Panhandle Playground in San Francisco, CA

Received Friday, August 31, 2007
This occurred Wednesday August 29th.
Nanny: Caucasian, big gold earrings, brown hair with big curls.
Child: 4-6 year old boy, Caucasian, blond curly hair, quite and well behaved.
Nanny lounged in the white/tan stroller talking on her pink phone while boy played. Then, when the boy came over, he waited quietly for her. The nanny didn't engage with him at all. When he finally said politely "I'm hungry" she simply got up and moved 20 feet away so she could continue talking on the phone. I could hear that she was simply bitching on the phone about the child. She must have been on the phone for at least 30 minutes - with complete disinterest in the child. She finally got off the phone when she saw me pointing her out to my friend.

Rivington & Forsyth in New York City

Received Friday, August 31, 2007
My camera did not get this in time. If it did, I wouldn't be supplying the photo to this site anyway. Here is what happened. The nanny is walking outside Roosevelt Park heading north on Forsyth Street. I am innocently standing at the corner of Rivington & Forsyth. The nanny is pushing a basic stroller. It wasn't a fancy pram or buggy or bug. It was grayish and black with baby blue.Or maybe the baby blue was a blanket. The baby was under a year and African American. The nanny was very white. She looked Swedish or Norwegian with white blonde hair and no hint of a tan. She was wearing slip in shoes with a heel, pant shorts that came to the knee and a top that was colored like a lime, tight around the torso and then skirted out so it fell down to mid thigh. As I am standing there minding my own business, I look up. It is after all an attractive woman. She turns to look behind her, really stretch her neck and bam. Her top drops down and her entire "bust" is suddenly there. Since I missed the chance to get a picture for my collection, I thought I would send this to you. Mommies and nannies, gird your children's eyes because I don't know where this nanny was headed, could be your playground. In all seriousness, it was inexplicably inappropriate!

"Reprimanding the nanny..."

Received Friday, August 31, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I really just need an opinion. I need to know what techniques some people use when the need comes to reprimand the nanny for something she did wrong. I really love my nanny, and she never really does anything wrong. She is great with my kid and if I could find a way to keep her until my child is well into his adult-hood I would. However as far as the light housework that I give her to do or errands that need to be done, sometimes she messes up with that and then I have to go behind her and either run to the store to get what she missed off the list, or dust the playroom again after she does it. Other than that though, she is great. I don't want to yell at her like a child and I can't ground her obviously. She isn't a kid. I tried talking to her, but what sort of reprimand policy do some of you use when you need to rectify a situation?


Overextended Nanny No Longer the Best Fit?

Received Thursday, August 30, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I am seeking advice regarding my current nanny situation. I am a working mother, and recently had my third child. I am returning to work in about a month. I have two older children, one in grade school, and the other who is three and starting preschool for a few hours every day. My current nanny has been taking care of the older two children for a little less than a year. Since she started with us, she has been good with the older two, keeping them busy on outings, playing with them, organizing play dates, disciplining them and she has always been punctual. She never watches TV and is never on the phone. The children are attached to her as she is really like a playmate to them. Many other parents have come up to me and said what a great nanny she is by observing her on the playground.There have been a few concerns however…she started taking college classes in the evening once she started working for us, and seems stressed and burned out by this. This upcoming semester she is taking on a very big load. She has on several occasions told me at the last minute that she isn’t coming in because of college testing/admissions procedures/etc, which was really difficult with my work schedule, but I understood, b/c we all have those types of moments. She is young and healthy, but almost every other day comes in complaining about various ailments (headaches, sinuses, cramps,stomach problems, knee problems) and on many occasions has come in telling me how she didn’t sleep the previous night. On one occasion, she took some allergy medication that made her sleepy and she actually fell asleep while watching my child. I was horrified but I did appreciate the honesty that she displayed by telling me about the incident. One of my biggest concerns is that my husband and I have had a really difficult time connecting with her. When she comes in our door in the mornings, she barely says hi and then proceeds to retreat into the kids’ room or kitchen or bathroom,despite my attempts at friendly overtures and asking about her night, etc. If she chooses to say something in response to my queries, it is usually a complaint about how ill she feels today or how she didn’t sleep the previous night.!!) She doesn’t even really acknowledge the kids when she comes in either, and that doesn’t really seem to bother them, it just bothers me. Now that I am home with the baby, it just tends to be awkward the entire day, and she retreats even more, and is not very responsive to the baby. I am not expecting her to take care of the baby, but a little positive enthusiasm and energy would be nice. I know some of this behavior is because she is incredibly awkward with other adults around. When I go back to work, I am thinking about hiring another nanny for the baby, especially with winter coming up, for just one year.I know that my current nanny could not handle three kids, even with the older being in school most of the day. I have a person in mind for the baby who is very different culturally than my current nanny(not that it matters). I really need to the two adults in the home to get along and work together, and recently I spoke to my current nanny about this and my concerns regarding her awkwardness. Her response was “Well, I have no choice, so I’ll have to get along with her.” There was no enthusiasm and no energy at all in her statements. All of this just really leaves me uneasy. I just don’t want to return to work and realize that I need to make a change then, when my gut is telling me to do something about it now. I have found someone else who might be better fit for us. I just feel bad terminating her employment with us because 1) the children are attached to her and I don’t want to put the kids, especially the 3yr old, through yet another change and 2) I know that she has taken on more expenses with college. I would plan on giving her two week severance pay and I would give her a good reference regarding her work with the children. I would appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this. Thanks.

Stroller Thievery in Bay Ridge, NY

Received Thursday, August 30, 2007- Rant
I overheard your nanny on the phone with you today on the subway. She was carrying your 2-ish daughter, a large backpack, a diaper sized, orange messenger bag and her handbag and trying to explain to you that your stroller had been stolen. By the sound of this side of the conversation, you were not at all very nice to her. She was practically in tears when she got off the phone with you. I live in Bay Ridge where stroller theft is becoming more and more of a problem. I am a responsible parent of two children and my stroller was stolen just last Wednesday. So, please try to be a little more understanding. Your nanny seemed like a very sweet and conscientious person. And to parents and nannies in Bay Ridge, beware. Strollers are being snatched left and right!
Special thank you to Iliana Zuniga of Bay Ridge for the photograph.
Bay Ridge; photo by Iliana Zuniga

Food Court at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY

Received Thursday, August 30, 2007
This occurred yesterday, (8/29) at the upper level food court at the Westchester Mall. A nanny who would be described as thin, tall, short brown hair, AA, about 25-29 was with two children in a back and front blue and steel stroller. She had a stroller and way to corral the two children safely. I don't think they were twins, close in age with brown hair, pale skin. The girl was about 2 with a pink jumper with a white shirt under it and the little boy had same hair color pushed up in a very slight, faux Mohawk and was wearing cargo shorts to his knees, teva sandals and a "you guessed it" t-shirt. The nanny got them out of the stroller and set them up at the table and then went to order from the counter. The little boy was back and fourth. The little girl was sitting at the table playing with a baby shrek(?). After they had eaten for awhile, the nanny still she left them sitting to visit the ATM located in the corner. This is especially odd since it was next to the elevator where she would pass by with the children safely in the stroller just 5 minutes later. The little boy (3ish) was all over the place. I know people think the Westchester is safe, but it is no reason not to use caution. The children could have been hurt, choked or even taken away by a stranger. Good kids, by the way.


Need the Nanny to Quit...

Received Wednesday, August 29, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
I have had a nanny for over four years. She has been good with the children, even though I never appreciated her lack of energy or helpfulness. I have been wanting to make a change for some time, but our three children are quite attached to her. I see the nannies other people have, the sort that smile and dance and laugh and do creative projects and I feel so envious. I would have fired her and replaced her a year ago if I was not sensitive to the fact that she has been two of my children's nanny since birth. So without judging me, can anyone give me advice on how to get the nanny to quit? I have considered this from every angle and this is the only way it can go down. Thanks in advance.


