Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Disgruntled WAHM

Received Friday, May 29, 2009 - Rant
Dear parent,
I have taken care of your child for over two years, since before the age of one. I have a few things to say to you.

You think you can get away with dropping off early and picking up late, and I have enabled you and allowed you to do this with no late fees and no complaints. It irritates me that you don't realize that I have a life too and that I cannot do anything until your child leaves.

Your child is not easy to care for. Your child hits my child, messes up my house and as wonderful as you think your child is, the fact of the matter is that your child is not all that wonderful and it is not a privilage to care for your child.

You have never given me a cash bonus for christmas, etc. You make approximately 3000 dollars more than I do a month. I don't want your freaking candles and soap baskets. I want some money.

You always bring your child when they are sick and it really bothers me.

You only work 30 hours a week and yet I care for your child for ten hours a day Monday through Friday for 150 dollars a week. You come to drop the child off and the child is always in a dirty diaper and their pajamas.

Your child is confused because although they do not have a father in their life, you have multiple boyfriends that you let your child call "Daddy" and then when you break up with them, the child is confused and left without that male figure.

I do like you and I like your child but I feel at times that I am being taken advantage of.

That is all.


New Roc in New Rochelle, NY

Received Wednesday, May 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw a black woman with a red shirt, black pants, black slide in tennis shoes at new roc in new rochelle. She was with a boy who was about 5. He had thick dark hair, pale skin, black boy sandals, long khaki shorts and a white polo shirt on. She dragged him about 40 feet by his arm to get on the escalator with her saying very loudly that she wanted to look at a jersey and he would learn to sit tight. As if that was not enough, once on the escalator, she did something else to him and he yelled ouch and tried to run back down the escalator. She turned and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back. He fell to his knees on the steps. At this point, they were already past half way up the escalator, he could have seriously fallen. This woman had mean and control freak written all over her. I followed her to the sports store up there and tried to take a picture of her with my cell phone camera but I could not get a good shot and then she spotted me, and well, like I said, this woman was mean. I did not need her coming after me.

One thing that might help identify her is she had a lot of little moles or skin tags around her eyes and nose. She was probably in her late 40 or early 50s. This was yesterday at around 5.


Nanny's Living Arrangement Too Close For Comfort

Received Monday, May 25, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hey Readers, just looking for some opinions.

(BACKGROUND- I am a young, American, college-educated nanny with tons of experience including twin and special needs. I have also worked with celebs in the past. I am considered a high-profile nanny.)

I recently got an extremely well paying job with a lot of perks (travel, good hours, benefits, etc). It is definitely a difficult job but in time will pay off.

This is the thing... I was asked to live in for the week which I didn't want to but agreed knowing there was a "staff floor" ie private bedroom/bathroom, private entrance and staff kitchen and lounge to be shared with other nannies and housekeepers. It has recently come to my attention that I will be staying now on the floor with the 3 children in between their bedrooms. This wouldn't be a total problem but I feel as if because I am the "main" nanny they expect the world of me. They want me on the kids floor because I am there to watch them but is it really that awful of me to be 4 floors downstairs? There is an intercom. I feel like they are just setting me up to take advantage.

We also go to the country house on the weekends and will be moving their all summer. There is a separate house on the property known as the staff cottage. It is a 4 bedroom house with 3 of the rooms currently filled and usually only 1 filled majority of my scheduled time. There is also a third floor with an extra family room/playroom and 3 suites (decks, bathrooms, and sitting rooms). Here in the country I am the only one stuck in the house. I am not even allowed to stay in one of the suites. Instead I am in a room conjoined to the middle child's room and right next to the parents room. I have no furniture except a bed and a side table. I am told this is where I will be spending the summer. Where will I put my stuff? The closet is filled with the kids winter clothes and there are no drawers. I would like to be in the guest house but at the very least upstairs in a suite.

There is no tv, not even a radio in my room. I am more than welcome to watch the television upstairs in the extra family room but I have to creep downstairs in the middle of the night past the parents open bedroom door to get to my room. I feel uncomfortable with them being so close, hearing my calls, knowing when I'm going to bed, hell--hearing me pee! Every morning when I shower I wake up their child because of such close proximity.

I am new (5 weeks) and will be on the books starting in 2 days. My bosses are VERY by the books, typical yacht club-park avenue family and really don't do well with change.

I'm not sure exactly how to bring it up but I am lonely sitting in a room staring at my wall all night when the rest of the staff are cracking beers together watching a movie in their cottage. I am very different than their past nannies whom were in their 60s, didn't speak English and fell asleep on the job. They appreciate how well I work with the kids and how flexible and hard working I am for them but I don't know if asking to be moved is crossing the line. Come summer I would like to go out on my nights off and my days off but I feel like I am doing something wrong. I feel guilty.

I understand they are a family and I would never overdo it and come stumbling in at all hours but I am an adult and if I want to go to a 10 o clock movie with some friends and be back at 1230 I feel like that is my prerogative. I do my job, I do it well and I feel an unbalance. They think that they need to keep me so close because I manage the household but can't they give me the chance to prove I can do that from across the driveway?!

Advice please!

Also, feel free to leave out the "grow some balls and just talk to them" comments. I need some good solid advice or none at all thanks.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

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CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 23, 2009
.... What?!

1) I need a sitter (Englewood)
Im looking for somewho who can be on-call throughout the week (*mostly overnights) to babysit my 3-1/2 year old and my 8 month old...If u really dont have a life (maybe a hs/college student over 18) and want to make sum extra money, I need u...serious inquiries only...Must be good with kids and be mobile...No experience is necessary...prefer some1 outgoing, and fun yet responsible and & drink & cable are available to b_ent05@****
Im not rich, so dont come to me talking about u charge $10/hr...Lets be reasonable about the price...prefer price-per-day or week...not hr!! I live in the englewood area, so if your nearby please let me know!
Original URL:
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Nanny's Dilemma

Received Saturday, May 23, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN There haven't been a lot of sightings posted and I do have a dilemma, I could use some advice.

Last summer I took a job for a wonderful young family, caring for their 3 month old child. Both parents are open and kind and we have a great relationship in all areas. And without needing to say, their child and I have developed a deep and loving bond during this first year of life. I am with child M-F, 12 hours a day plus sometimes Saturday, sometimes overnight. Most days I feed all 3 meals, and give child their bath and do bedtime. The parents both work grueling, long hours at high stress occupations.

