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ISYN Vacation Diaries, #4

I was debating which vacation story to submit, and decided on this one. If you’d like to hear another, I would certainly oblige!
This was a family that I had been with for about 5 months at the time. Three kids; a boy age 13, a boy age 11, and a girl age 5. The family typically took a two week vacation around Christmas. In order for both nannies to get to spend time with family we alternated working for a week at a time. I got the post-Christmas shift and my dad drove me to the airport at 4 am on the 26th. The family would be without help for almost a full day because the other nanny left that same morning, which was a disaster in the making. I was flying cross-country to get a connecting flight at LAX which would continue to Hawaii.
As I was hustling through the airport to catch my connection I received a phone call from DB, asking me if I could please change my flight to a different Hawaiian island. I was pretty baffled, and nobody seemed to be able to explain to me what was going on. After a phone call to DB’s assistant I figured out that the family had spent the first week on island one. They then flew to island two for the second week, but after a day decided that it wasn’t to their liking, so they called the plane back and flew right back to island one. After a bit of discussion with various airport employees I finally got my ticket switched and was on my way to Hawaii.
We were staying at a gorgeous resort with rooms that faced the water. The family had three rooms right in a row, and mine was on the end next to the boys. Since the family had been there for a week already they had already gotten over the jet lag and were on Hawaii time. I on the other hand was still on my east coast schedule, so I woke up before the sun. It was actually nice having the time to relax before they were awake. I was told by MB that I needed to make myself scarce unless they called me because they were trying to have “family time”. (Sidenote- this was always stated before vacation, and tended to last like 5 minutes, basically until any of the kids got bored or needed something.) So in the spirit of making myself scarce I spent my mornings at the pool working on my tan. Once MB and DB caught wind of that fact I was asked to reserve lounge chairs for the family since once they woke up they would all be taken for the day. By this time the attendants at the pool already knew my bosses as the most demanding and obnoxious of all their guests.
Every night before going to bed I would pack several bags for the kids. These were filled with their bathing suits, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and basically everything else you could think of for going to the pool. MB asked me to lay the stuff out for them to put on in the morning, so I did. And every morning, without fail, I would get a call from MB telling me to go back to the room to get the bags for them because they were on their way to the pool. I would make the long walk back to the rooms, and back to the pool, to find them lounging on the chairs I had saved. Stuff strewn everywhere, hats and shoes missing for me to find. MB would then tell me to put sunscreen on the kids. HA. The 5 year old was easy. My sweet C. She let me get her all ready and then she jumped in like a little fish. And then I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get sunscreen on the boys. MB would sit on her chair and half read, half watch me attempt to get the boys out of the pool. They alternated between ignoring me, splashing me, and trying to pull me into the water.
Once they finally gave in and were sunscreened, I spent the rest of pool time trying to keep them quiet. Because you see, they insisted on swimming in the “quiet pool”. Aka the pool for adults to lounge by. There were 3 other pools nearby where yelling and splashing was allowed, but the entire family felt the need to spend the day at the one pool that required quiet. And the last thing this family was, was quiet. The boys would throw each other in, scream, and take towels from the pool desk and throw them into the water. MB thought this was all great fun, and loved watching her boys “be boys”. That is not the description I would have used. I tried to play with C, but the boys followed us around trying to grab my legs and pull me under. The oldest boy was only 13, but he was about 6 inches taller than me and at least 30 lbs heavier. He would swim under and grab me, and then lift my legs up so my head went under. I really had had enough of them at this point, and repeatedly told him to stop. I could tell that the people sitting around the pool were getting uncomfortable with what was going on, but MB was just sitting on the edge observing, so finally I took matters into my own hands and the next time he grabbed my legs I kicked him right in the head. Hard. Of course he threw a giant hissy fit and acted like I was so horrible and mean, but I have to say that it felt good.
A highlight of every day was lunch, when I got to watch MB and DB charm (*bully*) the hostesses at the pool restaurant into giving us reservations that they neglected to make ahead of time. Of course we always ended up seated within a short period of time. I actually did enjoy the celeb sightings. They must have had their own celebrity beach or pool area, but they ate down with the rest of the “common folk”, so we ended up sitting near quite a few actors.  I spent that time pretending I didn’t belong with the family who made the most noise and the most demands, and left the biggest mess. 
After lunch I was usually required to play touch football with the boys, so their dad could ignore them. How he gave birth to two athletic children is beyond me. Sometimes MB would join in, running around screaming like a maniac and trying to include C on the sidelines while she happily worked on her sticker book and pretended not to be related to them. If I got lucky I was able to take C over to the kids’ pool or to get an ice cream cone at some point in the day. And if I was really lucky she managed to convince MB that she would absolutely die if she spent another minute in the sun, and we could go back to the room for a bath and a movie.
In the evenings I got the kids ready for dinner. That typically included- instructing the boys 67 times to pick up their wet clothing off of the floor. Searching for their dress clothes that somehow managed to walk off the hangers on their own into a big pile. Telling them that “No you can’t wear that t-shirt to dinner.” “I’m sorry if you don’t like that oxford that I packed, maybe next time you should look through your suitcase before we leave like I asked you to do 74 times.” “Yeah, no t-shirt, for real.” “I don’t know why your khaki’s are all wet; could it possibly be because you left them sitting on the bathroom floor in a puddle of water?” “I have no desire to see you naked. Go back to the bathroom and change in there.” “Seriously. Take that t-shirt off.” Eventually resorting to unplugging the TV because they couldn’t tear their eyes away from it long enough to get dressed. And all while bathing, dressing, and doing the hair of C, who by this point was pretty much a zombie from her busy day.
I wasn’t usually included in the dinner plans, which was absolutely fine by me! I took that time to order at least one movie, and get myself some fabulous room service, always with dessert. While I was waiting for my food I would go into the other rooms and straighten up the kids’ things for the next day, pack their beach bags (which I would inevitably end up going back to get), and sort through the laundry. MB had completely deluded herself into thinking that the boys were taking care of their dirty clothes on their own. In fact, she once told the housekeepers that they would be fired if they cleaned up the kids’ messes. However, the screaming and berating that would happen if the kids couldn’t find the things that they neglected to clean up was definitely worse, so we just let her believe that they were doing it. Not to mention the fact that MB and DB were two of the messiest and most unsanitary people ever, so their children were simply following that example.
At the end of our lovely trip we had a nice long plane ride, like the cherry on top of the sundae. Flying private is the only way to go with a family like this; I don’t think they would be able to deal with following the rules of an actual airport. Much simpler when you can just drive up to the plane and get right on.
Because of MB’s rule about screen time limits, I spent 95% of the flight entertaining someone. Considering the flight was 10 hours long, and middle boy was the king of being bored, it was excruciating. Basically I was instructed to keep him entertained, and then when I gave him a list of activities I had planned, he shot them down one by one. Followed by another lamentation of how bored he was. Luckily he enjoyed being read to, so I lost my voice by reading for 5 hours.  My smart C knew the rule about one movie, and she also knew that her parents were completely clueless, so she spent several hours starting her one movie over from the middle when it was almost finished. I certainly wasn’t going to give her away. Eldest boy spent most of the flight complaining about having to study, instead of actually studying. He was stuck studying because he had been failing his classes. Apparently having a tutor help you with all of your homework doesn’t always lead to turning that homework in.
Stopping to refuel in CA was another fun event. MB and DB told all of the children to wash their hands and then left me to make sure that they did it. Of course C was a cinch, and middle boy wasn’t too challenging. Eldest boy however, sat in the waiting area and refused to move. After plenty of cajoling he went inside and came back out 3 milliseconds later with wet hands, which he then proceeded to shove into my face. From the smell I was able to gather that he had not washed his hands, and he must have been keeping them in his pants for most of the flight. I eventually had to go up to the front desk and ask them to turn off the TV in the waiting area; that was the only way the almost high schooler would get up and take care of his basic hygiene. Really, I still can’t believe it.
I did go on several more trips with them, and I worked for them for another 7 months after this. They were not the happiest months.


