VE Macy Park in Ardlsey, NY

Received Saturday, February 28, 2009
nanny sighting logo This incident occurred Friday at approximately 3:20 PM. A white, morbidly obese woman with many rolls of fat, wearing tight blue knit pants, huge stomach, brown t-shirt was caring for a very pretty, dainty, well dressed, blond girl. The little girl was not quite 3 feet, I would guess to be 2, she was white with light eyes, wearing a flowered tunic and pink pants. The little girl was well dressed and wore shoes suggestive of a higher lifestyle. The nanny's clothing was ill fitting, stained and cheaply made. The nanny wore canvas sneakers that one slides into, they were light blue. The nanny had a cold and twice, used her finger by the side of her nose to blow snot out of her nose and right on to the playground. Long, sticky streams of snot. The nanny was pretty disgusting. The nanny was reading a biblical looking book and while she did go to the child on the playground one time, she ignored her for the rest of the time. This left me to tend to her child and mine. I helped her up, held her by the waist, hoisted her, pushed her, all while your fat ass nanny sat on her massive ass and read her book. This went on for the better part of an hour. The nanny was quite content that I was caring for her charge/your child. Maybe if you sent your daughter off with a sack of candy and she fed the nanny a candy every five minutes, the nanny would actually get off her giant duff. She could use the activity!
Comments opened back up with this message from OP. "Unless you have a pertinent comment regarding this lazy mess of a nanny, don't bother. If you are going to be a fat ass, the cross you have to bear is to work against the lazy stereotype, certainly where children are concerned and this little girl would have been flat out neglected and was at times in danger, except that I began caring for her"


Photobucket Saturday, February 28, 2009
.... What?!

1) Babysitter needed two nights this weekend in strip hotel (Las Vegas)
we will be coming to vegas this weekend friday 2/27 to sunday 3/1 i have two boys ages 3,5 and 6 that go to sleep at 7/8pm and sleep well i need babysitter for both nights for few hours at the time approximately 7pm till 12am or so (i can be little flexible) i need somebody with good experience, and references you will need to provide your own transportation contact me asap with contact info and your rate thank you ula
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Gymboree in West Orange, NJ

Received Friday, February 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Where: West Orange Gymboree
When: Friday 2/27, 930 am class
Description: Your daughter Rhone (approx 2 years old) and her neglectful nanny. The caregiver is a thirty-something Caribbean woman, very well put together. Today she was wearing a black and white striped sweater and she always holds her hair back with bedazzled sunglasses.
Incident: I have never seen this nanny interact with her charge in any positive way but, in today's class, Rhone was climbing play structure by herself while the rest of the class participated in a group activity and her nanny had a lengthy (10 minutes, minimum) conversation with another caregiver (the nanny had her back towards the little girl). At one point, I glanced around the room and it took me a good thirty seconds to spot Rhone (who was playing by herself in the corner). The little girl relied on the kindness of other caregivers/moms to supervise her and did not get to participate in the group activites due to the inattention of her nanny. While this incident isn't one of gross negligence, I can't tell you how sad your daughter looks and how distant and disinterested your nanny is. The saddest part is, your daughter seems totally used to the lack of attention and didn't seek out your nanny at all. I have never seen either parent at a class before but hope someone sees this and passes it along.

Border's Books in Mt. Kisco, NY

Received Friday, February 27, 2009
nanny sighting logo Report of abusive nanny. Nanny was Hispanic with thick hair, brown and red, eyebrows drawn on at circular arch, lots of eye liner, lined lips, milky white skin. Nanny was wearing tight black jeans that accentuated her fuller figure, tight red shirt that accented her thin waist and carrying a small zipper bag with a cheetah print on it. The nanny was in charge of a boy that was named or had a name that sounded like "Tobin" when she called him. The boy was under 3, blond with brown eyes, wide set, spikey hair, wearing boy jeans with elastic waist and dark colored long sleeve shirt underneath khaki colored short sleeve shirt with a print of a monster truck on it. The nanny was leading the child by the arm and pinching him. He cried out. At one point, she lifted him up by one arm and in her arms kind of flipped him over so she was carrying him like a suitcase. She set him down really hard and told him to sit there and not move and also told him not to look at her or anyone. All of this happened just this morning at the Border's Books in Mt. Kisco. The boy did not listen to her and she returned and got in his face and squeezed his face real hard so that when she pulled her hand away there were red marks on his face and he started to cry, real quietly. I walked over and asked her if this was necessary and she told me, "He's not yours and not your business". I said, "I just think there's a better way" and she said, "for your kids. Where are they. Go mind them". I noticed when she spoke that she may be missing some teeth. If this is your nanny or you have a nanny, find a way to observe your nanny when she doesn't know she is being observed. See how your children are really being treated when you aren't around.

Friday, February 27, 2009

'Supernanny' Dad Under Investigation For Abuse - Video
Authorities are investigating a possible child abuse case involving a family featured on the reality television show "Supernanny," the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies and the state Department of Children & Families were alerted to the family by a concerned citizen about a week after the Feb. 13 episode aired. The segment featured the Davis family of Deltona, Florida.

In the show, Phil Davis, the father, is seen repeatedly cursing at the family's five children, ages 2 to 14. DCF said they are concerned about two instances in which he is shown slapping a young child in the face. It's unclear if the complaint it based solely on what was shown on the TV program.

"It's all blown out of proportion," Phil Davis Sr. said. "Those kids love him to death and he loves them to death."

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office sent a deputy to the family's home last week and spoke with one of the children, who said she didn't think her stepfather was abusing them, according to an incident report. (continued)

After seeing the Video, do you think this was Abuse?

In The News

Woman Allegedly Traded Kids for Pet Bird - New Orleans
A Louisiana woman is accused of trading two young children in her care for a pet cockatoo and $175 cash from a couple who had been trying for years to have their own child, authorities said Thursday.
Donna Greenwell, 53, a long-haul trucker with an arrest record from Pitkin, is charged with aggravated kidnapping, along with would-be adoptive parents Paul J. Romero, 46, and Brandy Lynn Romero, 27, of Evangeline Parish.

Man Accused Of Putting Baby In Dryer - Phoenix
Police said they were called to a home in Mesa on Wednesday night after a report of domestic violence. When police arrived, witnesses at the home told police they saw Jose Rocha, 19, of Mesa, put his 1-year-old son into a clothes dryer and turn the machine on, police said.

Police said witnesses told them the infant was playing in the dryer and the family thought it was cute. When the child's mother left the room to retrieve a camera, Rocha turned the dryer on with the child inside, they said.


Leapin' Lizards in Port Chester, NY

Received Tuesday, February 24, 2009
nanny sighting logo I had a strange encounter with a nanny today, (Monday) at Leaping Lizards. I had taken my son and a playmate to play in the area to pass some time between 10:30 and 12:00. I sat and read a magazine while watching and listening to the children play. A nanny, (medium height, proper weight, jet black pony tail pulled tightly back, medium complected black skin, Jamaican accent, wearing blue jeans, a red cardigan and black tie up ankle boots sat down next to me. She too, set about reading some magazines she brought with her. I had no problem with her until two things happened. The first was that she was trying to put chap stick on the child, a boy, (approximately 3.5 years old, dark hair, light skin, large brown eyes, blue & brown striped polo shirt, blue jeans, blue socks). The child was fidgeting and the nanny said to the child, "if your mother would put some chap stick on you, we wouldn't have to deal with this, but every Monday, every Monday, everything is the mess". She then held the child's face really tightly with one hand one put the chap stick on him. Later, and on the same note, when the child came to tell her something, she told him all of his chap stick was off. He tried to run off to play and she grabbed him. He tried to squirm away from her and she mashed the chap stick into his mouth. To the point that the child had chap stick in his mouth. The child said both "Owie" and "Yuk, I don't have to eat it". My child and his play date were hungry, so they came to me and asked if we could get something to eat.

