the parachute around to the wheels on the bus song and she put the baby on the parachute for this too. It was infuriating to watch this nanny put this baby in a situation over and over again where there's the great likelihood of an accident despite the fact that she had been told many times that the baby could get hurt. I've seen this nanny in class many times before and she's never done anything like this before.


Nanny's Gas Dilemma...

Received Monday, March 17, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
I need some advice from other nannies who have been in similar situations, or parents. Ok, so when I started my current nanny job for 2 school aged children a year and a half ago, there was no driving involved. Well, 9 months ago their school location changed and I had to start picking them up in my vehicle from school and drive them home. I also take the kids in my vehicle to do light grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, take them to birthday parties, play dates, etc. This does not bother me, as when my driving was first needed, we agreed on a weekly amount of money for gas. This was a set amount. Now, 9 months later, not only have gas prices skyrocketed, but I also got a new vehicle (my old one was having major issues) and my new vehicle is a SUV that isn't exactly gas friendly or economical. I realize this was my choice to purchase the vehicle (not entirely, because my husband just purchased it so we could have a larger family vehicle) but anyways I'm just wondering do I have the right to ask the parents for more gas money now? Neither of us want to calculate by the mile I drive or have it be some huge math problem at the end of every week when it's payday. I'd like to still have a set amount for each week. Is it fair to ask for more just because of the gas prices? Is it fair to ask for more because my vehicle requires more money for gas? Please help me! I'm a fair, reasonable, and loving nanny who just doesn't want to be taken advantage of.

Use Caution When Interviewing "Kate"

Received Monday, March 17, 2008-Rants and Warnings

For anyone hiring a nanny in NYC:
Warning if you interview a young Polish woman named Kate. Attractive, Blonde, mid 20's, well experienced.We hired her with very clear terms 3 weeks ago and she quit after 2 days because her fiance didn't want her to work late hours (although she agreed on the terms weeks before starting work). She explained that he did not want her to work in this manner and that she needed to quit. Needless to say that her peronal matter in not our business except that she was irresponsible to take the job( & we replaced another nanny with her)without discussing terms with her controlling boyfriend. Her description of her peronal situation made me believe she was in a controlling, perhaps abusive situation. We nor does anybody need to expose their children to exposure to unstable, potentially dangerous crazy boyfriends.

Books on the Square- East Side of Providence, RI

Received Monday, March 17, 2008-Possible Update
I was in the Wayland Sq Starbucks today and believe that I saw this same nanny. She had 3 little kids with her this time though, 2 girls and a boy. She was paying no attention to the kids and often walked away from the table leaving them with sad and bored little faces. I guess that Im not reporting anything ground breaking her but I figure that if the parents see these posts they may rethink things.

Received Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Au pair: Short, thin, long dark hair, Asian
Children: approx. 18 month-old girl and 9 month-old girl.
This happened a few weeks ago, but I never knew of this web site and wasn't sure what to do with what I witnessed. The au pair arrived with a double jogging stroller with both girls in it for story time. They were a little early. The au pair then took the older girl out of the stroller and left the store!! There was plenty of people around waiting for story time to start, and she could have easily asked any of us to watch the little girl while she ran out. She didn't say anything to anyone in the store, and left the baby in the stroller while she went next door to CVS with the older girl. After about five minutes the baby started fussing. About five minutes after that the au pair returned with the 18 month-old and a bag of cookies from CVS. It is completely unacceptable to leave that child in the store alone. On other occasions I have seen the au pair hit the 18 month-old's hand, hard enough to make her cry. The au pair has also picked up the baby's pacifier off the floor and given it back to the baby without washing it off. She has also let the 18 month-old drink a friend's Starbucks frozen drink, which young children should not be drinking. There is a group of au pairs that go to story time together and sit and chat the entire time, and hardly pay attention to these poor children. I have never seen parents with these girls. Only the au pair. I have seen her at the park as well as at story time on many different occasions, usually chatting with her friends and not paying attention to the children.

Westlake Village, CA

Received Monday, March 17, 2008-Rants and Warnings

Convicted Pedophile in Westlake Village
In the Police Department's efforts to keep our children safe, the following alert has been issued. Please be aware that there is a Registered Sex Offender who is frequenting the City of Thousand Oaks. The offender is not currently breaking any laws, however, his behavior is causing concern. The subject, Kevin Perry, is living in his van. He has been frequenting various parking lots in the area. He has a poster in his van that reads, "$1 to talk to a real-life pedophile," and "I am a kind loving human." In the event that you come into contact with Mr. Perry, please contact the police. If you observe Mr. Perry behaving in any way that causes concern, please call the police department immediately. When contacting the police, please indicate that he is a known sex offender. Tell the dispatcher what he is doing, his location, and description as well as any information regarding anyone seen with Mr. Perry. Ventura County Sheriff's Dispatch: 805.654.9511

Child Missing FOUND
Justin Pyorala has been missing since 4pm last week. He is 14 but looks more like 12. He is thin build about 5 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen with his guitar in a white guitar case and amp. He has been having difficulties with his dad. He told his friends at school that he was hitch hiking to Mexico . They think he might have met someone on MySpace or YouTube. The police are obviously involved but it is not moving fast enough and is very frustrating. His friends have all been interviewed. He goes to Alemany High School in Mission Hills and lives in Northridge. They won't do an Amber alert because he was not seen being abducted. Any leads , call 818-384-9454.