How much is too much?

I read the post from the mother who thinks her nanny smells of alcohol. I have been wrestling with this myself, because if I share the info with someone else, they might insist I do something. Lets make this clear, I need my job. Okay, so my employer and I both live in Brooklyn. I live in a section where there are good restaurants and events on weekends. About two months ago, my boss asked me if I would babysit on a Saturday night and I told her I didn't want too because I didn't want my weekend interrupted. She said she really wanted a late meal with the kids and just wanted two hours on a Saturday night. I suggested that she bring the child to me and I would watch her at my house, put her down, etc. I have a portable crib. This worked out, they paid me generously and then it started a kind of a regular occurrence. Most of the time, my employers walk and bring the child. Three times they have had their vehicle, either because of weather or a child already sleeping. When they pick the child up, they most definitely have been drinking. We are not talking about a great distance between our two places. I am increasingly uncomfortable handing over this helpless, often sleeping child two parents who have clearly been drinking. Because I need my job, I was going to suggest that I can keep the child until 10AM the next morning once a month, but I don't want to have them coming to pick up the child while intoxicated. Even if they are walking, something could happen and I feel responsible. The only other thing I can think of is finding them a sitter to come to their house, but that would also come with a whole host of responsibilities and culpability if the sitter wasn't good. Sigh.
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Submit Negative Nanny Sightings.
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Explain Incident in as much detail as possible:


ISYN Bad Interviews, #1

1) I literally just got home from an interview that lasted fifteen minutes, where I was told the position was filled. They are in need of weekend care, and the second I sat down, the mother tells me someone from the center their children attend will be watching them on weekends, and could she keep my information for backup? Fine, although I was ready to walk out. I found out their children attend one of my center's competitors, and the competitor has frequent turnover, poor quality care, less than dependable teachers and has been written up for violations from DHFS, leading me to wonder is the person she hired reliable? My center has been written up, yet not to the frequency of this center. Literally a day after I called her, this other person applies. I contacted her last week; she couldn't have emailed or called me, telling me she filled the position?
I didn't have to drive far, as they live less than five minutes from me. The point is, why have me come over in the first place?
2) I showed up for an interview on the UES (NY) on Monday at 555PM for a 6PM interview. The housekeeper let me in and told me her employers weren't home yet and allowed me entrance to wait. While I was waiting she was preparing dinner. I started making polite chit chat which led to the present childcare situation. The nanny leans in and tells me, "she was a good, good nanny, a good person and they did her dirty, no no no no, I wont never say a bad word about that woman, she was the loveliest." With that, the door opens and "Mom" comes through the door. She is flashy and polite and interested. I answer her questions and the interview seems to go well, but the housekeeper's whispered words and THE SCARED LOOK on her face when she said it and the woman walked in the door haunt me! It's Friday and I have an email from the lady saying she would like me to come and work a trial day next week.  My bank account says yes, even for the one day of pay, but I think that was a sufficient warning!
3) I went from my present job to my bosses apartment in Brooklyn for an evening interview and arrived as a delivery order was arriving. My boss & her husband invited me to join them at a table off the kitchen. They spread out the boxes and stuff and handed me a plate. The interview went nice.  As we ended with promises of a follow up, DB says, "would you mind just tidying up in there, I mean, since you ate, and take any leftovers you want". WTF?
4) This weekend I interviewed with a mother at STARBUCKS. This is something I don't really like because it gives you no feeling for who you are dealing with. She brought her three year old girl. She had told me her children were great and she was raising them 'the Chinese way' and yadda yadda yadda, it was all about respect. It became very clear that the mother was not raising the children at all. The three year old asked no less than 100 times for her nanny. "I want Claudy, where is Claudy". The mother explained 'Claudy' had been with them for about a year and suddenly quit without notice. This for some reason didn't ring true. During the interview the child was allowed to order a cookie, a muffin, a hot chocolate and a Perrier. She ate bites of stuff and squished the other stuff. She squished the muffin right into the mothers chest, all over her shirt. The mother was frazzled but tried to play it cool. You could tell her child was not accustom to relating to her. The child also stood up on a chair and said," Im peeing my pants, Im peeing my pants" and appeared to do just that. The mother said, "Oh, ___, why are you being so silly?" The child also called her mom a "dum dum", told her to "go to work" and told me, "mommy told Claudy to go to hell." I smiled politely as if the child was just being precarious. The mother said, "well I was caught off guard and disappointed to be left in the lurch".  The child also told me my jacket was ugly and my teeth need braces. Other people in Starbucks realized it was an interview and, well even if they didn't, all those around had a look of horror on their face!
5) I interviewed with a family in Bronxville at a very nice house. The parents both met me at the door and told me how down to earth they were. They offered me tea. They sat on the sofa and kidded around the whole time. It seemed real... And then it got to real. He "tooted" and she smacked him on the thigh. Then she "tooted" back to him even louder and more aggressively. He immediately "tooted" back to her. I thought I was going to pass out from the smell and weirdness of it all. They offered me the job on the spot. I told them I had a second interview with a family I was very interested in the next day but that I would let them know.
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Manipulative 8 month old?