I am very qualified, and not tooting my own horn, but to put into perspective, have been sought out at 1000.00 per week (a not so inviting situation, granted, or I would have taken it! But my point is the offer was there). When I was making the decision to take this job I had a choice of 3 offers. This was the lowest paying job. I chose this family because I was looking for a live-in position and they appealed to me as a family I could really live comfortably with. In making this commitment there were compromises made, with the verbal agreement that the family would increase my salary in one year, at the time of my second contract. Well...I'm sure you've guessed what happened next...

We had a meeting, and they told me they are not able to offer a raise. I am now in a "committed" relationship with their child :-) and don't know what to do. I certainly don't want to leave, but I am not making it on the salary to which I agreed. While it is a fair salary, I passed up the other higher salaries, trusting their word to raise me to my original request in one year. They aren't affluent by any means, but make financial choices that I cannot even consider. It's not my place to judge, and I try not to. The mom made the statement that they cannot even save for their planned trip this coming winter if they give me a raise. that sat wrong with me. I can tell them, but short of an ultimatum there isn't anymore I can say. And bottom line, 1. I love their child. 2. The economy is scary. 3. I'm afraid to rock the boat because our relationship, other than this, is so wonderful. of you may bite my head off for being so dumb, but at our meeting I made the offer to keep the salary the same if they allow me to nanny share without compromising what they pay me, and they agreed. Now, I feel like it's all up to me and I'm somewhat resentful. As well, I have been extremely flexible, basically available 24/7 for them to schedule me as needed. taking on another family will require a set schedule, which I told them, but I don't think they can see what this will look like with their unpredictable schedules. This second child and family will need to be equally considered at all times. I believe they are only seeing the dollar signs right now. This is the second area of the financial part of the contract that they renigged on.

And finally, the grandma (who lives out of state and rightfully adores this baby) calls daily to check in on the baby, which is fine because I really like her. But as she gets to know me and feels more like a friend, she appeals to me to go above and beyond my contract as far as time, housework, etc. This is the first time I've been a live-in nanny and it can be so sticky! Especially if you really become part of the family. Live-out is not an option on my current salary with my current financial responsibilities.

Phew. Rambled, I think, but I already feel better. Please, parents and nannies, any conctructive advice and opinions would be so appreciated.

Sign me,
One of the family


In The News...

Friday, May 22, 2009
Man Charged in Attempted Sexual Assult at Daycare - St. Louis, MO
A 19-year-old man was charged today with two felonies for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a child at a St. Louis daycare center.

Thomas Washington, 19, of St. Louis faces one count of first-degree attempted statutory sodomy and one count of first-degree attempted statutory rape, St. Louis police said.

Washington is accused of trying to molest a 3-year-old girl Wednesday night at the Dependable Home Day Care at 5918 Lillian Avenue, according to police.

Police Arrest Babysitter on Abuse Charge - Post Falls, Idaho
Police are investigating a Post Falls woman accused of abusing an infant several times during the past year.

Post Falls Police say they have arrested 20-year-old Stephanie R. Coppernoll, who was hired about a year ago to be the babysitter for the 15-month old boy and his older brother.

Investigators say the toddler has suffered three broken bones and was taken to the hospital again this week for an evaluation of an arm and leg.

Police: Mom Killed Boy, Buried Him in Playground Sand - New Mexico
A 23-year-old woman suffocated her son and then buried his body beneath the sand of a playground, police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said Thursday. Police arrested Tiffany Toribio about 4 a.m., just hours after they said they wanted to speak to her about her missing 3-year-old son, Ty.

Family members had contacted authorities, saying her son matched the description of a boy found Friday at an Albuquerque playground. Police Chief Ray Schultz said she confessed to killing the boy soon after being apprehended.

"She placed her hand over her son's mouth and nose and suffocated him. She had second thoughts about what she did. She performed CPR on her son, brought him back to life and then decided to go forward with that original act she had started to commit," Schultz said.

Toribio was charged with first-degree murder and an array of other charges, including abuse of a child under 12 that caused death. (continued)

Ex-Teacher's Aide Charged With Repeated Molestation - Burlington, VT
A former Chittenden County teacher's aide accused of repeatedly molesting a young boy over the course of several years pleaded not guilty in Burlington court Thursday to charges against him.

Douglas Cavett, 43, of Milton, was arrested Wednesday by detectives from the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations after the alleged victim came forward with the allegations of sexual abuse, police said.

Police initiated a search of Cavett's home on Wednesday. Police said Cavett came home during the search and then tried to flee the scene. Police arrested him on a dead-end road in Milton.


Children's Section of the Dudley Library in Roxbury, MA

Received Tuesday, May 19, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw the worst nanny today. She was bitching at the children because she was tired of the library and today was supposed to be a park day. (?) That is how she first caught my attention. She was eating pumpkin seeds and throwing them at the little girl in her care. Throwing them at the back of her head. Every time the little girl turned around, the nanny would say, "turn around" in a MEAN way. The child was clearly afraid of the nanny. I think this was a new nanny, too. The nanny in question was Black with no accent, wearing long blue jean shorts-to the knee, brown sandals, long, decorated toenails and a flouncy white summer top. Her hair was combed/pushed back so it went behind her ears and it reached the bottom of her neck in the back. There was a heavy set Jamaican nanny wearing light blue pants, grey tennis shoes and a mint colored top that accosted the younger nanny. The Jamaican nanny was probably in her fifties and she was wearing a gold cross. The Jamaican nanny said something to her like "why you throwing those seeds at her like that, that's not kind" and the other nanny said it was a game. She called the girl over to her side and made her tell the older nanny that it was a game. The older nanny told the younger nanny that she shouldn't even have food in the library and that she was setting a bad example for all of the children. She also told her that isn't how she should treat a child and she said something about being a nanny for twenty years and never would she treat a child like that. The older nanny went on and said what a sweet child she was and how she wasn't bothering anyone but sitting and looking through the books like a polite child. I mean the older nanny really let her have it, but not in a cross way. She spoke to her in a soothing way and told her she should appreciate the good children she was taking care of. The older nanny gave her a pat on the shoulder as she left. Then this younger nanny told the girl that she had ten minutes to pick out a book and called the brother over who was, possible, but not definitely a twin. And told him he had ten minutes. The older nanny by now had left with her charge (a biracial Asian/White child with a very blunt, dark bob, wearing a white shirt with little red hearts on it, about age 3). When the two children were with the nanny, now in another area of the library, she asks in a saccharin sweet voice, "okay what books did you get". They both excitedly showed her the books they got. She told the boy, his books were great and told the girl that she could only have one because OF HER BEHAVIOR at the library. What???? I was breastfeeding by this time, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, watching my own 30 month old roam in the area. Something is wrong with this woman. She seemed to like the boy just fine but has a mean streak when it comes to the girl. I wish I had said something, believe me, I do. If the description of this nanny isn't clear enough to recognize this boy and girl as your own, perhaps you will run in to the other nanny who tried to steer the horrible nanny in the right direction. This nanny is every family's nightmare, an absolute phony! I could tell by the way she behaved that she has the parents fooled.