I asked them what they would like, and the other child was nearby and heard me taking the children's order. The little boy said, "Oh I want a hotdog , can I have one please". And the nanny said, "I sure would like to have lunch out too, but all your mom gave me is just enough money to get in this place, not even ten cents too much. I bet she's having a fancy lunch out today". This is not something you say to a child! What sort of points did she think she was making. I looked at her like she was crazy, and took the children with me to go order from the concession stand. Overall, while this nanny was as attentive as one needed to be in this environment, I would most definitely rate her as destructive (mentally) and unnecessarily rough, as well as immature and ignorant. She wouldn't be my choice for a "care" giver.



Photobucket Saturday, February 21, 2009
.... What?!

Professional Non Smoking Nanny Needed Immediately! (Charlotte)
Couple seeks dedicated, reliable, non smoking, educated, very clean nanny for our toddler. This ideal nanny is needed immediately. Rate of pay is $9.50 per hour, and you are paid via paycheck twice a month, on the 15th & 30th. Must have references, a clean, reliable vehicle, and proof insurance/valid drivers license. We want our child to be kept active with creative things to do every day such as reading, art, trips to the park/museum, etc. TV is OK as long as it is Noggin or another kid associated channel. We don't prefer stay at home moms unless you are certain you can handle your child and ours with equal attention. You must be very clean, with a warm demeanor and genuine liking for children. We are not looking for a BABYSITTER, we are looking for a DEDICATED, Loving, NANNY, there is a big difference. You must be at least 18 years of age. Our child would be kept in your home, until we've had 90 days to make sure all is well to be trusted in our home alone and a steady connection with our child has been established. We perform raise reviews every 3 months, and benefits are offered after 120 days. This position is taxed regarding your paycheck, and a contract will be put in place specifying all of our terms. We desire to have two trial days with you to make sure you are a good fit, and proceed from there. My ours(the mom #1) are from 9:30-6:30 M-F. Our child would need to be kept during these hours, and occasionally on some Saturdays/Sundays for "couple time" as one of us is in the Marines, so our time is limited and sparse together. This is an example of the regimen we'd need to be followed: 9:00am- Pick up of our child from my office Breakfast, breakfast snack upon arrival at your home(though our child would be fed something light before coming to you), interactive learning activities Noon/1:00pm- Lunch, more interactive activities, possible light nap not to exceed an hour and twenty minutes 4/5PM-Generous snack, as our child eats dinner at home. If you prepare dinner around this time, that would be fine if you feed them dinner, just preferably a snack and a small amount of dinner so they can eat at home with us. 6:30pm- Drop off of our child at my office. We are not paying over this rate per hour, and will not be covering any additional expenses. Leading child care centers charge $213.00 per week for 12 hour care, meals, pickup, and interactive activities and more for toddlers our child's age, so we are compensating well above the pay range. Our office is located in the Business district of University, so if the distance is too far for you, please do NOT reply. If interested, and qualified, please contact us immediately by replying to this ad with a valid phone number, and availability for an interview as we do need someone immediately. We are not interested in daycare centers, stay at home mothers incapable of handling more than one child, or people without their own home and transportation. We do not mean to sound difficult, we have just found we're having to spell every detail out as many people on this site are uncertain about their work capabilties, accepting our terms, and actualy possessing the traits we seek. Thanks a lot!
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Response from angry CL reader:

Re: Professional Non Smoking Nanny Needed Immediately!
"Our child would be kept in your home, until we've had 90 days to make sure all is well to be trusted in our home alone and a steady connection with our child has been established."


"If you prepare dinner around this time, that would be fine if you feed them dinner."


"Pick up our child from the office and Drop off of our child at my office."


"Possible light nap not to exceed an hour and twenty minutes."

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Providence Place Mall in Providence R.I.

Received Saturday, February 21, 2009
nanny sighting logo This occurred on Friday evening @ 5PM
Nanny: About 30-35 years old. Extremely overweight 250-300 lbs. Long brown hair in a ponytail, light skinned. Wearing a loud red floral shirt, black jeans and white sneakers.

Child: A little boy About 3 years old. Blonde hair, wearing a Red Sox cap, a blue jacket, blue pants, a little Timberlands.

Food Court
While the nanny was stuffing her face and talking on the cell phone, the child asked for his juice 3 or 4 times. She ignored him. He got up from his chair and began to cry, the nanny pushed him back towards his chair, he turned about and hit her on the arm. The nanny dropped her fork and her phone, grabbed the little guy by the arm and slapped the backs of both his hands and said loudly "WE DO NOT HIT NANNY...EVER" Then she handed him his juice. He got back in his chair and began kicking the stroller. She asked him to stop 2 or 3 times, then she moved the stroller, he stretched out to kick it once more and fell off the chair. The nanny told him to get up, stop his crying and behave or she will never take him anywhere again! He said to her "I hate you!" She said that was just fine.
When they started to leave she told the boy to get in the stroller, he did, and she began to buckle him in. He began to scream "NO BUCKLES!!, NO BUCKLES!!" He started to twist around in the stroller and she grabbed him by both shoulders and shoved him into it to straighten him. I could hear him all the way down the hall "NO BUCKLES, NO BUCKLES!!!"
I really don't know what to make of this all, do you? I mean, the kid was being a little bratty, but what about her reaction to his behavior?
Anyhow, I just found this blog about an month ago and was hoping I'd never had to use it. I hope moms do read these postings and do something about them.


Ashland McDonald's in Chicago, Il.

Received Friday, February 20, 2009
nanny sighting logo I saw your nanny, who appeared to be a youngish African woman, with another nanny of the same description at the Chicago Ashland McDonald's on February 11th about 4:40 with a very well dressed little boy in a jogging stroller, an older girl in pink, and the second nanny with a much younger boy in regular stroller.

Your little boy (wearing a navy cap and jacket) was wailing, thrashing, and clearly very unhappy. Your nanny did absolutely nothing for 15 minutes, neither consoling him nor even acknowleding him. They left at 5 p.m. heading down Paulina.


Playplace at Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, Colorado

Received Thursday, February 19, 2009
nanny sighting logo This was Wednesday, February 18th around 1pm. I am also a Nanny and was playing with my charges at the Dinosaur Playplace at Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, Colorado. A Nanny came in with a boy of about four who had dark, longer hair. From what the Nanny was saying on her cell phone, the boy's name might have been Trey. The Nanny was short, in her mid-twenties with short, dark hair, and kind of chunky. She was on her cell phone the entire hour we were there, talking about how she can't do anything fun because of "the stupid kid". I can only assume she was talking about the boy she was caring for. Later, when the boy came to sit by her, she could be heard using some "choice" words, such as the "D" and "F" words, right in front of him. She looked completely bored the entire time, and hardly looked up to see what her charge was doing. I was appauled and horrified with her behavior, and I know if it were my child I would want to know!

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, IL

Received Thursday, February 19, 2009
nanny sighting logo I am writing to you after a disturbing nanny sighting today. I should have called the police, and it has been eating away at me. I thought I would put this up here and hope the parents would discover this.

Nanny-Hispanic, older 50's/60's, short hair, heavy set, about 5'1-5'3.
Her charge- 2 girls, one about a year old and the other close to 3 years old. The older child had sandy blondish brown long hair and the little one had shorter light brown hair.

The problem- The nanny neglectful to the children while she kept falling asleep. My kids and some friends sat at a table next to her while the "baby" cried and whined and the nanny ignored her or kept falling asleep. The kids were in the type of stroller that you can attach an infant car seat to facing inward, while another child could sit facing inward as well. The two kids were in the stroller, the little on in a car seat not even buckled, while the older one stood up in the seat while the nanny was sleeping and completely unaware. She could have gotten out of the stroller at any time and disappeared, and the nanny wouldn't have realized this until it was too late. This went on for about a 15-20 minutes until the woman realized my friend and I were talking about her (trying to figure out how to get in touch with the parents) so she got up and strolled the kids away. My friend later went to the washroom. It is the kind of washroom that has an entrance room with a couch that you walk through to get to the bathroom. My friend saw the nanny in there napping on the couch. When she realized she was spotted, she moved again. When I heard this, I went to the bathroom and she was no where to be found, and we did not see her the next day. I am sick about this woman. I hope the parents of these girls find out about this woman sooner than later. This is just neglectful. I am sure they were excited that the woman took their kids to the Nature Museum. But if they really knew what the woman actually does at the museum, I am sure they would not be happy.

