Emotional Turbulence

I have been working for the same family for 3 years and my 7 year old charge has started having very big tantrums before her mom leaves for work in the morning. I have tried to ask if I am doing something wrong but she says she just wants to be with her mom. The mother does not help she just lets it happen. the mother works M-F 9 to 4pm and spends all other time with the 7 year old. This has become very exhausting for to deal with every day.


Bad Nanny Sighting- Westport Library

The nanny left a little 2 year old girl with brown hair named Willa alone in the children's area of the Westport library at 10am  for 15 minutes while she went somewhere else. Anyone could have taken her. Also the little girl seemed to have a cold and the nanny did not wipe her nose. Additional info: Description of nanny: Darker skin, accent, late 20's maybe 30, I spoke with the nanny who said after the library would be taking the child to school.

2017 Bonuses

We would love to post your 2017 Holiday Bonuses/Gifts

Here is an example

Bonus this year: $1000

Weekly salary: 1200 before taxes

Age and number of charges: a 1 year old girl and a 4 year old boy

Supplemental gifts: a $100 Amazon gift card, Paw Patrol fluffy house shoes, a framed picture of me and my charge, a $100 gift card to my favorite BBQ restaurant

Length of time with family: 1 and 1/2 years

Location: El Paso Tx.

Comments: I really love the family I work with, they let me use their car, give me a $50 a week gas allowance, and tell me all the time how much they appreciate me

Thank you but --- No!

I need to rant - a few days ago I interviewed for a nanny position, the interview went on about 2 hours. It started well but an hour into it the parents started asking really detailed questions about everything about my life, everything I eat, my hours of sleeping etc. They brought out the baby for me to play with, which I really liked the baby, but they got about 30 minutes of free babysitting out of me as they left me with the baby as they talked on the phone, went into other rooms etc. Then after almost 2 hours they tried to get me to agree to less money and they mentioned the actual name of another nanny they evidently interviewed who I know from the agency is substandard who will agree to a lower rate than me. At that point I found a way to leave even though they wanted me to stay. They have called me by phone several times, I have emailed them declining the job, My contact at the agency says I am being unprofessional not calling them back while I feel I do not want them to take up any more of my time. I do not think I am being unprofessional not calling them by phone!


Dark Cloud For A Nanny ! - Buh BYE! ( Another Job - Coming Up!)

Hi, I've been a nanny for my NF for going on a year. The little one just turned one today! I have enjoyed my job until these last few weeks. The parents have been very micromanaging and they have been making offensive back hand comments back to back. Recently I had a situation where I was putting the child to sleep in her crib and the father felt we were in the room too long and came into the room and took the baby out of the crib and accused me of making the crib a punishment. This hurt my heart and had really pushed me to a breaking point not to mention the father works from home and the mother has her own business so she is in and out the door some days. I work full time and try to get out of the house when I can but it's now cold and most of our time is spent inside.

We recently had a meeting the father and I and he repeatedly compared me to the daycare they considered and even mentioned the price difference and how he wants me to become more of her teacher instead of nanny. MY thing is the baby is still only one so learning thru playing is one of the best parts def with personal time. Also I am a part time student and I don't have time to take work home and put together a lesson plan for a 1 year old that is above my paygrade. Also I am so turned off that I am looking for a new job, but they continue to give me mixed signs. I am venting and asking how do I get rid of this dark cloud in my work life and profession?