These alerts come by way of Jen.

Clark Field in Washington Township, NJ

Received Monday, March 17, 2008
nanny sighting logo Sometime between 12:30-1:00 today, (3/17), I saw a nanny, a large AA nanny with a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans, short hair that had been professionally 'set' playing with a child who was between 12-20 months. The nanny was sitting on the bench facing the playground, speaking with another nanny who was watching at least 1, but maybe 2 older children. The nanny seemed just fine, but for when she was playing with the child, and I know this could happen to anyone, but it was scary. The nanny was holding the child up on her shoulders, and over her back upside down. Keep in mind, I realize she was playing with the child, fully engaged and what I saw made me smile, until the nanny dropped the child onto the dirt. The nanny got up, ran around behind the bench and picked up the child who was crying a blue streak. Some of us rushed over to help her and the nanny turned rude. She was obviously upset with herself that she let that happen, but she was immediately assuring everyone the child, (a white female, dark blue cords, with brown shoes, Mary Jane style with a flower cut out and yellow socks) was okay before she could even accurately see if she was. We offered help and to call someone for her. She assured us that she was fine, loaded the child up in a lightweight push stroller that was very plain looking and near solid taupe in color. I can vouch this was an accident. I can vouch that the nanny was chatting with her friend, but the whole time engaging the child, pointing at things, speaking gibberish to her. It was a fluke and an accident that she fell and I, along with some of the other mothers were just worried that she might not tell her employers.


Wage & Benefits in Florida...

Received Sunday, March 16, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
Hello all! I've got a question about wages/benefits.

A bit of background, I'm currently working for a wonderful family here in Tallahassee, FL. I have a 23 month old charge, C, and I work from around 8 to 6 M-F. I've been on the job a bit over 6 months, and while I love it more and more every day, I recently had an encounter with another nanny here in town and the discussion got heated when the subject of wages came up. Mostly, she became upset when I told her what I made weekly and then demanded that I ask for a raise immediately.

I don't work on the books, I prefer it that way for the time being. No health care or mileage reimbursement or car insurance co-pay. I've done a ton of Internet reading but I don't know vary many other nannies personally. Are these things normal? Currently, I'm making 350 a week.

I'm 22, I worked as a teacher's assistant for a year at a pre-school, and I have large amounts of babysitting experience (7+ years), as well as being CPR and first aid trained. I've also taken state required courses in child care and development. However, this is my first job as a nanny.

I'm beginning to feel like I should be making more. I feel I'm worth more. I have a great relationship with C, and a good relationship with his parents. I don't know what a more appropriate salary would look like, and I have no idea how to even go about asking for one.

I would love to hear some advice from other nannies as well as employers - tips on how to ask, what to ask for, etc.

Charge with Chickenpox--Advice needed!

Received Sunday, March 16, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
Hi everyone. Please forgive me, as this is not a nanny sighting, but I do need some advice ASAP and I truly enjoy reading all the advice/comments given on this sight, so I am hoping someone can help me! My seven year old charge has the chickenpox. She is still contagious as she is getting new spots ever day, and many have not "broken" yet. I have never had the chickenpox, and am 23 years old. From what I have read, chickenpox for adults is much worse than for children, so I do not want to contract them! My problem is this: I am a live-in aupair in Europe. My "host parents" have said that the little girl will be staying home from school the whole week, and I am supposed to stay with her. Under normal circumstances, I would not mind watching her while she is sick. But, to me, this is a bit more serious. Would I be out of line if I (not refused outright), but politely said that I do not feel comfortable doing this? Especially since both of her parents have already had the chickenpox. Thank you very much! I appreciate any response given!


Near Shepton HS and Huffman Elementary in West Plano, TX

Received Saturday, March 15, 2008
nanny sighting logo On Friday March 14th 2008 around 12:00 pm I witnessed a nanny that makes the rest of us Nannies look horrid. I was at the park near Shepton HS and Huffman Elementary,off Plano parkway in West Plano TX, with my charge when I saw a little girl all alone on the playground. The girl had blonde hair and was wearing red pants and pink Crocs. There were teenagers swinging nearby but I knew she didn't belong to them off to the other side of the park about 100-200 ft. there was a young Hispanic woman wearing a gray sweatshirt and an older Hispanic man that when it dawned on me that the little girl must be this woman's charge. My biggest problem was that this woman wasn't paying attention to her charge and the little girl was only about 1. You cannot leave your charge alone like that that's horrible and irresponsible.