Help!  My new charge is 8 months old and has been held for every nap his entire life.  His former nanny was an elderly lady who sat in the rocking chair for the baby's naps.  I refuse to do this.  I have other things that need to be done like caring for 4 other children, cooking, cleaning, and idk...eating lunch or going pee!  He detests the swing and stands right up if I put him in the crib. I've tried laying him down once asleep but he wakes up immediately every time.  I let him cry today and he went on for over an hour before I couldn't take it anymore.  I swaddled him tight and put him in the swing where he finally fell asleep.  There has got to be a better way so I come to you all for help.

Before I get bashed for letting him cry.  Just know that he's a manipulator!  I know it's quite incredible at such a young age but as soon I  come into view, he quiets right down and smiles.  There aren't even any tears and snot!  I've never in all my years of taking care of kids come across an infant that can shut it off like that.  I see acting in his future.

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Alcohol and the New Nanny

Today I came home and smelled alcohol on our nanny's breath. This is not the first time I've thought I could detect something but today I was able to confirm when she left the room that she definitely had vodka in her Mountain Dew. I don't know when she drank it, though my wife and I don't know any reason it would be okay.  We will be confronting her on Sunday (Mother's Day).

Question:  Is there any justifiable reason we shouldn't fire her on the spot? 
Our daughter is four months old.  Our nanny has worked for us less than a month and does a fantastic job for us. She is a live-in.

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Civil Liberties & The Nanny

Are these the new normal?

1) My nanny contract.....Nanny will submit to random urinalysis. Upon request for urinalysis, nanny will immediately provide specimen. Urine will be tested for all drugs and narcotics...... This goes on to say, "If urinalysis reveals presence of prescription pharmaceuticals, nanny must produce physician's prescription.

2) As a live-in nanny, the nanny is expected to comply with the rules of the house. To ensure house rules are being adhered to, routine inspections and surprise inspections will be conducted of the nanny's unit.  .....bed is to be made on a daily basis, sheets changed on a weekly alcohol, tobacco, firearms or drugs are permitted on employer property at any pets are permitted in the nanny unit or on the employer's property......the nanny may have beverages in the supplied min refrigerator provided they are appropriately disposed of after consumption....all food is to be consumed in the employer's kitchen during the hours of 6AM-8PM.....

What about you? Does your nanny contract contain questionable requirements of any sort? Please share with  Posts may be edited for space and content.

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ISYN Nanny Salaries Across America, #3

Los Angeles, CA
On salary: 47,500 year (just received 5% raise as of today's pay)
Taxes: Yes
Method of payment: $1444.50 (net) direct deposit into bank account every 2 weeks
45-50 Hours per Week
Paid time off multiple times per year when they travel without me or have family visiting.
Two weeks paid vacation and paid federal holidays.
Ten paid sick days per year
Reimbursement for any expenditures (I keep receipts and a record of expenses and log miles driven in my car)Bonuses and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, birthday and Valentine's Day
Length of time at current position: 6 years

Larchmont, NY
Today's pay: 625
On the books or off: Off
Method of payment: personal check
Disposition of payment: left in my cubby in the mudroom
Salary Adjustment: No paid time off, except for three weeks in August. Any other sick time is docked from my pay at $105 per day. I get Christmas, 4th of July, New Year's Day, and Thanksgiving off. I sometimes get a half day on Christmas eve.
Length of time at current position: 14 months
Nanny experience: 10 years

Today's pay: $1325 ($1800 gross) ($46,800 salary - live out, one child 21 months, M-Th 7-7)
Pay period: 2 weeks
Method of payment: Check
Taxes on the books or off: On the books
Disposition of payment: Personal check handed to me at end of day
Adjustments to pay: Employer pays taxes; was originally at $1250 bi-weekly off the books and after a year had asked to go on the books in lieu of a raise (fully expecting the pay cut). Not only did they put me on the books but they pay my taxes in addition to a net raise which brought me up to $1325 take home.
Length of time at current position: Year and a half
Years of nanny experience: Six

ISYN Kidspeak, #2

"Did you have a nice night with mama?" -Me
"Mama was very upset!"- Paris replied with wide eyes
"Oh dear! That's not good. But sometimes grown-ups feel upset too. Like when you
feel upset because you are missing dada."- Me 
"Dada came home stinky"- Paris
"Oh! I bet mama needed a hug..."- Me
"Yeah..." -Paris

I would guess that father came home smelling of alcohol, hope it was not the
stench of another woman's perfume! 

We are collecting more snippets and quotes from children and charges. Send your submission to

Submit BAD Nanny Sightings.
Description of the Nanny:
Description of the Child:
Explain Incident in as much detail as possible:

This Nanny Job Description Is 22 Pages Of Nightmare Fuel


Reward Offered for Info on Wal-Mart Molestation Suspect

A $2,500 reward is being offered for information about a man who sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl at Wal-Mart in White Plains. New York State Crime Stoppers announced the reward Thursday.
The man allegedly stalked the girl at the Main Street store before luring her away from her parents and sexually assaulting her at 6:48 p.m. on April 20.

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I'm guessing you haven't experienced this before. I am a 26 year old nanny with a BS in the Arts. I am attractive, energetic, positive and I think a lot of fun. I started working for a family in January. The job is going well but with one concern. At first it seemed funny, but now it seems weird. The mother of the children is wealthy and unassuming. She wasn't really into fashion or make up and is 11 years older than I am. Over the past few months, she has changed her style, dramatically. In fact, she has assumed my style. This includes adding dark low lights to her hair, wearing jeans clearly intended for a twenty something year old and just doing things that make me thing that she wants to be me. This is very real so don't suggest I am overconfident.  Ill be honest, I borrow my style from here and there, but hers is clearly all from me. This is despite where we live and her access to salons and shopping and even more stylish women. The style kind of looks weird on her, like cheap. In addition, she works from her home about 1/3 of the time and more and more it seems like the 1/3 of the time she is home, she wants to spend time with me (and the children??). I really think it's more like to be with me. It's not a sexual thing either, but it's weird. Husband travels excessively so I have considered she is just lonely but this feels weird.