41st Street and Sheridan Ave. in Miami Beach, FL

Received Tuesday, August 28, 2007
I saw your nanny in Miami Beach, 41st street and Sheridan Ave. on Tues Aug. 28, 1:45 pm. The nanny was walking in the scorching Miami sun, pushing a grey bugaboo with one hand. In the other hand she held a bright yellow umbrella to shield herself from the sun. The child was facing away from the nanny. The child was left completely uncovered, with no hat or sunshade covering him/her. (I was too far to see the child clearly but he/she was around 2 yrs old with fair skin) The bugaboo had the sunshade attached, but it was not pulled down to protect the child. This is VERY dangerous, especially in the middle of the day in Miami!!! The nanny was South American, plump, and middle aged. (like 80% of the nannies in Miami) I think she was wearing a bright blue/ turquoise t-shirt. If this is your nanny please stress to her the importance of keeping your child covered, as to avoid situations such as sunburns, dehydration and skin cancer!

3rd Street Playground in Park Slope/Brooklyn, NY

Received Tuesday, August 28, 2007
This happened this afternoon (8/28) and I know the nanny was likely well intended. She was drinking lemonade out of a large can and sharing it with her little charge/girl. The girl was about 3. My daughter started talking to her (about her tennis shoes which look like canvas mary janes in very light pink). I am about 10 feet away with dd in a stroller and I hear my daughter ask what the little girl is eating. I straighten up and by the time I have turned around, the nanny has given my child one of her/their treats. The treat is called a "sollydito" (sp). It was a hard ball of brown salt with a seed in it. As politely as possible, I took it from my child and removed her from the area. My DD will be three in December. True, she should know better than to ask for or accept food, but what a strange food (and choking hazard) this was. I question the nanny's judgment. The nanny was Hispanic, on the short side with fluffy, brown hair, dark eyes and she had a large gap in betwixt her front teeth. The little girl was wearing a cap sleeved, baby blue shirt with a rainbow and cloud on it with sparkly divots. She also had on a short denim skirt/skort. Since I confiscated the treat I poked at it and while no harm came to my child, I just cannot imagine that any other mother would want her very young child to eat such a treat, especially while playing about a playground. I think the nanny was well intentioned. She was sharing her things with the child and seemed to be very kind, I just cannot get over the weird snack.

Vesuvio Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Bad anny sighting today (8/28) at Vesuvio Playground in Soho.
Child-Your daughter appeared to be 12-16 mos. wearing pink crocs, brown hair, playing in sprinklers. she had either a twin brother or someone around the same age.
Stroller-grey Phil and Teds, camo Skip Hop bag.
Nanny-orange shirt, white t, jean capris.
Your daughter was playing in sprinklers alone-fell and skinned both knees. Crying. Another mom and I walked over to her, picked her up to calm her down and went to find other nanny. Nanny was sitting on bench doing nothing as we walked around park (including out of her sight). The other child in nanny's care was strapped into stroller. What is scary is that nanny did not appear to want to comfort the child, nor did nanny do anything when 2 strangers walked off with her.

Nanny Week On

My Boss, MY BFF
By Lauren Hoffman
When the kids fall asleep, I play with their mom.
Be enviable.


Central Park/E. 77th Street Playground in NYC

Received Monday, August 27, 2007
This happened on Friday, Aug 24th but I just read about your blog on AOL news. This occurred at the Central Park/E. 77th St. playground. If you have a little boy named Leon who is about three years old and goes to Kidville Camp (he was wearing one of their t-shirts), this is YOUR nanny! The Nanny was completely asleep in a lying position on a bench. Not nodding off in a sitting position, SLEEPING. The kid was running all around completely unsupervised. Your diaper bag made for a great pillow for her. PLEASE, if you are familiar with Kidville camps or know a 3 year old named Leon, alert the parents! This little boy could have left the park, been injured, been abducted or worse. It is much to horrible to even consider. Do you know why the sleeping nanny woke up? Some other mother (or maybe a nanny) tried to snap a picture of her with her cell phone! She may have even got one. I don't know!

Child Running Out in the Street in Vernon Hills, Illinois

Received Monday, August 27, 2007
On or about August 9th or 10th 2007 at 4-5 PM I saw your 2 nanny's walking 4-5 children (2 of them in strollers) towards a busy street Huntington North in Gregg's Landing Vernon Hills coming off the side street from the Inverness Subdivision just before the light at Butterfield ( I was going westbound & know the area well ) when I saw a little dark haired boy dash out into the street he ran into the eastbound lane - I blew my horn long and hard which startled him and he ran back to the sidewalk, and the older woman who almost hit him in her SUV gave me such a dirty look, never realizing how close she came to hitting the little guy as he just came up to her bumper.

One nanny came over to him ( the larger dark haired one ) as he ran back, she never could have gotten to him in time to save him if she had to as the stroller was in her way, I did not see the interaction after that - but you can thank God that I came home a different way that night you still have your son.

Bizarre Babysitter Behavior Chronicled on the Web

Received Monday, August 27, 2007
If this is indeed I Saw Your Nanny, then I think I can submit my nanny sighting. I found this on the Internet while doing a search for a nanny camera. It involves a babysitter and a child. I found it troublesome. I wonder if the child's parents know that this is on the internet.

If video above does not play, click here.
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Outside Adams Park in Chicago, Illinois

Received Monday, August 27, 2007
Margo, blonde hair in bob cut was found on Seminary today, (8/27) in Chicago Illinois, leaving Adams Park. Nanny didn't care when I returned her.

Dunkin Donuts on Broadway and Thomas in NYC

Received Monday, August 27, 2007
I saw your nanny at Dunkin Donuts on Broadway and Thomas Street. She was tall, with tanned skin and was wearing a felt or velvet cheap looking tank top with a star cut out in the middle of the neck line. I was staring at her trying to realise if that was skin I was seeing or some sort of fabric backing. She had on tight jeans and a belt. She had a little girl with her who was about 4. Long hair, very pretty face, blue eyes. Her hair was brownish/blonde and she had on a tank top with little valentine looking hearts on it. The nanny was placing her order while the child twirled around and touched things in the store. She was very well behaved. Waited for the nanny to fix up her coffee. When the nanny was ready to go, she came up behind the child and tugged on her hair twice. As in "yanked". The girl reached up and held her head. She didn't cry. She just had a sad and embarrassed look on her face. I hope your ridiculous choice for a nanny enjoys her coffee coolatta.
Update from OP, 8/28/07/9:45 PM:
She was not misbehaving. She was just slightly twirling. In a crowded coffee shop. The nanny waited in a long line never once looking at her or interacting with her even though the little girl was waiting by the exit to a very busy street. The little girl's back was turned when the nanny was finally ready to go and rather than call out her name or even say, "let's go", the nanny reached over and yanked her hair. Twice. In retrospect, I should have just threw my hot coffee in her face. I didn't mean to say she touched things in the store. She didn't touch things in the store. Which is unusual for a girl so young to keep herself so well occupied and not disturb any patrons or God forbid her beast like nanny. Next time, I'm just going to take out the nanny. I'm not the writer type and I can't take people excusing the way children are mistreated. Next time you hear from me, it will be I saw this woman kicking your nanny's ass.


Greene Street Consignment Shop in Bryn Mawr, PA

Received Sunday, August 26, 2007
On Saturday (8/25) around 12:30, near the Greene Street consignment shop in Bryn Mawr, PA, your nanny-- a young, thin attractive blond woman-- dragged your crying little girl out of the store, immediately lit a cigarette, and then leaned down (cigarette in mouth) to scream at the little girl for crying, blowing her smoky breath into the girl's face. Her voice was harsh and mean as she yelled at the child to stop crying. I *think* that I heard the little girl cry that she wanted mommy, so I assumed that the woman was only a caretaker. The little girl was about 3 or 4 years old, dressed in a brightly colored skirt, and had her blond hair tied in a pony tail.