Waterfront Movie Theatre in Port Chester, NY

Received Saturday, March 15, 2008
nanny sighting logo Hi, I was at the movie theatre in Port Chester and I saw a strange nanny. She had two children with her, they were about 1 and 3. The 3 year old was there and kind of focused on the movie. The one year old has a binky in his mouth and was climbing the steps and crying and talking and whining and distracting the crowd from the enjoyment of Dr. Suess's Whorton's Who. The child was very nearly in peril messing around on the steps and the nanny looked hungover. She was wearing a sleeveless winter jacket vest and Coach logo rain boots. All parties were white. The boots should help you identify the nanny. This was the 12:00 PM showing on Sat, 3/15.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Nanny Caught on Tape
Click here for video and full story

Spare the Rod?
Spanking may lead to aggression and sexual problems later in life, says a new study. So why do so many parents still believe in it? (Read Newsweek article here.)

Charges dropped for mom who left tot in car
Child endangerment case stirred outrage, but police stand by the arrest. (Read MSNBC article here.)

That Parental Bond May be all in Your Head
The parental bond may be all in the mind, according to a study published on Wednesday that pinpoints a possible region of the brain key to an instinctive desire to care for and nurture infants. (Read the Reuters article here.)

Confessions of a Nanny-by Jonathon Bender

Potty Problems

Received Thursday, March 13, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
Hey guys. I, (jerseyxjacqui) actually have a question...

I have been potty training my charge for about 3 weeks now (she turned 2 at the end of December)...she's doing a great job with me and just recently started informing me when she has to go, as opposed to me just saying, "OK IT'S POTTY TIME!"

The problem is, she won't go for mommy and daddy. Hasn't done it ONCE and almost seems traumatized when they bring the potty up.
I know they're not pushing her too hard and I know they're definitely not making potty time traumatizing in other words, we're all on the same page regarding how we approach the training.
We have made it a fun routine for her...we read a "potty book" and play a little quiet game where we listen closely to hear the pee-pee in the potty. She loves it and I think the repetition is good...When she DOES do pee-pees she gets one M&M as a treat (she doesn't eat ANY junk or candy throughout the day so it truly IS a treat for her). We decorated a little tupperware container for her POTTY M&Ms with stickers and crayons so she had something special to go to each time she uses the potty.
It's working great..ONLY FOR ME though!

I understand the caregiver/charge vs parent/child dynamics are completely different and often times the way the child acts with each is completely paradoxical...still though, I don't want her to become a potty expert with me and only me, especially considering mommy is going to have a baby in a few months.

Her parents are great and like I said, we're all on the same page with the potty training...Does anyone have any suggestions for us? We don't want to have to stretch out the process, for HER sake or make it at all stressful for her.

Not advice, but your post reminded how all of the lovely kids I was lucky enough to have in my life have so loved this video. But be warned, you will never get the lyrics out of your head!-JD

From bad to worse....

Received Friday, March 14, 2008-My Story
Two weeks ago today I had a miscarriage. I have been working as a loyal, over-achieving nanny with my current family for 13 months. As of last night I've been 'let go' because I am not my 100% perky/positive self.

Starbucks in Shorewood, WI

Received Friday, March 14, 2008
nanny sighting logo Where: Shorewood, WI Starbucks on the corner of Oakland and Olive
Time: 3ish on Thursday, 3/13
Caregiver: 20's, brown hair, black fleece, brown Coach shoes, jeans, Coach key chain and tan leather wallet drives an older, 4 door black Nissan Altima or Maxima.
What happened: She left two kids, both in car seats with winter hats on, in the back seat of her car while she went in and got herself a coffee. I had my 2 charges with me but did not say anything because I didn't notice the kids until we both walked out.


(Another) Nanny Stuck in the Middle of a Parent's Divorce

Received Thursday, March 13, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
I'll try to make this as short as possible. I need help on how to quit my current situation and how much notice is required/customary. This situation certainly isn't normal so I'm unsure of how to end it.

I'm a Live-Out Nanny/Household Manager for a family with four school aged children, making roughly between $11-$15 hourly. I've been with the family for almost two and a half years now, but it has become increasingly apparent that this relationship needs to end. You see, when I started the family was your typical nuclear, filthy rich, but surprisingly liberal family. They were desperate for a nanny as their last nanny had quit with no notice (should have been a clue, huh?). I was a college student over five hours from home with only ten dollars in my pocket. So there were no reference, background, resume, or neglect checks. Just a "so you're free after this time, great show up Monday!" No contract, no discussion, just under the table stupidity. Things were good for the first 8 months, kids were rude and revolting a little but nothing more than typical kid stuff. The parents were very respectful of my scheduling needs and monetary compensation was terrific. Then I went on vacation with them, and everything fell apart. Parents were constantly fighting and screaming profanities in front of children. This started the divorce process. It has been an ugly battle for the past year and a half. I've been there for every minute of it. This public divorce has even been written about in the paper, causing humiliation for them and myself (since my name was used).