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Palisades Mall in NJ

African American or Puerto Rican nanny wearing red jeans, black ankle boots and a black s/s sweater. She carried a black quilted purse with a gold chain. I got a picture but it is from way far away. The nanny was taking care of a three year old/three and a half year old with long blonde hair. He was a boy in a NY mets baseball hat and he had it on backwards and had on a white "54" shirt. (White with "54" written in tire track print). I am reporting this nanny because the child was really misbehaved, but she lost her patients with him. She grabbed him with one hand on his face by his mouth and jaw and squeezed really tight. He started crying right away and she said, "oh honey, did you bump your head" and no he didn't bump his head you squeezed his face. So she pats him and coos him and then they walk on. He is running and zig sagging around her and she is growing more impatient so what does she do? She trips the boy! This was at 320 PM today. (Wednesday) @ Palisades Mall in NJ. I don't know how long she had been there but she didn't seem to have an agenda and was browsing. I have a feeling the kid was just overtired of being at the Mall. I think the way she handled him was wrong and immature.


Insufficient Funds

I have been a nanny for this family for eight weeks now. I looked for a job for awhile cuz I wasn't about to work for some whackadoodle or work 12 hour days. So I work 8-5. Hip hooray. No. Besides having to ask for my second paycheck and not get paid until the Tuesday past payday, my last paycheck bounced. I had deposited it in my account to cover my expenses. Their bounce check made me have two bounced check fees to my bank, plus another bounced check fee to one establishment I wrote the check to. I told my employers that I had fees because of it and they apologized. How can I get reimbursed for these fees ($110) without losing my job?

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Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier was a mystery even to those who knew her. A secretive nanny in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago, she died in 2009 and would have been forgotten. But John Maloof, an amateur historian, uncovered thousands of negatives at a storage locker auction and changed history. Now, Vivian Maier is hailed as one of the greatest 20th Century photographers along with Diane Arbus Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Weegee.
Finding Vivian Maier - Official Movie Trailer  

Suburban Gossip

I am a nanny in a tight neighborhood in a NYC suburb. I have been with this family for four years. My problem is this family on the next street over. They have fired several nannies since last summer. Each time, it is abrupt and without severance. The middle child has some issues that the family does not acknowledge. A case in point is that the middle child "accidentally" broke two of the family puppies legs. The rumor is that the child is ADHD and the mother snorts his Ritalin. I don't want to say more about the kid, but I could. Those who know him don't let him play with our children. I think this kid could potentially seriously hurt someone. I think the nannies who interview for this job should be warned but Im not about to stick my neck out. Should I do something or bud out?


Tomkins Square Park in NYC

NANNY: African American, under 5'3", about 120 lbs, short, short hair. No makeup. Three earings in one ear. Denim shirt and denim shorts that were knee length.
CHILDREN: Two girls about 2 & 4. Abigail was the oldest one. The younger girl had red curly hair and brown eyes. The older girl had blonde hair and was wearing a "big bad wolf" sweatshirt. The little girl had on a yellow rain jacket.
INCIDENT: The nanny sat on the bench and texted. She barely interacted with the kids at all. The younger child needed help getting up and down the steps or on the swings. All the nanny did was yell at Abigail, "put your sister on the swing", "push her", "wait for her at the bottom of the slide". The four year old wasn't even able to be a four year old. The sad thing was there was a group of three girls who wanted to play with the four year old but the girl kept being pulled away by the nanny to care for the young child. The saddest thing was even when the nanny didn't tell her to do something, she would see her sister struggling or just sitting there and she would go to her and try to make her happy or engage her.
LOCATION: Tomkins Sq. Park, NYC
DATE: Monday, May 6. 1230 PM

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Why you didn't get hired, #1

*These were submitted by multiple employers:

I interviewed a nanny by phone twice before asking her to come to our home.  When she came to our house, she smelled like ethnic food. I was sure she was the one until that. I couldn't handle that.

These are the nannies that didn't get my job:
-the nanny who arrived dressed like she was interning for Vogue. Cute and stylish, but not what I am looking for in a nanny.
-the nanny who was accompanied to our house by her boyfriend. I felt uncomfortable having to accommodate him while I interviewed her and he generally just gave me a strange vibe.
-the nanny who asked how much our apartment cost.
-the nanny who wore sweatpants
-the nanny who told me that she would be teaching my child Spanish
-the nanny who within five minutes of meeting our daughter brought out her cell phone and asked to take a picture.

I know this might sound shallow but I have specific requirements for my nanny and being a NYC mother, the ability to take my children out
in the stroller and just walk is one of them. I didn't hire the nanny who wore the custom orthotics and I didn't hire the nanny who wore flip flops and had thick green & yellow toenails.

Namedroppers! I don't care who you know or who your former charge took ballet with or who you interviewed with yesterday. It's elementary interviewing to focus on your potential employer. 

This nanny seemed like the perfect nanny. She met me for an interview at a coffee shop near my Wall Street office.  There was a lot of traffic through the coffee shop, largely a male presence. There was something about this nanny. She was attractive but had a very sexual energy. I picked up on the way the men would notice and respond to her. It wasn't a jealous type thing, I just couldn't envision sending my children out to lunch or a museum with her having witnessed the response she elicited from men.

What stands out for me in my lifetime of interviewing nannies is the nanny who made herself comfortable on our davenport and began to launch into stories of her horrible childhood. She shared these stories in relation to why she wouldn't do this or that to any child, but her experience made me very apprehensive.

I had an interview with a nanny with great references and a four year degree. I asked her what she had been doing for the past 14 months, there was a hole in her job chronology. She explained that she went through a rough period after her mother died, got addicted to heroin and did two stints in rehab. I applauded her honesty but I just couldn't see leaving my 14 month old child with her!!!

Tact is a big thing. I offer everyone who comes to our house tea, coffee or juice. This particular nanny asked if she could get 'a sandwich or some soup or something'.

I asked the nanny what she thought after we spoke for a half hour in our living room. The nanny said, "it seems good, but I think I would need to see the place first". I asked her what she wanted to see and she said, "the house where I will be working". And I say, "this is it." She leans in and says, "Mam, I need to see the basics of your house to see if your children have the tools required for me to be successful in this position." The comment pissed me off. I gave her a tour of the house. When we said goodbye, she told me, "I am pleased to see your children have books and no televisions in their room. I don't like the GI Joe toys and there is a lot of clutter." I'm pretty sure she said more. I didn't hire her. Just the thought of her annoys me as I type this.