Verona Park in Verona, NJ

Received Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Photobucket Verona Park, NJ- Monday, May 18th. My mother was in the park with my daughters and spoke to your nanny who was watching your twin daughters, age two and your eight month old son. Your nanny was kind, care and gentle with your children. She cut up some fruit for them, and was attentive to their needs. My mother went on and on about how wonderful she was and how happy your children seemed. She is a keeper.


66th Street & Fifth Ave Playground in Central Park, NYC

Received Saturday, May 16, 2009
nanny sighting logo Where:Central Park, playground at 66th Street and Fifth Ave, NYC

When: Monday, May 11, 2009

Nanny: Asian Descent, short hair, slightly masculine, bluetooth device in ear.

Child: Andrew, caucasian boy,light brown(?) hair, approximately 4-6 years old, wearing grey bike helmet.

Incident: Andrew was playing on the slide in the sandbox area, alone for several minutes while nanny was no where in sight. He was clearly bored, jumping all over slide and eventually fell very dangerously off the top of the slide. His nanny eventually came over from the gazebo area 40 feet away, and after gathering what happened yelled horribly at him (!).

He then tried to engage my 19 month old daughter and play ball with her. When he accidentally caused her to fall (she did not cry and was really fine) his nanny rush over and grabbed him very forcefully, shouting, "No Andrew! Don't push!!!! Say sorry Andrew!!! She was so aggressive and he was clearly upset and scared of her.


Hiawatha's Martial Arts in Larchmont, NY

Received Saturday, May 16th, 2009
Photobucket Good nanny sighting at Hiawatha's Martial Arts in Larchmont, NY. Your sitters name is Natasha or "Tasha" as your kids call her. Two boys 6 and 4 very sweet and talkative with light blonde hair. They love your sitter and she is sweet and kind to them and very attentive. I am a nanny and rarely see other nannies here that I think are commendable but yours is. She's a definite good soul.This was Tuesday 5/12 around 3:45. The older boy seemed to be in the 4:15 class.


CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 16, 2009
.... What?!

*Both Ads are from the same person:

1) Babysitter for Hire ( Newton)
Hi! i'm a single mom, i'm 23 years old, my daughter is 3. I live here in newton and need to make some money to help pay bills. If you need a sitter, i can work any shift any time. I love taking my daughter to the park and to the zoo, she loves playing with other children. I am very patient with children and have my own car. Message me and we can discuss rates, will watch any age!!!
Original URL:

2) Single mom needing a night on the town (Newton)
Hi, i'm 23 years old, a single mom, its been a long ass time since i've been out. Money has just been to tight to do anything. But i'm at the point of kiling someone if i don't get out soon!! I'm looking to be spoiled tonight. I want someone to take me out on the town, ya know, dancing, maybe a few drinks. NO SEX. I just want to have a good time and then go home to my bed. My last job was as a stripper so i like to think i got some good moves. I doubt i'll get alot of responses back but its worth a try
Original URL:
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Nanny Being Taken Advantage of by Father of Five

Received Friday, May 15, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am looking for some advice on my current situation because all my friends and family tell me I am really being mistreated but they dont have nannies and have never been one. I live in the tri-state area and I work for a widower with 5 children. When I first took the job I asked for $15 an hour and he asked if I would be willing to start at $13. I should have never agreed to that but I was anxious to get a job. The minute I started the job I realized I should have asked for even more. There are about 10 hours a week when I am at their home and all the children are at school. I agreed to do laundry, change the beds weekly, light vaccumming, dishes, and organize toys and clothes during that time. From the beginning he went beyond our agreement and was constantly asking me to do other things that weren't really part of my job like "helping" the kids put away Christmas decorations, clean out kitchen cabinets etc. The thing that always gets me is that he expects me to know where any little thing might be in his house and asks me to "hunt it down". How should I know where you put your stuff? Asking me if I've seen it is one thing but telling me to find it is another.

The children are completely spoiled by their grandmother, especially because they have no mother. She lets the kids do whatever they want until she can't stand it anymore and then starts yelling. The father has no patience either and as a result the children barely react to anything but yelling. I have my job cut out for me to get these children to obey. Homework is a nightmare; crying, fits and screaming at siblings. The children need a lot of help with their homework but it is very hard for me to help 3 of them at a time because sitting together at one table is impossible. They talk or fight with each other constantly, jumping around and chasing each other with pencils. Then of course while all this is going on I am trying to figure out how to keep the 2 little ones occupied enough to give us some quiet. Oh and I am also responsible for getting dinner ready most nights. (once in awhile Grandma will make something but her appearance is more of a hiderance than a help.) I've been working with the family for just over 6 months and the kids are finally realizing that they can't get away with anything with me and that I mean business. Sometimes I feel that I am being too tough but they need someone who will stand up to them after all the freedom they've been given in the past.

Ever since I started, my boss was always making excuses to cut my hours. I made it clear to him in the beginning that I wanted as close to full time as I could get and he promised me a MINIMUM of 38 hours. He is always saying that the grandmother wants to spend time with the kids and ends up cutting my hours to less than 38. Ive said something to him several times reminding him that I need my hours and yet he still does it. I expected that over the summer I would be getting well above 40 since the kids would be out of school. But lo and behold he gave me a prelimary schedule for the summer and has me working 30 hours. I was livid. I called him up the minute I saw the schedule and told him I needed my hours and that he promised me more. He made light of the whole thing and we have yet to work it out. I am still holding on to hope that he will come through and give me the hours he promised.

The other concern is that I think its time to ask for a raise and I think I deserve well above $15 an hour doing all that I do, but I think that would be too much to ask. I think I can ask for my original request of $15 an hour even though that is a $2 raise seeing as that is what I asked for in the first place. (and I know he can afford it, he is always buying new things for the kids and taking them on destination vacations.) He expects me to do far more than my what was agreed upon and never thanks me for anything. He is ungrateful and unapproachable. My mother thinks I should just look for another job but I am not sure that I can find another one in this economic time and the children really do need me.

Mom's Detached Behavior Has Nanny Furious

Received Friday, May 15, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have wanted to submit this since it happend. But I dont want my boss to get more mad because I talked about in public. I dont have a lot of friends where I nanny and those I do have are not nannies and don't get it.