Since this divorce process started the kids have become absolutely defiant and violent. I have been stabbed, punched, kicked, bit, cussed out, given black eyes, etc. Parents are living in separate houses and I travel between houses with the kids. Parent A has become absolutely awful. Parent A doesn't pay on time, in full, or willingly. Parent A often cancels care at very last minute. My hours have diminished from 35+ a week to 3-5 with this parent who has custody 2/3 of the time. Parent A is constantly threatening termination (upon lawyer's advice), thinks I'm telling secrets to Parent B, sends text messages about everything at all hours, and allows children to behave in increasingly violent ways towards me. Parent A is the main reason I want to quit. Parent B however turned out to be a great person. Parent B pays on time, in full, constantly shows signs of appreciation, and does not allow kids to injure me. Unfortunately, I can't support myself on just Parent B's schedule so I have to quit both parents. I do have a job lined up with an agency, and am taking the necessary steps (including a contract). The kids are really in the middle of this mess, and although they literally beat me black and blue I still care for them. They are great kids when given the chance. I want to still be there for them emotionally, but I can't be there every day anymore. The situation is emotionally, physically, and financially draining. How can I quit without hurting the kids? Also do I have to give notice to Parent B but not Parent A? If so how much notice? Parent B has really stuck out his/her neck for me and I feel awful about quitting and leaving him/her without help. Any advice would be great!

Note: Parent A and Parent B was used because I really don't feel like exposing myself or them to anymore controversy.


Walmart in Secaucus, NJ

Received Wednesday, March 12, 2008
nanny sighting logoI Saw Your Grandmother
When/Where: About 9:30 AM Wal Mart Secaucus NJ

Grandmother: Short, plump, dyed red hair, green-rimmed glasses, black velour jogging suit.

Child: Short, curly brown hair, big brown eyes, wearing a blue Disney Princess Tee shirt and jeans. Dora sneakers about 4 years old. Sounded like she called the little girl Rinny? Winnie?

This child's grandmother was the most evil looking woman I have ever seen. She dragged the little girl behind her and pushed past me on her way in She told the little girl several times to "shut the hell up" I couldn't hear what the child was saying but she wasn't crying or whining. The grandmother proceeded to drag her around the store roughly and was annoyed anytime the child seemed to make a sound or lag to look at something. We parted ways and I didn't see them again until we were on line. I purposely got on line behind them to see who this woman was. I complimented the little girl, saying "She's so cute is that your grand-daughter?" The grandmother replied "Yeah and she's not that cute believe me." I didn't speak to her anymore but watched sadly as the child was again told to shut the hell up when she pointed to the Easter baskets. She didn't ask for one, just wanted "gammie" to look at them. I then gave this witch a nasty look and told her to smile a minute it wouldn't hurt. She replied "Easy for you to say, you ain't saddled with a kid all day while her parents work. I'll be glad when she gets better and is back at school!" I know kids can be trying and no child is a perfect angel, but this one never cried or whined that I saw. I also just could tell that this woman did not want to be anywhere near this child. I know it seems like an insignificant sighting, you had to be there to see the look of contempt on this woman's face every time she looked or spoke to this child to understand.

TV Addiction...

Received Wednesday, March 12, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
Hey all,
I am a nanny who has a question. I just started with a new family at the beginning of January. The little boy is 4, and sweet as can be. My boss is a single mother who works extremely hard. It is obvious that her son is her world and is loved very much by her. I am a mid 20's college student, and so am part time (average 25 hours a week) after school.

The problem is, I can't for the life of me, get this kid away from the television. I have cared for two other families very long term in the past and neither allowed much TV in the home.

As a single mom who works very hard, it makes sense to me that she would have turned to the TV more often than she would have liked.

For the past 2.5 months I have been trying very hard to get my kid away from the television without a fuss. There's NOTHING he wants more than to watch TV.

We've gone to the dinosaur and art museums, had play dates with other kids, gone to the park, coffee shops, bakeries, movies, mall, played outside, etc.
I pride myself on being a good, creative nanny, who turns everything into a fun learning experience for the child, but it has been exceedingly difficult this time around.

He finds a lot of comfort in the TV as he is very attached to his mother... It's a way, in his mind, for him to stop missing mom.

I feel like I would really be doing him a disservice by giving into his TV habit, so have tried to set guidelines. The current rule is, after school, TV is off for half an hour, then may be turned on until dinner, off at dinner and on again when mom comes home if she chooses to allow it.

This still allows at least an hour and a half of TV time while in my care, which I absolutely don't like.

Any ideas of shortening the time even more? I want to foster his love for books, which he hasn't found yet, as well as words, art and letters, which are also relatively lost on him.