I had taken to interviewing nannies at the park with my children. This was a great set up because it protected our home environment. The parks are often crowded so connecting with my target was not always easy. One afternoon I was distracted by a nanny wearing a stylish 2 piece velour track suit. She had so much cellulite, it almost looked like her trousers were packed with grapes. Having watched her from every angle on the playground, I just couldn't get past it. I know that probably makes me sound shallow.

I can tell you why I don't give most nannies the job. I interview by phone first. And then I have the Nanny come to our home. 8/10 times the nannies will bitch and moan about the commute. Dealbreaker!

Employers.... Do you want to share your story? Email

Returning the wrong size nanny...

I worked with a nanny agency not local and interviewed my nanny by phone. I felt we had a good connection. We talked  a number of times. I looked her up on Google and Facebook and saw only the kinds of things I would want to see. Working through the agency, we flew her out here to start work.  We had a contract in place before this. My problem is very sensitive and that is, the nanny is very large. I have no problem with 'fat' or overweight but this nanny is dangerously obese. Besides the fact that she wont have the stamina to play with the children, I fear her having a stroke or something. The only reason I am posting here is because I don't want this person for a nanny but do not want to hurt her unnecessarily. This is something the agency should have known about. The agency fee alone was $3500. This is not an expense our family can just absorb. We will also need to fly the nanny home (new ticket) and give her some sort of severance. She has been here since Saturday. Not to beat a dead horse but to be clear, the nanny is at my best guess between 300 and 400 pounds. I spent the day with her yesterday to show her the ropes but it only solidified it in my head that this will not work. I want to get out of this with as little cost and as much grace as possible. I have not contacted the agency yet because I know they will seek to find me a replacement immediately to keep their fee and this won't work for me because I don't want to work for them and I don't trust how they would handle the feelings of the nanny.

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24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing
Something tells us that the children of all these parents are going to grow up to be just fine.


ISYN Vacation Diaries, #3

Hi. My story might be different because I went to work only to travel with this family for eleven days in Costa Rica. I jumped at the chance to take a travel gig to a place Id always wanted to go. The pay was $150 per day or $1300 for the week. All transportation, lodging and food was to be provided by the employers.

I met the family twice before the trip. The second time was on a Saturday when I just came to spend an hour playing with the children. They didn't pay me for my time, which was annoying but I didn't want to risk losing the gig, so I didn't say anything.

They asked me to sleep at their house the evening before departure to ensure we were all together and on time. I did. I arrived at 7, left my bags in the foyer, but for an overnight and offered my assistance. I ended up playing with the children, running to KOHLS with one child, returning, running to a 24 hour pharmacy later that night, picking up the living room, playroom and bedrooms of the children and cleaning up the kitchen. This was in spite of the fact that I did not eat that night at all. I stole a pack of cheezits and took it to my room. I was told we would be leaving the house at 510 so I should be ready by 500. At 430, the oldest child came in my room and said, "Mommy wants to know where you are". I finished getting dressed quickly and went to find the group. None of the children were ready and mom was standing there in this ridiculous fur robe with a cup of coffee looking at me like I was insane.

Cut to our flight to Costa Rica. We flew coach and all sat together, we had two rows. I ended up in one row with three children and the parents were in their row with no children. The children played, walked, roamed, cried, screamed and ate, non stop. I was getting this strange feeling in my stomach that I had never had before. I later came to recognize it as anxiety.

It took forever to get through the airport and in transportation to our house we were going to stay at. The kids refused to be buckled in. They were climbing all over me as we made a very long drive through the foreign terrain. The middle child was screaming for her regular nanny. I couldn't even look out the window. The kids had my head spinning. I was getting increasingly anxious because it was not looking good. One of the children took off her pull up and threw it at me. The father looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Then he said, "it's almost over."

I was told we would be staying in a private house. I wasn't expecting what we pulled up to. There was a six feet wall around the outside and an electric gate. When we drove in, it was absolute paradise. I could see the ocean sparkling in the background, some small buildings and a massive house full of windows. Once inside, we were greeted with the house staff. 7 people, including a butler, driver, housekeepers and cook. They introduced themselves. The mother looked at me and said, "lets get unpacked and get going". I set about separating the luggage and putting it in the correct rooms. The children were playing musical bedrooms. Staff followed me wherever I went. Whatever I started, they finished. The children were all unpacked and sitting in the kitchen eating lunch when I came out of my room. My room was on the ground floor next to the pool and it was the size of my apartment. It could not be accessed from the main house but only from the porch outside the main house. I went to help with lunch but found myself instead served. I was offered a pina colada. I looked at my employer and she said, "it's up to you, but the kids will have you in the pool and ocean all day..." I decided to pass for now.

I took the kids to the pool. One wanted to go to the beach which was about two hundred feet from the pool. I negotiated with the kids to stay at the pool for this amount of time and then go to the beach. One of the staff heard this and said something like, "I will set the chairs". Two staff hustled out to the beach and set up chaise lounges, a table, stacks of towels, beach buckets and toys and a tray of fresh fruits, cheeses under an umbrella. Over the next eleven days, it was clear to me my main role was to be the eyes on all of these kids in the water. It would have been awful if not for the staff and the fact that the parents understood their children were a handful. I was worried I wasn't doing enough the first days as I had no domestic responsibilities at all. I was served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee was brought to my room every morning. The days were long. There were lots of screaming kids, temper tantrums and fighting. Children were overtired and then not tired. Bedtime was hard because the children were so amped up by eight or nine, having taken a nap around 3pm for an hour.

Starting the second night, I began to have a drink with my diner. And then another. This made bedtime much more doable because I felt energized and a kind of happy buzzed. I chased kids around the pool and up and down the beach applying sunblock and floaties. I had sand in every crevice of my body. Nobody got sunburned, except me!

The father told me on the third day, "if you can get the kids to stretch past taking a nap, I bet they'd go down earlier and you could have a little more time to yourself". I hesitated and asked, "do you think that would be okay with X, she asked me to give them a nap". He said, "You are keeping them happy and busy, so whatever works for you works for us".

I managed three days with no naps and one day when the children were all asleep by 710. The staff was always offering to help with the children or watch the children. The only time I was comfortable with that was when they were sleeping and then because of the detached set up of my accommodations. On the fourth day, the mother asked me if I would go for a run with her. We went running for the next five days in a row together, and good thing because the staff made us anything we wanted anytime of the day.