Diana Ross Playground in NYC

Received Saturday, August 25, 2007
Your acid tongued nanny was giving your darling daughter a verbal lashing (8/24) for consuming-GASP-too much water. The bottle was one of the smallest sized bottles of Dasanti. A little boy who was about a year younger than her with a beetle style haircut, beady eyes and pale skin consumed a number of sips while the older girl of about five waited patiently. She had kinky, dark hair, similarly pale skin and an upturned nose. Both children were very thirsty. The little girl drank for about five seconds before the nanny snatched it from her mouth. This made an audible sound and the child gasped "ouch". The nanny told her she was a little piggy who needed to learn how to share. After she said nanny, this large nanny who probably has about 80 ounces of water in her third chin to spare seized the bottle and gulped down the remaining water. I have all kinds of problems with this sighting. Since the oldest child was at the oldest five, shouldn't the nanny be responsible for bringing along adequate hydration? If she miscalculates, shouldn't she be the one who goes thirsty? Should a nanny (or any adult) ever talk to a child like that? And what is the little girl learning from the beast of a nanny that rips things away from her while she is using them? I don't know who hired this nimrod of a bench nanny. She took up a substantial portion of the slatted bench, wore light brown slacks, flat shoes with a criss cross across them and a button up floral type shirt. She had short, permed or natural curly hair that was either slick with sweat or oil. Her face was broad and angry, she was a medium complected Puerto Rican appearing individual. The time she spent controlling the child's water intake was about the only interaction she had with them. The little girl played on the equipment helping her brother all along the way. The boy was wearing a green and blue striped polo style rugby shirt and the girl was wearing black shorts with a white racing stripe, best as I can recall.

Sherman Avenue in Evanston, Illinois

Received Saturday, August 25, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Evanston, Illinois Your nanny is African American, young (mid-late 20's), very pretty and slim. Your child is about 3ish, Caucasian, with dark hair in a bob, and seems very serious. I walked behind them on Sherman Avenue (8/24), while your nanny held a very charming conversation with the little girl, who wanted to walk instead of being in her Maclaren stroller. Nanny was attentive, and sweet to your little girl, who had a LOT to say. It was a very charming conversation to walk behind, and you are really lucky to have a Nanny that treats your child so well. The warm bond between the two of them was so clear.


Tyson's Corner Center 3rd Level Play Area in McLean, VA.

Received Friday, August 24, 2007
These two nanny sightings began around 10:15- 10:30 before the regular Friday Mr. Knick-Knack concert.

#1) I was with my children, helping one remove his shoes to enter the play area when a blond Down's Syndrome child, about two or so, pink shirt w/white shorts, comes running out of the play area, heading towards the food court. She stopped to smile at a couple of women with children(who looked over at me and asked if she was mine) and was well on her way to the bathrooms when a middle-aged Asian woman runs out saying "Oh,Oh" and corrals her. I saw that the nanny had a little Down's syndrome boy with her as well (I assume they are twins.)

#2) The second, much more serious event occurred approximately fifteen minutes later while I was getting my children ready to leave and get on the elevator. For some reason (thanks to God) we decided to do a circle around by the movie theater and then get on the elevator. This is when we saw a little sandy-haired blond boy, around 15-18 months, orange plaid shirt w/ light tan shorts, crawling around on the floor near TGI Fridays heading towards the escalators. I called out to him, "who are you with? Where's your mommy?" and he didn't reply and just kept going! I yelled at the top of my lungs over to the people in the play area, "Anyone lose a little boy? Anyone? ANYONE???!!" (He was out of the play area for at least seven minutes in which he would have been killed or hurt on those escalators if I hadn't called out!) Of course, this being the Washington, D.C. area, people ignored me and then a heavyset Hispanic woman, long ponytail, tan t-shirt, comes rushing out AFTER another woman pointed me out to her. I had seen this woman earlier camped out in the far corner of the play area (which is probably the worst vantage point for watching the three little boys she had with her!) with three boys, all sandy blond hair. I hope that the parents of these children have an opportunity to read this post. This woman did not even look at me, much less thank me, BTW.


Grandfather-Totland in Berkley, CA

Received Thursday, August 23, 2007-Non Nannies
I saw an incident at Totland just Wednesday, Aug. 22, around 1:30, involving a grandfather and a little boy who I think the man called Dane. The little boy was about 2 at the oldest, Caucasian, with thick, slightly reddish very light brown hair and was wearing only a diaper. Grandfather was Caucasian too, tallish, around 65 with grayed dark colored hair.

For some reason Grampa thought it very important the boy put his shorts back on, though he didn't say they were leaving, the weather was very hot, and he had on a diaper so there was no potty issue. This in itself would not be a major concern but the boy didn't want the pants on and started to run away, and the man responded by YANKING him by one arm and then picking him up by one arm and yelling loudly enough for people 30 feet away to hear "BAD BOY, YOU RAN AWAY FROM GRANDPA! BAD BOY!! YOU RAN AWAY FROM GRANDPA!"

It makes me sick to see someone handle a child so roughly and yell so meanly. If a child is doing something inappropriate, I think it's very wrong to label THEM as "bad" instead of explaining why their behavior is unacceptable, let alone to handle them so roughly as to potentially cause injury. A while later after Grandpa had gotten all his clothes on him, with Dane crying hysterically the whole time, they left to "go see mommy". That was at about 2:00.

Once again, I WAS busy watching my own child, who was climbing on a structure, and I felt that some stranger approaching this guy and confronting him for treating the boy like that would not likely make him modify his behavior. (BAD GRANDPA!) But I hope Dane's parents will see this and reconsider allowing Grandpa to look after that poor little boy.

Barnes and Noble on 86th Street in NYC

Received Thursday, August 23, 2007
I saw a nanny steal a stroller rain cover plastic off another stroller at Barnes and Noble 86th street between 2nd and 3rd ave. It was really sad seeing that it was pouring outside and that baby and mother would have been left stranded without any covering to get home. The nanny seemed quite nice though, I was watching her and two other mothers she was with unaware to all of them. They were sitting on the floor with their babies reading and having a fine time, although her baby who was wearing a very pretty pink and white Mary Jane raincoat and hat seemed to be running all over the store and out of control. One mother seemed to know what was going on and the other seemed unaware that the nanny was stealing someone's plastic. It looked like a practical joke because she was laughing but I would advise all mothers and nannies to keep a close eye on their belongings when out in public places. The nanny was dressed in blue jeans a white peasant top and black boots. She was tall, fair skinned, bleached blond hair and I think she had an accent...maybe Caribbean The baby, a girl about two, blonde dressed in khaki pants red shirt and red shoes.

**updated 8/25/07 -Stroller Plastic Photo by Lou Bueno
photo by Lou Bueno


$100,000 Reward.....

Harvey Weinstein - the P.T. Barnum of the movie industry - is hyping his version of "The Nanny Diaries" by offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can identify the bitchy, shopaholic Upper East Side mom (played by Laura Linney) who inspired the authors of the best-selling roman a clef. Manhattan's upper crust is buzzing over the identity of Mrs. X, who ignores her child and terrorizes the nanny (played by Scarlett Johansson). {Source-New York Post}

Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 84th in NYC

Received Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I saw a nanny today at Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 84th Street. She was African American, and had mid length hair. She was sitting on the floor in the corner of the kid's section upstairs and she was completely asleep. She had a gray Mclaren stroller next to her with a girl that was maybe 4 years old. The girl had on a pink jacket, pink and white pants, white sneakers and she had long brown hair. I was there for about 30 minutes. and the nanny did not move an inch.

"Turtle Playground" at Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona

Received Wednesday, August 22, 2007
This afternoon at about 12 PM, I observed a woman-nanny-sitter watching over two children. The little boy was pretty fair complected, with short buzzed hair, a yellow polo and plaid shorts. The little girl was a bit darker, with darker, long hair and slightly chubby. She had on a pink tank top with ruffly sleeves. The person who was watching them had a large, slouchy handbag made of a greenish leather which she wore diagonal across her petite body. She had medium complexion, was very petite, and either Hispanic or Caucasian. Attractive and about 30-35. Only when I was closer did I see that the woman was drinking beer from the handbag. I saw her sipping on one pretty discreetly. Later I heard the whoosh of another can being opened. I passed from behind where I clearly saw the metallic color of a Budlight can.