His mom is all for my less-TV approach, also. The kid, however is NOT.

I've thought about removing him from the house even MORE, and maybe spending even more time in book stores and libraries....but at such a young age, I see the importance of being at home. He's in school full time, 5 days a week, and day care for an hour after until I pick him up.



Gift Idea for High School Sitter...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
Hello All, our wonderful nanny will be graduating from high school at the beginning of May, and both DH and I are at a loss as to what to get her to celebrate! She will be going to RISD in the fall, but mom and dad are taking care of all the dorm stuff. Both dc's plan on making her a scrapbook and some clay figurines (to decorate her dorm windowsill =)), but dh and I would, obviously, love to get her something too. We have two boys, 7 and 10, so we aren't exactly well-versed in teenage girl! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Third Street Playground in Brooklyn, NY

Received Tuesday, March 11, 2008
nanny sighting logo
Overwhelmed Nanny Sighting
Third Street Playground, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Tuesday, March 11th. in the afternoon.
Description of child: Absolutely gorgeous 4 year old girl named either Sophie or Sophia with long, wavy, black hair
Description of nanny: Slim African American named Nicole or Nadine (or something similar that starts with an N)
The situation: Your daughter was pushing younger kids around (she pushed my son down, which is why I noticed her). She threw sand and toys at kids and adults in the sandbox. She scratched your nanny when she tried to intervene. She barked orders at your nanny for her to push her in the swing or bring her a snack.

Your nanny is engaged and seems to be working very hard, but she's chasing your child all over the playground and the child just doesn't listen to her (or anyone--other caregivers tried to step in to help).

I don't want to get this nanny in trouble because, as I said, she's working very hard, but your daughter seems pretty out of control.

Bathroom at the Children's Zoo in Central Park (NYC)

Received Tuesday, March 11, 2008
nanny sighting logo I am so angry! I was at the Children's Zoo this morning. I witnessed a Hispanic nanny with medium skin, dark lipstick, reddish brown hair and she was holding her charge naked from the waste down over the sink, running water on the child's bottom to get what looked like diarrhea off the child. In the sink! The sink where children was their hands. I can't bare to describe to you what was coming out of/off of that child in to that sink. It was stomach turning. I am not going to tell you what I said because I totally lost my cool, and in front of my child. This woman is a nanny. The child was wearing a pair of tan corduroy overalls with a pastel purple shirt. She had curly hair just below her ears, was Caucasian, with rosy cheeks and and a mouth full of teeth. I would guess the child to be 16-18 months old. The nanny had a mint green carry all bag with silver accents on it and the nanny was wearing black boots with her pants tucked in to them. The boots were leather looking with divots on them.

Techny Prairie Park in Northbrook, Il.

Received Tuesday, March 11, 2008
nanny sighting logo
Physical description of caregiver:
Fat. Sloppy looking. White. Stringy hair. Did I say fat? Brown hair. Loose. Suede jacket, jeans.
Physical description of involved child/children: 2 boys. Both White. Probably brothers. One boy had brown hair cut very short, brown eyes and wore a striped red and grey shirt, the older boy had blond hair and lighter eyes, with the same short hair cut and was wearing a grey and blue striped shirt. Both boys had on naby blue jackets. Identical.
Address or venue of observed incident: Techny Prairie Park in Northbrook, Il. walking by the river.
Date and time of incident: 2:20 PM, Tues 3/11
Detailed description of what you witnessed: Nanny was walking behind dark grey and black stroller with chrome bits. The blond boy was behind her imploring her to give the child in the stroller back his 'nappy'. The boy in the stroller was crying. The nanny was holding the 'nappy' with one hand on the handle as she pushed. The older boy was sooo sweet. He was saying to the nanny, 'but you can't take his nappy away, not that. that's his 'curity'. The nanny then said something I couldn't hear, but she bent down and grabbed the older child's arm. He looked stunned. She walks over to a garbage can and holds the 'nappy' in front of the can. The baby is crying and the older boy is begging her, 'please don't do that'.
Background: I have no background. I don't know what the child in the stroller had done or why he was being punished. Given that he looked to be about 2 years old, I can't imagine it was that bad. I also think there was a better way this horrible nanny could have dealt with it but she seemed to be getting joy out of terrorizing not just the younger boy in the stroller but the older brother who was diligently trying to stick up for his little brother. I stopped in my tracks and looked at her very sternly. The nanny looked at me and said, "Next time Bobo (sounded like bo bo) you need to listen to me". She walked back to the stroller and handed him his 'nappy'. What they referred to as a nappy was a silky looking blue blanket that was furry/textured on the opposite side. One side silk and blue, the other textured and cream colored. It was not a large blanket tho, maybe 20 x 20.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: Black stroller reminded me of a rental stroller. Very basic stroller. Dark grey or black. Chrome parts.