When I came back from our run the first day, the oldest kid was standing in h/h swimsuit looking at me annoyed. The child said, "Im hot and waiting to go swimming". I felt guilty and the mother said, "well good. After breakfast, X will take you swimming." I suggested I would skip breakfast and she looked at me like I was nuts. I sat down and she told me, "don't you dare rush. "Child" has movies and a tote full of toys to play with. Enjoy your breakfast."

I didn't talk to the parents much on the trip. But the interactions were pleasant and thoughtful. They went out for some boating adventures and dinners without us, but it made no difference. The children didn't want to go so they didn't cry. They stopped asking for their nanny. The staff would help get children dressed, changed, apply sunscreen, even come to me with a towel when I got out of the pool.

I will never ever be on a trip like that again. All my fun was child centered. I didn't do any adult activities, except running and a few quick swims in the Ocean on my own. What a taste of luxury. And so surprising because in retrospect, I think the employers intentionally didn't boast about what kind of vacation there would be.  I didn't go shopping and we were in an isolated location, but one day the mother and father took the youngest and went shopping and came home with BAGS of stuff for me. A dress, a bathing suit, running goggles, t-shirts, a paper weight, etc.

The trip back wasn't as hectic because everyone was exhausted. I didn't care that the children were all in my row, on me and under me. I didn't care that the people in front of us kept pointedly turning their heads every time a seat was kicked. I had no more anxious feelings.  When we got to the house, we were a bit early because there was a car coming for me but it wasn't due for about forty minutes. I offered to help with the kids. I got them set up with games and started unpacking. All of their stuff had been expertly repacked by the staff. The children all hugged me when I left. The father handed me an envelope and thanked me and said, "We had a great time, I hope you did do". I said, "are you kidding? Thank you. That was AMAZING! I almost feel bad taking pay!" The mother said, "Take the pay, and take our call, because we'd love to have you travel with us again."

I was invited to go to Hawaii with them two months ago but could not due to a previous commitment.  The family has a beach house in Maine and the mother asked me if I would be available to go with them and she listed multiple dates. It doesn't sound as luxurious, but it still seems pretty bitchen. P.S. the envelope contained a check for $2,000. I'm counting the days until June 25th when we will go to Maine for the first of what I hope to be four trips I will make with them through Labor Day.

More to come?
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Nannies, Explain Yourselves!

Are nannying and housekeeping the only professions where people ask for someone else to pay their taxes for them? Nannies often ask for this. Some families pay nannies on the books and also pay her share of FICA, social security etc. and if the nanny is grossing $800 per week she is also netting $800 per week. Since nannies have often been paid in cash in the past families know that in order to keep a great nanny they have to have her net what she is quoted as a gross. She would only take home roughly 650 to 720 per week depending on her other income if she was paid $800 per week and paid her share of taxes. Is there any other profession in the world where workers ask their employers to pay the employee's share of taxes and social security?

I just interviewed a dozen nannies for our position which we advertised at salary DOE. I was prepared to pay about 900 per week. I was prepared to pay our portion of SS and taxes. I called my first pick and offered her the job. I offered her the salary of $900. She acted enthusiastic on the phone and said she would need to call me back because she was enroute to another interview. She emailed me later and said she would love to work for our family but she needed to net $900. A few nannies made it clear they needed to NET a certain amount. Some of these amounts were less than $900 but the nannies weren't among my top choices. I went with my second choice who had the highest salary requirement of $1,000 per week. (She would pay her share of the taxes). She also asked for health insurance after three months of service.  I don't feel like I have any control of this situation!

My nanny brought us a letter from her tax preparer saying she needed to be legally employed on the books effective immediately.  And that she would need the entire year of 2013 on the books. Right now, we pay her $600 cash off the books. We are not wealthy people. Having to pay taxes on this salary would really mean we cannot pay her the full $600. How do address this without losing our nanny?

Last year, we paid our nanny on the books and "grossed up" her salary.  She was given a $480 tax refund (based of what we paid in for her). She put the check in an envelope with a note saying, "I don't think it would be fair for me to keep this". We have a great nanny, we don't want to lose her. We let her keep it, right?

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Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you?


ISYN Link of the Day

Lots of great math and reading games that are truly fun for the children. No annoying ads. Great graphics and easy for children to use!

Concern for Child & Fear of Being Fired (Again)

I am wondering of this can be posted anonymously.

  Background.. I was fired from my last nanny job for bringing up my concerns about one of the children. There were significant behavior problems at school and with me so I had kept a journal of all the troubling things I was experiencing and presented it to the parents. I tried to be as professional about it as possible, and I felt that if I didn't say anything to the parents about my concerns then I was doing a disservice to the child. They ended up saying everything was my fault because I wasn't strict enough and fired me, yet gave me a glowing recommendation. In the end the child was diagnosed with autism and is currently receiving help.

I am currently a nanny for toddler twins (age 2.5) and have been at my job for 2 years. This is my 3rd full time nanny job caring for twins. I do not know if I should try to talk to the parents about the issues I am having, or just find a new job. One of the twins is having serious behavior problems. This child has multiple tantrums a day and the slightest thing can set it off. For example, the other day the child was wearing a bracelet and it fell off. Instead of just reaching down and picking it up to put back on, asking for help, or accepting my offer to help, the child had a 20 minute screaming fit. This child does not eat. I believe there may be a genuine problem with feeding because the child regularly gags, chokes, spits out chewed up food and has major tantrums at meal times. This child eats no veggies, no fruit with skin (apples, pears, grapes, etc) and can not seem to handle chewing food very easily. Sleep has never been simple with this child. Bedtime is 8:30 and this child wakes up at 5 every single morning without fail. I have suggested that an earlier bedtime might be beneficial, and even offered 2 great sleep books but my suggestions were brushed off. Naps are atrocious. Maybe an hour at best.

This child is a zombie all day long and I really feel that the toddler needs more sleep, but my suggestions are clearly not wanted and I don't think I should push. Mom and Dad give in to the whining and screaming, and will just give the child anything to prevent a tantrum. Is there any point to me having a talk with the parents about the problems I am having? My fear is that I would be fired in similar fashion to my last job, or completely ignored. Do I just find a new job and give notice? Do I pretend everything is fine and wait it out? (apologies for using "this child" so many times.. Trying to stay anonymous)

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Nanny Horror Stories 2013, #1

I had been having a miserable time finding a summer nanny job to supplement my usual nanny job so when my boyfriend said he knew someone who was looking, I readily agreed. She was an old family friend.