Kidz Bounce on the East Side of Seattle, WA

Received Thursday, February 19, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Kidz Bounce-Seattle/East
Weds. 10 AM
Nanny-Hispanic, older, wearing a scarf on her head, tan slacks, nursing style shoes, carrying a large canvas tote with knitting equipment.
Her charge-a boy of about 3, blondish straight hair, freckles, wearing a blue and red rugby style shirt and blue jeans.
The problem- the child was out of control and disruptive to several other children including my own. I had to track down who he was with because it was not immediately apparent. Nanny was in another area sitting and knitting. The child hit my child in the head after pretending to cock a gun, the child also made a shotgun sound and said, 'you're dead in the head'. I said to him, "this is not appropriate, who are you here with". He took me to his nanny. I told her about his behavior. At first she looked bored to be bothered, than she grabbed him by the earlobe and brought his face very close to hers and said some very harsh things to him in a whisper. After she let go of his ear, she turned him around roughly and pushed him, pushed him hard so he had to catch his step. His behavior changed after that, but I think his behavior would have been better from the get go if he had some intermittent supervision from lazy knitting nanny.

*The mother who submitted this sighting has elected to leave commenting available on this post.

In the News - February 19, 2009

NJ man Convicted of Baby Sitter's Murder in NY
NORWICH, N.Y. - A New Jersey man has been convicted of murder for intentionally running over a 12-year-old baby sitter to keep her from telling his suspicious wife about their time spent together.

'Living Out' Explores Mother-Nanny Relationships
Eighty dollars buys a one-hour massage from a qualified therapist, about a half-hour chunk of a good attorney's attention or an entire day of service from the woman to whom you entrust an infant's life.

Nannies, why are you still falling for this scam? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Join Nanny Watchers on facebook.


Appleseeds in NYC

Received Tuesday, February 17, 2009
nanny sighting logo I have seen many nanny's and mom's at Apple Seeds - new york city's family indoor playground , all with various degrees of awareness regarding their charges and kids. I have used my cell phone when it isn't crowded (first and last thing in the day), though the minute that my kiddo gets into interactions with others, I hang up.

There are often people there who socialize more than interact, and I know being with my kiddo all the time makes me crave adult conversation too... But today was one of the worst cases of neglect that I have seen there, so I feel compelled to point it out. (I am the poster who gets tired of flamers and trolls, so I only post the most serious of situations at this point. Jane, If you want me to post more, then hopefully some of your readers will think twice before finding some detail in my post to nitpick.)

This morning (between 9-10:30) I saw a nanny (according to the child) who was completely inattentive, she was on the far side of playground at the counter, texting, calling and writing. She never lifted her head to watch her charge (of whom I took a picture of him and attached for Jane to hold if the parent reads this. It was ridiculously easy for me to get a picture of this kid wihout her knowldege and the nanny was mostly never close enough for me to get a decent picture!). Even when I played with her kid along with mine in the side area, out of her line of vision, she never noticed. I was shocked that she was so disinterested...

Eventually (maybe 30 minutes later) she came into playground and sat next to the kid on floor looking down and texting. Then she moved to the bench and continued to text. I could have walked off with the child (who was very nice about sharing with my kid) pretty much at any time!

The child had on a blue shirt and pants (blue shirt had old navy on a little side patch). He had longish fair hair, fair skin and blue eyes. (He was Caucasian) He was probably around or just under two. The nanny was wearing a pink top and pink terrycloth pants. She was medium skinned but I am not sure about her race (She spoke another language to the child when she eventually entered playground but I wasn't close enough to catch it.)

I hope this parent will monitor her nanny. If she were my employee and I witnessed this, I would have fired her, that child was not safe.

In The News....February 17, 2009

Nadya Suleman has a $500 a week nanny? OK, how?
Despite having no job, Nadya Suleman can afford to pay a nanny around $500 a week to look after the older kids Monday through Friday. “She works overtime and doesn’t ask for more money. She does 12-hour days,” she tells The Sun.

The New York times featured an article where a parent uses the recession as an excuse to get rid of a not-so-great nanny. (Read the article here.)

This was followed by Molly Eichel's article in the Philadelphia City Paper, Is The Recession Making You a Douchebag, too?

The casting team of ABC's popular parenting series SUPERNANNY is casting families for their new parenting show called SUPER-MANNY. Producers from Ricochet Television are hosting an open casting call for the show on Saturday, February 21st from 12:00PM to 4:00PM at Downtown Disney District across from the LEGO Imagination Center.


So where are the nanny sightings?

Monday, February 16, 2009
We have had very few sighting in comparison to the number of sightings we had back in the first two years of operating the blog. It wasn't unusual back then to have two or three sightings per day. We invite you, our loyal readers and contributors to offer suggestions as to how you think we might better reach and impact those people who are in a position to see and report. You can leave your comments here and, if you are on Facebook, please add Jane here. The Facebook group is called, Nanny Watchers. Let's network.



Photobucket Sunday, February 15, 2009
.... What?!

1) Needed: Non Crazy Babysitter for the Night (GVP/JC)
Laugh at the title all you wish - but I'm REALLY looking for a babysitter that is reliable, responsible, and NOT crazy. I have two little boys that are pretty well behaved, but have the ability to drive you up the wall. I'm looking for someone tonight because our sitter is unreachable (as they somehow ALWAYS are when you really need them) and my mother is certifiably insane and is giving me the silent treatment again (why, I couldn't tell you). The boys are almost 3 and almost 1, and incredibly easy to care for. At the moment they have runny noses, but have had them for a week without any other symptoms. I would not put them in the care of others if they were legitimately sick. Runny noses only requires the use of a few Kleenexes, not bio-hazard suits. More than likely we'd like to leave around 7:30. Bedtime is 10, food will be given already (except for the little one's sippy cup which is full until 10, and snacks), and we'll be home around 3am. We have dogs and a cat in the house, but dogs can go outside if you wish. Our house is messy and always in the process of 'improvements', so don't expect fancy duds. Pay for 7:30p-3a is $60 (which is impressive considering you'll be watching tv for 5 hours). If you're coming from more than 15miles away, I'll also add in a bit extra for gas. If you want to know any more about me, the kids, or the situation...just shoot me a message. I'm young with a wild sense of humor, but I'm absolutely serious when it comes to who watches my kids. And if no one decides to respond - well then I hope you at least got a smile or two out of this ridiculous ad. Thanks and happy trails ;)
Original URL:

The Mom in the above Ad then posted this in her Blog:

2) I have decided, however, that I am most definitely NOT using the sitter that I used last night...ever again.I put out this ridiculous ad on CL for an emergency sitter. It was actually fairly entertaining. You can read that here. I got numerous responses from people who apparently did not read the ad well enough to realize that they had to come into our home to watch the kids. I got two responses from girls who said that they'd come here. One of them was entirely too cutesy and nice, a little TOO excited about watching the kids. I invited the other one over to meet me. She's a young mother with two children (almost 21 with a 17mo old and a 5mo old). Pretty nice, soft spoken, and with an atrocious little monster of a 17mo old boy. He screams bloody murder when he's excited. He got excited a lot.Anyways, so we sat and talked as I wanted to make sure that she wasn't a looney toon. Her kids looked well taken care of, well groomed, etc. I asked her repeatedly if she thought she was completely able to take care of ALL of them, as I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I told her that if she had ANY reservations or doubts about watching them, to let me know. She said that she could handle it. She left and then eventually came back around 7:30.I had to get everything ready by myself because Tyler had already left the house - he apparently had already made plans to go early with the guys because he thought I wasn't getting a babysitter. I was a little more than infuriated that he didn't even THINK about me before making those plans, but...whatever. I cleaned up the place, got the kids food, got myself ready, etc. She came and I made sure she had our list of numbers, another quick rundown of how things go, etc. I left. She didn't contact me at all, so I figured things went okay.I got back home around 3, obviously - from my retarded post. Both the boys were sleeping and she said things went alright. Aiden wanted to get up around midnight and use the potty, so he did and then went back to bed. Not too surprising. I paid her - MORE than I originally intended because of having to deal with both boys and her kids, and being a young mother. I gave her $75. I originally stated $60 - which is MORE than enough considering she was watching tv for 5 hours. I went to sleep and all was cool. Woke up this morning and got my game face on even through the raging headache. Aiden got up and ate cereal and yogurt, I got Conley's sippy cup ready for him and went to get him up. He was awake, sitting in his bed with the most sad, pathetic look on his face. As soon as I got to the crib I could immediately smell pee. I picked him up and his sweatpants, shirt, and bedding were completely soaked. This leads me to believe, with about 99.9% positivity, that she didn't change his diaper before she put him in bed. There is absolutely NO reason he should've wet through his diaper in a night, as it's never happened before. So I had to give him a quick bath before he even got to eat this morning - and we were both upset. Not only that, but I gave her pretty adamant instructions that Conley got to have a cheerio snack around 9 with his last sippy cup of the night. Cheerios were in the pantry, put them on the high chair and he'll get them. Yeah. Pretty sure the box of Cheerios were still closed (new box ya'll). Dumb. Broad. Ugh. One of these days I'll find a sitter that is sane and responsible.
Special Thanks to: Ipv_84, Chrissya, Rachel, MissDee, Jenifer_Taylor and all of the Anonymous Contributors.... you picked some really great Ads this week! I also appreciate the comments sent from those that missed it yesterday! xo Remember: CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday... please send next weeks Ads HERE.