Conflicting Feelings About the New Nanny

Tuesday, March 11, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
We hired a nanny who had previous experience working as a nursing assistant in a hospital. She has many fine attributes. She charts our dc's activities throughout the day, including what dcs ate, drank, minutes of television watched, if dc had a bm and the size and consistency of the bm. She's that thorough. As working parents, we appreciate that detail. On the negative side, she lets dc eat in other rooms beside the kitchen, shows up late and has already been out sick twice. My husband suggested that we put the nanny on probation. His plan is to go over our rules again, put everything in writing and put her on probation for a month. I was curious to see if there are other families that have utilized this probation plan of action. The nanny is a live-in and because two of the days she called out were Mondays, my husband plans to state that the nanny needs to return home Sunday evenings. She has family in Brooklyn and her previous call outs just seemed like long weekends away to us. To reiterate, she has many fine points.


The Nanny Affair (on Dr. Phil)

Received Monday, March 10, 2008
Hi Jane,
It's after nine and there is no such nanny stuff on the blog, so I wanted to suggest you post this. It's not brand new, but some people might enjoy it. -Heidi

Dr. Phil meets Brandon, a fireman who cheated on his wife, Amy, with their teenage nanny.


Madison Square Park Playground in NYC

Received Sunday, March 9, 2008
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny Good Nanny Sighting:
Physical description of caregiver:
White girl, dark hair and light eyes, no audible accent, pretty, maybe 25 years old

Physical description of involved child/children: girl around 4 years old wearing a brown jacket with multi colored flowers on it, kind of a retro design (maybe named Olive?), and a dark haired boy about 2 who was wearing an orange puffy jacket (maybe named Jasper?)

Address or venue of observed incident: Madison Square Park playground

Date and time of incident: Sunday, March 9, about 4:30 pm

Detailed description of what you witnessed: No specific incident, I just watched the nanny interacting with the children in a very nice way. I chatted with her briefly (she told me she’s the nanny, not the mom), and she said there’s a one year old little sister also. At one point the little boy was playing with my 16 month old, and the nanny watched from a short distance away and made sure the boy (bigger than mine) was playing nicely - which he was. And shortly after that the 4 year old girl came up and started leaning/resting on the nanny, who asked her if she was tired and rubbed her hair nicely. Like I said, nothing specific, but I have a nanny who I love and I see lots of nannies both good and bad, and I got a good vibe from how this one acted with the kids. Just thought the parents would want to know.

References on a Potential Employer?

Received Sunday, March 9, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
Can I, the nanny, request past-nanny references from potential employers?I am the fourth nanny in my five-year old charge's life. Because of the mother, I have grown to hate my job so much that I have anxiety dreams that wake me up screaming. Had I known what a terrible person and bad mother she is, I never would have accepted this job. Too late, I surreptitiously spoke to the other three previous nannies and learned we all share the same horror stories and not surprisingly, they all quit because of the mistreatment they received by our employer. Hindsight is 20/20! I don't want this to happen to me again when I hunt for my next nannying job. What is the protocol for asking parents for their references? It seems that if nannies must provide references, parents should too. Thank you in advance for any advice.


Nanny Injured on the Job...

Received Friday, March 7, 2008-Perspective & Opinion
I'm a nanny who was injured on the job (took a tumble in employer's home). I think I'm OK, but was maybe more injured by my employer's reaction (NON-reaction) after the fact...she pretty much ignored the incident, and didn't even ask (when I came to work the day after) if I was alright, or feeling OK.

I'd like to hear from other nannies how they've handled (been treated) getting hurt on the job. In my state, domestic employees are not covered by workers compensation. I wonder what would have happened had this been a more serious injury, and my ability to do my job, or return to work for a time had been affected. Thanks for any guidance you can offer.


Mission Viejo Mall in Mission Viejo, CA

nanny sighting logoThursday, March 6, 2008
I was at the mall in Mission Viejo yesterday,(3/5) {The Shops at Mission Viejo} when I witnessed a frantic woman shopping near me. I can't detail everything that made me suspicious but will tell you she had no patience, was very jittery and while she was waiting for the elevator, the baby began crying and she began shaking the stroller. Shaking the stroller so that it went up on two wheels and rocked back on the other and repeatedly. She saw me look at her and she said, "whatever it takes, right- it soothes her". And the truth is, the baby did stop crying but I wouldn't want my child bounced around like that. The child was at my best estimation, under four months of age. I am not 100 percent sure she was a nanny, but based on her simple attire, (including Levis jeans and a plaid shirt over a tank top), I have a pretty good feeling she was. If you have a baby who left the house yesterday wearing a pink sailor styled dress and your baby rides around in a blue and cream colored Everbright stroller, you need to take a minute to talk about the person who was caring for her yesterday. Even if you are the father and she is the mother. The woman was carrying a square brown leather purse with embroider on one side. She was rifling through it looking for something and spilled the contents of her bag outside Saks. When she reached over to pick it up, she threw the stuff back in the baby stroller, not her bag. I saw her again at the food court and had left the stroller propped by a table while she was ordering. She seemed very disconnected, maybe even mentally ill. I am sorry to report that something is very off, I got a very bad vibe.