This is my problem. I work for a family with 2 super kids. I do everything for them and it does not bother me at all. I get them up in the morning. I clean the bottles, feed them. Diapers are usually wet. No laundry gets done on the weekend. The weekends the kids do nothing but sit in front of Nickelodeon while mom is on the computer and dad is out golfing.

Of the two parents, Dad is much better. He will sometimes take the kids out but the Mom is just a super lazy mom. If a child bumps his head, she doesn't even respond to the crying if I am in the room. (I dont think she ever does but I cant say what she does or doesnt do when I am not home). I will wait, give her a few seconds to respond and go and comfort the child. The mom never looks at the drawings the children bring home from preschool. If she gets her hands on them, she puts them in the garbage. She never reads teachers notes. She never knows if a party or school event is coming up.

Recently there was a food drive and the kids were so excited about it. We talked about how wonderful it was to help other children and picked out some things from the family's huge pantry. Three cans each. They were so proud going to school. The mother knows so little and cares so little that everything gets by her. She does drop the kids off at preschool though. Last week on the food drive day, she came home after dropping the kids off and had two cans of green beans and a can of soup and said to me, "I dont know what Harry thinks he is doing, he can have lunch when he gets home" and she sets the cans on the counter real hard like she just made some executive decision. I said, "Uh, it's for the food drive" and she just looked at me like I WAS THE IDIOT and walked off. Part of my job is to run child related errands, so I did gun it over to the school and get the cans of food back to Harry. You never saw such a huge smile on the kid's face. I told the teacher somehow these came out of his backpack in the car. And Harry was standing right there looking at me. But he knew, even before I spoke, he knew why I was there. I don't know how the Mom found the sons cans but not the daughters. Harry was probably talking excitedly about it while she tuned him out.

Anyway, in short, by this one story (and I have no less than 300 more), I work for a terrible mother. I try not to judge and just do the best that I can for her. On Friday the kids came home with projects they made for her for Mother's day. They were cute. And that was that. Or so I thought. I had been getting attitude from the mother all week. Finally, I say to her, "I'm sorry, is something wrong, something feels off" and she says to me, "I really expected that you would have helped the children do something nice for me for mother's day. Emily used too". I explained to her that I had not thought of it and that the children were proud of their preschool projects and she rolls her eyes at me and walks out of the room.

(*Harry is not the child's real name. *Emily is not the real name of their last nanny, but that is who she was talking about.)

I was shocked that she could be so bitchy to me about not doing something for her for Mother's day. I was SPEECHLESS. The father was his same self. But is she missing a piece of her frontal lobe? If I made a Mother's day card for her, what would it say? If I bought one at the store for her from one of the children, I would need a lot of white out because there is a lot of care, attention and nurturing she is not providing.

Do I just let this go and go on with things? Yes, I could have helped them make her something, but WHY SHOULD I? If she brings this up again, I swear, despite how much I love those kiddos, I am going to tell her to her face what a cold, emotionless, waste of space she is. Or maybe I should tell her, maybe if you start TODAY behaving like a mother, I'll help the children make you something next year and then point her in the direction of parenting and Borders.

I am furious. But mostly, I am furious because she has the audacity to be furious with me! Has any nanny ever experienced anything like this????


In the News...

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Police: Babysitter Driving While Impaired Crashes, Abandons Children - Gaston County, NC
Harleigh Eury, 7, clung to her mother outside a Gaston County courtroom Wednesday. She said a crash that cut her lip brought her and her mother to the courthouse. “There was a bump. Then we crashed into something and I hit my head on something,” she said.

Her mother, Amy Garska, said she is angry because according to the arrest reports, the woman at the wheel Tuesday was so impaired that after the wreck she fell asleep as police talked to her.
“She was a good friend of mine, but when she puts my child in danger -- that's not a friend,” she said. Early Wednesday, Garska pleaded with a judge for a higher bond for her former friend and babysitter. “I don't think it is right when it was more than just her child involved. She had other children involved,” Garska said.

Tuesday afternoon, Brandy Ramsey had her own 1-year-old child in the car, along with a 5-year-old and Eury. The children riding to a Mount Holly home when police said Ramsey ran into a utility pole on East Catawba Avenue. Eury said the one person the children trusted for help left the scene.

Ramsey was charged with driving while impaired and one count of child abuse.
~ Special thanks to nc for Submitting this Article.


Chelsea Foodmart in NYC

Received Wednesday, May 13, 2009
nanny sighting logo I just saw a nanny ignoring the child in her care for 40 minutes and it broke my heart. This happened at the Chelsea Foodmart on 8th Ave btw 19th and 20th St. from 4:30 - 5:10pm on Weds 5/13. The little girl seemed happy and cheerful which made me even more angry about the nanny's behavior.

The caregiver was fit and of average height. She had a dark middle eastern complexion, with shoulder length black hair. She was dressed conservatively and well, in a black fitted jacket, jeans and pearl or round silver earrings. She was speaking on the phone (she had two phones) and I heard her speaking in what I believe was Arabic and also Spanish when she picked up the other phone.

The little girl was blond and blue eyed and probably about 16-18mos. She was wearing a fleece jacket with different colored flowers on it. She had turquoise blue pants with white socks and pink sandals. She was strapped into a Micralite stroller, facing away from the nanny.

Your nanny was talking on the phone the entire time while your adorable little girl sat in her stroller interacting with strangers in the deli (who likely felt sorry for her, like I did). She was very cute and was trying to dance to the music playing and just generally interact with people. Your caregiver had a stack of phone cards on the table and it looked like she was just going through the minutes on them. She had bought the girl a bunch of grapes and was letting her eat them without being washed. You have such a charming little girl who deserves to be somewhere interesting for her when she has a caregiver being paid to care for her. I did not see the nanny treat your child in an overt or harsh manner, but I would want to know if my nanny were acting like this while I was at work.

Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, NY

Received Wednesday, May 13, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Where: Harbor Island Playground / Mamaroneck, NY
When: Tues, May 12, approximately 5PM
Nanny: Black woman, short, tight Afro, light blue Capri pants, white t-shirt with lace on it. light blue flat slide-in shoes.
Child: Child of about 6 yo, white, brown hair, in two braids, yellow shirt with big mushroom on it and paisley design inside mushroom, blue jeans with a roll at the bottom, plain white tennis shoes, white short socks.
Incident: This isn't really a huge deal. I don't know. Depends on what you think. If it were my nanny, I would be pissed. The nanny sat on a bench, which is fine, the child is older enough to play on her own. The child then needed to go to the bathroom and came and asked the nanny to take her. The nanny said, "you can walk, you know where it is" and the little girl went on her own. I am not that familiar with the park, but from my vantage point, I saw the child leave the playground on a path and walk all the way to a building by the water where the boats are. I saw her circle the building twice. This was a distance of about a football field. There were maintenance men there and other men dealing with boats and things. My child needed assistance so I was helping the child on the playground and about ten minutes later, I saw the girl come out of a building that was closer to the playground. Much closer. I still don't know where the bathroom is. That little girl was petite and cute and there is no way in hell I would let her walk all that way over by the WATER by herself. (It's a marina). Clearly, the nanny should have made sure she knew where the bathroom was. The nanny had an attitude with the child where the nanny was like a drill Sargent, IE don't argue with me. One other thing I noticed is the nanny called the child over to the bench, her permanent perch and gave her an empty vitamin water bottle and pointed at the garbage can. Didn't even speak. The child gave her a look like, "you called me over here for this" and she spun around to go back to the friend who she was playing with. The nanny reached out and grabbed on of her braids, stopping the girl in her tracks. I don't know how much it hurt, but she gave the child a serious drill Sergeant look and held out the bottle and the child dutifully took it and trotted over to the garbage can to throw it out for the nanny.

In the News...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Toddler Injured in Lawnmower Accident
Surgeons at Hasbro Children’s Hospital amputated the foot of a 2-year-old girl severely injured in a lawnmower accident Monday afternoon at her babysitter’s home at 11 William J. Higgins Road.

Babysitter Jailed in Infant's Shaking Death to be Returned to Haiti
A babysitter accused of shaking a 10-month-old baby to death will receive credit for six years' time served and be returned to her native Haiti under terms of a plea bargain. Nelly Rose Joseph, 54, originally faced a first-degree murder charge and the possibility of life in prison, but because of evidence issues and her diagnosis as "borderline retarded," prosecutors agreed to downgrade the charge to manslaughter.


Playground at 85th and CPW in NYC

Received Tuesday, May 12, 2009
nanny sighting logo Yesterday, May 11 (Monday), at the Playground at 85th and CPW. An overweight, tall, black nanny with a boy named Oscar who seemed to be around 2. The stroller is a red Maclaren.

She was screaming at him , grabbing him by the arm. she was so nasty it was sickening. Watching her made me think "she hates her job and the child." she screamed because he wanted to stand at the fence (which is perfectly safe and near no exit) and watch the squirrels. Screamed and threatened him. Please fire this nanny. She doesn't like being a nanny and shouldn't be around children.


Loehmans on Broadway in NYC

Received Monday, May 11, 2009
nanny sighting logo This totally slipped my mind because of my personal situation but I just found this photo on my phone when I synced it and remember how sad I thought the situation was.

On or around Friday, April 17 2009 this nanny was shopping with her friend at Loehman's between W73 and W74 on Broadway with her nanny friend. The little boy, blond, white, maybe 18 - 14 months, was in a red Bugaboo stroller and left to his own devices. I caught him SIPPING/DRINKING FROM A PURELL BOTTLE (Purell in it, not water or anything else) and took it from him. The nanny did not see this as she was holding several hangers with clothing standing around the corner.Her nanny friend did not see her charge either, parked right behind the boy behind a clothing rack. I called her and told the nanny what had happened - in case she was wondering why this strange woman (me)was talking to the toddler. She did not come across as very worried and turned around quickly again, checking out more dresses for herself. I tried to snap a photo as they were paying for the clothes.
nanny blog,i saw your nanny,isawyournanny,babysitter,sitter abuse,shopping,errands,child,baby,stroller
I saw this same Nanny and her friend a year ago just before Memorial Day before when a much younger child (it could easily have been the same child) was in a buggy not appropriate for his age, screaming it's head off for 20 minutes and they were trying out flip flops at Tip Top shoes on W72nd street. Even my husband was annoyed.

Nanny had long black curly hair, light brown leather-like coat,sunglasses in her hair. Age hard to guess, could be end 20's early30's but I'm guessing. Quite tall, lean. Other nanny was shorter and older, short black hair.



CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 9, 2009
.... What?!

* The following Ad was answered by an ISYN reader:

1) Nanny Wanted (Iowa City)
I am looking for a Nanny for my two sons starting June 1st (summer only). My sons are eleven and eight and are very independent. The time required would be Monday-Friday, 8:45-5:15. Room and board provided if necessary. Ideally you must have a vehicle to transport them to the pool, park, etc.
Original URL:

* Here is the response they received:

2) Wanted to thank you for your response to the "Nanny Wanted" posting on Craig's list. I also wanted to let you know that I have been really busy with work, so I apologize for the slow response. This leads me into an important subject, I am a social worker, so I don't make a ton of money. For those of you that are looking to make considerable money nannying (and I support you), this may not be the opportunity. For starters, despite the long hours (more on that later), it is really not very labor intensive work. My sons are eleven and eight and pretty much are self motivated, so short of you driving to the pool (or walking), you are basically present to make lunch, the odd snack, keep them safe and that is can nap, text your pals, sit by the pool, lay in the park, etc. Also, the boys may be in Arts Shares camp for a couple of weeks, so this would mean half days during that period. So given this fact, this might be a nannying position better geared towards high school folks, as opposed to college students looking for money for tuition next fall. About the hours, I am thinking that I might cut back my hours at work to thirty-two a week for the summer. I am also thinking that if I stay at forty, that I might hire two people for twenty hours a week. I received some responses from males, and while I am an equal opportunity guy, there is so much male energy in the house with the three of us, I really would like the boys to get to hang with a female. Again, I am open-minded about this, but we have dealt with this issue the last few summers, so it isn't new to us. Anyway, all that being said, please e-mail me back if you are still interested and mention what type of salary you are interested in. I will see if my budget allows for it and get back to you. For those folks that are no longer interested, thank you for taking the time to e-mail. Best Regards, Tony
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Washington Square Park in NYC

Received Friday, May 8, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Washington Square Park in NYC
Older Kids Playground
May 8th approximately 4-5PM
Multiple Situations

See Picture- A boy, maybe 8 years old, was ON TOP of the swing set. I believe that I heard this kid referred to as "Luca". I could be wrong. He was also talking to a woman who could have been an aunt, grandma or nanny (late 50s?) but I am not sure if they were together.
I just can't see any reason that this or any child should have been allowed to be on top of the swings. There were other children at the sandpit jungle gym, many of whom were on top of the tunnels, standing on top of ladders, etc (in the wrong way, not as they were designed and certainly high enough that they could have died if they had fallen) but I couldn't spend my time taking pictures of all the kids, since I had to watch my own and it was a madhouse!