Hands on Daddy

Received Friday, February 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have been working for the same family for nearly 3 years. We've had a few minor things come up but nothing major, until now. Dad has been unemployed for several months now and has been home collecting unemployment while he's in his office looking for work on his computer. My charge and I spend a lot of time out, 3 different playgroups a week, 2 storytimes a week, my "little one" has become quite the social butterfly.

Yesterday we got home and I began to make our lunch, apparently Dad got a phone call that he got a job and he has to leave tomorrow to go over the fine print, Okay, whatever I thought. He grabbed a full bottle of wine out of the wine fridge and a glass and headed back to his office. After I cleaned up our lunch my charge and I went to watch the only 30 minutes of TV she gets on my watch, then it was nap time. I brought her into to Dad's office so she could kiss him, I changed her, we sang a nap time song and I put her down. I went into the playroom and began to tidy up. Dad comes out of his office flushed from the wine, and began to talk to me. Okay, no biggie. He thinks very highly of himself, I can tell just by the way he talks. He starts to come in closer and closer to me and I being to back up, I am very "OCD" about my personal space with the exception of family and my charges. I was very uncomfortable and left the room. He followed me out into the kitchen where I was getting ready to run the dishwasher as I am leaning down to put the soap into the compartments he begins to "massage" my neck while jabbering on and on. I shut the door to the dishwasher and walk away. Now I am sitting down at the kitchen table cutting out hearts for me and the little one to decorate and color when she gets up. He is still babbling on, coming in closer and then began to touch my arm as he talked. He sits in the chair next to mine and puts his arm around my shoulders, I excuse myself and went to the bathroom. He went back to his office, thank God! Now I can hear him on the phone bending someone elses ear, I finish the playroom and the hearts then out he comes out of his office again. He tosses the empty bottle, takes my hand, looks me in the eyes and tells me how much he appreciates what I do for his family, and then he says he's going to take a nap. My charge wakes up and we begin our afternoon together.

Mom came home early to celebrate with her husband and he wakes up. I grab my stuff and leave feeling very shaken up by the Dad's behavior. Should I say something? Was it just the alcohol? I am confused. I don't dare tell my husband or he will demand I leave right away. What should I do?

After Giving Notice, Nanny is Living a Nightmare

Received Friday, February 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am a live in nanny housekeeper for this family in NJ for about 16 months, I already quit and will be leaving the job in 2 months, I gave then 3 months notice, pretty nice of me right?? Yes, but they are not nice to me, since I started to live in from sunday night to friday evening. They never respect my quiet time, my room is very close to the kitchen and laundry room. My boss put the dryer on at 11 PM, the thing keep beeping on my head all night long!!! She stay up until 11 almost every night talking loud, yelling to her teenager daughter, she does that a lot!!! The boys that are 4 and 7 keeping screaming at my door until 10 PM. They never close the kitchen door!! I never asked because I didn`t think I had the right to do it, since is not my house!! But don't you think they should respect me any way???

Sometimes at 6 AM when they are leaving to work, they scream in front of my door, the kids wake up crying!! But this morning it was the end for me!! She woke up me up knocking at my door at 6 AM to ask me to let her 7 year old baby laid with me until late!! She didn't respect me!! I am not supposed to get up until 7:20!! so please let me sleep !!!! I can't stand this people anymore!! I wanna leave before the day I will be leaving!! But since I promised them I have to!!!
Should I complained about this now??? Or it's to late??? Since have been 16 months and I never said anything?? Or should I just wait and get out of here?? I will never again be a live in nanny!!! Never!!!!!!!

Other thing, I buy food and keep at the refrigerator outside in the garage, I put my name on it but never told them that I have that food!!! It's not the first time that my Boss, him, open my bags and put my food away!!! How can I tell this to them????? Thank you!!!!

Busy Employer Wants Nanny to Write her Own Letter of Recommendation

Received Friday, February 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN The family I work for knows that I will be leaving in June. The mother said she is far too busy to write me a reference letter. She has instructed me to write my own, and she will just sign it. HELP!! How does someone write their own letter of reference?? In case someone would like to help me, by the time I leave, I will have been there about 2 years. I had sole charge of the child (one girl, with all the usual nanny duties including academic tuturing in a foreign language) I just do not know what to write!!! Thanks to all who take the time to respond!
Oh, I forgot to add that I am very close to the little girl, and have a good working relationship with her parents!

"I am in a Bit of a Dilemma"

Received Friday, February 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Hi. I am in a bit of a dilemma. I hope maybe some of you can give me some advice. Let me first explain my work situation. I work for 2 families. One family has a seven month old(lets call them family #1) and the other family has a 10 month old( lets call them family #2). I watch both babies at the same time and I watch them at family #2's apartment. I have been working for family #1 for 6 months now and have been working with family #2 for only months now. We had a previous share that didnt work out and started new. For the most part its a good situation and I like both sets of parents. Family #1 pays me $325/week and family #2 only pays me $275/week--I work the same amount of hours for both. Family #2 claims that they dont have much money but I will get a raise as soon as the mother gets her raise that she has been waiting for, and I will also get retropay. The thing that irritates me is that I KNOW they can afford it. She shops online all day long. I would say between 5-7packages come per day for them. It is always stuff that they dont need. Tons of clothes for her , the baby, books, dvds, Xbox 360 games, etc. I still havent gotten my raise and I am getting pretty mad. I am a student also and my fiance just got laid off so we really need the money. It is also not fair that family #1 pays more than them. Also for $275 family #2 expects me to do tons of things. They expect me to take her to doctors appointments, clean a lot, take her to different classes, etc. I dont mind doing it but its just they are pretty lucky to have an experienced nanny and that taking care of 2 babies is pretty hard work. They nitpick me on everything . For instance they claim a cheerio was in the high chair and roaches got in. They get mad if I forget to put away the pack and play that is set up for the other baby. I am lucky if I get to eat let alone remembering every little thing. Basically, I am fed up with them and feel I deserve a family who will appreciate me more. I want to approach family #1 with the idea of finding another family but I dont want them to get upset that we are changing families again, etc(even though the first family we shared with moved). What are your thoughts on this??