Tired & Frustrated Parents Turn to Spanking..

Received Thursday, March 6, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
I need advice!

I am a nanny for twin almost 3 year old girls. They have been potty training for almost a year now, and have been doing great. Unfortunately for the potty training, the parents decided to have another baby, and due to complications the mom was in the hospital for almost a month. The baby is home now and the girls are adjusting, except with potty training. They FREAK-OUT everytime I suggest using the potty now where as before they would either say no or go sit down. I come to find out this week that the parents have been spanking the girls everytime the have an accident for the past week and I am assuming this is why they are freaking out.

My question is, how do I confront the parents about this? Or, do I even confront them?

I am a Child Development major and have been a nanny 7 years and KNOW this is unhealthy and will ultimately prolong the process. I believe the only reason they are spanking them is because they are tired and frustrated, and this isn't likely to change for a while, because of the new baby. I talked to the dad and grandparents before the baby was born about regression in potty training, and how it's very common and something to keep in mind, but it seems they haven't.

I am clueless on what to do.....

Can you please give me advice?

Inappropriate Behavior of Mom's Coworker...

Received Thursday, March 6, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny for a wonder family. The mother comes home for lunch every day. Once a week her [male] co-worker comes with her because I watch his daughter, too, on that day. A few weeks ago, during lunch, he made a crude comment about women's yeast infections. Today he made a crude joke about "teabagging". I let it slide both times, but I think it is inappropriate behavior on his part and I want to deal with it. My charge's mother, in both cases, did make the comment of "Classy..." in a disapproving tone, so I know she didn't appreciate it either. Any ideas on the best way to handle this? I don't want to alienate the mother or put her in the middle, because she and I have a good relationship, but I only see this guy briefly once a week and she works with him every day. Any advice would be appreciated.


Did you tune in? Your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
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Real Housewives of New York City as Fake as Their Flaunted Assets...
...The five so-called socialites who star on this program are loud, gawky, and likely on the periphery of the social scene, as the upper echelon of the city would never agree to be on reality television.

'The Real Housewives of New York City'
...With a blithe lack of awareness that is almost endearing, each woman introduces herself as a member of New York's society elite and then proceeds to behave in a way that defies every definition of "elite" and "New York society."

Comparing Apples to Oranges
...Whereas it's easy to buy the Orange County chicks as the queen bees of California's Coto, the New York City housewives have a much bigger pond to rule—and rule they do not.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
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Russell Pederson Playground in Bay Ridge, NY

nanny sighting logo Received Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Spot: Russell Pederson Playground-Bay Ridge-Brooklyn
Time: 2:20-2:40 PM, today. (3/5)
Nanny: A Jamaican accented woman, with dark skin, with a long denim skirt, over weight, wearing a short sleeved pastel purple top. Hair was short and wavy.
Child: A boy with curly brown hair, olive skin, a striped shirt. blues & white. Blue jeans. green windbreaker.
What: Nanny was drinking a Carvel beverage out of a Carvel cup. The child had Carvel in a cup. An ice cream or sundae. the boy wanted to play. The nanny told him to sit down and eat every last bite of the sundae. the serving cup was pretty big and the child was pudgy. I couldn't understand why it was so important that the child eat so much junk during the middle of the day, especially if he didn't want it.

Advice on how to resign?

Received Wednesday, March 5, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
I went to work on a very part time basis for a family last November. It's not working out for me. I am unable to warm up to the children, mainly because my child care values are grossly different from the parents. I feel a child should say "Please" and "Thank -You" they feel a child should not have to beg. I feel children shouldn't interrupt adults, they feel a child should speak when they please. I feel a good breakfast is needed before sweets can be given and they feel the children can eat whatever they please beginning at 6AM. I want to be as diplomatic as possible and I am not very good at resignation so I am seeking help in how I should say it. When I was hired the mother told me their last sitter left to go to college but now the dad told me a few weeks ago they have had quite a bit of trouble keeping sitters because no one gets their children. So at least I know, It's not me! Thanks!

Severance or No Severance?