In general, there were a LOT of adults sitting on the bench, and I'll be honest about 90% were clearly nannies. There were parents there as well but most were in the sand or next to their kids. There were exceptions of course. I had multiple kids come up to me to ask me for help, want me to play with them... It is really sad that some of these kids are so attention starved... If your nanny takes your kids to this park, consider dropping by to make sure she is really watching actively. It was VERY crowded, and it would have been very easy for a child to get abducted.

In the News...

Friday, May 8, 2009
Unsecured Infant Ejected from Car in Willmar, Minn.
A 4-week-old infant that was not buckled into its car seat was ejected from a moving car in Willmar. The woman driving was arrested. Willmar police said the child was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital by witnesses to the incident, which happened about 8 p.m. Wednesday. The child was held for observation and is now in the protective custody of county family services.
Police say the baby was placed into a carseat in the back seat, but the child was not buckled in and the car seat was not secured to the car itself.
Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle driving fast and making a hard left turn, causing the rear passenger door to come open and the baby to fall out.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Dies; Pacifier Taped to Mouth - Richland County, SC
A Richland County foster mother is accused of causing the death of a baby in her care by taping the infant's pacifier to his mouth.The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators said Angela Deniece Dukes, 30, of Columbia, S.C., is charged with unlawful conduct towards a child after a lengthy investigation. According to an arrest warrant, the pacifier obstructed the 9-month-old's breathing, resulting in his death on Feb. 8 at Dukes’ home.

And now a story of survival...
My youngest son ( I have 3) who is now 2 years old was diagnosed at 5 months old with a very rare and terminal genetic disorder. After much research we decided to go to St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN (we live in CA). They had a one of a kind protocol for my son's disorder. At 7 months old my son underwent a life saving Stem Cell Transplant, I had the honor of being his donor. He did better then expected, and except for being left blind (from the disorder, not the transplant) he is a happy and healthy 2 year old. While at St. Jude they provided us air line tickets to get to and from, housing, and food. All at no charge to us. No child is ever turned away for inability to pay. It costs them over $1,000,000 a DAY to run the hospital, and they run it mostly on donations from the public. My son would not be here today if it were not for all the wonderful people and care he got from that hospital. We stayed in Memphis for 6 months, while my son recovered from his Chemo and Transplant.

St. Jude has an Annual Marathon to raise money for the hospital. This year, my husband Gavin and I will be participating in the 5k, to help give back to the place that gave us so much and never asked for anything in return. Please visit my son's website or our marathon site to lend your support or learn more.

Hadley Park in Potomac, MD

Received Thursday, May 7th, 2009
When: Wednesday, May 6, at about 1:00PM
Where: Hadley Park, Potomac, MD
Description of nanny: Hispanic; long brown hair; wearing a striped sweater.
Description of child: a little girl, about 3 years old, with curley blond hair and wearing a green sweater.

They had a cute little white dog with them that had a pink chew toy.

This nany was fabulous! The two of them played fetch with the dog--laughing and giggling and running around. Then, they started walking up the path to the playground, and the nanny noticed a caterpillar that she pointed out to the little girl. They both bent down and observed the caterpillar for quite a while. Then, they walked up to the playground, and all three of them--child, nanny, and dog had a fabulous time playing together. The nanny even bent down and let other kids pet the dog, and she comfortably visited with the other moms.


MN Zoo Monorail and Grizzly Exhibit

Received Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
nanny sighting logo
When: Tuesday, May 5th 2009 10:30am
Where: MN Zoo Monorail and Grizzly Exhibit
Description of nanny: White, mid twenties. Brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, looked on the tan side. Wearing a teal colored zip up jacket/hoody without a hood, jeans and sneakers. She was on the short side but height and weight proportionate.
Description of children: There were two boys, Max a boy with brown hair was wearing a green sweatshirt, who looked to be about. Also, Eli, a boy with blonde hair was wearing a shiny blue and dark reddish color jacket, who was around 2 and a half. Both children were white. Description of stroller/diaper bag: No stroller. Blue camo skip hop diaper bag I was not able to get a picture of your nanny without being too obvious. I saw your nanny twice today. First, when we were on the monorail in the same car, your nanny kept them engaged, by singing and talking about all the animals, and asking them if they remembered what was next. About 15 minutes later saw your nanny in the bear exhibit. Max and Eli were pushing and shoving, and your nanny had given them warnings to stop. Eli stopped but Max didn't. After Max shoved Eli into the glass (it didn't break for those of you who are not familiar with this exhibit) your nanny told Max to "stop being rough or we will go home." (note: She did yell Max's name first, and was a bit too stern with her warning) A few minutes later Max again shoved his brother, this time into the rocks. He immediately started saying "I didn't do it!!!" She sternly said "Yes you did, I saw you. We are leaving" took them both by the hand and left rather quickly. My only "concerns" are that she really didn't explain what it is that he did. She also didn't try to calm Max when he was crying as they left. If it were me, I would have tried to calm BOTH children not just one. Your nanny wasn't mean, degrading, or abusive, mostly I think she was just frustrated they weren't listening. I do think she could have explained better, calmed both children. Also, I am not sure that pushing really is enough of a reason to leave the zoo. (my reasoning is more based on the fact that my charges and I have quite a drive to visit the zoo and it would be a waste of a trip to leave for something so minimal) Note: I know this was your nanny because on the monorail, the boys had asked where mommy and daddy where, and she had said that you were at work.

*Remember readers, one of the purposes of this website is to let parents know how there nanny treats and handles the children when the parent is not around. This sighting could very well cause the parents reassurance.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dad Accused of Using Dog Shock Collar on His Kids
A father was accused of using a dog shock collar on his four children. Salem Police Lt. Dave Okada said the 41-year-old man was jailed Tuesday on charges of criminal mistreatment. He said the father acknowledged putting the electronic dog collar on his four children and shocking all of them at least once.
According to Okada, the father didn't do it as a punishment. Rather, he thought it was funny.
The children, all younger than 10, are in the custody of their mother. The case has been referred to state Department of Human Services.

E. 14th YMCA Class in NYC

Received Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Today - East 14th Street YMCA - Music class at 11 am.Nanny with twins - Lucy and Henry - Nanny was just terrible ... yelled at Lucy, texted on her phone the entire class, ignored both children and Lucy fell twice (hard) while Nanny was ignoring the poor child.


Two-Year-Old Runs the House!