5th & Ovington Avenues in Bay Ridge, NY

Received Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I saw your nanny walking in Bay Ridge today, dressed in jeans and a grey zipped up sweatshirt today. She had the hood pulled up over her head, but looked to have dark hair and be Hispanic. She was pushing twin boys in a blue side by side stroller. They were wearing shorts or short pants because their legs were showing. She had a blanket tucked around them but a lot of skin was still showing. The stroller did not have an arch canopy. The sun shield was but a bit of a rectangle. The temperature was about 62 in NYC today, real feel 55 degrees. The baby's also had short sleeves on because every now and again I could see their pale arms. I could not tell how old they were but I would venture a guess they were between 10 -16 months. The nanny was well dressed with a sweatshirt and her hood gave her good protection from the rain but the babies heads were all wet and they had to be cold. Why wouldn't a nanny dress a child at least as warm as she was dressed? This incident occurred around 1-2 PM.

John McLaren Park in San Francisco, CA

Received Tuesday, August 21, 2007
BABY ALMOST DROWNED-- John McLaren Park in San Francisco.
SUNDAY, 8/19- Nearly 2-yr-old baby boy was unattended at John McLaren Park and he jumped into a huge lagoon and was drowning. As soon as we noticed a man was able to rescue the little boy (Alex I think was his name). It took more than 5 minutes to locate the boys parent--his supposed father. The father looked either drunk or drugged out or coming off of some serious mind-altering substances...we asked, "is this your son?" and he kind of stumbled and said "uuuh---yeah---uhhh, that's my son"...he claimed he was playing soccer and the boy ran away on his own--mind you, this child was a new walker and must have been out of the fathers' sight for a long time...HE HAD NO ID ON HIM and NOOO we did NOT give him his son even though he said it was his son.
OP HERE (5:57 PM EST) I did post a longer post but the whole thing didn't come up. I am a nanny and rushed to the scene, wrapped a blanket around the boy, comforted him, and called the police. The police came and took the baby to the ambulance and another officer took the father. The main point of this post was to remind everyone to get CPR CERTIFIED and/or UPDATE your CPR Certifications, nanies and parents alike (in fact, everyone). This boy could have DIED and luckily I know baby CPR, first aid, and how to comfort a child during a traumatic event. It is everyones' responsibility to look out for ALL children because unfortunately, stupid people are allowed to breed....I imagine Child Protective Services will take things from here...

Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Dear Parent of Sweet little 2 year old boy in Brooklyn Heights,
I don't think you realize that your nanny smokes. No she doesn't just smoke, she chain smokes. She is Eastern European or Spanish and in her 50's. I witnessed her sitting on the promenade chain smoking while little boy was in stroller getting covered in smoke. The nanny had a large chest and wore a bright blue v neck t shirt. The little boy was about 2 with sandy blond/brownish hair. I have seen the little boy at the Pierrepont playground all the time. The stroller's name started with a C although I didn't get close enough to see. The nanny was "hiding out" around the corner at the circle at the end of the promenade yesterday, (8/20), very sneaky!

NYC Public Library at 67th & 1st Ave in NYC

Received Tuesday, August 21, 2007
This occurred yesterday, 8/20/07 around 4-5 PM. Nanny yelling at 2 girls - "It's none of your business what I'm reading." "We'll leave when I say it's time to leave." Barking at girls and treating them very disrespectfully. It was disturbing. Nanny (E. or W. Indian?) with dark brown shoulder length hair, straight with bangs. Girls around 7 yo, 9 yo with straight brown hair, one with green headband other with light purple headband in T-shirts and cargo pants and tennis shoes.


Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA

Received Sunday, August 19, 2007
fronds? This is a bit belated, but I went out of town and didn't get a chance to write about this until this week. I'm sorry if some of the environmental details are vague because I didn't write this all down at the time, but what I observed has been lingering with me, so I wanted to be sure to submit this.

About July 30, afternoon (about 3 - 5 pm), my friend and I were in Dolores Park, San Francisco. We watched a young girl, maybe between 5 and 8, run into the public restroom and then come running out with her pants not quite all the way around her rear. We initially giggled because we thought she was so excited to play that she couldn't be bothered to pull them up all the way; her face didn't register anything wrong at this point. We saw her run over to what may have been her mother, but could have been her nanny, who was on the playground watching an infant on the slide. The girl spoke to this woman (slim, long dark/black hair and a very nice brown autumn coat), and then went running back to the bathroom. The woman seemed disinterested. My friend remembered that the restroom had been out of toilet paper, and we watched the girl run around to the other side of the building. We then thought that she was going to go to the men's room (which we couldn't see), but then what we saw was jaw-dropping. She returned from the other side of the building with several large plant fronds (possibly from a palm, but they appeared softer and also wider), and then proceeded to stand outside but next to the bathroom door and wipe her rear end with the plant material.

She went through about 5 fronds, throwing them on the ground, and it seemed like she couldn't quite get comfortable. She looked extremely distressed. My friend and I wanted to go help, but we weren't sure what to do in this situation, as it is so delicate. The little girl appeared to have feces on her hands, which she would wipe on her pants. We also noticed her wiping both her back and front with the same frond. Mind you, we were at a slight distance away, and it felt a bit creepy that we watched all of this, but we were VERY concerned, even if we ultimately did nothing. We were a little shocked and caught off guard. She ran back and forth from the bathroom to the playground a few times, returning to try to wipe again.

The girl then ran back to the adult woman who she was with, who was so engrossed in watching the infant that she completely ignored the little girl. Her focus on the infant was actually very perplexing, and we watched them off and on for about 40 more minutes, and the woman never once seemed to look at the girl (especially did not seem to notice that she possibly had feces on her hands/pants).

The little girl had a turquoise t-shirt and red sweat-type pants. The infant had a pink outfit on (generic, I know). The little girl appeared (from our distance) to be perhaps Indian or Sri Lankan in ethnicity; the woman appeared more Asian, and was perhaps in her early-mid twenties (although, again, we were at a distance). There was nothing to suggest that this was or was not her mother, except that we have a hard time believing that a mother would be so cold and ignorant to the needs of her daughter. Again, the focus on the infant was striking, especially since the little girl was having such an obvious problem. We didn't hear the interaction at all, so we don't know what the verbal/subtle non-verbal exchange was, but the entire situation left us both feeling very sad.

If your readers have any thoughts on what we may have done differently or better, I'm all ears. We thought of going up to the woman and telling her directly what we saw, but something about her "vibe" made us hesitate. We worried that the little girl might get an infection (especially if she didn't wash her hands), but we also worried about how our version of the story might be interpreted by the nanny (my friend and I are both fairly obviously queer, and I know this isn't a big deal in SF, especially in Dolores Park, but I would hate to be accused of anything unsavory by bigoted or ignorant types).



Totland in Berkeley, California

Received Saturday, August 18, 2007
This happened Aug. 16, between about 1:30 and 2:30, Woman about 60, Caucasian with dyed reddish blonde short curly hair, wearing celery-green tank top and slacks. A little girl who had introduced herself to another mom as Olivia, about 5 yo, Caucasian with dark brown curly hair and wearing a "fashionably" tie-dyed nicely cut t-shirt w/rhinestone lettering of some kind, and brown pants, possibly like yoga pants. Most of the time she wore only her shirt and underwear since she was playing in the water. No stroller or gear bag of any kind, At one point the woman had to hang the girl's shirt up to dry on the fence as she did not even have a change of clothing.

I first saw the woman sitting on a bench alone and assumed she was attending a child. Not long after however I saw her stretched out on the grass on her back with her sweater folded up under her head like a pillow, not moving a muscle and definitely not paying attention to anything going on. A few minutes later my son was playing near the water spigot where there is always a splashing tub that gets filled with water and I started talking with another mom who was watching her kids play along with the girl. It had been 15 minutes or so now since I had noticed the woman sleeping on the grass and I had started to think maybe she was just there on her own, to enjoy the lawn, warm sun, trees, general atmosphere etc. and I wondered about it to the other mom who said she had noticed the woman earlier with Olivia.

The water area is about 60 feet away from the lawn where the woman was sleeping with a large tree, expansive multi-level slide/climbing structure, and a concrete shallow ramp with raised edges between them, so even if the woman had sat up and paid attention she may not have been able to see Olivia playing in the water area, but she was flat on her back with her head directly on the other side of the large tree so there was no way she could have seen from that position, especially with her eyes closed?!

