Bad Nanny Sighting Harry Chapin park - Brooklyn, NY

Very unprofessional nanny, put her hand on my child and not in a friendly or helpful way. This event took place at Harry Chapin park which we frequent on a weekly basis.

This nanny was very unprofessional to say the least. She put her hand on my son and that's where I draw the line. I'm all for the village raising a kid but not when you handle a child in a demeaning unfriendly way and trying to yank a truck from under him while yelling at him "why are you playing with both trucks?!!!" this happens right in front of me and I am in utter disbelief that it's really happening. The child in her care runs up to my son to take the truck from him and my three-year old son pushes him away. The child loses his balance and falls on his butt. I walk over to pick him up to make sure he is fine, and he is. As I was about to talk to my son to have him come over to apologize, the nanny goes straight for my son while she's yanking at the truck from under him, she yells at him, "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH BOTH TRUCKS?!!!" when my son wouldn't let go of the truck, she starts yanking at his arm. I tell her "don't to touch my son!" Then she proceeds to yell at me. I'm amazed at how instantly angry she is and I ask her, did my son personally hurt you? While she's hovering on top of me, she starts yelling at me, way too close to my face. She then grabs her child and while carrying him, she yells at me and says, "get that shit under control! Take care of that shit!" I was both flabbergasted and appalled. I should've called the cops but my son was crying and I felt I needed to take ourselves from the situation because she was so angry and getting so close to my face. I took her picture and once she saw me take a picture she decided to take her picture or video of me, She puts her phone very close to my face and my son's face. I do have her name and phone number from a business card she's been passing around to other nannies. Her name is Tara W. When I asked other nannies if they know her, they didn't hesitate to give me her info. So I have her name and number but it doesn't really help me find her employers. I'm told I can file a police report but I would much rather have her employers tell her that she is not allowed to touch other children or speak to any parent or child in a disrespectful manner. She also needs to control her temper and anger and be professional most especially while their son is under her care. It's not healthy for their child or other children to constantly be exposed to so much anger.

I'm also posting in other mommy sites in the neighborhood as well.

Even if she was having a bad day, I don't understand why she thinks it's okay to touch other people's kids that way or speak to anyone in that manner. I'm not sure what else to do.


HELP PLEASE!! What do I do?

I am in a rough situation and I know I'm my heart the right thing to do. I know also what you are all going to say.. but here it goes.. the family I have been a nanny for has been really upsetting lately. Things have just gone south. Things are the same as they were when I first started 2 1/2 years ago.
Parents have become rude and crude. Mom is consistently embarrassing me and talking down to me or about his oldest. One time she took a 6oz baby bottle off the drying rack and found formula still inside (after she "washed it"). She put it into the sanitation bag and cleaned it that morning. I used the 4 oz bottles and didn't touch it all day.

I'm not allowed to suddenly take kids out. One time- mom didn't have an address for me to meet her I was calling from my cell phone in the car- trying to get to the doc office that I didn't know where it was and I got lost. After trying to call her 100 times- my cell died in the car. I went home in tears.

Bosses are always late. My position starts and ends at 7am/6pm. I understand that they have the occasional traffic/car troubles but this is everyday I don't get to leave before 6:30/6:45. Sometimes, especially with dad, around 7pm.

A couple weeks ago- mom had picked up C from school (the oldest- he just turned 3 years) he came home screaming/crying for mom to play with him. Also found out (next day) that oldest wanted to take his mom out for coffee. C wanted to spend time with her. Anyway, mom had to finish her work in home office. Had to be on call. Mom was so upset. "I have to get on this call- its so important- S (me the nanny) will you please just f&$@in feed him (child gets symptoms of low blood sugar and can get really upset) so he stops being an a$&. I was so upset!! She has no control over her kid.

The oldest has hit his baby brother- right in front of me and mom (as we were talking). I said C you are in time out and mom says time outs are a joke to him (child) I count... Um thanks for telling me and what does counting do? Oldest is very sweet and loving. Super smart. But mom let's him get away with everything. He has bit me and times out work wonders for me. I never have an issue afterwards. I've tried to talk to my bosses and nothing is being resolved. (I get nothing but blame and mind your business attitude from boss- like she so frustrated with me...

I have a chance to leave this position this week. I was offered a fabulous job with a lot more money. I would have to start next week. I love the boys I currently work with and have not told my bosses yet- I know it will end ugly. I don't want to do this with the boys- I have a bond with them. This thought is killing me.. but when you have bosses that treat you like crap....Help!!