Received Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Here's my problem - I work full time for an amazing 2 year old girl. She is an angel. I couldn't ask for a better situation. I get along very well with both parents, and the little girl "Emma" is perfect. I mean it! Perfect. Yes, she has her moments, but we have so much fun together. Here's where it gets tricky. When mom is around, Emma turns into the child from...well, you know. Awful. Not just whiny and crying, terrible. Screaming, kicking, hitting, spitting, the whole works. She has no patience when mom is there, and needs immediate gratification. With me, I can say to her, "I'll help you in a minute" and she accepts it every time. The thing is, mom spends a good amount of time with Emma. She is a great mom. And I know Emma loves me (not to pat myself on the back, but she runs to me when I get there in the morning, initiates cuddles, etc.). When mom is around, neither one of us has a BIT of control. It started out as something that was merely annoying, but now it is unbearable. As soon as mom leaves the room, Emma returns to her charming little self, it is crazy! She clearly wants mom attention, but I honestly feel mom gives her a lot of attention. Emma is miserable, and so are mom and me. I've been with the family for a year now, and really want to make this situation work because I'd hate for this to make me want to look for another family. Has anyone (nanny or mom) gone through something similar? We really need your help!

She's so had it with Jamaican Nannies

Received Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I realize Jamaican nannies and their shortcoming are discussed and defended here frequently and I wanted to share my personal experience. I have worked for the same Greenwich family for nearly 6 years.

When I was first hired it was to replace a Jamaican nanny who had crashed the car while the children were in it, could not swim, and could not travel with the family due to green card issues. The first couple of years there I worked with a Jamaican nanny who came every evening at dinner time to help out with dinner and help me give the kids a bath while the parents enjoyed some private time. She would show up everyday with her own five year old daughter in tow, and create total chaos. My boss and I, who is a wonderful stay at home mom and very hands on but used a nanny to make sure her four children were taken care of while she attended to her many charitable commitments, would get the kids settled in to dinner. My boss would be slaving away at the stove to prepare a "special" dinner for the Jamaican employee because things like Tortellini Alfredo were not up to her taste so my boss would be frying up rice and cooking up chicken, a different homemade meal every day of the week for her employee. Said employee came late almost everyday and would enter the house screeching and singing and completely rile the kids up when they had just gotten settled. Her and her daughter would sit and be catered to by my boss and I. The nanny and her child savagely chomped away at her gourmet meal, spewing food all over the place. After my finished eating, my boss and I cleaned everything up. Then, the Jamaican nanny and I would would take the kids upstairs for a bath, where the Jamaican nanny would usually throw her daughter in the mix. When I say into the mix, I mean in to the tub.

On my employer's datenight, the second they drove off, the Jamaican nanny would rush out to her car and bring in huge loads of laundry to do while my employers was out. She overloaded the machine time and time again in an effort to get her laundry done for free. Then she would take a bag and go grocery shopping in my bosses pantry, which was completely overstocked. She would select rice mixes, snacks, pasta and sauces and then help herself to whatever she thought wouldn't be missed from the refrigerator. She shopped for her child's school clothes in my charges closets. I complained adamantly about this woman. When it was summer and I took the kids swimming, she (of course not a swimmer) would sit on the side of the pool in a chaise lounge downing Budweiser while asking me to teach her daughter to swim. As I was the only one watching five kids it was quite hard to do. At Christmas and birthday times, she would bring me a catalog of stuff she had circled in red ink and instruct me to give it to my boss. She also gave my boss a wish list for her, her kids and extended family. Eventually even my big hearted boss got fed up and gave her the boot.

Since then I have dealt with another Jamaican nanny. She was the weekend nanny. She came on Friday nights and stayed through until Sunday morning. A very sweet girl but very needy and a crook. She never did anything with the kids. Never took them anywhere. She would WATCH them play outside but never played with them. Again, a non swimmer so she could never take them swimming. She would watch TV with them all day and all night. The entire time she was there she would either have her cell phone glued to her ear, or, later as technology advanced, the ear piece attached to her ear. She talked on the phone ALL THE TIME. When she came on Friday night my boss would order dinner for her and the kids and again, on Saturday night, so she did not cook at all. She constantly asks my boss for money, never pays any of it back. She also has my boss buying gifts for everyone from her daughter to her sister to her sister's kids and mother. It just goes on and on. She has not been to work in over a year but my boss continues to pay her because she is always crying that she needs money and can't find a job. When her daughter got accepted to college, she called up my employer and asked told her that her daughter needed a really good computer. She has no problem asking for anything she wants (airplane flights, clothing, furniture, money) yet she gives nothing back. She never even checks in on Fridays to see if my boss MIGHT need her. If anything special comes up and my boss needs a little help on the weekends, she calls me or cancels her plans. The nanny even had the nerve to tell my boss that she spent her $2000 Christmas present cash bailing her brother out of jail and she needed it for rent. Guess what, she got it but after her brother went to court, the money never made it back to my boss. Friendly? Yes. Jolly? Yes. Lazy? So much so. Conniving? Absolutely.

These are only an example of three nannies I have personally worked with, all Jamaican though. They all received top dollar and my boss even gave one of them a car. So when I hear people go on and on about people being BROAD WITH THEIR COMMENTS or UNFAIR TO ISLANDERS, I can only laugh. Obviously they have little or no experience with them. The best wish I have for them is to hire one and see for themselves. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don't. Also, most of the people here from the Islands are not here legally and have to be paid under the table. So, as far as Jamaican nannies go, buyer beware. FYI Side point before anyone gets off topic about the amount of help my boss used, she had four kids that were constantly going in different directions, different schools, and many appointments, sports and other activities. She is a great mom and has spent her entire life catering to the happiness of her children. I just find it impossible to comprehend this brazen nerviness people have, this absolute sense of entitlement. This boggles my mind, because in the years I have been a nanny, I have seen other examples of highly paid, difficult, demanding, trouble-making, and do nothing Jamaican nannies. What gives?


Intersection by the Roscoe Village Pub in Chicago, Il

Received Monday, May 4, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Date: 04/30/09
Time: almost noon
Where: Intersection of Addison and Leavitt outside of the Roscoe Village Pub
Description of nanny(or grandmother): Older, probably in her late 50's or 60's. Unnaturally short red hair. She was wearing a long olive greenish type skirt.
Description of kids: 2 kids. one boy and one girl. they looked around the same age.(no older than three) The boy had light brown hair and the girl could have been blonde.
What I saw really disturbed me. I was stopped at a stoplight at the intersection of Leavitt and Addison. I noticed the nanny chastising the small boy. He was wiggling around in the stroller. (it was a two-seater and he wasn't in any danger of falling out.) The stroller had the plastic lap bar and leg holes. I think it was red and it had a pink and yellow balloons tied to it. The stroller looked like this but it had plastic leg holes. He wasn't trying to stand up or anything, he just seemed a little fidgety. She started yelling at him and then yanked him up by his shirt collar until his feet hit the lap bar. and then shoved him back down into the stroller hard. The whole time she looked as if she was speaking harshly. I couldn't get a picture because I was driving. I saw no reason to treat that little boy that way. I am a nanny and I would NEVER do that to my charge.