I could see her legs sticking out from behind the tree from where I was sitting watching my little boy and he played in the water for a good 40 minutes or more and the woman was flat on her back behind the tree the whole time. After he was all done playing in the water we changed his clothes and played with other stuff and it was not until still MORE time had passed before I saw the woman walking around, and she then had some very brief contact with Olivia. She then was sitting on another bench and seemed at least to be keeping an eye on Olivia, though not interacting.

This may have been a grandmother or other relative, I WAS paying enough attention to my own child that I did not hear anything they said to each other and the playground is about 75 feet square, but if Olivia's parents read this, I HOPE they will have a word with whoever it is about not zoning out completely while she is supposed to be keeping the little girl safe.


Linwood Co-ops in Fort Lee, NJ

Received Friday, August 17, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Fort LeeJust wanted to write about a good sighting. Fort Lee, New Jersey. Linwood Co-ops. Near Edwin Avenue (park). Hi there's a nanny middle age 40's brown medium length hair, always dressed nice, casual not sloppy. Yugoslavian, tall doesn't speak much English. She takes care of two boys one is around 16months the other is starting Kindergarten this year, at School Number Three. I asked him - that's how I know. I always see her out walking with them. Sometimes both are walking together with her hand in hand. Other times the baby is in a stroller, not sure of the brand. The older boy you will see riding a bike but close to her. The nanny always seems happy to be with them. She's smiling at them and very affectionate. She always is keeping her eye on them. The kids seem to love her too. If one does something naughty she disciplines them in a loving way. The kids speak the same language as her. Same race as the nanny. And I know shes the nanny, because I met the mom before. The little boy has sandy blonde hair, chubby looking, walking good. The older boy is thinner with light brown hair. Cute kids


Robert Bendheim Playground in NYC

Received Thursday, August 16, 2007
Description of Nanny: Tall, solidly built, fair skin, wearing a bun, about 50-60 years of age.
Description of Child: Boy, dark brown, curly hair, dark eyes, about 2-3 years of age, wearing a t-shirt with a cartoon sandwich on it and the name of a sandwich shop.
Description of What Occurred: I saw nanny twice pick the child up with one of his arms. This was not to discipline him. Just in line of supervising him. When nanny was next to someone else's strollers, the child moved the empty stroller and ran over his foot. The nanny picked him up now to discipline him and just pointed her finger in his face - 2 inches from. I don't know what she said, I was not within earshot. She was obviously irritated. The stroller was one of those very lightweight strollers that cost $40 or so. No way it caused any injury to this woman. I don't know much else about her, but I did not like the way she was picking up your child. Also she seemed a bit short tempered, I don't know just how because I could not hear her but her face was bloody angry over the stroller incident. This nanny helicoptered him the whole time.

Housekeeper and Nanny at Each Other's Throats

Received Thursday, August 16, 2007 -Perspective and Opinion
I have three children, one in school part-time, one in school full-time. I have had this particular nanny for 8 months. We recently replaced our 2x housekeeper with a full-time housekeeper that works from 9-5 each day. Now it seems, the nanny and housekeeper are non stop at each other's throats. Anyone BTDT?

Laundry Room in Building at 75 West End Ave. in NYC

Received Thursday, August 16, 2007
75 West End Ave; laundry room. My nanny saw a nanny w/a little boy about 2-2.5 yo. Nanny was screaming at the child to sit still today. She put him in a chair and he fell off. Instead of comforting him, she screamed at him some more. Description- Nanny--AA, wears red top; child-boy, blond curly hair, app. 2-2.5 year old. It's a large building, so I don't know these people. Maybe someone reading ISYN does?

Baskin Robbins on 1st Ave. & 66th. in NYC

Received Thursday, August 16, 2007
If your little girl is wearing a long dress today, (8/16) with light yellow flowers on it and a cream base and went to Baskin Robbins on 1st Ave. & 66Th with your nanny today, you should investigate how your nanny talks to the child. As they left the store with their ice creams, I heard a strange exchange over the child properly thanking the nanny for the ice cream. The child excitedly said, "I'm going to call mommy and say thank you for letting us get ice cream". The nanny said, "what you need to do is thank me" and the child said, "but mommy gave us the money and for you too" and the nanny said, "fool, how you gonna 'git' the ice cream without me". This was not said in a joking way. Then the nanny pressed her twice more for a thank you. But you could tell that the very obviously sweet natured little girl, who did appear to be gracious was no longer enjoying her ice cream after that. She looked kind of scared and upset. The nanny is gruff talking and looking. The little girl was fair with blonde hair in a short bob, wearing white sandals with her dress. The nanny was very dark skinned with cornrows in a pony tail, denim jeans and a button up shirt. And before I get flamed, it wasn't just the words I attempted to capture, she was just very gruff and harsh with the little girl. No joy. No smiles.


Target in Stamford, Connecticut

Received Wednesday, August 15, 2007
I had an unfortunate encounter with two young children and their caregiver at the Target in Stamford, Ct yesterday, (8/14). I was shopping for school supplies with my own 6 y.o. child who requested to 'just look' at the toys. I accompanied him to the toy aisle. Within 4 seconds, two children ripped around the corner running and carrying on. They had toys in their hands, one a large ball which he bounced directly off of my child. My son was shocked, not hurt and the two boys ran to the next aisle, shouting and from the sounds of things throwing other objects, the large ball included. The boys were just bigger and just smaller than my own, so I will put them at 5 & 7. They were white children with broad faces, military haircuts and dressed in summer clothing with tennis shoes and no socks. We leave the toy aisle and head to the cash registers, when something on an end aisle catches my attention. I stop and am looking at the cleaners. 10 seconds later my heels are jammed in to by who, but one of those same children. The older of the two. Next we pay for our merchandise and leave the store, load it in the car and are about to back up. A grocery cart comes flying past the back of my car and it is the same older child, now riding the cart as his brother is chasing him. They are yelling at the top of their lungs, "brush you teeth, brush your teeth, brush your G-ddamn teeth" over and over again. Next to pass the rear of my car is the caregiver of the children. She is an attractive Hispanic woman with curly hair, wearing a plain khaki t-shirt, black crop pants and talking and laughing in to her cell phone. I wait for her to pass and back up. As I am leaving the parking lot, I see her opening up a late model, dark red SUV. It had 4 doors, tinted windows and was a nice looking. I am not 100% certain but I think it was an Acura. The boys put the purchases in the car. The caregiver continued chatting away. She pointed to the cart collection station and without saying a word, the smaller of the two returned the cart. She got in the car before the children. I wasn't surprised she didn't watch them in the parking lot, she hadn't watched them the whole time. With regard to anything else distinguishing, her hair was curly and styled, she was well groomed and she carried a metallic looking slouch purse.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There were no nanny sightings today. Please send in your sightings and stories.
But in case you missed it...
Secrets of a Manhattan Nanny
In her new movie Scarlett Johansson plays a nanny to a wealthy New York family. For three years, Times correspondent Kate Johnson was the real thing:
"I arrived in New York, aged 27, for a holiday – and stayed. Nanny friends got me a job: I had no experience, but I had an English accent, which Upper East Siders loved (especially when their kids copied it). I lived in a tiny studio apartment on East 85th Street. The hours were long: starting before the parents left for work, finishing after they arrived home. Being in their home all day meant I knew far too much about them: medical prescriptions, arguments, I even knew how often one couple had sex, thanks to the housekeeper who changed their 400-threadcount Frette sheets every day." (Read More.)

Nanny Gifts

You're The Greatest Babysitter shower gel, pictured above left.