The second part to this has to do with something that happened yesterday. I have a good friend who has a 9 month old daughter and she also watches a ten month old baby as well. We get together often for play dates and outings to the park, etc. My bosses know her very well and encourage me to have her over . My friend even gave them a spare exercauser that she had. She is a really nice person and has been very generous to them. Yesterday, my friend came over with the babies. We were sitting in the living room and she was drinking fruit punch. She accidentally spilled it on their area rug. We got Resolve and club soda, soap water, etc and tried our best to scrub it and get the stain out. Most of it came out but where the white was it is slightly pink in that area now. ( Its a dark red rug and has flowers on it and their are just parts of white). It is visible. There are other stains on the rug and the rug looks like it is on the old side. When the mom gets home I tell her that my friend spilled juice, we tried to get it up etc. . She seems ok with it and kind of laughs it off and says the rug is filthy anyway and they've been meaning to get it cleaned. Well, this morning, she calls me and tells me she would appreciate it if my friend pays for the area that she spilled on. I called my friend this morning and she was livid. She says it was an accident and they better get used to having stains bc kids stain things. She says she wants the excercauser back. Also , she says she will never come over again because shes afraid something else will get damaged by the 2 babies or herself and she doesn't want to put me in the middle. Too late! I understand her being a little upset because it was only an accident and it will not cost that much to have it cleaned. Also, we were just starting a playgroup with other moms and nannies and now she refuses to come over. My boss bought all sorts of stuff for this group (musical instruments) because my friend had said shed love to teach a little music class. My friend wont do this now and I am NOT teaching a music class and not getting paid for it. I have to talk to my boss about this now but I am stuck in the middle and dont know how to approach it. Help me!! I am so stressed over this!!!


Sticky Situation with Many "Gray" Areas....

Received Thursday, February 12, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I feel as if I'm in a sticky situation, a place with many "gray" areas. This is long but please continue to read, I need serious advice please. I'm a nanny for this family, but let me give a little background. I work for a family who is very well off, both parents working with great jobs.

Their children are in a private "high end" school and are always in multiple after school activities…neither of these children are even in grade school yet. 90% of their day is someone telling them exactly how and when to do something. Stressful in itself, the parents have high standards for them, especially for their age. They are smart and sharp as a knife. Although they suffer from speech delays and wetting problem sometimes, day and night time. They are wonderful kids, truly. But I have never met such short tempered and emotional children at the most trivial of issues. I know young kids get upset at little things, but I'm talking about they'll just start breaking down and crying if someone is looking at them, or not enough milk in cereal, a full blown wailing crying, not even angry sounding, just distraught. One of the parents is a "powerhouse" and very "business-like" in all aspects of the word. He will lose it quickly with the kids and really let go on them verbally, I'm mean nothing too horrible, and I have never witnessed anything ph ysical. He will slam down whatever he has and stomp over to them quickly, almost running and get right up in their face and just let go. But I have witnessed enough to know the children are scared during these outbursts, they are enough to make me shake b/c I don't know what to do or how to intervene. Then just like the flick of a switch (30 secs after blowing up) he'll be nice as can be and loving. It just leaves me shell-shocked not knowing what to expect, leaves me walking on eggshells all day. It's made for a terrible work environment. What's worse, is I'm terribly worried about the kids and the lasting effects it could have on them from being controlled all day and evening by some instructor telling them what to do, then coming home tired as can be and the parents have ZERO tolerance for anything at all they do. Let me say these kids are very picky and have everything catered to them, maybe b/c the parents DO feel bad for not spending enough QUALITY time with them, so they hand them everything without question, either way it's NOT in the best interest of the children. And I'm just worried on what is considered to be…see….. I don't even want to use the word abuse, but I honestly don't really think it is, but there is definitely something wrong that they are sooo emotionally distraught, speech issue, and the wetting issue . I don't know if it's the extreme short temper from parent or overwhelmed with academics and activities, or a combo of=2 0both I'm sure. Keeping in mind neither child is even in grade school yet. I'm just looking for some insight here, of whatever kind. I'm just lost and feel helpless, they really are GOOD parents and their kids have everything they could want and they treat me decent enough, I just have a bad feeling don't feel right for some reason.

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Nanny is Eating Employer Out of House and Home

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I would like to update the readers on what has happened in my home. First, thank you for allowing me to post my question. The responses I received were overwhelmingly voicing concern that the nanny was take advantage. Many great suggestions were offered. The number of responses received helped me to decide to take action. On Friday, before the nanny went home, we had some time to talk. I thanked her for being so reliable and let her know how comfortable I felt with her taking care of the babies. I was very complimentary. I then said something to the effect of, "I know the winter has been particularly brutal this year and going out to pick up meals is a great diversion and gets you all out of the house for a bit of time and I understand that, I just think the cost has begun to add up." At that point her eyes changed and I could tell she immediately went on the defensive. She said, "I didn't realize it was causing a problem" and I said, "not a problem, not at all. I would like X and Y to try new foods everyday and I just think if you sat down and ate with them". She sort of cut me off and said something to the effect of "yes, I know, they are getting older. I always share things with them. That's why I get the pastas. They like the pastas and the vegetables that come with it are always tender". I said, "great, that's great and I'm not saying not to do that every now and then.." I think she cut me off again. She said something about trying some homemade dishes and wanting to do that but X and Y don't give her much time to spend at the stove". It ended somewhat awkwardly, but I felt I had said what I needed to say, honestly and was satisfied. Monday morning came and the nanny arrived per her usual. I got the same greeting as always. Monday went well. I had left a grocery list I had started and told her to add what she wanted to the list. I left it with the credit card. I noticed Monday night she had not gone to the store. I didn't grow concerned. Yesterday, I came home and the grocery list was still there, as was the dry cleaning receipt. In addition, there was a $1.00 bill and a note saying, "I used a tomato to add to my sandwich. Please replace it with this money when you get to the store". I didn't see her this morning because I had a 7:30 meeting. I am at work dealing with a chaotic and costly mishap, but I am completely distracted by the nanny's behavior. Did I deserve this? And how do I fix this?

Received Monday, February 2, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a nanny who is wonderful with my babies. I have twins who are nine months old. This is not an easy job and the nanny does it with ease and a smile on her face. I have no complaints about the way she does her job, minus a few picking up after herself issues. One other issue has come about though and I was hoping for some insight. The nanny said during her interview that her main concern was being stuck inside with the babies and that she felt that it would be good to take them out most days, even if it were for a walk, even if it were to run a personal errand in the neighborhood or (she volunteered-to pick up groceries, go to the drugstore, drycleaning, etc.).

I can tell the nanny enjoys having things to do. Again, this is something I am grateful for. When she began these outings, I would say to her, such as "there's a great little deli one block down, why don't you pick up something for yourself for lunch". I have also told her if she wants to keep some things on hand for her lunch, she should just use the credit card and buy them. This all started out reasonably. When the nanny started using the card on a regular basis at the deli, I was not concerned, as stated, I am grateful for the care she provides my child.

Since that time, she has escalated her spending to include picking up lunches, full fledge lunches at Italian restaurants. A lunch bill alone can be 2--25 for just herself. At the same time, she continues to keep the house stocked with her favorites. I realize that with the two babies, she does not have a lot of time for prep and her day is from 7-6, but she is currently eating all three meals at our house. Her breakfasts and dinners are often premade or frozen entrees from wholefoods. And lunch is always out. In addition, she drinks Fiji water, to the tune of about a case per week.

I wasn't previously looking at the receipt until I got my last bill. When she goes to Whole Foods, she does get things for the entire house (which she also noshes on). But for example, last week, on Monday, she bought three egg and cheddar bagels on croissants, a chorizo burrito, a $25 platter of drummettes (I doubt that it was meant for one person), a three layer enchilada pie, 2 pizzas, a sandwich, two types of cheese, three types of crackers. When I was looking over the receipt on Sunday, what struck me is that none of the food is here. Meaning, from Monday-Friday, she ate all of the food. This is in addition to looking at my online banking statement and seeing that on Tues, Weds and Friday, she ordered meals to pick up or be delivered from delis or pizza places.

My husband uses the word hoggish. I don't think she is taking the food home because she is a large woman and because my mother in law had been recuperating here following a hip surgery. She left about two weeks before the nanny started. My mother in law called and asked if she could send her health care aid over to pick up a case of butter pecan ensure she had left here. I said, sure of course, and told my nanny that someone might be dropping by. The nanny told me, "I'm sorry, I drank it. I didn't know it was needed". I said to her, "of course not, how could you? I didn't even realize it was here". I mention this only as it goes to the whole hoggish thing. My trouble is she is really loving and tender with the babies. Is there a way to address this without coming off as petty and unappreciative? Is it too late to set a $ amount on the food allowance per week? I appreciate all of your advice. Thank you, UES.

Nanny's Mind Drifts in a Sinister Direction

Received Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a problem. First, let me assure you I am of sound mind. I am on my fifth nanny job. The longest I have worked for a single family is 2 years. I have a journalism degree, I am 28 and I am in a fulfilling personal relationship with my S.O.

