Interesting Tax Question

I have been sitting for a family that was paying me in cash for two years. I felt too guilty not to actually pay taxes through so,I claimed t as misc work and paid taxes like a freelancer, which yes I know is not how you're supposed to do it.

Then the Mom got fired from her fancy ass job, and guess who else had to go? Me.

My questions are as follows.I never made a ton of money in this position but I sure paid a lot of taxes of it.Since I claimed these taxes, am I eligible for unemployment while I look for a new position? It would really help me a lot.

My main concern is that this will somehow get my previous employers into so kind of legal trouble. I really do love the family, would hate if this happened. But since I claimed it was an independent contractor so to speak....I just don't know but

They did give me a months severance, but being let go in a time when everyone who needed camp sitters have found them, and now people are only looking for September positions I cannot help panic about what I will be doing for money during this time of limbo. I just don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I also don't want to feel entitled to the same labor and protection benefits offered to others.

To Leave or Not to Leave

I have a question for readers: how did you know it was time to leave a job you really like? Specifically for those of you who worked in childcare centers or preschools or another field prior to becoming a nanny, how did you know it was time to leave that job? Yeah, I know " 'how can you leave a job you like with people you love?' " It's possible, and I think I'm either needing a change or it's all in my head.

Here's the story: I have worked in the field of early childhood education for nearly eighteen years, where I have worked in both childcare centers and as a nanny. I currently work full time at a center and part time retail. Prior to working retail I worked as a nanny on weekends, and sadly, that position ended due to a financial situation with the family. I've been at my center for nearly eight years, and love my co-workers, along with the children and their families.

Working with children isn't easy. Nobody said it was. Lately I've been questioning how much longer I can do this job. I find myself exhausted, drained (in a good way) and overworked. I feel like I don't have enough time to get everything done related to a lesson plan. I feel as though I am losing my energy. and at my age (mid 40's) I'm wondering if I am having a mid-life crisis in terms of work. The only jobs I have ever worked in my life are retail and early childhood ed. I have weird symptoms (stomache, pain. nausea) when I am at my full time job. and when I worked as a part time nanny or my retail job, I have no symptoms of anything.

Is something wrong, or am I imagining things?

The other reason why I am thinking I need to leave my center is due to lack of advancement opportunities, as my center promotes based on fluff and friendship regardless of experience and education. In other words, the last two people promoted to director have been twenty somethings with no experience or education, and legally, I could sue my center for age discrimination. I'm clearly director qualified according to my state's DHFS rules, and my center is very aware of this. But, they promote based on fluff, meaning they promote based on favorites, and that's that. The irony is that I could go to my state's largest city and work in a high crime neighborhood, mostly likely obtaining a director position.

Who has been in this position before? How did you know it was time to leave?

Help.... Mom owes me $ and wont pay!


I have been a full-time nanny for over a year and a half now, and have gotten into a very serious situation with my previous employer/Family I had been working for.

So, the mother owns her own skincare company and massage salon. she hired me to help her with her company as well as care for her child while she worked.

I stopped working for her because she owes me over half a grand for work I have done for her company as well as caring for her child. I was told she would pay me by the end of the week two weeks ago, and I have yet to receive my check. A week ago I mail her a certified letter with an invoice of all the dates I worked with the money I had already received, and she has yet to pick it up at the post office. I also gave her a call Friday a week and a half after sending the invoice. She did not pick up and I left a voicemail.

So, last Sunday (two days later) June 12, 2016 I stopped by her house and left the invoice on her car, and she later sent me a text message saying she had received my invoice. She questioned me about the hours I had worked. I explained my hours to her and never heard back.

Now, its June 16, 2016 and I still have not received my check nor have a heard from her, and I am at a loss of what to do, and would really like to know what my rights are, and what legal actions I can take.

I would love advice on what to do!



Looking to meet other nannies in my area..

Hello! I am a 26 year old nanny of 18 month old twins in the Houston TX area. Particularly the heights, Washington avenue area. We get out pretty often and would love to meet other nannies with kids around the same age for play dates. If anyone is in this area and interested please let me know! :-)


Did I Over React? ( Nanny or Mom not clear)

Yesterday in SW Houston I was going into a T-Mobile and saw a baby locked in a car seat with the windows up. I ran into the T-Mobile yelling " Does anyone have a baby in the car???!!" No one spoke up but the employees ran out and called 911. I went into the next door Wing Stop shouting for the mom or nanny - she was in a relaxed way putting napkins and straws into a bag and gave me a look like she wanted to punch me in the face. She sauntered out with a look that could kill all of us caring about the kid, she took a couple of bites of food before leaving as we took pics of her plate for CPS. Were we over reacting?


Is it appropriate?

I am a full time nanny for a two year old. I also have another babysitting job every other weekend evening. The part timer is looking to put her newborn in care of someone for July, August and part of September. Both families are very comfortable but never have meet. Is it okay to ask about caring for newborn at 2 years olds home? 2 year old is going to be a big brother- October/November and I thought it would be great practice.


Is this normal or am I paranoid? NEED ADVICE ASAP!!

Hi, I need some advice on how to handle a situation with my DB. I’m a nanny for three beautiful boys (3, 5 & 8), and despite having a few rocky patches handling sibling rivalry, I adore them, and love my job. I’m extremely young, as nannies go, only 18 years old, but I do my job well. Being able to work with such great kids makes me incredibly happy (even if the parents are a bit absent minded).

My DB and I get along well. I’ve been with this family for a few months, and since my MB is constantly traveling for business and leisure, I see him more often. Our relationship has been quite professional, and we barely spoke beyond small talk. However, things have started getting weird.

On Thursday, I was told I’d have Friday off, since the boys and their mother would be going away on a short vacation. DB and I made small talk about his weekend plans as a “bachelor”, and I went home as usual. Then, on Friday in the late afternoon (around 4), I missed a call from my DB. I called him back, but got no answer. He then texted me to say that his youngest son had taken his phone, and that he hoped his little one hadn’t called me. He then asked if I wanted to meet up so I could get my paycheque (which I receive on Fridays). I declined.

That would’ve been fine, until he texted me again, late in the evening (around 10pm). We made small talk about his plans for the night, but this time it felt extremely odd. Maybe it was because I was in my pyjamas, during my personal time. Maybe because this was the first time I’d spoken to one of my bosses way past my working hours. Maybe it was because I was talking with my DB, who is significantly older. Maybe it was because he was talking in a very informal way (with emojis even). Maybe it was because he was telling me he was going to drink. Maybe it was all those things. But for some reason I started feeling extremely uncomfortable to the point where I began stress sweating.To add to my worries, I’m pretty sure his sons were leaving for their vacation in the early afternoon. If that was the case, how could his youngest son have called me from my DB's cell phone in the first place? Maybe they left late, which is what I’m sincerely hoping for.

Now, I’m not going to suggest that I believe he is romantically or sexually interested in me, because I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but I do feel like some boundaries were crossed. Do you agree? Or is this normal and I’m just overreacting? Please give me advice, I’m feeling extremely uncomfortable, and at this point I’ve thought about it so much that I can no longer think clearly about the subject.