Nanny Not Happy Dad Frequently Late

Stupid Former DB ;(

Do you think because you make a TON of money you have the right to lie to me and be late all the time? You told me you would be home at 6pm and I told you about my anniversary of me and my husband. The you called to ask if I could stay till 8:30. You did not care at all when I explained again this would make me late for my anniversary plans and you showed you class by hanging up on me. Even at midnight you would not respond to my call or text. What kind of father are you? Thanks for finally responding saying what a great time you were having with some - date - your word not mine and how important it was for your ego after your wife left you.Even though I have quit - my hubby wants a few words with you! me- I am like your ex-wife I want nothing to do with you, I am very sorry for your kids - they do not deserve this!

Miss Manners Advises Nanny On Etiquette

Dear Miss Manners:

I work as a nanny and really enjoy the family I work for. I do not own a car and commute almost exclusively with my bicycle, which is therefore very precious to me. Unfortunately the other day NK's dad left the garage door open, and my lovely bike was stolen.Today Mama and Papa gave me a sum of money nearly equivalent to the cost of my lost property and apologized for their carelessness.

This was very generous and will help me get back on the road soon, but I am wondering what my obligation is in thanking them.I am usually very good in writing formal thank you notes for gifts, but since this was a reimbursement for an accident and not a gift, one part of me thinks my verbal thanks is enough and we can leave it at that.

On the other hand I love this job and these people, and not everyone would have been so generous in their apologies ( or even apologized at all!)I would, of course, love to show my appreciation. Can you help me out on this one?

Dear Gentle Reader:

What a relief. Miss Manners was fully expecting you to tell her that Papa's reaction was more like "It's my garage door and I should be able to open it whenever I like." She is pleased to see that all parties are behaving civilly and that you are only asking how to make the situation better.As the transgression was on the part of the family, a profound verbal thank-you is fine, and a written one not strictly necessary. However, an abundance of gratitude, as well as the reinforcement of gracious and proper behavior, is never remiss,and this is an opportunity to tell your employers how much you value them