At the end of August, I started a new nanny job. The job was to work for a mother with two children under five. She is a stay at home mother but is never home. She does not do charity work, rather she spends her days shopping, lunching and a host of other time sucking things that I cannot even pretend to grasp. Birkham Yoga. I knew when I took this job that she was hiring me because she had many outside interests and needed help getting the children to activities, appointments and scheduling playdates. She told me in the beginning that she would try to make certain that I never had both children.

As it turns out, I have both children all of the time. The children are 2.4 years a part, and a boy and a girl. Their interests and friends and activities are not the same. This makes things hard. What makes things harder is that both of these children are very attached to their mother and cry for her all of the time. She comes in and out all of the time. Just today, I had them both involved with one playdate and the playdate was going great when she popped in with a new jacket and needed child #2 to try the jacket on. This ended with all three children crying and the playdate wanting to go home.

If I am planning to have a playdate, I will make little sandwiches in advance, cut up some fruit and have things ready. This way, when I need to be with the children, I can supervise them and they don't have to come with me to the kitchen and wait for lunch to be made. This is no secret. Three times the mother has come home, threw out the lunch I made and replaced it with some premade entry from one of her stops. Yes, the food is better that she buys, but she doesn't tell me in advance. And two of these times, a nanny was in attendance of the playdate and eating with us. It just makes me look stupid.

My biggest problem is that she doesn't seem to know how to love her children. She doesn't tell them she loves them or hug them or anything. She is not very affectionate at all. Her husband also seems pretty cold, but when he comes home, he always greets them all with a hug and kiss. I don't know why she behaves like this. These are her children. I have come to love them and I tell them that I love them. I hug them. I pick them up. I carry them. She never carries them. She never picks them up. I was going to avoid saying ages, but it is relative that the youngest child is 20 months old.

The way she treats her children makes me resent her. I don't mind the little digs she gets in at me. They don't compare. The problem is I have no desire to leave this position. First, because I am attached to the children and second, because she is so cold and unfeeling, I have true fear over the sort of person she would pick to replace me.

Everytime she goes out, I pray she won't return. I hope for subway muggings, killer icicles, runaway liver cabs and murderous thugs to cross her path. Everytime she comes home, I am dissapointed. My mind has started to wonder about ways that someone could kill her and not be found out. I fantasize that she starts to choke on crackers and gourmet cheese or a luna bar and looks to me for help. I ignore her. She tries to slam her body against the chair to release the blockage but instead passes out. I imagine the 9-1-1 call, the fake panic. When she leaves the house in heeled shoes on icy days, I cannot help smile and imagine. One night I was sitting and she asked me for my opinion on the necklace she should wear. One was fake but didn't look it, it actually was quite eye catching. One was real, small and classy. I pushed her to wear the fake, grander one, hoping she would cross paths with a mugger.

In my heart, I know the children would be devestated if something happened to their mother. I know that they would end up being raised by Daddy's new eye candy, someone who could potentially be even colder and more heinous.

How to I come to terms with my anger towards this woman? I would never seriously do anything to hurt her, but I don't like that my mind drifts in such a sinister direction. I am a God fearing person who believes in the 10 commandments and living a life of honor.

Upper East Side in Manhattan - NY

Received Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Good Nanny Sighting in NYC I saw your Manny! - He's great!
I saw possibly the best manny I have ever seen on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. He was light skin, dark hair, dark eyes, jeans and sweatshirt, about 22 yrs old, a student. Manny picked up boy, brown hair, from private school, about 8 years old, he came out very excited, they chatted, got on their scooters and left.

Later, I find them at pizzeria around the corner. Manny and dc are talking about Pokemon. They get their pizza, manny gives child juice instead of soda, tells him why soda is bad. They start playing game with straws, boy laughs hysterically. Manny's cell phone rings, he silences it. Boy cursed, and manny had conversation about why it is inappropriate to say that word, boy got sad that he upset manny, manny scuffled his hair and told him "is okay bud" - gave him kiss on head, and told him "it's alright kiddo" (by this point every mom and nanny in popular kid pizzeria is looking at how great this guys is - your ds LOVES this guy).

A friend of the boy came over to say hi, manny engaged other child in conversation, gave him high five when he left. I HAD to go up to him and ask if he was sitting for the boy as they could easily pass for brothers the way your son was showing affection for this guy. Very politely, he told me he was and how he's an education student, has worked at various private schools, camps, and is a live in manny for different family other days of week!!! They left, still talking about pokemon, got on their scooters and raced down the sidewalk.

Dear lucky parent, you have the best male sitter I have ever seen. He looks like he loves his job for the right reasons, and does not come off as a jock or sketchy guy sitters like others. Athletic, well-mannered, smart, and amazing with kids. Signed, envious mom.


Stubborn Parents Need to Step Up to the Plate on Safety Issues

Received Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am a live-out nanny to a wonderful 1 year old girl. I've been with the family since she was about 5 1/2 months old. The parents are fantastic people and parents -I really enjoying both working for them and knowing them. They both work at a large company in relatively high positions and have demanding work schedules at times. They don't have any family in this country (they are both here on work visas) and this is their first child, so they tend to consult me on childrearing advice and include me in most decisions that involve the baby.

Now, here is the problem: They aren't babyproofing their house. Their daughter is such a delight to be around - happy, curious, and very busy. She has always been a very active baby - she skipped "scooting" and moved straight onto crawling, and she never crawls now that she can walk. She has such determination and is such a bruiser - if she falls or hurts herself, she just gets right back up and keeps on going. She rarely even cries when she hurts herself.

Since she is such an active baby, I have suggested that they babyproof their house from the time that she first started crawling. They bought a baby gate for the stairs and outlet covers upon my request. However, I've had to take the initiative and put in the outlet covers and search online for particular outlet plate covers (which the mom bought when I emailed her the link). I've removed baby toiletries and medications from the changing table cabinet when she learned to open the doors (when I mentioned it to the mom, she told me that the baby learned how to open the doors the night before ---- so why didn't she remove the dangerous items then???) I've emptied out the bottom drawers in the kitchen, which contained many choking hazards and turned one of the drawers into a baby drawer filled with tupperware to play with, etc. I've gone through her room and moved breakable objects from the lower shelves and removed choking hazards from her toy bins. I've done all of this because I understand that as busy first time parents, they don't spend a lot of time with her at home, so they may not be aware of how active and curious she can be. And most of all, I care deeply about the baby and so I don't want her to get hurt. (Plus, there is a liability issue as well.)

Although we've all been discussing for months how as the baby develops, the parents need to step up the babyproofing, they simply haven't. Last week in particular was extremely stressful and scary for me. On Monday, she reached onto a table and was walking around with glass votive candles that were within her reach. On Tuesday, she grabbed a decorative plate from the hallway table and it fell to the ground - luckily I was standing right there and we able to stop her before she placed something in her mouth - loose change, bobby pins, scraps of paper, paper clips, etc. My final straw was Wednesday morning. I was refilling the diaper wipes container, when I heard the sound of glass breaking from the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen (which is steps from her bedroom) to find her standing in the middle of broken glass. One of the parents had left some dishes and glasses drying on the counter top on top of a kitchen towel. Apparently, the kitchen towel was hanging over the edge of the counter, just low enough for her to reach it, which caused a glass to fall on the floor. I can't even begin to tell you how scary it was to see a baby standing in the middle of broken glass!

That day, I called the parents and asked if they were able to come home and meet me for lunch. During our meeting, I told them what had happened that day and they immediately agreed that they needed to step up their efforts and babyproof the house. (Did I mention that they own cabinet and drawer latches, but have never installed them?) It concerned me that they may think that I wasn't watching the baby close enough and that they may feel that was part of the problem. I brought up this concern and they reassured me that they didn't think that at all - that the baby broke things and hurt herself often on the weekends while they were watching her as well. The fact is that although I interact with her all day, there are periods when I do need to do other things, like make her a snack, go to the bathroom, etc.