Playground Opposite of Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC

Received Monday, August 13, 2007
The little boy was named Wyatt. This happened today, Monday the 13th in the afternoon. It was at the playground which is directly opposite Mt. Sinai Hospital on the UES. The nanny left Wyatt at the playground by himself. I saw him alone for at least 30 minutes. He told me that she went to pick up someone or something. I couldn't quite understand what he said. I also heard him ask another nanny to bring him home. The scary thing is that the other nanny didn't know him. (I asked.) The other nanny asked around and Wyatt's nanny didn't ask anyone to keep an eye on him. He is about 3-4, sturdy build. He has wavy, blonde hair and was wearing red bathing trunks with a Hawaiian print.
OP here 8/14: I think the description of the little boy was pretty detailed. The nanny was black, middle aged, heavyset and she was wearing a chambray colored jumper dress with a white t-shirt under. I was I kept an eye on the boy since he was playing with my child. If she hadn't returned before I left, I would have called the police.

"My Nanny's Eating Us out of House and Home"....

Received Monday, August 13, 2007 -Perspective & Opinion
My husband and I have a lovely nanny that helps us to care for our infant twins. She is gentle and affectionate with them, and I trust her completely. Lately, however, she is eating us out of house and home; we keep our refrigerator and pantry very well stocked and have told her to help herself, but she’s eating in a day what my husband and I consume in 3 days. I don’t mind spending more on our groceries to please the nanny, but there are two problems. One, if she’s spending all of her time eating, is she neglecting my babies? And two, every time I go to reach for something to prepare a meal with, it’s gone! I’m really, sincerely not trying to be rude, but this is getting out of hand, and I’m not sure what to do. It’s a sensitive subject, so I’m not sure how to approach her with it. Any advice??


Park at Central Park North/110th. in NYC

Received Sunday, August 12, 2007
Your Daughter is about 4, named "Maya." She was pushing my baby on the swing set (I didn't mind at all). Nanny makes her stop, calls her a fat ass, twice. "Maya" by the way, is extremely thin. This was Wednesday, (8/8) or Thursday,(8/9) about 7:30- 8pm. "Maya" had dark hair, don't remember much else.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Photo by Nester
Photo by Nesster

The Fragility of Adolescence
Ryan Halligan's Story

In the News
Mother Charged After Empty Heroin Packets Found in Baby's Diaper
In Danbury, CT a mother who allegedly hid 14 empty heroin packets in her infant son’s diaper that were later discovered by a babysitter was arrested Friday night on felony drug and child abuse charges, police said. (Read More.)

Hunt for Madeleine Hits 100 Days and Emotions Run High
This week attitudes towards the McCanns underwent a seismic shift, the questions surrounding the disappearance of their daughter Madeliene growing more aggressive by the day. The scenario of a small girl being kidnapped without warning on a spring holiday in a family friendly resort is now the subject of lurid debate - particularly in Portugal. (Read More... And More... and Still More.


Windom Park in Minneapolis, MN

Received Saturday, August 11, 2007
Bad Nanny Sighting
I see this girl at Windom Park in Northeast Minneapolis regularly. She spends her whole time sending text messages, talking on her mobile phone and/or listening to music. It's rare for her to glance up at the kids in her charge. When one approaches her for any reason, she is rude, dismissive and demeaning. Sorry for the low quality image, but after watching her for weeks, I decided to snap a photo with my mobile phone which has a pretty low quality camera.


Point Dume Beach in Malibu, California

Great Nanny Sighting in MalibuReceived Friday, August 10, 2007
I saw an amazing nanny yesterday, (8/9) and I wanted to share it with you. This nanny had three children with her. The children were all of petite build, blond and tan. The youngest was I would guess three and the others were five and seven (my guess.) Every time one of them went in the water, they all went in the water. The seven year old asked to stay and keep digging while the younger ones wanted to go in the water and she didn't let him. They dug a huge hole together, they took turns getting in the hole. She dug. She got in the hole. She had the youngest on her back as they danced in the waves. They had a picnic on a big brown and pink blanket. Their picnic came out of a purple and black nylon picnic bag and all of them drank "fiji" bottled water. After lunch they were burying each other in the sand and the five year old kicked sand in the face of the young one. The nanny picked him up immediately, not harshly and sat him squat down about ten feet off the blanket in the sand. I didn't here what she said to him. It was stern without being mean. I noticed later that he had rejoined them and they were all playing happily together. The boys had on light blue trunks with dark blue Hawaiian pattern over them. The littlest one was a girl who had on a yellow one piece bathing suit with flowers and a skirt. The whole time they were at the beach, they were all together. I knew this was not the mom, even though her hair was blondish because I heard her say "lets take a picture for mommy" with her phone. The nanny brought a good amount of stuff including binoculars (dolphins?), balls, sand toys, etc. She had a ponytail up high, pretty tan, a large but athletic build and was wearing a blue one piece swimsuit and had on red knit shorts over it that she kept on all the time. If this is your nanny, you will know her by the very nice beach blanket!


River Run Park on the UWS of Manhattan

Received Thursday, August 9, 2007
This incident occurred Wednesday, (8/8). Your children are twin boys, approx 18 mos old with brown curly, slightly longish hair. They were wearing orange and aqua (blue?) wet suits and were tended by an AA nanny wearing jeans and a striped polo shirt (green and blue hues). I believe one child was named Roman but I am not sure. Your nanny just sat on a bench chatting with two other nannies (one of whom had a child in a navy blue Bug) and never once got up to tend to your boys. They weren't in danger per se but there were many older kids running around wildly and your boys certainly wandered out of her range of sight. That's when she'd start shouting "Roman (or whatever it was)" to call them back. There is also an old planter in the park that is filled with filthy, muddy water (enough in which a child could drown) which your boys were attracted to. Again, your nanny would just sit there, and when the notion struck her, look up and try to locate them. When she didn't see them she'd start shouting again. I know this isn't neglect per se but it is a very unsafe situation for such young children. The only time she got up from the bench was to get the kids so she could get home with them - presumably so she could end her working day.

Elephant Playground on 76th in NYC

Received Thursday, August 9, 2007
This occurred earlier this morning, (8/9) likely about 10:30 AM. A nanny was watching a little boy play on the equipment. To her right was a smaller boy in a stroller. For purposes of identification, and not because it is racist to do, I will now describe the involved person.
The little boy playing was 4ish. He had curly, dark hair and light green or blue eyes, a wide face, very cute, Anglo, wearing a white shirt with an eagle or big bird across it and bathing suit looking shorts. The nanny was 30ish, she seemed to be my height (5'4") and was a little round, but not heavy, she had hair brushed back off her face that flipped up on the side, a large forehead, was African American and had a medium complexion. She was wearing denim jeans and a black tank top. The little boy in the stroller was a carbon copy of the boy playing, same hair and eyes. He was wearing a shirt with a motorcycle on it and some writing. I could not read it. He was about 1.5ish. He was in a very lightweight, inexpensive stroller. The kind that fold up very easily. It was chrome, with a blue fabric liner.
This is my complaint. The little boy was throwing cheez it crackers on the ground. The nanny told him to stop repeatedly. Then., out of the corner of my eyes, I see her bend down and squeeze his face so hard. She then yelled at him right up close and dropped his whole face/head away from her almost like she tossed it. I probably am not describing this well. This made the boy cry. The nanny ignored him and just continued watching the direction of the older boy. When the boy wouldn't stop crying, she swung the stroller around and rocked it side to side. Not in a rocking motion, but in a wheels up, then down motion. I walked towards the stroller and started talking to him, "hey little guy, what's wrong". The nanny stopped rocking him and just kind of glared at me. I said to her, "Bad day", she said "it is now". I paused for a second thinking of the right thing to say and the nanny says, "go on now, go on". And sad to say, I walked on.


Crestmoor Park in Denver, Colorado

Received Wednesday, August 8, 2007
This happened today, (8/8) at approx 9:30 AM. Nanny is mid-20s, heavy set, with long brown hair and Russian I believe. Little boy is adorable with dark blonde curly hair, looks to be around 18-24 months old. Nanny didn't say a single word to the box who was on a swing. She was on another swing talking on the phone. After about 15 minutes I went over and asked him if he wanted a push (my daughter was next to him). He smiled and reached out for me. She didn't even flinch that someone was talking to the child. He didn't seem to have words yet (probably because the nanny doesn't speak to him) and he was craving attention (I think if I had picked him up he would of gone home with me!) It's totally heartbreaking - he is adorable and she obviously doesn't care to even try to interact. If you know of anyone in the Denver area who fits this description PLEASE pass it on since I don't know how many people from Denver come on this site!