Received Wednesday, March 5, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
Please help with an issue my wife and I don't see eye to eye on. Two months ago, we hired a nanny through an agency. The "replace for free" period has expired, largely in part due to my wife's desire to give the nanny a second chance to prove herself. I have convinced my wife that she must be fired immediately, (this evening, Wednesday). Over the course of the past eight weeks, the nanny has left our house in a fifth, (she isn't required to clean, only clean up after herself), she has brought ants into the house (in the winter because she dribbles juice all over the place and never wipes the counter down), she drinks 10-12 cans of coke per day in front of our children, despite the fact we have asked her to keep it in her own area, she has broken furniture, (an antique sitting chair), she has crashed in to the garage with the family car, she has driven from our town, (outside NYC) to NYC and back with the emergency brake on causing the brake to need to be replaced, she has used with reckless delight a sort of street language one could only find in the wee hours of the night in dastardly music videos. My six year old son who spent three years in speech therapy has picked up an unfortunate number of these street phrases. I have not liked this individual from day four, on which she "called out" from the intercom in her bedroom. She informed my wife that she was experiencing "severe menstrual cramps" and needed to take a tramadol (?) and return to sleep. I only learned of this later that morning when my wife was working from home while new nanny slept. I don't feel we should have to provide this nanny any sort of severance pay. She has already caused us countless expense, not to mention the nanny fee, (unless we continue to use the nanny agency that placed her here, a nanny agency that is as corrupt and lowly as any organization I have ever encountered. An agency that provided us inaccurate and flat out false information and was of no assistance to us when my wife called, kindly asking for their assistance to deal with some of the earlier issues that came up.)
My vote is no severance. My wife says we must give her two weeks. What say you, the mothers of ISYN?

Library in Pittsford, NY

nanny sighting logo Received Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Nanny (named Sue?) was about 5ft6, 130-ish pounds and had brown curly hair. Charge (Ella)was 3 y/o with bright red hair. Wearing a purple jumper and striped stockings with mary janes. I too am a nanny and got into a convo with this nanny who basically blew in your families life story to me as she munched on her charges Goldfish crackers. She also talked extremely negatively about your child and family in general. She seems to think that because you pay her $9 an hour you should get "what you pay for" as far as care. Also told me that your husband gets creepy with her every time they're alone. She is EXTREMELY resentful and upon hearing my salary (which she badgered out of me) stood up in a huff to leave- only she couldn't find her charge. I helped her look for literally 5 minutes. When she found Ella she angrily blamed her for "running off" and roughly grabbed her arm and stormed out. Let this be a lesson, if you cannot afford to pay an average salary for an educated/experienced nanny then you CANNOT have a nanny and should choose a diff. care option or better yet, if possible stay home! If you can't do either- shame on you for having kids when you were obviously not prepared to do so (unless in the case of special circumstance).


Whole Foods on Houston in NYC

nanny sighting logo Received Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Stupidest Nanny Sighting Ever!
I was just walking towards Whole Foods on Houston when a nanny had exited with her charge in a stroller. The charge was under six months. The stroller was medium brightish blue, with a bright blue plastic tray and some plaid material trim on it . The nanny had dark hair, so dark it had to be dyed black, a pale face, army green cargo pants, a large black sweatshirt with a pink lion on the breast unzipped with another (peachish) zipper sweatshirt zipped up underneath. The nanny was about 20ish. She looked Irish, but can't say for sure. Attractive, thin. The nanny was trying to light her cigarette and it was raining lightly, so she leans IN TO THE STROLLER, yes under the stroller hood to get shelter from the rain and lights her cigarette. She got her cigarette lit and went on her way pushing the child East on Houston past Elizabeth. The baby was sleeping. Baby was white. Couldn't tell you much else about the baby except she was laying in a super fluffy cream colored blanket. The nanny smoked "Basic" cigarettes. The package was white and red.

Spector Playground in NYC

nanny sighting logo Received Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Obnoxious nanny. Being obnoxious the whole time she was there. Yesterday, (3/3) at Spector PG in Central Park. Busy body. Helicoptering. Ordering about people near her child. She talked so much you would think she knew the right thing to do. Surprised was I when she helped her charge (boy, 3-4, short brown hair, blue nylon racing suit, with white top underneath. was originally wearing brown down coat with rustic look to it, but shed that to play) wait she helped her charge whip down his pants and whip out his penis and pee on a tree right next to the playground in plain site. No shrubs or greenery. Just the boy. I was giving her a look like, "ewww" and she noticed. After the boy finished, he ran to climb back up the slide, something the nanny was policing to the disadvantage of those who were trying to come down the slide. "Wait, let him come up first, he's climbing up. Now let him go back down and you can go". She was totally on my last nerve and saw me looking at her and asked if I had a problem. I suggested that it was called a restroom and she should utilize it. She then said in a booming voice so that everyone could hear her make her point, "it's a boy's penis, what you think that is going to hurt. It's natural 'cept if you have a dirt mind and I guess you do". Yes, this is what she said. I was less concerned about the boy's actual penis than I was her teaching to use the playground as a toilet, but okay. If your nanny is a heartily built black woman in her forties with braided hair that she gathered into a pony tail, who was wearing white on white tennis shoes and brown pants with a burgundy colored jacket, well I don't know what to tell you. You obviously have your hands full already. Oh and I didn't respond at her. I just shook my head at her like she was crazy. And I can't speak for anyone else who was there yesterday afternoon while we were but by their reaction, they were thinking the same thing.