4 Lexington Avenue Train in NYC

Received Sunday, May 3, 2009
nanny sighting logo
I saw a dreadful scene on the number 4 Lexington Avenue train this past Thursday at approximately 5pm.

Nanny: Black, 40-something, long hair possibly from the Caribbean.
Child: White, 4 years old, female, light brown/dark blond hair.
On their way to visit another child named Tavia (?) who the 4-year-old did not want to see.
Exited the train at the Wall Street station.

It was rush hour on a crowded train and the child was misbehaving and refusing to hold on to the pole. She was very defiant towards her mostly very patient nanny and would not obey. The child kept falling on the floor and the nanny kept repeating that the little girl hold onto the pole. The girl refused and after the nanny squatted down twice to patiently try and reason with the girl, the child tried to kick the nanny several times. In an effort to both keep the girl standing upright and keep herself from being kicked, the nanny gripped both of the little girl's wrists in one of her hands and held the child's arms up over her head. The girl was crying and screaming at the top of her voice for the nanny to stop that she was hurting her. I have no doubt that the nanny was squeezing the girls wrists extremely hard and that she was very angry at the child for misbehaving. (Many people on the train seemed annoyed by this child's bad behavior.)
This went on for what seemed a long time (5 minutes). Eventually, the nanny did let go of the girl's wrists but then she gripped her upper arms very tightly instead. The girl continued to scream as if she were being tortured. I tried to intervene asking the nanny how old the girl was and she told me she was four. Then I spoke directly to the girl and suggested that she hold on to the pole hoping that the nanny would then not hold her so hard. The child ignored me and continued her tantrum.

It seemed rather late in the day for a play date and I heard the child insist that she did not want to go to "Tavia's". I think I heard the name right, but we were on a noisy train so, it could have been a similar name.

Here's my take on the situation: the parents are too absent and the child is not being disciplined properly. The nanny did everything she could but she was not really in control of the situation. However, she did keep the child from falling on the floor or causing a nuisance on the crowded train. This is a very disturbed little girl who needs someone who can deal with her spoiled behavior in a way that is not physically or emotionally painful.


Technical Difficulties

Saturday, April 2, 2009
We are working to resolve technical difficulties which prevent the blog from being viewed from Internet Explorer. Please understand any changes made during this period are directly related to repairing the problem. -JD


CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, May 2, 2009.
.... What?!

1) Self Defense for Infants! (New Jersey)
Your Baby Will Never Be Defenseless Again! It is estimated that 93% of all infant abductions could have been prevented if only the infant in question had been able to defend itself against the abductor. It is time for parents to be more proactive about the safety of their child and educate their young early in the art of self-defense. This is where we come in. Our panel of instructors will use their combined 11 and 3/4 months of combat expertise and training to start your baby on the road to being a well-disciplined martial arts master. At just two weeks of age your child could start learning the fundamentals of our proven program with techniques ranging from basic open palm stun slaps to the Luna Chi (Harmony of the Moon) drunken boxing/Brazilian dance fighting style. Our program starts shortly after the child is acclimated to breast feeding and takes the infant through a rigorous training schedule that culminates in our advanced speed shooting course right here at our facilities’ miniaturized firing range. We believe a combination of real world melee techniques and handgun exercises are the perfect complimentary training techniques to keeping your baby safe and able to operate even complex clip-loaded and revolver style weapons should the parent become incapacitated during an exchange of fire. Courses are available nights and weekends and makeup sessions are scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle. Classes start June 1st and enrollment fills quickly. Please email us with any questions and we will provide quick links to our downloadable schedule in PDF format as well as our handy online insurance waiver.
Original URL:
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5 Train in NYC

Received Friday, May 1, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw this nanny on the 5 train downtown Thursday 4/30 at about 4:45. The child (about 3 years old) wouldn't/couldn't hold the pole, so the nanny was gripping, shaking and yelling at her. The child was crying "don't, that hurts me!" and "please stop" several people tried to talk to them and intervene. It went on for about 10 minutes. The child was VERY upset and distraught.

14th st Y - 14th st between 1st and 2nd Ave. - NY

Received Friday, May 1, 2009
nanny sighting logo I have a nanny sighting. The location is in front of the 14th st Y, which is on 14th st between 1st and 2nd ave. The girl looked about 3, dirty blond or blond, white, wearing a pink floral dress, very energetic. Nanny was about 5'3", short dark hair, 30s or 40s, normal weight. She looked/sounded like she might be from India. This was on Wednesday, April 29, around 1:30pm.

The child was sprinting ahead of the nanny. She must have been 30 feet ahead of her and still running when I saw them. The nanny was half-heartedly calling after her and walking slowly behind the stroller. 14th street is very busy and the situation simply wasn't safe. The girl looked on the younger side of three and the situation made me very nervous. Your nanny looked very tired so it might be a situation where you are overworking her, or her energy level just isn't a good match for your daughter. For what it's worth, your daughter seemed happy.

April 1, 2009

In The News:
Baby Falls out of New Brunswick Babysitter's Window - NJ
A 15-month-old baby fell two stories after crawling out the window of his babysitter's New Brunswick home this morning, sustaining multiple injuries, authorities said.

Police said they were were called at 8:02 a.m. and told that the child had fallen from a window at 16 Howard St., where he was being watched by Catalina Vasquez, 57, who lives at that address.

The infant landed on the front steps of the house and rolled down to the front walk, police said.

He was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, where he was being treated for multiple injuries, Lt. J.T. Miller said.

Vasquez was babysitting four children altogether when the one child went out the window, Miller said.

Tampa Man Charged with Murdering Infant - FL
Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies have arrested 25-year-old Angel Robles and charged him with murdering an 11-month-old boy.

According to detectives, Robles was watching Isiah Ian McGuire on Tuesday and injured the infant before calling 911 shortly after 8 p.m. The child was taken to University Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy performed on the infant Wednesday showed Isiah had multiple internal injuries and a head injury that ultimately took his life. (continued)

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