So now it's the following week and only one thing has changed (they placed the baby medications on a higher shelf). I don't understand - I'm not asking them to completely change their decor and inconvenience them by installing numerous babyproofing devices. I'm just asking that the common areas that the baby and I spend a lot of time in are safe for her --- namely, her bedroom, hallway, kitchen and dining room. The rest of the house can be made inaccessible by shutting doors or by the existing baby gates.

What should I do???

What Should I Be Paid for this Job?

Received Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I've been a nanny for the same family for 2 years now. It started out as a regular babysitting job but slowly escalated to live in nanny after about 6 months. The family is great, and treat me wonderfully, but I don't think I'm being fairly compensated, and I'm not sure how to ask for more. I know that this question is answered often, but I just don't know how much I should expect.

During the summer I'm more full time, but I'm a full time college student so the school year I would probably be considered just a babysitter, working 3-4 half days a week. I live in an apartment above the garage (which I pay rent for).

I care for 4 little girls, now aged 7, 5, 3, and 2. During my working hours I cook, tidy the house, and do laundry as necessary. For my regular "babysitting" hours I get $10/hr. At first that was what I accepted because I had never been paid more than that as a babysitter, but I quickly learned that the requirements for this job were much more demanding.

I was also paid to watch all 4 children, sometimes 5 as one of their friends occasionally left her 7 year old son with me as well, for the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For that I was paid $250 for the weekend.

I've been away from my job at home for a few months and I'm about to head back to their house. I just feel in my gut that I deserve more than what they're paying me, but they're really wonderful people and I don't want to sound unappreciative. I would really be grateful for any advice, and if anyone feels that I'm being unreasonable I'd love to know that as well.


How Should Nanny Approach Employer About Live-in Proposition?

Received Monday, February 9, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN Please I Need Advice!!! I am currently an unemployed full-time college student. I have been a part-time live-out nanny for 5 years now. Although I go to school on Mon, Wed, and Sat my schedule for work is quite flexible. I am still going on interviews for a permanent P/T nanny position. This is where my situation is getting ugly. Until today, I have always lived with my family, but I am now going through family issues. It’s why I now find myself in a situation where I have to move out of my house. I just turned 20 and my parents don’t pay my college whatsoever or support in anything. All they provide for me is shelter and food (which I am thankful for), but the rest I take care of on my own. This is where I need your advice please.

I work on an as-needed-basis for this nice cop single mom, whose baby I adore and is now 6 months old. She doesn’t make much and has her baby in a daycare, but when she needs me, she pays me a fair rate of 13/hr. I am her first babysitter. She trusts me and has left her apartment and cat under my care when she goes away. She lives by herself with her baby in a 3 bedroom apartment 15 minutes away from my house. She only occupies her bedroom and has the other 2 bedrooms pretty empty. I never have come across with the idea of becoming a live-in nanny because I was never in a need to. I feel uncomfortable doing it with a stranger family. I still don’t want to do it now, even though I am now in a need of it. This is why I am talking about this lady. I am thinking about talking to her about my situation and asking her if she would be interested in having me live with her. Since this would be similar to a live-in nanny situation, I don’t know what to really offer in exchange of a bedroom free of rent.

This is what I am thinking about: Every month, offer a certain amount of free babysitting during the week and maybe I can pick up the baby from daycare and bring him home and babysit a couple of hours at night during the week. I can offer 1 or 2 weekends of night babysitting. I can definitely cook, bake, run errands, and clean the apartment, make baby’s bottles etc. I am not sure about laundry because she does not have a washer and dyer at home and apparently just has the laundry services take care of that. I would do all these so that I can compensate the rent that I won’t pay. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, in a non-rich neighborhood, so it’s not that she lives in a luxury apartment. Rent for one bedroom in this area are about 400 per month and some do include utilities and some don’t. Actually, I can only afford around 300. She has cable and internet service, but I don’t know whether to pay for them or have it included within my services. This is where I am confused. I like her, but I don’t want to put myself in a situation where she can take advantage of me, or I won’t have enough time for school and my prospective 30 hours nanny position I might find. Please nannies, especially live-in nannies:
• How many weekly or monthly babysitting hours should I offer?
• What about the cleaning, cooking, errands? How many hours and how often?
• Should I expect utilities or food to be included? Actually, I think I can pay for my own food.

Thank you so much for reading this long story. I will appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this.


M101 Limited in NYC

Received Sunday, February 8, 2009
nanny sighting logo Seen on the M101 limited at 1:30 to 1:45 pm Sunday February, 8, 2009, traveling from E. 64th street where I got on to my stop at E. 79th. Middle-aged latina nanny, slightly overweight, between 5’2” and 5’4” tall, with bad acne scars on her cheeks, salt and pepper hair that is cut very short (man’s style cut), wearing wire rimmed glasses. She was sitting in the very back seat with three girls around aged 4-6. All were very fair, with light brown hair in ponytails. Two of the girls wore white tennis shoes and pink tights. One of these two wore a pink jacket, the other a purple jacket. The third little girl wore a light brown coat with fake fur/wool trimmed hood. The woman was ignoring the children and was on her cell phone the entire time. Her conversations included explicit language about homosexuals, crude terms for women, and general vulgarities. She spoke in English and Spanish and used profanity in both languages. When one woman asked her to be quieter (she was shouting everything she said on the phone), she told her to move “her fat ass” if she didn’t like what she heard. When the girls tried to get her attention she snapped at them that she was “on the damn phone, not now!” Her first conversation with her grand/father who expressed he was afraid to have a stranger come to his home and get his dirty laundry and so she told him he would have to wait until she could come by on Thursday after he refused to call that laundry “fa**ot” to come get it. Moreover, he initiated this call with her grand/father by saying “What’s up bit**?” Her second phone call entailed her complaining that she hasn’t seen her children who live upstate this past week and was going today or tomorrow to visit them.

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NYC Explorers - on Underhill Ave - Brooklyn, NY

Received Sunday, February 8, 2009
nanny sighting logo Thursday, 2/5 in Brooklyn
A nanny, big, black 300 plus pounds, long braids in a ponytail down her back, dk blue jeans, black shirt, plaid shirt over black was caring for young white boy with curly hair. Boy needed to be changed or checked and was running and playing happy and precociously. She grabbed him by one arm and spanked his bottom five times. He was wearing jeans and was shocked because he was playing around and I think he thought she was too. He was wearing jeans and a pull up and diaper, so I dont think she really hurt him but I dont think nannies should be grabbing on kids like this or spanking them like that.

The little boy had a long sleeved green shirt on with a stick figure cartoon on it. He also had a silver bracelet on his hand and I assumed it was a medic alert bracelet, but it could have just been a bracelet. He was 2-3 years old. Big head, small body, lots of curly hair, runny nose.

Switching Rooms....

Received Sunday, February 8, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I've been a nanny for the same family for over a year and a half now. Things have been great- the chemistry with both the children and the parents are better than I could hope for. I'm a live in, however, and after a year and a half of living at my workplace, I'm starting to need some more space and privacy. I'm confined to a really small room and bathroom, while on a separate floor from their bedrooms, doesn't offer a lot of privacy as they're consistently in this area of the house. I'm a student as well and don't have any space to study. The children I watch are good, but have some emotional issues and not a weekend goes by where I don't hear at least 2 total meltdowns including screaming and crying (note these kids are upper elementary age and usually do this for attention.) Essentially, I spend my "off" hours at work as well, even if I don't have the same responsibilities.

A few weeks ago I tried to gently approach the idea of my moving out and to say the least, it didn't sit well with my employer. We talked about it again today, and she said she wanted me to give it another go and she would try and work with me to give me a study space in another room in this house, which just so happens to be the girls' playroom. While I don't understand their need for a live in (I have set hours and am more than flexible when needed) I told her I don't mind giving it another shot, to see if we can work it out for their benefit. As I was thinking tonight, I came up with an idea that would please me enough to make me forget about ever moving out. The children rarely, and I mean maybe once a month or so, utilize this play room. There aren't many toys to speak of- most of it could be moved into their bedrooms or transferred to the room I currently live in. The mother herself admitted that they're never downstairs and said that would be great for me to study. The idea of putting my study space down there kind of worries me because one of the children has a very bad habit of being curious and getting into stuff they shouldn't, therefore the idea of leaving ANY of my school stuff down there really concerns me. Getting to the point- I was thinking I could move my entire room downstairs, and set up somewhat of a studio apartment. It's just one room, but could easily accomodate my study area and my sleeping area. I worry about bringing this up to my employer though because I don't want to push the envelope too far. Is it too much to ask her what she thinks of this idea? Should I just be content with her giving me a study space? And if I should ask her, how should I approach it??