Greenwich Point Beach in Old Greenwich, CT

Received Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Sighting location: Old Greenwich, CT. - Tods Point (Greenwich Point) - Beach

Date of Incident: Tuesday, August 8, 2007

Nanny: blonde, slim, late 20's, sounded like a British accent

Children: twin boys (probably fraternal), around 5 years old, blue patterned swim trunks.

Nanny was sitting on beach with twin boys. One boy was very disrespectful and ill behaved. He was hitting his brother with a large sand shovel and when the Nanny attempted to give him a "time out" he resisted, threw sand at her and threatened to hit her with the shovel. He then walked away towards the water where he swam out with his brother up to his neck. Nanny was not wearing a bathing suit but did enter the water up to her knees. She shouted for the boys to come back and they obeyed, but not right away. When he returned to the shore the "time out" was not enforced and the boys continued to play in water. The misbehaved boy then threw sand in his brothers face. The nanny who was standing near by grabbed the boy and dragged him to the "time out" towel by his arm (something she should have done to begin with). He then sat on the towel and threw sand at her. She attempted to ignore his crying, screaming and sand throwing but then appeared to become embarrassed and picked the boy up and carried him up the beach to an isolated spot to speak with him in private. This would have been all well and good, but she left the other boy in the water, ALONE. I watched as she spoke to the other boy about his behavior and quickly realized that her back was turned towards the other boy in the water and if something would have happened she would not have seen and too far away to hear. About 2 minutes later she returned with the boy who was still misbehaving. She seemed to realize that it was time to go and started to pack up. At this point the misbehaved boy wandered up the beach towards the path that leads to the road. She was not aware of this at all and only realized that he was gone when someone grabbed her attention and pointed in his direction. He could have easily wandered into the road and been hit by a car (there are no stop signs at the path crossing). When she returned with the boy he re-entered the water (with his "time out" towel in hand) and then resisted leaving the beach altogether. It took her about 10 minutes or more to get him out of the water and to the car. She was extremely frustrated and bewildered.

I am reporting this sighting not to get the Nanny in trouble or fired, but to reprimand the parents of these children for leaving their 5 year twin boys, one who obviously has severe behavioral problems, with someone who is not trained to deal with them. This boys behavior was out of the norm and no one, not even someone like me who has extensive experience working with children with behavioral/emotional problems, would have an easy time directing him or keeping him safe. The Nanny's full attention had to be on this boy and therefore the other child was left to fend for himself. In fact, as they were preparing to leave the other boy broke down in tears because his snack had been left out for the birds to eat because the Nanny had to chase after his brother. This is just not fair. The misbehaved boy would do much better in a structured camp setting with staff that is trained to work with children with behavior and emotional difficulties. I do not fault the Nanny or the child for the events that occurred today, I fault the parents who are most likely in denial about their child's issues. Please find your child and Nanny some help so that no one gets hurt! I recommend both parents and child read 1-2-3 magic to help with the behavior problems.


Wilmette Public Library in Wilmette, Illinois

Received Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Physical description of caregiver: woman, black hair, darker skin, dark eyes wearing a black short sleeve shirt with Tommy Hilfiger stitched in white on the right side of the shirt, khaki colored capris and brown and baby blue Croc flip flops. She looked as though she could have been from the Philippines or somewhere near there, she had Asian features if that helps at all. Definitely not the kids parent and she didn't seem to speak English that well.

Physical description of involved child/children: 2 kids one boy and one girl looked to be between the ages of 3 and 5. Both children had dirty blonde, or dark sandy colored hair. The boy was wearing a Cubs jersey (no player on the back), navy blue shorts and royal blue lace up shoes that looked as though they could have been some sort of water shoe as well. The girl had long hair that was slightly curly and fell to her shoulders that was pinned to the side with a pink bow. Her shorts were light with a dark pink print, flamingos or swans perhaps that were a lighter color and the word "Lilly" in dark pink. I'm assuming they were Lilly Pulitzer. She had on a light pink t-shirt and in the front at the top of the shirt there was a little flower design. Her shoes were pink sandals with big flowers that stood out.

Address or venue of observed incident: Wilmette Public Library

Date and time of incident: Tuesday August 7th 1:15PM - 2:00PM

Detailed description of what you witnessed: The kids walked in with their nanny and she sat down in the chair while they each gathered a book and sat down at a table in the center of the room. She had a clear shot of them, they sat down together and began reading. When I glanced over at the nanny I was amazed to see that she was sleeping in her chair...I kept an eye on her and the kids and she dozed for a good 10 minutes. The little boy then got up and stood next to the nannies chair, he looked uncertain about what he should do. The little girl was playing at the little table with a dollhouse on it with 2 of my girls. She was very sweet and played nicely but was very quiet and I wasn't able to get her name. The boy went and got a book and dropped it on the table in front of the nanny and she woke up. The girl then went over there and the three of them sat on the floor while she read the kids a book. From where I was sitting it sounded as though English was not her first language but I am not certain about that. After the book she got back in her chair and dozed off again. For the 45 minutes that I was there when she was she must have been sleeping for at least half of that time.

Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: The woman had a baby blue bag of some sort that had a long handle/shoulder strap like a messenger bag would. The strap looked to be cream and maroon striped.

You're Fired

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - Perspective & Opinion
Employers, have you had to fire a nanny? For what reason? If you would be so kind to share you story, other parents have expressed an interest in hearing your experiences.
Nannies, have you been fired from a nanny position? What was the reason you were provided? If you would care to share your story, please do.

Alcatrazz Ride at Six Flags Park in NJ

Received Tuesday, August 7, 2007
I saw this happen at the Six Flags In New Jersey, mid afternoon yesterday, (8/6).
A large boned, sturdy gal with dark and curly hair was with a fair child with lighter brown hair. They were talking outside of the roller coaster ride. The gal was telling the child that he was "such a baby" and she was "tired of riding baby rides" and "wouldn't have come if she knew the day was going to suck so bad". The person talking was about 30 and the person she was talking to was about 6 or 7. They were just outside of the and indicating the Alcatrazz ride which the adult female wanted to go on. I don't think this was a mother or an older sister, only a selfish nanny would berate a child like that in an attempt to get what she wanted. The nanny a NY Mets t-shirt and jean shorts. The boy had on one of those life is good looking shirts in a khaki green.


"Skinflint Employer"

Please send in your nanny sightings.
Received Monday, August 6, 2007-Rant
I'm a nanny in Ireland with over ten year's experience. Living in Dublin is incredibly expensive and nannying pays well, so when my best friend tried to move to Dublin for college I suggested she become an au pair. That way she'd have somewhere to live (as well as being mind-numbingly expensive, very few landlords rent to students) as well as a job. She had no experience with children, but I trained her myself and had her help me with the children I look after, and I would NEVER have suggested the job if I thought she wouldn't be good at it. (I have another friend who needs a job and asked me about childcare, but I told her no. She'd hate it.)

She was employed and given a place to live by a wealthy family and things were fine. She got on well with the little boy she was minding, and she got used to the baby quickly. She had some housework to do but she didn't always get it done on time because the baby was teething and took up a lot of her time. She didn't go out much (her only friend in Dublin is me and I have my job) and she never stayed out late.

Then last week, completely out of the blue, my friend's employer complains about how she washed the windows and told her the ironing was substandard. Then she made some comment about the house being tidier before my friend moved in. Basically the woman fired her on the spot. She hadn't given my friend any hint that she'd been unhappy with her performance, nor did she give her a chance to improve. My friend was very, very upset and had to wait till the next day to move out because her family are so far from Dublin. (She couldn't even come to me for help because I was at the other end of the country visiting my family.)

The woman in question also mentioned she had someone else moving in who wasn't asking to be paid. When I heard that, it occurred to me that she was just looking for an excuse to get rid of my friend because she didn't want to pay her. This woman was quite wealthy, living in a huge house and both her and her husband had good jobs. How could anyone be so cheap? I'm furious on my friend's behalf because she actually thinks she did something wrong and it's put her off childminding. I've had my fair share of bad employers but I never came across anyone quite so heartless.


Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno, NV

Received Sunday, August 5, 2007
Another Great Nanny Sighting in Reno, Nevada Physical description of caregiver:
16-18 years old (hard to tell, she looks like she would be older if she dressed older and made herself up). Short choppy brown hair, glasses, always wearing jacket/sweater even in hot weather. She is maybe around 5'4-5'6"
Physical description of involved child/children:
Little boy, about 2-3 yrs old. Blonde hair, big smile, usually in a hat.
Address or venue of observed incident:
Seen often around Rancho San Rafael park. In the playground, museum, adventure park, and arboretum. (Reno, Nevada)
Date and time of incident:
Quite often. Usually once or twice a week.
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
I have been watching this nanny for a long time now. I've been wanting to post but haven't ever seen Nevada stuff on here. Lately I've seen it and thought I would in case the boys parents do come here too! I used to go to the park Tues-Fri with the children I babysat for. I would see her with the little boy usually once or twice a week.
I talked to her a little but she never really spoke to me or any parents or other babysitters/nannies there. Even when she did, she didn't make eye contact unless she was holding the boy or swinging him, she never took her eyes off him. I did think she was his mother until I heard him calling her by her name and once crying "Talk Mama. See Mama." When he did she made a sympathetic face and took out her cellphone, I guess she called his mom because soon he was talking and smiling and then gave her the phone back and ran to play.
She always had encouraging things to say, and I knew they were there if I heard "Wow! You re such a smart little boy! Great job!"
One thing that sticks out was when there was another family with 3 boys (maybe 8, 5, and 1 or 2). The youngest crawled into her charges stroller and started eating snacks, she had to take her charge off the slide set he was playing on to persuade the other boy to get out of the stroller. The older ones were all over her, trying to wrestle and play and telling her stories of adventures. She kept looking to the parents for help, then seemed to give in and started a game where she and the oldest were tickle monsters chasing the 3 younger ones. her charge seemed wary at first, but she coaxed him into play with the strange kids.
That was months ago, and for the past 3 months or so when other children approach her charge grabs her leg and exclaims "MINE! I love her!" (and she hugs and kisses him and tells him it back.) She always gets loud and fun, like a big kid. Even my charges will leave our game to go join her. Though when her charge says no, she tells the other children "He wants to play alone right now. We'll come back tomorrow though." (I haven't been back there since mid-June though, my own charges relocated so I cant take them to that park.)
Just thought Id put this in! I know its old but I'm sure its just as good for the parents to know!!
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: the stroller was one of the with 2 wheels in back and 1 in front.


...I Saw Your Father???

Received Saturday, August 4, 2007-Random Rant
Physical description of caregiver: Male,white, 50's hippy style white balding, white/gray mustache always hanging around Montgomery Playground in -----
Physical description of involved child/children: 2 boys, older about 12 years old, long unclean hair slender, 2nd boy was about 9.
Address: Montgomery Place
Date and time of incident: Thurs, 8/2 5:30PM
Detailed description of what you witnessed: His boys running amok because the fire dept. opened the hydrant, they preceded to yell at anyone that who near the water & almost run all the kids including little toddlers into oncoming traffic. Father did not nothing, bigger son with some strange name was manhandling some of younger kids. Father stood there. These kids are the bullies of the block. When they are out my kids are in. Overheard the hippie father say he home schools these kids soooo I wonder where they get all their charm.

Michael's Art Store in Reno, Nevada

Received Saturday, August 4, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Reno, Nevada. This occurred on Friday 08/03/07.
Nanny: Brown Hair, 5'5", Lip Ring, Blue jeans and T-shirt.
Child: Girl about 2 years old, blonde hair, coral colored outfit, she had leg braces. The little girl had these leg braces on and was walking with her nanny inside the store.
They were stopping to look at the clearance stuff and the little girl kept say "pick me up" and the nanny would distract her to get her to keep walking. It was interesting to watch these two because there was obviously something wrong with the little girls legs because she couldn't walk on her own and the nanny would constantly act so enthusiastic to keep this little girl from giving up. Not to mention this little girl was so smart... she was looking at these pictures and saying the artist that painted them. I kid you not it was amazing, she was standing there on holding on to the rack and the nanny would say "how do you like this picture" the little girls would say "I like Andy Warhol"... It really was an Andy Warhol! I was stunned! I'm glad to see that this nanny was really interested in helping this girl walk and you could tell that this was important to her. When you see something like this as a parent, it gives you hope that their are actually people out there that can love your children as much as you do.

..."a stickler for politeness"....

Received Saturday, August 4, 2007- Perspective & Opinion
I just sat and interviewed the person I had narrowed down as my top candidate this afternoon.
I had already had a phone interview with her, spoken with her references who raved about how wonderful she was and read her background information the agency sent over. She arrived on time, dressed impeccably and answered all of the questions with just about the right answers. Am I being extraordinarily particular or would the following bother you? I noticed when I greeted her and said "I am so happy to meet you", she smiled and shook my hand. I offered her something to drink, she accepted and I returned with the beverage. (No comment). We showed her around the house (the reason we had pre checked her references) and she didn't say anything. She just had a stern-well maybe focused look on her face. She took the train up from Brooklyn, so as per the agency's recommendation we reimbursed her travel expenses. I handed her the money. (No comment). I thanked her for coming out and told her it was a pleasure to meet her. She smiled. Oh, and at one point she needed to use the bathroom and she asked, "where's the bathroom at?". Either I am a stickler for politeness, her previous bosses were not or she was just nervous? Do I start over?


Rosa at Ancient Playground in NYC

Received Friday, August 3, 2007
Babysitter named Rosa. In Central Park/Ancient Playground this morning, (8/3) tugging at the child in her care. This older child, he should be able to tell this story to his parents. He was perhaps 5. She grabbed him, pulled him by his wrists and left the playground with him. My initial thought was she was taking a child against his will. Closer examination proved that she was in fact his sitter but she was responding angrily and out of control. Regardless of what this child did, you don't put your hands on a child like that, not so roughly. Boy had short, buzzed hair cut, spikey on top, brownish, tan skin, Caucasian wearing long denim jeans and a white t-shirt with abstract black and grey shapes on it. The child said "You're hurting me Rosa.". I asked the sitter in passing if she was okay and she said "we're fine, we're fine" and left. (Asking her if she was okay was my passive away of intervening.)


Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois

Received Thursday, August 2, 2007
I saw an Asian nanny wearing a short jean skirt with two blonde twin boys at Wicker Park in Chicago yesterday 9/01/07. One of the twins was throwing a tantrum so she strapped him in his stroller and turned the stroller so that it didn't face the rest of the park. He was obviously distraught and was struggling to get out. She did this twice. Where in her right mind did she think that restraint was going to calm him down!!! She finally (after 1/2 hour of this abuse) left the park with the two boys.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

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Pool and Spa Drain Safety-One Family's Experience
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Ridge Road Park in Germantown, MD.

Received Wednesday, August 1, 2007
This occurred today (8/1) around 9:30 am: I saw a woman named Miss Vicki (Caucasian, maybe in her 40s, heavy NY accent) with two young boys, a Caucasian named Colin and an African American named Jacoby (sp?). She was great with Colin, helping him, encouraging him, being everything a nanny/sitter should be. However, I was very concerned about her behavior with Jacobi. The poor little guy could do nothing right. He fell down several times and instead of offering sympathy, she just kept telling him that he was moving his body too fast and he had to stop doing that. He was unfazed, but when Colin fell down she offered up sympathy for him. Jacobi was playing with one of the steering wheels, but when Colin decided he wanted to play Miss Vicki immediately made him stop and insisted Collin get a turn. Collin and Miss Vicki were playing with the race car play thing and when Jacoby wanted a turn she refused to let him play. He started crying and screaming and she threatened him with a time out. She continued to play with it herself instead of letting him play with the second car. Finally, she did give him a turn but did not play with him like she had played with Colin.

The whole thing turned my stomach. I know these aren’t as bad as some of the things reported, but it seemed like she really didn’t like Jacoby and was not treating him fairly. I know I wouldn’t want to continue to keep my child in that environment.