The friend called me around 4:30 on a Friday to talk and invited me over that night for an interview. I eagerly went. Mind you it was 40 minutes from my house, but I was desperate. They liked me though they asked too many personal questions. Like were my parents divorced, how serious were my boyfriend and I, was I a troubled teen? Weird but I went with it. I was stuck at there house for 3 hrs while the mom told me (what I thought was) all the family secrets from her oldest stepson to her sons ban from summer camp for taking pics of other kids using the bathroom. I was also told I was a bad person for having a tattoo (of course subtly) Her kids are 8&13. Boy and girl, they have a pool. I'm planning on tanning and play dates with little girls, what an easy gig.

They offered me $250 for what I thought was 25 hours a week over 4 days.  (less than usual but its better than nothing).  I show up on my first day. I work an hour while mom stays home "getting ready". The kids watch tv or video games until she leaves at 10:30 (though there was no electronics during the day).  So I'm stuck talking to her for an hour while she drinks coffee and pries her way
into my personal life. Constantly prodding for info about the weekends and previous nights. (Mind you, I'm working 3 jobs so my social life was in the tanker...). She friend requests me on Facebook after my first day. Not okay, I didn't accept but she was friends with my boyfriend and anytime we were tagged together she could see my posts. (I know some people aren't opposed to this but
I was only 20 and didn't want that sort of relationship).

First of all, she NEVER left us money to do anything... Since there was a park nearby. The kids are 8&13, going to the playground when it's 100 degrees is no fun. We went on 5 outings over the 3 months I worked for them. And each time I was expected to "pay my way" on top of gas money. Mind you - money was not an issue for this family, since they just bought a $3000 pool filter and a boat. I took the kids and my boyfriend and a teen friend to the beach since mom said she would pay for everything... That morning the mom gave us $30 and told me to find free parking. (Anyone who lives in a metropolitan area knows there's no such thing as free parking). She left us 4 slices of bread and sliced fruit. When I said something about needing more money, I was belittled and teased about it in front of my boyfriend which wasn't ok.

Her cheapness rolled onto her kids who often asked too personal of questions about my finances and weird things. I often found myself being told by an 8 year old I was so mean and that she hated me and wished I wasn't her babysitter. Mom never helped me out with it. The little girl was favored over the son. Now if I was seeing this, it was obvious. Little girls friends could come for hours while
brothers friends had to leave and couldn't come in the house. Poor kid had to check in every hour with me in person so no one ever wanted to hang out with him. His parents would monitor his cell phone and question why he chose to hang out with his friends? He was expected to always do stuff with his sister though the little girl was mean and still interested in very childish things.  (At 13,
I just wanted to be with my friends all the time, not my little sister). Mom often got home late with no compensation or call or better yet, apology. I often worked closer to 30, 35 hrs a week which often made me late for other jobs. Aunt stayed over for a month and literally told me that she apologized for how her niece was treating me. Her friends all told me they wished their moms would let me be their babysitters and they didn't know why the girl was so mean.  The little girl was an awful friend, had no idea how to share and often said her mom didn't want her to share toys with her friends. I often found myself playing with an 8 year old who wasn't my charge. About a week before I finished the mom was upset that her son had 2 friends over, the limit was 1 but he said he'd okayed it with mom. Now it was 100+ degrees, I wasn't about to turn these poor boys away when we had an empty pool. The next day I texted mom asking if my charges could have friends over to swim which she responded in all caps ONLY ONE FRIEND. I lost my cool and told her I understood and didn't need her to send me a message in all caps. She never responded but had a big attitude when she relieved me for the day. I had come from a family where I'd watched 3 school aged kids who each brought over at least one friend everyday, I was totally capable of watching more than 4 school aged kids and to say I wasn't was quite insulting. On my last day, she was teasing saying how much I'll miss them as she handed me my money. I told her I was sure I wouldn't and left.

I was miserable for 3 months until I went back to school and working my regular nanny job (WHICH I LOVED). I also learned about all kinds of drug secrets of other relatives, including several relatives in jail, a creepy uncle who'd molested his own daughter, oh and here's the biggest Dad was a convicted felon. Needless to say, I wasn't asked back this summer. Though I was invited to come see the family in December which I declined.  I definitely appreciated my other charges much more and learned to never take a job out of desperation.  Much more happened but to remain confidential, I had to cut some parts out.
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Missing Youth from Georgia

On the night of May 1-2nd, 2013, Jordan Marie Aaron went missing from her home. We woke up this morning at 6am to find her missing. We have alerted the police but we need your help. Please share this so everyone can see! She is 5'4, Caucasian, 13 years old with blue eyes, brownish red hair, and weights around 154 IBS. Missing from the Covington GA area and is more than likely in danger! Thank you for your help. If you have any news, please call 911.

ISYN Link of the Day

Friday, May 10, 2013, is Provider Appreciation Day.
It is a special day to recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children everywhere. Started in 1996 by a group of volunteers in New Jersey, Provider Appreciation Day is appropriately celebrated each year on the Friday before Mother's Day. The founding organizers saw the need to recognize the tireless efforts of providers who care for children of working parents. Momentum and support for this event has grown each year and recognition presently includes individuals and government organizations throughout the United States. Provider Appreciation is a great time to celebrate the important providers in your child's life, or to celebrate the staff in your child care center. What better way to acknowledge your appreciation than by helping children make a gift themselves, or providers can do with the children.

Grandma from Hell

I have a huge problem which landed from Cincinnati last week. The grandmother has come to see the newest addition to the family. I never met her before. The mother's apprehensive look when she told me that her mother in law was coming is now replaying in my head. Both parents work. The grandmother is not a typical grandmother in that she does not dote and she is barely passable as loving. I live out, but work M-F from 700-600. I have a routine I am in to  that works for me and the children. For example, when older child is on the bus, I put the baby on the floor for tummy time and make myself breakfast. The grandmother sidles up to me and asks me what I am doing. She makes comments like, "it must be nice to eat on the job" and "where do you keep your 'nanny food' so I don't eat it". I told her I don't have 'nanny food' and anything in the refrigerator is for anyone. She asks me how much of my salary goes to pay for my food. Stupid comments like this all day long. She does crosswords all day long and watches me. It took a while to get in my routine. She has asked me to make her lunch, help her start a laundry (and then transfer it) and then bring it to her to fold. I could grin and bear it but she has arranged to have some work done on her home in Ohio which is to be completed by Memorial Day. I don't even know that if I talked to my boss (mom), anything could be done. She is really imposing and unapologetic. She suggests housekeeping tasks for me to do. I am not a housekeeper. I nicely pointed that out and she says things like, "well if you have time to sit around reading an US Magazine, certainly you have time to clean the mirrors in the house". Help. I need my job so I can't quit, even though on a daily basis, about twenty times, she has me want to scream, quit and cry. In closing, let me just say that my boss has been extremely complimentary to me about my job performance, specifically that I adapted to the house and she can return to her professional field with focus because she knows things are well handled at home. She has even given me what I would call bonus gifts of appreciation. Part of me fears if I say anything, it will come across as angling for a big gift or something, but it's Friday night and the thought of returning Monday is making me sick.