Employers, how would you feel if your nanny asked to switch rooms in your house? I don't want to move out; it's obviously cheaper for me to stay here, and I don't mind living at the house, I just feel so confined. I feel with this new room, I would be much more comfortable and happier in my work situation.


Dave & Buster's - Palisades Mall - Nyack, NY

Received Saturday February 7, 2009
nanny sighting logo Palisades Mall. Nyack, NY. 5:30 on Friday evening. I was having cocktails with a couple of my colleagues at Dave N Busters, a restaurant/bar that also has an enormous game room. There were a group of about 3 nannies (or maybe more) that were also congregated near the bar. They were obviously drinking alcoholic beverages and were going out of their way to flirt and make contact with all different types of men while their charges ran amuck. They were continuously approached with questions like "Matt won't share the coins with me" "I need more money" and others. It went on and on and on and I was irritated watching.

Two of the nannies sounded Irish. One had short black hair and was chubby, and one had long blond hair. The other I saw was hispanic of some sort and I think one of the kids called her Erma. I don't know whose kids were what and there appeared to be several of them ranging in age from like 7 to maybe 14. I never saw one of them get up at all until a little girl came over with a bunch of tickets, maybe needing help picking a prize. These kids were almost completely unsupervised and, unless there was some kind of pickup involved, they were on their way to be driven home by someone under the influence, because they all drank beer. There is way too much older person activity to have young kids running around there by themselves, especially on a Friday. This place also is right near a main entrance so it would be very easy to take a child and be gone before anyone noticed, especially three drunk nannies.


Photobucket Saturday, February 7, 2009
.... What?!

1) Seeking full time nanny/housekeeper (Everett)
Seeking nanny/housekeeper/assistant for my husband and I, and two small boys. My husband and I are professionals with high intensity jobs in the adult entertainment business. If this isn’t ok with you, and you would not feel comfortable working with people in this industry, then we aren’t the match for you. My husband and I in a nutshell: We are free thinkers and probably belong in San Francisco or Manhattan. We have one of the most openly affectionate relationships you will probably ever have seen. We swear a lot, we live life to the fullest, and we are each others’ best friends. We are well off, and we don’t feel the need to explain ourselves to others. We aren’t snobby though, and we don’t pretend that our shit doesn’t stink. Disclaimer: We are both extremely sarcastic people. If you don’t get the slight tongue in cheek feel to what you’re about to read, then you can already be assured you probably won’t like working for us. We need someone 4 days per week, 6 to 7 hours per day, at our house, and one weekend day for 6 to 7 hours at your house preferably (this is negotiable). We need someone who will be working only for us, and someone with no children of their own. The housecleaning/assisting duties will include but not be limited to: -CLEANING. I’m not extremely anal, but I expect my house to smell good and look good – please be attentive to detail. -Dishes. I really need the dishes kept up on. We have a dishwasher; I’m not picky as to how you do them, just as long as they’re in the cupboards waiting to be used, and not in the sink. -Laundry. I travel a lot, and we have two kids. You probably will spend a majority of your time washing and folding clothes. My hubby hates laundry even more than I do, so if there are more than 2 loads piling up, expect that he will probably do them himself and be very unhappy about it. -Vacuuming. My Oreck vacuum cleaner has this delicious fragrance release thing, and I think it’s divine. I want to smell it at least 3 times a week. -Organizing kitchen and household. I like organization – again, NOT anal, but I need my house to fit my personality, and I am a very organized person. Also, please don’t be one of those people that organize things their way. My mother in law does that and it drives me to drink. Please take note of how things are already done, and adapt yourself. I will be your biggest fan for it . -Dusting. I don’t like dust bunnies. I prefer having my dog as a pet. -Cooking for children. Please be at least a decent cook – and no I don’t mean a corn dog and a juice box. We don’t let our children eat junk food or fast food or candy, so please be ready and willing to cook healthy things for them. -Filing, errands, and mail. The qualities we are looking for in someone: -Mature and stable. Please do not be “figuring out your life” or still obsessed with getting to Saturday night so you can go out to the club. -PUNCTUAL AND NOT FLAKY. This is the most important thing. We need at least 2 days notice if you are going to not be available, preferably a week. If you have a serious issue or an emergency, of course, please let us know and we’ll try to work around you. We run a very tight schedule though, and need someone who values their job. We will give 3 warnings for tardiness or calling in at the last minute, and after those 3 warnings, we will fire you. -Educated. You don’t have to have a college degree, but please be able to present yourself as an intelligent, classy person and know how to speak for yourself. -Motivated self starter. My husband is the kind of person who will pick up the slack if he sees something that needs done, and this defeats the whole purpose of paying someone. So please for the love of God, know how to put yourself on task and be on the ball! -Experience with children. Like I said – we need someone without kids – but we do need someone who has extensive experience taking care of other peoples’ children. I don’t however need someone who feels the need to impart parenting advice. My husband and I like the way we do things, and it works for us, so please just be able to fit into our lifestyle. -A positive and loving motivator yet strict disciplinarian. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to deal with a 2 and a half year old who will try every trick in the book to bamboozle you into getting his way, then you’re probably not. We need someone who has dealt with small children before and knows how to lay down the law. -Willing to submit to drug test monthly and background check before starting. If you test positive for drugs at any time during your employment, or come to work visibly hung-over, or we smell alcohol on you, you will be dismissed immediately. Period. -Driving record. If your insurance is $300 a month or you have a DUI, don’t bother applying. You can have some tickets and maybe even an accident, but I need to know that my kids are at least as safe driving with you as they are with me. -5 to 10 business and personal references. No, these can’t be your mom or dad, or your “bestie for life”. Please have references from people you have worked for in the past and people that can attest to your character in an unbiased fashion. If you are still reading this, congratulations! I don’t expect to get a whole lot of responses, but hopefully there is someone out there who could really work with us and our little family here. Thank you for your time, and best of luck with your job search!
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Beware of Nanny "C.C." in Oakland, CA.

Received Saturday, February 7, 2009
danger 2 Liar Liar Nanny: I want to warn any family about our former nanny "c.c." We hired her in the fall to care for our then 7 month old child in our home, she has a 21 mo old boy and it was going to be a nanny share arrangement. She is young (25) and lives with the father of her child in Oakland, CA. Things seemed ok for the first few weeks, but got progressively worse in terms of our child's cleanliness (she would wait until I got home for me to change her poopy diaper, my child was getting a lot of diaper rashes on the end from having to sit in them for so long!)

Our house was trashed and her child broke so many things in our house, and she often lied about it when we asked her, most of time we would find something broken after she left and she would never tell us. Then she started spending all of the time on her cell phone, blatantly, often while I was there discussing things or just chatting she would stop to take a call and then walk off to chat in our living room. Once my mother was in town for a week visiting and "c.c." let the kids wander off while she was in my child's room talking on the phone for over 10 mins before she came out to get them, and she still did not get off the phone.

She lied to us about not having the kids watch TV (which they did every day.) She lied about wanting to take them to parks etc., and she rarely if ever did. She just spent almost all her time on our computer or her cell phone while her child destroyed our house. To make matters worse when my husband talked to her about these things she cried and said she did not do any of these things (not true, we have proof) and that she was a good nanny and how could we say these things about her.

So one day when I was reading BPN, I saw that she posted an ad for a job and this was the day before winter break (she had asked to be paid for the whole month the week before and she owed us time for other missed days that she promised to make up in Jan.), all the while she had gotten another job and was not planning on telling us, she was just not going to show up for work. So when asked about it she made up some BIG lie about how she and her child's father were breaking up and how she had to move back home, which is not true, I called her parents house when she did not return my calls about returning our house keys, which took forever to get back.

All said and done I wish I had known things sooner. What kind of a lazy, lying person she was/is, it would have been easy to move on and I hope this does not happen to any other family.