Happy Friday

Thank you to all the new blood on the blog, putting together features & creating a buzz! We desperately miss the lovely & talented MPP. We've started some great new regular features and hope to do more. The need for nannies to be able to review employers does exist, however, we had one malicious little kitty hell bent on sabotaging the feature and then the blog. We have temporarily pulled that feature but we have big things in store. We hope that by pulling this feature, our little troll will feel released, and free... to the world or whatever. Best wishes, Jane, Effie & Lamar.

The Battle to Keep Three Children Entertained...

Hello everyone,
I currently work for a few families, one of who I work for two days a week, 8 hours a day. They have four children but I am only in charge of three as one is in school during the day and spends time with his parents after school. When I started with this family their youngest was just 9 weeks old, now she is around 14mnths and her brother and sister are 2 and 3. The parents work from home and when I started they would keep the baby in their home office with them as she was a very relaxed baby and would just sit in her bouncer or play pen and they could work. Now she is older I am in charge of caring for her as well as her older brother and sister. This means that since I came back from Christmas holidays my work load has seemingly doubled to an overwhelming amount.
I've never been in charge of three small kids before and am at a bit of a loss. All the activities I used to do with the older two aren't appropriate for the smallest one (painting, crafting with small objects like googly eyes and pompoms etc, puzzles, building blocks, baking, building forts etc) she just tries to eat the small objects, breaks the older kids buildings, pulls down the forts and generally ruins the fun for them- I don't blame her, she's just a baby! It's just hard when she desperately wants to be involved but she's too little. Even trips to the park are hard as she just wants to shove the small bits of tan-bark into her mouth and I spend the whole time chasing her to stop her choking and can't engage with the older two. I also don't drive- usually I can take my charges on public transport for fun adventures like the zoo or museum but its just too hard with three.

I'm at my wits end trying to keep up with all three and trying to figure out things to do with them! I absolutely adore them and feel appreciated and valued by their parents but I am so tired all the time and starting to dread going to work because I know it is going to be a never ending battle to keep them entertained. It's also heading into winter in this part of the world and we'll be trapped inside more and more from now on.

Any advice you ladies could give me would be appreciated so much!

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Hi I’m Rebecca.  I’m a 15 year old, type 1 diabetic, long track speed skater who dreams of going to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  It’s a dream I’ve been working toward since I was 5 years old. This year I will be on a team that is partially funded by the Olympic Committee as a "feeder program" to the Olympic Team.
I need your help to make my dream come true

Nanny Pay Across America, #2 in series

To read part 1 in this series, please click here.

Part 2

Marin County, CA
On salary: 53,500.00 year
Taxes: yes
Method of payment: $1604.00 (net) direct deposit into bank account every 2 weeks
35-40 hours per week.
Time trade for overtime.
Paid time off several times per year when they travel without me.
Two weeks paid vacation/ seven paid holidays
Five paid sick days per year
Use family car on job.
ATM debit card for child related expenditures.
I've been with this family almost 2 years (in July

Yearly Salary $73,000
FT-Live Out Nanny , 2 kids,Mon-Fri, 8am to 530-6pm &1-2 nights overtime for night time care e.g. babysitting.
Adjustments to pay: Occasional weekends at weekend rate, plus travel with family when needed.
Adjustments to pay: Live-out monthly rent stipend $900
On or off the books: Paid on The Books
Use of family car while working , Child are duties only
Other: 10% raise every 6 months
**A higher salary comes with an even bigger price. Children disrespectful, no rules or boundaries, stay at home mom who was very confrontational...and attacked by family pet. Random weekly schedule change at beck and call of mom.
Austin, TX
Today's pay: $528 - $13/hr for about 40-455 hours/week
Pay period: weekly, every Friday
Method of payment: check
Taxes on the books or off: on the books
Disposition of payment: personal check handed to me by the kiddos
Adjustments to pay: none
Pay supplements: Bonuses and/or PTO handed out about 3 times per year, usually Christmas, Spring Break, and my birthday
length of time at current position: 2.5 years, but I am leaving next month to take a summer position (which pays $15/hr)
years of Nanny experience: about 4
Denver, CO
Today's pay: $600.00
Pay period: Every Friday for 8-6 M-Th and 7-5 on Friday,
Method of payment: Cash.
Taxes on the books or off: off the books for them, I have to claim independent contractor
Disposition of pay: Left laying by or under fruit bowl on Fridays
Adjustments to pay: none
Pay supplements: Bought me a bike for my birthday last month
length of time at current position: 1 year, 4 months
years of Nanny experience: 1 year, 4 months

New Rochelle, NY
Today's pay: $800
Pay period: M-Friday 7-7.
Method of payment: Check.
On the books or off: Off
Disposition of check: Handed to me on Friday evening.
Adjustments to pay: -$50, second in three payments employer is charging me for 'damage; to her Calaphon dutch oven pan.
Pay Supplements: Never
Length of time at current position: 9 months
Years of nanny Experience: 8 years

Winnetka, Ill
Today's pay: $2240, gross
Pay period: biweekly pay period, with one week kept "in"
Method of payment: Company check
Taxes on the books or off: On the books through one of their companies
Disposition of pay: direct deposit
Adjustments to pay: Cash on Fridays for any overtime @ $25 per hour. (Usually about $200 extra per month).
Pay supplements: Health insurance, 100% paid for by employer, childcare for my two year old, 100% paid for by employer.
length of time at current position: 3 years
years of Nanny experience: 5 years

If you would like to participate in the ongoing series of Nanny Pay Across America, send your submissions to